The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY. JTTLY IT. 1«1KO OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boording House with Maj. Hoople S-SST.' HE'S <scrr -rue 'U- CHECK.MACK 1F THE USUAL DROME OF X BOMBING PtA FROM THE OPERATIONS NIOMS FLOOR BATTIWAKf RUNNIW BASES MUMCHIN'A JPY BAR--SHOWIN 1 IP He POP6 UP AND HYPrJOTizeoJ/coPPirJe A -SNEAK TO CITY Political Announcement Tn Courier Newi his been tuthor- iMAsio announce the following can- didalc*, mbject to the Democratic )KlBULrl«, Jul» 29 and August 8 «>« COUNT! JUDGB Roland Green STATE KEFKESENTATIVE U H. Alltry llv-election Post No. 1 John J. Cowan Kenneth 8. Sulcer post No 2 Albert A. Bank* Post No. 2 K. O. "Gene" neeman or re-election Post No. 4) W. r. Wellj Foe BtaU Seiatat W. R- Nicholson 3. L«« Beardeo IT AND COUJeCTOB Ott* Nunnally William Berryman 15% OFF On Your Coleman R FURNACE Install It Mart July 31st O» It Howl S«v* money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get th'e fAinous Coltv man that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat Chas. S. Lemons Furniture 8 Ft. G - E Refrigerator THK ATOMY I fl<-f*rr •«•• COT*l(, •p«el«t l«v»fl*»i«r •( Atler- > »«»4[a|[ h1 M SIIMW killla. C*r- hi railed •»*• bf Krevr* tm '*(I|CMI« •• ••QBjH»t»v« Up that rMtx-r «r hi* «ta0 !• •^rrptlHX lls*. C«rb*M »Mrf • r*HBK l«vr~ PrcfllOB Nkrltoa arr HM^lKnrA >«4 tbr brlkr f»fcrr Knd Cnr- i ha* |Hkt (old ShcllAB thnr h« »rlf I, rh« •»• they Kr« •••>- rv J FINISHED my story. Shellle asked: "Why would anyone try to frame you?" "Well, thinks for believing me I'm not quite sure anyone is. The woman who called Keever didnt know my name, evidently, or she would have passed it along. Could b* that •omebody Is making a bona fide attempt to bribe me and that the information slipped out." Shelton shrugged. "It could b« a clever way of framing you, though. Someone may want you out of the way. Not giving Keever your name might have been • subtle way of convincing Keever that the call wasn't simply part of a plan to destroy bis confidence in you." "Maybe. Bui ! still like the Idea that whoever phoned Keever was in dead earnest and not the same person who has been sending me the $1000 bills." "I think the best thing would be >o go to Keever and put all your cards on the table." Shelton watched me worriedly. I shook my head. "Keever would think I had an acute case of frigid feet. If I'd gone to him before he got the phone call, he might bavi believed me. But not now." Shelton's brow furrowed, and finally he came up with: "Gel rid of the money and the envelopes H oam« in." "Sound Idea, but it's two-edged. Someone may use that money to prove a bribe attempt was made, or H may come to pass that I'll b« th* one to prov« that point. HFA S«n«e, hu. Then where will 1 be without the evidence? No. Shellie, I'm hanging onto Hie (our grand." The Inter-oHice unit crackled alive K.iy Kennedy said: "Mr. Keever wants u> see. you, Ben. At once!" AUL WARING, Drst assistant attorney general, was with Keever. Waring, one of the lew men around the ofllce who didn't look Insignificant in Keever*s presence. was an old Hand at polilics. having held several important appointive jobs. 1 had a hunch thai he had been quietly building up a state- Wide following through the years. He fixed a coldly critical ga?.e upon me. He had brought Keever a beef, and 1 knew it. Keever eyed me sourly, and ! saw that he had a file open in Iront of him. "What's Ihis J hear about the McGregor case? Paul tells me you gave McGregor a clean bill o( health!" W. G. McGregor was the president and almost sole owner of the McGregor Mutual Casualty Company. an outfit specializing in automobile accident insurance. The stale insurance division had declared tlje company insolvent. taken over the assets and started liquidation. I had investigated the criminal aspect of McGregor's activities, with a view to prosecution if he had defrauded his stockholders and policy holders. In a mutual company a policy holder is as liable as a stockholder for deficiency (from damage suits against Iheh- us.suieci. By the slnle law the insurance luidator Colonel Winton auto- riaticnlly had taken over the company when it [ell short ol ihe ninimiim deposit requirement So "ar as 1 could see. W G. McGregor lad gone broke simply oecause of bad luck in having an abnormal number of damage *uits died leamst the people he had insured. "Does Mr. Waring seem to think that McGregor should be prosecuted?" 