The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX > Johnson, 220-Yml Dash Winner Last Spring, Heads Fast Array By }. l>. FHIENP Led by Johnson, the d'-ilrlcl's fastest high .•school sprint. v, tlio Joiiesboro Golden Hurricar.c will present si backlield thnt will rato favorably In spjcd with am- In the district, and possibly !iv ilnla, when they clash with the Chi -'-:a- saws at Haljy l-'lold Prltiay ni.Su. Last year In lire (rack meet .lai-.- sum, \\<ho holds down a hiilfbncK post, plated first in (lie MO-yard dash nnd was riinncr-U]) (;j Melvln Lapiiies, of o.aeoh. In ih,> wiuury. Now that the Jjv.'ts!) brl li making history at Vanrti-ii'lt, Jolinson appears to b; in a clns by l)ims?lf lii Uie hvo events, Jlilly Glover, who (cams up wllli him nt the other Imlf, jjlncwl third in the 100-ynrcl rinsh. Thnt gives Jonesborc tin two fastest men hi tills section, Abcrnathy, who does the signal barking, and 1 learn. 170-pound fullback, fire nai O f . Iho turtle !yix>, cither. Abernathy Is a smart quarterback, directs [lie team play well, •inrt K a. good nU-roiiml toll carrier. Despite his bulb, Hearn yds around fast, cracks a line hard nn-.l runs interference ivrll. Johnson nnd Olovor have been £cnsuttonal Rll season. Against Sn.imiee last week they literally ran rings around Coach Johnnie BiirnaU's lads. ' " Ltne nig and Strong Ho\\2vcr, their fast backftelcl Is not all that the Hurricane boasts. Their line Is big anil slroii?. Although slow to round into*!«:rii. they have been coining along '*r - ly lately, reports of their : . games indicate, in Salmons possess ons ol llic finest defensive guards in the slate. Against tlic Indians he blocked three punts, u nice afternoon's work in any league, Jonesbnro helped themselves to five during. Die game. Drehe-r, an end, has baen a lowed • 6f strength all season, no is a gorxl pass receiver, a fine blocker and tackier. The major portion of the punl- inj'js entrusted to Caldwell, a task!e Weighing 195' pounds, the giant linesman puts a mean toe under the oval for a nice, long ride. Chicks Near Top Form With everything pointing to a hard fought battle, chiefly a smi"- gle between two good lines ih:- Chicks have b&cir'gdlnj' i lhroi!''h their training' drills' with plenty of vigor and fine spirit. Coach Carney I,<is!le is nursing them carefully so as to have them in the best physical condition and g| ve u, Q Jiling members an opportunity to fully rsnncr: So far the entire has been impressive as they (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Opposes Purtle (hcville ClilcknsHWs, jvlll have ills DIXIE' LEADERS In Baseball News Alabama and L.S.U. Face Serious Opposition Before Season Ends nv HAHHY Miami: Hnid Condi, Itlllvcrilly of ATHENS. On.— There Is nollilns like 11 little plain and unify ihroat- K> add K-jsl 10 liic s'ooib.Tll season. A 'J'-'fealcd football team's greatest Joy Is derived from trouncing an undcfciitcd team still in thr chrini])lonshlp race. That being the cnse, the powers [ that be In Ilic Southeastern Con- Terence are going to have lew e-ib) moments tinlll Santa ciuus com_s, bacnusc the patli of the powerful is .strewn with mangled foes— yet not manglrd enough to prevent stiir opposition. 1 needn't tell you thai Alabam i . „,__.-_ ..... „ .,„, - --- _,..,* » t || yuti UltlU /I Jit U.lJli hands lull Friday night when the lias another crushing gild nwchln local eleve g gi nwc meets the Joiiesboro i But tlic Crimson ghinis yet Van rmson ginis Ilurricnnc, Judging from all re- : Kentucky, Georgia Tech HIH Van ports. Mel/lcr, Ilurricnnc pivot I derhllt. any one of which c'-in h man, Is reputed to be one of the them low under UP rlchi .