The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1937
Page 2
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NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, Mid-Week Bridjc ' Clt'j Entertained Mis. 'A. B. Fall-field, who frequently .acls as substitute In Hie MM-Week Bridge club, enleitaln- "cci members of the'club Thmsdajr lor lunch and a bridge game. The piize, $2 In cash to be donated to (he Red Cross for flood relief, \\enl Cheiry. to Mrs. J. Louts Has Club Party ' ' Mrs. F. B. Joynei entertained the Thursday Contiacl club this week when she'used the Valentine motif In (he. tallies nnd the refreshments seVed otter the bridge F L. EiiBter and Mrs. J. game. Mrs D. Wood were guests, In the bridge games the prise, lingerie, went to Mis. G. G. Cau- dlll. » * « .Club Entertained. The Town and Country Bridge club met Thursday afternoon, at ihe home of Mrs. James B. Clark Mrs. James Hill won high and Mrs. C. F. Tucker, second high A plate lunch was served nt the conclusion of the games. Woman's Club Meets. There was a business meeting ot the Women's club Wednesday afternoon at the home of the president, Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer, before the Literary Department had Us regular monthly program. At the meeting of the Literary Department. Mis. C. G. Redman led the discussion on : -"How to Give Book Reviews" in which she quoted several professional book reviewers. Mrs. Odls shepheid fold of tlic national book fair at Tillies Squai-e, Neft- York-city. Mrs James Hill took up the subject "What Makes 'Gone With tiie Wind 1 a Bestseller." Other members commented upon the discussion. A salad plate with coffee was served. to spend several weeks with Mrs. Frank Garner, sister of Mr. Hughes, and family. Mrs. R. F. Ktrsluicr returned Monday from Omaha, Neb., where she has been with her father, the Rev, Frank G. Smith, who has been seriously 111 following a major operation. Ho Is now better. Mrs. Klrsl'incr nnd her : daughter, Miss Nancy, and son, Bobby, left today for a visit with Mr. Kirsli- ncr's slslcr, Mrs. Grant Brown, at Jolicl, 111. • ' . Mrs. Everett li. Gee and. son, E. ;B,, plan to Iciwc today for n visit in Cape Glrardcau with Mr. Gee's sister. •'•;.' Mrs. Estcllc Cookc Vollmcr and daughter, 'Ann, went to .Memphis yesterday for a visit with 'friends 'Mr. and Mrs. A. Coiiway, Miami. Mrs. A. G. Little, Mis. J. t\ Leech, and Mrs. .Will D. Norman of Mayflcld, Ky., arrived here las night from a month's motor tri| to Mexico City nnd other' points of Interest in Mexico. Mr. Little was tnkcn 111 on the return trl| but Is resting very well at hi. country home today. Mrs. Jack Applcljaum nnd son Jnck have gone to Memphis I 1 visit relatives for several - weeks. Jack Apn'lcbauin has rcturiiei from n visit In Yazoo pity. Miss failure' to Rely On Bidding Costs Efefense Setting Trick Cai'iithersville Society,— 1 - Personal and -Monroe, La. : Mrs. J: S. Halscll and, Mrs, M. L Mayo have gone to Little itoc' ,'or several weeks stay. ; Mr& Rupert Crafton and clill- ;lreh-are In Little Rock. • Mrs.-Don Saminons Is visiting ]}>• Wll. K. McKKNNE_Y Secretary, American Bridge I.cajjUR Had West listened to the North aid South bidding arid fiilly relied .ipon It, North and South would jot, have made their vulnerable ;rand slam, In a recent game at .lie Regency Club. The ace of hearts AK95 V32 + AKD3 VQ54 » J7G2 4Q1032 AAQJ1087 VK08 4Q * J 8 4 ' i Rubber—N. & S. vul. South West North E:ist ' 1 A Pass a» Pass ''. 3 A Puss -1 * Pass 5 A Pass 7 * Pass Opening lead—* 2. - 20 Today's Contract Prob|em. South's contract is three rid: trump. His king of hearts takes Ihe • opening, trick, and now ho can count his contract sale if cither the club or the spade fine'sse works, \Vjitch jot'' these finess&s should he take? (Blind),. (Blind) A A983 V 1098 *QJ2 None vul. Opener — ¥3. Solution in nest issue. 29 contract was made. H was a <tcs- eratc chance,. but It worked: relatives Kiisselvllle, Ark. Bits of News Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs Oli\cr P. Barbel have taken the Gesell apartment, at 81C W. Ash street and will makr their home there after Monday. Mrs L.'VY. Gosnell Is again scrl ously 111 at her hoine on W. Mall street. Mrs. A. E. Mlerow and bab have gone to San Antonio, Te.