The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 1, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND 6OUTHI1AST MISSOURI VOIAJMK XXXIV—NO. 271. Blythevllls Courier Blythevllle HerMd Blylhovllle Dully News Mississippi Valley Leader Hl.YTHKVliM.K, AKKANSAS, TUKSDAV, KKHKUAUY 1, 1088 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* Dedair* Impression of U. S.-Britisli Alliance Is Dangerous WASHINGTON, Pel). I. (UP) — Renatar William E. Borah (Rep., lila.) interrupted a momentous sen- atc debate on foreign policy today to warn (lie administration against repstili-n ol "the very things that brought on the World War." The vctcfiin klahoan, former chairman of the foreign relations rommittce, pointed with concern lo refill statements and events in belli Great Britain and tlie United States, which lie said gave other nations the Impression that there was a ta?it alliance or understand!»"• between the two countries. The world lie said "has gone niiul." partly because or the impression given that these two nations arc building up their naval armaments as a result of join consultation. Recalls World War "These." Borah cried, "arc the very things that brought on the World War." Borah, Senator Hiram Johnson (Rep., Calif.). Chairman Key Pittman (Dem., Nev.) of the senate foreign relations committee and Senator J. Hamilton Lewis (Dem., joined in the significant de- at the opening of today's Supreme Court Refuses ; To Review Ballot Title UTTU-: HOCK, ].Vb. l.-Ilcldlm- that it could not rule on the sufficiency ot the ballot title thai a proposed initiated «<;(. lmt i| ( | H . secretary of stall! had nceejilcd or rejected a |ic-titloii for placing such ' ballot title on the ballots, the stall- supreme court dismissed yesterday i a lest suit to determine sufficiency .,. o , . p. . of the ballot lltlc of Ihe Rolen'-' Jo OUbtnil Dalit At berry proposed pension amend- ! nieiil. \ The suit was filed by ,i. R. n r .int- I bo, taxpayer, lo restrain seiwlury 1 of State c. O. Hall from certllviiv/1 out the proposed Rolenbeiry ame-<I-! A>1 a " M of ""' l; "" t: ''> "f "• M- menl, \ Craig, Mississippi ujunty tircull Under provisions of l(ie proposed^' 011 " clerk, for tbf years of lenr- m» On C o in p 1 a i* n I A(>aiusl Ciivuil Clerk Smiling Th "i§i^ s ?r' v amendment all persons over KO and { "'"' will prtiljiibiy in- nude blind perrons over l(i u'itli Incomes Public by J. Bryan finis In coun- of less than $50 a month would re- 1 V collrt tomorrow mornin« :it Os- ceive up to $50 a immlli In pensions e^'a when Judge K. \.. GladWi from the state. will hear the complain) of (lie Mississippi Comity Taxpayers association, and a group of taxpayers as Individuals, ilcm.indiui; an lu'CoimtltU! for various fees, commissions and oilier sums 11111011111- iiis; lo Hpuim-lmulrly SH.OCO which they charge is due Mississippi county by Mr. CiaiB mid in part. hi.s- Blythevillc deputy, Addison Smith. Mr. Sims is head of '.lie county audit division of Ihe stale comptroller's office. The long awaited audit of the books of all county .offices for 930 Is now complete, Mr. Sims aid today, but the final report las not been completely typed ncl only n report on Ihe audit 1 Mr. Craig's records will be sub- Loosens Grip On United States and Passes Into Canada lly United Press Winler's severest cold wave. which tumbled temperatures below zero in the north central states, loosed its hold today and moved northeastward into Ontario. 111.) hi>tn session. It followed the statement of Admiral William D. Leahy before a house committee that international conditions arc more threatening now than nt any lime since 1918. Leahy urged enactment of Prcsldet Roosevelt's national defense expansion program and said that if Japan is building 43,000 ton battleships the United States probably will "do" th6 same. 