Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 5, 1952 · Page 2
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 2

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1952
Page 2
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1952 FUNERALS Walter H. Smoor Rites Tomorrow Funeral services for Walter H. Smoot will be held Thursday at J:00 p.m. at Myers Chapel, with Dr. Archie F. Brown of Pinckneyville in charge. Burial will be in Bethel Memoriay cemetery. The body will remain at Myers Chapel, where friends may call at any time until the funeral hour. Mr. Smoot, a well known auctioneer and livestock dealer, died Monday night. He was 63 years and 19 days of age. Three Fires in Mt.V. Rural Area Mt. Vernon rural firemen were called out three times yesterday and this morning. Fire caused slight damage yesterday morning at the home of Philbert Beppler, 1607 south Ninth street. A grass fric late yesterday at I the home of Troy Bruce, on the Fairfield Road, caused no damage. An overheated furnace pipe this morning damaged floor joists and wiring at the home of George Jones, 1309 north Ninth street. The fire was under control upon arrival of firemen. ufflniMimmtiminttmmmfflHffliffliim^^ ELECTION AT A GLANCE iiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimMliimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiim^ By AttoeUUd Prcii This was the presidential picture at 2 p. m. (CST) Wednesday: Eisenhower elected Preisdent by largest popular vote ever given GOP candidate, possibly any presidential candidate. Eisenhower's popular vote 27,027,230; Stevenson's 22,039,899 in 113,599 of 146,361 precincts. Eisenhower led in 39 states with 442 electoral votes; Stevenson in 9 with 89. Eisenhower swept key states in north, midwest farm area voted Democratic five past elections, several southern states including Florida, Virginia, Texas, possibly Tennessee, Louisiana, and won border states like Maryland, Oklahoma. Senate: 35 races — Democrats elected 10, holdovers 35, total 45; Republicans elected 19, holdovers] 26, (counting Morse, now Inde-| pendent), total 46. Needed to con- Hamilton Co. % Votes for Ike, County Demos (Special to The Register-NewB) McLEANSBORO—Three Democrats and one Republican were trol 49. GOP picked up 2 seats elected to Hamilton county, offices from Democrats Connecticut, yesterday as the county gave Gen- Maryland; Democrat*-picked up orl f ysenhower a * ubstantlal t^J^\"% r L ^Z ^m^ WHber'n E. Prince, D., defeated races, 3,425 to 3,179 Frank Bonam, "D., defeated Rob- ol ^°n U H e ^7 35 T^thi.^n? e ^ Cr ?^ ert L ' Burns . -Hate's attor- elected 197, Republicans 214, In-L ne y ( 3 ( 44i to 3,244. dependent 1, undecided 23. Needed to control. 218 Governors: 30 races — Democrats elected 8; Republicans 16 (gain of 3). Republicans leading Elmo Gholson, D., defeated Dr. Joseph C. Vickers, R., for coroner, 3,464 to 3,227. George W. Hogan, Jr. was the i c i- i . i /i/-i*>i °nly Republican-Winner. He was in 5, Democrats 1 (total GOP gjg^tgj county judge to fill * gains if present lead hodls—6). Truman's Home Precinct to Ike •y Asiaalatasl Prats INDEPENDENCE. Mo.—President Truman's home precinct here give Elsenhower 197 votes to 124 Fdr Stevenson in the presidential election yesterday. That was almost a direct reversal of the 1948 vote. The precinct then gave Mr. Truman 197 votes to 135 for Gov. Thomas E. Dewey. Cars Collide On the Square : One minor automobile accident was reported In Mt. Vernon yesterday. A car driven by Thurman Rector, 2301 Perkins, and a pickup truck driven by Grover Webber, 600 south 21st, collided at Tenth and Broadway. No one was Injured. Thieves Steal Coal in Mt. V. E. A. Merrlman reported to police, headquarters this morning that a quantity of coal was stolen from the coal shed at his home, 521 south 20th street. The theft occurred sometime during last night. REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE IN JEFFERSON COUNTY <Continual train p»f am) City Firemen Make Four Runs Mt. Vernon city firemen answered four alarms yesterday. At 12:30 p. m. they were caHeo" to the Anchor Coal & Ice Co. 1701 Perkins, where fire practic ally destroyed a truck body and a small ico house. At 2:20 p. m. they were called to 428 south 20th, where hot ashes Ignited grass which spread to and destroyed a fence. At 2:40 p. m. firemen were called to the Hosiery and Infants Shop, 1008 Main, where a hole was burned in an awning. A grass fire at 2115 Perkins caused no damage. GOP ALSO MAY CARRY CONGRESS (Continued From Page 1) Stevenson It Able To Smile Even In Defeat (Continued from pit** oca) GOP opponent, Charles