Express and News from San Antonio, Texas on October 9, 1966 · Page 115
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Express and News from San Antonio, Texas · Page 115

San Antonio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 115
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Page )0-n San Antonio EXPRESS/NEWS - Sunday, Oct. 9, 1966 AT SAN ANTONIO THEATERS The Bible' To Begin Run The IOIIR waited 1) i n n do J.aurentlis-Jolin Iluslon p r o- ilui'linn nf TUB KIBLK . . . 1,\ TIIK B E G I N N I N G , which won plaudils from an audience of celebrities at its recent world premiere in New York, comes to the Broadway Theatre in Alamo Height's Wednesday for an extended run. The $l(i-million production, in color on the wide screen, is a reverent picturization of tiie first 22 chapters of the Hook of Genesis, starting with a magnificent interpretation of the creation of the world and continuing through t h e Bible stories of Adam a n d Kvc, Cain and Abe, the Tower nf Babel, the destruction of Sodom a n d Gomorrah, a n d the saga of the p a t r i a r c h Abraham, ending with h i s near-sacrifice of his s o n, Isaac. Huston, the director, also plays the part of Noah and i? heard in the narration and as the voice of Cod. The cast also includes George 0. Scott as Abraham: Ava Gardner as .Sarah; Richard Harris as Cain; Peter O'Toole in a triple role as three angels, and Michael Parks as Adam. \ lovely now Swedish actress, lilla Uergryd, is introduced in the role of Eve. * * * The first San Antonio showings of one of the most praised Biblical films of recent years, THE GOSI'KL ACCORDING TO. ST. MATTHEW, are set for Thursday at the Laurel. Directed by Pier Paolo Pas- olini, the picture was filmed in southern Italy with a cast composed mainly of Italian peasants and working people very much like the actual people among whom Jesus walked during His ministry on earth. The dialogue is in English, however. The part of Jesus is played by a young Spanish actor, Enrique Irazoqui. The picture exactly follows the story of Christ as it is told by Si. Matthew in the first Gospel, without any attempt to fic- tioni/.e ni- to add romantic incidents. The picture has been highly praised by both religious and secular commentators since it was first released in Europe in 1!)G4. It was acclaimed by Life Magazine as "One of the great films of all time." * * * The true story of General Charles Gordon, heroic de- fender of the city of Khartoum in northwestern Africa, is the basis of KHARTOUM, the big picture t h a t opens Thursday at the Majestic. C'harllon llcslon plays the role of General Gordon, who commanded Sudanese a n d Egyptian troops against Arab forces in the ;!17-tiay siege of the city in 1884-85. Laurence Olivier appears as the Mahdi, the fanatical Arab leader who directed tiie siege. Other leading roles are played by Richard Johnson, Ralph Richardson, Alexander Knox, Michael llordern and Nigel Green. The picture, filmed on location along the banks of the tipper Nile, is replete with .spectacular battle scenes. * * * A highly acclaimed new Swedish film, DEAR JOHN, opens Thursday at the Josephine. The film, a dramatic love story about a young sea captain on weekend shore leave, stars Jarl Ktille in the title role and Christina Schol- lin as his love interest. Film critic Judith Crist described "Dear John" as "A truly adult love story! It is a beautiful film, finely made." * * * WHAT'S UP, TIGER LILY? BIENVENIDOS, SEMBRADORES DE AMISTAD COMB SEE! "Wildcat" Antique Gun Show Friday thru Sunday A fascinating collection of guns, coins and stamps For convenience, variety and value shop . . . 