'Borah/said that the navy building program threatened (o lead lo a situation similar lo thai which preceded the world war. Defends Program Piltinan defended the navy build- in" program as a "defense" move m(i <;iir] that it hail no relation to the foreign policy. He demanded an "impassible barrier" to prevent invasion. "We must be. prepared to destroy (hem if they attempt lo attack us and destroy us," he declared. "We must spend a feu 1 billions of dollars lo assure the world of our ability to defend our shores." "Each of ns feels that in a crisis. such as that which fnces Ihe world today and especially our counlry. Ihe senate is entitled to know the plan tlw.l Is being followed," Johnson said. Johnson contended that one of tlic things that the Mead of a nation must learn "early In his career" is not to threaten a "quarantine" I'nlcss he plans to go through with it. The mercury began a slow throughout Mississippi rise and Ohio valleys. United States Forecaster J. H, Lioyd said the wave practically was ended in the middle west. As the great mass of frigid air moved into Canada it fringed for the first time along the Atlanlic seaboard at New York city, where the temperature had lickl up near the 50's, while the middlewesl shivered In bitter cold, Ihe - mercury dropj»rt to a few poinls below, freezing. Lloyd said It would be colder tonight in all stales east of the Alleghenies but would warm up again Wednesday. Montana. Wyoming. Nebraska, the Dakolas, Minnesota, Iowa. Kansas, Missouri. Michigan, Illinois. Indiana and Ohio reported zero or sub zero readings last night. Temperatures were slightly higher in all of the states today. Lloyd said they would continue to rise. The increases meant little in the Dakotas und Minnesota where the temperatures held near or below zero, despite rises of 10 degrees. ' The lowest 24-hour reading wns recorded at White Elver, Ontario where it was 50 degrees below ero. The cold, heavy snows and floods were blamed for at least 20 deaths. K Bailey Is To Remain At Hot Springs Hotel Ll'ITLE ROCK, Feb. 1. (UP)Due lo his weakened condilion Ciov. Curt E. Bailey will be con- lined lo his holel room at Hot Springs for tlie remainder of this wrek, attaches of his office here snid today. FWEU7 I'LL T€LL YOU Assessed $100 Fines On Drunken Driving Charges Two men. charged with driving a car while under the Influence of liquor, were fined in munlclpa court today. Roy Davis was fined $100 on the charge lo which he entered it plea of guilty and Eugene Sims, negro was fined a similar amount nftei pleading guilty to the same charge. BY - BOB ~{ _ BURNS Stock Prices NEW YORK. Feb. 1. (UP)— Tb slock market extended yesterday' gains today but trading fell off further as Wall street contlnuei cautiously. A. T. & T ................ 130 3- intled tomorrow. The 1937 audit, pon which several auditors have ecu worJring for four weeks, is ot complett but Mr. Craig's rec- rds have been audited. The action, which seeks lo cornel llic circuit clerk lo pay ami- o llic counly csilain sums, was iled November 13. It was oiig- unlly scheduled to be heard Monay, December 1:1, but wns postponed. Judge Gladisli suggested when lie matter, first came before him hat counsel for the taxpayers group nd Craig and Smith check over he comptroller's audit and attempt- to arrive at an agreement on mounts. If any,' owed the county. The complaint seeks an account- ng for what lliey say is "an accn- nulatlvc shortage' of deposits rep- escnling the difference between lie receipts of