The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Throw Leather Tonight Chances In Memphis Semi- 1 Finals Soar With Roberts' "Return" Six of seven boxers who will Wear the colors of BlythcvUle In the Golden Glows competition nt Memphis will participate in their first bouU in the Bluff Clly tonight, headed by James "Bab" 'Roberts, light heavyweight, who reversed an earlier decision not to enter the tourney since enrolling at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. The mulches tonight will be the semi-finals of the Memphis dis- J 9rne , " Sab >' Ro b eris /Blyiheville! trlct Golden Glove championship I..LI u ......... .-^\ ' tournament with the finals to be staged Wednesday night. Roberts' decision to continue In the Golden Glove tournnmeni greatly increased Blythevllle's chances to come through with high 5 HBW JUSTICE St. Louis Lawyer Collects Records of Legal lira t-> y g o n c Light Heavyweight Hugh Harbort Jr. (Blyilieville) Middleweight . of Blylhevlllo's team In Ihe semi-finals of die Ooldrn Glovo tournomenl nt Memphis looked iniicli brighter with word received here today that James "Bnb" Roberts, light heavyweight Memphis district cliamploi) of Insl year, would hurry from Tiistnloosn, Ala., where he ., ., honors in the tournament. Roberts re c«ntl.v enrolled In ihe University of Alabama, to curry on as n mem h^^r^pSS ^ - °< "« ='Vl'«viUe team, llu.h Harb.rt Jr. is exiled to K lve a HV (:IU.I,J;N SMITH ST. LOUIS, Jan. 28. (Ul')-C'ol- Irciln'. freak laws nnd odd cuurt (rials of Ihi.s JUKI fori'li/n coiinlries Is .1 hobby of l.ymnu E. Cook Kl txiuls nllorncy. Cook has Jtf-pl a record fbi years and now has nboiit oddities trimi bynone phases AJiMTlciin mid I.;uio|k'[in civilua- Umis. Sfmie ol them are; The c:isc of :i niiin convicted in 1839 in France of murder nnd "cn- U-need lo dcalh. u-iler the scntinn-r- was commuted lo life Imprisonment He spent 21 years in prison Then year and went to New York where account of himself in the novice middleweight division. He he was beaten In one of the last 'turned in n line p<->i-forinnnci> here last week against n milch heavier matches In his weight division for opponent from Joncslioro. Doth Ihirbcil anil Roberts will fiRlil tonight I l\t> 11Q t tniiol. rirtMnn nlrtipi\ nlitim*^ ' . ° • •(»»>*• the national Ooldcn Glove chnmp- , ionshtp. Hoberts will meet James McLe- inore of Himtlngton, Tenn, In Uic semi-final round of the open matches tonight. If lie noes ahead to win the Memphis tournament his further participation is doubtful, however, because of Southeast conference rules which npply la Roberts since his matriculation nt Alabama. Sonny Lloyd, lightweight, Is the only Blythevflle boxer who will not fight tonight. Lloyd drew n bye In the pairings In his division. Carlhol Hyde, novice featherweight, will meet Loren Briggs of Little Rock. Aaron Byrd, novice welterweight, will meet William Seymour of McKenzie, Tenn. Hugh Harbert jr., novice middleweight, will clash with Noltm Tucker of McKenzte, Tenn. In the open competition Rlch- nrd Roberts will meet Marlon Cook of Memphis In the paperweight division, provided Roberts loses about a- pound and a half that sent him over the division's weight yesterday. Billy Price, the Manila youth, •fighting in Blytheville colors, In the open bantamweight competition, meets Detnpsey Dwyer of Memphis. Members of the Blytheville group weighed in nt Memphis yesterday afternoon. 'The matches tonight will begin at 7:30 o'clock and will be held nt Ellis Auditorium in Memphis. ill Memphis. Steele Teams Defeat Holland Friday Night STEELE, Mo.