The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1944
Page 2
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TWO •LYTHBVILLB (ABK.J COUBIBB HEWS WEDNESDAY. APRIL 0, 104-1 a nK'?ft Fntiirtainprl ['he iro^ram commillfo lorMhe U0.£0.tntljrtained |wesleyau Service Oulld of First At IVlonthlV Slipper DanCQ Methodist Church, presenled the ' rr <te\ti(lonal when members, of that group met at the church ill 7:30 o'clock last night. , MLss Mary Hubler, president, presided over th? hricf buslneM «es- slon,. and Mrs. Jock Btihlj) find Mrs. Algle Blshlp, hostesses for the meeting, -coryed refrefiluiienis during the social hour. Gnmes were |)layed under (he direction of Miss Evelyn Parkef. • * * Visitor AttericH Party I Mrs. Joe On Pf College Station, Texas, was a guest yeslerday when her sister, Mrs. MurWy "^-^ Mi Easter motif was carried out Mondio night fa (lie setllnz for the supper dance glten nt the' Woman's Club for.memUerft of Club 28 atid il number of guests hosts for the evening were Mr. nnd Mrs. Chester Cnldwell, Mr. irid Mrs.-Rosco Crnf- ton and Mr. arid Mrs. b: a.: Nash. Following the iuppir. served at 8 o'clock, gueste danced for sewul hours , . Guest* Included Mr. and Mw C Wi Garrt»»n. Mr. and Mrs Rupert CrafWOi Mr, and Mr*, Paul Pryor, Mr. 'and Mrt Euey B Jones, Mr. and MM fclbttt HuHmah, Mr. and Mrs Ladronnfe Whittle, Mr. and Mrs Jesse SHU, Mr and Mrs. fed Williams, Cap! and Mrs John DeV- ers, Lieut and Mi's chnrles Collins, and Carl Qahske * • • 1 Gray-S6uthard Rites Solemnized Saturday, The. marriage' of MLss Stclln Ine? Southard, sdauahter of Mrs Mary Soutrmrjl ahd the late Bleu Southard of JJljtheVllle, to Pfc Charles Gray Jr. ^as quietly solemnla^d Saturday night, 7 o'clock, In Manila The R«v, M M Hinesly, uncle of the bridegroom, read the rll«« at his home. The bride wore a dress of pastel blue crepe, fashioned along princess lines, and trimmed with touches of white, Her accessories were of red and she wore fi corsage of white' Bits of News Mostly Personal Oill at Dell, and his mother, Mir,, irn's Reserve. interviewing hours will, he 9 to 5 dally, but local girls unable to visit her during working hours may call and an appointment will be 'made for llicin. An offer of Iransportallon lo and from Mcmiilils for physical examination Is 'made lo local women between 20 and 35 who are (junl- Ified for enlistment in the Worn- Cathoi.ic^ Special I For Holy. Week Holy.Thur&dav...wlll, be observed wltli a Mlcbralign of Holy Mass r. l :VfS.->*rr7*?£-t-lwn«i'»-_7-r.l-l'-*. ' , L.. ^ . 'hUfsday night, 7:30 o'clock i'or peace and for the boys and e'rls !n service.. . . -The -three-hour., service will be .'; •• .: .. , -held Friday from 12 noon to 3 'Iho Roman Catholic, traditional, ,j. cjock ,„ me afternoon, In corn- Holy Week services, will be con- memoratlon of Christ's suspension Meetings - Chlckasawba Lodge No. 134 p. & A. M., will meet tomorrow night, 1:30 o'clock, at the hull. The second degree will t>s conferred, it wus un- ounccd by Dcwey Gentry, ivor- ilpfdl muster. . . Pfc. Fkftfik Grlgsby returned yesterday tp'Fort Worth, Texas,where he Is stationed, niter spending n brief furlough here with Mrs. arljjsby. Lieut, mid Mrs. W. a. Plchtl lift Jy'.esUrday for Houston, Texas, ftfliejrrf : th.ejl plan to spend a Iwb^ *eek*.jU«iy'e With relatives. . MrV'arid Mrs.. O. M. Morgan re- entertained mehibens of thg Tilei'-, Wttied yeateixlny from n trip to clay Bridge Club for their weekly Hot Springs Tliey were tnvay for bridge grime. Mixed SprlfiJ flo*- ' ers decorated the house. , . High score : prize- \viis awarded to Mrs. Doyle Henderson and See- ducted throughout the remainder on (i ie cro .