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The Miami News from Miami, Florida • Page 4
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida • Page 4

The Miami Newsi
Miami, Florida
Issue Date:

Fortunes In Currency Lost BRITISH CLEAR 700-MILE LONG When Japs Sink U. S. Ships tract thousands of winter visitors. Other candidates appearisz at the rally included: Jimmy Sullivan and W. D. Joyce, sheriff; Troy Davis, state representative: Mrs. Franees Warriner. state representative; Val Cleary, county commission; Mark Richard' and VV. M. Hudson, constable. have more than $211,000 aboard yy y- i 4-A MIAMI DAILY NIWS, TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 144 MIAMIANS IN SERVICE Florida Pals Meet On Front In Italy Lauderdale Soldier Knocks Out His Third German Tank In Fighting Below Rome By DOROTHY GAUFX'NKEL tJ' X' A I I SHELDON SAYS HE WOULD GIVE JOBS TO WOMEN Promise of a more equal representation on state jobs was extended to the women of the state by State Senator Raymond Sheldon of Tampa, candidate for governor, speaking at a rally Monday night in Bayfront park. "There are places in our government that could be better filled and administrative positions that could be more efficiently conducted by women than by men," he said. Sheldon attacked the "antiquated railway system" which allows trains of great length to pass through the heart of the cities. Promising to appoint a qualified director of conservation, he indicated his approval of a fish conservation program which would allow continued commercial fishing while guaranteeing existence of game fish which would at- Those are two Floridians shown 1 above who are stationed "somewhere Italy. Pfc. Paul O. Elder, right, of 59 Kennedy Homes, Fort Lauderdale, seems to be telling his buddy, Pvt. Elmer F. Park, 1329 Broadway, Miami Springs, the "IT WAS LIKE TIIISW That's what Pfc. Paul O. Elder, right, of Fort Lauderdale, is telling Pvt. Elmer F. Park of Miami Springs as he explains battle techniques somewhere in Italy with the Fifth army. Nuns See Big Future For South Americans WE BUY SELL Diamonds, Old Cold, Watches Silver and Old Jewelry In I os lrcivels9 Ine. 140 Seybeld Arcade mIU'i MURE WAR BONOS INVASION ZONE LONDON. March 21. () In preparation for the forthcoming invasion of Western Europe, the British have banned non-residents from a 10-mile deep belt extending along more than 700 miles of England a southern and eastern coastline as well as from the great naval base at the Firth of Forth. The restriction will become effective April 1. The order stated tersely that "for operational reasons," only a few non-residents, who will be rigidly controlled, will be allowed to enter the "protected area." which extends from The Wash in the middle of the east coast to Land's End at England's southwestern ex tremity. AH persons in the area over IS years old will be requested to carry identification papers. Meanwhile, it was disclosed that civil defense units, including allied civilians and selected soldiers from the armies of fighting France. Norway, Holland. Belgium, Poland and Czecho-SIovakia, have been training in Britain to assist the invasion army. The British also announced Monday that they had developed a 12-ton armored car equipped to fire an anti-tank gun while rolling along at 18 to 42 miles an hour. Also bristling with machine guns, the vehicle was described as the -biggest, most powerful Hritisn armored car yet seen in service on any battle front." Paris Bluebeard Reported Dead LONDON. March 9ir itrr A Radio Vichy broadcast quotea oy London newspapers Tuesday said the hnriv nf Petiot, Parisian "bluebeard" accused of from nine to 34 murders, had been T-ennrrirl found in the Yonne river near ontainebleu. According to reports broadcast by German -controlled radio stations for more than a week, the remains of at least nine victims have been found In Petiofs offices. Tyler Visits Home Ensign Hansford Tyler has completed the course at the Naval flight instructor's school in New Orleans and is spending a brief leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hansford D. Tyler. 