Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 1, 1964 · Page 38
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 38

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1964
Page 38
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liquor Price Bill Is pproved by Senate i wo Americans Die in Attack On Helicopter *TON ROUGE (AP) — The ; said the bill would require re- siana Legislature approved I tailers to mark up their prices iday a bill to set minimum for liquor sold in less than case !s on liquor and other al- lots by 20 per cent over what flic beverages. j they paid for it. bill, already okayed by [ In case lot sales, he said, the louse, won final legislative I mark up would be 10 per cent, oval in the Senate with aj Edwards said the bill was vote. i aimed at supermarkets and drug iponents complained the ; stores which sold liquor at a loss Isure was expanding price j in order to promote their other business. E. W. Edwards, Crowley, i He said the bill worked to the ienate Asks Curb 'n Redistricting uSlmr i 7eale^V UbliCandrCgUlari SAIGON ' Sollth Viet Bond Suit Filed Here An Orleans parish woman, , . ., Ruth Simms Young, has filed hor pnvilege ' i suit in 14th Judicial District The plaintiff is asking for the , rlina (i j ('••'•viiu"? lioivl, execu-• led by the corporation's presi- i flent, ,}. B. Sanders, dated June ; 3, 1963. She further claims that the; bond would mature June 3,1976,; and that on March 24 this year j ' demanded payment as'was 1 WED., JULY 1, 1964, Loke Chorles Americon Press Zoning Law Suit Filed By Resident j rier, who owns a piof-c •• f •property at 2!2l Crcolr- &.. r. 1 L. B. Price Mercantile Co. as defendants, claiming they ?,-• ; operating a commercial \n\-- , ness in an "A-i" znv^rt an > t of residences. i The plaintiff's injunction is to 1 "restrain Carrier and Price sales organizations. ; ler in South v, e t NanVs north- j benture bond" Sen. Theodore Hickey, New, ern mountains Tuesday killing Nam Court against Underwriters In- $ li00 ° P lus 8 P cr cent inf ereslj A Lake Charles home owner "' ' -..,.- .— am{ re gj stered voter) Ward Ki . nard, 2115 Creole St., has filed The metwe was backed bv ! W.T C ™f' g T?"* S ' vestment Ccr P- of ^ke Charles , P er ^ from June 3 ' 1963 ' me measure was backed by j S h 0 t down a U.S. Army hehcop-j seekine to rmwpr a *i nnn ^ liquor sales organizations. ; tpr in Smith V, P t Nam v s Hnrth- i »,„„»„..„ u'..^ * 1<UU " ae ' Orleans, opposing the bill, said, an American pilot and his U.S. • The woman's petition claims than 28 per cent of the tobacco an injimctive suit against an-1 The French liquor chartreuse The United Stales sells more \ othe r property owner and mer- \ j s both gfeen and yellow, with he represented the unrepresent-' gunner, ed people because he had a lot; of letters against the bill. !, Tt was ^e third American Hickey said he resented any ' helicopter crash in the past five that she is the holder and leaf bought, in free world mar- I payee of a convertible subor- < kets — some 505 billion pounds. cantile firm charging violation j the green containing about 57, of city zoning laws. Kinard named Glemvood Car- i 43 per cent. per cent alcohol and the yellow inference that anyone opposing Wlth a tolal loss of the biil was an acoholic or rep-1 Americans. resented the acoholics. ' ' The crash brought the toll of Hickey said he didn't want to U.S. dead in Viet Nam up to vote for price fixing on any 244—148 of these ki'.lcd in action commodity. j against Communists. He called it purely a- price ; ; fixing law, and said it was not ; An American spokesman said; good legislation. ! me helicopter was hit 35 miles' i south of Da Nang while on a I Sen. J. D. DeBlicux, Baton ; SU ppl v mission. i Rouge, said sometimes the on-" ' ; JATON ROUGE I AP) — A other senator was sent to the i ly way to deal with public prob-' A U.S. officer and an enlisted olution calling on Congress to encroachment by the U.S. Senate Judiciary C Committee i lems was with regulatory regu- ' when he brought, it up for a j lation. the Senate. were wounded. Their con- J dition was described as good, i i-1 floor vote. ! , ., , , . m TT „ . . .... , i i He said the only thing op-: Two U.S. aviators were killed; Tupsriav! A ^11 to re ^' str ' c ' 1 l!ie present I ponents had to do 'was to "be ' Friday when they were shot i es>Qay | 39 Senate scats, by Sen. Jules a little more temperate, and it j down in flames in the southern i j Mollere, Metairie, already lay And the Senate slapped down ! trapped in the hostile Senate sther Senate redistricting bill. | committee. (The bill by Sen. Theodore [ Gov. John McKeithen's Senate key, New Orleans, to give •: { orc es sent the second redistrict' Dislricta 'Hing bill to the committee he : controls, as they had done with i V, ihange in Date If Primaries till Approved "BATON ROUGE (AP)-House JTudiciary A Committee ap-:. Mollere's bill. 1 i i The vote was 27-10 on sending i Mickey's bill back to commit-1 ! tee. : : Sen. D. R. Moore. Homer, j won 32-3 Senate approval of his i resolution aimed at the U.S. Su| preme Court ruling that both !houses of state legislatures i must be apportioned according 10 won't cost them so much." I Mekong River delta. Two crew- Sen. B. B. Rayburn, Bogalu- men were wounded. sa, offered an amendment to add gin, vermouth, olives and ' TsEe wanted to be sure I 111 c ii i* ill to take care of the big shots, j Then he withdrew his amend-' mrau - The resolution, sent lo the J-oved Tuesday a bill by Rep. 'House, also would ask Congress ford Stinson, Bossier, to change; to take further action to pre- Hie first primary election date i vcn '- l »e Supreme Court from it! ii_ P n! n _* i :_.,*'Jim ^ 3611. "^ " • • • 1 I n*ll . _ Amends Bill IruckingFirmsiOn Benefits File Lawsuit Against LPSC ' BATON ROUGE (AP) - The! ; Senate committee on industrial; • relations amended and report-.' ! cd favorably Tuesday a bill to i (boost jobless pay benefits. ; i Chairman Michael O'Keefe j i said the committee was unable ; : lo get to a bill to boost, the ' BATON ROUGE (AP) -Two j compensation rate for injured! the fourth Saturday in J "amending and developing" the trucking firms filed a lawsuit | workmen from $35 to $40 a ic LU u j i n, ._ _i :i. ,i: i . r> r attanHnfr«iTmiieinMttDiiHlirt: «im*iTr WuTv' to 'the' se'concrsaiurdav in ''Constitution and to confine fu' ' attacking a Louisiana P u b 1 1 c i week. ture court actions to judicial i Service Commission decision to! There was no Immediate in- purpose for which it originally kt a third compete with them, clication when the committee i Stinson's bill which would be-• was ordained. ' m U •, r , , ,, , . would take up this bill. The suit was filed Monday in Sen Jesse \ mwle L a k e ; court by Prudhomme.Charles, successfully offered ;rvice Inc. and amendments to place limits on Trucking Inc., both of the j n( . reased ;to put back the da,e of the prl- J"^ ^^^eTIK B & maiy election. : Supreme Court would ram it I Lafayette, against the commis- '•'-Mosi, are designed io allow 'down their throats. ! sion. the state's voters to observe ac- ^ saj(| h( , fc ,, t (| ,. i( he m|j j T , u seeRs ,_ asi(|e rtion of the national political con- , (he s 1C Court , hat , £; cei . ti fi cate of pub , ic conv eni- iyentions before going to the , islaturcs had lo rc apportton ence and necessity issued by the i ;W iholh houses on a population ba- commission to Gulf Coast Pre- h%he bill would also change ' sis was unconstitutional and ' mix Mud Service Trucking Inc., I /th* date of the Slate Central : without historic basis. j permitting the hauling of certain •"(^nmittee meeting to the first' The ] ihera ] s in Washington he offsnore drilling equipment over Flrjday in July. s h, mlcl be told now how the i olhcr action, the commit-, state feels about this okayed a number of Sen-! T he intent of the illegal order i •£|Mfc-[>asscd bills. They were: of the Supreme Court was to at- i ' If ~A bill to set compensation tac ^ the bicameral system of j ft $20 for all election commis- state government, he said. There • 'ftsioners, special deputies and ! « >as """^ Jij having two cham-j clerks at primary and general ^T, K legislature if both | flections. : had to be apportioned by popu-j •^ : icltlOU. i V A bill to repeal a law auth- i Moore said a unicamcral leg- 1 orizing parish governing author- islalure would be controlled i ities to set up gas utility dis- much easier than a bicameral '< trfcts. .legislature. irregular routes. The plaintiffs contend the com- decision is "unreason- and will deprive them of business and revenue. Hollywood Home Is Hit By Blaze MAPLEWOOD (Spl.) - The' Joe B. King home in Holly- was destroyed by iire ear- Police Seeking Suspects Sn Local Break-Ins This ruling, he said, will cause a shift in power to one dominant party in thn nation—based on population. 11 would cause an upheaval throughout the country, he said. Rooming House Fire Results In Damaoe Suit Sulphur alarm at 9:37 a.m. The home was located at 110 Hazel St. Mr. and Mrs. King were re-! ported to be on vacation in j North Carolina, according to the' Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department, i Neighbors said they heard a j loud clap of thunder and when) they looked out they saw the j house on fire. It is assumed' thc house was struck by lightning.