F. Carpen- tler. The complete, unofficial vote In Jefferson county. For President—Eisenhower, R., 0,841; Stevenson, D., 8,698. For Governor — Stratton, R., 9,211; Dixon, D., 8,792. For Lt, Governor—Chapman, R., 8,919; Paschen, D., 8,594. For Secretary of State—Carpentier, R., 8,340; Barrett, D„ 9,459. For State Auditor—Hodge, R., 1,642; Cooper, D., 8,924. For State Treasurer—Hoffman, 1,817; Cain, D„ 8,663. For Attorney General—Latham Castle, R„ 8,616; Elliott, D„ 8,868. For Congress — Vursell, R., B.267; Johnston, D., 8,371. For State Senator—Broyles, R., &.164; Price, D.. 8,635. For Representatives — Travers, It, 12,025; Dale, R., 12,155; Lee, D., 19,026; Crippin, D., 10,043. For Circuit Clerk — Gott, R., 10,468; Warren, D., 7,482. For State's Attorney—-Demetri Hassakis, R„ 9,225; Bedard, D., 8,619. For Coroner Johnson, R., 8,217; Roeder, D„ 9,684. MEETINGS ATTENTION SIR KNIGHTS A special conclave of Patton Commandery No. 69 will be held Thursday Nov. 6 at 7:30 p. m. Order of the Temple. Oscar Q. Stockton, E. C. Cecil N. Lovin, Rec. President Truman's home state of Missouri and seemed likely to have to content himself with the atomteed remnants of once-im pregnable Dixie. He won or was. loading In only nine Southern states with a meager 89 electoral votes. Elsenhower had clinched or was leading in 39 states, with 442 votes—176 more than the 26,6 needed for election. News of Elsenhower's .victory was hailed in the free world's capltols as indicating a contlnua tlon oftlon of American policy of resisting communism. The stock market went up. In his sweep, Elsenhower car ried two states the Republicans haven't been able to capture since 1924, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He won or was out in front In 15 stats where, the Republicans haven't had a presidential victory since 1928—Arizona, California Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Mennesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington. But his landslide wasn't quite as widespread as that registered by Hoover, since Elsenhower couldn't break into West Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina as the former president did in 1928. The general's friend and one of his earliest presidential rooters, Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., con ceded defeat by his Democratic opponent, Rep. ohn F. Kennedy in the Massachusetts senatorial race. Republican Sen. James P. Kem of Missouri went down to defeat and Sen. Harry Cain of Washington was Irallinbg. Eisenhower carried Washington but Missouri was still in doubt. In Ohio, Democratic Gov. Frank Lausche won going away from Charles Tafl, brother of the senator, despite Eisenhower's hefty majority over Stevenson in the state. Jenner Wins On the other hand, Eisenhower's surge helped Sens. Joseph R. McCarthy oi Wisconsin and William E. Jenner of Indiana get reelected. Both were prime targets for Democratic attack in the campaign. Eisenhower demonstrated his personal popularity by sweeping all of the big and little states In the North and crashing into the South to pick off such traditionally Democratic states as Florida and Virginia. He was leading in Texas and had captured the border states of Oklahoma, Missouri and Maryland. Stevenson salvaged only Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Cnrolina, South Carolina and probably Kentucky, Louisiana and West Virginia. Tennessee was still in doubt. Strangely enough, Eisenhower proved stronger in some other Dixie states than in South Carolina, where Gov. James F. Byrnes endorsed him, and In Louisiana, where Gov. Robert Kennon backed the GOP nominee. Allan Shivers of Texas stood out as the only Democratic governor whose state followed him In supporting Eisenhower. a vacancy, defeating William J. Camp bell, D., 3,507 to 3,150. Gen. Elsenhower carried Hamilton county by a big majority over Adlai Stevenson, Democratic candidate for president, 4,047 to 2,662 Hamilton county voters also Volunteers for Stevenson: Carl *&ve pluralities to the Republican McGowan and William M, Blair » l *te ticket. Jr., his administrative, assistants, r . r • and William I. Glsnagan, his press secret 5erVIC€ secretary • The word already came_that |$ Guarding Ike New York State was gone. Eisen- •* hower had cracked the solid south. BY AI.O .I.U* Pr*» Pennsylvania and Illinois and oth- NEW YORK—U. S. Secret er key states were shifting to the Service agents took over protec- general. tlon of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhow- And so the decision was made er early today shortly after his that the Democratic cause was election