Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 4, 1952 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1952
Page 13
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOI5 13 The Register News Daily Magazine Page BLONDE BY CHICK YOUNG- BUGS BUNNY CAPTAIN EASY BY TURNER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY MARTjN BOOTS! Ktv.DORV! AWOKE. HOMi? NOT '. MOPE 1 V&% GO ,\N MV ^OOtt 1 «WT ftVY 'Wit TCO?\£ V0>\0 ARfc f JOMWO «OUP CCVfcMO COWfc* 0« Oki^.wtt.xtMtO "TEA MOSTW WCAliSt BOOTS* (<=> SO OOQGOKfc. ?«EVVV ftWD SUCH t\ SWE.VV <3Ctf, AUVTHtHG SWfc o\o MOOVD fcfc WORTH ft TRV1 PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEER OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOOPLE A RECORD TURMOOT, TUSY TELL ME? DOE MO DOUBT TO MV SPLENiOlD SPEECH EXHORT (MS EVBZY MAt^ AfJD wIOMAKl lb VOTE f?e«SARDL£55 OF PARTY*/ ANlD FffOAA -fHe MrW ^MILINS COUtOTENlANJCe5 THAT (SREET ME, 1 -3DD <S& THAT X AM SOlNlS OMSK iKi THIS PRECIMCT LIKE A TIDAL WAVE.' ©1 OUT OUR WAY CHRIS WELKIN, Plenereer BY RUSS WINTERBOTHAM Tl '/H 6O1N6 TO FINP OOTWHAT A AMAlZA KNOWS A }T APRIL I J AHDAT A HIAWATHA TECH DORMITORY... I /HHMZAlcnn** POWNfMlB* AND HE MUVy TO $EB VO /1 HONESTLY, HE'* BEACJV TO WILTl AS YOU Glances Through the Flliw o» 111* Register and The News 55 YEARS AGO TODAY A. B. Cox Is moving his stock I of Roods from the Blue Front on south Washington to Boyd where he will engage in the mercantile business. Dr. C. A. Johnson, who has been confined to his home with a broken limb, has so far recovered as to be able to hobble around on crutches. 40 YEARS AGO TODAY Howard Whitlock, son of Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Whitlock, .died at his home on East Main street Sunday. 35 YEARS AGO TODAY Robert B. Wright, father, of Conductor Clyde T. Wright, was found dead in his bed this morning. The second monthly auction provided by the Retail Merchants Association in fhis city proved an even greater success than the first one, the total sales amounting to $1,821.50. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY Dr. J. H. Newton has sold his residence at 1008 Maple street to Ray Moreland. Sheriff Grant Trvin and Constable Ed Clinton visited Harmony Church where they arrested four voun'g men. one charged with being drunk at a place of worship and the others with disturbance. 25 YEARS AGO TODAY Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hensley are today quietly celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Wm. L. Pittman died at his home on south 24th streaet this morning after a long illness. 20 YEARS AGO TODAY Neil Thompson spent today in Springfield where he heard President Hoover speak.-' Oscar Page, who lived four miles west of Ina, .died yesterday of what is declared to have been hydrophobia, which developed from a scratch by a dog. 15 YEARS AGO TODAY The footbal game here Friday night between Benton's Rangers and Mt. Vernon will be a colorful affair, for three top notch bands will parade and make music during' the half—the Mt. Vernon High and Grade School Bands and the Benton High School band. Following a narrow escape from a bad accident while out on a call this afternoon Chief Dana Pickett of the fire department issued a final warning to auto and truck BY WILLIAMS WELL,* ' r EXACTLY,' 'III drivers who disregard -the fire truck when it is answering a call. 10 YEARS AGO TODAY Inspired by their annual homecoming activities the Herrin Tigers gaye Mt. Vernon Rams a rousing battle on the Herrin gridiron last night but Doxie Moore's boys kept their undefeated record intact with a hard-earned 12-7 decision. Jefferson county wont slightly Democratic on the head of the ticket In yesterday's off-yen r-e/ec- tlon but the Republicans swept the county race, winning four out of five important offices. The special blasts of the big whistle at the Mt. Vernon Car Compnny which are heard all over the city resulted in consternation among several residents this morning. There was no cause for alarm however HS it was only n test of a plan which the Car Company Is cooperating with the Mt. Vernon Military Police Camp to notify any of the soldiers who are in town to return to camp immediately. « VEARS AGO TODAY Although Mt. Vernon residents enjoyed beautiful fall weather in October for the most part, the last week was chilly and raipy and the rainfall for the month was far below average. The city of Ml. Vernon will honor the 540 members of Jefferson County 4-H Clubs in an all- day program Saturday sponsored by the King City Retailers. SIDE GLANCES BY GALBRAITH T. M. Raf, V. «. PM. OH. Cop'. m» If NKA fan4M,> IfM, "I'd better warn you that he threatened to renounce hie citizenship K I bring home one more book that every American should read!" Project Pygmalion By Grey MacMillan Coayrigar 1952 by Hf A Sarncc, Inc. , I* 'FHIS ominous itatement from David Carlson made roe realize be was in serious trouble and to give him time to calm down. I' said, 'Til unpack vour clothes and hang them up then. They're probably damp too." I knelt and untied the rope. Inside, on top of his clothes, was a camera, broken into several pieces. Amazed, 1 lifted it out of the box. "Did you know this was broken?" "Yea. I know," he said. He rose agitatedly then, and paced back and forth, as though fathering himself to tell me what had happened. But instead stopped hi front of the Renoir Little Girl, and stared at it for a long time. Presently I realized he had begun to cry, silently, his heavy shoulders shaking, the tears spreading over his weather-roughened cheeks. * 1 stood up and touched him on the elbow. "Go sit down," I said. "Ill get you something." He stumbled over t. the couch and sat down and buried his face in the towel. 