\a for several weeks. Mr. MierioW mother, who has been here oil visit, accompanied them to he home. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Tankcrsle ha\c arrived here from Pionda t make Ihclr home. They are tern poranly .located at thle home o Mrs:.Ed Hardln. Mr. Tankersley an assistant engineer with the Ar . kahsas Missouri Power Co. Arch Glay, wlio was critically in jured in a motor accident son tune ago, was able to sit up Wee nesday for the first time. He is Malms, 111 Mrs. K,- D..Carpenter.Is ill Miss Virginia Martin, who., iit- lendi (ho University of Mississippi,' Oxford, will arrive home lo- ntght for; a visit with her parents, Dr. .and Mrs. S. P. Martin, and family. .Slic will return to school Monday. : , '; > ' •'. Mrs. D. C. McLean Is a patient, it (lie .Memphis Baptist hospital. John -Boyd Mitchell, of Osccola; las been admitted ' to the Mcm- ils, Baptist hospital.' Billy Crowdcr; is ill, with mumps! Mrs. Walter Tcagarden.- of \VH- on. is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bill, ngrnm, :i\nd family. ' Mrs. ,Q. F. Wciclman, of Chaffec, In., Is here with lier son, Robert, ml famllv.: Mrs. Llllle. Mac Hatcher Is ill vllh influenza. Mrs. R. ; 'L. Gaincs and' daugh ; ers, nilly ^Louise and Mary Frari- es, arc In Memphis for several lays. Billy Louise Is under the arc of a specialist, ' Mrs. Ray; Hall im « children left the:Hotel Noble where she and Mr. Carpenter, are living because of water being, in the basement of their home. Hives Allen is ill at his home on Chlckasawia ravehue. Mrs.;.Jesse M. White and son. and Mrs White's molhei, Mrs A1-. ice Womnck, have gone to St Louis for^a visit with relatives. The Rev. Stuart H Salmon, «ho injured his knco several days ago, is recuperating at his home. He slipped on Ihe froren sleet while at Osceola, assisting in Hie flood relief work, and continued on to Memphis, despite his injury. Therr he fell again, the knee having weakened from the first fn" Mrs. K. P. Webb and children have gone to Forrest City .for a visit with Mrs. Webb's parents, Mr! and Mrs. Lee Golden. Mr and Mrs. J. E. Hasson have gone to Meridian/Miss. After i\ few days there- with Mr. Hassan's lelalives, Mrs -Hasson will go to Elrmlnehafh, Ala, for a \isit with her -mother and other relatives. They will be away setcial weeks. Mrs. W. V. Alexander and sons have gone to Memphis for a visit. They were"- accompanied by Mr. Alexander's parents, of West Memphis, and have taken nn apartment there. Mrs. Ix>y . Welch is in Marked Tree caring for the nlne-months- old baby and seven-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Worthy, who are, both 111 in Memphis hospitals. Mr. Worthy, who la. a brother of Mrs. Welch, Is at Campbell's clintc because of back Injury and Mrs. Worthy is 111 at the Methodist hospital. Mrs Bob Pug'h and baby will gi to Memphis tomorrow to spend several weeks. p. Shonyo, who has been crit ically ill at a 'Memphis hospita is slightly improved today. Mrs. Joe Alojvander has gone tr Ei Paso, Texas, for an eUende stay with her son, Spencer, wh ' Is employed In a bank there. Mrs L. O.- Nash has gone f Memphis for a.visit. . .' Mrs. J. M, Williams and farnl'. ,havc gone to Memphis for sc\cra weeks slay." • Mrs. Key Hunt' and chlldre went to Stanton, Tenn, ycsterds for a visit with relatives. Mrs.'Baker "Wils6n and childre wtnt'to Somemlle, Tenn, yesterday for a \lslt. >• '' Mrs. Ross b. Hughes and children ,went to '. St.1 Louis yesterday oday for? a visit with,Mrs. Hall's 'larcnls-ncnr .Greciivvood, Miss. .• Misses Pearl and Jewel Lee, nc- omphnlcd by their mother, are In lemphis for a visit. V.G. Holland Is 111 at his liome 511 Holly St. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Graber have •etuhicd from a visit in" Hot Iprings.' '••••:• W.-E. Roddy has returned homn iom Padiicnh, Ky., where he at- nclcrt to business, • Mrs. George Strickland and :nby have gone to Joiieslioro for i visit, Miss Georgia Lee has gone lo .'rccmvood, Miss., where she is to e employed. Miss Jcanle Wren Dlllaliunty is :onva!esciiig from n tonsilcctomy •erlorhied some time ago. Mrs. c. p. 