The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on February 27, 1961 · Page 5
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 5

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, February 27, 1961
Page 5
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STRICTLY RICHTER TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH 2-Z7 ' © 1961, Kine Feature* Syndicate, In?., World jlffhU rM«rve!. "We don't want to rush, sir. Stick to this fo? thfl first few days." STAN DELAPLANE'S POST CARD Fans Make Up Jazz Language, Then the Musicians Learn If "The problem for the jazz musician," said Mr, Art Farmer, "is not making up jazz language. It is learning it from the fans. Half the time we can't understand what they are saying to us." "What they do they say, for instance?" "Well, said Mr. Farmer, "we call a time of playing a 'set.' Like you play 40 minutes and take 20 off. But the fans call a recording a set. They say: 'I heard your new album, man. A crazy set!' " K e e p i n g u p communication lines with a teen-age daughter keeps you lithe and limber, Daddy-0," I said. "It was my hope--this is not a formal interview, Mr. Farmer. " was my hope you could give me a few up-to-date bon mots Savers Play Chumps in Money Game By Lylt C. Wilson WASHINGTON (UPD--The American Institute for Economic Research has come up with a definition of the forgotten man that probably means you, yourself, are among the forgotten. I am forgotten, too, and so is your neighbor across the street and mine. There are millions of us and every one a chump. We are chumps because we elect to public office men and women who rob us of our mod' est savings by a process of embezzlement known as monetary inflation. Monetary inflation is a process whereby the purchasing power of the dollar is frittered away until, finally, the U.S. dollar will not buy anything at all. Exactly that has happened in other countries where monetary inflation went unchecked. It could happen, also, in the United States, remote as that may seem to you and me and to our fellow chumps. WORTH 47 CENTS Since 1939 there has been frit- .tered away from the value of the U.S. dollar approximately 53 cents in purchasing power. That makes today's buck worth amount 47 cents in honest money. Another 20 years such as the past 20 would just about disqualify the U.S. dollar as money. We'd be back on wampum or leaf tobacco for exchange purposes or, anyway, depending on something which did not rest its value on the honor, integrity and prestige of the United States. The American Institute for Economic Research has been considering this problem. The institute has concluded that the destructive devaluation of the dollar could be stopped if the citizens who are being robbed realized what monetary inflation costs them. The institute calls these citizens the forgotten men. They are the savers among us, the chumps. There are nine general categories of savings in which we chumps put aside our spare money. with which I could impress my jelly tot." "Crumb-crusher," corrected Mr. Farmer, "Children are now referred to as crumb-crushers. You mean you want to work out of your Psych bag." "That is the general idea," I said humbly. "But I fear I am square as Hack the. bear." Mr. Farmer a n d Mr. Beeny Golsen are very high in the jazz world--they are currently playing the Zebra Lounge in Los Angeles' Central avenue, the Harlem of th« West Coast. "We pick up plenty from t h fan," said Mr. Golson. "Now like if you are making a play, you are 'hitting on.' If the person 'comes on in', that means they agree with you. "Demonstrate for me, man." "Like this," said Mr. Golson. "I hit on this chick but she wouldn't come in. She didn't have any eyes." "What kind of chick would that be. cat?" "If she was a stout chick," said Mr. Farmer, "she would be 'heavy cream,' I don't say that kind can't be nice, too." Mr. Farmer and Mr. Golson then drew up a small list. I pass this along; for other parents who may want to learn the language Pound cake: "That's an easy job. .Or maybe you say, "The jig was sweepstakes." Gig: "That's a job . If you're working on a TV show, that's a 'living room gig." Ignorant oil: "That would be whiskey. And if you took too much you would be 'tore up.' If anybody got like that you would 'turn left' on them. That's disagreement. 