The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1932
Page 3
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.WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1932 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIKK NKWS PAGE THREE North Carolina's * Industries Make Profress CHARLOTTE, N. C. (UP)-Tnal Industrial progress has been made In North Carolina since 1899 Is evi denced by a census bulletin lust released. In 1899 the state had 3,465 manufacturing establishments employing 72.322 wage-earners, paying lh;ir $14,051,184 and turning out products valued al 545.214.083. FVirty years later there were onlj 3.797 iilants, but tin? wage earners were 209,826 In number, gelling J160.867.988 annually in wages ani Ihe value of their products was $1.311,924.352. U. of Buffalo Changes Entrance Requirements BUFFALO, N. Y. (UP)—Change in the entrance reciuircinEn'.s the University of Bullii'o ColleV of Arts am! Science, now riuvVe It possible for students to enroll n.*> though they have had no proviou'. study in intermediate algebra or foreign languages. t It \vas explained, hova'ver, thai **| !he new rule did not mean a lowering oi standards, but thtit ir.c requisite number of credits in music, art, technical or vocational subjects, would be accepted in lieu of credits in third semester algebra or the foreign languascs. Dynamite Blasts Years From History PERRY, Ga. IUP)--Millions of years have been blasted from history by a charge of dynamite. Leon V. Smith, geologist of Macon, Ga., has been setting olf ulaw: in lime-rock formations here, dinging out bones of a prehistoric whale that settled here when this feclion of the country was Ma- bottom. Smith has uncovered many sec lions of the animal's vertebrae which he is placing in Hie urn scum of Wesieyan CollcBe for Wo men at Macon. James McPherson a high school student interestC' In puleology. presented Smith will sections of jawbone and severa teeth. Giant of the Deep Hauled High and Dry Srhool enrollment continued to luc!c.ise last week, Enrollment in the h!jh school passed t!:e 300 mark vvlili-li I* greater thai of List 5)>r)!i,. T . Tin' Junior high ic^oal cn- rolli!!! in reached ItM. wlildi Is short ol l.i-I spring's enrollment. Laugh's! :l rm.iilim-nl iiKTean'd from H5 oiii' 1 opcuim; day lo 181. Ruclbmy'.s frcni' 413 in H7 niu! Oimnl'.s from 183" to Cart U'hwls Make Fence HOPE, Me. ' (UH>— The fenc surrounding Ernest C. Davis' pas ture Is constructed entirely ' cart wheels, placed side by side. News of the Blytheville Schools hone; Mrs. Mary Spam: UK West.., Davis, 385; Mr. Charles StirobJ, <13 •- ^ake, no phone; Mrs. J. R. W«b- ler, <?nd o! Idlh street, no phone; Mrs. Cecil White, 510 Main, phone.' 579. "- fcyilic and <l?!«oii«r,ited ihcir skill en the weeds of ihc alhl3t!c field. The boys receive a grsnt denl of liracllcal oxjieilfnttt on the tclicol campus, |Mrtleu!sily In the propn- inllon of tlu- athldlc lU-Irt, l win Is other comb for playing yu -. 'I'lii'lr nuiiy lionis, o( liil as n direct coiUrlbutlon II'.c school. Edunulon is i-innmotily regarded Cii.-ns day was i-Rjoyrit by the * s >m I'Minisrn' ili-in In ll:o family pup:* ihroiiwIiHiit II;.- s.O.ool-' Tlici hurc-'l. Undi-r tuition *rhDo!s us l:.'«:in uii'lliT linn usiLiil.j «»v up.'i-.ili'ii In Ulyt'.v.'Vlltc the Item clln.ill.lli'd (lie IIT.'>^ ni>rkn!'i mull" pprlmls. and al 12:30 Inr Ihe diiy. ll " [| ' sllvo ,,i',s much of (In- diim was inn'.l- np;>i'o.tchin;< .show, mill u-r.lini; !•••;- nlnv.ils and ^ho-.