The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1034 BLYTHBVHiLB, (ARR) COUSIER NEWS I AnoclMf EcHton: : MISS LOUISE DtXON MRS. ROTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRIS, MRS. EDNA H. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M PJ> O.NiHOMLE Miss Ferguson Gives Some Recipes Tbat_ Are Certain to Appeal Dfar Friends In Blyliievlllr: Old fashioned cooks ure usually the ones lo most appreciate the vegetables ivliidi conn- inlu ili« market, plentifully at this season. Turnips, squash, carrots, parsnips, eggplant, cabbage and hiie.t-s nioy iiol appeal for tlielr .sophistication, lull certainly flavor and low cost, make them valuable, assets to the menu maker. Look ^aboiit at. the vegetable stands before planning the week's menus, and consider these vegetables as imiiortonl Item.s in your plans. Then remember that meat organs such as liver, heart" tongue, liipe and the kidneys are usually available at this season al slightly lower prices; and smoked meats such as ham and bacon are also plentiful. Poultry, especially turkey is not necessarily limited to the holiday season, so indulge the family in a roast bird either turkey, chicken or duck some Sunday soon. At the ash market Include smoked fish, oysters, whiteflsh, shad, and fresh .salmon and cod steaks in your menu plans; if you have no fish market, remember that the grocer carries excellent, canned fish, nnd some grocers carry the freslily frozen sen food and fish which are delicious, and no different in flavor from fresh unfrosted fish. Here arc some seasonal . yeci- pes from my best files;' dishes I prepare lor my own family and which are favorites wherever they have been tried. Baked Ham witli Apricots Tins Is n casserole or one-dlsl) meal which the family will enjoy. Have ready one and one half pounds sliced ham, cut about one inch thick: one tablespoon brown sugar; one half teaspoon cinna- ,mon; one cup canned aprlcot-s; jone fourth cup canned apricot, juice; six potatoes. Remove the skin from the ham, lay In a two. quart casserole,sprin- kle'with sugar and cinnamon; or-, range the canned apricots oveij the (op and pour in the .apricot juice. Arrange the pared potatoes around sides. Brush potatoes will) melted butter and sprinkle with salt. Caver and bake for one hour, at 350 ; degrees,- or moderate oven. Charlestown Sweet Potatoes Six sweet, potatoes; one half orange; one teaspoon salt; two tablespoons butter; one third cup brown sugar; one half cup water. Aminge layers'of sliced sweet potatoes and impeeled orange in a one and one half quart casserole which has been rubtied with" butter. Dot with butter, sprinkle with sugar. Place slices of unpeeled orange over the top. Add water and bake uncovered in a moderate oven, KO degrees until the potatoes arc tender; about twenty-five minutes. Bakfil Squash Two pound Hubbard squash; salt; cinnamon; butter. Wash and cut the squash into pieces for individual .serving. Sprinkle each will) salt nnd dabs of butter and u UUto cinnamon. Place in n cas- scrolc, cover boltom will) n very little water. Cover lightly, set in moderate oven, 350 degrees, for thirty-five minutes to three quarters of an hour. Chicken Noodtr, I.oaf Two n»nrls boiling water with one and one half teaspoon salt In it; an eight ounce package of \ line noodles; three cups diced, (cooked chicken (pack down when measuring); one teaspoon onion juice; one tablespoon diced green pepper: one