The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1934
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Served by the United Press BLTTHEMEtE COURIER NEW TBB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OT NORTOART ARKANBAB AND 6ODTHBA8T 1QWOTJRI VOL. XXXI—NO". 1% Blythevill* Daily Nen BlytheTlll* Ocuritt W«ls«ippi V»Uey Lrader BIytberille HerUd I.LI'I, ARKANSAS, FK1DAY, NOVRMHRR 2, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS.' n Big Money Fears Extreme. Radicalism If White House Program Fails By ItODNKV ITUTCHKR WASHINGTON. —With elections over, the eternally optimistic Itoosc- vclt believes, we will settle down to a period' of rather good feeling in which hardly anybody will be criticizing the New Deal. The While House even hojies for that major. forward movement of finance -and industry for wlik'h It lias hoped so lAg in vain. Bankers and industrialists have licen told they might as, well get Bolng after election, that u'hal they're really been suffering from is a simple case of old-fashioned election year, jitters, and (hat (lie New Deal has long fcince paved the way for the big push. It has been hinted to them that the administration understands their tendency to join m the Re- JH/bllran anvil chorus, but that the occasion for t bat is all over now. Thc White House hopes are shared only mildly by many New Dealers. But there's a wide feel- Ing that more co-operation and less obstruction, are to be expected. Someone Must Give Jobs Roosevelt, Richbcrg, and other administration spokesmen will continue lo din this story into the ears of the New Deal critics: Either industry or government is going to . put Die unemployed to work. So far, nobody has been able to think up an answer to that one. Some of the whales of finance and industry,, hot excepting members Of thc of Morgan and its affiliated industrial empire, are Taking it — Roosevelt believes— very much fo heart. : They realize that the New Deal is going to cost a lot more money in any event and wonder how they can get out of H as cheaply as possible. Afraid of Congress Those closest to Roosevelt who . anticipate active support, from Bi<_ Business,i feel it will come through ari..inexorable..force : of, circumstan- -.. ces.~ .The 1 '••Old -Deal 1 " is'washed up . they think, and there's nowher< Big Business cap go—for a time, a least—except with Roosevelt, how. ever grudgingly and milch as i may detest -many New- Deal poll 5"' .OCKER PRISON FARM, Nov. '1 .OP)—Penitent and unafraid, Pur- «I1 Mitchell, 21, Union county ne- gro, walked to his death In' .m electric chair here today. 'Crime does not pay," he told Supi. S, L. •Todhimtcr just before [he execution, "I'm guilty nnd I'm paying the debt I owe." He was strapped in the chtvtr at 7:02 A. M. and was pronounced dead at 7:01',!: A. M. Mitchell was sentenced at El Dorado tsvo months ago /or tlie' slaying of L. b. Ward, Union, Ark,, Chair I Her Love Affair »--* ___ C ___ . * ^_^ Ended in Killing Tucker Prison Farmi ICES, CLERKS Commission Annou r( c e s Officials to Conduct November 6 Balloting ores. The hi] Officials who will conduct the November C general election have been named by thc county election commission. The number of boxes for the general election will be small as compared with the number usually re- The list, of judges and clerks folows: : ': Chickasawbi District Huffman—Gent Green. W. B. xifllii, I. A. Harrison, judges; George Cassidy, Will Rry jr., clerks. Armorel—Jack. Garrlgan. W. W. Williams, C. E. Crigger, judges; Jimmie Smotherman, R. G. Black- veil, clerks. : Blytheville (City HnlD-Jert Holand, Ployd Acton, c. G. Redman, iudges; Harvey Morris, Earl Damon, clerks. Blythavllle (Auto Sales Co,)— Ployd White, w. D. Jones, Tom Whitworlh, judges; Ross Stevens, Bill Wunderlich, clerks. New Liberty—J. V. Epperson, Henry Lutes, D. Garrett, judges; Chas. Lutes, Russell Gaines,'clerks. Dell—Earl Magers, Hop Sccoy, Bob Veach, judges; B. M. Wbbd- ard, Bob Neal, clerks. . • . Manila—Floyd Hqrnc'r, , proyer Snider, Kendall Berry, judges; :: .Re,d Wright, Byrl McHaney, clerfe : _ . Lcachville — RaymonoV Phillips, John; Bearden, O. O. Stlres,; judges; Fred; .