\ v'd hy tii. 1 I, lie finback whale (o be displayed in Hlylhcvilte the latter pnr( of [His week, oiu 1 of [lit- iarui'M ol its ind ever captured, is shown here ns it was hnulcil ashore follo-.viisy thr cxcUIng .sen batile Itiat ended in Us death. Whale to Be Displayed Here Fine Specimen of Finback Whales are'believed to be a fast: crew was ,-imazed to have tlic wryilo •anishing species as a result oi the 1 dive In a plunge of several hmi<!,«l extent lo which they arc beinj de- feet and begin to give them a vio- Iroyert each year, a fact which is j lent, Uissel. The harpoon toaib had ending added interest and import- I »°t exploded for some iinkim-n to tire gigantic finback whale i reason and the wound apparently i will be on exhibition in a hi >d no oiher effect than to arouse the whale to a furious struggle. Several perilous r.ours (allowed for the whalers before they were again able to get the \vha!c In i>o- sition for a .second and tinishing Luxora Society—Personal Mrs.uKtili Drumright of Hipley) Tenn., and Mrs. R. S. ( Ashmore of' Osceola visited relatives in ijiixora Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Umfleet ivefe In Blytheville on business ance whicl specially corislructed railroad car on a sidetrack at the Frisco station Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This particular whale is credited with having put up one of Ihe mosl lerriflc battles In whaling history before he finally yielded to the harpoons of a crew which encountered him near Sail Clemente island, off the coast of Southern California. Lying perfectly preserved under n glass case, this whale is declared by experts to be one of the finest specimens of the finback variety ever captured. It is more than sixty-five feet long and the massive body weighs seventy-two tons. The embalming of the whale required more than 38 barrels of fluid. In spile of the strenuous baltle he whale gave his captors, the gi- antic creature's body shows no igns ot i the struggle. The fatal troke was the internal explosion oi a small'-tomb carried in the head ( f a harpoon propelled by a whal- ng gun. When 'the first shot was fired the ir.iM'cl co:>'.!di-nil>',y. How-ordinary L-inidlllons (he ivl- imioutu speiii for education l.s small co:npn:rt) with other ix-iidllui-t's. lii'Ci-ntly a moiiop-jlllan piipn- making :\i\ appeal tci cons-j Ihe .H'hiMiI bud^'.-t furnished flta tinil duin wlilr-b divide I ll:o t'.-> ns follows: as follow; Uvlni; MM.s $..' I.tixm Irs Waste Mlsc-ellany the fish was seen from the shore, and it was presumed l!:c gull liad caught a fish too big to handle anil was reluctant to release it. Finally the bird 'ibcgncv dr-.\ the fish toward shore and into shallow water. The fish had been hooked, but had succeeded in breaking 111? litiL 1 . When the gull dove lor it. the end of lire fish hook, which prolni-.lsd, cauyhi the bird also. A .swimmer released the bird and ate fried pickerel that evening. Crlmr ...... ClOVlMlimflll- Kdiicutlon . .23 .11 .13 .11 .0!) .05 .01 .01 lilKli school students arc a dally in-real Urn [CTlo:i now. Ttir boys'havo two i>?ik-ls iiniii'r !hr> dim-don of Ocoi'Re M. tlnn'.. IV.L sevi'iHb «r.i:!c buy.-; having a moininu perhd and Us? eighth Bradi' to:is an aflcnictni sosMon. Settini: m> excretes ar:> Riven for n fh<nt tlni^ after which the boys have a (notball «amc. Vjail- miii'yn courts and volley ball courts are beiiiff prepared nnd llr.'sc I ivIU be iilnyrcl In tlic nonr future, by biiylnt; In It.s bonds at, u . Tl>o ulrls receive tl'.cir dillh niul' count. Last wc:k SIO.OOu oflls 191-1 Speaking ot money, If the locji scliiiol district hail nny snvuh funds available considerable- money could be suvcd nl the present lime tllss Selnia M. Untz, 1008 West Iain St., phone 309; Mr. William ). McClnrkln. 