- Sulphur firemen got to the '*(. PROOF. WLf.MM.n UHKK r.Y-W.f OR AINN1.U1H \L (g)l<)o4CAl,VEKi-Dtsr v CO., k l.pUtSVILLE. KY., Soft Whiskey * is as whiskey a whiskey as any whiskey you can buy. j|4ke Charles city detectives are* seeking the night prowlers who broke into four Lake Charles business places, in- j eluding two gas stations of the ' sajme chain, and got little or nothing for their efforts. : J3(Jward Zailskas, chief of d<?!»etives, said that Pepper's Place, 1229 Railroad Ave., was entered between 1 a.m. and 7:45 a.m, Tuesday by prying off a A damage suit totaling $17,699 , has been filed in 14th Judicial hlaxc '» time '« save a garage. Moore said the U. S. Senate District Court as an outgrowth'.'™ home was constructed of already has indicated it would O f a rooming house fire "in the • wood take corrective action in view of c jt y July 19', 1963, naming the the Supreme Court ruling. | administrator of the estate of The resolution, he said, was t)lo rooming house owner as dc; ml ended to help give the U. S. [endant. Senate support. : Named Its just easier to swallcw: as defendant was V. Carwile, administrator of the succession of Mrs. Belle Covington, who perished as a result of burns and injuries received in the fire. Plaintiffs are seeking damages for lost belongings and wages, : according to their suit. i The State of Louisiana through Plaintiffs are Guy Durapeaux, the Department of Highways Mrs. Cintille Higginbotham Jar- has filed an expropriation suit rell, widow of the late Walter entry The burglars broke into a ! in 14t>1 Judicial District Court Jarrell. who lost his life in the cigamte machine and juke box against a Lake Charles property fire: C. A. Pvatt and James and got about $30. °w ne , r f( ? r Ta P arcel f ! f d in /.,-, the South Lake Charles bypass Qtha) Hathavvay's service sta- j right-of-way. tjpo at Hodges and Division Named as defendant in the ac- Suit is Filed For By-Pass Right-of-Way WE'RE STOCKED! Kingham S^TWts was entered through a tion is Helen May window and one dollar in pen-;Richter Thrash, ownt. .. _ r ... nies taJien from the cash regis- ' eel of ground without any build- tep ings in the College Street path ' ' . oi 1-210. Mercury Gas stations at 623 Appraised at $5.950, the plain- Prien Lake Road and in the tlifs have taken the step to ac . 480 hbck of North Enterprise quire the land wllicn is approx i. Boidevarcl, were both hit. The male | y 2 00 by 235 feet, situat- Prisflkake location was burglar-' ed south of p ricn Lake Road i?e4 o| 11 cartuns of cigarettes Second Stage Of Centaur Shot Fails CAPE KKNAEDY. Fla. iAP> — Prematine bhut-dos\n ot tiie second-stage engine prevented a high energy Atlas-Centaur space ux.-kt.-t from hurl:iig its second stage into wbit Tuesday. The failure could i'unher de'•a> 'J!/'. e!'.-pi!!C-:it >: Atiio - Ci-r,- aiir — ' f.ijijit-ui cu;!d of U.S n c-ketry '!::t- r'.-.- k'/r is being developed '<; launch unmanned proi e <_• urveyor spacecraft to the moon all renters in thc rooming house at the time of the fire at 314 Ryan St. than OIIP dollar in pen- ntes, In the North Lake Charles sia- the thieves pned open a :vdrink box located outside Jjuilding but found both the box and soft dnnk con- empty. ARE READERS lINGHAM, Ala. 'AP' hce in Binnuithaii! a unique nitihod ot ining whether ia\t-i'n are keeping tnougn : in their pubi. City C;>de sa\> thai p!aci-s must be J fnough so that a news- can be ;vad at any the juint. Catholic College's Recent Graduates From LC Named WASHINGTON. DC. (SpU- Tuo Lake Charles men are recent graduates of the Catholic Ur,iver>ity of America here. Receiving their degrees in June ceremonies were: Joseph T. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Miller. 1905 Legion St., A.M. degree. And Sam G. Jacobs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Galip A, Jacobs. 711 llth St., M.A. degree. YOUR CHANCE TO SAVE ON FAMOUS Carrier !••!.•/ and • ' scout possible i-- 'ronaut landing areas The fail- ir-_- v. a= the st-cofid m thre-; J. W. Matthews Awarded Contract ,]a<n<'- \S' iJirm MaHh;-v.s is the gen; ral (.•..ini.ractur who vsa- frViank-d the b'd for •.••jiisiruc- ?ijn of the president's home a' Mi.Nfrt.-ie Sld!.e CfMtiji;. MatiheAs i:- a residen' of Hoi- wo'-^. A si •!;. about 'he $8fi J home in Sunday's Lai e BIG 16,500 BTU NOW ONLY SALE ENDS TUESDAY, JULY 7 ALL PRICES F.O.B. STORE R 0 0 M CONDITIONER Carrier NO MONEY OOWN 5,600 BTU NOW ONLY UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY

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