-Alexander, H. *D.' 'fAlstqn, ClerkS. .. :;- -v -V ,>,-,•--/:,•.,; Forty arid '. Eight—fed ^A'dklhson. H. H. Hardesty, ' Elmer "Henson judges; Mrs. H. Atkins, J.'-.ij; Henson, clerks. . ' ;Half Moon—Tom, Alexander, John Galnes, J. H. Hammon, judges; H Love of iwo men Cor Mrs. Juil- Kon uoke. noted California i>oet. suitor, and placed lior husband in the prisoner's dock in Woodland, Calif., charged with raur- Lamar [lollingiiliead, atain Took Rich Depositors . Money to Help the Poor NORWICH, Kilg., N'ov.,2 lUPi- Hurry Stanley Green. 42, ^ it bank clerk, begun a year's prison sou- ence loday, -grieved for depression-hit customers, lic : IraiH- lerred $10.000 from accounts ot wealthy clients to thc accounts of pror. Giicn admillcd he was responsible and It was shown that iie had used none of the money for hiinseU. .,. • ' In charge of Hie books. Oi^en was able for n long time i to continue without detection ^because there wi« no ulterallon In lotjiis • ,' ', ', Takes Millionth . Chance; Lives Administration Leader Will Ask Bond Issue for Immediate Payment .<; RENO, Nev., Nov. 1 (UPI— Senator Key Pittnuui (Dem., 'Ncv.i. supporter of President- Rooscvfli auci reco^ntr.ed as one of the chief executives advisors, today announced that if re-cleclcd he would introduce as soon as congress convenes in January a bill to pay the veterans bonus Immediately. Pitlman proiwsed to inlrodnle a bill that would provide that th? ;overni]icnt Issue fconds to j)ay lh- •ctcrans und that the bonds ibe •etired from the profit made he government in the. coining »f iilver. He voted against the soidleis bonus bill, vetoed by President! Roosevelt, during the last sesslji of congress. • '• >i reason for this is that Congre'ss . is getting: Increasingly "dangerous," from the conservative jxiint of view. Big Business ho longer has the most powerful voice on Capitol Hill. .The one control force Is Roosevelt, who can make Congress do almost anything he wants it to do and who, on the other hand can \isually xeep it from running wild. This fact has been sinking in and —if you want to give your imagination a bit of rein—may yet result in a large element of Big Business Roosevelt as sheep ID n shepherd in a storm. Banks May Play Ball It seems fairly certain now that when the administration asks lor a large public works bond issue this winter, the big New York banks, which were so snooty miring , the last Treasury financing operation, will be found playing ball. Certain bankers -who visited Roosevelt in advance of the recent American Bankers' Association convention whispered later that they'd seen u magazine wide open on the president's desk—and the article displayed w as entitled "The Strike of Capital." At about the same time the story was circulating among bankers that Roosevelt intended to bawl their out and threaten them. Tlicn the' bunkers decided it was safer to take a chance with Roosevelt than with Congress, and the president—to all surface appearances—took, them into camp The approach to Industrialists is of the same type. • * > Itift in Clouds The other day the