tlie office and what .as deposited in the bank and or which the clerk has not ac- 'ounted". amounting to $7,582.72. The certain sums which the :omplainnii(s seek turned over lo Jie county include $2,642.72 as •arlous fees collected in 1935. with esscr amounts, one allegedly In- •olving a salary overdraft of 591 al (he lilytheville office; fees amounting (o $1,056 in 1930 to :cther with other amounts of $420, Sl.CSO and an alleged salary over- Three Given St'iitenm By Federal Coiirl Judpe UTI'l.K M>lllrlllT:l s In ,-, \\T11 1 ' ''"' J' 1 '"'* In n liimM'MOr Will 111- und ilm'il $:'.oo 1 Subject Ci.ll draft al lilytheville $792.92 of $750 mid auotlier named as plaintljfs amount of S'248.13 and an alleged salnrv overdraft of $123 al Bly- hevllJe. Those .lie proceeding are: j'. H. Smart R. C. Branch, R. L. Speck. J. P Holiman. R. H. nobinson. J. ic. Childs, W. M. Taylor. W. P. Wll- ion. W. If. Frasicr, J. P. Jontz 3. F. Tucker. Tom Martin, Fret, Pleetnan. M. p. Brownlee, Hiram Wylie. J. A. Gwatlney, Hemj Brinklcy. J. H. Cram. D. P. Por- lis, u p. Bowden and C. J. Low- ranee jr. Tlie nclion was brought throng! Cecil Shane, monllis ago relained by tlie scvera Mississipp County Taxpayers association a- special counsel lo prosecute suits to recover sums which it contend are due the county. .ession I.ITTI.H HOIIK, Fob. I Mil')- :ii;itv Ki'pn-rnlutlvos I,™ Nyuoi'K Mild I,n> Nirlinl:: mimiiiniM'il today Unit (iiiv. Uarl K. llulley's iirobnble i^ill Inr (i «pi'<'!ul' .session ot Hie nciH'i'ii'l H.ssoiibly litle [Ms nninlli wi>ii!;l Ini'Uidc li-i;lKlullon - lo pio- vldi' Kir buUdlni; Iwo new slalc HOCK, l\[i. \. -l'rl::<in vi'l'i 1 IIH'U'd out til lie- li'iiilinil', tn lliirc ItxhTnl roml .!:••. M .n Mi! 'isslfipl •:uifnty and di'h-irlanl Wii:i pliici'd on liy IVdcrul Jncliji! Tliomns 'i' lure yesterday. I''IPII':II| wit! 1 , SfiileiU'ed lo [i/dmil iK'iilti'iitlrcry lor posM'ssliH; coun- | Icviull t'lvi- diilliu- bills, | .'i.'illlc KCdl .'imltli wns ijlvcii 11 llui'c yrar si'iiUnici' for liaii!i)iiirl- [ liii; 11 car frum Nashville, 'IVnn., In Mlf;slsslp]il ctniuty, Ark. I Cliavli's Wlllliim Tlioinpson was Ijlveu u si'iilencc uf a year and a dny und a $200 lliu 1 for violation of liquor lax law. tlarliind Hkellou ot Mlsslsslp|il on prolmllou for The photographers said "Look ulcasant, Mr. President," and here I Hie KSull—Franklin D. Rooafitll, President of the UnlUxl Slates on bis Stith birthday. A fcNv more liny wrinkles, n few more gr:tj lairs, but the same genial smile and twinkling cyca mark the fact of the nation'.s l-'irsl Citizen niter another year in the White Unas He posed for the picture above during a ceremony which prcccilo :i nation-wide birthday celebration marked by more than 15,000 par- lies held to obtain funds (o fight Infantile paralysis. Hong Kong and Canton Communications L i n c Believed Damaged SHANGHAI, Feb. 1 (UP)— Telephonic communications between Hong Kong und Canlon and Can- Ion and Hankow were today nflcr reports of disrupted severe Find Body of Man On Bank of River MEMPHIS, Feb. 1 (UP)—Police today identified a man found dead on Ihe east bank of the Mississippi River as_ George W. Houser of New York Cotton Anaconda Cop 31 Assoc. D, G T Beth. Steel 57 Boeing Air 29 Chrysler 541-21 Coca Cola ng i-2i Gen. Elec 39 3-4 \ Gen. Mot 34 1-8 Int. Harvest d Montgomery Ward 323-8 NEW YORK, Feb. 1 <UP)N. Y. Central n 1.4 i Cotton closed barely steady- Packard .' 