The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUTA" 17, 1950 BTiYTUEVIU-E, (ARK.1 OOURIKR NEWS PAOR RFVKf* Mississippi KKK Warring in Open 0«er Territory Antagonists Seek Rein of 'Empire' Of State Klans By CI.KM BKOSSIKR .JACKSON. Miss., July 17. (APJ— A struggle for control of whatever "empire" the Kti Klux K'.an has ir ! Mississippi is breaking into the open. Antagonists are Dr - Lycurisiii Spinks, while-mantled former fa litical power, and Thomas J. Finv ois, who describe. 1 ; himself as a re iirfti New York policeman, Mis<i3 stppi-bom. Sam Kr>|ii>r, \Vizartl rn Hie background Is S;im R:ip (r, imperial wizard of the A&socii t:on of Georgia Klans. Spirits returned lo Missb last, year. Hushed with having bee named imperial emperor of It KnlchU of the Kn Klux Klan at, Montgomery, Ala., meeting Lathe met with Roper and the two aareed to work together with Super boss, Spuiks to liandle executive | work and public relations. Snlufcs as Head it was announced, was to the Mississippi organization. Since then he has said the various state klans have only a working agreement,, no top level ties. Now, however, Flowers is display- Ing a certificate "dated June 14, 1953, commissioning him Grand Dragon of Jefferson Davis klavcrn No. 2. It, is signed by Roper. Flowers says most of the central Mississippi | klnnsmen are pulling away from Spmks. Jn Atlanta, Roper sairi "Spinks has no association whatsoever wilh the Association of Georgia Klaus." Roper refused to identify his Mississippi lieutenant or say how many followers lie claims In the slate.' 21.000 Members Splnks claims 21,000 members for Ws. organitaUon, "scattered all over the stale." A May X rally called by Spinks— the first, Klan extravaganza here in the memory of veteran newsmen drew 5fi hooded followers to Hie •while frame "Imperial Pnlace" on the outskirts of Jackson. Scheduled burning of a cross on the palaM i lawn wns blocked by Jackson police Spectators numbered approximately 500. liberally sprinkled with teen-agers and mothers wllh tobies In their arms. At least one nci>ri boy watched wide-eyed without be- HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Korean Is Horizontal Reads Language Typed But Vertical '/ Knew This Damned War Was Coming/ Gl Says as Raindrops Spatter Tent in Korea ..«*«* ~ •- .--3 BIKINI FROM TEXAS - A. Texas cutie on vacation, Bea Croft, gets plenty of sun in her Bikini swimsuit on the sands at Hampton Beach. N. H. Not Saucer, But It Took Shot at Man Rally I-cH Flower* Thut wrw tliP. rally that led Flower* to Identify himself publicly R: n Spinks opponent. He took excnp tion to SpJnks' attacks on Gov Fielding !•. Wright" anri other leart er-s of thR Stale* Rights movement A long-time leader of an olri-ag pension movement In Misslsslpp 8pinkji Tiai been at odds with th StatPA Righters almost from th first. He claims control ol opposi tton to President Truman'."; admin iatratlon was seized by a ania" clique for its own purposes. Splnk* political influence wane mfUr he polled only 4.344 votes fo fifth placft In the five-man 1M primary which Wright won wilhoi a rim-off. Spinkit held his rally to oppose a local bond Lssue election—called to decide on Ipcal participation In construction of a Wright-backed loiir- yrar stAle medical -school. Spinks jflld it involved s federal grant. thus would help break down segregation. The issue won 8,693 to 469- By SAUL PETT AP N'f.wsfeaturcs WriUr (For Hal Boylr.) NEW YORK—(/I*)—My contribution lo the day's news on Korea is Ibnt tbe Korean language is the only one in the world which has to be typed horizontally and read vertically. There arc Chinese and Japanese typewriters which type those languages both horizontally and vertically. But the only Korean keyboard developed so far insists you tyne across the page, from right to left, although you read Its words up and down, Th is in f o mia t Ion conies from Martin K. Tylcll. a 36-year-old New York w!?,ard who can tear apart a typewriter and make it perform ti any one ol 147 languages and dia- locls. Including Dinka, Sanskrit am Urdu. He has more than 2,000,00 foreign type fnces in his shon anc if von coax him. he'll whip you v a Korean Job. KuL he doesn't rec omnicnd it. "After you get through inn kin ono," he complains, "nobortv know how to use it. IIV probably be muc faster to write the language In long hand." Only a Half T)ozen Tytell guesses there aren't more ! than hflf a dozen ICnrean typewriters in the world. He made onr for tlie Army in 1944. He's grateful he never had Lo use it. Yon see. the Chinese 1 language Is cnmplfrated cnaugh. But Korean uses Chinese ideographic characters, plus a native character .called "en-mun," phis a combination of the. two. Some years ago, Tyt«ll