White House heard nf a certain corporation which had a $117,000,000 constnic- tion program teetering on the verge of.execution and of a corporation . president who had just ordered a $l4,0(»,000 expansion program and feared his directors would fire htm if' a business pick-up didn't come along and justify that. Such instances encourage Roosevelt to believe that recovery can come along with a rush if some way can be found to bring about n concerted effort. C. Buck, Louis Hawkins, clerks. Gosnell—C. -E. Cook, J. W. Craw ford, C. H. Raspberry, judges; W E. Hallmark, M. E. Cook, clerks. Osceola District Reiser—S. M. Polk, W. M. Tay, lor, J. K. Childs, judges; Bob Jones, E. C. cook.-clerks. Wilson—J. B. Crane, J. F. Doug loss, C. W. Ferguson, Judges; S. A Reginold, Gas Brandon jr., clerks Osceola—S. M. Hodges, E. P Wright, J. A. pigg, judges; Stov Ralph, Jas. CSirtwrightj clerks. Etowah—Walter Matheny, Cliff Sharpc, Ben Jackson, judges; R. c. Belford, J. T. Davidson, clerks. Whltton—Gus McClendon, C. L. called her his "while hibiscus." were offered in evidence by the . defense. CUT INTEREST 1 'HA Acts Following Inler- ,:vention/ o{ Presidenj "' 'Ro'oscvelt WASHINGTON, Nov. 2 (UP) — Direct intervention by President Roosevelt to hold dmvn home, loan interest rates was revealed todaj by the federal housing administration in announcement at a 5 Court'-.Upholds PWA Aic to Cities in •"'New 'Plants . per cent basic rale for its home I co ""- KANSAS CITY. Mo,, NOV.. ffi— Cctji-ess. acted•vwlthli5;"'j>a'3»f g'rahjed by die conslitiltion! -wlici under: title two,, pf.'-the, ; rJIRA. Appropriated money for loans nn grants To numiciiialltles :to he use in unempjoytnent relief and erection ol municipal utility pro jecls. 'Judge Merrill E'.' Otis rule todiy in United States distrlt Denton, R. A. Jackson, judges; Buster Wigley, Mack CKW, clerks. West Ridge—J. T. Lee jr., J. H. Shelby, c. A. Fitzvater, judges; Emmett Allen, Bill Smith, clerks. Joiner—Terry Mitchell, Joe Miler, Prank Wheeler, judges; Joe Terror, ,T. p. Bowden, clerks. Bassett—Calvin Williams, Ed Bell, Walter Hill, judges; Louis Adams, John Wcstbrook, clerks. Pecan Point—Rufus Branch, John Uzzell, Emmstt Childs, judges; Chas. Webb, Chas. Friend, clerks. Frenchman's Bayou—Oliver Clark, ^cslie Speck, Tom Willett, judges; R. S. Rhodes, Curt Speck, clerks. Nodena—C. E. Lynch, O. P. Craig. Chas. Hale, judges; Mrs. O. E. Lynch, Mrs. O. P. Craig, clerks. Liixora—Russell Bowen, R. N. Forbes, Jessie Brown, judges; H. Kurtz, joe Hires, clerks. Burdettc—H. p. Listen, p. O. Andrews, \y. H. Dyess, judges; Chris Thompkins, Taylor Segraves. clerks Linncy's Gin—Charlie Jacks. Roy Brink-ley, Marshall, judges; R. D Thigpen, Louis Johnson, clerks. Hatcher School—Ross Smith, Bud financing program. An exchange of letters between Housing Administrator James A. Mo!T?ti and the .nresidem showed a conflict over the rates (o be • r oiitd on mortgages guaranteed through the PHA piogram. The matter of inteiest rates haj been a .sore point with the housing administration. Its repair and modernization loans, made by pri- 'ate agencies with a 20 per ceju 3«aranlue by the (government, bore late of something more than pr-r cent .and were the object oJ nttnck on Ihc grounds thev were t?o high. By decision of the president the '.at 5 per cent raic will apply hrougbout the country. Police Chief Clings To His Old Badg. METHUEN, Mass. COP)—f\>r ni- most 10 years now, Patcolnian Har"y Nimmo, former police chief, has been wearing a badge with the name of the town mis-spelled ••METHEUN," but t, e refuses to turn it in for a new one. "It's different, anyway." reasons 