99 DOORS TO QUALITY STAR MALL San Pedro at Loop 410 Open Weekdays 'til 9 STEFAN BARDAS PRESENTS THE ENTIRE I BEETHOVEN , SONATA SERIES i_ :. . . _ . . . · . _ _ : . ....,.__-. Second Program hi the 32 Work Cycle, Monday Evening 8 p.m., Oet.,10, Thjry Auditorium J Our Lady of the Lake College Commerce and 24tfi Streets GE2-5255 General Admission fljEfo ^ , Students and / ··,; · *IT» , .. · , . . Military .80 Acclaimed from Rome to Chicogo, Bardas is described by Critic Margaret McDonald 1$ "d thoroughly competent pianiit who'tr.eats Bsuhoven with warm affection and undemanding rather than over-awed rev- erence;" by the Chicago Tribune, "elegance of approach, mature bril- lionce . . . ," la Nazione, Florence, "exhuberant temperament, with a mutical intelligence of the highest caliber," which opens Thursday at the Texas on a double feature program, is a picture that probably will be easier to enjoy than to descrile. With commentary and additional material by comic Woody Alien, it is described by Allen in these terms: "Well, now, let's sec. You might call it a bottled in Bond spy drama. Sort of an Oriental take-off on Ihe adventures of a Japanese agent Number Oh! Oh! Seven. A bunch of exotic Oriental beauties make it a real exciting take-off." The musical background is provided by a popular rock- and-roll combo, the Lovin' Spoonful. The second feature to open Thursday at the Texas is MOZAMBIQUE, an exciting adventure story filmed on location in exotic Mozambique, the Portuguese possession in Southeast Africa. Steve Cochran and Ilildegarde Neff play Ihe leading roles. * * * FANTASTIC VOYAGE, that unique science fiction adventure, is going into a second week at the Aztec . . . DOCTOR Z I I I V A G O is in its 17th week at the Woodlawn . . . THE E L E A N O R HOOSK- VEI/T STORY, award-winning documentary, is c u r r e n t l y showing at the Laurel . . . A l f r e d Hitchcock's TORN CURTAIN is now at the 01- mos . . . TIIK AGONY AND S.A.C. PLANETARIUM for Ocfob0r presents: "COLUMBUS, THE GREAT NAVIGATOR" How he used tfit stars fo find his way across the sea. Shows begin promptly at follows: Sundays: 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. Thursdays: B:OD p.m. The planetarium is open one-half hour before show time. Telescopa observing, weather pcrmilling. Children 20c Adults 50c (Children under s years old are not admiled to evening snows.) Sort Antonio College Planetarium, 1 block east OT son Pedro Avenut en Myrtle Strut PE 4 5111 PE 4-0341 COMING TO THE BROADWAY--John Huston, who directed "The Bible ... in the Beginning," also plays Noah leading animals into the Ark. THE ECSTASY is the current feature at Cinema 1 ... THE SOliNi) OF 1IUSIC is Hearing the end of its long, long run at Cinema II ... ASSAULT ON A QUEEN, starring Frank Sinatra, is now showing at the San Pedro and Bandera Road Drive-ins . . . THE GREAT EACE is showing at the San Pedro and the Valley-Hi . . . THIS PROPERTY IS CONDEMNED, starring Natalie Wood, is being shown at the San Pedro