47-8 open high low' ctnse Phillips PH 37 3.4 Mar 84.7 847 841 Radio 6 1-8 Ma}' 855 850 Echenly Dist 22 3-8 J"'y 863 864 Simmons 20 1-2 Oct 874 875 Socony Vac isi-sl^c 877 879 Japanese airplane bombardment In the Canton area. A refuge train from Hankow dtie yesterday had not arrived nl Hong Kong loday. Canton advices said 'tliat 13 Japanese planes bombed Falslinn, west of Canton, wltli bombs reported to weigh as much us SOO pounds. It was asserted llmt many were killed. ForUs near Canlon were bombarded and Chinese ports were that more than 20 civilians were killed. Chinese sources here said that llic government had recalled a detachment of men, formerly of tin Shanghai garrison, who remained In Shanghai afler the Japanese occupation to carry out lustrum lion to exterminate traitors. Leaders of the detachment were quoted as saying In farewell that they regretted the arrests of many Innocent persons as terrorists and dwlaimed responsibility for any future terrorism. The Juliil nimuuiMU'meiil by Mie WIP ri'pi'i'sentullvi's riuiU' aflur licy confi'iTOcl wllli (l»v. llulli'y n I lot Hpi'luijs. "Tlii> coviTiitji' will Include thr iiiildlnt; pror.nim fur the Iwo siinU urliims In his call If cnounh d'f lie senulc and liuuso nii'iuliors Ipilly llH'Ir Interest In such a pill," Nyljcru. I'hlllliw comity ivp- o.sontnllve, said. "We I'sldniile llml threo hosplliil (Ulldliii!* for the two Kimltrirluni.s will cost approximately $700,000 vhlch will be raised from the stale •Imrlly funds and by Increuslnc he .slate llt|iior null wlm: taxes" Would Illlie l.liimir, Wimi Tus Nichols, who represents IIOKIIII county, said present pluns called mishit; of lliu liquor lux from OS It) HO [.'I'lllji II HIlllOl! Wllll till! Increase going lo Ihe building funds. Tlie wine lax would be hiked from 10 lo 00 cents » (gallon. Nichols sold Arkansas had recorded nn IB PIT cent increase In deaths from tuberculosis Hi the 1 past two yours und that there were 315 appllcallons on the waiting list. The two sanitariums now ;riilli)«, near Boonovlllo nm near Fort Smith, arc carrying foi 715 palienls;-Many of thcsn Imvo lo sleep in Hie biillwnys of -tin saimlariiims' buildings, Nichols declared. The Iwu rt'pre.venlfillve.'i sulr letters had been mailed lo al mnnU'is of tlie general assembly urging lliclr aid on the proposcc bill. If n majority displays interest they said, the measure would lie included among the "must" Hems of legislation outlined by Qov. linllcy. imOOSEIELT 31yllicvillc Resident Was Born In Syria 53 Years Ago Passage Expected To Give Impetus To Home Build'"i! Program WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 (UP) — The .senate todiiy completed congressional action on tlie admlnls- Iralliin's housing bill designed: U) stimulate tlio Investment of prl- viiln cnpllal in ix $2,000,000,000 home construction program. The votir wil. 1 ;' 42 lo '10. The mrasure, previously approv- d by Hie house, now goes to the Vhtto liouse for the signature of •resident Hooscvelt, Introduced by Jennior Hobert P. Wagner (Dem., ••I. Y.) Hie bill was on the list of miisi" legislation placed before at Iho special session last Final approval of the measure in mo after a bitter controversy over diminution ot a "prevailing ;o" amendment, offered by Senator Homy Cabot Lodge (Hepi, Mass,), among senate and house •onfcrccs. Mrs. Mary Kallbu Johns, wife of [lie lule N. Julius, dlrd nl her lonii' at seven o'clock UiLs morn- Ini! rxnelly one week after she WHS stricken with pnrn lysis. In 111 :icallh since she had a llrsl slroke live years ato lust November, Mrs. Johns hud .slowly Improved until slic was able lo walk nboul ever thouuli n port of her ftice was paralyzed, She never rcijnlnct complete consciousness after . the second stroke and her condition luul been crltlcnl since that time Funeral services will be licit Thursday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock at the First Presbyterian church with the Hev. S. H. 