'imino, "so I think I'll keep it Polks know who I am without being too formal about it." Incidentally, Methuen is the only town in (he Uliit«d States with that name. The ruling was made in Jwig Otis' decision, dismissing .a pel iriii by the Missouri Utilities con )«ny. » corporation, Hint const™ ion of a municipal electric phii n California, Mo., be enjoined. The corporation, throng)! its n orncys, alleged that constructs of the- municipal plant, towar \v!.i;h the government had cor tributed S135,000, will damage if » destroy the private plant. It fu alleged the government cou not constitutionally make the loa in the form of purchase of $100 COO In municipal bonds and L Governor For 19 and 20, Neutral On Olhcr.Elec- tion Proposals UTTLE KOCK, Nov. 2, (UPI— Ci«v. J. M. 'l-'ulrcll u;'efused In .« Hlinl tslntcmcnl today 1 to take nivy or four-year icrni "(rnb" anicml- miiiu 01- (ho I wo .initialed nets Hint 11 be submitted v lo'tl)(><.people In e general eledloh Tuesday. Answering a third Mler from f w. Klin/ey, ,'oniier slate senor. urging the governor lo oppose «.' iwenty-m-sl amendment, he id:. , "1 shall not take any hand In! '! light tor or ngnlnst Amend-i "H No. 21 and measures Nos. 7H Ml 'M. This Is final." He will confine his activities 'to iiiciidnicnis 19 and 20 lo limit ex-' etidilurcs and appropriations ' by 10 legislatec and to Issue bonds ily after approval by n rcferc'ii- ini To take a position on l)w liven-' '• amendment would nccessl- Uc taking ii sland on the Inlllat- l ncls, Pulrcll anlil. "It Is natural lor people to ap- MC you when you oppose them," is Icllcr foiiUiiiicd. "Thc candl- alc wbo takes a hand in tlic luces I other candidates is apt to be clewed. People say lie should run is own race mid Icl others alone. . . "1 inn anxious Hint Ihe proposed mciHlmenis JO and 20 be adopted ccaiise they will protect taxpayers i the future and will prevent this talc from again becoming bank- upt. AS I (le&lic adoption ot Am- ndments No. 19 and 20 I would be cting foolishly to lake thai course vhlcli would Imperil them." The governor wenl lo Port' Smith odny to deliver two addresses in f of Amendments 1!) ami 20, twecii ilio eyes with a .J'i «ill- ew Company Takes Over letter Plant Management The Blyihcvillc Water coinjwny, day look over oiiernllon of the ml wiuor plant in id system rinerly owned unci opcrntcd by ssoclated Ulllllles. Robert K. Johnston of Okln- bum City, Okla., organl/x'r of the cw coi'iHmitlon, tins arrived here ul will be In uerSoini! cluiree of ic coinpiiny's business. The WH- r works wu.s bouuht lu by Johno)i mid Ills naociales at a Ivnie sale from a federal rccelv- brain, tfmnti' Tomhllu, nbiive, " oian/W. \ii,, miner, UioV' Itml tancu anil won. lie decliuxHl . K. -Senator 11. 1>. llaulclil. otecl Huv&eoii, cuuUI S.-WB liliu in) llulflchl did, removing ilia uliel. Toniblln i» recovering .rapidly. Be lermmated. at Enc o( This Month I>. E. Tull, city engineer, lias beei notilicd tiiat his services will no be needed after December 1. Discharge of Mr. Tull, efftotlv with the end ol the month,: Is no because of any fault found wit his services but because nr the In ability ol the dly to pny his sal ary. Mayor'Cecil Shane cmplwsl'i ed today when' he admitted nbtl ficallon )iatl been sent iUr .Tull. Nfr. Tull was employed as clt engineer in tile early spring of th year, principally In order that 1: might plan projects by which IV. city could take full advantage o FERA labor oifcrcd by llic fedcn government. In addition Mr. Tvi took on other duties or thc offic Including Inspection under the city C.IP.IEB Denies Political Motive in