The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (AUK.] COURIER NKWS IWIi Why Tulane May Be Terrible c\gain Green Wave May Be Bif; Factor in Dixie Football Again. ..By NEA Srrvlre NEW ORLEANS—DeSplte Coach Ted Cox's mournful walls about araduation losses. Tnlane's Gicen Wave this year is destined lo be as mighty os any that has rolled up from the gulf in past years. When Coach Cox groans, he's merely kidding, clesplle the loss ol one ol football's (jrenl" 1 - fnub— Jerry Daliymple—ami such stars] as, Union. DeCollBiiy and 1 Glover. Cox. who Succeeds Hernie Dlcrmiin as coach, still liar, n team that bids fair to be tin; tenor of the Southern Conference. The nucleus of that great back- ficlrt thai lillcil up victory aller victory until it met Southern California at llw Rose Bowl lasl New Year's Day Is Intact. Don Zimmerman. "Pain" Felts, married cnptain of tlic Icain, McDnnlcls. 1'ayne and llrxlglns arc back, Blv- jnsi Tulnnc one of Ihe heaviest aiid fastest backfields In Ihe con• f crence. All arc men who can pass, limit, cany Ihe hall and do a yilfty bit of Mocking when necessary. The weakness, then, if any, seems to be in tlic line. But what is there to vend the air about In this veteran line: LodriBiies, cenler, Scaflde and Schrocder, guards; Bankston awl Cunningham, tackles? Every man in the line saw service Ink year, (u\il LoUvleues promises to star at center. Jerry Dalyrmple, can't be replaced In a year. And lhat fellow Haynes, who Icnmcd up willi Jerry on Ilic olher end, also will be R hard roan to fill In for But Cox hojies to develop a pair of wing men just ns tcod out of n world of material. He has Simons, a" excellent pim- ter. Phlllliis, Westfeldt, Doylcss Hll! national heavyweight collegiate boxing champion (who is a end to box), Hardy and Boasbcrg , The last, two are figured to col the regular berths. For other line shock troops Cox has Robert Tcssler, .a big 21)0 pound sophomore, tackle candidate calhoun, George Tessier and Pad dock, guards, and Reed, Ed Polle vant and Carl Hill, centers, t • » While Zimmerman, Fells, Hfc Daniels, Payne Hodglns are das TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, lilSi-l 10 IE; PHILLIES BEIT Bill.?! Dodiicrs Mav Lose Third Place if Phils Keep Up Drive. The loadins Cul>> of t'u National cu;ue and t':c winning Ynnk.s of ! Ihe American Ic^p U'.':L I idle y?si k-r.'ay tnui cnjoycJ a day of ri^t iookini! forward to tlieir world sc- ries meeting n?x', iiion'.li. The I'hlladslphla Phils boat the Brooklyn DoUxm 5 to 3 at, 1'liila- delp.lila and movei! closer to the ililrd ]>l3ci> berth occupied by the ladders. The I'liils routed Van Mimga, the Do:l!;Er acr. in less than (•AD Innings. Hanscii started for Philadelphia an-J was .succeeded by Ad l.lvka in tlie third. Clinch Klein and Lefty O'Dou! hit for the circuit. Tiio nnslon Tiraves defeated Ihc New York Gian'.s at No a- York. 'I'lie-score was (i to 3. Tli? Braves hepped on t!:c offerings cf Walte Hoyt for four rims !n the fifth inning. Fit Hrandt hurled a stca:ly eanic for the wlnngrs. Hogiin hit i any farther than the good little a homer for the Giants, H. Moor? I man. They claim that beyond n of Boston 'nit for the circuit. | certain point, a ball will not gain The • Philadelphia Athletics do- 1 distance by Increasing the 1m- fealed the Chicago Whit; Sox nli j, acl ^hlnd u Chicago. The score was 9 to 6. The Macks made their 'Mis count Joy runs as Grove chalked up his 25th victory of the season, drove faltered more than once and Hi: help o! his males united him throiij .1. ^ochrane hit for ill? circuit. Smead Jollcy, Huston outfielder who used to be a etcher, turned catcher again yesterday :n!cl aldrJ his mates in beatlnu the Dulrail Tigers, 5 to 4. Jolley go: three hits Including n homer with two men on base In ths second inning. Kl!n2 .