'Salmon offl clnllng and burlu\ "will .be mtuli at- Rltnwood ueme^ery. Funeral Services Held For Mrs. Thos. B. Ward Uueinploymcnl Census Figures Revealed; Rc- povlcc! 72'' Accurale Cf llic 10.098 people in ISlylhe- ville. 777 were lolnlly out of 'work on Nov. 16. 1M7. when the unemployment survey «ns made by Hie federal envcrimicnt, a re]iort by llic director of the- census reveals. Out of Hlythcvillc's totally unemployed 479 were men and 2!I8 were women. Were it not for the emergency created bv work that has been action of bu added to tlie Ihe government In llic form ol Iho Wl'A, NYA, and Die CCC. ISO mijii' jobless men and wonu'ti \voiihl above number. 'Hie number of par'ly employed people In the city who reported that they mrdcd more' \voik nl- most cciuals Ihe number \vlio nrc totally uithout Jobs, there being 033 In (ills |;roup. John IX iilijijcrs, admlnistrntor of the census ol unemployment and partial employment, slates that the voluntary census made by tlie post office department showed a 72 per cent complete registration according to subsc- Last of Jail Breakers Draws Three Year Term CAIUmiERSVIIiUS. Mo., Fob. 1 —The finale of n five-man county Jail break on tlic night of Dec. 5. UK17, was written here today \vhen Sheriff John Hosier left with the flflh jallbreakcr. L. C. Jones, 20- ycjir-old neyro, sentenced yesterday lo (luce years on charges of jatlbrcakhn;. Jones, apprehended by Mississippi County officers, wns relumed here Saturday by Slierllf Hosier. A wholesale break was prevented lust December by llic timely Hosier, county Jail custodian, and her two daughters, Mrs, Charles Gregory ami Miss Llda Mac Hosier. Mrs. Hosier, at- Iraclccl from the front HvhiR (mailers of UK.' Jnll bulldliii,', buck quent cities test surveys made in key Sid. Oil N. J ............ ] 48 3-4 Tesas Corp. 39 5-8 U. S. Smelt. G6 3-8 U. S. Steel '.'" 59 i.g I suppose Los Angeles has more soap-box orators than any other city of its size In tlie country. Every evening they gather In a square down town and each one of 'em seems to have the solution to the world's problems. It seems like they all want 'a stamp out wmiethln.' The other day I heard one of 'em talkln' for over on hour and the only one that listened to htm was on old man. Finally the orator looked down and he says "Brother, are yon with, me to stamp out this iwlitlcal evil?" The old man says "No, I ain't Interested." The orator says "Well, then why have yon stood there all this lime?" and Ihe old man says "Well. Brother, I'm a slranger In open high ] ow town and I jest got a little lone- May 587-8 59 1-4 587-8 59 1-8 some." , 1 July 595-8 CO 535-8 593-4 Jan - 843 85ti 868 876 Hunters Rescue Dogs From Treacherous Ice AMilEliSTBURO. Out. (UI'I — 841 capt. Charles Hackett ami Her- berl Courtney, 17. are licroff Tlicy risked their lives o:: the treacherous ice of the Detroit 872n j river to rescue two hunting dags May July Chicago Wheat oi»n high low close 93 1-2 94 5-8 93 1-2 94 1-4 88 3-4 80 1-8 88 3-4 89 Mi Spots closed quiet'at 851, oil 1 New Orleans NEW ORLEANS. Peb 1 (UP)- Chicago Corn Cotton day. < Mar. May July Oft. IVe. Jan. futures closed steady to- "n 1 ' 1 • »»e point to up one °P«n high low close 858 861 8G6 873 882 869 875 854 862 8C9 ffMnjfrom a drifting Ice floe. The dogs, caked with Ice and almost frozen lo death, were sighted by Courtney drifting down the middle of the strt'ii/n on a huge block of ici 1 . Courtney and Hackell ran across the Ice, pushing a rmvboal tlic-y reached open water, \vl;<". e tlicy finally overtook the dri'tuig floe and rescued tl'^c Ice- c;ud canines. 