Announcement of Relief Allotments Mcpcrrin-Granger Hodge, J, s McCants, J. E. Ellison, judges; Eddie Reginold, Powell Hale, cl«rks Carson Lake-O. M. Hill. Ben Pemming, w. E. Moss, judges- Clyde Barker, Alec Qoble, clerks Rosa—Walter Permentcr, s B Rpgell, H. E. Stanford, judges; 'ROV Walker, Will Wagner, clerks. Archbishop Dies NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 2 <UP>The Most Rev. John W. Shaw, archbishop of New Orleans, who had been III for several weeks, oied ai thc archepiscopal palace here today. HS was n years old He was a native of Mobile and was appointed archbishop in January. IfllB. Arkansas Co-eds Live On Month FAYETTEyrLLE. Ark. (UP) _ University of Arkansas co-eds live OH $10 a month at the 4-n Cooperative House. The 14 girls, 4-H Club members, bring food they canned dur- Inj the summer." Cost above what Is taken from their supply are Homemade Clock Has Golf Ball for Moon FORT WORTH, Tex". (UP)- A clock that tells the time of day, the day .of the. week and month and phases of tlic moon has been constructed by, price Kikcr, piano tuner here. The clock works with such accuracy, Kiker said, that H Is calculated it will not vary more than one day in 48 years. A golf ball, painted black on one side and aluminum on the other, represents the moon, "it is connected with the regular dock movements by delicate gears and makes a complete turn in 28 1-2 days, just as the moon does. Kiker spent five years In'figur- ing out the plan, he said, but actually spent only five days constructing the clock. 15, Potatoes Filled Basket SUPERIOR, Wis. (UP)-Fifteen prorated. They do housework In stagger shifts, ,and modern laundry equipment ' keeps their clothes neat. -ocal Man's Missouri Farm Neighbor in Hospital With Buckshot Wounds TO 1! pccially not- thc grant of $35,000. (various building codes and has ccntly been additionally c'igngecl i •evlslon, along with leaders of v; rlous trades. o[ certain codes., Prior to Mr. Tiill's appohitinci. the office of city engineer had bee vacant atxwt a year, Mayor Shane insisting that the municipality's budget would not allow for salary of such an office. When the emergency nrose early last spring for a planned city program to secure maximum benefits' from laborers employed 6y the federal government on projects that required the city to furnish materials and outline projects, Mr. Tull was cmptoy- /Ian Shot By Deputy And • Companion Accused 01 Operating Still . "Dock" "Hickman, shot by Arch .Indsey, deputy sheriff. In a, raid n a Rbscliind slllV nnd J. W ,yons weiit on trial .In .circuit rlinlnai court on charges .'ol imnnfaclurlnc llquor'and; possess ng a still today. "-• • ' • Hlcktnaii -was nltcgciily sho viien.hc iiurled an Llndscy wring the still raid wi'ilcli, occur- ed several -inontlis ago. He ap- learcd In court today, with hi \rm In n sling. Seven Years for Furccry , D. C. Wlicelcr was sentenced ti ;cvcn years in the state pcntlcti iary on 1 pleas of guilty to charge; of forgery and , uttering by Judgi Ncill Klllougli'of WyiiHe here'to day. • Judge Kllloiigh presided ovc today's session of criminal coiir in nn exchange with Judge G. F Keck, who went to Wynne t [ircsiric over Ihe civil division c circuit court where litigation I underway in which Judge Kllloug IsiluaUncrt himself. Warren Washington, negro, implicated with Wheeler In forgery cases, entered picas of guilty and was sentenced to three years. Another lo plead guilty was Walter Cruz, negro, who received a (wn years sentence for robbery. Sm-tfco]» Alien, negro, was acquitted of a charge of robbery by jury this morning. Trial of thc iw oj/ened yesterday .afternoon. . E. Alexander and Ed IJ. Cook were counsel for Alten, I.llicrly C.ises Dropped Liberty Cash Grocers won a victory when a number ol cases. W. .1. Oenlon of this city,, for- ncr niilomobllc denier, who opcr- ites a plantation near Dccrlng, In •emlscol county. Mo., is <it liberty OLI bond, charged with felonious as- iiult hi the allcscd shooting of A, O. Itankliis, «. tielgliborli\g farm-, cr, in a dispute nt Demon's larin, , Ilnnklns was wounded In each leg uy n sliotgHu loiul, allcgctlly ftrert at him from beltliul. He. Is'ln tlic lllythcvillc hospital here, under the cuv't of 11 special nurse, 111 fueling Is said 10 have cxlslcd between the two men for some time over Houndivry , fence dllltaiHks mid the roaming of Hanklns' slock onto Denton'.s farm. Htuikliw saUl Heiitou shot Win hen lie Ignored the laltcr's dc- land fur jiaymcni of n dollar fee or ri I'.ow Denton hud taken up ml. proceeded lo free It from Uen- m's bnm lot nnd ilrlvc It ncross a eld. toward his own fnvin. lie snict nollicr man with him nlfcred to lay. tin.' dollur Ucttton rcciuestcd hen tlic iKttcr went lo his hotisu ltd secured n shotgun but Unit Dciitoii Ignored tlic offer and fired it Himklns.' Dchlo'ii, was arrnluncd before a ^'anitharsvlllc imujlslnite and inad bund for his apivenraiice to nswer W. I Clayton Blaiwjsl Bankhead Ac( and for Diop in Exports OAU,AS, its NOV -i tuiy— l.ass of foiolgn cotton maikeFs lias brought the South to the BCige of Ihe gnatcst ecpnomTi crisis since the OWI Wai "', That \\c\\ was slmrVd today by ilirec o( the Soiith's (oreiiios'tXpt- ton .authorities, It was put .into' words' by A U Cox director of the bureau ot business restarsh of ihc Uiih ei sit} of l exits, mill ; amplified with facts and lig- mes bj W L, Clinton of Hoys- Ion, nnd victor II. Schofreluiayer, of Dalian ( > , "Flftj j(,us »|io tilt South pui duci'd 7o per cent of the woiid.s cotton Clajlon i>oliitcil oiit yvnrs ago It iiiixlutcd to per cent Now, because of ncieate reduction and pike pcgglm; iindci the Bnnkhcn<V Atl nnd the AAA the South pimlitccs onlv 41 pci cent of thc world's supply, • iu. "It Is not extravagant to Sa>,' lie iisstittd tiiat there H strong of this meat industry to .death, the assault charge lodeeil gainst ilm. ' New Counsel Retained i for Bruno R. Hauptmann NEW VOIIK No\ ^ (UP)— Ed- *'iu\l J Rtlll) Biooklin nltoirnej, :oday nnnouiiLcd his ictention h a,s coiiii.'scl rot fiiuno n Hauptmann, Llndlitigh Uw. suspect replacing Jiunes M.. Kiiwcctl. ' "Mis ffaiiptmnnn culled here and rctulnul mt as lonnsci for hei luis- baiut todai, Hclllj silil 1 shall go down to Flcmlngton ati-J talk with llikuplmnun ill the coinilj Jill «uh- in UIL ne\t ilaj 01 sn ;P.u\c«H who lias ripicscntcd the Gci'iiwu cariitiiler since shortlj af- ler Ills ancst, more than a month tuo. was not available for. com- ncnt. llli one of tin ucst kno^n criminal l.nijcis In,Brooklyn de- tllntd lo explain the leason tor ^Irs, Hiiiptn nun s action ffilEIIGBE 111 Health Given As Rea- i son for National League Chief's Retirement NEW YORK, Nov. 2. (UP)—John Arnold Hcydlcr loday • announced his resignation ns president of the National League. "Ill health" was given as the reason. llcydter tendered Ills resignation at a special meeting D f tlic board of directors of the league. While 10 definite announcement was made .I was understood thc board would meet again next week at which time Hcydler's successor would be elected. WASHINGTON. NOV. 2 <UPI— FerteiVi Relief Administrator Harry L. Hopkins struck back today cl Republicans who have criticized the PERA for.po:<ring millions fn- lo the slates In advance of