-in., Dcst centers in this section of the stances. slate. The duel between Ihc two The Kcntuckians nnd the 1 1 .renters should prove one of the cts ol. Tech lire cxp»rl"iicln ', ' i audout Individual batllc.s of the thcr tough year, but neither is '!p Bam Woken Bornlo niermau is around. His is one of the brightest of far gone that it can't be one ot I learns on a given en . receipts tumbling, anil Don Glen Bnme ' Nov - 10 don, of the San -' -- miinl«. Ife Is i> ."-odtf to his profession — the kind of a ••a.'h you'd like (o hare teach • •I-1 1 l)oy. 'nsram Newcit Tared When an Institution requires "fCO.OOO annually to supply <H- •wllsscmeiH, Us football array M'st offer specimen!;-,!' )>n<;canlry well as vict'.iv ••;/•••• uiu :,,. <!!':, Callfoim' f,\ s i, nvc .i.uvuted none of the im-mer and not too much ol the hitter. 1 There Is great danger of gate c 1 take CMdfFrank V!r bran:l of fnolbnU -,•> illcnge of tli: Cannio-i Now for another contender- 'In -ane. The Gram V/avc lias not ha a great deal of publicity, bi!t tho wno know (mm r m 0 ,,,, of UlS]n after they bent my uoys. 7-fi) ie alluc that ths Grcenios 1 fled backs find experienced forwards make a loiicli combination to handle Hut the Wave must wash K»>i- tueky nnrt u g. u. ovorboar-l v- ; HJtiiniliig (roin [in arduous easlcVn trip for the Colgate interactional - -' 0 " sl<i er L. s. U. : , once again on the goal posts at Memorial Hlndhun. Bcrke- ran through their plays, and In scrimmage. Basil Locke, after hli siege of Icier, appears (o be round- Ing into shape. The substitutes paced by th: pepper box "Red"' Baxter, have been- doing yeoman tervice in whipping the varsity in - It is quite ukelv " P-top snaps. -q?,\.. l' C ^ " wi "W" Bums, Slick Meredith, RJU larkln, Miir- ray Harris, jaines Burton, Max Hiit- chins and Baxter will' h w „„ „„. partunity to help out In the battle. nn op- too By Harry Grayson way through an Intcr.sccllonal -George Washln K ton-and t™ take on Southeastern Conferenc" - Francisco News, , { -°'™^ L. s. U.: Huey i^^ rtpai'ls that thc dollar slyn Is )rl " lul ° u! Bidders must bail" their i.. __ .. '. Viw J Iirmi<yli nn i>ti_ un «^.j (,, ll(1 1 f nd then . • — w...jfcv.i ji OOTll fivnis In Tulane and Tennessee , Judge for yourself and you'll'ses that there will b- no brotherly love as the season progresses I might go through the same with ilia Southern Confer ley, twisting Iteir into ui-otcseiue slmpes and ™yh, E i,, sepulchral lours to Ingrain, "Your number is up!" California, so mighty over n- five-year stretch, under the late' "ndy Smith; last season succumb-!, , "•• WIH.-I-ed to Santa Olnra, Southern Cal-i e ' bllt ' nci ' e lsn '' so much of n ifornla. and Stanford, anil was !r "^,°^r there, because of the pow- Hfrt by Washington Slate and U [ , llmi ' of bac >« and linen C. V A. St. Mary's toppled Call-',, E"^ University. None !oml« ..'this autumn, and the liears : ° > ? chool S'on the scaboa barely nosed out Amos Alon/o !a vcry B00[t cnilll cc of n StaKB's little College of the Pa- U "" "'"" h """" ""' " 1-B, ami u. c. L. A., H-0. . . . Wanted: Sales Manager " "Ingrain's cnemlra say he is e s militaristic, arrogant, undiplomatic; that he plays favorites; that most of hi* football techiiicHic was found in the bulrushes with Mos- c.i," writes Glcmltin. "Ycl Ingrain could be Hitler, Mussolini, Simon Lojroe. and to French hangmen rolled into one if he was winning "Ingi-nm'x football tcclinltnic was not of ancient vintage when he smashed U. S. C. and Stanford, in l»s lii-st j'car. tt, wasn't ancient li«l year when his learn put on exhibitions against U. S. C, and Slnnford (lint ...... sound, but lacked th Blue their upset Tennessee. 