86't 809 878 890b Spots closed steady at 854, oil I.I MONTREAL (UP) — Canadian j business is holding up well in spite of !iw purchasing power in »<".!«>rn dioutli areas, according to tin- last ici'wl ol llic Bank of Montreal. Three Initiated Into Mysteries of Lions Club Ibc u|Witairs "bullpen" succeed- In blulllug llilrty-ocld other An indiicllon eceretitony In which C. V. Seabaugh, W. a. Garrigan. and Dr. J. M. Wall were made members of the Lions Club wns tlie chief feature of Its weekly luncheon meeting at tlic Hotel Noble tor!ay. Thirty five members and two guests. Lion Tom Laney of Wilson and S. J. nodgcrs were present. Take Cigarette Vending Machine from Beer Garden Tlie Palace Beer Garden, owned Abraham, was burii- nlglit by some one penny cigarette ma prisoners from escaping while her (laughters summoned city officers. The majority of the prisoners already hud on tholr coals and lials, preparatory lo climbing to freedom through a hole dug In a window casement by dislodging bricks with part of an iron cot. The other four, among them two while men. Paul Webster and Monroe Cell, and tivo negroes, have already been recaptured and taken ,to tlic pcnilcnllary at Jefferson City. The fifth man i captured near Orider, Ark., last week. This was the second major jail break here in tlie two years, another occurring on the night of Dec. 5. 1D3C. at which time six prisoners escaped, while S. E Judcn was sheriff, and only three of them were ever recaptured. pallbearers will be: Prc Cope-land, Pat O'Bryniit, Frank Whltworlh, Oscar linllcy, llober Gi-liiii's mid Juiiso M. While. l!on Oj'nry pallbearers will be: S. F Vitll, J. Nick Thomns, Jack Apiil- buum, L. O. Chnmblln, Roy Walton, J. Louis Cherry, Clarence JI. Wilson, Marcus Evranl, George lulr. J. J. Duly. H. a. Hearn, Carl lanske, Ed Stnnley, J. C. Webb, Dick Webb and D. Simmons. Mrs. Johns, who grew up 0.1 fount Lebniion, Syria, where she 'us bom 55 years ago was a (li- cet descendant of llic family A'hlch ruled Syria for many years .nil her relatives were widely :nown In that land for Iheir work 11 education, She married N. lohns, who lived In Ihe same own. when .she was but 13 years f age as was Ihe custom of Unit iincl. Mr. Johns died In 1934. In 1000. Mr. and Mrs. Johns ind their son. George, came to he United States, 'lliey firet llv- (1 nt Sikcston, Mo., and later at 3nlro, III., Charleston, Mo., and >iixorn, until 1005 when they re- urnccl lo their native land for a isll. They ciime back to the United Stales In 1007 and settled Dlylheville, where they cstab- Islied a slore. Mrs. Johns was tctive In the management of the tore for many years. She Is survived by one (laugher. Miss Nellie Johns, of here, ind .six .sons, George, of Memphis, ind Ncsebe. Elliott, Sam, Milciiell ind Stevens, of Blylhcville. Out of town people who have ieen here for several days include ':icr eldest .son, George, who wil ;e Joined tomorrow by Ills wife and daughter, Mnrenrcl. Mrs. Con- ilc Bernard and Fred Baddour, of Memphis, Mrs, M. D. Baddour of Hughes, Ark., and Mrs. L. D. Baddour and son. Sam, of Stan- CAKUTIIUIISVILLE, Mo., Feb. 1 —Funeral services for Mrs. Dorothy Uyid Wnrcl, 47, were held here Sunday nflcriioon nt 2:30 at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the I!cv. Fr. f. J. Doyle conducting the services. Interment wns In Little Prairie Cemetery. Mrs. Ward was Hie wife of Dop- ilty Sheriff Thomas B. Word ST. She was graduated from the Camlhersvllle schools, and In 1010 married . Mr. Ward, two children being born to Ihls union,'" a son and •itfiuBiVAuiY boKvof i.whom.