the oming election. Republican National Commutes Cliiiirman Henry P. Fletcher bore he brunt of Hopkins' attack. Rcfc-rring to Fletcher as a man vho accepted thc ambassadorship to Italy, ."because nobody else vonttd it." Hopkins interpreted lis criticism of FERA allotment ,-i slRlcs iii advance of thc elcc- .U.u as meaning that "what he Is ini! to thc unemployed is, 'yen let tis get back to power and p ou will wot be taken care of.'" Fletcher's attack on thc FERA. Hopkins said, "Indicates n com- I-lcle misunderstanding ot the. privileges of the destitute. His at- l.-.clc that we timed this (November relic! allotment) at Ihe right dak Is silly. We gave out the fame sum always." ed. Mr. Tull. an architect and engineer, had been supervising architect during construction of the new federal posl office building- here prior to his appointment to thc city position. Mr, Tull said today that he would likely to return to Ohio, his native state, In the near future. State Plans to Drill Volunteer Firemen appealed from municipal court here. In which the chain stoic company was defendant, were dismissed. Other cases against B. L. Hoss. former local manager for thc company, were continued for Ihc term, on motion of the state. All thc caws were based on alleged short weights und false measurements with several independent local merchants among the principal slate witnesses.: The cases 1 have been pending on ap- l»al for two terms': without trlal v P: C. Douglas Is counsel for Ross, now manager of a Helena store. Witnesses Refute Claim v of South Seeking Fortune NFW LONDON conn NOV a. (UP)— Oounscl ior the estate of tlic -late Mrs Louisa Palmer todaj hndt built up a formidable defense against the claim of Robeit Byron tPrlcc) i aimer Stuttgart A.k , that he is her grandson and entitled to share in a $2,000,000 fortune. Price, nosi id years old presen_ hiins<.lf ns Ihc son of the la Charks 1 Palmar and of Palmer wlio wc ic years altci Ms birth ^Thc court adiourncd lite jcbtcr- ddy until next. Wcdncsdaj Four vltncsses tcstmed in pcison or by deposition that Robert was the son of, ;«rs Elliibeth Price of Stuttgart i Inll sister of \frs Afdrej ''aimer, married Labor Relations/Board Creates 17 Districts WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (UP)— The country was divided into 17 geographical districts today by the national labor relations bourd to facilitate the handling of tabor disputes in the field. Each district has been placed In cbarjjc of a regional labor board. Arkansas was placed in the seventh district which also Includes Mississippi. Mobile and Pcnsacola In Alabama and Florida, southeastern Texas, out to and Including Houston and st«th to Corpus Chrh- II. and Louisiana. The regional office will be at New Orleans. Council Will Pass on Vanderbilt Hustler • *i. Apologizes to L. S. U. NrtSflVILLE Tcnn Nov 2 mpV -An editoinl in todays Issue, "of. (be Hustler. Vanderbilt .student^ publication, offered explanation of references to Louisiana State On- ivpi'lty midcrgrartmle;, ns roi»dj-" After explaining a previous .etii- loriut wus Intended as n respectful nclcbme lodtys rcplj stated that T front page slor> ftiis pre scn'od lir'a "holiday ir.ood" as,ii- Iliuufftit'tlic occasion tienmnded": "K naturall follows that anythfri^ done by thLs paper to offeild"th'e : L. S. V. contngent was dohe"iih'- intcntioiially and is sincerely re- gtcttfxl by the editor" New Paving District of'the Green Mountain potaloe "Iscd in the backyard of the C. E ... — ,~ J«nncss''home filled a halt bnshehtoday had asked the superior court oaslcet. Tlie potatoes weighed 2 1-2(hero for permission