'nicker returned Wednesday-from a visit in Memphis. woiild have bc"cn cashed and the ovEr-nmbltloiis contract beaten one trt<*. ;.--".-. However, alter South had opened the bidding, North, with his support and .strength In both mjiibvs, coutd not, be Warned for believing that South, in addition.lo A solid trump suit In the t\v'o Imnds, had the ace of hearts to' Justify his 'opening; bid, '• Soiilh's opening bid .has only the justification of a long and almokl solid suit. It dors not contain the high card tricks needed, according to book standards. Yet hi rubl)°i bridge almost every outstanding player would open the South hind Of courjc, the danger in: open- lug such a hand is'that pirtnci may have a-.very strong hand ant the,.contract may get too .high South, lacking any real oulslcli strength, should hnve bid foii spades and not-five, but then' tin gravid slam would not have iieei inndel The'.opening lend of.the two o diamonds was .won with tlic mieei South saw that his only chanc rested on .finding 'West with bat (Hieen and .ten "of clubs. Trumps' were drawn .Mid t\\ hearts discarded on the ace an !he king of diamonds. A dinn'ior «-ns ruffed by declarer; and U jack of clubs led. It was covered Miss Marie Holt and Alvin Dun- nlvant were married here Saturday evening, Jan. 23, at the First Baptist church parsonage by the pastor, the Rev. D. K. Foster. Mrs., the:daughter of Mr. and Mrs; Hugliic-Holt of the Slubtown community, attended the local high school, graduating several years ago. For a year she. has been employed at the Brown shoe factory. Mr. Diinnivant, the son of Coiv stable and Mrs. Bob Dunnivnnl o: Klnfoiks Ridge,, also attended the local high school, -a,nd unlll severa weeks ngo;owned'a'sajidwich'staix here. Hc'is now 1 e'mployea at thr slice factory.' '* v ;u .. „• For the preserit-thiy are making tl-.eir home with-Mr'.r.Diinhlvam)'sj parents, but plan to have their own' home-in the near future 'lii the Kintolks Ridge community, where Mr. Eunnlvant will /arm this year. Nlhibach-Orey. - Annolihccmcnt lias been made of the marriage of Miss Naomi Nlm- boch and Carl Orey, both of this city, which took place Jan. 11. at Kcnnett. Mo., the Rev. Francis Love, Methodist minister there, saying the ceremony in the presence- of Miss Earlihe Bradsha'w arid Vcr- lantl this'city. The bride's home is at Pollard, Ire: EUncr Ha&el cut for cohsola- lo'n. •' i ' 1 * • t Enleriains With : 'i r Ffi' Ulidge Lunthfon Mi-s. E." b. Masdon entertained icr Wednesday Bridge Club with a one o'clock luncheon at the Eat Shop on West Third Street. Following the luhciieon the jucsts went to, Mrs, Masdon's icrne on Beckwlth Avcntic where several progressions of contract were'played. ; Mrs. E. 6. Workman of Steelc, who held high score for the afternoon,- was awarded a pair of Madeira 'pillow cases. Mrs. G. W. Lincoln was presented linen handkerchiefs as her award for low score. ; : Demonstration Club News Notes Give Dinner For Miss Reeves Miss opal '-Reive!, who Is leaving;-this ,w'ek, end for. Columbia Mo., to lake some special work at the University,- was honored with two course dinner at the Eat 19}) •, Tuesday evening by the achers of the high and grammar hpols. .-.;... Gifts of dainty lingerie were yen Miss Reeves by the teachers. • -.--.* • * Billy. McEivain, who is attend- g the school of Journalism at he University of Missouri, Colum- la, arrived Wednesday to visit is mother, Mrs. Gertrude McIvain. Miss Margaret Curlin, who has icen visiting her grandmother, Irs J. B Graham, and Misses Swan and Lucille Naylor, and Mrs >0fiivood Home Demonstration. The Dogwood Home Demohstra- loh club met at [he home of Mrs. fugli Hnrbcrt, of Blythevllle, when pictures known as masterpieces vcre studied and Mrs. Eugene Dicknson demonstrated 'the making of a cikE. The 20 prescn't discussed the most famous iiainllngs and later ;alkcd of the cake and sampled it. The 20 present had taken infant wear to the "inepjtlng, wliich was taken to the emergency', hospital. Pic and coffee- w?re served the nember's and one guest; Mrs. W. G. Ma\well Ark , and she is the daughter o! Mrs Jennie Irwln Since coming here she has resided with Mrs Horton Scott, and has been employed at tiie Brown shoe factors The groom, son of the late Mr anc! 1 Mrs. G:\V~. Orey.of this. city attended the 'local schools and a cresent is employed at the shoe factory. They are niaiing their home n an apartment in the home of Mrs J B Kelly Mrs. Club bnterialncd -. 