-sur-- by chndacl larized last who took a chine. The Railroad slrccl building was entered somelimn after midnl»hl. Police Chief E. A, Rice said io- day. Nothing else was missing, Little Rock Man Will Enter Foreign Service WASHINGTON. Feb. 1. (UP)The state department announced today lhat William If. Cordell, Lit tie Hock. Ark., had passed fina examinations for the foreign service. Cordell was born In Butlervllle Ark.. Feb. 25. 1908. He received B. A. degree from Arkansas Stnt Teachers college in 1931 and master's degree from tlie Unlver slty of Arkansas in 1932. Out of nearly 450 persons wh look tin' examinations only 2 passed. Slu> ]mU been in ailing health for over two ycuis, licr death being attributed to a complication of allmcnls, and pneumonia, which she contracted lust week. Surviving, besides her husband, re one daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Ward Thompson, of this clly, a on, Thomas B. Ward Jr., Mem- Jhis; her mother, Mrs. Alice Byrd, ind 11 brother, Wm. Dyer Byrd. ir., both of this city, also two grandchildren. number of come from rela- more Ion. Tenn. tives who distant points will arrive before the funeral. Holt Funeral Home Is In charge of funeral arrangements, British Destroyers In Search For Submarine LONDON, Feb. 1 (UP) — Pour British destroyers searched off the ^ast const of Spain today for a •ubmarlne which sank the British steamer Endymlon. The admiralty said that the destroyers Firedrake, Forester, Fortune and Fury reported they were patrolling the neighborhood of the sinking, off submarine. Carlagena, for the It was believed here that as a result of the sinking the Mediterranean anti-piracy patrol would be lightened. In recent weeks It had been relaxed because of the absence o! "pirate activities." It was underslcod that the government had not decided regarding any protests pending receipt of full details of the torpedoing. Obtains Venue Change In Robbery Hearing CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Feb. 1 -At his preliminary hearing yes- :crday before Justice II, Ballen- llne- of Stccle, Allan Johnson, dinrged with conspiracy in the robbery of a Steele, Mo., filling- station Dee. 20, ot about $350, secured n change of venue to the justice court of J. D. Huffman if Carulhersvllc. The. hearing may not be held here until next week, Prosecuting Attorney B. W. Hawkins said today. Johnson, 27, only recently released from the Missouri State ociillentlary where he served more than live years of a 10-year-sen- lencn for killing a negro, denies wiy connection with the tlieft. Henry Byrd, 18, service station attendant, confessed his part In the robbery, waived preliminary, ind upon signing a confession, officers said, Identified Johnson as one of the two accomplices. Ho said. _ officers stated, tliat a day •x two after the "robbery," John™i met him in Steele and gave him n portion of the money. Pending his preliminary, Johnson Is. being held in the county fail, unable to make $10,000 bond. Fred W. Schatz Heads Helena Publishing Firm HELENA, Ark., Feb. 1.—Fred \V, Schatz, regional vice president o Ihe Chicago Mill and Lumber cor poratlon, for a number of year prominently identified with till tivlc and Industrial life of thl section, has been elected preslden "f the East Arkanppis PiiblSs'nini -ompany, which publisher t!ir Arkansas Record here. Mr. Echatz succeeds John C Sheffield BS president of the com pany. Mr. Schalz was .fonnerly hea of the olct Chicago Mill and Lum ber company plant here for number of years. WEATHER Arkansas — Partly cloudy wanner tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and Vicinity—Fnlr am not so cold tonight; lowest tern peralurcs, 23 to 32; Wednesda partly cloudy with rising tempera lures.

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