The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1944
Page 6
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BLYTHBVILLB (AKKJ COURIER NEW8 TUESDAY, APRIL'4, 1944 BETTER HOMES H6ot Sealing is Made Practical By New Methods Building contractors paid little tUtsntion to heal-seallng new lioujcs in pasl jears because heat- tight conslructlori v,fls costly and relatively; inefficient. Now, however; rw product development and im- pro\ed construction techniques have made: lieat sealing practical ahij ; wlU - make sucli construction an. Important consideration In Ihe home ot the Cuture. 8y making use of recent advances In. this: Held, nearly ever> Anjerlcari home eon be mide to use less .fuel. Heat-seating Is of prime Importance for fuel conser\atlon For when wanned air is prevented, froni escaping, heal Is held In the hoiise for a, longer pcudd and, ley fuel Is required to maintain a comfortable tempcra^rc. 5a'ced with a serious shoitage of coi,' the Wilton's fuel users must taV,e e\ery possible measure to .use thij available supply to Hie belt ad- \aulage A great part of the years production of coal hns been set aside for military needs and to fill quptas for shipment abroad In order to avoid discomfort 'in' the" cold dau ahead every home ,'must be heat light to stretch th& -supply of coal allotted for home heating. flic most dangerous points oi heat escape can be eliminated bs insulating attics and:side walls, weather-stripping' w I h d o ws and doori, calking cracks, installliu storm sash and stbrni doors, nn,( kef ping window .shades draw whenever light from the outside is not nee-dec!. An estimated 30 per cent of the he^t'lost from the average home goes but by way of. window glass. Hecont,, tests by the Armour Research Foundation show that the loss through window panes can be cut 1-3 when window shades arc 'drawn to:the sill. Tile layer of air trapped between Ihc shade and the glass' acts us an efficient insulator. wis Msmss or FAKMHC lf l A HKRB may be a slow- It's like putting moncy.into met bul plant, tho at full lilt. crops ____ ____ _ ...... .... v/ill keep r.oin.i;] f&rmer who worte hard to raise For i'>c food it j<ro- hundreds ot bushels of Stain will duccs is ammunition as .Mlal to victory as bullets, n'rid inoio is cow tiisji cverbcfjre. Tlie War Food AdY.inislrnlion iias iikfd Ihe idrmom of America to plant 16 million ndditional acres In 1941,' lo supplement'Ihc 380 million acvca of.cullivatcd farm Und in 1043. Even with this Increase in f?rm acreage, prodtic- tic-n will pcrcciil. be Increased only 5 Much more food than this is heeded. So, to meet the requirements for workers on the home front; America's fighting men and our allies, farmers must help pre- .verit waste on, farms. One of the best ways to cut \voslc is to see that form buildings ore in good repair. Like any war plant, the farm has two types of buildings; those for production, such as poultry houses, hot houses,''and cattle barns, and warehouses, such as granaries, jnd milk houses Generally, the farmer has bsen more carelul ol his farm machinery than of his farm buildings. That probably fs because: it asks lose all o- most ot it, 'iC ho stores it in a bavn with a Icalix-roof. Poultry flcicks sutler, as much as 30 percent lous because of poorly insulated damp structures. Hog houses and cattle barns must be dry and wealhcr-rcaistant, or livestock morality will increase. Present figures show IJial 30 to 4Q percent of live stock never reaches maturity, because of inadequate shelter. ' The first step in putting farm buildings in good shape is a roof survey. If roofs are not strong, weather-light and firc-rcslstgnt, the farmer's production schedule New Model Home Has Shower Stall Of Asbestos Board Expects at the housing division of the Research Foundation at Pui- dg<! University have tested their theories aixml lov; co,i>l, housing by constructing a model worker's house near die. university campus. Costs w*re kept at u minimum by. in genlouA plannlnf. For. instance, Ihc (jQsigners cut plumbing costs by substituting a shower stall built of asbestos ccineiH' board for tbV us ual bathtub. Tlic house, containing i living room, two "bunk rooms i bedroom, a kitchen and a bath- •QOth, : costs between Sl.eoo ' and ;3,QOO to ,crect.' Thohnqs Reside nee To Pe Renovated Fair Start NO.TIOK Letters of Administration, upon (ho estate of W, A PIckard, Sr, de- cc!