The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1947
Page 2
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PACK TWO BLYTHEVILLE -(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Farmers Asked For More Grain Agri Department 1 Goals Lit* Added 9,000,000 Acrti By VINCENT BURKE (UnHrd Frew Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Nov. 24. (UP) the government called on the nation's farmers today to produce »bout 9,000,000 more acres of grain crope next year than were harvested this year. Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson announced the national production goal of 356,000.000 acres . for 1948. Ttio goal included 296,000,000 acres of cultivated crops •»nd 60,000,000 acres of hay. Anderson said the 'suggested goals would require a "heavy drain on our already strained soil resources." But that is inevitable, he said, "if this nation Is to provide a good ghare of the_ food needed so desperately by 'hungry nations a- brosd." "Farmers-must take all possible precautions to guard against Irreparable damage to the land," Anderson said. 'In the years to come, there will be an urgent riwd for greatly accelerated conservation." : While the grain goals remained high, reductions were suggested in the numbers of grain-consuming livestock. Next year's goal for production of poultry and eggs, pjgs and cattle were far below the wartime level but still slightly higher limn average for five prc- wlll not pro- History's Biggest 'Closing Out' Sale Under Way As WAA Unloads Surplus From World War 2 MONDAY, NOVEMBER Z4, 1947 war years. "Livestock goals vide all the meat needed to fulfill demands, but Ih'ey represent maximum deemed possible in order to save, the greatest amount of grain,** the Agriculture Department ait). It pri predicted there would be about 143 pounds of "meat per capita for domestic consumption next year as compared with 156 pounds this year. Next year's goat [or wheat acreage was set 4,000.000 acrre above last year's goal, but still was 2,000,000 acres below this year. Tobacco and peanuts goals \vcre <ut back to prevent waste of production facilities through output In excess of demands, the department said- Poultry goals were reduced by 20.000,000 birds In accordance with Citizens Food Committee's grain- caving program. As a result, the goal for egg production was reduced to 4,200,000,000 dozen, or 92 per cent of this year's indicated production. The goals represent the department's recommendations to the various jUt». The final goals will be announced early next year after the department receives report* on production conditions from the states. 1948 Goals Listed Here are 1948 goals, followed by (11 production tills year, (2) during 'Ihe war years, and (3) during the five pre-war years: Corn — 92,120.000 acres, (1) up seven per cent; (2) same; and (3) came. Grain sorghum — 16.000.000 acres up 36 per cent, down two per cent, down six per cent. Soybeans — 10.800,000 acres, up one per cent, up six per cent, up 162 per cent. Peanuls — 2.359,000 acres, down S9 per • cent, down 43 per cent, same. Cotton — 33,000,000 acres, up h»vt b«n sold ind th« m»nuft«. I 880,000 person*, turers are doing all right. I Giving veterans their legal prl ority caused much uproar, but that was Ironed out by UUleJolm and a special committee of representatives from veterans' organizations. Vets got aboutSHl billions worth of the surplus and used It to set up 16,000 new businesses that employ Sheets ami towns were the hill-galas In the WAA s.le that rtrew thl. crowd »t New Orlean,. On (be counfera now: 60,000 iiajama« with 'no ton», 33,000 vlc«-vma. BV DOUGLAS LAIISKN NEA Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 (NEA> — anrgnin hunters, hercs the opportunity ofn lifetime. The War Assets Administration Is holding thb biggest closing-out sale in history. Chief federal huckster Maj. Cicn. Robert. M. Ltttlejolm, WAA's boss, says positively the doors will be locked after June 30. 194B. Then what's left of his $0 billions worth of assorted items will be dumped in Congress' back yard. A few choice items Littlejolin's salesman will be pushing for the next months include: 60,000 pajnma bottoms with no tops and 33,000 pajanm tops with no bottoms. Uncounted thousands of Jars of black cold cream. , 150.000 stretchers— enough to supply the U. S. need for 10 years. Several hundred thousand unmatched shoes. A warehouse full of five-cadaver three per cent,' up nine per cent, down 17 per cent- Tobacco — 1,552,000 acres, down 19 per cent, down seven per cent, down four per cent. Sugar cane — 320,000 acres, same, up six per cent, up 10 per cent. Sugar beets — 060.000 acres, mortuary calilnels. Several million rolls of nonsterile. olive-drub bandages. The General offers also a couple of ghost, towns, any number of artillery ranges, mime:ou» powder plants with tons of explosive powder in nil their pipes and interesting pieces of real,estate buyable for a song. These items altogether cost Uncle Sum about $9 billions. Littlejohn will dicker over their present price. By the time WAA's wind-up la completed next spring, it Is estimated lhat about $29 billions worth of domestic goods and property left over from World War II will have bqpn declared surplus. Tint's what Undo Sam originally paid for the stufr. To date $20 billions worth has been disposed of In the following wny: Approximately $B',4 billions worth was transferred to other Federal agencies, given to slates, educational and other institutions, or checked off M scrap with no salvagable value. Included In that figure is 51 billion worth of properly leased to private companies. The $1114 billions worth, sold for cash brought $3'/i billions! back to the Treasury. It has cost