^ [ or three hours, end- i T M •„ ,11 •• i ' o( "'Is week at the Church of the <.,„ w iih his death. J. L. Newsom in niylhcvlllc Cor-1 necessary qualifications for en- Immaculate Conception, beginning porai Ncwsom Is cnroiite buck to jisiracnt arc Dint the applicant with the Stations of the Cross to his elation In Los AiiBdes. ' ' . . . ^ - Mri. Joe iniist have had nt least two years Alexander Jr., andjof |]t e u Bchool; have consent of daughter, Miss Mal-y Van Wot*ley, parents If under ai years of age; " l ' hi ""' 1 ""'"•-'"'• from Miami, Ma!,; a certificate of birth; and must arrived I yejJl6rday • (hey Imvi wherfc • (hey have - spent the- past six months with Mr. Alexander, n seaman 1-c in the Navy,, who fs stationed there. Mrs. Hntt-y Bogftn Is .seriously 111 at her home on North fifth Street. . . S.crftt. Thomas c. Hopper, who has been Serving in Alaska and the AleUi linns With other 1 members 6i Oarn- . ond high to Mrs.-'Lloyd Sllckmort: i. s 8«rgt.;«nd-Mrs.- Dick Bums, who nrf'vlsltlng here ns the jjUBSts of hy,- mother,Mrs. Jim Burns, ajitl other .-relfllives, ; left today -fov A dessert course w'ns served. . Union'City, .Tcii'ii,,- where (hey will ylsltthls•brother; Jimmy bums.nnd fiunliy. r^licy plan' to return here for ..another visit next week befpre Mrs. W,K. Francis of Pino bluff,' 8«triK,;,to Little nock ..for a visit Club, Guests Enlertained. . , . , ,. . houseguciloi her parents, Mr. and w» h : .I«™.-. Burns' family. Mrs Tom A. Little, and Mrs. A. Pvrns. who now fs . stationed ill Hamifin Taylor, were g\ics!s of Mrs. P,»"ip Shelby, Miss., hn.<! pust rc- J Farrls Mcc'alla lust night when turned from 31 months service In she enttrtalncd members of the AldBka and the AleXitlniu-s: Double O Club at her homo on Mrs. W. d. Lcggett nnd daugh- Holl v Street. . . t«rs. Mrs. B6b Bums aild Miss High score prize in the bridge Louise Leggett, left today for Os- ghmes Wciit to MLw Frances Little ford. Mte., where they were ctttled nnd second high to Miss Mary by>U(fe siiddcli dedlh of Mrs.,Lce- "'' ' " "" ' ' ! * Spalri Usrcy. A salad course was served. Edna Hies, class president. gardenias Mrs Gray »tt«nd*d Blythe\lllc High Bchool,ftnd,had been employ-' Business Circle Meets ed in Memphis for a Short um« be- a . _ . . fore her marriage rrhate OrAy, the son of Mr, and Mrs Charles Bray 8r, of Blylhe- ville, was a student at B'ythevlnc' High School prior to his enlistment in the Army He returned to the States 'as*. \M»k following 31 month* service- tn Alaska' And trie Aleutians. They plan lo make their home at Camp ShelM, MUs, Vhtre Private* Gray how Is stationed, following a vblt with relatlVte here , > i Guests Ave Eiiterlaifted At Bi-Monthly Club Party The presence of six guests added Interest to the meeting of the Bl- Monlhly Clito yesterday nfternoon nhen Mrs A M Butt \\fis hostess to members 01 that group nt her home on West Main Lilacs predominated In the Spring (jet't's brother, Henry Park/> ! of Oxford.' '"•.'..,'; Mrs. Everett ncriegar-and; children/. Dorothy and Pat, left, ,(hjs morning for dlftrksdalc, :Mfcs,, Eighl metnbera of the Business wHe'fe they will Jolti Mr. ReneKaY. Women's Circle M First Baptist" * "" ""'^ "" "'-'"'" Church weft; present night tor ..... , ,-,- - „ -. -,Hie meeting at tlie home of Dr.'™ Dixie Greyliound bus lilies;, nf- hecn thci'e fof. scvctttl ft * .district supervisor .for , . |ter haVing been trnnsfeiTcd froth i low ers used to form a colorful setting for the bridge games plav- ed during the afternoon High score prlSe, is an Irt.wlt Mn'Edwifl Robinson. uhUc M~ c J \V. Adams Sr. received, hleh club* prize iuid~lvIrE Butt second hlghi •• , .,">,% ', Ll^ht rtBcshtainte wire'served Gue&U ^IncUfded VMrs tf D. Fergusfth. ^Ifs. W, J 1 Brewer, Mrs n P Gav Sr.j Mrs Wsatt HeMey, Mrs Geirge W Pyles nnd Mrs RoMnsoit "i * * * Wesleyan Guild Meets M^» O. E Queilmaiz, chairman of Dr Nlei presided over the brief the Blythcvllle office. The th|rd business iiiectlng,' and Miss Minnie nenegnr, child, Don, Is'visiting- ill* lister taught the lesson from the grandparents In Jonesboio before mission study book • "The Infhi*- joining'his parents In Clarksdals, eftce of the Jew Ujwii Civilization", where they plim lo make their bjt Jacob Oaftcnliouse. 