The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE fARK,) ; COURIER NEWS PAGE THRKB Expert Tells of iionary Measures Precavi- In Ce- r v merit Construction /WASHINGTON, 15. (;. S|)D [ [oiisideration should be given to which is carried on during the winter months. Howard P. Vermhya, Director of the Technical Division of the Federal Hans- Ing Administration, has outlined suggestions lor cold-weather build- ill". Construction work usin^ cement carried on during Ireezing lempei-- ature, Mr. Vermilya says, should be done preferably when the temperature, is rising. Special emplmlj should be placed on the following precautionary measures which car be carried out in most types o 1 dwpllinw construction. Points to be noted In concreti construction include: Pro-heal the aggregates and the water used iti the mix. Pour concrete immediately and then protect by covering with straw and tarpaulins or water- pioof paper. Never pre-heal the cement used In the mix. Clean ice and snow from all form work before concrete is poured. Never pour concrete in trenches when the bottoms of ,'trenchcs are frozen. Be sure the arrmnd is comuletely thnwed out before uourln^ the concrete. Calcium chloride may be used, but only as an accelerator to the hardening process. Preheating of the mixture is advisable 0 In connection with till pouring when the temperature is less than 40 degrees P. Do not remove forms until concrete has set thoroughly. To sec if concrete is frozen apply heat to the surface by means of a blowtorch or by pouring hot water on the surface. Frozen concrete will sotten as it thaws out, If properly hardened, il will not be affected by the application of heat. If tiie temperature falls below 40 degrees p. when masonry work is being carried on. Die aggregate and water used In the mortar should be pre-heated the same as for concrete. The masonry units should also be pre-heatcd and should not be wetted before laying. , Heat' should" be maintained continuously iri' a' building during the leistering'and until 11 is thoroughly 'i«|Vy. A temperature slightly above 5I> degrees F. is best to Insure slow drying. The building should be well venlilated during the drying process, but, all exterior openings should be covered with muslin to eliminate drafts. Heat should be maintained at openings, if necessary, to prevent plaster immediately around the openings from freezing. When sldewall insulation is installed before, the plaster work, it QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all limes. S SAVE C MONEY AT V GAMES MKT. Five Room House The plan of this Gve-rbom usCj built in Chattanooga, Term., represents a maximum of efficiency. It has a basement with warm air heating plant, and a detached one-car garage. The properly has been valued at 54,125 and tho Federal Housing Adminislra- tion lias issued a commitment to insure a $3,300 mortgage on Hie property. Monlhly payments on the mortgage, including all filed charges, will be ?33.32. One of the features of the house ia a specially designed kitchen, Wood Paneling Can Go Joints Hidden ID Over Old Plaste New Wallboard 'HA Favors Development jWenthcr Stripping Is Of 'Sites In Demand Worth Price In Coal Kncoiiraiiciiicnt "f the dcvi-lup- icnt df stii's for which (hen 1 Is a emmiMralt'd Lind veal, Iriilnrly tluist' 111 UK; lower iirlrc •ungt's, h;is Iji'cn one of tin 1 tiuur - . . mporliiiit contributions of i)n>j i'wit Is not i-H-Hlt-iiil IhmsliiK Admlnlstrullon'.s kind I'lamiinv Kt'rtlun to llu 1 ilcl- liKPnt voulvo! of llu 1 (;rowlh «i ;-ltles- Thrmi^ti a unit's ol subdivision mid I'.md-phnniii}: eonU'iviices and unalv: i-s uiul uispi'c,l!on of upproxl- mutely 1.000 subdivisions, nt Hie request ui ilevclopers, the Housing Admtnbliullrm's l.uiul I'lmmhii! Sccllun, IhioiiBh Us complete siilj- divt.skm .M'ivk'1-, Ims turn ublr lo Uj> iinhjiams for operallvi Uli'u; ami Milxllvlilev:;. lUTOidln 1 lo Sewuul II, Moll, dilct i)l llv section An analysis of Hie subdivisions Inspected. Mr. Moil explain!".! shows (lint HO per ccnl lire develop- incnls whli'h ivern placed on tin' market scinu' ye.'irs «KO, Most of the tuous MII-IV In dtllkullli's. The remainder were new or proposed subdivisions for tin 1 most pui't in ureas showing u shoring 1 of .sulliibli' sites tor homes in Ihe pvli'e I!o .sine no air cri'pps In HI ihc doors and windows, Weather stripping Is worlh Its price In coal, lie I'tTtitJn ihi. 1 ii-sbe-slus wnippljiKs ( "i ytiur pipes are. linn IIILI) thai the lilnij Ihrounh llii'Di Into llu 1 ci'llur. l-^pcrUnvnt wMli different sl/.es cif ciml nnlil you havi' till' besl lor lu'iilliiu quail! li's and the most caiimmli'al blond II am iiiiiki 1 a vast dilfriTnoe In ymir con I 1)111, iiuihiully on Ciimullini history. Hnsy limes luce tin: musical