1103 West Main St., lione 8i50; MlM Annie Mftudo Mc- •ou'ey, 603 West Ash st.. phone 151; Ilss Willie K. Mflrshall. Memphis ll-hwiiy. no jiliiinc; Mls.1 tvancos '.. Icr. RU3 west Ash .st.. phone 151; Ir. Nonutin R Moore, Usliuar £t., 10 phone; Mis. I,. E. Old Jr.. 811 Vest Main st.. phone 77; Miss Uum !. Wllhrlm, 901 Clilcknsnwba, .liiinwr Illuli Si-lioul Mrs. li. I. Unity,' principal, 1003 West Walnut st.,-plion? 5:)7; MU' Veldu Adccck. BO'J Uhickasnwba aye., no phone'; Miss Mary Emma lond, llnrfielil It mid, plnn-j IQ40J \ Monta Hushes, S(1J West Asl «l., phone 151; MUs Alice Mnrstinll Memplils Illiihway, no phoiiL 1 ; Mr.s l.loycl St(ckinon. 1007 iWi'si Wnlnu 1., plicni- S3". IVulnl S<linirl Mrs. Klma Armstrong, prlnclpa COII Cblcknwvita. phone 91W: Mrs li. I,. Danlsler, Gil Chlckasawba phone .thi; Mrs. Joe Craig. Sout I^i'.inkllu .si., no phone; Miss M;\ry K. Outlaw. D03 West- Ash si,, phone 161; Miss Sunshine Swift, 102 Davis stKct. phone- 172. I.anRp Kchonl Mrs. Bd Itardln. ]irlnclj»l, 1017 'West Walnut, phone 102; Mrs. Eileen Cleniimis. 1413 West Main St., tin phone; Miss Elizabeth Hiilsl»ad, S. Division si., phone 457; A metal disc, faced with rubber nnd attached Inside the Hgular wheel, Is Ihc basis for a new safety wheel Invented by a Pltteburgher (6 prevent crashes In case oi Mo»-- ouls. Eliot. An additional feature of is being given the transcontinental exhibition tour of the whale by t.-.e of "Barnacle Bill Darnel, old time sailor and whale mail, who telling spectators exciting la!c-s of his youthful adventures. The league was entertained Tuesday night wlith a weincr roast- given by Rev. and Mrs. Frank Sweet. Dr. 'J. J. Richards of Florida is the guest of his daughter. Mrs, Will Woods. Leroy Woods was in • Blytho- vllle on business Tuesday. Mrs. O. A. George and. children Cdell and Edna, shopped in Bly- UicviUe Tuesday. Misses Margaret and Mildred iiichnrds ' vislied in ulyihcril U'pdresday. Huffman News play their uiuicr !li? dlrec- ' tends were ollcml lor aali for $0.- ion West Walnut Mls'i Mary Mc- Farmer Starts East In Prairie Schoonsr GOSHEN", Col. (UP) — Sr:!=- w!:er? 0:1 th? highway between California and Arkansas is Frank Smith, former Goshra farnur. ami all that he salvaged from the depression. Smith wis hard hit. He decided to sell hU goods and move back tlon of Mrs. filoyil Stlcknion nnd EDO but no funds were available lo Mis': Vi-!da Aclcoclc. i purchase- them. N?»- radiators have been installed j In reply lo several intiulrlcs II in ihc third and fourth uraJe rooms i might be slated Hint the Citizens at Onuo.1 uiftl the- iiu|ilU are aiiK-j School CimnnlUcc carried over from Ions fcr cold wealhcr to arrive in j last .spring a hiliince of $'21.28 to order (o give them a tryonl. j tl:c credii of (lie lil«h school and $-16.57 (o the credit of tlic Junior One of the must Inta'cstin? niv.l high .school. These lunds .serve as I -- i '•to his lovmcv home l» Arkansas.! yc»r CUHIEP otters lo tlw youn? mnn valuable. departments In the cnllrc city school syslcni is thai -o! Hie Snilth-lhiiihes departnicnl in Hie liish school miller the direction of Charles T. Knnncr. Two- thirds of the expense of this department is borne by Ihc stale and fcd?ra! ^overnmcni.s. The courses offered aie varied nnd cover a v.