—The Steele High Bulldogs won a do\ibleheader over the Cooler teams on the local court Friday night. The girls' game was a tie at the end of the game, score of 17-17, after an extra two minute period was played off stcele won by score of 17-19. Cooler had been In the lead throughout the game only by a few points up until just before the game was over. The boys' game was also a pretty close battle and Ihe score was a tie at the end of the first half, the score was 13-13. soon after this Steele ran in two of their bes! players who had not been playing because of illness nnd stcele won by a score of 27-n. Cooler boys played the best , game the> have played this season. Mighty Malians To Perform Between Matches At Wrestling Show A special exhibition will be given tonight's wrestling match at the ndriwin Legion arena by Mrs. orris Mnlran nnd her husband, rofessor Rlclmrd Mnhan, a couple lio perform various tents of reneth ns part of their program. ie presentation will tie In the way ' an adcIW attraction lo the resiling mulches, the feature of Inch will be a two out of three alls go between Roy Welch and tike Nnzcrian. The- Mnhnns are said by Mike Icroney to Imve an unusually ran and iiiteresllng series of ncls. ne of which consists af Mnhnn .illing nn automobile by his Iccth. In Ihc Wclch-Nnzerlnn malch hicii will climax the show. Nn- rlnn Is certain to have the crowd gainst him since he aroused the e of the customers here last week y excessive roughness against his iponcnt, Eddie Malone. Welch will e out to tame the big bad Ar- enlan, but just what luck the old anadlan Wildcat will have rc- lains to be seen. A preliminary bout will feature a .niggle between Lou Miller, the 'isconsin bone cracker, and ole Isen. two are veteran per- ormers wllh a variety of tricks iat. will undoubtedly provide iiough action to satisfy the most ablcl fans. The PAYOFF BV JtERRV BKOXDPIEU) NBA Service Sports Wrilcr NKW YORK, Jan. 31.—Wha happens when an All-Anieric: lootball player determines to sta out of the professional ranks, and a piay-for-pay magnate is detenrdnec to sign that player? Whizzer While of Colorado ha his heart set on taking advantag of a Rhodes scolarship. Art Rooney, owner of the pills burgh football pirates, is making desperate effort to change his mint Rooney's most recent act of des peration was to offer While $15,00 for the 1938 season. Aware of th Whizzer's drawing power, he ma go higher. That $15,000 represents the high est flat salary figure ever offere to a pro footballer for a sing season's activity. If White declines, it will be on of the finest exhibitions ol she will power we've run across. There'll be higher offers to super-attractions of college footba as the result of George Marshall's success with Sammy Baugh In Washington. Marshall has to lay it on the line, RS the boys say, to land the Texas Christian lad. . The laundry man was Introducing professional football in Washington nfler three losing campaigns in Boston, nnd prospects were none too bright. But Baugh pitched the .Redskins to the National League champion- •hy Ihe club showed a profit of 90.000. Sarazcn Says Snead Must Concentrate Gene Sarazen. hack nfter whack- ng a golf ball around tthe world inccrcly hoped Sam Snead would ool off before he returned. "Looks ns (trough Snead will have 0 win Ihe'Nalionftl Open lllis year T uol at all." says Gene. "He can't :ct by much longer on that natu- al swing of his, hilling Ihe ball nstinclively. sooner or laler tour- mincnt strain will get him—same ns it has nil of vis—am) Ihen he'll be sorry lor his lack of oonceiilrn- ion. "That's Sam's only fault, thinks nbout n fishing trip. Quail Season To End At Six O'clock Today Hlythcville .sportsmen were limiting Ihclr lasl quail lotluy ns ihe season closes at six p.m. Despite there having been n scarcity ol se birds this season, there hove been many hunters in the woods of this section. The limit has been 12 n day nnd those getting the linlt have been considered uiuisu- illy successful. After today there will be no more lawful hunting of protected game until May IS, when Ihe squirrel season Is open for one month, it was announced by otto Cumniings, state game warden. It was discovered