Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 3, 1964 · Page 15
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 15

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Friday, July 3, 1964
Page 15
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iftCftOFIUI SE&VICS * SAttS CO. P.O. BOX 0966 4924 COLE AYE, Leased Wire Service of Associated Press • I /^l I 4 DALLAS, TEXAS^ COMP. M^ Lake Charles American Press Warm Considerable cloudiness and warm through Friday with scattered mostly afternoon fhunc'er- showers. Low tonight 72. High Saturday, 88. J Heavy bacteria count STATE EDITION o CENTS LAKE CHARLES, LA., FRIDAY, JULY 3. 1964 14 PAGES NUMBER 25,751 Rights FOR RIGHTS TEST CORE Issues Racial Alert ORLEANS (API—South-1 theater, restaurant and hotel on PRELIMINARY WINNERS— Winners of first nighi competition in the Miss Louisiana beauty pageant in Monroe Thursday flank the reigning state title-holder, Linda Gail Bau- cum of Springhill Judith Goss, left, of Farmerville was talent winner while Cherie Jean Martin of Pineville won the swimsuit competition. (AP Wire- photo). Hunt for Civi Rights ern integration workers were alerted today to be ready to test the racial policies of public accommodations. The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) sent a memorandum of a step-by-step program to its Southern chapters after the Civil Rights Act was enacted Thursday. The memorandum, signed by Richard Haley, CORE'S regional director in New Orleans, said, "Be ready to make a start— ; even through a modest one—by I Julv 4th." the same day." 2. Begin tests in downtown; areas rather than outlying resi- i dential neighborhoods. j 3. Testers should be "very neat, direct in manner, cool and non-argumentative." If refused admission, workers should re-1 port the incident immediately i to the Justice Department and CORE'S office here. 4. Local police should be notified in advance of time and place of each test. 5. Test teams should be small in number and should include "First of all," the instructions j one observer who remains apart -•01/4 "niiir'thr curupv vnnr f'ifv frnm thn ni.ftinl Inef citnMi/i« jsaid, "quickly survey your city ; to determine how many facili- ! ties of accomodation there are." i The memorandum mentioned restaurants, hotels, molols and theaters. "Second, try to determine Workers Is Extended PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (AP) i day search now being conduct-, mile zone and were in Ihc heart —A foot-by-foot search of east-1 ed by sai'yr.s from the nearby i of Philadelphia when he caught central Mississippi for three \ Meridian Naval Air Station,) up with them. Art Richardson, missing civil rights workers j FBI agents and highway patrol-! Highway Patrol public informa-1 the "b'i'lT by" negotiation"' 1 '"Haley centered today in adjoining j men. (inn nffiVm- c^tri n,.;™ i.»riinnri icniri "urn mill onain rpvnrt tn which will be the least 'resist ant. Place those first on the list." Haley said that passage of the legislation docs not mean an end to racial demonstrations. Where we cannot implement FBI AGENTS 'REPORTED' BY TAXPAYER DALLAS, Tex. (AP) ~ ''They arc ro'ibing me," a service station man telephoned police urgently. The dispatcher taking the call asked "with a knife or gun?" "They're pushing m c against the wall. They're taking ail nf my money," the man shrieked. The first policeman at the scene found agents of the Internal Revenue Service in the process of confiscating the man's books. Oakdale Melee Leaves Three Men Injured Sweeping Bill Becomes Law; Trouble Seen WASHINGTON (Al 1 ) — Thr civil rights bill is • the law uf the land today and civil right;-; groups im- 1 mediately began testing whether its sweeping provisions • against discrimination can break generations of racial ! barriers in North and South. j Throe hours after the House sent, the legislation to i the White House Thursday, i President Johnson signed it. with an appeal to all Americans lo "join this effort to bring justice