The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1944
Page 5
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Lieut. Holt Claims Record For B-25 Speed •WITH THE mil AAP IN 1T- i » ,? |ml 4 - SK '«»tl Ucul. Robert wJ r' nl 5: lllcvl »c. Ark., Is in the *!! SCU '" 8 a now s »«e(l record the- B-25 Mitchell medium n/ , bl " ho " oeslv ' t advocate the ethod l, e was forcC(1 lo usc (0 do Lieut. Holt was pan of a lorma- UOH bombing a raact junction near t? ! 1C i "m" thc feal w» s "worn- P MiMl. me plane just In front of him exploded in n,i(|. n lr. The concussion drew Lieut. Holt's left wing doira and ill ahout thi . . same tlme another' Inn-si of fink Hit under his »»>8, niupmg over the bomb-laden B-25 on its back. "She nosed down mid went into a screaming tllve," he recalled. Hie weight of the tombs made ns go down all n,e faster and we icro indicating 420 miles per hour before I could ease her out of the dive. Lieut. Holt did manage to mill ho plane out O f the dive and brought it and thc crew , lome sa(( ,-, lJ\ Now tbiit it's, all over, he's rtuilc proud of wliat he believes to be the record speed for medium bombers. . Even so, he says he will be con- lent to lei the record stand and be done with such experiences Lieutenant Holt, son of the nev and Mrs. J. H. Holt of near p«ra- gould, is husband of tlic former Mis* Virginia Cook of BlylhevlIIe. Acting Post master Homed JOINER Ark.. April 4. - Miss Marie Lanicr has been named as acting postmaster here, pending the holding of civil service examinations, by Representative E c Gainings. Miss Lanier succeeds Mrs. Hazel Oarlock who resigned (». •; Dies In Mississippi Services for Mrs. D. s.' Roebuck of Monroe County. Miss., mother ol Mrs. 'Irac v Burl of Osceota, were held in Nettleton, Miss., yesterday; Mrs. Roebuck, 77, died Sunday at the home of a son, Ike Roebuck in Netttcton, She also leaves-her-husband ant! five other children. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK,); .COUB1BK Movietown Lawyer... 4 * * * When Celebrities Go To Court He ''steo Is The Show Read Courier News Want Ads. Jap Propaganda Persuades GIs . To Fight Harder ' A Japanese otaci vnliou plane buzzes ovei tlic jungle, and down drift thousands of tokcns-from-Tojo —propaganda leaflets urging Amcri- CAII fighters in thc South I'acific to throw; down their guns, throw up their hands and deliver themselves Into -the allegedly tender mercies of the "invincible" Nips . . . The appeal reproduced above, is a sample of such propaganda; 'which is avidly being collected by jungle- fighting Americans who call tlic leaflets "the. Sur.dsy funnies from Tokyo" . . . Brilliantly colored, and printed on rough pulp paper, the messages usually arc presented in crude' cartoons awl phrased in unique slang apparently written by some Jap, who was educated in the United Stales about 20 years ago .. . The "tickets to Tokyo" arouse anger W'lvcll as amusement when they avempt to'stir dissention.between Australian and American forces, or when they tell Allied fighters they are losing tl;°ir.lives to serve'. the "selfish interests" of other nations . . . Thc smiling, surrendering figure pictured aboue Is accompanied by this message: ''He got his food. He got his cigs. Above all, he's assured of life and thc chance to get : back home." Hprhifj and Summer T OVN E - u P Save Ou-sWinu . . . Save! Tires. {.V'-'Ail-rouml Bedcrl rcrformance! T 1. SEAY MOTOR CO.) Chrysler pc»|tr Parts & Servlct} 121 W.-'Ash-' Fbwie ZKZ\ Wlien Dlj Ihcvillc Was An Infant, This Was Our Motto - - - "ALL THAT'S GOOD IN INSURANCE" - - - It Still Is! f rriting l-'ire & Tornado on your jck of merchandise, home, furniture, on your farm property. Liability, on Auto, Contractors public, automobile. Plato Glass, Trucks and Truck Cargo, Accident & Health, Parcel Post, in oldest mid best of Companies. Just call phone 3361 for binder on anything insurable. W. M. Burns Agency Odicc Anthony Dldg. By EKSKINK JOHNSON NKA Correspondent HpfAYWOOD.