as president was assured, hopelessly burled under a land- A group of agents had been slide of votes. Wilson Wyatt had standing by at the general's cam held out to the last against any paign headquarters in the Corn- concession of victory to the Re- modore Hotel while the election publicans. returns were being tabulated So Stevenson with his sons, around the country Borden and John Fell, and mem- Once the outcome became ap bers of his official family came parent, the agents moved into the out. He drove three blocks to the corridor to guard Eisenhower's Leland Hotel where Wyatt had set third floor suite, up election eve headquarters. When the general left the hotel A crowd of admirers was wait- »t 2:15 a m. (CST), for his Col- Ing In the ballroom on the second University residence, the floor. agents accompanied him and his Stevenson came through a back w 'ff >„„ ,. ,„„, „ a„„„„. c„» entrance and walked upstairs to ^"2**3* i^' "Sf. JfT the ballroom. The crowd broke f^l ffifite into cheers. They began chanting, ilf"!™* ^V ^^non »U« V P£ "We want Stevenson," and he *" « m «'™ e P SSiH B«ve them a bl» arin tends to the president-elect, gave them a mg grin. gedret Service a g ents a lso had Stevenson Speaks been standing by ,ln Springfield, Then the crowd became quiet, 111., to take over protection of Stevenson's smile faded, and he Democratic nominee Adlai Stev- looked out at the people who had enson At he had been elected, pinned their hopes of victory on him. And in' a clear and unhurried voice he told them: "My fellow citizens have .made their choice and have selected Gen. Eisenhower and the Repub- , *.„„,..,.„., llcan party as the Instruments of 0 f the Mt. Vernon Jaycees an- their will for the next four years. n0U nced today that the scotchlite The people Jiaye rendered their campaign would move to Franklin, verdict and I gladly accept It." Mann> Edlson nnd Washington Reporters broke out of the room IC hools tomorrow to scotchlite bl- In a run for telephones to signal cycles the concession. The work wm ^gm at 1 p. m. Stevenson went on talking. He A supply of scotchlite is again said of Eisenhower — the man available for auto bumpers at whom he had attacked ao bitterly Western Auto, Golden Rule Paint in recent weeks: , store, Broadway Gulf Service, "Gen. Elsenhower has - been a Standard Tire Co., Holman Mo great leader In war. He has been tors, Jefferson Motors, Carr's a vigorous and valiant opponent Service Garage and Ward's Phil- ln the campaign. These qualities lips 66 Station, will now be dedicated to leading Operators of Jefferson county us all through the next four years, school busses can obtain the safe"It is traditionally American to ty tape free of charge at any of fight hard before an election. It the above places Is equally traditionally to close ranks as soon as the people have spoken. From the depths of my heart I thank all of my party, and all of those independents and Rcpubicans who supported Sen Sparkman and me. "That which unites us as American citizens is far greater than that which divides us as political partisans. I urge you all to give to Gen. Eisenhower the support he will need to carry out the great tasks that lie before him. I pledge him mine." S. Illinois Doctors Meet in Mt. Vernon Scotchlite Bicycles At Schools Thursday Publicity chairman Bill Steffy The 78th annual meeting of the Southern Illinois Medical Associ ation will convene tomorrow, No^ vember 6, In ML Vernon at Mt, Vernon Tubercular Sanatarium and Mt. Vernon Armory. The morning session, which will begin at 9:30 o'clock will be at the Sanitarium and the afternoon session at the Armory at 1:30 p. m. following a noon luncheon in the main dining room at Hotel Emmerson. The Jefferson-Hamilton County Medical Society auxiliary enter tain wives of the visiting physi cians at a luncheon and style show at the Moose lodge at which Mrs Henry Christianson auxiliary president-elect, will be guest speaker. Past presidents will be intm duced at the president's banquet starting at 7 p. m. Officers of the Association are Dr. N. A. Thompson, Eldorado, president; Dr. J. W. Tidwell, Herrin, first vice, president; Dr, Charles K. Wells, Mt. Vernon, sec ond vice president; Dr. Gilbert H. Edwards, Pinckneyvlle, secretary- treasurer and Dr. Charles K. Wells, Mt. Vernon assistant secretary. Mt. Vernon physicians who will be on the program include Dr. Morris Zelman, chief surgeon of the tuberculosis sanitarium, and Dr. Andy Hall. On exhibit during the day will be the Incubator used by the Di onne quintuplets which was ship ped here iiy the A. S. Aloe Com pany, St. Louis and will