The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1932
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1032 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGEFIVa CLASSIFIED ADS Minimum Charge • • • • > — 50c Count 5 Average Words to a Line Month rat* per line, per month 60c Six times, per lino per day . 05c Three times per U |1C P° r d»y i.. «c One lime per line lOc All Ads run irregularly take ilic one. time rate. FOR SALE—SAVE on Goodyear 'fires and Tubes, auto accessories, new and rebuilt batteries, Mo- torloe Oil, llf Quart. Wolf Arian, Phone J7«. I6clt-Oct. Hi F1R3T CLASS waterproof covers 'lor (rucks gnd wagons. Carney Awning company, Phone G43. 17p-kOcL 17 FOB SALE OR TKADE—Luptoi: showcase, bins, shelving and tire rack. Phone 202-W. 19p-k 10-19 I'OR RE*iT foil KENT—Famished apartment 11W West Kentucky, Plione 16C-K-TF BKUIN HRHB TO DAT «TA\ BALL, « u»>< f.l f«(- <!• t.(rrr«l>. fun 4IFEH pKI.O U kl« <>•<•• It Ike rllr- *•»" t> •««••«* by Iht raltte »« •' <*- trlMlvc •• ifcth '»««« w 'tfc w» I(»k»r • •!! «cc««<. Drl* of rr«ikr4 Mrk «1 kl> Tkrt* Ulvrri »•!>. H* •«»•»• D«U of hnvlv »r* >k*t wk« «rr <• ckrrk «r » klK. Bell MT> Iw I* house, flve rooms, bath, garage, servant house 1300 Cliickasawba. Call 83 or 280. lOcklO 19c-klO-lS WANTEJ) WANTED TO BUY—A e«xl plug mult. MUSI be cneap, J. ti. fiicn- uruMjn, home 3, bon w. I6p-kitl \VANTEU-Junk of alt )Llu.a$, hides, iron, copper, urass, aluminum anu lead. Wolf Arlan. Phone 176. | IBck-Oct. la ;\VANTED'. M *.ri or woman Pleasant, dignified, permanent employment. You need a good pcrEOnallly, f!(ir education aim a disposition to work. Inquire at 117 South Broadway. 19-p-k-22 WANTED to buy lor cash—second hand piano, player or upright. X- Courler. 19p-k26 LOST AND EGUM> LOST: White English Bull pup, black on ears, cui tail ami IMIS. Reward. N. B. Menard jr. 1009 W. Ash. 19-p-k-22 1-ERSQNAliS CUSTOM HATCHING —Beginning «pt. I2tn. Baby Chicks, Oct. 3rd. Marilyn Hatcncry, Blytisevllie. SC-K.TF RESTAURANTS Visit Oeo. Wright's Wai! Street Lunch, located in Greyhound Bus Station. 9-15 ck 10-15 HOMECRAFT Sec o;ir nc\v attachment tor makins Singcrcrafl rugs. We teach you. Singer Sewing Machine Co. 10pkl019 Babson Says : Use Head, Not Feet, in Job Hunting WEL.LESLEY HILLS, Mass. (UP) | —Use' your head instead of your | feel in" getting a job. is Hoger W.' Bibson's advice to the unemployed. If you can't get a Job at once, declares the noted economist, "spend an hour or two in your public library, systematically studying trie Industry to which you wish to BO back." Try to think up or work out Eomcthinu you can do for an, employer, then go and explain how you can do it, says Babson. -. L'ucmplo.ved Taught Free • rl(. Ifelo raloif* taa« ke will atrumallr ate Hat Dmll m*t* aot. Standing: tofai* th» ••*• aulU- lu st** Bill MM k(4»tr*'« "UP a Clrl lal> a »ar. K« m<ckr> Ike car an< uvei DON* DEMI. *•- p*c> ilauaralvr. U'kea ke learA wka «kr la at •ll|» •"•7 •«'>» tellUc Sri k* to iTAHLEY BLACK. IIUm.EY WINTER". Ulo««lt» Daaa, agrrra to fit Aarer I>*1» back u« fcla wIM trip I*. Three Rirrra II »ka Tiill a.arrj al». gat E<>ea kin ••»« tmcftrff*. • em. llona «•*• wUa P>4le7* Tker • toy ftt R£Tll DQBY'H tU>e«. Hoar rrfuMta to arlp lleaa IjHt «a>« A»prr aaa keen there n*4 tkal ke Wfla rea4j fur a kllllBfC. Uiiler *•!