\scd, were granted to the under- sighed on Ihc 1st day of April, 1944, by Ihe Probate.Cowi for the Chlck- asawba District of Mississippi Count>, Arkansas AU persons' ngninst said estate . tire required to, exhibit th;m, properly authenticated foi allowance, toMho undersigned, as administratrix of said estate, before the 6nd of one year from the dnle of the granting of Ihc.letters. U]ioi said:estate, and if.such claims ure no^ presented, they will be^fprcu barred Dated this 31st day of March, 1SH4 r LUCILLE PICKARD Administratrix of estate of A sqiieaky whce! begs greasing; a tractor engine snorts protest when it needs new spark plugs; But the farm building suiters in silence, and so has been allowed to suffer. In only (our years since 1921 have farmers repaired buildings to a siif- ficcnt degree lo.mccl depreciation, nay be lost before the first clod of dirt is turned by the plow, the Irst ccrlified seed sown, or, the Irst baby .chick cracks the egg shell. Asplialt roofing,.available because il is made oJ non-critical naterials, is an economical weather-resistant, and fire-reslstent material for re-rooflnij jobs: Many old buildings, long unused, can be braced, rc-roofcd and madeTwann and dry by the.ap- plication o( asphalt roll roofing to side walls. Those which cannot be rejuvenated with these simple methods may olTer valu able salvage in lumber, window casings, and hardware which C8n be put into the. repair of other buildings. By The, former J.iNlek Thomas 'home t 518 \yest-Maih, which was 1 pin ceased r.e^enl]y by . Drs. qarl' arid Edna' Niys, fins' ,ix;en imOergolng ronovallon,-ai(d', rcpau- vrar'li. " . 1 bfcw •h'ardwowl.' floors throiiKhont Hie sever/ • rgorri house w'cit • la,id - nnd' wall "paper • repaired' in the up- slalrs';rooms!' The' slintlers on the Curo .'story' houseiwere painted yicen. Tlic.. hoUse'.wUl-bc 'occupied -by Mr; anil Mrs. S. E. Vail/ former residents of Blytli'eylllc. • Divorce P/eas Granted In Chancery Court Here Seventeen divorce decrees and an amillment vrere granted Friday In Chancery court by Judge Francis Cherry. Shirley CassUly was given a divorce from William Cassldy with the plaintiff desiring no action taken regarding the custody of the two children. The son. age five, is in the custody of the defendant, and the two-year-old daughter Is In yie care of the mother, Ihe custody of the 17-month old dauBhlcr will remain In care of the defendant in the divorce decree granted Connie Coburn from Dink Coburn. Charging abandonment and desertion, Eddie B. Ward v, r as granted a divorce from McH Ola Ward, and was given custody of uie three children. -On grounds of general Indignities the following were granted divorces: J. T. Taylor vs. Betty Jo Taylor; Richard A. Sweat vs. Ruth Ander- son Sweat; Naomie Oean Smith vs. David J. Smith; James Grimes vs. Lorna Gi'ime.s; Clara -Ruth Head limmcms vs. John II. Timmoiis Jr.; Iloyd JIandlcy vs. ScVella Hundley; Jan'u-s A. Seecr vs. Wordle l>. Se- gcr; William E. Oartlncr vs. Kath- ciinc Gardner. Charging desertion, Lloyd G. Ulchiii'cison was grained a divorce from Ruby Lorene Richardson. Clher divorces on these grounds were given W. L, Clayton vs. Mable Clayton and Virgil Giles vs. -Mamie Giles. . ' Other divorce decrees granted Newest American City Built From Wheatfield In 16 Months OHIOAQO, April •».—introducing'.who pooled their resources nnd ORDER In the Chanoery Courl, Chickasawba pislrlcl.- Mississippi County,' Arkansas. • James A. Walker, Plaintiff, vs. No. C582 . Vera E. Wtvlker,' Defendant. ' • The defendant Vera I-;. Walker, Ls hereby, warned to aypeor within tliitty days In the 'court tinmed In the- caption hereof mul ariswer the nplnlnt of the.plulntitl Jsimes A. alker. thJs 27'day of March, 10-14. KARVJPY ' MORRIS. Clerk By'Dorts Mulr,.p. C. rcy A. Wrlk'ht.'Atty. for Pllf. iuulc P. Cooper,' Ally, ad I,ttem. '' ' ' America's newest city—a Held of ideas this mass building nc- ivhcat less than two years ngo nnd •compllslnnenl, had every -detni now a complete city.of six tlious-. perfectly planned In advance. The and population. U was Incorpornt-1 completed plot plan shows sites foi ed as Midwest City, Oklahoma. I schools, playgrounds, parks, admin WAKNING OKI)KK The deferidnh't. Wyse Perry, Is lereuy wnrnctt to appenr wlthii hlrly (30) days-,and answer oiniilalnt filed ugnlnsl him by W M. Slxtqen cbrporotlng \iome builders, headed by W. P. Atkinson, an Istrntkm hulldings, nnd the shop ping center. Possible future cxpan ourl tor Uie Chickasawba Dlslric f Mississippi County, Arkansas. Witness my hand and HCR\ as sucl lerk this the ird day of April, 1944 Oklahoma. City builder, created the sion also was mapped out in tli new city In sixteen months. (beginning. 