431 NE 4th st, Miami Shores, before reporting for duty at the Naval. primary base in Memphis, Tenn. Corrt-missioned in December. 1942. he attended the University of Miami prior to entering the service. this ship. Each night it is se cured. I keep cash records up to date. The money list which contains the ship's roster and the amount due each man, is mad- out in triplicate and se cured in waterproof, floating containers. The original goes into theeafe. The first copy goes with me to my battle sta tion, the second and third copies to the two storekeepers who take them amidships and aft. One of the three of us certainly ought to get off the ship. Some of the larger men of war carry heavy cash. For in stance the USS Saratoga pay master had $800,000 in his strong box as the ship headed for home after 14 months in the South Pacific. Obliging Nazi Alters Course ATLANTA. March 21. (2P) Ken Backhouse, British seaman on leave here while his ship undergoes repairs, related an incident he witnessed on convoy duty in the north Atlantic. "A long-range German fighter plane shadowed us for days, monotonously circling just out of gun range. After four days, we radioed the pilot, politely asking that he reverse his route, just by way of diversion. "The Nazi promptly radioed a one-word answer 'okay and started circling in the opposite direction." European Advisory Group Hard At Work LONDON, March 21. LT The European advisory commission set up by the United States, Britain and Russia already is hard at work and meeting regularly, Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden told commons Tuesday. Asked whether the commission's scope was wide enough to deal with such pastwar questions as the future of Finland and Rumania, Eden said "I think the definition is pretty clear on that point." SON SURF VILLAS Dinct on thi ocean at 41st St. HOTEL ROOMS. APARTMENTS and VILLAS Spacious Private Beach Reasonable Rates TREAT THE FOLKS RACK HOME TO CH0ICY. JUICY ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT and NUTS ORANGES Is. $3.00 Crate $4.50 "We Ship From Where They Are to Where They Ain't" KLEFEKER PRODUCE, INC. 1191 N. W. 22nd St. Phone 3-8795 The BROADMOOR HOTEL DIRECTLY ON THE OCEAN AT 75TH STREET Phon. 6-1631 OPEN ALL YEAR Miami Catch's North Stction Mott Hefal Catering To A Rattricttd Ctiantala Private Beach Dining Room Cocktail Lounge Busal Pats Hotel Every 10 Minute E. H. DINE. MGR. details of the battle. The subject under discussion Is the intricacies of Elder third German tank kill on the Anzio beachhead. His tank destroyer previously knocked out two German tanks on the Fifth army front below Rome, according to a dispatch received from that area. Sgt H. P. Alderann, of 1515 Ferdinand Coral Gables. now stationed at a Ninth air force advanced depot in England. He has been in the army 18 months and has been overseas since late last summer Now stationed at Hunter collcRe. N. where she is completing "boot" training, leoman Sec end Clao Marjorie Iould of Miami, was among recent visitors at the Tan American Air ways transatlantic terminal at La'Guardia field Serving in the special services division of the AAF somewhere in England is Sgt. Matthew F. Dono- hue, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kernell. 558 NE 69th st. Promotion to staff sergeant of Jamew WlWnn of Miami was announced recently at the Lubbock army air field. SSgt. Wilson is assistant chief clerk In the message center at the large advanced twin-engine base Joel M. DeVolentine, formerly of 101 NE 48th was recently promoted to the rank of captain at Randolph Field. Texas Lieut. Henderson D. Miller, Jr- 3838 N. Bay-shore drive, has been promoted to first lieutenant, it was announced recently at Seymour Johnson Field, N. where he is stationed. Raymond F.nglrhright son Of Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Engle-fcrlght. 