• a »la» <o I>naa. Ike I. lo aiartr ala. a( Dnljr'a •larr. Anfter eaa fcardly CO o» i\lra n maaaant uadrr <ke«e Hi-. (•uutttaiicr*. Htlaelanlly, Dana agrrtB. Duller ka« a Hcenae, nl taUra Ike al»al kelXT, \Vklle ke I* aeeklaK a ma» ivko raa marrr law, 81a» Ball. »ko la oa kta n»? lu Tkiee KlTera, atep> «ul of Ike alckl aad kkaaea Iroaa. U«aa aajra »aa ca«a«l (a Ihrnngk wHa Ike Marriace an* imli lludlrj off. Tker so om to Tkrce llivera. SOW CO ON WITH iau STOR» CHAPTER VI • T FJE dusty te»^»t«T »H4 do«ra ol the diitSdo and wUr«d » denw stand of Pino and spruce. The ureen faatness ol the forest wai In strange contrast with the dry leys behiEcl. Tb« road mas rutty aud Dona Had to ilow their pace. Mter winding down hill for a mile tliey came aliruptly to a sloiw \\as cut clean ot timber. "They fiure disrglc mother nature proper when they cut timber," Bud ley ohscrved. Dona frowned. "I didn't know th> government allowed clean cutting,' slie observed. Suililenly she rcicem bercil Setli Dolly's reluct.inco lu of (ering helB to llio Delo Interests She «q$ sura her father could no have, given BUCK orders. The slop was cut clean of everything. They drovo slowly over » rids ami tound thera.EElves Almost, la tl timlier camr of Three Rivers. Slid and bouses of unfinished lumbc lined the r.-ail. while at the far cc of the 'itllc settlement stood a larg ImildlnE 'ft h"* '" lilc onl >' of trees left slanOlng. Dona headed the roadster towar this .bvililins. Ueardcd men gan .alter, .the cor and smiled as pissed. Sercral wnvctl their slou hals. With a grlppins of brakes I ear came to'a halt. "This is headquarters, hotel nnd lodge of tlie Delo Lumber Company." Dona explained aa she opened the roadster door. "Get ready for the fireworks." Dudley Icapcij over Hie 5ldo and stood waiting en the bottom Eicp for her to lead l!:o way. She moved rapidly as though casor to settle Bomethl-jg that liad been troubling her. A wide door stood open- U™ a stepped luside with Dud.ley close behind her. Tlis room they entered was lurgt. hail a big fireplace at ono end. It was plainly a loungo room lor the officials and bosses. Along the north wall three doors led lo offices. ipIlB room was empty and Dona crossed rapidly to 0110 of the doors. She bad aln lo! ?t reached It when It opened and a big man with broad shoulders aiid a thick neck 6te»pcd oul. If;, surveyed her without a word tor * full (We seconds. UUK HOAiiOJUNG HOUSE ByAheri 'Tin (Ii« !«&' "P here and /'vc pos(c<? Ball of Blind" Riucr. Dead or aliae bul double bounty aW/' . Sa>ergi'n gal up and slooJ be/ore Dana. "Miss Donaf he rumbled. "Your Pa ea'.d, be half-expected you. Said .0 tell youl he was out UuuliuE." "And. you are STrergln?" l)o:n diO not lll:o (lie appialslng way tho >lg man looked her over from her trim hoots to her duaty anil Mud- blown hair. An employe ot her father should show more deference. sharply. Swergln's IHtlc eyes raaclo her skin creep and she'felt nlrnoat as though he had placed his roi uaiulb uton her. "Your Pa can hunt hut wlien I Bet set I'M ride out nnd sliool this &uy down in his tracks." Swergln snapped his Jaw chut and doubled ouo enormous fist. OM—or did (» unrH.yesterday." "Ilow does It happen tliey nllow on lo cut cle.iul" Uonn iiorslstcd. Swcriiln wiped his mouth vrllh lie back ot ono linnd und nasumcii poso. Dudley stepped closa o Donn'a aldo. Ho did not like- tlio >lfi Iwss mid tho bold wny Swcrgln ookvil ut Donn mnilo htm furious. 1 Clvo ii3 tho Etral^lit ot tills, my «n«. »nil ci«tt iilavlu D to the sal- cry," he smipped. Hwcrsln lookod Dudley over for Iho lirst lliiio, "You'ro piclty much of :i liMiik'rfool lo bo talking oul ot turn up hero. Tills Is n liavd mail's connti-y ami has lo be run that way, 1'vo IWIMI liuudlliiK Uelo Tlmlior (or qullo a while niul 1 know Ilic llo Klurcd at Dudley luit could not riiaku tho city mnn'd dark eyts falter. "Swcrulu la a good boss Inil hla ppecch mid ways avo lougli,' 1 Uonn trlvd lo [ilacalo tlio limber boss. Her words Irrllnted Swi'rulii visibly. "I'm ii cent wlm kiidWji how o lal»e. care ot timber and a woman, ,00, If I futicy her." piON'A nlmosl Jumped at lilawnnUi. ^ Sbo had met many of her fa- ilirr'n trusted niun but tlib wad llio one wlio bud ever spoken with icli lK)lilnc«s niul equality. "t!o ou. Tell u<i what you know," slic urged In a different lone. "You asl;cd why tliey allowed clean culling? Well, Hint's the Only was p nny money can be madu on hlainl and tlio Koveinmcut knowi? II. J\'ext scasjou wo move over on llio llllnd Htvcr side and we'll cut tho samo »ay Ihcre." Swergln'B law llnnst oul find bis niin'uw eyca "This is a feud llien between llm- *rhien anil cowmen?" 