-iile RO of topics such that 111? three Fisherman Catches Gull, j Pickerel on One Hook' DETROIT, Mich. tUP)—Tliis is a fish story, the prize of tr.e season here, but ii doesn't deal with the length of the big on^ thai got away. A group of vacationers a'. Kiii3- ville vouched for Ihe slory of an 18-inch pickerel and a gull. tat v . caught on the sum^ fl rl - '•The battle between the gull and a nucleus lor (lie funds now 1 collected. Numerous calls arc had from time lo (line for the n-stdcncc or telephone number of thl.i teacher or that one. For the convenience o the patrons of the school, a schoo directory Is published 'below. "End patron Is requested (o cli|i this (II rectory and keej) II handy inr swc! calls. City Schools Crawford Greene, superintendent 1112 West Ash street. Phone 370 Miss Mary Frances Slncy. clerk, 63 Chlckasawbn. no phone. High School Miss Rosa M. Hardy, prlnclpa 510 West Main St., Phone 579; Mlt Uuira I5nss:R, 1008 Wcsl Main st flV.OM 359; Miss Adn Donoho. 10 W/. Walnut sl.i phone 078; Mr tanks. Iced for the nniljs, bidding. | reriair -,\ork land other training. : George M. Hunt. 321 North Sixt a camp outfit, and supplies of gro- Last week one group received prac- . s t., plione 441: Mr. ChaHc-s T. Kr.i cerieJ. ' Heal training in the use of 111? "'^r. 1204 Clilckasawba, phone C45J lie sold some of equipincnl, but was unable lo dispose of his rallies. So he built a prnirie schooner from a wrecked amomoblle chassis, loaded II with household furlslilngs, hitched the mules, .sent Mrs. Smit'". ahead In the family automobile, nnd started his lonk trek back home, lie estimated it, would take him nearly two months. Gladys Harclln, Mri'Ct. phone H llniiey. 10JO Wcsl Main st., phone H2; Mr.s. Ann ninur. 713 Chlcka- awha. no phone. Suilhury School Miss l,»cl!c Armslroiiij, BOB Chlck- Siiwba. phone 07W; ^frs. E. I- 303 DnvL-i street, phone 488W; ILss Nctlle Clray. loa Davk, plione 85; Miss Mary Hub!cr, 315 Moill- on. p!:onc C2; MLss Ruth Mutlhewj ' Ash slrccl. phone 532W; Mr ioscoi- Morris. 101 Ash .st.; MlM Al na Peters. 1115 OhlcXnsawha, no a £p:cndl(1 stari toward b^ing a scientific fanner. No attempt is matte to turn out a finished pro- ciuc; atone these lines, but the boys are given a valuable groundwork hi agriculture at:{l related subjects. Besides the theoretical asp?cts of agricuUurc, slock Judging and breeding and so forth the boys receive training In manual training. His 1832-inoclel prairie schooner! »ut,o mechanics, practical carpan- .Ls rubber-tired and carries water tcring and repair work, 'electrical ^CHEVROLET Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Lcveland o Island 21 ranch spent Monday nigh with Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Kissell Walter Copeland of Blyllwvllli was here Tuesday morning enrout to IJyersburg,. Tenn.. where he i employed. - Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sayre an daughter, joye Yvonne, wore gnesl. .0; Mrs. F. Moore Tuesday evening. Florence and Homer Stokes who arc 111 at liicir home here, ate re- porlcd improved. Misses Marine Copelanrt and PcggU; Ho'.mss cilied on Mrs. Hulon Holmes Thursday afternoon. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. L Beavcr.s and sons f^onard and "Bubba" with M rs. Bmma Beavers left Thursday for a visit in Ripley, Miss., »'lth relatives. A »nt Mtutda Branson called on Mrs. Emaia Pcerv Thursday afternoon. A - S. Mllier of Coo'er. Mo., was here Friday niorning. Henry Pan] o [ Blytheville arrived Here Sunday f or a few divs visit with friends. Among ihc Sunday guests of Mrs. Emma Peciy were Nfrs Dixie chancier of Hot Springs M r ar .j Mrs Churchill Buck of Blytheville. Mrs. Paul Fitzgerald O f Nc w Madrid MO., and Mrs. Hulon Holmes Ernest Rasl ff!ls hcre SAVE WITH SIX CYLINDERS — with more than six you sacrifice economy — with less than six you sacrifice smoothness ™L^ r< L°? r , ." llc ° wk-cnd