'evils this year, despite at at the hands ol , . . . so Bicrman says the current Mimic- it, ".' ultlia complain, as lie has' been CHICAGO, Nov. 1.—Bcrmrd \', iicrnian says the current Mimic-1" 1 " sola varsity is thc most powerful'* 10 " lie ever coached, but, not the fast- "'"' est, nor the most polished. "For example," explains Conch Bierman, "no member of this season's Minnesota squad '.-ould make technically chitractcris- • "-•> ot self-expression and hidl- vidiialism I,, emergencies, over which Ingrain had no control "But schools depending largely iipon fcotliall (o support baseball, tiack, (dicing, bands, bcldge scm- jrars. u;ee clubs, nrnmatlcs, dc- tetmg, etc., want, gridiron sales ri-^.naaers wr,o ge^ tt") Ijhic-vase Jobs.' Ingram has -been around Football Is lookim; up at North Carolina itiul North Carolina Slat" not to HID extent of waylayinc great cloven coached and tutored by Wallace Wiide. Coach Tot Simi'dy. by the way has done a (JIXMU Job al North Carolina in his nrst year. He has a guard cf All-America caliber {,, Ocoi-ec Bin-clay, a,, (i „ s , vla .,„•, deceptive eleven, as shown by 'heir defeat of mv-Georshi s<,u»<|, „„-( several other good performances »'- C. Slate also i 5 O n [he vnv "P. and u shouldn't take cither ot "esc teams more than smother year lo reach the front ,-ank „( .wuh- Icrn football. ihibc liiui, Joe Cronm's sale to the «f<l Sox has furnished dor for the |, oys in t! , tc«6itc. one nimor BQ|, ,. rounds says that, riucky ii a ,./i-. 10 - I'oscd manager of th t Boston • m, "S Tfl Clinnr.n.1 T_ .. *•«.«! Jl I, IlnrrL-i i s shown above inti '"ttcll tliehon.e.orcinrVa,'^ ""'• .S«»»-or S ' prexy. with wnom '„„ i* .->.i!n to have dLseusscd thi> •sltin Hon. llelow Is ~ ' situ.i- "ii « miniature „....„,„.„,„. «> is said IO-UB consldeivil managfi- of Hi Athletics, too. way to Japan Newspaper List Is = Tedious; Work ami °f a complete ?!tst •_ni!\yspn]>sK published" si i countries, according' n'. Lo »ifana work of the 19; D.b lo^aphiea. Socl ety of Alncric 1 ' of ORDINANCE NO. 391 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ITEMS NO, 07 and 107 OF SECTION NO. 3 OF OHDINANC1-: NO. 243 ENTITLED: "AN Oll- DINANCE FOR THE REGULATION OF LICENSES IN lilt C1TV OF JBL-yTHEVIIAE, AH- KANSAS, KSTAULISHINCl CERTAIN LICENSES, FIXING TIME OP PAYAIBNT AW.'J PROVIDING PENALTIES FOK VIOLATION AND FOfi THE PUHPOSE OF 1MIS1NO HBV- KNUE TO UEKilAY THE EXPENSE OF ADDITIONAL I'O- MOK AXD VlllE PKOTKCTIOH " HE IT ORDAINED HV THE CITY COUMUII, OF THE CITY OP aLY'l'fjEVILLi; t SECTION I. Tl«.| [ ICJI! i a'Ctlon 3 of OrdinaiK-i- !>'o. 243 »f Ilir Clly of UlyllH'i-llle. Artan- sas. ] K . and the rainc is hrreby. ainnided lo icad us follows- Item 107. Slmws. Kach dog nnd puny show f or c . Ml Uvcn . ly-fcur limn' period, sw.oo; Ciifiiscs, wild ufst shows $30.00 for cue!) twenty-four hour period, traveling or local sliov/s or concerts, etc., not otherwise provided for $25.00 for each twiily-finn- hours; each parade unlcvis license has been procured for tile thow 550.00; "her: a license- has not been procured for showing of circus or parade a license of $50.00 shall be paid for privilege of unloading said drcus or for the use of thc streets of the City ot lilythevllle. SECTION a. That Item No 97 )f Section 3 ol Ordinance No '>A3 •Jl the city of Ulythevlllc, Ar'kan: as, Lu. and the same is hereby imcmleil to read ns fellows- Hem <»7. Real csiiite ncaiers cr brokers 520.00 pel- annum. A ivnl octate dealer or broke!