1 Dona b[ioko owly. "It sum la and It's ECllinK goodl" IP. tilB boss went on. "Why aro Ibo catllemeii so i K^t llmt t c l^>rt on your cu 'ona wnntcil the whole story uu\v lat they wero at it. "Tliey want to Bend It lo them 'hlto collars In Washington andj liat might eel us into uimble Uial voulil lie up Hie ciitllns." "You bhoiihl hc> ahlc [j getllo isimlc In Wnslilnaion." Dona ln> Isleil."! don't thllil[ will staml or needless bloodshed. 1 intend to "Yes. I'm the boss up here." He "\Vliy Ehoot him? Let Mm taki Theu his big m^ntll grin. spread in a let his chest Bll out and his narrow eyes twinkled. "This. Is Mr. Winter.*, ilr. Swer- gln," Dona preEcnted. Dudley. Dudley grasped the huge list that wa.s thrust at. him and almost danced a Swergia clamped down. "Pleased to meet yuh'." tho timber boss growled. Dudley could only nod, he was so busy rescuing his band. Swergin gave bis attenllon at once, to Dona. Ha smllcit widely as Ho shoved a chair out lor her. "Your I'a it sure on tho warpath, .Mhs." "Are you sure be is not here?" Dona filed tho big man with a cool stare. "Nair. he's out gunnin'," Swergin aughed: until tho rough sound rasped on his listeners. "Why did you let bim go?" Dona demanded. Swergin considered this amuslus anil laughed again. "You can't slou tho big boy when tie gels a notion." Noting tho look in Dona's eyes tie leaned toward her and thrust out his chin. "But I'll take care of this business just like I've been, taking care ol it for three years." "What do you mean?" Doaa asieO all the notes he wants, lo. This li ffovernmcut Inspected culling.' Dona was beginning to be angry. The flush that mounted In he satin chcelts seemed to fP'ir Swcr gin on. "Sure I'll shoot him down Only yesterday or tho day bcfor lie killed Giletto, ttic uoveruiiiea rungcr. Shot him In ihe back wit a high-powered rifle. I'm the la 1 up here and .I've posted Ball < Blind River. Dead or alive, In douljlo bounty dead." Swcrgln gc up and slood before Dona. Tills Hall must bo a tough guy Dudley put lu. Swergin.'answereil but he did n pay any attention to Dudley. "He one of them two-gun cow puccliers who thinks pickings.' a lumberjack is easy 1AOXA rose and faced Swergin. ** "There Is more than a desire for a report back of nil this. What 13 it?" Her words snapped out and sho resembled lier father as she faced the limber boss. Swcrgln laughed again, this Iliac shortly. "Well, maybe there is. \Vo cut clean and tlie cowmen eay we ruin the range, hut we have Gllctte check everything. What ho says Misted Meal, Search Started MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UP)—When employed persons unable to pay ' his first meal at home in 20 yean, luitton vtill DC permitted to take , his wife asked police to search for courses al the school this winter Wm fear i ng he had met with foul free of charge. Approximately 500, ixrsons arc expected to enroll. ' play. COAL IS CASH Coal is handled on a small margin of profit. It is for the best interests of all concerned thai we conduct our coal business on a cash ftasrs. Therefore, from the date of this notice our Terms On Coal Are Cash GAY & BILLINGS, INC. SUPERIOR COAL COMPANY E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. WONDER CITY COAL COMPANY TRANTHAM COAL COMPANY BUCHANAN COAL COMPANY E. J. BROWNE CHURCH EXCUSES Gterie W. 1 just declare, it looks like as soon as you set one tiling setllcd, something else bobs up. Just as soon as I got our club slarled off with the Fall activities