and from the actual test situation. G. Where tests arc unsuccessful, they should be tried again the following day. "This will al- ... r .. o _ low time for the CORE group i mnnt at the Palace Lounge°in (ween CORK officials and the manager of the hotel. Officials charged with enforcing the law arc Hoping for wide^1 " vol " nlar y compliance. out me government is prcpar- , for £ olirlro ,, m baltlcs ' an(l tionahly will be quickly dial- M, C j,,. s tj cc Department soon longed. Mississippi Gov. Paul! will ask Congress for more 1 i Johnson cautioned that he ex- i money to add more lawyers lo : peels "some real (rouble" when | its civil rights division. hope to all our people." From the South came indications the new law's constilu- OAKO ALE < Spl.)-An argu-i Np ,, roc ; s scck , n d cs ^ rcgalf! mil n i 4 tin T3o lnf»r\ I »%t in r* r. i*-» i < * . .. V ". lo contact resistant operators in a further effort to achieve desegregation quietly." north Oakdale at about midnight Thursday resulted in a public accommodations in that;,., 1 , 11 , 1 " 3 a , ddres , s °» signing the Deep South stale. Kemper County. Ground parties moved into the rural county, east of here Slied for two whitc men and a for the first time Thursday and had reached Moscow, some 20 miles from the Alabama state line, when rain halted the search for the day. Michael Schwerner, 24, and Andrew Goodman, 20, both of New York City, and James Chaney, 22, a Meridian Negro, were part of a task force of 450 civil rights workers in Missis- lion officer, said Price radioed said, "we will again resort to The State Highway Patrol j for two patrolmen to go to the j the sit-in, stand-in and other said a statewide alert was is- j scene and pick up the station ' demonstrations of this type, wagon. Negro who sped away early Thursday without paying for gas at a service station in Kosciusko, 39 miles northeast of Philadelphia. The patrol said, however, it doubted whether the three were the missing workers. Cecil Price, Neshoba County deputy sheriff, and two highway patrolmen declined to comment on two versions of how the missing trio was arrested June 21. Price said the three were do- in a 30 sippi to conduct a summer voter registration drive. They vanished without a trace on the ing (i5 miles an hour night of June 21 after posting a • $20 bond for speeding here. State and federal authorities have not said whether any progress had been made in the 12- Sheriff Lawrence Rainey said Price told him the patrolmen "just happened by and volunteered to bring the car in." At Washington, America's Conscience Fund offered a $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of "those guilty of kidnaping or murdering" the missing trio. The fund was set up last year to combat bombings and bigotry after a Negro church was bombed in Birmingham, Ala. The Haley memorandum listed six rules for testing procedure: 1. Do not limit test to one type of facility. "It should be fairly easy to test at least one Holiday Road Estimate Set At Near 500 shooting scrape that left three I Hardly was (he ' men injured, according to Leon i Smith, Oakdale city policeman. , Smilli said th«-it M. V. Town- ! bill, broadcast by radio and lel- ' cvision, the President stressed President's that the law first relies on vol- signaturc dry before civil rights untary compliance to achieve its organizations announced plans I goal of striking down racial" bar- to see if the law opens to Ne- j riers in employment, schools, ley and his brother, Huey, both groes the doors of motels, j voting, public accommodations of Glenmora, were shot in the ! restaurants, (.healers that had j and federally aided programs. arm and leg respectively. i been closed to them. i According to police, the two i n , Thc wllile llousi - cm-moiiy— were shot by Ted Bellow of; " c rcacl y to rnake a start— •, attended by civil rights leaders Waukegan, 111., with a .38 cali-'j cvon tlmi 'Gh a modest one—by,and the Republican and Demo- her pistol belonging to another H" 