77 NW lgth re-rently graduated from the aviation electrician's mate school at the U. S. naval air CiTkiQceu A it Ills SL I mi bt 3 RATES NO HIGHER THAN ORDINARY HOTELS mil ma SflalllN III MINI HI 1111 Mf. MOHI 1.1111 station, Jacksonville, and was, rated as an AEM 3c Re cent graduation ceremonies at the naval training school (elec trie) on the Iowa State college campus, Ames, Iowa, saw III ue jacket Jack J. Jenkins, 20, son of Mrs. C. J. Jenkins, 2742 NW 22nd court, receive recog nition as eligible to qualify for the petty officer rate of electricians mate, third class, Cadet William R. Gordon, 187 NW 51st st, is enrolled in the basic flight training" at the Bainbridge army air field First IJeut. Albert M. Felffer, 1345 Monad terrace, Miami Beach, is attending a highly specialized course of Instruc tion with the basic supply offi cers course at the Quartermas ter school, Camp Lee, Va. American Tells Of Fleeing Japs SEATTLE, March 21. One of the first instances of the escape of an American civilian from the Philippine islands since their fail to Jajan was reported Tuesday upon the arrival of Chester M. Peters, 32, formerly of Seattle. Peters' return culminated a year and a half of living from island to island and part of his experiences were approved for publication Monday night by the office of censorship. In an interview with the Post-Intelligencer, Peters said a friend, who was afraid to risk escape, loaned him a small boat. He reached a still un-invaded Island in 1942. In about three months the Japanese came there, too, and from then on Peters was always in hiding. Peters finally arrived in Australia. The army arranged for Peters transportation to the States and the Red Cross lent him the money to come to Seattle to see his mother, Mrs. Myra Peters. Now Many War FALSE TEETH With tmi Worry Cat, talk, laugh or without ttnr of Inaecure false teetti Unpins or wabbling. FAHTfcKTH holds plat.e firmer and mora com fortably. Tbla pleasant powder ha gummy, gooey, pasty taata or feeling. Doesn't eauaa nausea. It'a alkaline (non-acid). Checks "plate rxlnr' (dentura breath). Get FAS- TEETH st any drug store. Adv. C-3I-C FRUEHAUF TRAILERS A great postwar future for South America, through development of raw materials, was the vision of Sister Mary Fred- of SU Fran cis of Assist convent, Milwaukee. as she returned to the United States Monday aboard a Pan American cupper from a year's study of current affairs in the southern continent. Accompanied by Sister Mary Patrice McNa-mara. she made the entire ivin? arnunrl South America by air, traveling on a U. s. state department grant awarded her in recognition of dis tinguished scholarship. There are all kinds of un- exploited raw materials down there." said Sister Mary Fred- BIRTHS ritmsiTV HOSPITAL. CLINE. 6Srt. and Mra. Wards 5445 t-W Miami, a aon, reu 1 3 EDMAM. Mr. and Mr. RiigUAt. 1S45 with at ion. March 14. OARUCK, Mr. and Mra. Robert. 724 HW ZSln roaa. a otutnirr, saarcn HOPPICH. Mr. and Mra. Irvln, 22S rW 3ln a aaugnter. atarco W' iT. -RANf lM HOMriTAI. C1CKHO. and Mrs, John, lftIS IHth Miami acn. a aon, Jt rr-H 1 7 WoMK, Mr. and Mra. John. 321 NW lu aaugmer, Marco TERPSTRA. Pfc. and Mrs. Clarence, rb Miami court, a aon, March IK. Pvt. and Mra. tlonald. S2 NW 10th at. arm. March 20. FINNFUAIM. Mr. and Mrs. John, lis NW axth. a son. March 20. 1IACAULUHO. Lieut, and Mra. Ar. manao. 3120 Royal faim Miami Beach, a. aon. March 20. ROSADO. Pvt. and Mra. Gustavo. 3 728 I IS nrax a son, Marcn 19. MAKViy. MM2e and Mrs. Franrta, 1242 NW Second a daughter, March 14. FENNINGTOTT, Pvt. and Mrs. Ralph, iza njs vstn a aon, Marcn n. AUI.T. Cpl. and Mra. James. 1289 NW Sfith a son. March 15. ZUZMA. Sat. and Mra, Mirk, 181 1 Alton roait. a (iHUcnter, Marcn in. BTONK. OC and Mrs. tHnn, S32 Miami iieacn, a aon, March IS SRUADHKAO, Pfc. and Mra. Orvllle. sr. 12th a daughter, Marcn is. BKASLET, Commander and Mrs. t. naries. is uaytonia nnve. Miami Beach, a aon. March 16. erick, who visited mining cen ters in the far interior of the continent. "For the present, as far as people in South America understand the problem, they are helping to get needed ma terials out for the war. But the true development will come afterward, with the peace." Waiting to welcome them were Mother Mary Bartholomew and Sifter Mary Anas-tasia, of St. Francis of AssLsi convent. The group of nuns are remaining for about a week at St. Francis hospital in Miami. New Type Work Open To WAVES ATLANTA, March 