Hint ihe person he was convicted of nnirderliif; y'"is himself. Cuurllnif Law in Maryland A young mini in Maryland had to watch liis step when cointiiii! Six visits in (ino week to the home of his girl friend wns equivalent I n proposal of marriage. In Winchester, Mnss., a younp girl may not be allowed to dance on n tight rope except In church. An ordinance in Milwaukee or- l>adc anyone lo let his car stand in the street longer llirm two hours unless n horse is hitched to it. A "Keren, Ohio, ordinance declared Unit any animal on the street aftoi dark .siinll prominently display red (all-light. * One ordinance of Waterloo. Ni'b.. provided thnl It shall lie Illegal for any barber In Ihnl town lo cut onions between 7 a.m. ami 7 n.m Reiser News A bus-load of Kelscr students went to Osccola Friday morning lo present a chapel program at both of the Osccola schools. Th orchestra under Ihc direction of John P. Kciser was in charge of the program. Olher numbers were a read- it by Floyd Austin jr.. a dance by four fifth-grade girls, and a short skit by three seniors. Jtmnltn Lowe, Frances Anclilin, and Harry B. Morals reached a new high in Monroe, Utah, when an ordinance was passed requiring tlmt daylight must be seen between dancing couples. In India where cows are held sacred, n woman may legally marrv a eon!. The Ohio general code provided that a person lynched by a mow may recover from the county n sum of not more than $500. Tn California the slate code declared thai it Is n misdemeanor lo shoot nt any kind, of game, bird or mammal—except n whale—from nn automobile or an nirplnne. A Russian author In IBlfl wns convicted of libel. The courts in Moscow decided that filling punishment would he for him to cat his own words, page by page. He did nnd it took him three days. During Die year 138C in, (rumpled nn infant. LOUIS DURST HIGH-JUMPER, TRACK. MAM AND FEHCep-ATSAYLOR U, OMPOSES MUSIC FOR rVS Of Hi AMUSEA1ENT* . >'//•. Owe up MEPICAU CAREER TOR MOVIES , 6 FEET, WEIGHT, |5<£ POUNDS DARK &ROWM EVBJ" WHITE HORSES ANP Ihc muddy bottom of the channel Ulaxi-k i-i llio c:>ly .still in tiie business — and MONDAY, JANUARY 31, 1938 lion agents in charge of this program. v / 4-11 Clubs See Recreation As Basis For Improved Social Lif c To improve Ihe social life ol boys nnd girls living in rural suctions of l>pi county i.-, ihc- major program lor (he 4-11 clubs of thn coiiuly tills year, with this goal In "1'ixl. the 1.050 incitibc-is In the clubs have started iljc-ir year's jiro'j] inn. will emphasize rem-ntion leaders in tin: extension work of MKi:;>:i|;|)i i-oimty believe that the j right kind of ivm'utlon will ini- iil iile of Ihe rurn) mill sentenced lo die in men's clothing. In St. Louis n man was Iricd and convicted of the murder of his stepfather In 1809. After he wiis hanged it wns discovered that one of the jurors could neither understand nor sbeak n word o( English. Anderson. Hortense Nichols ami Prnnce. Clayton White ncted ns announcers | The pig wnVput oiMrial, convicted for the programs. The P. T. A. sponsored n program at Die school Friday nflernoon in honor of the President's birthday. Ench child was nskcil to bring one cent ns n birthday present. Nine dollars and twenty-five cents was Inken in. which will be sent lo Hie infantile paralysis fund. Mrs. w. E. Pigg and Mr. James Wcsterileld were in clmrge of the program, which consisted of n flag drill hy members of Ihe fourth grade, songs by the entire audience, Ihe oath of nlleginnce to the flag, nnd an account of the president's life read by Mary Robertson. * • * The Entre Nous Bridge Club en- lertalncd nt the home of Mrs. Dick Watson Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Fred Crockclt ns the only outside guest. High score prize wns won by Mrs. Lloyd Bruce nnd the traveling prize by Nfrs. I/T Wil- Stiuients in tile Ki'i.scr high school who have had perfect ntten- d:mce for the