says, a Korean scholar named Dr. Song devised a keyboard which em- nlnys, Hmong other things, 42 dead kevs. That is. you hit one of them nnci the carriage doesn't move. In some cases, you have to hit eight or 10 different keys lo form one character. Korean Secretaries "By the time you get a secretary to learn this, even a Korean secretary," says Tytell, "she'll up an/ ominon have so many differences. : and American typewriters iffcr It's not just a case of pounds crsus dollars. On most of our key- oards, we have just two fractions —the quarter nud half. The BrHish iave one-elshlh, three-eiphth, five- ighths and seven-elchths. And British keyboards varv from dnmh\- ~on to dominion, but let me tell yon bout the Portuguese. A Portuguese keyboard used In 3raxil Is like an American keyboard except it has eight lyne clinnpra and two dead keys used for Accents. A Portuguese keyboard in Portuga" las 42 tvne changes. French, France, French H somebody jtsks Tvlell for i French typewriter, he has to ask ''French for France or French for the United States?" In France, the A. Q. W. Z and are in different positions from where they are here. On the top row. yoi nave lo shift from because the accent the bolE-im of the the numeral marks are on keys. In this By TOM l.AM»i:UT TOKYO, July 17. <AP>—Somewhere in Korea along the cdj;c 01 n ilght-tloakcil airfield, a» Air fMree ieryeant rigid with coni'cntyiUicm iat humped over a radio key. With staccato, mnchHiCBim clicks, th« 'sergeant wa.s pound ing out a call for aircraft to evacuate Atneri- cnns iiom a Commvinisl-lhreawn- cd city. from a distant- Kun inlor- miUcntly,lighted the urea. Sjilateiiiij; ralndioixs drove two nevi.smcn under a tent (lap where one lighVert a cip,areUe. A "voice crackled: 'Cliaudpa Is )>i-etly smart. He's an oh! Indian fighter, he fouglit Ge- icnimo. He reads the newsimiicr.-i every (Any aud li^tcju lo the radio and gels just what he wants out of 'em. We had a kind of fnmtly ie- uniou at tor ; was ui.sehiu-gcU aflcr the war niul he said he wns sorry lo have to .say it but his grandchil- "Watch those lights. The gny.s onl slnrlc( ( w .| lh j t- th'cn wcve Kolng to have to nsain. He .said the next noc would make l-lie fifiht n^ the Jfips look like a picnic. 'I Wasn't Surprised "So I ivanH' suiprtsed when we came over here. I figured if we had ! lo have a war we might, ns well p,cL Ui daikne.'-.s. and ram: "See you later." Cat Nurses Rats Stale's Mineral Output Declines M'tTLE ROCK, July 17. tip) — SlHie Oeolo;',ist Harold Foxlinll ha.i irpolled a dpcline in Arkansas inin- pnil production In 1010 as compared I wh h 10 JR. ] llr f-atd toinl value in 19413 wag COPENIIAOKN — M'i — Fanner j Sl'i:iA':W,:iI2; iti 1948, it was Christian Harrinclli of Tnpiirler, j - Jl ' r 'South J'ltlnnd, found his rai nui':;-! Foxlvdl s:iiri he believed worlj ing five wcll-fcd young rats. j .stnpp^fu-,.; in it:c> co^t Held.'; and Ihft Somctltne IK;O its kittens had hrnn Mi^mu'i Pricllie and Reynolds Met* drowned and sitirc then Hie c:it lirul " ls (-oinpany strikes were rcsponsl- hklilen. When trucTd she w:is tiiking ' 1)lr ' f^' "»K;h ol the decrease. care of Ilir i:^s. NO\S- sbc i--, nv •• • i - -- — ing the loss of her foster-children ; ivho h:iv« hern drowned, loo. coui.lry. a French keyboard is made hy rcmovins the fractions, I Vie commercial "at" and Ihe cents signs and substituting the grave, acute, circumflex and cedilla symbols. And then there ore the snanisti eyboards. Tlicrc's the. . . oh, the cck with it. maybe you've got omettitng In the oven. FAYETTEVItLE, Ark., July 17. ) — An object which descended rom the skies into a treetop near jincoln the other day turned out o be a weather baloon, not a fly- ng saucer. But a Springdale man who look he thing into custody wasn't .so lire of Vhat when the baloon's iiRchanlstn fired H "shot-" at htm. Jnrvis Seat found the 15-root- diameter, transparent plastic bal- oon, with, weather instruments at- .ached. in a tree on the Fred Jones [aim iti Rush Valley, three and n half uiile.s southwc-st of Mnclon. It was about half deflated. A mes- e on the instruments asked the Tinder to contact New York univer- leave you to get married." You learn a lot nbont language differences InlkitiR to Tytell. It didn't surprise me to discover how difficult it Is (o convert ai American typewriter lo Persian ni Arabic since they require dlfferen symbols which have Lo he joinec together and written .backwards (rom right to left. And I WRSIY surprised to learn that Siamese i "very beautiful to look at but yoi can't tell when it's upside down- Once, unknowingly, Tylell made Siamese keyboard inverted; h couldn't tell the difference. • Keyboard Kibilzinp What did surprise me was tha keyboards used in