1 Qus McAllister entcrlainc the Monday . Ev.e'riinsr. . Contrac Club at.her hoineMn the Shelto Addition. A three-couise dmnci was serv eel. followed b> several progressioi of, contract:. High score was-.he! by Mrs B?n Topper Mis Ami i Reckcr held second highrscore an >eeh vlsttliig hei daughter, Mrs. Harold • Jones, who has been III, •etur'ried to her home In Little Rock, Ark., Wednesday. She was accompanied- home by Mrs. Jones. : Mrs. Henry Byars and daughter Samara, left Wednesday for De- Solo, Mo., where they will spend :he next two weeks'visiting with her-sister, Miss Thelma Robinson. Mis. Obye Coker and children left Thursday for Newbcni, Tenri., where they were visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. McCorkle. , ... Mr. 1 and Mrs, R. E. Kent and daughter, Miss Betty, left the first part of this week for El Paso, Ark., where they are visiting with relatives , of Mrs. Kent. Mrs, Bob Mullinlks, Mrs. Sam Buchanan and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mullinlks and daughter have gone to Centervlile and Nashville, Term., to visit relatives for several weeks. . .Mrs. J. T. Martin was taken to Memphis Monday afternoon where he entered the St. Joseph Hos- Ital for treatment. Dr. and Mrs. ;j. B. Latshaw and lildfen left .Tuesday for Cape Irardeau, where they expected to perid several days.- Flint, Mich., are here visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Pen rose and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Anderson. ;Claud .Williams, who Is' employ-j cd by the Bell Telephone company! at Cape Girardeau, was here Tues-; day on business. • • > I Among those who attended the; -| Holccmb-Hornoisville basket ball game at Holcomh Saturday night !.| were Mr. and' Mrs. Carl Watson, ' r. and Mis. Clark Hinslcy, Joe ose, J. C..Edmondstoii, Mr. and rs. Patt Burlison, E. D, Burle-: an, Walter Lomax, Harmon innitrce, Everette Langdon aiitt oland Jackson. , : VictbriMcAllIster, for the past few weeks returned to her home in Hlckman, Ky, Wedriesdas Mrs Mike Meroney left Monday foi Walnut, Miss, where she vlsillrfg with relatives. Leonard Shade and daughter^ Patricia, left Monday -foi Qulncj. Ill, where they are .visit• -ng with relatives Miss Opal Reeves is leaving Fii day for Columbia, Mo., where shi take up some special work a Ihe Unnerslty of MLsouri during this last semester Miss Marjorie Aslicralt who wa railed to Maiden last week by th illness of her father, relumed'her Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Luther Young ar announcing the arrival of-a-bab boy on Wednesday ot last week .The young man has been - give the name of Donald Neal Hornersville Society — Personal Mrs. Opal .Deihpsey left Wed nesday foi St Louis wheie sh will enter Barnes hospital to tak nurses' training. Mr. arid Mrs. Carl B. Watso -H Club Enrollment at Peak in This State LITTLE ROCK,- Ark. (UP) — fembcrship 'in Foiii'-H clubs cached a peak in Arkansas dur- >> 30 . w'lh a total enrollment ^ The figures compiled by 'Ihe Aransas Extension Service showed hat of the number 7,330 were ne-' roes. Ten years ago the total riembershlp was 19,720. . ; Home demonstration club wo- nen made 444,708 garments last 'ear as compared to 15,803 gar- { J nents 10 years ago. .:" A total of $11,480,362 worth of:--'arm products were sold during.,, he year by farmers who received marketing assistance in con- icction with grading, packaging, " irccesslngi , transporting and mar- ,-, keting information. \ The fiissel-carea squirrel grows'' || artuft-s'each fall.- ;Tliesc'grow lo."" l| a length of 1 1-2 inches by mid-ii winter and fall off in the spring^ !' and daughter, Carline, and EOI ihSHes,': left-" Tuesday foi' Dexte to remain during the high wate J.