-lt Jerry Ciieslcr tried for a. role. In the movies us "a brilliant defense attorney, studio casting directors would brush him off because he doesn't look like one. "Sorry;" theyu say, "bul you're just not the type." But In Ihe same courtroom with one of thc screen's greatest actors Charlie Chaplin, and his onc-tlme protegee, Joan Barry, Jciry Gles- ler Is the star. Tills business of stealing the show from Illustrious Hollywood clients such as Chaplin and Errol Flynn Is Betting to be a habit with this tall, 57-year-olf| attorney. In fact, Jerry Glcsler Is recognized as one of the best criminal lawyers in the United states, slid one of the best courtroom actors. Yet as a riilc, Giesler doesn't, shout • or gesticulate "or pace back and forth In, front of a jury. In Hollywood parlance, Jerry underplays his role. But he doesn't hesitate, on occasion, 'to go all out for drama. In the Flynn case, he impersonated Peggy Satterlec in a fivc-mliinte soliloquy which would have mfde any actor envious. And once, In an obscure murder trial, h e fell off a plnno stool half a dozen times to drive home's point to the jury. But In underplaying, there'.'; no one In Hollywood who can top Jerry Giesler. re DOESN'T SHOUT He steals the spotlight and sways hate lo sre a ivoiiian cry," says'.ferry c;it-sl.T, here pii he .•ri.M.c.vamincd Joan Barry in (lie C'lujillii caw. ML^S'ovS'^^S ISL'iEKJ <c """"" «** <«<:»"»• od, had tr\\<i tin,, t.fn.... _t,.n .11, I '•'^(.v Twin Sisters Stick Together, Even At Work Ton ore not seeing double when .rou Blnncc Into the office of n V>. HughM Clolhljig store, Two Pi'Hlv Klijl cmployus (ire thevc who look alike and dress alike. They arc the liugnn twins. Having iwlitt working In Hie same (Iciraifmciit may sound <ll(- flcult but CK'iievii was so lonely when Clrncvlevi! went (o work the brief separation ivns lermhmtcd by tholr present employer giving general office Jobs to botr. of them. Now, they again njjoid nil Ilictr lime loscllicv, Thc 19-yeav-old dungliteis of Mi ami: MI-S, w. E, llngan of lliiff- uinii cannot imagine twin's not winning (o dress Identically nml always Imvc worn slmllnr c'lotlics. declare they Inivo no ur- .over sclccilnj (heir warri- robf and choose each day's wcnrliii! apiircl wltliouL debate. 'I'hcy ntieiidwl Arnrorcf iligh School, from .wlilch (licy were Bmclnali',1 shortly before Gcwvleve bcgnn her business career lust May. R*»tt Courier ,Vewi vrunt Ad» "• - ' — • vi •• v" w-j ciii ML I - od, had told her «tbry ciylit dlf- fcrciH times, chftujjing --- -^v^.-.u ..»», 1,113»'lj ailM OnnyA fpVOI jurie.5 by not raising: hts voice, by .1', „ , „ - - - - v.=t hnrnmerlne at a witness,. Yet „ " elc wo . l ' ( " c " r e ltc <l that .she •-' ••-- ' • --• ""' "" •" she had leaiu his nuestiouing i.s scapel-like. He Is a master technician with gi'eat iwrsuaslve jwwers. Like all great actors, Jerry Gles- ir Is a fastidions dresser, always wearing finely tailored $250 suits, suede slices and S10 neckties. Like an actor, too, he is particularly sensitive about his semi-bald head. Whenever someone points a camera at him,.Jerry Invariably reaches for las hat. All Hollywood has heard of Ills unsuccessful trials of dozens of kinds of hair restorers. Giesler was trained lo be a showman as well as an attorney. There are only 'two autographed pictures In..his office. One Is of Clarence Darrow. his lioyhood idol, the other of Earl Rogers, the western criminal attorney for whom fie worked'as office boy while nl- lentling the University^ of Southern California law. school 37 years ago. Both 'Darrow nml Rogers were great shopmen. . . .. •It was for'an'ottier great showman. Alexander Pa*t«se.s, that Jer- rv Giesler. won hLvfirst big case, Ji 1930. Pantogi-s, defended by two Los Angeles attorneys, -was convicted-of criminal assault on testimony of the actress Eunice Priugle. Pantages then dismissed his two •UUrneys and hired Gicslev to write an" appeal andrdeiiiaufl.a new trial: Qiesler won " new 'trial, a quitted. SHI? KNT5\V HER .,.