be displayed In the window of the Prescription Shop. The incubator is built of wood and heated by hot water through a copper container. The incubators of today are warmed by .electricity but there was no electric current in the Di onne farmhouse, 240 miles from Toronto, Candida. Dr. A. R. Dafoe of Callander, Ontario, family doctor to the quints said that there was only one chance In five hundred that all five of the children would live and that the incubator was the only thing that saved the lives of at least two of the children. It was possible to accomodate only three of the qunlts in the device at one time, so it was necessary to rotate them. ' After its service with the Dion- nes, this now historic article was displayed in Canada and then appeared at Carnegie Hall in New York City. It is now being sent on tour of the larger cities of the country. BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Abrams of 1412 north 10th .street are the parents of a daughter born this morning at 3:04 a. m. at Good Samaritan hospital. She weighed four pounds ten and a half ounces and has been named Mary Jane. AIRPORT NEWS Bill Deaton of West Frankfort flew here today. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dull have returned from Springfield, Mo., where they were called by the serious illness of his father. Big Holiday in Ike's Home Town By Associated Prats ABILENE, , Kan.—It was New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July rolled into one in Gen. Eisenhower's home town Tuesday night. To crowds estimated upward of 3,500 gathered in downtown streets the whole evening, the announcement of Eisenhower's victory was the spark that set off the wildest jubiliation ever seen here. They danced in the street, they sang and they laughed into the early hours of the morning. By 2 a. m. the crowd had not diminished, the bands were still whooping it up and kids and adults alike had fun with firecrackers. Mayor Amos Shivers proclaimed today an official holiday. Superintendent of Schools W. C. Robinson announced that it would be a school holiday too. Eisenhower Unsmiling In Victory (Continued from fate one) Post Office on Wheels at Dix The new highway post-office-on- wheels will make two trips daily through Dix, it was announced today by Hattie A. Robinson, postmaster. It will result in a more direct dispatch for mail in the Dix area. Mail deppsited in the post office before 5:00 p. m. will be, dispatched that evening, when before it did not get out until the next morning. Postmaster Hattie Robinson, N. W. Osborn, Paul G. Rollinson, and Stephen Ellis went to Ceri- tralia and rode back to* Dix on the first trip of the highway post office. It was escorted to Dix by Marlon County Sheriff Jim McCrary. retary, James C. Hagerty, announced that the president-elect, members of his family and a few people on his personal staff would leave this afternoon for a 10-day rest at Augusta, Ga. Plans Korea Trip Whether Eisenhower will begin his new task with a trip to Korea —before the Inauguration in January -is still not known. In the closing days of the campaign, he pledged himself to go to, the scene of the Korean war for a personal inspection. He placed the achieving of peace as the first and greatest objective of his work, and he said he felt he could best make the start by visiting the battlefields and studying the Korean problem on the ground. When Eisenhower left the ballroom, the celebration broke out with an even greater fury. He hurried to a suite in the hotel where scores of his friends and political associates were waiting. They had been with him all evening- Among them were Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York and Mrs. Dewey, ex-Gov. Harold E. Stassen of Minneapolis, and many others. A large cake, brought in anticipation of the moment, was waiting to be cut. With a small smile, Eisenhower said) "I have never cut a presidential cake before." STRATTON IS ELECTED GOVERNOR (Continued from Page One) the thre contests for University of Illinois trustees. Returns from 8,417 precincts gave Republicans Park Livingston 1,986.301, Doris S. Holt 1,901,685 and Cushman S. Bissell 1,896,167 and. Democrats Julien H. Collins 1,664,671, Harold Pogue 1,720,609 and Charles E. Bliss 1,685,833. Unofficial Vote ' A nearly Complete unofficial vote count gave these results: President, 9,460 of the state's 9,680 precincts — Eisenhower (R) 2,402,853; Stevenson (D) 1,947,748. Governor, 9,513 precincts — Stratton (R) -2,248,463; Dixon (D) 2,035,646. Lieutenant Governor, 9,191 precincts — Chapman (R) 2,147,272; Paschen (D) 1,963,595. Secretary of