-W. Allen, Miss Aletfus Raul Miss Alberta'-. Schell, students a State College, Jonesboro, spen tiie week end here with then pai enls M.fss Mildied Hanneis, who employed In Flint, Mich, ainve Tuesday for a two \eeks \isitl Everything-: For Your Entertaiui JRITZ with her patents, Mr and Mrs. F M Hanners J' K Williams and Mis Cora Smith we're called to Memphis Fridav by the seuous illness of Mrs: J. K.' Williams. Rescue workers weie busy Wednesday bringing In families from Rives to'be cared for here during the high water merit and Comfort Mrs. B. o. Bennett, -who'- had | Mr. and i.Irs. .Willis Penrcse, of by the queen and the last trump Isd from dummy to permit a second club nnesse. : wiicii the nine of clubs held, the checks COLDS and FEVER first day llcartachcv 30 minnles "K u to - My-Tlsm"—Wor Id's Best : I.lnlmcnt Liquid, .-Tablets, Salve, Nose Drops Try Vdm.—Always 10 & 25c—lo Tai Show Every' Night Mallnccs Friday, Salunlay, Susi •'rlclay & Sunday rtlatinccs—ii.JS indirilny Malince — Continuous Showing — 1:00 Till-11:00 1'. Friday - Saturday Specials Metropolitan Opera Star tells why lie prefers a light smoke ! • i ', » / > , J M. , , u . ,, t . , .... O'; - ' Melcfiior says: Tonight Is Pal Nile Friday - Pal Night 2 Adults /Vflmifled for Price of 1' ROGERS 1 • All Day S;tl unlay Friday, Sunday 1'INEAI'I'LB LAYER CAKK DATE DROPS ])o/ I'ECAN NUT HKEAI): Loaf .. CUULLEKS Doz CHOC. CKEAM DU'S. Ench .. Specials for Uulewg Hour - 5 to G P. M. Fridaj'-Saturday-Sunilay HASl'iJERUY ROLLS. Do>, FRUIT-NUT WAFERS. Vm., . UONUTS Uoz I'ARKERHOUSE ROLLS. Do?;. ... PLAIN ROLLS Poz. ........... Us Make That Cake, Vies or Uolls I'lione 110 Also Carlcon -and Serial—"The Fighting Marines" Crmlinuou llso Fox Movietone Xcws and Comedy "The hardest test I can give a cigarette is to try its effect on my throat after hours of intense rehearsal. I've found that a light smoke meets this test. And so, although I am not a constant smoker, I favor Lucky Strike for the sake of my throat. And, incidentally, so does my itiife. When we go back to Europe we never forget to take along a goo'dsupply.of Luckies." Also ' Filzpatrick Tra'vcltalk—"Col- orful Islands" and Comedy— 1 "Bleiidc Bomber 1 Saturday Only Spahky MeFarlind in "General Spank'/' With Phillip Holmes, Ralph Morgan, Irving Panel mil Rosinii Lawrence |Thc : Pi;i-sonaIity Kid takes In 1 ) troupers and you for i romp h-'ck in tlic 'nineteenth century. . Also Carlcon ami Kcrial— ' f Ace Drummond' —Continuous ShowinS- jTxu indcpevideiit survey was made recently aniong professional men arid women—lawyers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc. Of those who said they smoke cigar'ettes, 87% stated they personally prefer a light smoke. ;. . Mr. Melchior yerifies tiie \yisdbin of this preference, and so do 0ther leading artists of the radio, stage, screen, and opera. Their voices are their fortunes. That's why so many of them smoke Luckies. You, too; can have the throat (protection of Luckies—a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the exclusive process "It's Toasted", Luckies arc gentle on the throat! Sunday - Monday James Melton and Patricia Ellis in "Sing Me A Love Song" With Hugh Berber!, Xasii" Pitls, Allen Jenkins and Nat t'cndleton ( I.J-rics on their lips! Laughs un* 4 their sleeves' Love in Ihcir henrtsl . A good cast and a good shou 1 Also PARAMOUNT NMWS SI'KC- IAI,—"SCENES OF THE I'LOOB" The I'nraVnoilnt News Sunilay and Mr inlay wiir.lic devoted entirely io\ the scenes of the flood—Conic anil ^ sec it! •' -.Ccritiimous ^liuwing Sunday— THE FINEST tOBACCOS- "tHE CREAM OFTHE CROP" A light Smoke "If sToasted' -Your Throat Protection Saturday Special Midnight Show -11:30 For Benefit of Flood Refugees —ox THE SCKI;KN— Ann Dvorak and Smith IJcllew in AGAINST IRRITAtlON-AGAINST COUGH CtiirljM I'J^r, TIjcAmcriran T Also Selected Shells Eveiy Cent Taken In Will lie Do-/ nalcd To the I.cral Uoel Cross. / I .TUESDAY, FEB. 2— ! " §100.00 BANK NIGHT! l*x.;^.

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