tablespoon diced cait- •ned pimienlo; one tablespoon chopped parsley; one halt lea- spoon salt; one cup chicken broth; one half cup cream; two eggs well beaten; small can sliced pine-1 apple; three tnble.spoons butler. Drop the noodles inlo sailed boning water and cook twenty mantles. Put. chicken, onion juice grcm pepper, pimiento, parsley and salt inlo mixing bowl. Add broth, cream, eggs and mis well Drain cooked noodles In a colander, then combine with the chicken mixture. Line the bottom of n one ami three fourths quail mold with waxed paper anil rub Ihe sides wllh shortening. Pill the mold with Ihe mixture. Enough will be left to fill five individual molds ((chicken for mif possible). Set the round mold in a pan of ho water and bake forty-five minutes In a moderate open, 350 degrees. Place the little folds in a pan without water and bake In Ihe same oven. Turn the large mold out on n plaller, unmold three little chicks and arrange on top of ronnd mow, garnish Kith parsley. Hjve slices of pineapple sauted in butter to rich brown. Arrange ?-m JT? ld ' llsin f lhc lwo other little chick molds n|. ends. Deli- fl^Lrf m sailcc of cream * flavored with minced plmiento. Lima Cartwheels n'.o cups small lu'na beans; two Crochet Table Mats of Unusual Design For lunHipon, or for company breakfast, lids luvcly diet crorhul limetiron set makes :i delightful l:ibl« du-uriilliiu. J.'»r ouiilooi- dining;, IOD, u michclfd set which is ivaslubli- ami niiifiist, Is an i:\- tremtly nractiral item. This; -.r.l h, .irrui-lielcil .if knllttnjr and cincliel rolfcin, delicately worked, with :i ...olid dfilgn ill liii; (cnlrr. 11 Is lnvfly in while or fern, ar;l if you wish lo rA|ii:rIiiirni in ,-nliir. In- sure tn u« a liulirasl. Wiif.Ki -'liul «•»/ Ocfall of dnlgn shnmi :U right. * ' • ' ... Here Are Directions for This Novel and BeautifaL Table Set The materials needed lo make j two blocks, one space, two blocks IMs set are knitting and crochet five spaces, two blocks three cotton, steel crochet hook mini-(spaces. HFE RIMS FOR to »«• llime arc illirprnit kinds of 'nws iiiul some arc not nu >nni IX- WHSllMl. AH It..,,,,,,,. K , { Inmpfd wnsJnibh- ran l«. ctejiend- "lion lo wnsli because the i-aiineni of lonthfr Blows l.> iiiRc (b«n washable Is being umiy ,,, 1()VOV ,, (I . , n , ls ||( K suede, chumols. or doe.skln mid kid gloves. All ' of •, of course; art- made of lea- l»'r. Siictlo e lovf.s (ire imnh. ,,i It a Her which h, ls ,)„. Klllllv „„,. ill' 1 surface removed and Is Hit* 'ed in „ sofl , vc , m drpcl OJ| »'• teh side. Chamois and doe- .skln B loves urc .visually miule from i« ; j«ti,,. Toilny |I11W( f ; °. lls ^ «f l-Mither gloves n b? wasliod, 'I'U'ji there are Hie manv varieties of tabrlc gloves which are ir 0 "," 111 ' slll " > « 1 s ° *ull " „ ' I 1 * loo!t <« attractive us sued If they are well taken care ° - Woo gloves are also mish«™i T Ulc sn "' e Km " n] r " | « ?Zi' '", ilKX ns to """'I- 1 "'"I fabric gloves. «)I™M " I1 °' 1U ", 1 ' "' il)c 10TCS sloiiw be done before • '° )rllvcnt r| l« being 'ears «atw. Wash as .won us they l,e«"«e soiled, since dirt and. grease nicaine embedded In (he glove.? if lipy art allowed to remain. «.i „. ' L ' XI ' C I 1 "'"1 of chamois, wlTOh must be hnndled with esp"M,l , Kn " t!e " ess lo "void tearing he delicate leather, It Is nsuiilly ut-tier to wash the Rloves OTI Ui^ hands. The Method nre two things to remnn- ucl1 a i, n rsh soap 50n " s contnl " ' i,e- Jer four. The amount of material depends upon the number of mats x) be made. In the (iireclions one space re-' chain nmk- 'ers to one double crochet, two, one double crochet; in . ng "a block, -substitute two double ciochcl for Ihe chain - two. To nnkc the curved meshes that the basket part of the' (!e- „ sign, majte chain three, one sinalt'tv 5th row: three spaces, one block, twenty-seven spaces, one block, three spaces. | ; v iiiflft 6th row: two .spaces, one 'block, twenty-nine spaces, one block, two spaces. 7th row: two spaces, one block, Dinner Men us For One Week five spaces, lwo blocks, twenly-two spaces, one ^block, two spaces. 8tli row: iwo spaces, one block, spaces, one block !t, iclmln three. To begin 'make"chain three, 'skip"two Tl'ou- .T^'L 1 ™"'" ""'' ' en - I'"e "ochct. put one single cro- ') hi ; the •eighth chct in next double crochet: innke " r two double cro- f, •> r« ?, i V r ' e , amf '"•ty-flve spaces). chcl, make one block, four spaces, 2nd low: thirty-five spaces. one block, Iwo spaces 3rd row: two spaces, one block, ptl) roiv: lira snace« onp blocl- one ZT'tw™ blCCkv r° *P««.^our spaces, one' block; cnah, n™i one block,. two spaces, five blocks, block in block, twenty-one spaces two spaces, one block, two spaces, 0 ,ii Waek two ' sp .™] " roni ' ^ "o smcS U '° 5|ra ° CS> °' le ""'*..'»'»'• ^ wlM'.be'e^ enoligh to 41h rml'. i, ' |fr ' !low the diagrams, Tlie (Icslen is blocks f V'L. si,™ SP " CeS> ,, 7° W °'' kCcI - flom l '.' c sl " e MI-O.SS and e^J ,™ P h, L 1 l r° b '° CkS - " Ol - froln lll( -' * a(tt > m - F'nlsh outer c sp[ "- c ' lwo blocks ' "ve spaces, edge with single crochet and picot tablespoons butter; one half cup thick cream; one fourth teaspoon peper; one half teaspoon salt; one cup small canned mushrooms; six tablespoons bour; deep hoi fat for frying. , the Warner and Swnscy company ID finish the job. The mirror will be used in aj nciv telescope now tinder construction by the same company and will be installed at the MclMnnld HeiU the limaj beam to the boil- wil1 be installed at the MclMnnld ing point and press through a S"'''^!?', 1n (1Tc!ins: Tllc ob - scr sieve: add the cream- snii n ,,,i .. IJ *"' be tlle Property of the r e: add the cream; salt and pepper; snide mushrooms in butter and add finely chopped to the bean mixture. Add one tablespoon ,,.,,. Y fat to the same nan. then stir in (>.'„ ^- . - -^, —, the Hour and ink iinUI smooth! "!L dlrecl "'' "< ""-• McDonald Ob- gradually add Ihe lima bean mix ture, stirring constantly. Cook len inlnuies over hoi water. Turn in- lo a Hal pan nnd .sprwiil (hiw fourths of an inch thick. Cool find when firm cut, with a viscuit cutter, dip m beaten egg anil crumbs nnd fry h, deep hot fat. with whipped sour cream. Delicious. .-Miss Edna M. Ferguson. World's Second Largest • "Eye" to Be Treated CLEVELAND (UP)- A Hirer-ton mirror, which , V |ll become ite worlds second largest "eye" has arrived here from the Corning Glass Works In j|.s own private The mirror will fe. gronnri anrl Wished to a mathematical cin-I with such precision that its ( ,evia- l-oii from the curve will be le«s •>>»" a millionth of an inch More! " year will be required by APPETIZING prop :erated by the University of Chi- ifc'n. Dr. otto Striive. director of ucverare Yerkes Obserratory, will also i too make n good finish to rertni,, lirectar nr n.,, xinn,..