'home, . • Tlic meeting closed with n circle ' ; Mlss. Btelln'BycrB nlui Mlss'PauU of prayer, and fefrcshmehlA were !ne i Byere left last night served during the socltil hour. .' ' Coming Event! THURSDAY; t -- .'-.. Mrs. Sam Burns '• entertntniht Club fight. Mid Week Club meeting with Mrs. Htirry W. Haifies. Mrs. Henry Humphreys entertain.: ing .Thursday contract Olub. G.N.B. club meeting with Mrs., Byron Nail. Double Four Club meeting with Mrs. Victor Stllhvell. Mrs. Ross Hughes entertaining Thursday Luneheoh Club. FRIDAY i-r-j. 'M"i has arrived,lo Spend 4 23 dAy furlough with hU p»rtnt«, Mr. and MM. E. W. Hopber'Of Rt. J. Lleiit. And; Mrs. WlUlahl 6h4h< noh and ihfiht dAOgnU>;rV' Carol, wii6 iinve been mftWrijr.flielr hWno in the. Ward. AtJflHlnerit oh>.We.a km,' : \ left. ycs.lfailay;.,forV'.'fiftymft, Tenn., •; where ..LIfUtefiant.'' Bliannoii .been trrtlis'fevred. •• Th'eV ,'• hAVe 1 — '" '"'e i(tji- : "~ . . been niately'- twd-'yenrs;-, GiHs Chance 'To 'Erillsf In U. S;:Manhe$ Setting v nil information •> ,)ifftd- quarters in thC-Arkans<W State Police room/nt.tho/Clty.Hali: 4 representative of,- the -.Hi;. 8.. 'Mifirie Corps.. Wqmfen's' Reserve, fi^rjt; Marilyn • Slrbbk. arrived Iri Bl'ythe ; not hnvc children under 18 years of ngc. Ci'iilral America sends ms an average of 60,000,000 bunches of l>a- nlght, 1:30 o'clock, tho Rev. J. J. , , . . . Thompson, pastor of the church announced today. ' "During this Holy Wcsk all Tloly Mass on Holy Saturday will Uc preceded by the blessing of the new ftl'c, the baptismal water nnd Ihc paschal candles, at 7:30 n. m. Easter Easter Sunday will., be observed with Holy Mass at 7i30 o'clock and with High Mass at 10130 Christians should give some thought to the last days on earlh' In tho morning, with special music of Ihc founder of Christendom. Let for all services by the choir under us all then. Catholics and non- Cnthollcs, make a greater effort to draw hearer the Redeemer of Ihc nnnns, averaging 160 fruit to the world", the Rev. Mr. Thomson bunch,'In normal times, " I.said. the 'direction of Sister Dolores. The world contains about 26,000 species of birds; 200 are found tn l,he Unlled States. Vllle , Ti)6sday : for a> ; Vjeek'S viilt: The temiwrary Marine'.: off ice. 'Is on the second floor 6f. .Irjfe bulldlngi next door; to;the- Coiirity, RAtiohlng Board. ' •';. .... According to Sergeant Gtroctt, ago, where they will bo n:'a defense plant. , ! , > •MlsS dntl Rich will arrive lp- iljhl. from Gulf Park College. Ctulf* prt, Miss,, to spehd the" Easter blldays with her parehls. ;Mr. -11^1 Irs. -Ley. Eloh and family. . .". ; .Mrs. Tllden P. Wright', went'lo ilemphls today, where,"', die. '-will meet; Major Wright, who^HlUriuHi his week from ID months ; service .with the Ah' ForcV.; They (111 arrive ill BlytheVille,''-Fridiiy or n visit with Mrs.; ' Mrs. Paul Byrum entertaining O. B. C. Club. 'Dorcas' ; Class', First" Baptist Church, having luncheon at church i5 30 pjn. Chapter "N" of P. E. O. Sisterhood meeting with Mrs. Harry W Httlnes, 4 p. m. SATURDAY Junior Olrls' Auxiliary of Baptisl Cliape) linvlng Easier egg home of Mrs. John Tyrofie, 2 p.m molher, Mrs. Cecil Shaiic.'-and'their •piing'son, T. p. Wrlffht: iil^'v\ Mrs. W.' M. McKpnzicpjWSGy^fn" proved IPUny at, BIythovil(c.:Hp3- pltAKwhere she whs admllfed'iMoniny: Afternoon for tretitmeiit.' ' : ;. Corp. Udell Newsoin, Vwho" ; lins jepn attending an Anny. school lii Minneapolis, lias arrived- ifor • a vUlt of. 15 days with -his y,'|fe;and tier parents, Mr. nnd.-,'MrV* v B.'. O. 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