and the Varsity . . . LADY IN A CAGE starring Olivia tie Havilland, is showing at the Alamo and Mission (North Screen) . . . Steve McQueen stars in THE BLOB at the Mission (South Screen) . . . Peter Sellers stars in THE PINK PANTHER and A SHOT IN TIIE DARK at the Rigsby . . . Jayne Mansfield in TIIE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT is at the Lackland. STARS TO VISIT CITY--Several stars of "Texas Across the River" will appear on the Majestic Theater stage to celebrate the Southwest premiere of the film Oct. 27. Cast includes Dean Martin and Joey Bishop, above, Alain Delon, Rosemary Forsyth and Tina Maruqand. Comedy-adventure film has background of the Texas Republic in 1845. BANDERA RD. Bdndira Bd. at tocp 410 ' 0V 4-1531 _ ALL COLOR PROGRAM "ASSAULT ON A QUEEN" (7:37) Frank Sinatra, Virna Lisi "THE NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY" (9:45) Clint Walker, Martha Hyer CARTOON 7:30 CAPtTAN W«M Hloftwoy n of Jitfi CE J-SBI 4 Piclurcs--Carload Prices "MAN IN THE DARK" (Horror) "SECRET OF BLOOD ISLAND" Bobby Vlnton, Kenny Miller Patricia Morrow--Astronauts. "SURF PARTY" (Color) "THE CRAWLING EYE 1 ' (Horror) FIESTA SHJ «. commirn a. ' Carload Prices Louis Agullar, Mario Eugenia San Martin "ZORRO VENGADOR" Patty Hobbs, Dean Reed "GUADALAJARA EN VERANO" (Color) James Garner, Sydney Poillcr "DUEL AT DIABLO" Color Western tlit Suburban Run} "MACABRO" (Color--7:37) Documentary "ECCO" Coior-9:29 only) Documentary Color Cartoon--7:30 LOOP "13' / / DRIVE IN S. ZARZAMORA SI.50 PER CARLOAD AND LOOP 13 TODAY THRU MONDAY WA 2-1131 tujs AGUIIMMNDO CASABivA ANTONIO AGUILAR, MftRICROZ OLIVIER 0 8ayi?dn)Twin Qutdoorlhajitre. *%mm D.J» *.* B!M« DJ I BITTERS I I NOW OPEN Drive out San Pedro Ave., turn left on Bitters Road, or drive out Weit Avc., turn right on Bitten. Road. EXCITINGLY NEW! Sfe DIRECTORY for feolurM IFord Favors Annual Weslcrn HOLLYWOOD - G l e n n Ford believes Dial rvcry leading man should do a western at least once a year, like seeing your doctor. Ford is doing it now, in Columbia's "The Long Ride Home." "An outdoor action film," Ford says, "docs something for an actor that no run-of-the- mill drawing room drama can do. You take off your lux or your tweed jacket and all of a sudden you feel as though you can go out and lick the world." The Theatre of Tomorrow . . . Yours Today Now at your Gulf States Dr/V.e - Ins, ALAMO MISSION £, TAJ.10M US-SHO "MACABRO" "LADY IN A CAGE" VARSITY 51.50 Carl00U "THIS PROPERTY IS CONDEMNED" Color--7:37 and 11:22 ! Natalia Wood, **·*· PLUS ** "THE FAMILY JEWEL5"-9:42 I Jerry Lcwii RIGSBY I LACKLAND. T SAN PEORO'AT BITTERS-RD. '"·' OX 4-3426 EAST SCREEN ALL Ml COLOR "THE GREAT RACE" (7:15-11:42) Natalie Wood, Jack Lemmon Tony Curtis --PLUS-"THAT f-UNNY FEELING" (10:09) Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin WEST SCREEN ALL IN COLOR "ASSAULT ON A QUEEN" (7:15-11:13) Frank Sinatra- Virna Llsi Richard Conic, Tony Froncloso --PLUS-"THIS PROPERTY IS CONDEMNED" (9:23) Natalie Wood, Robert Bedford "THE BLOB" Steven McQueen 7:37 Only--In color Plus "D1NOSAURUS" 9:14 Only--in color Plus "AGENT 8 3 i" Sylva Koscina 10:44 only--in color SI.10 Carload "THE PINK PANTHER" 7:37 and 11:SS Peter Sellers, Plus "A SHOT IN THE DARK"--9:44 Only 9:02 Only--Color 51.50 Carload 'THE SECRFT NINA DAPRE7" 7:37 ond 