'Shows.Postwar Plannlnc •' Streets Safe Knr Children "•11\ib Is a stilklng prc-postwnr! "The streets within the cily wer exhibition;; or advanced community I made safe for old people nnd chil W A censed. Ricknrd. Sr., Dc- THE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL CO. Masler Exterminatory Alleri, Riddle, Manager 'Free.Inspection i Estimates , G«ffHotel' Phone 2028 planning adopted by,'private build- <h'en by KO planning it as to shun ers, 1 ' Josepli D. Mnson. c<litor of fnsl-inovlng traffic nroimcl the,out American Builder which clr.scrlbcs skirts on tliraugh highways. Th the project in detail In its current building progress issue, sntil. "Though bnllt, lo (ill an Immediate wartime housng need, Midwest City was intelligently planned as a pnrmoncnl. posl-\vnr community. All hoines arc of permanent ] construction, financed with over | $7,000,000 of FHA insured mo'rt- j gages. "the sixteen small home builders, Macoupin Seed Soybeans Germination Average 88-!>7o R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. , South Broadway—Blylhcvlllc E. H. FORD, General Agent, National Equity Life Insurance Co. Telephone 3185 KEEP UP THE HOMES WE^ARE FIGHTING FOR It's timely—it's good business sense—to -re-roof nou: Re-roof btjore instead of after leaks. To do so wore not only safeguards home health and home values but actually helps the war effort by making your house last longer. • Certain-teed Thick-Butt Shingles assure you of a long-wearing, fire-resisting roof for years to come. They are available now and may be applied right over your old rooj. No priorities are needed. Let us show you samples, give you a free estimate on your exact requirements. Ortain-teed . GRAINED THICK-BUTT the Conimon Plen: Seal) HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk 4J4-11-18-2 Read Courier News Want Ads. Irs. Hazel Kirk Kees gels on iark daily at.U.S. Steel's Fed ; ral shipyard at Port. Newark,, ".J., but mark is made with; ami measuring.and identifying lates used in building destroyer! scoi'ts. Mrs. Kec-s' world wo-i nen's indoor record for (30-yard! ow hurdles, 8 3-5 seconds, estab-j ishcd in Newark, Feb. 13, 1920.J ^.•JL^.'. -still stands. f were those of John U. Frasor vs. Beatrice Frascr and John Daniel Eeudiu vs. Dorothy Bendig. An "nmuillmcnt troin Mrs. Vasta Halle Crowe was granted James T.// Crowe. '. Cancer kills more than 150,000 persons annually in the United Stutes. Genuine Oliver PARTS Combines - Disc Harrows - Hay Hakes • Walking 1'lows • I'lanlcrs - etc. AUTO PAKT8 & GAUAGK Expert Auto Repair Work 517 W. Ash Plionc 2552 FELLOW FARMERS: You can not afford to plant ein-rnn,' untreated, low-yielding seeds when you can get our cerliiicd, pedigreed, Ceresan-lrealedi (cotton), high-yielding seeds at Ihesc prices. I'. 0. B. Burdelle. DelUpiife—I)PL No. 12, State Certified, Ireatcd, 55.00 per 100 Ills'., $90-00 per Ton. A5 (Nciy Dcltaplnc that led our tcs! lasl two years) treated cottonseed $5.00 per 100, S90.00 per Ton. St-.itc Certified Dellnplne—HVL No. 14 cottonseed, $0.00 per 100 Its. §120 per Ton. Itnlsoy (New Improved Arksoy 2913) soybeans, Stnte Certl- ncil S3.M bu. Not certified S'W5 uu. Kartell 110 yellow tiybricl sceil corn, nafs 58.00 bu. rounis $6.00 liu. Tennessee 10 white hybrid seed corn rounds only $7.00 bu. Delta Prolific seed corn Huts $3.50 bu. Brine your bulk cottonseed lo us ami we will Irstle our cerlifieil, C'erc-siiu trcalcil DI'L No. 13 nnd A3 seed for your untreated seed on Ihe basis of 2 bushels'of treated seed for 3 bushels of untreated seed. BURDETTE PLANTATION BUIIDETTE, ARK. B mi. South of Blyllievinc, on llwjv 61 SHINGLES E. C, Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" residential street, 1 ; curve gently llscouvnge high speeds in areas us d by pedestrians. Cites I'rogrcss Made During War "Contrary to the claims of som people Ibat Uie building industry ins suffered from stagnation dnr HB the war. this Issue of America Builder provides evidence of ever