'He turned left on me;" "Now." said Mr. Farmer, "if ynu want to compliment a musician, you say, "He's bad.' That means he's good. "And if you want to say he's real good you say: 'He's terrible.' And if you say, 'He's mean'--Man, you're saying he's uncanny." Pockets, I find, means the end of a job. "We'll play one more number and then pockets. Like you mean you're going to pocket your money. "Security cats? Those are request numbers. Our biggest commercial is 'Killer Joe.' Any instrument is your 'axe; Like your typewriter is your axe. We get most of this stuff from the beard--that's the superintellectual jazz fan." "And you have to learn this to converse with your fans?". I asked. "Just like I have to with my child?" "Well, man," said Mr. Farmer. "We're prossinal musicans. We just try to TCB." "What is that? Mr. Farmer?" "Take care of business," he said. "You know. Be conscientious." PICTURE FRAMES CHUGG'S 2450 Waih. Blvd. Influx of U.S. Tourists LONDON (UPD -- The bad news for Washington today is that a record amount of tourist gold is expected to flow from America into Britain this year. The British Travel and Holiday Association, the voice of experience and authority, has spoken. The conclusion is that President John F. Kennedy's campaign to protect the dollar by reversing the flow of tourist traffic across the Atlantic may succeed in the long run, but not in 1961. The metal busts of Shakespeare are being polished at Stratford-On- Avon; hotels are checking t h e i r hot water systems, chefs are practicing how to cook the roast beef rare; and the word is being passed that a man wearing a ten-gallon hat is not invariably from Texas because he may be from Oklahoma. Experience has taught the British that of all tourists the Americans are the most active and ask the most questions. MONEY ON LINE The Travel and Holidays Association, an official organization supported by the government, is willing to lay money on the line that 1961 will be a record tourist year. It has done so by increasing the number of tourist guides who are listed in the official register and are entitled to wear badges. After a period of training 32 candidates were allowed to take the final examination. Sixteen passed, and there now are 384 registered guides--249 men and 135 women. It is a stiff examination, scorning such elementary facts as what time do they change the guard at Buckingham Palace and why, in the middle of a block, does the Strand suddenly become Fleet Street? Some typical questions: Who was Christopher Jones? (Captain of the Mayflower). Who was the British spy hanged by order of George Washington and where is his grave? (Major John Andre. Westminster Abbey). Where can catacombs be seen in London? (Highgate Cemetery). In whose tomb is Queen Elizabeth I buried? (Queen Mary I). What connection has the Bishop gate Institute with flannel petticoats for poor old women? (It was partly built with surplus funds from a 1481 bequest to provide flannel petticoats for poor old women). The British are ready any time you are. Nervousness as Well as Foods May Contribute to Body Odors OGDEN STANDARD-EXAMINER - . OGDEN, UTAH, MONDAY EVENING, FEB. 27, 1961 £)/\ with perspiration. product, contains quantities of some The list of probable causes is not kinds of protein. Sugar and fat are overly long. If'you are having trou- NOT protein. With this list as a ble with body odor, and the usual guide. I am sure you will do all familiar deodorants are not the right. By Dr. Joseph G. Molner "Dear Dr. Molner: My husband, who is in his late 40's, has a v»ry strong body odor. He bathes, regularly. Deodorants are not the answer. He's tried them. He is an extremely 'nervous person. Could that have any bearing on the case?--Mrs. J.M." "Dear Doctor: Can you tell me if any kind of prescription can be given to stop or check, perspiration of the armpits? I 1 ruin all my clothes. I have used all .kinds of deodorants and none seems to help very much.--A.W." I refer readers to yesterday's In addition it may be wise for foods, such obvious ones as onions answer for you, examine each possibility objectively. "Dear Dr. Molner: Do you have a .list of different foods that are high in protein? I am supposed to eat them.-- M.F." Lean meat, fish, poultry, cheese, milk and eggs are the principal some people to have their doctors and garlic can result in excretion consider the use of medications to of a skin odor quite apart from the suppress sweat activity. The doc- well-known odor imparted to the tors will, of course, have to judge breath. I gather that this is news the advisability of using medica- to a good many people. It is, all the tions on the basis of each indivi- same, a fact, dual case. There are still other possibilities. Remember this: Generally speak- Some skin disorders cause a musty one's CereaTs = uWlidin"'tre^d"TaTv ing, deodorants are not intended' to odor. Clothing can be contaminated anc [ O ther kinds of beans and nuts stop perspiration. Rather they tend from such things as vaginal or rec- a i so have fair amounts- but in to keep the skin drier, and to de- tal discharges. Sores of one kind general protein comes from animal press the bacterial activity, which or another can most definitely con- sources. Fruits and vegetables as is so great a factor in body odor. tribute to "body odor." Yet these a ru ] e don't have a "reat deal of Foods, drugs and alcohol can things have nothing at all to do protein. Gelatin bein« an animal play a