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Lincoln, Nebraska
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1. OTEXINC STATE JOURNAL AND LINCOLN DAILY NEWS KRIdIv', JUNE-If 1915 NINTS EVERS, KIXG OF THE UMPIRE BAITERS, the clouds that have threatened to break over the City league andf harmony is REGENTS SLICE SCHEDULE CHOP WAIRIKGTOIf AKD DENVER off htskbb. slate. THE KAISER'jS GOAT anything but baseball chink from1 the coaching box. The old argument between the Have-lock team and the Lincoln Cleaners will probably be settled on the first Sunday Following The Ball haired Job, waa Injured from a mosquito's wicked bite when he showed the once In calf swks.

the argument Is made that IS UUIXU TO GET Afoul of'a hand' B16 P5S i ngu Wtl off WD LIKE 3x Ti 12 I aNT-Dirr (Jw I -Ji twe AjJypS P. should wear fly paper or something! over the sox so the next mosquito would get syrup Instead of gore. In Mr. Barrowa let It be piped that (due entirely to conservative taetica slwsys In evidence at the state house), -the Senators have but one executive And the team haa as many sirstegtats. back of it as players on it.

It hss been hinted, in fact, that the jclub i'autrateglstlned to death. Too much strategy rnoaea natural ability, he old heada of the teamthe ex-ma)or leaguers (swallow on that one; object to having a board of strategy thing for them. Getting back to that uniform it was worn yesterday by Chief of ihesPleld Staff of Acting Strategists kewls. it was. the Held' chiefs turn and no one should ride him for turning.

Next week some-other strategist will wear It and P. A. must appear in store clothes until it comes his turn unless aome society knits him a uniform that will be hla to have and to hold. The rumor that A. was chased from the coaching llnea by the president has been officially denied by the executive.

Rumor had It that on hla one appearance on the reaching hill. Barrows tried to talk politics to the strangers on the paths told rn of his ambitions for a long-haired job. The national association constitution 'makes It a felony to talk Rudge Guen2el Co. 1 km TO JOWNWY RUM I riaMD WlM SOME. OF THE CHATTEB THATj -a 1HE UMPl OSIV TO HEAftV Johnny Ever.

Johnny Evers, one of Hit brainiest flayers and greatest fighters in baseball's history, and, without par as a nagger of umpires, has arranged to go to France to take a leading part in the work of the boosting baseball for the Committee on 'Training Camp Activities. Evers, government of flciala. believe will be of great value organizing the men for recreatioc because of his righting spirit, his punch and pep and his personality, whicl drawee very one but the umpires to him. cent Havelock aggregation and the thou- sand per cent Nebraska Building fc.In- vestment company should stage one of the most thrilling games on It for gore and top notch of the pennant ladder. Charles M.

Neon, boss of Saratoga, announced that he had readied the snd of the endurance 'string and would stick for no-more, hook throwing. He issued in ultimatum callingtfor All- fltr teams ram hla rt rW. nnn His Insistence being merely la accord wt.ft. Ih. Ia.m..

1 I .1.1.. jot -a pair of games to HavekK'; worked on Charlie's disposition like a harrow on a porcupine's beard. And no one should V. I L. 1.

ir- 1 pe-nso and inconvenience to frovide a home for the City loop and all that he aaks is that the league stay at Manager Jones took the position, that'. Havelixk was entitled to, an occasional, game. The contention is Just from a KB I nA I nA, lM becord with the league proviro which atiptilates that all regular gamej shall be staged at Saratoga park." BAN WHEAT SPECULATION. ST. PAUL, June H.r-Specula-tlon In wheat will not be permitted under 1 9 1 regulations of the food, ad'mlnlstra- Uon.

according to a reply by the food ad- hilnistratlun to a telegraphic query by Kdiior H. 11. H. riiialfs, of tl 8t. Pairt Newi.