countries whic have the same Latin alphabet i . G. Plchcnga > Springdale, hap- ' pened by and volunteered to take the thing to Springdale and call NYU. KG put it into his car and got home, but not before the mechanism in it exploded and pretty well startled him as he was driving through Fayetlevllle. Piebenga contacted C. S. Snyrfer in New York, who Ls to wire him further Instruction*. Piebenga said he saw no three-headed tiny saucer pilots, but ventured that there were a lot of chiggers at the landing scene. Youno Stalin Tells Df Red Inventions MOSCOW, July 17. (/P>—Lt. Gen. /assily Stalin, son of Prime Minis- er Stalin, 1ms embellished Rusia's claim to invention of the air plane. "Our great land WHS the birthplace and cradle of aero-navigation. matt on, rocket and Jet flying.'' •onng Stalin said in an interview (juoted by Moscow radio. ! "In our land were crealed avta- _ion motors, high-speed and heavy multi-engined airplanes, the first helicopters and auloglros, flying x>ats and parachutes, aviation instruments and tools, aU-meVal dirigibles and the jet plane." The Interview was given In connection with the celebvaUaii yesterday of Soviet air force day. Young Slalln wax deputy chief leader oE an air show over Tushtuo airport, near Moscow, In celebration o£ the day. the ack-nck Rims say they've sntncd at eight times In the past few minutes." "•Roger," was the repiy. The voice moved into the ,tonl then, for one of those long-remembered Incidents which brighten war —like the sudden (lusli of n smile on a dusty, half-remembered face in a jeep column or the swift of I'cller when a zooming lighter flip.s a wmif Ui reveal our markings. GrandiKi Tolrt Me I knew this damned war was cominc:," the voice snid. "I knew it back iu August, 1245. Grandpa told me. He laid all us kids." Except for one brief moment when the speaker cupped a light to his cigarette, the reporters did not see his features. Nor did they s- c k his name, He WHS tui ordinary kid, bundled In a clumsy raincoat with a rifle slung over his shoulder. "And boy, have 1 learned what it's like since I came to I his place. I help unload and load airplanes." | "Some casuiiUie.s?" asked n re- nortcr. The doughboy drew n long, scarlet drag on the cigarette. . "Yeah. LJoy, .sonic of those fiuys got nts," Distant ~!lnw of IJght* The ciqatetle jabbed at a distant row of liRhts hi fi barrack^ at the other end of the field. "Tlier( i '.> a bunch of guys in there JUKI b;\ck ivoin Ihe Iront. They really look a boating up there. But every man has. asked to go buck up aguin—and I'd like to go with "em." Then the radio sereant called out that ho had inn tie contact. The newsmen walked out of Ihe tent toward Ihe radio set. The voice followed them, thinning to A whisper ATHLETES FOOT GERM AMAZING RESULTS IN ONE HOUR Kerens to By usl tisr T-4-L. B STRONG, [iftnetrat- 1n rnnslclrte. yon REACH Imhcddrd kill ON CONTACT. P'EEL this liig liquid take hold IN- STA.NTI.Y Ynii must be plrasrcl or your 40c hack nt any driiRRlst. Today »i Klrby Brothrrn DFUR Stores. 00 YOU OWN A HOME? HERE IS A SUMMER SPECIAL: $ 50 Any ordinary house treated for tcrmitci - We Hon'l have lo practice or experiment on your jdli—we liavc liiid 12 years «t exptritiu-e All our work is dime HceimliiiK to reKiilnlions. our work Is licensed by Ihe Arkansas State I'lant Board. FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE—IF NEEDED SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. S.'iS N. lilh. I'hone 2350 II. C. Rlankcn.ship. . .T,. .). 7,cMer Call G(ISfi Call 3579 AUTOMATIC MODEL K Sot lo sprinkle any size circle from 50 feet with turn of dial Preferred by Iiomc owners everywhere. 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Tiir-Cooied Comfort Sells Homes Quickly The Hunter Attic Fan Low in Cosf Easy to Install A complete home cooling unit —no accessories to buy. Aur.ic- live R'Uomatic shuttci included. Mounted in moulded rubber cushions—sound insulated. Fac- tory-Iuijricalcd, sealed ball bearings. Guaranteed top performance bacVcd Viv ITuntcr's M ^^at experience in fan making Order Now.—-Prompt DehVcry Cafl—Wore or Wire Rieclpn-Crosby Co. 22J i. FfMt Si, M«Mhl< • n. S-MM ttrrlmt l»«<»m> Ho« lt»J L. --.--->... ~ Mrs. Phyllis GofT, 1002 Paric Avc. Indianapoiis, Indiana, is now able lo BO about her housework In less .ime than it tafcrs to talk about II. rhat is. of course, since Mrs. Gnft has been taking wonderful HAD- rt, MI-S. GolV h;ul been .suffering from a deficiency ol Vitamins Bl, B2. Niacin, and Iron, which HADACOL contains. Now full of pep and energy, Mrs. GofT is able to cive this Tine .statement: "It's pretty bad when you arc in a run-down condition when you are only 32. 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