10:39 Adults Only -But due to the abnormal sub-1 jecl matter of this | motion picture, absolutely no children will be allowed with or without their parents, -i Plus jj "THE CIRL CAH'T J HELP IT" Lee? t) No. et Hwy, n E. M« I.JIW ' NORTH SCREEN HELD OVER 2nd Rig Week "THE WILD ANGELS" (7:35-11:10) PeTer Fondo, Noncy Sinntro "A RAGE TO LIVE" (9:25) Suzanne Pleshcttc, Ben Gaziora Color Cartoon--Showtime 7:30 SOUTH SCREEN First Suburban Showing "MACABRO" (7:35 A 10:55) "ECCO" (9:15) Two Shocking Documentaries ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Cartoon 7:30 First Suburban Showing Documentary "MACABRO" (7:37) Documentary "ECCO" (9:21) Cartoon 7:30 VAU-EY-HI LOOP 410 AT MEDINA BASE BD. ALL COLOR PROGRAM "THE GREAT RACE" (7:37) Notollc Wood, Jock Lemmon "SPENCCR'S MOUNTAIN" Henry Fando, MaurMn O'Hora (10.34) CARTOON 7:30 TODAY! LAST DAY! DONT FAIL TO SEE THIS FINE: PICTURE! Trie exciting story ot one 1 of the world's greatest trios! 1 JOAfflJIrTcOIMi MAHIJSUOfU (XHOA J eoMiNo THURSDAY! IN PERSON! ANTONIO AGUILAR Plus this delighlful film: W I T H A H r;j- T I R E L Y NEW A N D EXCITING SHOW -- fcatunny these BIG STARS: FLOR SILVESTRE Adorable voenliit wllh her new sony nils! STARTING TOMORROW! FOR 3 DAYS ONLY! . . . A FORCEFUL AND GRIPPING DRAMA OF- AN UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT! ·I Fernando VALADE5 Of ENC CHINESE! ;RESTflURANT · Oriental: 'Groceries A Gift ishpp : ';' ' S P:M. TO l6"p% . aosib MONDAY'S ' · ' · · J '261J}'-"·'·'"- FREDERICJiSBURG RD. PE 5-2071 RADIO STATION Presently In Person" Two .SHb,*!^ 2:30 DAVID SUVA AURORA MOLINA l-LKN/.NDi, ^...ANOVA in "AMORCITO CORAZON" with ROSITA QUINTANA --with his incom- paraoie style, ins p i r a 11 o n and | piano! 1st time in San Antonio! * BOROLAS-Funnier! * PEPE HERNANDEZ -Great! if HOMERO RODRIGUEZ-Handsome! * MARIACHI CHAPULTEPEC-Tops! ;3 BIG SHOWS: AI 3. 6 t 1 P.M. ON THE SCREEN: lit RUN I "APRENDIENDO A MORIR" with I MANUEL BENITES (El Cordobes) AT DRIVE-INS - Frank Sinatra, Vima Lisi in "Assault on a Queen." AT CINEMA I - Rex Harrison as Pope in "The Agony and the Ecstasy. AT THE AZTEC - Raquel Welch in "Fantastic Voyage," with Stephen Boyd. AT SUBURBANS - Natalie Wood in "This Property is Condemned." DUE AT ALAMKIM - KJor Silvestre, seductive vocalist, is one of the hcadlincrs ' in extraordinary stage s h o w opening Thursday. Others are charro singer Antonio A g u ilar: songwriter and singer Fernando Vabides; s c r e e n comedian Chclelo; Borolas and Pope Hernandez, comedy team from El Blanquita, and II o in e r o Rodriguez, award-winning singer of the 1965 KCOR talent, show. TREAD IT IN THE NEWS" MunleipotJAudifwlum The BUCK OWENS SHOW featuring RAY PRICE [ ? flu*, Abo lit .r«rw»n I · . " " ; : '""" .' TOMMY COLLINS DICK CURLESS * . t . · " KAY APAMS MERLE HAGGARD BONNIE OWENS THE BUCKAROOS Advance tickets: Reserved S2.50--General Admission $2.00. At all Model Markets. Also Platter Palace. C e m e r' i, San Antonio Music, Record Rendexvow, Cornell's and LAM Store. Aim AviilibU e) oil II HANCOCK SERVICE STATIONS I" Completely Alr-Cendllioned' Houston a Sdndod Sti. ., Doors Open at 11:45 A.y. ONLY S.A. SHOWING! « THE SCANDALOUS GAME OF THE : SWIHGIHG SIXTIES SWAP! lNE CLAIRE STELLA BRITTON SO Exciting... SO Revealing! f

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