The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1937
Page 3
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[FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1937 BLYTHEVTLLB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS May Make Hard Sledding, But You Can't Keep Quins From <H 1 L ' t , i ' jiiiniiMm '~ —• FACE THREE Fun! ft your long-planned ski party let yon down this winter of lack of snow, don'l tliink you're (lie only one. The Dionne quln- tupleU. too, have been faced by a very unusual lack of snow eve n so far north as Calender. So the best they could do wilh their toboggan was prop it up on boxes and. "just pretend." Yvonne, Cecile, Emilie, Marie and Annette, left to right, nre. doing just that, and enjoying it, too, as you can see. • "odd and Clothing Plentiful But Housing and Health Are Problems CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—More llha'n 2000 refugees are being carped -for in the county. The two nost congested districts are here hnd (at Holland. The latter is caring- for aboul 500, which is twice fhe population of the place. Sick- Viess is prevalent there, and about CO .'cases of light flu and colitis pave been reported here. A'- physician has been dlspatch- i<:from- St. Louis to Holland lo [help care for the sick there, and [there are now five Red Cross [nurses in the county, in addition |> '..ssveral women of the county klio have had nursing training. \ Circuit Judge James M. Reeves yesterday made a public appeal Ifor funds, c|othing and ..bedding Tto care, for Jhe refugees.- He emphasized tiiaL rescue was only liie (first step and that..the.•refugee.') Tniust be. caved for until:they'could (return to their homes. ' ! • Several, liave been provided [transportation by the Frisco from nere to other places where they have relatives, and many others are' expected to leave within the •next.: few days, which will relieve |the,,congested condition. A ntinv- are residing in box cars, a's Jmany as four and five families l:rqwded into one poorly healecj, lill-^entilated car. Caruthersville ••toes not have many vacant build-: Ings. Many of the refugees have |:aken quarters in private 'homes.- Food Is plentiful, as is clothing. Irhe. WPA sewing rooms are nmk^ Ing bedding, baby clothes anil Inending donated clothing. From llOO to 550 are being fed twice daily In the big Red Cross kitchen. A •titchcn for colored lias also been l;stablLshed, but no large quarters for housing the negroes are •(variable, most of them being "ab^ |.orbed" into negro homes. > Tuesday "flood profiteering" ••eared its ugly head. It was : dis- liovered tliat at least one mer- Thant was over charging on mer- Ihandise sold to refugees, rescue |vort:crs and Red Cross. One ex- limple was a sudden raise of $1.50 |>er i pair for boots. A boarding liousc was found to be charging 53 ^*. day for a room, without bath. ":h was triple the price asked before the flood disaster. Conditions of the refugees in General is good, Red Cross offi- lials report. But should the weath- |r turn cold and fuel shortages be ••ncountered, the situation here li-mild become grave in a very |hort time. Fredericktown, Mo., Tcsday sent truck load of clothing and bed!'"?»' *™_, domitC{1 $30 ° ln CBsn to ... j n tlijs coun ^ wime '. Mo., the home E>o.s cloud has Us bilsc, lining, and If tl.c.cs no snow (or winter sports, then at least you can B o tack to summer nuins show^ that snow-suit* and heavy ga.oshcs Just udd-to the fuu of a tceler-.otler. -n,af., Y onnat Ichang on life, and Emilie and Mftrlo in the center, almost rubbing ,«»,. ,vllh Joyful 8 rin S . Ceclle and Annette on ti.e right eml serious about maintaining a balance. ' Here' the for ..dear are more Heavy Enrollment For Second School Semester All of the city's public schools are crowded for the second semester, which opened Monday, and several adjustments are being made to care for the students, it has been announced by Supt W D. McClurkih. The high school is now operated as a free school after having been operated on a tuition basis by Die Citizens school committee during the first semester, following a free term last spring. According to Mr. McClurkin It is impossible to predict what the enrollment will be when conditions are normal for the assignment of a number of students to the local relief offices has caused attendance to fluclu- crowded conditions have necessitated a shift of the Lange 6th grade lo the Sudbury school leaving only five grades rit Lange ale. The Mrs. Joe Craig is teaching one section of the Sudbury first grade, which has an enrollment of no. Power Failure Would Not Halt Communication RITES HERE FDR and GO-Cent Cleaning Charge Arouses U. A. Students FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. (UP)-Students of Arkansas University are discussing a boycott on local cleaning firms following a hike in prices made by agreement among 'no. IY. i,. Meyer, wife of HID llethodlst minister, yesterday wir- • d a cash contribution of $176 40 |oward relief and rehabilitation; Bird Sets Church Fire SYDNEY (UP)-A novel reason J'as suggested for a fire which Jroke out under the eaves of the • oof of the presbytery of st I fary's Cathedral here. The sug- lestion was advanced that a lird picked up a lighted butt of a llscarded cigarette and carried it I> a nest in the eaves. Announcements J The Courier toews has been au- liorlzcd to announce the follow- jig candidates for Blythcville mil- llcipal offices, to be elected on 'l G: ', For Mayor MARION WILLIAMS W. W. HOIilpETOR radio, ;w,s halted, .has caused preparation to b> marie -for any contingencies that mi»ht arise in the future.