> n i,i nil I dinners »»IMI u> cerium Plan the menus this week- around Ihe vegetables loimd at the grocers'. Squash, turnips, parsnips, beets, celery, and other autumn vegetables are plentiful; Smoked meats, such as ham and bacon .seem to bs plentiful and low priced Just now, and tnelr flavor Is especially appropriate with the Autumn eool neil" A' sweet or Timisiial riclinex U not fiiniss on menus as the days grow colder—doughnuts and : elder Anchovies Salmon and Rice Loaf, Tomato Sauce . Creamed Onions Ercixd and Butter, Apple Butter Apricot, Pudding, cream Beverage I-Vlday .Scalloped Potatoes arid Tuna Fish Buttered Turnips Spinach Mold : Corn Bread and Butter Cabbage and Carrot salad Apple Dumpling, Cream Beverage Saturday- Tomato Juice. Iamb Croquettes, Cre.-nn Gravy Buttered Cabbage, Lima Beans Pickle Relish Whole wheat Rolls, Butter Gingerbread, Orange Sauce Beverage Never rub with cake soap because rubbing destroys the .soft fliiish Dissolve a r ew sonp flnkcs suds ™ nn W " lel ' "'"' wlllp . llll ° nds Into the rubbing the spol.s. use If the first. suds onto Hie soiled a second fresh suds for i] irt: water. Rinse , m(( | water ts clear; Remove tlu le<ir luketvnrn the last rinsi Tin Remove To Dry '• muc:i moisture Mto, IUNCT BOTE MRS.CEORCETHU11N J. VATSON SHOCKLEY »«& FIANCES NORTH«0^ rsooldi Pudding and Sauce new IM||«. ui,,l a new riwr. You'll like boll, ami so W HJ ||,e family. The rifljie To make Hie batter lor the pudding blend together one quarter cup shortening,, one Quarter cup sugar, yolks of lwo CUBS imlll light and flulTy. Add oni! teaspoon a[ vanilla extract. Then gently fold In the bcnteii wiilto.i of two tfjgs. In siller place one nnd one inwr- tcr cups pastry (lour, one and one half .teaspoons linking powder, one linlf lonspoon stilt. Add to butter ulternnlcly wllh one tlilril cup milk. Dredge one third cup pecans with one tablespoon flour; and udd nuts lo baiter. Place bailer In Vlift bottom o[ a To niiiko .the sauco id one Jinlf e»|H of brown with one ([iiurter uup (lour. - . ^,,,,,IH niimii 11(vc « littUtr In Vlift bottom o[ a .11 leaves HIP B i OVL , s W | tn th(U well-greased, one and one hall quart vi,,ih.n ,..,,j ... casserole. one cup or evaporated milk, one Imlr cup of fresh Biapefruli Juice. Mix nnd beat well and pour gently over batter. , nuke In a moderate oven (350 degrees P.) for one limir. ImincdiiUoly upon removal from the whole pecan meals, Serve very hot In Us own baking dish. Surprisingly, the batter lins risen to tlio top, leaving the sauce in the Init- toin of Ui c dish. This rcelpe seivcs eight ucn- erous portions. : . ThoM aie delicious In fails to vnry'L' the muni nnd Jimeh bo\ >( lltan Broun lireail One cup sour milk; one half cup- raisins, one liililCAjKiaii molasses • one liali eup siitjai, one rup Horn one cii[> bran; one teaspoon soda, i one quai'lcr' teaspoon salt. • ' Mix lofielhcr the bran, sour milk', and inlilns, then idil the mnhssci i sURfir, nitil (lour whlc'li Iras boen-iW silted with Ihe socln and unit, i'lit the mixture Inlo «• Brenscd paiinil baking |wv,rtei can 01 other romuio fan, co\ev llEhilj and slitim foi \> three hoiir-i. lilrli Hran MuRlm "' Oik> quill tor tip •shortening one * ruifi light InoKi) sugar one CK,J '* (well beaten) one cup spur milk; two and one half cups of bran on«"' cup Hour, one and one Inlf teaspoons baking powder, one half 1 ' icnspopn. salt; one half teaspoon " soda; u\o thirds cup of chopped • nuts. '"• » nicml ihortciilng nnd sugar AclJ s eB6, sour milk