fifth month of school arc Dewey Warner. Nelle Ferguson. I Viola Gaul, Fcrrill Carter. Charles or he's something like thnt. when nnking n critical shot." But Sam Snead will have to blow ,ip—as he did In the Pasadena Open—.several more times to con- fince a lot of olher trained observers that lie was nothing more 'hnn B flash in the pan. Jockeys Pick Up Weight in Florida Practically everybody in the north reams for a trip to Florida at this .ime of the year, but many of the iockevs riding at Hlalca'h Park would much prefer to be in Saskatoon. They pack on weight in Florida, which Is why little men in rubber- reducing suits on the roans around Joseph E. Widener's track in the early morning make Ihe place look like n training camp lor fighters. Two electric reducing cabinets in the jockey headquarters .ire busy all day. Leroy Dubois weighed 108 pounds when he left New Orleans. Dec. 10. Today he comes in at 125. Don Grant scaled 101 when he quit River Downs. He has picked up 15 pounds, and says he is about ready to retire as a reinsman, Joe Rosen is gelling few mounts because he has picked up more lhan 10 pounds. Boxers, loo. find it much easier to make weight outside of California and Florida. Several reasons are given for this. but all save one is a guess. That one Is the climate. W)4 m Hie principal reason most of the Sailors Stranded In Houston HOUSTON, Tex. (UP)—Stranded sailors are presenting a problem to Houston relief workers. The cits has 150 seamen lo feed through Thomas Montgomery. Louise Boucher. Sybil Crews. Jewell Dimehew, Veda McCormick. Eddye Evelyn Turner. Edward O'Brien. China Crews. Mary Fnye Howerton. Mary Robertson, Ora Ionise Anderson. Fiances Aiichlin and Christine Turner. Flier Has Snake Mascot SYDNEY (UP)—An 8-foot cnrpet snake is the regular mascot and flying companion of Goya Henry, a one-legged airline pilot here. Will Hold Meetings To Get Work Sheets Signed r,'i'OE'OLA. Ark,, .Tan. 31. -Beginning Tuesday, Pel). 1. 11 wrlcs of community meetings are lo be held throughout the south cud of the county for the purpose of signing up 1931 work sheets for obtaining subsidy payments. These meetings are being held solely for the purpose of giving those who die not .sign up inst spring an opportunity to do so, according to County Agent E. II. Burns. The schedule of meetings, hours nnd locations are as follows: Feb. 1, Dyess Community House all day. Feb. 2. Luxora, Powcl Cotton office, all day. Fob. 3. Milligan Ridge, O. I. liyid ston'. ul day. Feb. 4. West Ridge. Chupmai Dewey store, all day. Feb. 5, O:;ce- olo. court house, all day. Feb. 1. Burdettc. Tompkins store. 3 to 12 o'clock. Feb. 7. Victoria. Lee Wilson store. 1 lo 5 o'clock. Feb. 8. Ki'lscr. Bank of Kciser. 8 lo 12 o'clock. Feb. 8., 1 lo 5 o'clock, l-vb. 9. Wilson, Wilson Gin. 8 lo 12 o'clock. Feb. 9. Whitton. Whitlon Community House, t to ft o'clock. Feb. 19. joiner, Farmers Gin Co., all day. Wrs. Cornelia Burks, 12, < ^Succumbs Early Today Mrs. Corneli.'i Burks, :i pi-eat irandmothcr of four, died nl four j'clock this morning at her home. 208 West Davis n venue. .She tvas tricken with paralysis Friday Horning nnd her condition had jecn critical since (hut time. Funeral services will be held Vednesday afternoon, three o'clock, it the home of tier sun. f.'ddie iurt;K. 130 Dougan avenue with the ?ev. Alfred Cnrpenter, pastor o[ lie First Baptist church, and the Rev. F. M. Sweet, pastor of the ake Street Methodist church, oll'i- .