about six cents for every $1 recovered In these sales. So same, up 21 per cent, up six per ] \ hc Treasury actually, has received cent. Irish potatoes — 2.352.000 <Mt acres, up five per cent, down per cent, down 10 per cent. less than 25 cents on every dollar originally paid for the Items. ]8 WAA officials admit that what's left hns little sales value. Such things why they were having difficulty making an unworkable law work The official tabulation Is 2G different Congressional Investigations. The FBI Is still Investigating several hundred complaints of various degrees of crookedness In connection with the disposal Job. Thus far no major scandal has been uncovered and less tnan 100 persons got Jail sentences for yielding to the easy temptations that the operation provided. Plenty of bone head mistakes were made, like spending thousands of dollars to advertise a sale of consumer goods to Individuals, nnd then refusing to sell In less than giant lots to those who showed up. But there were flashes of brilliance, like max- Ing a profit 0:1 millions of gas masks by selling the springs in them to furnitures manufactures and then selling the hoses for bicycle handle bar grips. - The great dislocation to various industries which was predicted would result from some disposals never materialized. The machine tool Industry has had little difficulty competing with the government but that was only temporary. Some expert said that the 10 -year supply of fire extinguishers which were up for quick stile would put the fire extinguisher manufacturers out ol business. But most of the extinguishers GULF Service Station State Line (Around the Curve) N. F. Richards New Operator Featuring: •jr 'Gulf Courtesy •JT That Good Gulf Gas Tires, Batteries Accessories Discount Ra'e to Truckers Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m. Weekends Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boots and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. Ufe can be so smooth Start off with a nourishing breakfast, and it's easier to take lhe day in stride. Delicious Corn-Soya is cr»p and flavorful .. . brings you food energy, proteins, vilamins and minerals. Get some today. Sweet' potatoes — 651,000 acres ' " s lhe P a J a mns and the shoes would same, down 11 per cent down 12 cost more to malchup 'nan they could be sold for. And most of what is PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Ole Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner Lei QI remove the water from Four tires and fill them with cal- ctam chloride anti-frecxe solution. We will be glad lo make »n appointment lo care for all your tractors at four farm—thus saving yon time. REMEMBER WE SERVICE ALL MAKES TRACTORS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CO. ?o. Hiwmy 61 Phone 2171 per cent. per cent. [Sown Ivvo jx>r cent, up Oats — 43,610,000 acres, up (.wo per cent, down two per cent, up 10 per cent. Wheat — 75.085,000 ucres. down Ihrec per cent, up 19 por cent, up eight per cent. Rice — 1,025.000 acres, down one per cent, up seven per cent up •16 per cent. Milk production — 120.000.000,000 pounds, same,-up one per cent, up 11 per cent. Egg production — .1,200,000,000 dozen, down eight per cent, down eight pet 1 cent, up 29 per cent. Chicken production — COD,104,000 head, down seven |)cr cent, down 20 per cent, up lour per cent. Turkey production — 30.507.000 head, down 12 per cent, down 18 r cent, same. Spring |>lBs — 50,000.000. clown •six per cent, down 15 per cent, up seven per cent. Cattle on farms Jan. 1. 1948 — 18.352,000, down six per cent, down seven per cent, up 13 per cent. Sheep nnd lamb on farms Jan. 1. — 31.500,000, down three per cent, down 27 per cent, down 31 per cent. Sammy SOYA Sally CORN /or body-building far favor and prof«)nj j tncrgy -/«;« fll#Wr THE GREATEST NAME IN CEREALS eft Is machine tools Rnd real estate hat Industry doesn't need and consumers couldn't use. Heavy price cutting and Ingenuity will move some, nevertheless, Wlint to rto with what Is left, when .he sale ends, will be up to Congress. Provision will have to be miule to mmlle leases and guard still-dangerous powder plants for years. The surplus disposal project has uecn one of the screwlst and most fantastic operations in the history of either Federal administration or merchandising. From Feb. 10, 1044, until now. H Ims taken five ad- ninlstrators—William Clayton, former Sen. Guy M. Gillette, W. Stuart Symington, Lt. Gen. E. B. Gregory I and finally Littlejohn—to do the' Job. All but Littlejohn threw up ' their hands in-disuust with the com- I plicated law under which they had | 'to work. About tlie only thing connected with the advance planning - that turned out satisfactorily was putting the surplus property offices only * few blocks from Congress. This saved innumerable steps for the scores of WAA officials who have j endless visits lo the hill to explain I RHEUMATIC Sore, SUN Muscles WJien you're sufffirinc from rheumatic, lumbago or neuritis pains—from siiff la mo muscles—rub on Mumlcrole (or fiat, lone-tutm? relief, Muslerole offers AM. the advantages of -A warming, ntimulatins mustard pln.i- U>r yet Is so much easier to apply—>ust nib il on. Muslerole ni.i/arifij/ starts to relieve itching soreness und helps brekk up the painful surface congestion. In | S strungtlii, At all drugatore*. I /us/ ask... we like to say "YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE - > • i :• : : '^-ifteb-MAKER • • •' - • FURNITURE Quick, Private Service • Personalized Attention Cora* in or telephone 2928 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILbE GENEAAL; CONTRACT^, PURCHASE CORPORATION >] FREE! FREE! 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