1 poured two fingers of Scotch Into a glass, put tee water, tn another glass, and set them on the coffee table in front of him. Then I took his clothes into the bedroom to hang them up, taking as much time as I could doing 1 it When I came back into the living room, Dave had quieted somewhat, and 1 handed him a cigarct. His hands trembled so that he could not light it, so 1 lit one for Mm and put it in his mouth. His breath came in sobs and gulps, like a child who has held in for a long bine. t ° Finally, oat of an unendurable curiosity, I asked cautiously, "What ha* happened?" "She broke my camera f he burst out. "She smashed it all to bits on the floor, right in front of my cyea^ and aba laughed And MS there, and they were both cockeyed drunk, and the people downstairs threatened to call the police. Christmas Eve tool And me there with this turkey and waiting for her to come home. So I've left her, for good. And she just laughed, and went out with that guy for more beer. 1 could—1 could kill her!" And he broke down again, sobbing incoherent words into the toweL "Drink your Scotch," 1 reminded. "You haven't touched it" • • • i TJE drank it hastily, and the water too. Then a reaction set in, and he began to shiver violently, his teeth chattering. I made him put on my baggy tweed smoking jacket. "I 'll build a fire," I offered. ''And you can tell me about it if you wish. Go back to the beginning." "Well, you see," he began, "1 won the raffle down at work. This big turkey, like I told you. I didn't find out until this morning that I had the lucky number, and I got all steamed up, because me and Ida has never had Christmas at home. We always went over to her folks' house. And I thought this time we'd have our own turkey. So on the way home—I got off work early, 2 o'clock it was—I stopped at Pinay's and had it stuffed. Got some vegetables and stuff, and a pumpkin pie at the bakery. And I phoned her folks we weren't coming over tomorrow. When I got home, she wasn't there. So I figured I'd surprise her. 1 put all the stuff away and cleaned up the apartment some. And there was .Christmas carols on the radio, and it was snowin', and I felt like— aw, you,know how a guy feels on Christmas." He paused, then said, T guess I better go ahead and tell you everything. You wouldn 't tell anybody about this, would you?" "No. It 's nobody else's business." "Wen, tat wont pas* is Ida 's been goin' around with tMe guy named Bobo, He tends bar at this place where she hangs out. She's been with him every night for months, practically, and gets hv late', and sometimes she'U be se tight she goes to bed with hat clothes on. When 1 raise Cain about it, she fights right back, and tells me he treats her like a woman wants to' be treated. That makes me mad. He must be 40 if he's a day, been divorced twice over, and he used to be a fighter —middleweight. His face is all scarred, and he's got a big beer belly, and whiskers so thick his jaws look blue. You know what I mean." "How long has ail this been going on?" I asked. "Oh, eight or nine months. She began fooling around at that joint way last winter, and she stays every night till the place closes. Couple times I got so mad I left and rented a room at the Y, and stayed a night or two, thinking maybe she'd come to her senses." 'Isn't all this pretty expensive?" I put in, "That's Just it! She keeps ma broke. Once I give her money t» pay the gas bill she spent it on beer, and the company turned off the gas. I never know what she'! do." • • • T PUT more wood on the fire. "I. - 1 should think," I remarked, "that you 'd probably be driven te drink too, with all that going on." He slapped at the air fiercely. "Not me. Not after I seen what it done—what 't did—to my pop. I swore I 'd never let drink get me like it did him. You oughta see him now. He's—well, he cant hardly talk any more." "Let's get back to tonight," I interposed hastily. "Oh. Well, it seems Marty's closed for the day and so Ida and' Bobo been together all afternoon. When they come in I was just finishing cleaning the sink, and they was— they were—both pretty high. This Bobo lays down on the. couch and says, 'Let's all have a beer.' And I guess it was the sight of him laying there like it was house that got naa,"

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