•> the winning pitcher. Want Ads. TODAY'S GAMES American Lcueiin St. i/juls at Cleveland (twol. Chicago at Detroit it-.iol. Washlimton at Boston. Only games. National League Boston at New York. Brooklyn at I'hiladjlpliia, I'itUbiireli at Cliicaga. Only ynmes. Ilhosr I.onx Drivers Some golf profrsslonais contend that, all (lnri!;.s beliii; .efiual. such as timing, stance and everything that enters into a ijood c,olf drivJ, tlie gcKxl' big man can't hit a ball YOUR FACE IS DIFFERENT • Every face and beard requires a different razor adjustment. That is why the Gillette BLUE BLADE —with its slotted flexing center for easy adjustment — gives marvelous shaving comfort. Prove this yourself., rulanr. terror (.f Ihe Southern C'onfen-mi; last ytar, sliuulil lie just .is Irrtilik- (his year. Above an- a fr» uf llir. rrasnns wtiy. At Irtl is thai Htrl lack. Dun 7.lininmn:iii. wlni'll liu lurk afc;iin. \s cn|iUln tlir Orrfii Wuve will Invr "l';i|u" Nnlllc Krlls, shown in upper rlglil. unr of the Breali-t lncl» In (He .Hiiutli. Ilcluw arc C'turh Tcil C'nv, left, surrcssur lu IScrnie anil his assM- World SerlM Hllttn It is Important for n pitcher to know Ihe hitters In a world series, tint not really vital. Pitchers generally know the hitters, but In spite of thnt lire hitters hit. Thus, reading a story to the effect that the Cubs arc not going anywhere In the approaching world scries with the Yankees for the reason thnt the Cubs' ex-manngcr. Joe McCarthy, is boss of the Yankees now and ciin tell his -boys what the Cubs ran't hit. makes me just a little bit weary. Gomel Inquires The oilier day the Yankees' ace, sed as tlie first string backncld.j convcrsa t| 0n the Tiiltirie mentor..has Po.1 Rich- Bnrtc ardson. with iwo years of experience under "Red" year's general, Lefty Oomez held a short with ' COBdi Jimmy nn ex-Cub) on Uic Dawson, last sub auartcr; Pete Menge,. another quarterback; Roberts aiid Thompsons, halfbacks, and Lemmon and Loft in. fullbacks. Menge, Thomas and Loftin arc sophomores who made good showings with the freshman squad last year. The schedule this year Isn'l extremely lough. Tulane plays Texas A! and M. r Georgia, Vand- erblll, Alabama Poly, South Carolina, Kentucky. Sewanee and Georgia Tech. Georgia and Kentucky -should be the two toughest on the schedule, and if Ihe Green AVave can submerge those two teams it should roll on to another undefeated season. District Tennis Association To Promote Sport subject of the Cub batters. "What, do they hit?" risked the goofy • Cajtillan. "Just let them have a curve outside, and then turii their cup around a couple of times with fast ball, and they'll behave," r'c piled Burke. And the same might be said o the Yankee, batters, the old Ball! more Orioles or what have you 4 • Old ll»s Will Hit What the Yankees do suspec and arc about, to find prove definitely Is that Old lloss Rigg Stcpbcnson Is a great hitler. V socks curves OK well as fnst balls. Angles do not fool him. He smacks in all directions. Says McCarthy: "There's a lad who Li tougher than ever with two strikes on him. He Is about, the nerviest batter I ever saw. Stands right up there \n\\A imkcs It be good." Ruth olTerwl sonic testimony that indicates the reaiarkamc baseball memory of Ihe Babe. Said he: He user! to hit to right field r bis 18 times at bat, an aver of .WS. He lias always been arilcil as n great "money play'. rising to heights when tlic ssiire became heavy. > c American league W. L. Pet \'CW York 1M 45 .CO' 'bllailclphla 02 57 .01' Viishlngton .'