•iating. Burial will be made at Maple Grove cemetery. Mrs. Burks, who wns born neiw Riplcy. Tenn., Tl years ago. hud resided In Blylhevillc for 40 ymrs. rter husband. W. C. Burks, (liftl in 912. She is survived by two runs. Eddie nml Ouy. and three dnuuh- tcrs. Mrs. I/.wist: Payne, Mi.s Ir.i KOOIICR nnd Mrs. I,. (";. PH.VIIP. nil of here. Cobb Funeral home is in chni-ije of ftmcrnl jin-iingemeiit;;. business is not so good, he admits. "'1 here's still n living to be ur.idc at Ihe trade, though." lie maintains. "I earn from $2 to $3 n day from sali; of my sheik, and oner? in a while I find a penrl." IShuek said lie found two pearls recently. Ono he s:>ld for SIC and the oilier brought only S3. lie said I hat :i few years ago they would have 1 been worth $150 each. "Tills business does h;ive its ad- vnntn«cs." he said. "There isn't any competition." Medical Group Will Hear Harwell, Mahan Or. c. M. Harwell, of Osceol.i. will speuk on "Priirturi's :\ml Their Treattm-n!" and Dr. Thomas f<. Mahan will discuss thn "TiT.ilmcnt i , " Pacific Coast Hopes To Get Tuna.Industry OKAYS I1AR1JOH. Wash. (UP) — canning, 11 new n non-compctiti\'c nuiikrl and one that far over- >lv,i(lo',vs ^ahiiuu lauuiiig in several ways, are included in current Harbor speculation. I^ck of assurance of a constant limn supply is the only dark cloud j on Ilii' hori/on, local fishermen sny. 'Hu-ic ;u't- several Giays Tliirbor r.itiucrii's liiat cuuld be converted into in!i.i-p;u-kin^ with little diiii- i Lilly -i-vi-u lhntii;h l!ie lima must !•'• u-.\c'r;vd iti nil. RPVP!:I| oaiiiieryjnen have said llu-y "\\nulil stein in n minute" if u-y wcu- assured nf an annual •i-lf clubs will continue to actively carry out their regular projr-uis of livestock, poultry, crops ;md I'ruits for the boys nnd poultry, B, iMiujiusf. cookery, clothing, home Improvement and house- udmiiiislraUcii for ihe B'rls, which have been featured during Hie 2C years llio. clubs have been functioning here. Three activities arc instilled In the members, who will work oil I heir sepurnle programs, in addition to emphasizing the recreational activities. This month, radio broadcasts were starled. A club broadcasts a brief projrnm of music, skits -,ind n resume of the group's ncllvilics each week, clubs are mcellng to "listen in" as a group as many members do not have radios in their homes. It is planned lo continue the broadcasts indefinitely. A basketball lournnmcnt and county council meeting will be Ihe chief attraction in February. One act plays will be- presented in n tournament during March. The annual spring rally will be held in April. In May, the summer county council meeting is to be held. There will Ire n speeinl social meeting in June. The soft ball loiirnninent, n judging school and a socinl meeting will be special attractions in July when other nc-livities do not require so much time. In August, members vili attend (he slnte camp, visit he experiment station at Mariannn ind have n club lour. In beginning Ihe fall activities, here will be a special -1-H club day \t the county fair during Septem- )er and members will attend vnvi- JHS community fairs before the county fair held here. The counly council will also have its fall meet- is; in that month. A social meeting will be held in October ami another in November, when the annual Achievement Day broadcast will also be given. The county council meeting in December will conclude the year's aclivi- Lics. Miss Corn Lee Coleman. Miss Inez Kincnld, D. S. Lanlrip, E. H. Burns and D. V. Maloeh are the counly agricultural nnd home demonslra ol Pylnrospnsm"^ at the ni-jnlhly |' .,,.<;„„,„„„ using lmkesh i tl mcetm., of the Mississippi county ! L ., m a ,,, v ,;, k|1 ,-, le - Rman ^ fis ,,; blll Medical association at the I lythe- !,,„.,,„ -„,„,, vvm , , ville hospital Tuesday inshl ;il • 8:00 o'clock. Although the slow-worm looks like a snake, it is ncitlicr snake nor worm, but a. lizard. BOWL FOR FUN FOR SPORT Bring Your Party ALL WILL HAVE FUN Sudbury's Playhouse FOR HEAVY DUTY HAULING . . 1934 Chevrolet 1% Ton Truck Good Condition. Sec this one today. Only $70.00 down, and ?1G.OO per month. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5lh & Walnut Phone Sill River Pearling Doomed To Be Lost Industry 1)11 OIIIF'.N. Wis. illi'l — Mill-till Bla/.ek h the sole 1 survivor of nil industry (hat once doiin<lu i d in llio upper reaches of the Mississippi river. Hhui-k c;m reimMnbt'r llir d;u.s ;vh<.'ii Ihr river \v;is' "(nil ul d;im Ixxits" an-.l thou.