Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 30, 1976 · Page 16
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 16

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 30, 1976
Page 16
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Through channels w/fh JOEY SASSO ••••••••••••••••••*••*••••>•••••••• Confidential Report: Cher's memorable words at first sight of her son, Elijah Blue Allman, were: "I know he's mine; he's got my big feet!" By the way, Cher's sister, Georgeanne La Piere, after two years' study in a Hollywood actors' studio (under a phony name, "to avoid any special treatment or hassles") is walking into a regular role in daytime TV's "General Hospital". . . Irene Dunne came out of retirement to attend the 40th anniversary party for Universal Studios president Lew Wasserman. The ladies were asked to wear Bicentennial red, white and blue, but Irene turned up in a simple black Adolfo number. "I'm not unpatriotic," she explained, "but at my age. ..!"... When Redd Foxx leaves "Sanford and Son," next year, "Fred Sanford" won't die; he'll be played by Whitman Mayo. But Redd remains unconvinced. "I'm the only Fred. Sanford," he insists. . . "Bionic Woman" Lindsay Wagner and boyfriend Michael Brandon have sharply different tastes about the kinds of house they want to buy; Michael favors the. rustic cabin look, while Lindsay wants something modernistic. So they plan to rent one before they buy. Anybody got a modernistic rustic cabin for rent?. . . Is that bionic Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors, really a — Paid Adv. — Garnand's Grains of Sand chicken at heart? The star of the top-rated TV series was asked recently to be served up on Dean Martin's TV roast. Majors said, 'No, thanks,' hinting that Dino's taping conflicted with his TV schedule. That was his excuse. But could it be that Majors was afraid his bionic powers couldn't stand up to the playful teasing?. . . Valerie Harper and her great, good friend Mary Tyler Moore are at it hammer and tongs again, and the problem is the same as it was last year at this time — money. Valerie wants more of it than Mary's MTM Enterprises wants to pay her; and while the fuss goes on, "Rhoda," has not been able to go into production for next year's schedule. . . * * * Inside The Tube: Actor Nick Nolle, villain of "Rich Man, Poor Man," accidentally stole the smash hit TV mini-series. ABC had originally planned to have Susan Blakely, heroine of "The Towering Inferno," emerge as the star, and casually allowed Nick's character to be wiped out in the two-hour finale. But it didn't work out that way, and now the network wants to bring Nick back as Tom Jordache's son in a new series this fall. But it's no dice, the grapevine says. Nick has been offered so many features film possibilities that he has already turned the cold shoulder to the new offer. * * * Pounding The TV Beat: Divorcee Kaye Stevens hasn't had much time for romance since she signed up for NBC's daytime strip, "Days of our Lives." If it weren't for her hectic, sudsy schedule, she believes she'd be ripe for FILLED WITH GOLD There is an old German adage that says "The morning hours are filled with gold." The meaning that it gives is that most of us are better able to work in the morning after a good nights rest. Usually the morning hours have a fresher atmosphere in which to work than the hours at the end of the day. Those who rise early and get at their jobs eagerly get more accomplished than those who linger in bed and wait until the last minute to meet the deadline of their arrival at work. Benjamin Franklin expressed it in his admonition "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and, wise." The morning hours are filled with gold in more ways than one. Those of you who face the world in time to see the sunrise will enjoy somei beautiful eastern sky pictures as the horizon is painted with red and gold as the rising sun touches the clouds and makes' them come to life. Along with the break of day comes the 1 songs of the birds as they greet the morning light. The traveler who hits the-, road early not only sees the rising sun but he sees the live! stock in the pastures grazing the grass which is still damp with dew. He beats the' morning rush as he leaves thej city to gain the open road. When one is on a holiday or j a vacation it is even more, important to get an early start the better to enjoy the i occasion. A day off spent in• bed is a day wasted unless one j is heavy with fatigue. I Life can be lived to its j fullest in the morning hours.; They are the golden hours of, the day. Let us not waste j them. Then if we have spent the morning hours well we can relax and enjoy the evening in a more leisurely manner when we have the '• days work accomplished. GARNAND FUNERAL CHAPEL another ride on the marriage- go-round. "Soap opera work leaves you time for nothing. Nothing but work, anyway," laments Kaye, 42. Then she thought about it again, and said, "We work the same hours as the "Today" show. Now I can see why Barbara Walters lost (producer) Lee Guber. Can you imagine leaving a guy as gorgeous as Lee every morning at 5 a.m.! I'd never do it. I'd roll over five times — and forget about the job!". . . George