.„.'.... 87 CO .58 Cleveland 83 G3 .58 Delroit .'... 72 72 .50 K. Louis ..;.-....•..-. qi 85 .41 Chicago ..:: :." 4,c'ioo .31 Boston .'.... ' 42 105 National l Chictvoo ............ 88 IMttsburRh .......... Bl Brooklyn ............ 78 Philadelphia ........ 77 Boston .............. 7G 1 Louis ....... ...... 67 New York ........... 1)7 Cincinnati ____ . ...... 59 W. I,. 88 Gl 05 71 72 74 80 RO 00 [Mobitgas] ames Fowler on Card At Campbell Tonight James Fo\v[er. local fcalhf vcighl, will meel Dick Pletcli 31 pound puncher of Cnmpkrll. lo.. in one oi the two main bun's the American Legion boxin' : : ard nt Campbell tonight. D. Hnvvis Le^'.oii lUiUclimnkor, las arranged a card of fast, mra- cuis and all lionls will bo OUT he three round rnule. Tin; flylils ire helrt at Ihe l.c^ion hut. Fowk; 1 vlll be nccompanicd by Joe Cnii^. Us manager. "THE GREATEST ADVANCE EVER MADE IN GASOLINE" said Motorists m ST.LOIIS* INDIANAPOLIS • CINCINNATI • CLEVELANI Hclalivcs Exchanged Pulpits SPRINGFIELD. Mass. (UP) The llev. Valentino S, Allison, pr.s- lor of First Presbyterian CluiKh lerc, recently exchanged pulpus with Ills uncle, the Rev. John Alison, pastor of First Presbyterian church of Holyoke. Make This Your Theatre- Going \Vcck---\vith Good Pvo- jiins at Moth Ritx and Home Theatres. Coupon Ticket, Bnoks on Sale$5.00 Worth of Tickets S.1.00 S2.50 Worth of Tickets ?i Mobil .517 .507 .455 .4SI1 .3% To Protest Sandy Ridpe Victory Over Yarbro COOI^EST SPOT IN TOWN R1TZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday Adm.—Matinee—10 ami Night—10 and 30c when he ployed with Cleveland." But Hint doesn't hold true now. Stcvte hits to nil directions mid lilts hard. Gomez will find a Job on Ills hands gelling the old boy F. P. Jnrobs, prominent planter of Gridcr. has been named president of the Northeast Arkansas Tennis ass't>clation. formed to promote the racquet sport In this territory. . on 11 The association, as planned, \rill ™t. embrace afcout ten counties including Mississippi. Crittenden. Greene. Clay. Cralghcad. Poinsett, St. Francis. Ijee, Woodruff and Cross co'.m- tles. Donald Murray of Jonesboro has been named vice president of the tennis organization, George Henry of Blytheville Is secretary and Charles Elliott of Marked Tree Is treasurer. The association was formed by tennis enthuslxsts as a result of the Cardinals beat, f success of the tournament held here 8 am « (o three, during the past summer and a wo- - 308 against the men's tourney and mixed tournament, held at Marked Tree. The association plans to promote a tournament next year which will Include participants from all counties in northeast Arkansas. Aoout 20 towns were represented In the tourney held here during the summer but most of the players were from three counties. The association officers have hoi>es of enlarging the scope of the association's activities next year and making tournaments conducted under auspices of the association annual affairs. Charley Lutes manasor of th Lutes bnsebnll cluh of Mississippi county league will prntest the Knmc Sunday in \vYi\rli Snmly Rldtr<> defeated Yarbro It Is reported. I Lilies' protest will lx> baser] on ! the a|>j>earancn of Mnrnis Galnos | in HIP Sandy Rlngr line-up, point- I hi? out that league rules definite- ' ly regulate the transfer nf ptowrs. | Charley Barker. Sanely nidse '. manager, laughs and says Sanely i Ridge is already the second half; winner. ' At least Its another one of thr [ protests or arguments for which the league is famous. KfcUng Cow OHMS Salt CLINTON, III. (UP) —.Claiming that he. was "Injured and humiliated" by