^uids ul Beasts on African Stamps CAi'K TOWN (Ul'> — Wild anl- mtils will lie seen on stamps being, is-siitd by the South Africnn Na- ' tionnl Parks Hoard of Trustees.' The stamps will give publicity toll the great game sanctuary, Kruger Hark, and 800,000 of them are on. order. I of Notice to Creditors of Grant Letters of Administration NOTICE . : 1-cttei's of administration on the; estntcol Uillie ilurst, deceased, were granted lo the undersigned on tiiej 21 duy of Jaji.. 1938, by the probate | court of Mississippi county. ' | All persons having claims against, said f-stnle are required to exjiftit-! them, properly authenticated I ioij :illo\vntici', to tile undersigned -fs administrator ol said estate, before: the end of one year from the date! of (he granting of (lie UHtcrs of-' administration upon snld estate, and if such claims be not so pre-: sen ted, they will be forever barred. W. H. STOVAIiL, : Administrator of the Estate of 1-2-1 Gillie Hurst, Deceased, j WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF- CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT,'' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Alt-. KANSAS. K. ir. Cobb. Plaintiff, , vs. No. 6607 Bertie Cobb, Defendant. : The defendant, Bertie Cobb, is, warned to appear within thirty; days in the court named in Ihej caption hereof and answer thc-^ complaint of (lie plaintiff, E, H.j Cobb. ; Dated this 24 day of Jan. 1938.L H. M. CRAIG, Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C, 24-31-7-H Neil Heed (Ally, for Pltf.l Ed B. Cook, (Ally. Ad I4tein.> IN WARNING ORDER THE CHANCERY COUSfff CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI, COUNTY, AR KANSAS. W, Francis Cronin, Plaintiff, vs. No. 659G Roberta M. Cronin, Defendant. '• The defendant, Roberta. M. Cro-f nin, js warned to appear within-, thirty days in the court, named In! the caption hereof and answer the' 1 , complaint of the plaintiff, W.I Francis Cronin. l Dated this 10th day of January, . 1938. ! H. M. CRAIG, Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C.- Pnrtlow & Bradley (Attys. for 1 - Pltf.) ', Claude F. Cooper (Atty. atl Litem) (Seal) 10-17-24-31i WANTED , CORN SOYBEAiVfil Maiden Grain Co. „ W. O. Reeves, Agent ./ So. R.R. Si. Blythevfllr, Ark. • Phono 655 M¥ GAS'S ALWAYS O.K... WHY? Because 1 let Lee Motor Sales keep it in A-l condition. They have modem equipment to do the job right. Then 1 Prices are right, too. abundance. Larger fish are usualls taken with live bait which is kept in tanks and thrown overside when n vessel is ready for the haul. The lun; 1 . become so eayer to bile thnt Ilirv .'.nap :\l bare honks. Drs. Wert & Wert Ol'TOSIETRISTS Over >loc Isaacs' Store "WE MARK 'F.!\l SHE" Phone 540 Figure It All PHONE 810 ; c rom All Angles . . . :ind the ansivrr's always U'e same. ... A car Hull's Kf.'ADV is not only nsi'fiii l>nt h SA! Kit TO DKIVK, Let us tcsl your <ar I KI;K (>!•' CH.MtOK !or possililc faull-i. (),, r H0r h i s GlIAKAN'- TI'Kl). MPLETELY MODERN AUTO REPAIR SHOP FOR Your Every Automobile Need LEE MOTOR SALES, INC. Oldsmobile & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers Bales and Service M7 K. MAIN ST. PHONE 320 1MONDAY N'IRHT, S O'CLOCK vs. OLE OLSEN American Legion Arena, Nnrlli Second SI. NOTICE All persons having personal property should assess it at once. I will be in my office or have proper Deputy at Blylheville every clay and each Saturday at Manila and Leachville. I Every store or business will be called on personally. Remember, everyone must be assessed for a poll tax. Assess today. It will only take a few minutes and you can make sure of your value. R. L. (Billy) Gaines Mississippi County Assessor.

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