--" 1 ; -'.; : A battery operated wireless ''or code radio- transmitter, which can be used without an alternating cur- rtnt power supply, such a s obtained 'from power lines here, has be»n prepared at the request i of "Red ' Cross officials. KLCN, local commercial station and amateur stations are prepared to use increased power, on short notice, from the regular power, snp- The Southwestern Bell Tcleohone company has installed a small gas- ohne motor, driven power geriera'- tor to keep ils telephone cirtuit batteries charged if the regular power supply should fail. However no diiliculty, necessitating battery \Vife and 1 Children Leave Train to Attend Services for Deli Man, His wife and six children removed from the crowded 1,400 person refugee box car -train just before it pulled out for Memphis late yeslerday, brief .'funeral services were to b held this afler- non for Jim Rolins, 49, farmer of near Dell, who died of 'pneumonia at the Blylheville hospital yesterday, indirectly a !ftood dealh victim. . ' Mrs. Bessie Rolins and Ihe sis children, Waller, Willis, Wilson James, Bob, Mary and Bertha were kept at the emergency hos Pital at the city, hall overnight awaiting the funeral today. Hospital attaches said; the youn»es was ill but that the others were not sick. Mr. Rolins was admitted to th hospital last Saturday. His. family had been quartered in a camp. here. None of them when — ,-..lcrday 'afternoon but they were located. in one of the box cars before "the refugee train pulled, out for- Memphis, at: 5-20 o'clock. • • • ' . . .. Interment will be made this afternoon at- Maple Grove carae- lery, practically the only cemetery around Blylheville which Is drained sufficiently for bodies to oe interred at this time. ' • , aery current, develops ordinarily unless power service is interrupted for at least 12 hours ' > i T the concerns. Tlie cash price for cleaning suits was raised from 40 to GO cents and olhcr charges hiked similarly. Cleaners claimed the increase in prices of their supplies merited the action. Several years ago university students organized a boycott on cleaners following a "similar boost in prices which continued for sev- "Corduroy dances" were held during the time and some students appeared in classes wearing overalls. The boycott was successful. o'dock yesterday Vfern the Editor's / Letter Box' Hold Chapman Funeral Rites at St. Louis Funeral services will be held Monday aflcrnosn at 2 o'clock In St. Louis for the Rev. A. E. Chapman, formerly of this city, who died suddenly at his home, 5058 Page Ave., yesterday morning. His daughter, Mrs. Matt Monaghan, will not attend the services as was announced yesterday. Mississippi County's Orcalncss ITo the editor:! ' ; Mississippi county is great. .O,ur fame has spread afar. Our .rich soil and boun'tiftil harvest, is a thing of marvel. But what makes us great? It 'is not'.the.'soil, .for soil docs not without'the human touch! It'is not our roads or cities, for they loo rest upon something else. Then what is it that makes us great? The human element of cotuse. More than a generation ago the pioneers of Mississippi County began on the river bank, and with their shoulders pressed the forest back. They slashed the cane, felled the trees, and with pack horse and canoe blazed the trails that were afterwards to become our roads. They fought disease and hardship. They were the front line soldiers of battle reclaiming Ijie soil that more timid ones might follow, and enjoy the fruit of their sacrifices. • So what do we see that has made Mississippi County great! Go through the refugee camps and behold .the sons and daughters of these -pioneers who are pioneers themselves with their shoulders ever pressing the forest back. They drain the lakes, they till the soil, , they build and protect your levees. | They die, but there are brave and noble mothers rearing a race ot men with the will to fight on. Go through these camps, see these brave and noble people that have made your prosperity possible. These are the people who have made Mississippi County and the nation great. These arc the pedestals upon which we stand to write our fame amidst the stars. Jno. R. Webster, Blytheville, Ark. Town's Birthrate at Zero MOUNT WASHINGTON, Mass. (UP) — For the second successive year the stork has overlooked this mountain h a m I e t, the second smallest town In Massachusetts. The town clerk's annual report showed one marriage and one death but, as was the case for 1935, not a single birth. Mount Washing- Ion's population is 61, Read Courter News Want Ads edtcated with throat-soothing ingredients of Vicks VapoRub. VICKS COUGH DROP The bathroom Is the one room in every house'where the question of «-all finish is always one for discussion. A few years ago « bathroom whose walls were not tiled In shiny while just wasn't a real bathroom at all. Then came the colored tiles, and peach and green and orchid flourished in every new house that \yas built. Later came a swing in sentiment back to the old davs of wallpaper or paint,' and plaster walls again were used. Where "dry" construction without' plaster was desired, wallboard was used. Now tastes are ' mixed 'and all these walls arc found in new houses. The appeal of the clean look of tile and the range' of .colors available has won many - adherents; waterproof .papers of appropriate designs still appeal lo those who like greater variety; the simplicity and ease of'applying pairit niake many prefer that medium., So, : you "mav take your choice y ahd be sure }t will be in keeping'with that of many others.. The- Pederai"Housing." Ari- inihistralioh'willInsure^a' loan for the modernization ot-your 'room. ; As-a matter of fact;-it is" hot- the wall covering that .is 'the' really: important thing' But :the' wall,'behlnd it. That portion, i around. the-"tub must be waterproof, especially,.if there is a shower'over .