The ply Indicated wheat speculation will not ba permitted at any time during the war. Bulletins, of the -wc-at division of the milling division here had Indicated wheat might go back to the exchanges, soverned only by a fixed ftiin--Imunt price. Don't Overlook fhese Splendid Panama Hats Cool, good looking, closely woven Panama Hats in sailor, crease crown, telescope and Optimo shapes for men and young men are spe- 'dally pricpd Underwear In this event, we f-f th famous E. AV. Athletic Union Suits.

$25 en in Every Walk 1 of Ufe Wffl Find I which is "open" te both teama Manager Jones -has suggested June 21 but. the Cleaners are slsted to meet the Brsndels tea mof Omaha on this date. It is probable, however, that the two local teams "with a chip" may And It convenient to tear into each other early in July. The work ot Lee Franklin against the State Mouse Senators Wednesday night. Indi cates that the veteran is rounding Into form.

When, right, he is one or the best In the state, -The Haveleck hopes, jn centeriargsly about the battery Franklin and Towle. The fact that the Senators failed to steal so much as a bag last night, speaks well for Towle's accuracy and the fear -which ha Inspire. "Fighting" Harvey Thorpe and Johnny Koye, two good 1S5 pounders are, to fight In Dea Mojnes Zbyssko -admitted that he never won sny purses making himself understoon in the Kngllsh language. a. Wladek X.bysiko one aliblt for his defeat at the bands of Joe ptecher.

Is (hat he was not hlmaelf mentally. This Is a new hold. The only time wasn't hla old mentar self wss when he wss subconscious frmi the one fall of the nmtrh. Ben Zersen Is making a serious bid to match himseir with Anton Stecher: Ze-sen poses as the man of M- thousand holds. He rolent make It nine-ntnety-nlne and atilf stand for a cut.

4 The expressed wllligness of Manager Jones of Hvelock to appear with hla league leading string at Saratoga park Sunday for thf first of a double bill, lifts Suits i mm I ,1 BASIS AIL GAMES TODAY. IMatlonal league. Chicago at New "York. Cincinnati Brooklyn. St.ixHjia at I'Mladelphia.

Pittsburgh at Boston. American league. Pftiladelphla at New York at Detroit. Boston at St. Louis.

Washington a Chicago. J' American Association. Kansas City' at Columbu.i. Milwaukee at Toledo. St.

Paul at Indianapolis. Minneapolis at Louisville. Western League Omaha at Joplm. Sioux City at Hutchinson. St.

Joe at Wichita, Des Moines at Oklahoma City. a The only game the State House Senators won wss with Prexy P. A. Rarrews out In uniform on the coaching Una P. A.

is being panned unmercifully, for showing-in Havelock in political garb Instead or the conventional knee bloomers. There Is evn dissension in the Senator ranks and the ha-ge is made that Arrows is playing baseball second to Attho It Is known that the state house prexy who has visions of grubbing a long- I Men'. Week Sale of Our Best Shirt-Value of the Year If you want a "couple of good looking: Silk Shirts foi summer wear, you will find an exceptional showing; of hleh ffrade Silk Fiber and Satin Stripe, Tub Silk Shirts In neat, but attractive designs and colorings, In which you will appear well dressed a at a THIRD OFF rfgular-prtces. Dresi Shirts Well made from cool crepe cloths, rrups and corded madras In a' wide range of attractife patterns. Good shirts are very hard to secure now and deliveries will be more uncertain as time (foes on, hence we consider these lfts exceptional value at the, ONE Week of $1 .35 1 Pajamas l3 off and If we had to buy on today's market you would have to pay aDOiu aounie otr Men's Week Price.

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The clash with Washington state booked for Nebraska, October IS, wotfld of course, draw some line of comparison between the east, and the" west, but generally spesklng; the fartweat la Ignored by the mighty, sharks who fix this- ratinit of i-olleeg teams The guarantee necessary for tie brinfting.ot. a team so great a distance would' naturally be a stiff one. Nor would 4he interest In a game with? a far west compare with, that connected with the Notre Dame or Syra cuse comDats or even Northwestern, low or Kansas. The Denver game was never considered more than a practice affair. It could not possibly offer a line of comparison nor would It likely be other than-a, losing proposition nnnclayyy Dr.