and as 1 thought running smoothly, one ol our best members got sore about her husband's way of holding some of the dancers, especially one, and I talked lo her ever so long trying to get her to sec that was the way it si-.ould be done and that this par- licular one and her husband were the only ones who could really do this dance properly. Ol course. I had to admit that they had beou probably a bit zealous In their efforts but 1 suppose this was on account of a new beverage ns we had changed our source of supplies. The way ihis woman lalkc.d 1 guess we nrc going to lose her and her husband. Then 5 had thought that Sister and Junior had grown large enough to go lo church and Sunday school I without someone going with [hem ! but when I began to plan on slarl- j ing them, they both informed n:-| that toy did not care lo go. You ; may bslicve me, this was fjinlc a shock lo nie as I have tried to be a real mother and loach them as any good mother will. There is no ; telling how long it will lake me • to gel tlicm straightened, out. I $1 Debt Paid After 38-Year Delay PITTSBURGH. Cal. lUn —It's an old Missouri custom—inyins one's debts. After 38 years a debt of SI retracted by a friend ol John Williamson, Pittsburgh street superintendent. ».is pnid. At a county fair at Rich Kill. Mo., in July, 13D4. Jun Graves borrowed a dollar Ironi Williamson. FUKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ASJ OLD AVIATOR. DROPPED 1MT<? iJHAPVSlpe RDR A «" 'Hei-i HAS TO WITH HIM TO KIUS CITV.... THAT'S GREAT c >tX) TD ASK ME TD RIDE ALOSJS-..^.'HV You To c-= I YOU'D weva?<soESS. T 'TO / I'M DELWERW6 A TOCTUUE l|J OlftV.OMDS TO A PARTy THERE YOU APSA1D TO LEAVE THEW IM you2 PLAWE AT TME AIRPORT, AT OOP. MOUSE t WEU^HOOPLE, YOU SDNK'lUE C0fv\6 OUT H I KNOW VoU •TOOK wr- TO _ / .1 IN HERE WrrH 4250 ANP I'M G SPIN COCOON MYSELF AMD GO TO SF.VE.N WEEKS HOURS? SLEEP/ )i= YOU DIDN'T INVENTTH& GAME OF You Mu^r HAVE WITH ) rlE 1 : ELLO\V WHO (WO^S/— HE: i-MD EfA ALLOVErrlTHE HOOTS AND HKIl BUDDINSTHK-UFE'OK fftE i'AHTY! <D\Y.PPtD "WK. NFsWi WOK IT WfVb TWtX V\fxO "GVRO COUVO' StT OOT Cfr GRAND SI,AM! WASH TUIJBS I'M GETONCi THE ME PKUUET* ftfts- SPftTTCR\HQ Ml AROUND VMW INTO PO&lTKW (SUP f|Rfc5 PWKT MACttlHB 6UN FtW REMAINING MEM OK OMER THfc TIACC SEE THAT MY WAIST ? THAT..'.. PRETTY LOOli AT MS YOU V»OLDMT t WS v^ORTW A IfJ BIS FIGURES WOOLP THE = NEXT AOMEW RlLEY ON THs.8.. WAy-iTD - TVE' : " AIRR3RT- 1 - uiake hioi stop'aU this." net Hwcrgin's li| a splrllcil clu.sli. The big boss grinned as ho had Found somclhliiK very uiui-li .0 his liking. "Me nnd Aspcr Uelo ias fouglit our owu oiiUlcs and c?leaneil our own timber where wo found U. I dou't guess we'll Elop now." Dona Ellll refused lo liellr-vo licr father would aland back of sucb a program. When will Dad ha back?' 1 She plainly wished to end tlie conversation. 1 "01 ost any time." Swerglu was evablvc. "Can't you scud someone lo lell him wo arc here and wnnl to Ulk to him?" Dona liiblsled. "Wouldn't do no cnoil. He'd como in when ho got ready. I can't scml out DO men to run loose in tho hills tho way Itilnts is." Swcrgln argued stubbornly. "You send a man after my falher and lell him wo aro here." Dona snapped. The Umber boss was vers- ing on Insolence. Swergin stepped to the door anil called louiily. ".Mike! tlct a move on and tako the war baga ol tlieso visitors Into tlio hotel." As an utter- thought ho added, comes In tell him he baa company." (To He CoulimicO) 1 ' Tlie oilier day thy met lor the j first lime ill the 38 years, Grave; i I recalled Hie transaction and the Ucbl was paid. OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO I'honc 810-177 WERT in; MAKKS 'KM SKI: OITicc SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First R. J. Dodson Ml-303

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