and bran. Sift llb«r'< with linkh^ powder sail and sola"' Add nuts to flour and add to 11- \ tliilil mlvlme Stli only until flom disappears nil greased innnin tW"' .. two-thirds .full and bake Uenly f AC| n n.v« minutes in i modeintc oicn MOO dCBiccs P) This mnXes • tlamma. Hrmi Nut Bread ~" ODL quarter cup shortening, one' half cup sugai, one egg Recipes For School Children use one mid one Imlf pounds beef, Ho rump or round; one fourtd cup flour; two onions, chopped; one three cups diced ixi- ciips diced carrots; ibtaspoons nl chopped loaf with the hnticlr. ntirsley. Wipe lhc mcni with parchment paper, place on a ruck in an orxm, rousting pan. Bake for about thhly nilinitcs In u moderate, :)50 degrees oven. anil Apples This l.s nnbtlicr dish much ap- Two 'udd ,h','.\,!!!f,' fn , l . l ! 1 , i> T'""- "!'"''™ W(1 "W**: two teaspoons salt-' udd the meat winch has been roll- two to four tablespoons butter- o, QLir. mill the />limiivn,i i««. _ r . ' uu : T,,rkl5h us ,m,c:i moisture in I , ••. by placing the cloves in I . "° 1 "'' nlul thc C ''"PI»" l5h towel an/ T,,, ," 2V lo "-':? ook . '""' »«'' "'itl|: brown. kneadinsr. Take the B loves from the towel, ease"iiicm into shape and blow into them' to puff them out.-Dry In p. good current of air hanging the ' gloves' 'up ' by the wrists. Never dry them In the direct, rays of the sun, or near the stove or radiator. When the gloves arc" thoroueh- «ry, gently- stretch the leather between the fingers to restore (he appfiirance of Die surface. Gloves with colored stitching embroidery or trimmed cull's would be dried with special care with a towel, and then piece.? of '""" should be inserted he new glass, when finished, ll be. either a; „,- sip:, inches in diameter. n s e!il , cl ' fhe wl]( j,.. pond upon how much of Ihe i-rt"-.' be ground away. Treatment with sodium thiocyan- a e sometimes can cure Ui? lubii of ilrug addiction, accordin.; lo two Cornell University sdcnlists II AT LI F'F'V GOLD MCOAl mill I>I(«M>I < I Breaded Porte chops Sweet Potatoes Buttered Celery Bran Brown Bread. Butter encumber and Tomato Salad Raism, ni ce ,,,„,,,,„„ nm) CrM|n Beverage Tuesday "am Croniiettes, Cream Gravy . --- Bultercd Bcels >1- Rolls, Butter. Marmalade Apple nnd Date Salad New- - Bridge Tallies and CARDS Jusl ariivcil attractive ,,c«- .iMigns ii nndge Tallies and Cards!.. I'ifrfJ m«| moderately. 'tit 'Me Do/,. ('ards Occlis 25c :i9o SOc Double' Decks 75e !)0c $1.00 Bell's Pharmacy . Wc """'«• I'ta, IBM issue pnpcr between all surfaces, and t) le . •"• ""* *iiv-(-.-), in in i/ie gloves dried on n Hat surtnce on .1 paper or cloth, nwny from excessive heat or strong light but preferably In n good current of I*innn Meringue Pie. linve R-csli FVitlt Clip Scalloped Oysters Creamed Carrots Dated Itice an Gralin Wiole Wheat Chocolate Custard. Cookie Beverage Thursday Appetizer of cold slaw and danip cloth, and cut ,t In cub..]shredded-- C abb^e7'^b ^"tito -'*."*!',"" !. ^ "''P'ra.'-twn'lei'SDOon.s s to four tablespoons butler; O u; >poon or sinjor; one cup bul- tflred bread orimibs.." ; Place altemnle layers' of cnbbnsc ami applc-s in a (greased -buklng dish. .Reason each with ealt and fat and sprlnkjc the .sugar over Ihe !!ppjp, ? . Sprend' the buttered crumbs over the last layer. Cover and bake In a moderate oven 3so degrees, for forty-live'minutes or [mill: the cabbage and apples are tender, nomove the cover toward (he last of the bakhu; so that the i crumbs can brown. Serve from the Then transfer, the meat and onions to'n, kettle. Add the; water, after, .first pom-big It Into the Mi- Icl so, as to gel the full bcnem, of the browned meat .flavor. 