1 *" /Ul1 " declared instructions ! cratic leaders who steered l!n> Illinois man, Frank D. Buroal. lo Southern chapters of the Con-1 bill on its long, stormy passa|.v Bellow also shot himself during gl ' oss of Kacial Equality for i through Congress — climaxed BY THF ASSOCIATFD PRFSS !lhe fi g nt - P°h"ce said. j probing racial policies in places I more than a year of effort he- Millions of Americans took to' A11 lhrpt ' in J urcd men were 1 , 01 P ubllc accommodations. i Rim by the la^ President John the highways today, bent on a Cloudy and Cool Lions Club Weekend Forecast Addressed By Capano Funeral Rites Scheduled For Oil Rig Victim taken to an Alexandria hospital, leisurely observance of the long 1 Independence Bay weekend away from home. j The weather was not ideal for I highway travel in about one-half of the country because there was a threat of scattered showers. The National Safety Council estimated that more than 83 million motor vehicles will travel 8.4 billion miles during the three-day observance of the holiday. This is 300 million miles — Funer-' ovcr " lc '°' y ' lrave ' during a nonholiday period of the same length. Between 4!>0 and 5!>0 persons lose their lives in traffic- Below and Huey lownley were transferred to a Shreveport hospital "•-' F. Kennedy. DCU1 tllca - The swiftest test came outside i Johnson said the denial of , „ equal rights and equal treat- nn >hqri.P< h-ul , >( "-' nme . lawt n CORK sit-in was ment to Americans because of no cnaigcs nau ] fl ,, nt .|, C( j wncn fl young Negro jjic color of their skin can nt> couldn I get a haircut in a hotel I longer continue barbershop. Down in the South, i "Our Constitution, (lie founrla- a spokesman for the Student tion of our republic, forbids it," Nonviolent Coordinating Com-j he said. "The principles of our accidents during the period that! • r ., • 0 ,started al 6 p.m. local lime and ng ™, U e J ? ectlon . will end at midni.iht Sunday, ! !! ousin * development DERIDDER (Spl.) — Nick Capano, president of Dixie Boys and Dixie Senior baseball leagues, was guest speaker at,, , . the regular luncheon meeting tures bpelow this week of the DeRidder Lions ! mum of 90 - al services for B. J. Perry, 43, will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday in the First Baptist church with the Rev. L. A. Stagg offi- A cloudy and cool July the i Iowa, according to the Weather Clj *^ n 8 < Fourth weekend was in store; Bureau radar. Burial will be in the Perkins Hie council estimated. for the Lake Charles area to-' A squal line was moving cemetery under the direction of The Associated Press made day, but the heavy rains have slowly eastward in the Gulf of. the Snider Funeral Home, moved out, and only scattered Mexico, bringing rough seas activity is expected. ; and rain for the opening of the The U.S. Weather Bureau all annual Southwest Louisiana the Lake Charles Municipal Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. According to the Weather Bu- Polk Housing Units Opened At Newllano FT. POLK (Spl.) — Ccrcmon- mittec said integrated groups ! were served for the first time in at least seven Albany, (la,, establishments Thursday night Today in Kansas City, the 13- year-old Negro, Kugene Young, freedom forbid if. Morality forbids it. And the law I will sign tonight forbids it." The President announced he is nominating Leroy Collins, former governor of Florida, to led 10 rental! Tin- in New-'(if a . walked into" Ihc Hotel Mtichk- ! diroct tlle rommimily relations bach barbershop when it opened < • scr , V)( r° established by the law and got the haircut he was den-' afl(J lliat hc IS appointing an advisory committee to assist him. Collins is stepping out as presi- haircut came as a result dent of the National Association pre-dawn coherence he-' of Broadcasters to take Hie post. Airport said this morning that the forecast calls for considerable cloudiness with tempera- normal maxi- reau, the squall line stretched from Lafayette southwest across Pecan Island to the