definite progress made in the hi two years. Leading home bullclc from coast lo coast tell what the have learned from wartime bulk ing which will enable them to pro (luce finer homes with many slier, servant features in the post-w r.eriod," Mdson said, and quol from telegrams received from bull ers and published in the magazi ns follows: Builders Predict "Construction progress will chide applying techniques devclopc for mass production during (he w :o smaller projects, greater use ,io\ver equipment, ou-sitc fabricH- ion, use of sub-assemblies will, reduce cosl of providing belter homes in post-war period." says M. Sanford Abbey. Rochester, N. Y. "Our present war development Kivcs our orgnniznllon an excellent opportunity to flcvclop new jn c 'ibrication principles. We expect that our experience will add materially to the quality and development of postwar homes and believe thai tills same experience phis the splendid cooperation which we are receiving from progressive organizations, thai I contacted on my 10,000 mile trip, will result in progress the like of which the homebuilding industry has never before experienced,"' Joseph H. Schulte. Director Research Division, Firlz B. Burns Co.. Los Angeles, Calif.. says in his telegram. "Silenl Servant" Idea. Featured ' "Vigorous progress in sight lo include more nnd belter mechanical equipment, built-in and planned with house from ground up, Included will be cold storage lockers, refrigerators, built-in ranges, many fans and ventilators, built-in shelves, drawers, desks. "Silent servants will make our houses easier lo keep clean, nuiin- nin. and comfortable lo live in. I'lan on automatic heating with lomperalure control. We expoct more outdoor terraces, picture windows, engineered lighting, electric dishwashers, more Insiilalton, better and easier to clean wall male- rials. "Expect integrated kitchen equip mcnt. with adjoining breakfast space, more cheerful atmosphere thioimhovit, extensive use of mirrors, bathrooms with cabinets, powder tables, streamline fixtures, arate show stall. "Trend is away from small, house to more simple, bcautifu traditional designs, some low-lined ranch house models." So reads a summary ol lelegroms from many other; builders compll cd by the editors of American Builder. Accident toll of the United Slates amounts to 480,000,000 man days pe year. Read Courier News GROW MORE IN '44 We're all on the alorl for a Victorious Mi, hut what we need is action! 22,000,000 citizens will have to plant Victory.Gardens this year if the government is lo reach projected-fond quotas. There is still much lo lie accomplished . . . You cun help with a garden of your own . . . And there's still plenty nf time! Constant pure water is as essential to successful Victory Gardening as it is to beautiful lawns . . . Plant your garden where it can fee watered during dry weeks if possible. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager ' . "Water Is Ypur Cheapest Commodity!" Money A roof of RUBERrOlD Te*-Tab Shin- q!$a looks a lol more expensive than iU^ally Iq. Theso colorful shingles aio t«ilui«d with wood-UEco g. Tlw naluraj-colored mineral yiauulea make them sat«ly lire-i^sis- taut. The heavy asphalt coating over lough felt provides durable v/oathoipiool protection v/ith minimum maintenance coal. The, comparatively small tabs make RU-BER-OID Tex-Tab Shingles practically v.-indpzoof. Here's a lot ol icol lor litlia money. In- aped our. samples and leam how -low our prices are. RU-BER-OID Asphalt Delta Lumber Co, Blytheville's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard 204 N. Second Phone 497 BE PATRIOTIC... BE THWFTY... invest in WAR STAMPS and BONDS • Then save money by catrying'out needed painting only -with KEM-TONE .'. . and buy yourself more War.Stamps and_Bonds with" the "difference'^y Here's how you,save" time .. .trouble anil money yith KEM-TONE: 1. Uu expensive TT. one gallon does an average toom. 2. KIM-TOHE covets moslv/allpopers, pdnttd v/olls and ceilings, wallboard, basement walls with on* toot., 3. KEM-TONE applies like magic. 4. Kf.M-T.OHE dries in one hour. ROLl IT ON WUH A ROLLER KOATER TRIM 'iTiWtTH FOR BEAUTIFUL - DURABLE FLOORS SHERWtN-WlLUAMS A tough, long wc.iring enamel § fl for wooJ, linoleum and ccracni ' j floois. Dries hard. \VashahIe. * 15 tat

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