Stewart left- Cleveland, Chicago and other points, JJrs. Stewart scoompsnylng him. Whether or not the Nebraska coaoh will attempt to the two vacancies, remalrjb to be ikciu The Washington data; scheduled for, Just one week before the-Notre Dame game It might be well to leave a blank Saturday, between the Iowa game of October and the mighty clash with the Catholics two weeks later. Denver university was booked te show here No yomber txaetly one week after the frame at, West It might also lie well to leave a blank in this section of the schedule. The game with thfl Virginians will be a bitter It will be a long trip there and back and It's quite likely that the players will tv be in trim to -Jump into another game three or four day after they return from the east.

Another Important move of the regents was recommend that- the gum an tees to low'a be reduced from $2,000 to $1,800. In the event that Iowa; frowns on the it is possible that the 1818 clash may transferred to Iowa City. This, hcweveV is highly improbable i since there's not a chance in a thousand that the Iowans will be reduced to anything like a guarantee from the Lincoln game. The motley cut to Iowa has experienced niimhap fit ftltro Tt a I Inn from $.000. The Iowa City- crowds have never compared in alas with those of Lincoln.

Even with a or even guarantee, the Iowa game, when played in Lincoln, was one of the best financial bets of the schedule a sure winner. In ether years, the Iowa game has been about; the only means of comparing Nebraska's strength with the strength of Big Ten representatives. This year, however, there will bs plenty of opportunities to draw comparisons not only with the Big Ben but with the far east. Here.JaJ the 1SJI schedule witn cancellations: Sept. 28 CampTTunston at -Lincoln.

Oct. 5 Iowa, at Lincoln, i Oct. 12 Washington state at Lincoln (cancelled). Oct. 19 Notre Dame at Lihcoln.

i Oet. 28 West Virginia at West Vir Nov. 2 Denver university at Lincoln ancelled). (car ov. Missouri at Columbia.

ov. is Kansas a Lincoln. Nov. 23 Northwestern at Lincoln, Thanksgiving Syracuse at Jlncolm v- STECHER, NOT. A.

CHAMPION Ills Greatest Weawaess Apparently Lies In Hla Vaboaaded Cona- deace la Himself. Joe Stecher does not look llkeva champion. This man who probably ip' the strongest deefnsive wrestler in the game today, will probably, never ait In undisputed possession of the champlonehlp throne. His followers who had hoped that Joe aad developed system of attack'- system that would put him behind his man; with something more than the scissors, discovered Wednesday night that their hopes were useless. Joe hasn' a' thing- that he didn't have two years ago.

He didn't have enough then and he hasn't enough today. Even should Stecher win from Caddock, his title will be- so clouded as to be practically: worthless. The American Ideal is the champion who wins not the champion who draw Probably Joe Stecher" greatest drawback Is his own unbounded confidence in himself. He knows- and others know that no man in the jworld can throw him. But what Joe apparently does not know and what the public is champion will never be a champion until he adopts a new, and broadened style of Wladek Zbystko knew every, one In the audience knew exactly what Stecher was g-oln gto do when ha got the Pole to the mat.

And all that Ztbb had to do waa to guard against the expected. Looking, for the unexpected Is what baffles an opponent -That's why Frank Gotch was a Hla oppeonenta never nkew one minute what. he would do the jext, -v- rtt r- lo repeat that there's oom in the game for a real champion a man who can win decisively one who can approach the American ideal. Surely there is none among- uie so-cauea neaauner oi loaay. A wise old head at the Omaha ringside Wednesday night a man' who had seen Gotch in many matches, declared -that the the ot drnaster would have disposed af hoth Stecher and Zbyssko within an Hour when at hit best.