area of the Continental rigs about 40 miles The body will remain at the funeral home until time of services. a The firsl of an expected 350 survey during a recent three - units was released alter the 11 day nonholiday period to eslab- a.m. ribbon cutting. Mr. Perry died Thursday from an accidental drowning in an oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, 78 miles south of Morgen City. lish a basis for comparison with the present holiday. There were 420 traffic deaths during the nonholiday weekend, 16 in boating mishaps and 104 by drowning. The record traffic toll for a three-day observance of Inde- 442, set in Newllano Mayor Jack Gregory spoke on behalf of the town which houses the project. He then introduced Ft. Polk's commanding general, Maj. Gen. James H. Skeldon, mayors of nearby DeRidder, Bob Blankenship, and Leesville, It. J, Fertitta, and civilian sponsors of Traffic- deaths have averaced ' pr ° jc(± club. I The IQ W pressure area that | southeast of Cameron. ; j[ e vvas a veteran of World Capano told Lions that the i remained nearly stationary and The Continental rigs reported | war II and a resident of the liailll . ui:cuiia Imv ,. avt - ia , ru( , p , leagues have planned two exhi-, dumped almost eight inches of, light ram and 20 knot winds: DeQuincy area all of his life, about « a dav durinir thn first I The P ro ^ ect is a P rivate busi bition games pitting the youths ram on Lake Char es m three from (he west at 6 a.m. Seas He j s survived by his wife ' five months this \ ear includinc i ness ventufe ' backed *» the against their fathers. days is moving slowly east- were junning six and one-half Mrs. Lucille Cooper Perry three deaths tint occurred davs or i federal Housin g Adminstration - : '- : ' ' " ' - ' .;•••>' lt / The ; under provisions of Section 810 includes of tue National Housing Act. nly during the holiday! .Rose Fertitta, one of the prin- their fathers. "ays is moving siowiy east- were running six and one-half Mrs. Lucille Cooper Perry; three 'deaths tha occurred day irst is scheduled for July ward and is now in tne vicinity feet. The Superior rig, 22 miles i daughters, Carolyn, Cindy and'weeks after the accidents the second for July 25, oi Lafayette. south-southwest of Pecan Island, ( Tina Sue Perry; one son, Rusty | holiday tabulation iric »1, be at Dixie Field. Pro- ^l 3 ^ 01 * inds _ f ? m '^j Perry, all of Fields; his parents,'deaths only during the ho The first 18 and Both will , _, _ ceeds will be used to defray the inches of rain Thursday, and it southwest and six and one-half ! Mr. and Mrs, N. K Perrv Sr' i r i • , • i i ,.*. ' _ _ _ ._i : 11 -__:_' „ - 11_ _ _. .. ii_:._r_» ' ._ * "' * * J costs for district and state 'tour- vvas still raining there this foot sea.s. naments. of DeQuincy; two sisters, Mrs ' period , morning. Baton Kouge received The coastal forecast calls for ' Martha Ducote of Cottonpo'rt and Capano also expressed his ap- ; over two inches. mostly south and southwest Mrs. James Tompson of DeQuin- preciation for the teams the' The only rain activity in the winds 8-16 knots through Satur- cy, and two brothers, N. E. Lions club has sponsored in the Lake Charles area at mid- day. They will be briefly high-; (Bunk) Perry of DeQuincy and leagues. morning vvas light showers near er in scattered thundershowers. [ Allen Perry of Jennings. 70 BEAT N.Y. HEAT Teamsters Don Kneepants NEW YORK lAP)~New York City's sizzling heat wave has brought out teamsters in knee- pants, been blamed for strand-, sai .d a law firm partner whose Teamster Union members, - the aerial ing sightseers on an aerial ride offices are at the equator of the and management's stern disap- trapped in at the World's Fair and sparked ' 39-fIoor heat belt in the Empire proval — led to a walkout when the pire Stale Byiklina. "Distinguished attorneys'' are working in their undershirts. sparked ' a rent-strike threat at the Em- umjHiranly, the result ol heat action and £<>\ no complaints, tripping automatic switches. At the