very real part in body odor. -- ~ L ' ' " Medicines containing sulfur or Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to the tremendous v o l u m e received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. column which was also on perspir- iodides can cause it, too. B vitamins ation. Now let's consider.; the: sub- have a sulfur rancid odor. As for ject further. .Yes, nervousness can contribute to increased perspiration--and this type of nervousness is difficult to control, since we have little or no control over the autonomic (or .involuntary) nervous system which ·governs perspiration. Take the usual measures mentioned yesterday: Wash with plenty of lather. If deodorants don't work, try baking soda, either alone, or with talcum or starch, or both. --ADVERTISEMENT-- · Helps You Overcome · FALSE TEETH: Looseness and Worry* No longer Too annoyed or leel 111-at- · ease because of loose, wobbly fals« · teeth. FASTEETH, an Improved alka- · Taxes Double For Yanks In 10 Years NEW YORK (UPD--Americans paid twice as much in taxes in 1960 as in 1950 and will pay aboul $8 billion more this year than last, the Tax Foundation said today. The foundation published a 275- page book (Facts and Figures on Government Finance, 1960-61, Prentice-Hall, New York) which describes the mounting spiral of tax spending by Uncle Sam, states, cities and hamlets. Total taxes collected last year from Americans were $127 billion just over double the 1950 mark, the book says. Uncle Sam got 73 per cent of this. The total tax bill was nearly 30 per cent of the gross national product. On top of the taxes collected, g ernment agencies spent $26 billion in borrowings, and the gross public debt of the national, state and loca governments climbed $75 billion to $356 billion. ,. when you have a flameless electric water heater, because you get a special low rate on low cost , electricity. M3W« * UOH1C6. Bwr **w tarn yww rttalt?? Will Your Grandchildren Forget God? Nikita Khrushchev has said, "Your Grandchildren will grow up under Communism I", If that's true, your grandchildren will forget God ... will never go to church ... will live in a world of Godless atheism. "Never," you say. But are you awe? Are you doing anything to p r e v e n t . . . to oppose Communism? One sure way is to help RADIO FREE EUROPE. RFE broadcasts truth from the Free World to 79 million people in captive nations behind the Iron Curtain. 79 million people who are vital to the cause of freedom because they create a buffer zone between Russia and the Free World ... a zone that ties up 30 Russian Divisions . . . keeps Russia from s t a r t i n g a war. There's only one catch--RFE needs your support to continue on the air. How about it? Will you help fight Communism? Secure the future of your children? Your dimes', your quarters, your dollars help to keep freedom alive in the world. S«nt your contribution*-- (Den'l wall to b« ntkad) to: Radio Free Europe Fund N«w York City * Published as a public service In Cooperation with The Advertising Council nd tha Newspaper Advertising Executive* A»«c=l«tlan, line (non-acid) powder, sprinkled on your plates holds them firmer BO they feel more comfortable. Avoid embarrassment caused by loose plates. Get · FASXEKTH today at any drug counter. · R E N T . . . R E N T . . . RENT A New STORY CLARK SPINIT OR CONSOLI PIANO Try b«f«rc you buy-- . Ne obligation Dunkley Music 3035 Wash. Ogden 132 N. Main Logan % · · · · · · · · · · · · · * · · · · · · · Moving? ·k PACKING -k STORAGE * PIANOS * BAGGAGE * FURNITURE OF ANY KIND SLADE TRANSFER Agent North American Van Unes Across the Street or Across the Nation 321 22nd Street Dial EX 4-8944 "WORLD WIDl MOVING" INSURANCE AGENCY 443 27th St. EX 4-7785 Northern Utah's Largest Independent Insurance Buyers arid Counselers! "Protection plus Service" 's a REGULAR FELLOW... PLUS 4! Yes, he's a regular fellow all right. He has time and money to do the things he really enjoys ... because, through the years, he has been a regular saver. · He's more than a regular saver, though. He saves where he gets the "plus 4" ·-- 4 per cent earnings on savings insured to $10,000 by an agency of the U.S. Government. Start saving regularly now at Ogden First Federal. Only $5 will open your account! Convenient Hours 9 to 4, Monday thru Thursday. Open Friday till 6. · Free Parking in Ogden at any of the 5 Merchants Park and Shop lots. Save by Mail with or without your passbook. We pay postage both ways and supply envelopes. Your account insured fo $10,000 by an agency of the U. S. Government. Savings placed by the 10th earn from the 1st. INSURED Compounded Semi-Annually SAVE MORE AND LIVE SETTER WITH Ogden First Federal Savings end Lonn Atnnntmn . ^^^^^ end Loan Association Where Thousands Have Saved Millions . \WOMEQFPICE, OCBEN - 36? · 24th STRIET ERICH AM CITY _ MAIN AT FOREST

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