'CuVe'r iilid simmer about, one hour. Add the vegetables and cook .until they are tender. Season salt' and . -sprinkle the lop with the parsley after, the stew Is placed in a serv- Ing dish.' Liver- and UX-D Loaf lack; • -- - -,..,, »...,., .^mj Him UIIL lf CIIIK nour two teaspoon? bak" ' powdci, one half teaspoon salt °"i! halt teaspoon of soda, one naif cup chopped nut meats one dud one half cups nmshed bannnus/ two tablesixjoiii ftnter, one tea spoonful vanilla extract. Mlciul slioi toning and sugai well ' Add cgg JUKI brim sift flour with baking powder, salt and M)d« Mis " nuts will] Hoi i nnd add nllern itely " ivllli uiaslipd bananas, lo which ths wntci has b"en ad led stir in va-" "Ilia, pour Into griased lout tin " l t -slanu thiily minutes niui bate in u moderate oven (3is degrees y)~" one hour l/>t cool before cutting- ll I his makes one loaf eight and one luilf b> four nnd on clialf Inchei One h.ilT cup four cups of'dish boiling water; one jwuiid sliced ' liver; two tablesi»ons shortening- one small onion chopped fhio; one cup chopped celery; one fourth cup chopped parsley; two tablespoons Hour; one cup tomatoes, canned or fresh-, two teaspoons' spcons canned salt. Cook the rice In^boUing water until tender. Do not drain, bin let the vice absorb lhc water so as to form n sticky -mass which wilt net us' a binder for the losif. Wash Ihc liver under running water quickly nnd remove the skin. Sprinkle tin' liver with Mill and Hour und cook in the fat in a skillet for about I'aree minutes. Remove the liver Butter and Blind or chop it very fine. Cook the onion, celery nnd parsley in the drippings, for a few minutes, add the Hour nnd toma- Icc.s. and stir briskly uiilil tblck- Bracclet Ilroughl §300 Reward KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)—The thought was a dime store trinket brought him a $300 reward The trinket" was set with DO diamonds and 180 sapphires. It was last by Mrs. Charles M. n mTO n nnt , > Insurance company paid the $300 "J.;,. ., UIK.Vj. IUI ) •A eounlerfelt dollar bill was found °y the Hcv. l,( s ' m ard in'the nt the Nativity f'l.US Pasteurization Makes Green's DOUHI.V -SAFE 1'HONK IS15-K2 l^nr Daily Deliveries GREEN'S DAIRY We Have Them! The Wonderful NEW Coleman READING LAMPS Never... anywhere... at any time, hisve you seen portable home readinf lamps as fine as these new ColMnans. An d no matter what kind of • lamp i are now using, you wil) never appreciate what reaUy a light can mean to your home .. . uotil you get one at these new Coleman De Luxe Reading Lamps. W«w B M uly . . BeK«r Li s ht . . Greater Economy ' COl °' Cii wi,h up 10300 rn* <- , upio 300 c«ndl«powtr of n.tur.l . T .-j.ving li t ht.. . mot. now. «,ful ,h.n 30 old .t,]. oil i.o.p,. COM l, ,u ,o op.,.u. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. The End of a PERFECT DAI Perfect groom i n g makes for. belter work ... It's HO oa.i.v nixl economical to l)n w'ell 1 groometl \vilh llinlson'.s ro- » 111! ro- service. Our Route Men will call if .von will. Plume 53 CLKAN'ERS HATTBRS TAII.OKS I'*INISHKRS • HUDSON A lip lo wives—If you want your Husband to li.ive belter lotAinj shirls bring him In t» see the new Marlbnro.

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