Kennedy has a goal! No, it's not to win an Oscar — he already did that for his powerful role in the movie "Cool Hand Luke" in 1968. His main goal now is to shed 20 pounds of blubber from his 6'4" frame, which has been weighing him down ever since he emerged on the home tube as Bumper Morgan, an aging and lonely fat cop on CBS-TV's weekly series, "The Blue Knight.". . . * * * A Look Inside TV: Before "Phyllis", before "Mary Tyler Moore," before "The Last Picture Show," before anyone ever heard of Cloris Leachman, two people believed she had that "special something" to become a star. And they stood by her and helped her and cheered her up when things got rough. They were Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Without them, Cloris doubts she'd have made it. "No one could have better friends than Paul and Joanne," she says. "They had so much faith in me from the very beginning — they were always there for me. I owe them a lot." Miss Leachman continued, "I can't remember the first time I met them. It seems as if they've been my brother and sister for all of my life." Thanks to Paul and Joanne from all of Cloris's fans, too!. . . If Lee Leonard, the capable host on NBC-TV's "Grandstand," sounds articulate and grammatically 'correct, it's no accident. Lee, a quick man with a word, was an English major in college. The fact that Lee wanted to be a major league ballplayer doesn't hurt, either. He's very well oriented in sports . . .Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson are bothering more than each other on the set of the forthcoming "Charley's Angels" TV situation-comedy. There's more comedy behind the sets than on them, it sometimes seems, as these two lovely ladies find tiny quarrels and petty disputes to create commotion with. At one point, for instance, Kate threw a cast party that cast Farrah into tears because she wasn't invited. Doesn't sound much like she wanted to go anyway! "My dressing room's smaller than the one I, had on "The Rookies,'" complained Kate; "It may sound petty, but a dressing room is where a TV star has to spend many hours of each working day." Worse yet, her fan was broken, and Farrah's worked. Doesn't it make you glad you don't have serious problems!? PIPELINE TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD-A portion of the 800-mile trans-Alaska pipeline near Prudhoe .Bay on Alaska's Arctic coast is starkly visible in this photograph which shows some of the thousdands of tundra lades which dot Alaska's treeless permafrost terrain on the North Slope. The gravel haul road built by pipeline constructors is to the left of the steel tube in this photo. (AP Photo) Man Who Helped Save Dole's Life Running for Office, Too MANALAPAN TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — A man who helped save the life of Republican vice presidential candidate Robert Dole during World War II is running for office too — as a Democrat. "If I voted against him he would understand," said Stanley Kuschick, 52, who is seeking a second term as mayor of this New Jersey town. In the spring of 1945, 2nd Dole was leading a platoon of the 85th Mountain Infantry Division against a German position in Italy's northern mountains. Dole was hit by machine gun fire and Kuschick, Dole's platoon sergeant and second-in- command, disobeyed an order by detailing a man to stay with Dole until medical help arrived. "When Dole was hit I went to him and saw that he was alive. He had a gray pallor dying men frequently had," Kuschick said in an interview Thursday. Before the attack, the battallion had ordered all soldiers to push on and leave the wounded behind, but Kuschick said he disobeyed and left a soldier to tend to Dole. "Little did I know that all our medics were wiped out Page 16 Garden ity Telegram Monday, August 30,1976 and Dole would have bled to death if someone had not stayed with him," Kuschick said. After the war, Dole sent Kuschick a thank-you letter and they later met at a reunion of the division, Kuschick said. Several years ago, Dole was in New Jersey for a Republican fund raising dinner and invited Kuschick to come along. Kuschick said he declined the invitation, but "I didn't tell him I was a Democrat." GYMNASTICS High School Jr. High & Grade School (Boys & (lirls) Anyone may enroll Call Mike Thomas-27&-73Z2 or 275-5753 Write for free brochure Garden City School of Gymnastics Box 344 Garden City, Ks. 67846 member by Invitation NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS, Grand Opening Tuesday, August 31 through Thursday, September \ Open 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Ese Keyboards and Hammond Organ Studios are under NEW MANAGEMENT at 1113 Kansas Plaza Choose From These Brands Cable ~\ Console ] *1395°y Reg. $1695 Pianos 4-Everetts 7-Yamahas 15-Kimballs 6-Aeolians 3-Used Pianos * Yamaha *Conn *Kimball * Aeolian *Wurlitzer * Rogers * Everett Reg. $2895 *2395 M n Hammond Phoenix New YEAR HAMMOND AURORA 00 *3495 ans Reg. '4495 HAMMOND R- NOW *3495 9-Yamahas 4-Kimballs 3-Wurlitzers 15-Hammonds 7-Used Organs 4019 Used Ebony *850°° Wulitzer Hammond Organ Studios PHONE 316-276-2202 1113 KANSAS PLAZA *FREE DELIVERY FREE BENCH

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