This of course is merely con lecture, it's an opinion, how ever, that is shared by of the. Wder heads. The little incident at Ravenna, as told (n this morning's. State Journal, the invitation extended by John' Pesek to, hla brother to drlvea Big Six Ovlsr. his an-a torn and the carrying out Sf the re auest, the halting of the rear rhel on John's back and the tearing, whirling tnotloa of the great wheel as It turned on the flesh for a new start, reminds us Baoe more that If there Is a champion In the making' today, champion' la the Shelton boy.

John waant at the Dmaha match. This big, home-roving kid bates, to leave Shelton even for a fay and his managers have one sweet time of It dragginr him away for an oc-taslonal match. But Mart Slattery, his isdovarer, was there and Mart, after teeing the Btecher-Zbyssko clash, was (Irmer than ever In the belief that John tan heat them all. SUSHERS MAKE GOOD IN MANAGERS' JOBS Two bush leaguers' have made good as managers of big league baseball clubs rfihln the last few years, and another is lulu likaly to win his spurs before the present season has become history. Clarence Rowland was accepted a long Jme age ss a man of considerable b-tall hrsins, and proved It to everybody atisfsetlnn when he met snd defeated iphn MKraw In the last world's series, And new we come down to Hugo Bei ek, and not so ry fsr duwa at that, t.ox Beadek.

the joke of nttsburgh's fans year a so, has placed lnthe National caused no end of trouble for the leaders, and has had aspirations to become the league's leader. AVhen It was announced by Barney Dreyruss that Hugo Beadek had been signed to. succeed Jimmy Callahan ss manager of the Pirates, the baseball world pinched Itself a couple o'f-4mes and tried to tjirn over. Bezdek's appoint ment was even more astonishing thrtn was the: announcement by Charles Coirrlskey'ihat" he had signed Clarence Rowland, for Beadek never had be'enx a professional baseball nor had, he ever played professional baseball. He was sfcnply a'tiandler of athletics, with more than ordinary knowledge of condi tioning his men.

Jack. Hendricks is sitting tight snd working hard. He knows he has a better team than the averages Indicate, and that, with fair, luck he will have his men in the race before very long. -v And then there'(lJel Barrows. IN THE WAKE 0 THE NEWS.

By Ring W. Lardner. Wake Vacation Indoor vacation No. 2 tsNan imaginary automobile strip from Chicago to Cheboygan, and intermediate summer resorts. Ui there are no railroad fares and only trifling hotel bills in prospect the Mrs.

may be inivted to go Mr. and Mrs. Ayres-on the eve of, their "departure," set up their "roadster 'Oh the living room table. A bonfd, laid across two kitchen chairs snd thinly cush ioned represents the seat. The piano stool, propped up at the right angle -with sticks of wrjod.

is the steering wheal. The Ayrses arise early In the morning and Mrs. Ayres, locking out the window, squeals: "Oh, baby, It's going to bo a perfect day!" They finish their packing and have breakfast, after -which Mrs. Ayers gives the -dishes the hurried once over while Ayersjitraps the baggage onto the-living room table, "I Wonder If we have plenty of wraps," wonders Mrs. Ayers.

"Oh, yes. It lisn't going to be cold." say a Ayers. Mrs. Ayers wrifes a note to the milkman tell ing him to lay off for two weeks; then tears It. up and throws It In the waste basket.

"Well, I gueas we'reready," she says, and they climb Into the says Ayers, "you're sup- pssed to keep tab on the route 'All right," says she, "but the mileage doesn't start, till we're at Michigan and Jackson, so 1 won't begin till then. Pretending they are caught in a lam at the Rush street bridge, Ayers remarks how nice it will be when the boulevard link is' completed. "Tea." says his wife. do you think they'hVever finish it?" VI don't know," Is Ayers' reply. At lust nine o'clock they pretend they are at Jackson and Michigan.