dean, lie must divide hl» lime between teaching and Ihe writing of hls- lurv IjiKiks and piuctlclnii the violin. Tomatoes Are Fooled By Artificial Lighting Nt'w ItuiiKC A new type of kitchen mn?,e I:; belui; placetl on the nmrkcl by u number of nianuluctiniirs. The bioiU'r pan 11 tut gild swing out us the oven door is opened, making It eariler lo lurn or remove IO:K|, Solid (irnimit TJii' grouiul uti which concrete or masonry steps arc lo be placed .vhoukl he solid and net recently Illlcd. wound Hint l:i recently nili'il will sell It 1 over u loiijj pi'i'loil, uwl Ihe steps will settle wl'ih it. Walls Need Ample Time For Drying Cl KVHI.ANl) which lUHMimiB mole I'KKS uko lo plants to tUI') — Is'lcctrlclty •s chickens lo Iny will sttmiilnU' to- I'.row lilmser and about better tomatoes, according to L C, lloltnmn, imlslant horllculliirlst at Olild Kxpcrimenlal Station at WoosU-r, 0. KctentLsls turned the nrtlllclal j illumination on greenhouse toma- j to plnuls In the winter months In j tile curly morning and late after- j noon when 11 was dark outside. HoKinim said the exnerlmenta yielded nil Incrense of nearly 3,000 lw;kct:i of tomatcn's per acre. lwgoii's trees ix Inches In height. I HA Din's Nnl Lend The VVdi'iiil lli)ii.slii(; Admlnls- iratLnn lends no money. It Insures hum:, made by private llnunelal In- slllnlion^ opeiiilliu 1 , under pro- vLslons of the NaMoniil IlikUsIn^ Acl. II Is not wise l« imlnt or paper a piaster wall In a new huusi' for several nmnllis. It should In 1 slven n chinnv to dry thoronylily bcfort 1 a final llnisli Is applied. lli'i'imse Hie frame of n house mny settle and shrink dilrlns; Ihc first lew monllis. cracks may show lip In the liest job of plnsloriiig. Damp siiols are likely to appear, lofl. vvlicn inol.stiire forces il.sclf from tint plaster, and both of these conditions nrc ncccnliinlcil when Ihe wall Ims been finished. I'liiier will I»'e) mid discolor \vhcn the ilnstcr 1ms not, been dried Uior- nshly. Vallboard Joints Can Be Emphasized College Dean Signs Up To Play With Orchestra O11IORI.IN, O. (UP)—Ui-iin Carl R Wllllic, of Olicrlln. CnlR'iie. sat scarcely nollced amoni; Ihe 00 meuilicvs of the uliedln Conservatory orclu'slta when It first appeared In Plimey Ohnpel, '1'lic vcrsalllL' di'an — li L ' jilays Imth the violin and the French horn—xl|:ned up for (he M'liool orchestra shortly utter he avlvod from OHIO Bialir University this year. Dean Wit Ike Is a well-known 118 W. Main Phone U3 i;i advisable to delay the installu- i en of the ceiling insulation until i :(er the plaster is throughly dry. Interior tnillwork or finish lloor- i \g should not be delivered until : tcr the plaster is thoroughly dry. It should be installed as soon after -. :livery as possible. Extericr painting should be done ( ning fair weatlier and only when fie temperature is above 40 de- srees P. It is advisable to back- piint all interior inillwork which is installed In contact with plaster i • masonry. All mlllwork should 1 : prime-coated, preferably before installation. Heat should he mtiin- -.1 nt 70 degrees F. or more during the painting to assure continued drying. ('lose Off Rooms To Save On Fuel Bill There are rooms In your home y;u use but a few hours per dny. Why waste heat keeping them warm when you can effectively close them off with pretty French doors. Your fuel saving in just a few years wil be far greater than the price o, these doors. A REAL BUY . . . . . ONLY 5295 1935 Chevrolet Coach Upholstery, paint, tires and motor in good condition. Only $98.00 down and $21.00 per month, PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnut Phone 810 A recessed edge walluoard has been put on the market io solve one of the problems of vvalllioard construction, that is the joints between the boards. The new type of board comes cut in ceiling heights, and of various widths and two thicknesses. The long etlges are slightly depressed so that when two boards come together the recessed edges form A shallow ohannel at, the joint. A special tape is then cemented in tliis channel over the joint and. when dry, sandpaijered to a surface level witli the boards. This ce-. menting process strengthens the joint and helps to eliminate weak spots In the wall. The boards mny 1)0 papered or painted as desired. You may have a den or library as modern as tomorrow—at iv cos that will seem nmazmgly small—bj applying knotty pine paneling ovc: these old. unsightly, cracked plastc; walls. An exact price on the panel- Ing required will be furnished quickly mid gladly If you will give your lumberman the room measurements. Colored Recess Adds Interest To Wall When the walls of a room are recessed for bookcases or other purposes an interesting deviation from the usual theme may be found by painting