to adopt the .Jap Followed Homeland I,MV MERCED. Cal. (Ol 1 )—Following the law of his Japanese anceslors which requires live husband lo take the family name ol his wile when .there are no male children to perpetuate it, Saburo Tachlk' 'Pounds each. ancestral name o( hli wife, NorlU HARR1SBURGH. Pa. (UP)—The Pennsylvania Department of Public Instruction will undertake thc :ask of training volunteer fire rle- parlments in the many cities of She 'ate in 1935. The department by conducting leader training programs for fire chiefs In many counties expects to bring about greater efficiency (n the prevention and control of building fires by volunteer companies, ot which Pennsylvania has scores. The leaders in turn will conduct training schools in their respective towns and. boroughs. JIarrcd From S(a(c Aulos SALEM, Ore. (DPI—Employes oi the Oregon Stale Highway Commission are prohibited from transporting women, even their own wives, in stale-owned automobiles, Farming Wisconsin Landowner Tlic city council will meet, 7:3 ° °' clock nt thc lo- liARABOO, Wis. (OP) —L. O. Kiirnaii, who lives near here, Is one ot the few farmers who has prospered in spile of drouths, poor prices and adverse conditions. Two years ago, however, he was having Ills own private depression while his neighbors pros|>cred. Unsuccesslm at raising grain and feed Kidman suddenly conceived the idea of "horse farming." Two factors prompted htm to make the venture. The first was his belief that horses once more would replace tractors for farm work. The second was I alarming scarcity of goort- hniscs in Wisconsin. Kuhnau now lias (me herd of the best and largest Pcrclierons in the country. He has a fine crop which arc designated for officlal''Rcli year which grows whether use only, It was learned today. it ratns or shines. a petition purporting to be sign- 1 u , s ,, mmla | lv ,„* e- h cd by a majonly In value of prop-) wing spread or sK feet lall to pass on the sufficiency of Captive Eagle Brought to Town, Refuses Food. Capturing n large eagle Isn't nearly so difficult as keepmj hint, according to S. J. Cohen construction engineer, wlio caught thc bird at Big Lake this «cck The eagle was captured after some one hid snot him In the wing * thb , .....V.V....V.O —•••••• « t't"- 1 incites, and Is very rare new paving district. section The district, would be formed. In captivity the bird has refused '" ' ' " ' foods, their" Pride sub-division • / ,„•- u.,..,iL. n UU . u MC w.uiuiM In cap tivity (he bird has rcf for the pnrnosc of paving two to cat the inost templing olf< blocks from Cemetery road east The Cohens plan to keep ft at I rtn M/v^rn vti-nnt \n *\tn tntstn-.nsi It . .. r _ »»-*'l' ' av on Flcaru street to thc tntcnrcc-1 hoinc lion of Heart! and Thirteenth) streets n.nd south on Thirteenth to the Intersection of Thirteenth Direct nnd Chfckasiiwba avenue. Sloan Points Danger in 30-Hour Week Plan DALTlMOflE. Met., Nov. 2. (UP) —Arbitrary adoption of the 30-hour ivcek - would, defeat the .very pnr- IKBCS ot the government's economic program, George A. Sloan, president of the Cotton Textile Institute, told thc Baltimore Association Of Commerce today, ,' WEATHER' ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probably showers In east portion tonight and Saturday. Warmer tonight, Iitcmphls nnd Vicinity—Cloudy, ond warmer with occasional show'- ere tontght, or Saturday, The maximum temperature here yesterday was 77, minimum 37 r clear, according to Samuel F Norris, official' weather" obscr\ er The temperature last night "dropped to 30 degrees. '• .-•

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