„„ the casn b^liitioduc . the appeal, got the nd/' PsDt«ges" was ac-' -....v Uiiv 1111U HJUlii- fine ''° 1C ' """ " CVC1 ' fo ' BOt llcl ' The case attraclert :n:illonnl nt- tention, and since then Giesler has been sitting- ut the attorney's table at all of Los Angeles', great criminal trials. And emerging, victorious. .Gieslcr .si)cces.sfull v clofended Moc „ ,i c r :!!'. ll|) " Snydcr, husband of Ruth Ltlmg on an nssiinlt-wilh-n- (ieadly-wcapon charge. Ho won tin acquittal when Dance Director Busby Berkeley was accused of manslaughter after !ln automobile ac- n which three people were He proved that Paul Wright, manager of Los Angeles Union Air Terminal, was Insane, when he killed his wife and his best friend In the noiv famous "white flame" case. Wright testified thai- lie couldn't remember what happened —that a "white Jlnmc" flashed Ire- fore Ins eyes. Ami, moi-fi recently Gieslcr won acquittal for Errol Flynn on two charges of criminal assault brought, by Betty 'Hitmen and Pegs,- Satterlce. Giesler's fees for these cases tire gossip for big figures. He is shicl to have received $75,000 for defending Flynn, and to be getting 5100,- <XK» as Chaplin's counsel. HE'S NO TEAR-JK11KEK In cross-examination,. Giesler Is Inclined to be earnest, and friendly. He once told a friend:'"! hale to see women cry, and I never trick a "Aomin nift'ieai"into n bpcll of Although his job Is keeping people out ot jail, this attorney enjoys ihe admiration mid rcs|>ecl of law enforcement officials. Asked If he knew anything bad nboiit Olcs- er. chief Trlnl Deputy Daniel Heechei' of thc district attorneys oflicc snld: ••Nolhhlg, if Jerry Olcslcr CHIMO In here and told me .fOmctlilng I would i )c ilcvc him just as suot\ us Id. believe one o[ . u ,,. 0 wn <U-p- Easter Flowers! I'm Kiulcr ,»c wciulil suggest J'nii |)l;,,c your order cirl> Telc- K'riiiili orders must be in b> Jhuis- dny lu inuirc ilclivcij WK "ill » -cciulc lUjlheiillr tlll- •icns I'Lillini! early ami pUcing then , orders for— li'v('iH!Ti- 1>0 " C< ,',! 1|: V l(S (illdl ""'"-' l'»««-' K»»'«r Miles, Vel. m i,aii.i Lilies anil Hydranceas) iinrt Corsages . . . Give us time ili.iit.? t! e« l!S | i1 !. ".''' ^ dls ''' 1 l" )llilc(i - We Mill have Orcldil.Gar- ui.111,1, nucci jcus, itoses ami Carniiduii corsages. Visit Our Greenhouse and Flower Shop HEATON 7 S Home of Flowers Davis at Franklin ' 1 s iV p hone 549 INVEST IN AMfflCA ^ ^ ^J *, *T • * f Stake YOUR Claim NOW with War Bonds It took a lot of grit for a man and wife to slow their children into a prairie schooner with a few bare necessities and fight it out with all the hardships the frontier had to offer. Yet, these self-reliant pioneers proved their ability to win the finest reward a family can have—security in a land of growing opportunities. Today, solid citizens are staking their claim A journey's end is the beginning o] relaxation. In such a moment, Dudweiser will prove a welcome companion. Count on Buefteeiscr to make your sim[>le wartime meals taste better. Every sip will tell you why. in America's buying and keeping War Bonds. They know Bonds help to win battle after battle. They know, too, thai; Bonds will provide security and opportunely for personal initiative when war-supported activity ceases. v Do you know of anything that offers you as much for your money, as a War Bond? Budwei In addition (o supplying the armed forces with glider and bomber fuselage- frames, wing pnrta, gun turret parts and foodstuffs, Anlicuser-liusch produces materials which gi> into Iho manufactures of: Rubber • Aluminum • Munitions • Medicines I) Complex Vitamin.