1 asked innocently. "1 certainly do!" Waring with loud emphasis. "The record shows that McGregor neld Back [or 30 days a complete report on the number of outstanding damage suits! He deliberately violated the law in doing so and permitted scores ot oilier people lo buy policies at his company.* Keever frowned. "It's as serlo' as for a bank accept deposits alter he knows that bank u insolvent. Why didn't you mention this in your report?" Because that much was already in Mr. Wai-ing's report." 1 answered coolly but with an undertone of anger. ]^"EEVER was nol placated. "It Mr. Waring had not come to me wilri a vigorous protest 1 never should have noticed your omission. 1 don't know how you could have white-washed assessments, more stntes. so in many McGregor and his daughter, Sylvia, who had worked in his ollice as his private secretary, had lived frugal lives, taking no money from the business arid putting every penny back into it, A series of had breaks had reduced their resources to a point where they no longer could cover the outstanding liability claims resultant For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of casei invest!, oatsd in several hospitali and clinics, lubnormal Kidney function woi improved. Bladder pain and diicomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Va1l«y Water. If your doctor hat diagnosed your condition ai functional Kidney impairment mi« natural, untreated mineral water may be very b«n«ficial. 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WOBLD 1 CULK ... .VRE UJCK- IMG DOT Ori HIS MISS "Whoever he was, he seemed very nice! I told him I was Mrs. Jones and I came to the convention with you then he hung up!" Knows What She's Doing L VERMEER THERE'S MO USE ASKING, PR1SCILLA! I DON'T APPROVE OF WADING IN THE VIPE3, IT'S HOI WISH \ COU1 D GO WADING IN THE OH, IM NOT ASKING! I'M JUST THINKING HOW NICF IT WOULD FEEL. THAT" COOL WATER SQUISHING BETWEEN OUR GEE, I'M GLAD WE MARRIED HIM! »Y MICHAEL O'MAl.l.HY and RAI CAPTAIN EASY Bull Takes Off I!Y I1ESUE TURNER WHEN WE GITS TO TW TOP O' THIS MILL J.AN' STMT.TS DOWN, I'LL BE OUTft TOT SCUtPtR KM"S LINE O' VISION fOK A INSTUNT •-^ * i ^ * BUGS UUNNY wrr« DUTCH ON oun) -VIP?... AN TEA«, V/E DON'T J\ THREE HAVE TO ! Caesar W;nils to Know HY V. T. flAMUN JUW5SBCTHE 13 CAESAE'AGAIN MORNING AFTER _J£_ \\c~rnp\rf WTUP THE OESTRUC- •««- XlC l CJ < lc 'J5. TH6 TK3N OF THE ROMAN FLEET, BURNED Kf ANCHOR BY THE FORCES OF INVADED VV^J : ''Y I VT-;-iX'*--:--'>f ~\ 8E... HOW DID T ^ ,,..v ,, r ~~i-./.-~ ;;-.-r^--.. ; ; \ GCT CUT Of , 5^±i:7' '/--v^'^-'^x™ 5 ME55? HOOTS AND HKR ItlJDDIKS I!Y EDGAR S1AHTIN &000'. S \_0ti6. Vi iWAOao I „_-. ViWiVi ft J IJ ' Gregor when he unlawfully sold policies after he knew his company was insolvent!" "Sure, he knew It would be Insolvent if those ouzzards u> trie insurance division closed him down! He was trying to stave off collapse till he could scrape up the required deposit. H be bad been given a little more time, he might have done it. and nobody would have lost a nickel!" Waring sneered. can't believe CorbetL's oaiv* th ory that neither McGregor nor his daughter ever took anything out of the business. I'll bet my Bhirt that they've both lot plenty of money salted away—and plenty to buy their way out of a jam! 1 faced Waring. "Are you ing McGregor bought rne off? Waring returned my glare. "The idea has occurred to me." 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