Mrs, Ayers opens a borrowed 191 (route book at the proper page. "I figured weyi be out or town by this time." grumbles Ayers. "well, remember," says his "wer'e not in any harry. We've got two whole weeks." (On a trip of this character, the -tourist must decide on the speed at which they will pretefld'tc- travel, thus making It possible, by comparison with the mile age in the' book, to know approximate! where they are supposed to be at a given time. The Ayerses dlclde to average twenty miles an 1.2 Mrs.

Ayers: "We're at Fifty-fifth A AV'orthwhlle Event Made of durable, materials that give with every movement of our body, G. W. Union Suits are 0 sJ one of the most comfort able Athletic gar f) "cieneral and Ayers throws the (op of the piano atol hard over to left to indicate Jie furn. it Mr. ArerS: Doesn't the park loolt pretty this morning? Avers: "Yes." Ayers: i "Does Mr'.

'Vt'eeghmarl belong tOi (he South Shore?" Ayers: "I think so." 11.2 1 wonder 'why rVll this Iake George." Ayers: "I'm sure I don't know." Ay era i- 'Ohr honey uuite as fast." Ayers: "Hell!" I 22.1 Mrs, Ayers spills the contents of a bottle chutney' arts end's bottle of 'torse liniment to provide the East Chicago atmosphere i 27.6 Ayers: "This fs the western expansion' of Fifth avenue, Gary. There's a way to avoid this rotten stretch, but I don't know the dope on It." 1 27.8 to 'JO-S -The the cushion from board and bounce violently up and down J12.I Ayers; "There Wa a lot of money lost in the real estate game here." Mrs. Ayers: "Was there?" 41.0 The Ayerses place two large rough rocks on their i-haav and sit on them. Mrs. Ayers: "Isn't that a pretty cemetery?" Ayers: "1 don't suppose Inmates earev whether it's pretty-Or not." Mrs.

Ayers: "Oh, 44.4 Mrs. Ayers: "1 do believe it's go-inj to rain after all. And( It looked so wonderful this morning!" 45.8 Mrs. "Ayers: "Was that thunder?" Ayers: did vou think it was. one of the leopards out in Lincoln" park?" -Mrs.

4Ayers, "Maybe we'd better stop somewhere in Chesterton till It's over." Ayers: "Nothing doing." 51.0 Mrs. Ayers draws down the window shades to indicate an approaching storm. Mrs. Ayers: "'There! It's coming. You'll have to put 'the top up." Ayers gets off the table and counterfeits a session.

with a one-man top by lifting first one 'end of the piano snd then the other for twenty which time. Mrs. gets a dlahpan fvill of water snd pours It on him. El. 3 Mrs.

Ayers: you're simply drenched! You'll catch your death of cold." Ayers: "Well what of It!" 89.7 Mrs. Ayers pours a dlpperful of water on herself, Mrs. Ayersi "I'm betting terribly Ayers: "We'll be In Michigan City in a few minutes." He draws his revolver and fire, a blank cartridge, Ayers: It's the left rear, A brand new one!" Mrs. Ayers: "Oh, don't stop to change It now!" You" simply drown! Let's go on to Michigan City." Ayers, getting off the table: "Do you think- I'm going to ruin a rim for a little rain?" He up" the rear leg of the table with a telephone arid plays at' making, a tire change, which is done by jumping with the clothes on Into 'a bathtub full of water, then going- into the back yard, lying down and rolling over two or three times. Ayers, having demo, these things gets bsck Into the "car," Mrs.

Ayers: 'Oh, honey! Teji're1 simply a sight V' Ayers: f'Oh, shut up!" (l.G Mrs. Ayers gets two shoe trees and pounds on the table' as loudly land rapidly as posible. Ayers: Now. what the hell!" He "gets out" snd goes thru the motions of lifting a hood. "I can't see anything," he "We may at well go- into Michigan City and find a garage." 5.i Mfs.

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