21. (JT) A new type of work has been opened to WAVES officers who will be trained for duty as air combat information officers. Rear Admiral William H. Allen. USN director of naval officer procurement in the sixth and seventh naval districts, announced Tuesday. Most candidates for this highly specialized training will be from among officers already in the Navy. Air combat information officers, In genera), are assigned to briefing and interrogating pilots, preparing and analyzing action reports, and providing information necessary to effective air operations. Negro Crew Mans Destroyer Escort BOSTON, March 21. The destroyer escort USS Masonfirst United States naval vessel with a predominantly negro crew has been commissioned at the Boston navy yard, Lieut. Commander William M. Blackford, USNR, of Seat tle, assumed command of the ship Monday. Naval authorities said the crew consists of 160 negroes and 44 whites. YEARS WITH THE U. S. PACIFIC FLEET, March 21 CD Hundreds of thousands of dollars In U. S. currency have been lost in the Pacific since start of the war payroll funds carried aboard men-of-war that have been sunk. The greatest single money loss recorded to date was more than $400,000. It went down with the USS cruiser Chicago off Guadalcanal, in the Solomons, Jan. 31, 1943. Lieut. jg Richard Meredith Jones, McKeesport, Pa, demanded a search by two senior officers and a sworn statement to show he did not have any of the Chicago's payroll money when he was picked up from the sea by a rescue ship. A disbursing officer said, "I Zionist Leader To Talk Here Mortimer May, president of the Southeastern Zionist Region, will be principal speaker at the general membership meeting of the Miami Beach Zionist District, Thursday at the Beach Jewish Community center, at 8:30 p. m. Paul Bruun will report on his recent trip to Washington as a delegate to the conference of Christian Friends of Palestine. May will discuss Palestine as Refuge and Hope for Uprooted European Jewry." May is on the national administrative boards of Jewish Foundation Fund, the Jewish National Fund and the American Jewish Congress. A member of the board of governors of Hebrew Union college at Cincinnati, he was one of the delegates to the World Jewish Congress at Geneva in 1936, and later representative of the United States at the World Zionist Congress. Illicit Fortune In Liquor Found CHICAGO, March 21. (INS) Another story of overnight wealth, a fortune of $60,000 amassed within a few months, waa investigated Tuesday by police and federal authorities following discovery of an illicit liquor cache in an apartment building. Detectives said the fortune was that of Anthony Verdoni, 32, an ex-convict and partner in a Chicago tavern. Police Capt. Thomas Alcock said Verdoni and his partner, Angelo Musatto, 35, admitted buying the whisky on the black market. EASY METHOD AUTO DRIVING INSTRUCTION PHONE 2-6474 DCAT, rONTROtXtn CABS PERMIT SEt'RD 1377 S. W. 16th fct. 1 tT km 5kT TRUCK REPAIR SERVICE MODERN EQUIPMENT TRAINED MECHANICS Complcto Overhaul and Preventive Maintenance Genuine Factory Parts We Are Now Taking Orders for New Trucks for Qualified Purchasers NOLAN-PEELER TRUCK 1920 N. HI AVENUE TEL 3-1414 Distributors G-M-C ono White Trucks HAIIAIi SHOES HAVE COMFORT STYLE AND QUALITY AM A I BOOT SHOP 21 LORRAINE ARCADE TRUCKING and WAREHOUSES 132 N. E. IITH ST. PH. 2-0783 OPTICAL SERVICE Bt -It: SEBVICB M. B. SMITH OPTICAL CI S40 B. E. rtmt Stmt rUO.VE -450 WHITE JLa a loo IT HAS BEEN FOR MORE THAN Tie fc-n Tl Tl NEVER VAEIES A -1 Tj iAf-' V-O 1 yi 7. 'I century ago, when Charles Dickens' visit to America was creating an international sensation, the name of "Carling's" was already established as a hallmark of quality brews. For more than a hundred years this reputation has been carefully guarded by generation after generation of Carling brew-masters. Small wonder, then, that today the synonym for Carting's is QualityvL. Quality That Never Varies. Work Full Time EVERY MINUTE COUNTS 'SJsf va; HAT ill' i- i I 111, 7y- i-vx 1L. tJjmM a JLa V- GAR CtitWne aaiarfcCOasaJaait'OM i 1

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