the recess a different color. Blue recesses in a room with ivory walls would be attractive, or white recesses in a green wall could be used. The color of the recess should be chosen lo show off books or furniture to advantage. Folding Doors Sometimes the door to a. bathroom or closet cannot be opened without knocking into fixtures. A door divided In two vertically and hinged with double-action hinges might prove helpful. Read Courier News Want Ads. HA Pays Taxes On Property It Holds " i Local taxing authorities are deprived of no revenues by the transfer of a property to the Federal Housing Administration by an approved mortgagee, for the Administration pays taxes on all such real estate at the same rate and time as private citizens. Incidentally, Its taxes are paid promptly hi order to take advantage of all allowable discounts. Modern decoration lins faced sqiuuTly n problem that has been •lodgcil lor years. In using wallboard in a room, the hldlnn of the lolnts 1ms risen to what amounted to n major crisis. In many modern rooms, a molding of narrow strips of metal is used to emphasize these Joints. The metal, of course. Is chosen lo be In harmony wilii ,lhe furnishings of the room. Lighted Entrance Helpful To Visito Adequate light al the entrance I a house Is always desirable. Re ccsscd light fixtures, flush with th side of ft doorway or directly nvi it will display the street number o house advantageously and wl prevent the visitor from slumbllut over the steps or walk. A Hglita walk between house: and i;a will lie found useful. The Israelites had marbles with them when they made their 40- year Journey. PLAN NOW! Build This Security and Comfort Are Yours In a Home That Is Built for You There's! udtlctl coinl'ovl in a lire Hint glows on yotii- own lionrlli . . . t'.Ntrii scciirily in ilio iinttit! tluil ynii Iniihl I'or yourHulf. Hnjoy Uie lit'iiolitrt of home nwncrslilp UMH upring. We live pvcptiretl to serve you now in all tlctnils from to building. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. • Plume K> PLAN BOOKS We loaned someone a zipper case containing n bunch of plan books which we need, E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. WHAT ARE THE REAL FACTS CONCERN ING Till' "HIGH PRICE OF BUILDING MATERIALS"? Much has been saic! about "The High Price of Building Materials" and the effect lhat these supposed high prices have had on failure of the volume of new housing lo come up to expectations. WE BELIEVE AN ENTIRELY ERRONEOUS CREATED. IMPRESSION HAS BEEN J>w Kate* Tera* Serrfc* FARM LOANS Anywhere in Mississippi County Wilson and Worthington 1st National Bank Bltlg. Blythcville, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Uan Solicitor for I The Prudential Insurance Company of America CI-ARENCB H. WILSON HAUVKY MORRIS RAY WORTHINGTON An Investment in HAPPINESS! Modern Hot Water Facilities Few conveniences contribute PO iiiticli to a family's happiness as ji constant supply of hot water. For bathing, washing the dishes or the morning shave plenty of hot water "on lap" wil) pay dividends in tlaily comfort and happiness. If your family still has to depend on the old fashioned tea kettle for hot water \ve urge you to wait no longer before consulting your plumber about the comparative low cost of modern hot water facilities. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. {•ourlcous, Personal- Attention lo Every Customer BUT WHAT ARE THE FACTS > The cost of manufacturing and selling building materials has been increased clue lo advances in freight rates and wage scales and to Social Security Taxes, and other expenses increased during 1937. WHAT ABOUT PRESENT SELLING PRICES? LUMBER in the lower grades is 20'' cheaper 10' ; ' cheaper than a year ago. and in upper grades ASPHALT SHINGLES and roofing products are W- to 20'^ cheaper. MILLWORK, windows, doors, mouldings, etc., is 10'" to 15' ; ' cheaper. BRICK are the same price as a year ago. CEMENT AND PLASTER is slightly higher due lo increase rates. n freight These are THE FACTS concerning our selling prices on the most impov- tanl ingredients that are used in the construction of new buildings and in the repairing and remodeling of old buildings. Obviously, present selling prices arc LOW compared to manufacturing cost and operating expenses. With the passage of NEW HOUSING LEGISLATION now pending in congress and certain lo become law in the near future BUILDING VOLUME is sure to increase and we can expect price advances along with it. UNDOUBTEDLY RIGHT NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO BUILD. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER I'lione 80 113 So. Broadway PHONE IOO We Do The Res-b -100 ARKANSAS 11

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