World's Fair a dozen ,,| an ,.,,,, The bare, cool knees of live M,.htit:t-rs in two gondolas on ' w \ driliin tower ride were M t .y (0 r the air for hours ' [) r c electrical brakes p ar jsh it on Divers Resume Search For Missing Men MORGAN CITY, La. (APi- Divers resumed efforts today to iind bodies ol 15 men after three bodies were ve.sterdav cipal sponsors of the project, presented Mayor Gregory with a pair of large scissors. In turn he passed these to General ,Skeldon, who cut the traditional ribbon arid presented keys to the first occupants, Col. "and Mrs. Carroll Andresen and their three children. Applications for housing in the 350-unit development are being accepted from eligible military personnel, according to Maj. Herman E. Kdwards Jr , Ft. Polk family housing officer. All housing within the devel- lourid and °p'ntnt will be made available as victims ' or rental to military personnel osion and lire on an n'4 in the Gulf of as it is completed. OPEN ALL DAY JULY 4th From 9 a.m. 'til 7 p.m. GIBSON DISCOUNT CENTER 35^5 Kyan Spare Rib-, Veol Sirloin Steak Balloon Lori-; Bread Loal 20-lb. Meat Dc-i Whole Pigs Domino Sugar II,mil 4 titci'i ':,;.<•. Open Jui, Jtn u, : c Ib. 49c- Itie S6.95 only $5.95 5 lb. 49t U.: EC,- JI.3 !_-, M £ 1. V I N S P Mui)SOi St . Mary coron.-r, identified the an%Ktri«?n E (r ^ "' '' JeS Atchafalaya Basin Contract Awarded NKW OUI.KA.'sS iAP - Anr.v State Building. The floors have Thursday of 75 drivers at a lucked. Officials been without air conditioning Railway'Express Agency termi- the hot weather. f I • r* *J tt't'iftlf ll '] 1 ' r- T^ rr i-iL* 1 < • n ' "" * *"" ' *' J '" * -'-'*. **' * *- io " a WCk ' .. . . .. nd <fi Lr ; iki > n The "trope /.one" tenants of Wave-land. M.S.S.: „„„._„„ On lour working i<a\s ol this It would not be proper, said the Empire State Building met Perry, 43 motorman Route 1 F.ngineers ha'..' awurdul a $2! wet-K the went into a company spokesman, for in the law oJfict-s of Levinc & Field,, La , and Arnold Lee r.ii!l-o,, rwilra-l for enlarge- the 90s. On two days it hit_ 99. housewives to see the knees of Broder and 50 agreed to sign a Milan. 39. a niudman Huston, men' dr. dtfini? a!o:v- a stn-t.-h Pavements buckk-d. Motons.'.s tn,- company representatives. notice they would withhold Ju!" ! ;-, ol aimo t %ven mi!<-s r;:d.'a"»rs and u-nipt-rs boik-d. 'I he drivers, who had the sup- . rents until business looses could Tw-. other U'!*, were rt'-<.v- r-^n disnr.el of thr Inousands la-a the bnmmg city port of their local, said Bermu- be dt-'crmined. trt . d and ,H e m"ifk-fl shortly after fa!:i ; .a iia.s.i. 'Jl:c ( 17)1 > ai.'t Wflit IM and neaded for bt-ache> c.^ .-,norts ucre just the thing A spokesman for tir- build- !h- iC mi'l'or; floafrr- r«" Air commoners were turned the oven-hot cabs oi the trucks, ing's management ha^d the earlv Tuesda- on full blast *id. in a few sec- A .-hop steward said he made a needed repair parts were ex- 'Hv i-vpVi.-.n iniu-'ed '>'> lions, the i-ir-cti :i. iT. ut.'it uJi pmaie survey of housewife re- pccH-d over the weekend ' ' C and Bauer>n on joint I! A VOL' C'l.L'B r;i)AV NIGHT er RFt b- :s <: .'Ei TftOPifAl. HATCHERY " to tccn c-i- r por.a t^i-j;, c- 1 '-il prt WISH COMES TRUE — Six-year-old Kenny Hay Moutca of Nowloa. Tex., learns the right way to hold the M-79 grenade launcher from CWO Charles Davis of the ft. Polk weapons pool. Kenny. who is suffering from a brain tumor, had expressed a wish to "be a soldier." Thursday it came Irue when he was made a full-fledged "colonel." taking over command of Ihe Fl. Polk Faculty Group and receiving a VIP tour of the post. East, t a lJ:e! I'J(-!ici !.,-- PEPSI -COL A' jus Wav To OK.- i. '1 imll (Jin- ( dl'illt I'c: HuHkv J()!1N H KOYKH. M U. tile OJJI'IUIIX "f h'S lio'^ Ouk Park lii.ii 'j; •- Ij- Ap{xiiritiiieii! i t JOIN irr : •••liO LO'JNCf I. i.' Hn,' 14 . i .c Tgit, • t ol\o.n .'•'• -if Botl! Friflc,- l.-cm 7 00 ti !ii ' HOu'-E t Og.l NATIONAL BANK

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