-it. With: tile the wall behind ;must'be .of cement, piaster which can be made .waterproof. With'paint or paper^ how- evpr, ordinary plaster is often 'used and this is not waterproof. Thsl portion around the tub should be of Kcene's 'cement plaster, -which is much more water-resistant than ordinary plaster a n d, barring cracks, will make a 'satisfactory wall. . , : ' . If wallboard is used; it should be water-resistant and carefully painted, preferably with a glossy enamel finish. Double Doors For Shallow Closets A -wide, shallow closet that has a narrow door in the center is of little value. The deep, . narrow pockets at each side can be used only as storage, space for things that nre seldom used, for they cannot be gotten at when the center is full of clothes on hangers. Use double doors on such closets and open up the .whole front. Neat Floors Aid To 'Room's Appearance Shabby unattractive floors give an office or apartment an untidy, uninviting appearance. Great improvements without prohibitive cost may be made . by using any of the modem applied floor coverings. Such floor modernization "BERNAT"' KNITTING YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M .MRS. LESLIE HOOPER 1109 Chlcknsawba Phone 792 WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES OF AN EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to repali your radio to £rst class condition. A Com pic I c Line of Tubtj and Tarts - - Best Prices Hubbard Tire & Bat. Co. Phone 476 Charlotte's Model Home This model home haa bee* , built in Charlotte, N. C, under the sponsorship of the Business and Professional Women's Club to show the type of home that can be erected in that section of the country for $3,150. The jframe- -building has five rooms and the garage is located -in- hack of the screened porch.: : The bath, is tiled and the.-kitchen is' complete with' built-in.cabiiiels.' The Federal Hocusing: ^'Administration ;in- Hures mortgages extended by private financial institutions for up to 80 percent of the ap- praiacd-value of the house and lot. j Monthly rent-like payments include, amortization of the principle, taxes, insurance, and service charges. floor PLAIT' may be accomplished by means of the Federal Housing Administration program. Bright 'Colors Help Dispel Winter Cares Color may be used advantageously to combat the darkness of wintry, days, Carefully selected tints tend lo utilize, and reflect every ray of sunshine that enters and give the impression of sunshine'even though the weather outside may be gloomy and gray. Pale yellow walls and woodwork, yellow-orange draperies, blue and green tones on painted furniture, brightly enameled containers for growing plants form a combination which proniotes a cheerful atmosphere arid gives the effect of an Indoor garden where the sim Is constantly shining: Credit is advanced by private financial institutions Insured by the Federal Housing Administration for modernization purposes. Porches may be converted -Into sunrooms Successfully nt small cx- py.ise. '_ FHA Insures Funds for Modernization Shelter K one of the fundamental essentials of life. Beyond the basic need of shelter, however, people of the present day are giving more thought to the Improvement of their places of living—to making their homes not only more con- MONEY for Building This is available through loan agencies co-operating with the FHA for those who arc steadily employed and can furnish a building lot. If you want to build a home of your own we will gladly help you negotiate a loan. THEARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 venient. comfortable, and happier places in which to live, but to add lo Iheir appearance and.promote n artistic environment. Substantial assistance to this end Is given under the 'terms of the Federal Housing 'Administration's program. The national supcislition llml without a cellai a house just isn't IHnble, 1°; responsible for much of Ihe iiniitlracllvc "architecture" of most American . metropolitan sub- in b 1 ? i Most Americans cairy in their mind's eye their Ideal house which hugs close lo the ground, lias low eaves, and gives the general Impression ot being low and squat. But when they come to build they want a cellar, and, In older lo get light In it, keep II well above the water level, and to keep It as inexpensive as possible, they let the cellar walls project two or three feet above grade. Thus their squat dream collage become sjust another sillied box like the millions of others thai crowd our communities. There Is only one way to make a liQMSB—particularly a small house— look low, and that Is to'.mnkb it low. if it is set up in the air on a foundation wall piojectlng three feet above grade, it cannot look low. If a low house Is wanted, the cellar either should ,bs :eliniinaled or- it should be dug deep enough to keep the first floor close to grade. Thh means that the cellar windows must be In areas, and It aho means that waterproofing will be necessary in many cases, but it. is'the only way. The Federal Housing Admlnls- tiallon Insures mortgages for trje construction of new homes, as we)l as for refinancing or the purchnsV of existing housss. • Closet doors should be -hung so that light, both natural and artificial, shines in the closet when the door is open. Read Courier News Want Ads ^i^zzr: -i TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY, CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loans E. Hf. Terry, Pres. and Jitgr. Phone 617 Blyihe'vIUe, Ark. DONT PUT IT orr PUT ON A NEW ROOF NOW ! CERTAINTEED UNIVERSAL SHINGLES meet the demand for QUALITY, BEAUTY and PRICE They are Millerized for Long Wear ' F, H. A. Financing EX.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. JflVILlf PHONE IOO AOfAH We Do The Rest

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