being kicked by a cow •*hlfe attending a livestock sale being h<M by .Clarence Cranj, Louis N. Ricbty has'nled suit for $10.000 damages against Crang, i How About GehrigT The right-handed Cub pitchers arc going to find both hands full when Lou Gchrlg ROCS to the plate. Lou has n splendid record for world series performance. The big first baseman has been In three world scries and his club has been busy In each one. He led the Yankees at with nn average of .348 in 192S when the Cardinals beat, the Yankees four In 1927 he hit Plralcs. but he was walked repeatedly, which cut. down his chances to hit. His four hits In that series Mere nil for extra bases, two triples and two doubles driving in five runs. • • • Pretty Fair SwMling In the 1928 series, when tin Yankees wreaked fearful reveng on'the Cards. Lou hit .545. hi six hits including three horn runs. The fact thai he was n bat only 11 times In the foil games also indicates that he wa generously walked. The Yankees have an advantag in this series at first base an the reason Li Gehrlg's bat. Grimn Is foui' years older lhan Gehrl This year Grimm has been hi ling around .300 against Gchrlg •340. Grimm did some great riltth In the 1929 world series, howeve which was the only one In wh!c he ever played. He got seven hi Hubbies Barred From IJesorl HAMPTON BEACH. N. II. lUP) Weary wives of Hampton Ccun- fanners have enjoyed ;musunl ications here tills year. They «nt a week at (he seashore, with iclr husbands barred from iVie re- irt. with •\ 'AskRrj Mobiloi! Read Courier se*s want A<is HOME THEATRE Tuesday. Wednesday und Thursday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c Sec 'Strictly Dishonorable' with PAUL LUKAS—as the oners singer. SIDNEY FOX—As the swcc young tiling. LEWIS STONE—a? the kindly jvi'.lt'o. Also News and Comedy. NOW ready for you in Magnolialand at over 12,000 Stations and Dealers "COR over a year Mobilgas has been doing exactly whjt we say it will do in your car! To prove that Climatic Control was a reality, Mobilgas was first introduced in cities with extremely cold winters and hot summers. It clicked! Regardless of changes in temperature, weather conditions or altitude, Mobilgas.gave the highest usable level of performance! Try Mobilgas in your own car. You'll become enthusiastic! You'll praise it! You'll marvel at the smooth ANTI-KNOCK performance you'll get from this regular-priced gasoline. with UONA1. . KAY \VKAV l.KK Til AC Y More Woivil Tlinn "Kninkcn- '-inn" —Hove Thi'illiiv Tiuin 'Di'acnhi" •— llnro Kxdtint; rhan "iMui'dei'.s in the Kue Jlorguc". 'omc nnil SCP for Yourself who the "Mitoiikil't'r" Is! SIX VICTIMS—All showing the handiwork of the same ruthless ficntl thai kills by the lishl of I lie full nv-on. DOCTOR X is willuuit il.mht the greatest Mystery Thriller of all time ;iml it is in lici'fect Technicolor. Paramount News. Comedy •— "Tlie Fronmlcr" wiih lionnv Rubin. ^CLIMATIC CONTROL « the pi»Jj««""" Ktnt of ifcc srccidnlionl of Mobils". Wuie it is phccJ on silc in your locillty. It luiomuicilljr ajjpt) itself to the vifijlicns in "engine hen", crjieJ by cli:nj« in temperJture, llutujc, humiJ- ity ml rwJ "poll". In llit M*ilsa> ReieitcH l.ibotJtorici all these cJimgins climitie conjllbnl lure been "mnvjficunil" in hot and cold mt- ing-clumbcii. Tht rojJ perfornunce of Mobilgi! i> tliui scientifically TtrifieJ >t different "enjc.e Stay with AGNOLIA and You Stay ahead Kit/ Theatre—Thursday and Friday — "PAIXTKI)' WOMAN'" with Silencer Tracy. Kit?, Theatre—Saturday—"A I'ASSrOKTTO HF.I.l." with Klis.=a I.rtndi. Each Best ITS Class 8-5-MG

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