State, 9,519 precincts Barrett (D) 2,130,624; Carpentier (R) 2,132,021. Auditor, 9,220 precincts— Hodge (R) 2,152,579; Cooper (D) 1,882,505. Treasurer, 8,922 precincts — Hoffman (R) 2,057,575; Cain (D) 1,792,293. Attorney General, 9,031 precincts — Castle (R) 2,011,881; Elliott (D) 1,880,616. Special This Week! Prepared Cemetery Sprays on easel $5-00 value—reduced to $3.98 this week. CURTIS—FLORIST Centralis Rd. — Phone 1983-J CH Don't )>u0tr Amathar Hlnmtm . No matter how man; remedie* yeaj hat* tried for Itching of eesena. mwrfaata. Infectiona, athlete'i foot ar whaterar roar skin tranble may be—anything- fraaa head to foot—WONDER SALVE as>d WONDER Medicated SOAP can help ra*. Developed lor the boy» in Am 4rmf mote far TON talk* mt hamm WONDER SALVE >• -rhite. maatieaa. antineptie. No agly appearance, Safa far children. Get WONDER SALVE mmi WONDER SOAP — reanlta ar refunded. Trnlr wonderful preparatia (Walgreen) Davis, Porter & Bond Orua Stores, in McLeansboro by Lock wood; ar your hometown druggist HOSPITAL NOTES Jefferson Memorial Admitted: Mrs. Sarah Kaufman of Belle Rive. Discharged: Bert Lane of Wayne City. Good Samaritan Admitted: Mrs. LaVerne, Mrs. Beatrice Johnson, colored, Mrs. Margaret Lois Kent and Louis M. impson. Discharged: Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Sigwerth, Archie E. Woodrome, Mrs. Betty Lee Danner, Mrs. Lucille Jenkins of Bluford, Master Carroll Birdsong of Texico and Mrs. Loretta Linville. 1950 GMC Vi Ton Pickup Radio, heater, seat covers. Extra clean, low mileage. DARE MOTOR CO., Inc. 1600 So. 10th Phone 5% WELBORN & CARR "INSURANCE THAT INSURES" Good Insurance .Is Not Cheap Cheap Insurance Is Not Good 1111 Broadway Phone 1190 - 1191 RILEY E. JOHNSON All forms of INSURANCE, with CHd Reliable Companies and Good Insurance. If it is not Good and Reliable, the State Insurance Department, would not let same be sold in the state. We can sell you a Low Cost Insurance and save you up to 15% and possibly more. See me for your CAR and FIRE INSURANCE. PHONE — WRITE — CALL Available Seven Days a Week P. O- Box 33—704 So. 23rd St., Mt. Vernon, Illinois BUSINESS PHONE 955—RES. PHONE 2341 Calls at Mt V. Police Station To Confess Stealing a Car "I want to report a stolen car," a 15-year-old boy told Mt. Vernon police officers Jack Fairchild and Art Phillips at 2:45 this morning at the city hall. -"Where was it stolen?" the officers asked. "From the Bayer used car lot, and I am the one who took it," was the surprising answer ol the teenager. The youth, who identified himself as Jerome Essex of Bitley, Mich., took the officers to the coiner of McPherson and Kensington Avenue. There they found a 1938 model u»ed car. The teenager told the officers the following story: He and his brother had been in Arkansas, picking cotton, when he decided to quit, and return home. He arrived in Mt. Vernon about 2:00 p. m. yesterday and went to a movie. About 9:00 o'clock last night he stole the car off the used car lot. He said the car "quit" on him and he slept In it for awhile, then decided to turn himself in at the police station. The youth spent the balance of last night in jail. Police said his case will be re-, ferred to S|Ute» Attorney Martin Dotan todiijF i Sends MemMfre to Ike Then Stevenson disclosed he had sent a message to Gen. Eisen-I hower in New York City saying: "The people have made their | choice and I congratulate you. That vou may be the servant and guardian of peace and make the day of victory a door of hope is my earnest prayer." For a few moments Stevenson stood on the brilliantly lighted platform of the ballroom, posing for the photographers and chatting with those nearby. Someone asked him, "What about 19567" Have Mnn'a Head Examined He quipped: "Have that man's head examined." In answer to another question, he said he intended to devote himself to his duties as governor of Illinois and that perhaps he would take a rest. But he didn't say where his vacation place might be. Stevenson was in the ballroom for about seven minutes. Then he left and drove back to the mansion. With Wilson Wyatt, he went inside, saying he wanted a long talk with the man who had managed his campaign. The lights still blazed in the I mansion in the early morning | hours. THIS CHRISTMAS A BEAUTIFUL From Jackson's MR. AND MRS. RICHARD SANDERS purchase new home located at 1307 S. 25th Street for a home from a client Mr. Sanders is a Teacher at the Junior High School. This transaction was effected through the local real estate firm of VIRGIL T. BAILEY, Inc. . J Always in good taste... 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