* • Hospital Dicta ' Bnby Foods • Bread and other Uakcry products « Vitamin-fortified cattle fccda • Katterica « Paper Soap aud textiles—to name o few. ANHEUSER-BUSCH *6-21 O 11U SAINT LOUIS w. COURTS Gilbert. Ixitt, nig l<ake llsliermnii was fined $60 last week in MtuiU I'lpiil Court for iwsiiult with n deadly weaixm In connection with im affray March 2(1 n| the Ixwllioiise at 111)! Lake when clclus nnttcii fisherman, was slightly wounded "•licil shot in tho leg. Tesllmony In court revealed iniit llnlten niul ixni became Involved hi an Hi-Kutncnt which lei! to the shooting. Found sillily of ngeiiiviitoii u s - sanlt, Tony Lee Wright, Negro *o- ninn. was fined {50 mid 30 dnys for "nbbltui . |.i-May of Kd Smith, Nero, ou South Klin street foHmi'lnit mi argument., Tho man was slab- bed In Iho head. His condition Is not serious. Tlie following forfcllKl' bond mi a chin-go of tlMucblDi: Ilic pence In recent sessions of Municipal Court- W. I,. Tauter, Tolly PcteiKon, Mnry C aiTi'li, Wheeler EDIWSOII, ll,mo» CiitlKiy imd W . M. King: c'alvln «ens, Homer I'rlti'lmi-d , m ,| u om . y filler were fined $10 O n the same Churned with driving while intoxicated; Frank Wllkel Jack 111 «»<IR.lW«n Dyfcc forfeited bond l ,,, plu ; iul , l "S Kiillty to mi ,,s.siuill and battery charge, lioy Slic-nlicm-l "UiS HIlCu JiO, Wtlftc IflH'VUV DIsilKD' forfeited bond on the same charge. Of U^O Dances Announced Today The new schedule loi Iho USD (Ui.nce.'i y/iis announced today by G W. Daulelson, USO dliMtoi will be held At the USO ' . i * * "evilly lllgiu llOin .- ociork until 11 o'clock and on Saturday lUnhLs from 0 o'clock mill! M o'clock. Kncli Thursday night a dnnco will be held nl the Blylhc- ; <;. A"'* Air Field from 0 o'clock until 11 oVIock. Convoy (nicks wllj assemble' ivt Ilic OSO about tr» tfdock qny nl(ilit« mid »1U J«»ve kbout » o'llock to uke th^Vta tetlfc unncc at the BAAP, Mr , Daniulioo SOU, ' J, ___ .« Army Use* Cfanallc Test -'>*-•— LAWRENCE, 'Maw (UP;— Teii? ot Armj wearing apparel vaA", equipment, now In progreiis »t-th»-»' Climatic Research Laboratory here. > arc condueUd, In tempcrat'uiei ' iimglng nl) the nay from 70 degree^ -' below ?ero to 135 above '..,• >f MEDICATED BAUiHru __..rMl POWDER FOR Af «»-*i»pi»'v ' .USE 666 TABlETi. JAIV£. N03f OKQK w S ;»• ir;",' 1 '"'", |I ""' K ' •'''"•" i"' • -' Attention, Owners of ELECTROLUX^ CLEANBRSi Our factory is converted to all-out war wor£ ! From experience all of us arc learning to prepare i to do without many things. You will be prepared, ! to take care of your cleaning problems with* your Electrolux for a long time if you.qet NOW. ; Our factory bonded service man will be af,' tl ] Blytheville at tho Glencoe Hotel Tuesday & i Wednesday, April 4fh & 5th. ' v ' e For free check and inspection of ^ ' > • cleaners, call for appointment. ' '" ' •. ' ' • • * II < WJ. NEWHOUSE •'•i . ' •' ,'> i NOTICE! The Books Are Now Open for the - • ' ! Payments of 1943 STATE AND COUNTY TAX^S —and— 1944 IMPROVEMENT TAXES On Real Estate and Personal Property Penal ties Will Apply After APRIL 17 1 1 ' - / M ii Penalties may be avoided by paying at least one-fourth of the total annugl tax i before April 17tn LE JACKSON SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS

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