C1 ™e• early Sundaj Irvin HarrUon Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sayre and daughter Joye Yvonne called on Mrs. F. Moore Sunday svoninir Mr. and ^^r5. R. H. Gre«n aiit children motored to Blyth-vllli Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. w. B. Ray motored to Earle, Sunday for a visit <vith Mr. Ray's brother, Dr. R n R.iv. Mrs. Pannte Moore. Mrs. John- hie Webb and Miss Marine Cope- -t'lnd. vlslftd relatives In Cooler Mo., Sunday. I F YOU'RE careful about the way you sjiend your dollars for a low-priced car, you'll be extra-careful about the way you count cylinders. Because if you count more than six, you're not going to get the lowest all-round motoring cost that is saving so many thousands of dollars for Chevrolet owners every day. And if you count less than six—you won't be any better off from a dollars-and-cents standpoint. Six is the smallest number oC cylinders you can have, and still get Chevrolet's built-in smoothness. And built-in smoothness saves you money. It guards against the insidious workings of excessive vibration. It holds repair bills ;1own to rock-bottom. So—if the car is a Chevrolet Six—you'll SAVE! ESPECIALLY AFTER 5,010 MILES What's more important—you'll keep on saving. There's nothing temporary about Chevrolet economy. It lasts! Especially after 5,000—10,000—15,000 miles, when the cost of operating other low-priced cars goesup.ChevroIct'scoststaysdown. More economical to start with, Chevrolet is more economical still, after long usagcl Best of all: you can save with six cylinders, and not sacrifice one important advancement. You enjoy Free Wheeling, SyncTO-Mesh gear-shifting, roomy Fisher bodies. Considering these facts- do you honestly think it's wise—or economical— to keep that old car any longer? CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY. DETROIT, MICH DjWsibn ot Gentttl Motors SIX CYLINDERS NO MORE HO LESS CHEVROLET All prktt f. o. b, Flint, MrcA/rfan. Specr'a/ cqurpmfnt\extra. Low delivered pi Ices Read Courier Hewi w*nt SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET Blytheville, Ark. CO. /?«y. /. N. Dtmy ttyK . "/ have found nothing ix the '• part 20 years that can take thi J> lace °f **• Milcs> Anti-Paia pjHj. r/H?9 ore a sure r«l!«/for my headache." • "; 'Sufferers from Headtche, . Neuralgia, Toothache, Backache, Sciatica, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis, Muscular Pains, Periodic Pains, write that they have used Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills .". with better results than they had • even hoped for. Counties! American house-wives would no more think of keeping house without Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills lhan without flour or sugnr. Keep a package in your medicine cabinet and save yourself needless suffering. At drug itore*—25c and fl.OO i-< -.DP. ANTI-WIN PIUS* H ere's a M OUTHFUL t llAliT, SCIIAFFNEK cSc MARX CLOTHES GIVE YOU 72 OF THE BENCH TAILORED' DETAILS? FOUND IN §65 TO 875 SUITS LAST SPRING. i$24.50 to $29.50 11 nil tl work, Honch Tnilorhig hns :ilways Ijccn tlic Iwst Iniloring; soft, easy, comfortable—Inil il'-^ always Ijecn costly. • • ' Now you can liavc it for tlio price of ordinary clothes. Wo t;ivc you Ti of the- fine licncli details thai Hart, Schaffner & Marx put in their SC5 to $75 Hencli JIadc suits last spvins now for §2-1.50 to §29.50. Somo saving!! And sonic quality!! The hi-Rcr.l S29.50 Hcrlh in this city •iro Front Row Worsteds—S« them — near them and Rive yourself and your budget a lid. New Mead Clothing Co. •Hi

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