• : ; on:' who for i\ commission or rt!i:r compensation sells or olleij for sale, buys or oilers 10 buy, negotiates the pur- chnse or sale of real estate, or v.lio for compensation or com- iiiiKslun rents or offers to rent, in- collects rent from real estate or the Improvements llicreon, or takes an option on properties for the purpose of scllliiij such property at an nel- vanccd prlci!, witliin the lff« ill said option, or who tor himself or others does any ot thc above: things as a »'J)o!e or psr- lial vocation. SECTION 3. Ue it expressly inulei-fit<jo<l that this Orfiimiiee Is nut intended to, nor doen it amend correct or enlarge any part of Ordinance Ko. 213 of Hie City of dlyllUiville. Arkansas, except as iieiviiibt-fore set out, and lhat all icctions and items of £a itl Ordln- inc.3 No. 243 not hereinbefore men- ionecl are in no wise am?.;dcd -'oM-ectjd or enlarged and that a" penalties therein provided shall Apply to the amendments, corrections and enlargements herein provided. ... V.SECTION 4. This drdliiancc being necessary for the immediate preservation of public health pcace,'an emergency is hereby declined, and this ordinance shall take clfect and be In fore" from and after its passage. 10-0-34. CECIL SHANE,' 0.. R. Beavers, & ? ayor City Clerk. ill newspapers published sine- ig'o ann s u-lint editions of the papers 1 .'."°*:.. 1 " " hte '*« ••••••«•££ ti« on moi-c than I0o'|-.n- duriir; [),.. i'n y,,^ , Rca<l Conner News Want Ads. (( "Kills W.C.T.II. «,,„ TImi . STOIMOVtELn, M,,. (UPJ_M,. S J-o'lc C. nurgcr. Spviugricld. |« Diving ]„>,- 22n<i coiiscciillva t-rni as presulenf of Ihc Missouri W C Head Courier News Want Ads, ™"UBli to know this ' n college track team, our speed is well distributed, however." Bierman must ! liavc handled .some'flyers in his 19 years as a .football'strategist,-lor none of the Gophers, as laran as they arc, ran as though he had a-man on his back ; in th:- Pittsburgh party. Stanley Kostka, the fullback negotiated the century in lo flat In high school, ana did the 220 in 21:2. He scarcely is any slower now, for all of his 210 pounds. Yet Kostka woesn't make any of Ins teammates appear to be standing stll). Bierman asserts lhat the 1934 Minnesota team Is not as speedy as the unbeaten nnd untied* Tulane club he took to the Pasadena Rose Bowl and which succumbed to Southern California 21-12, nftcr a brilliant stand on New Year's Day, 1332. "But that Tulane team avc-- - Eged only 170 pounds," elucr^f<--- the Gopher strategist. Faster Each Season Football Is vastly improved what, It was when lie stood out nt halfback for the Gophers m- dcr the late Dr. Henry I, wit- Itams, 1 in 1913, '14, nnd is according to Bierman. /."Ths reason Is obvious," he declares, "more tnen out, more Interest, closer application, and natural advancement. "Football becomes' faster each season. , L •. Minnesota teams are not likely w> be charged Kfth being beaiitl in!, but dumb, as long as the soft- technical I'uzjte You know what the adviser does in (he i motion pictures. He's the Well, tlu latest report around M i) «m.i.ii, ii:i)urt iiroilliri lc thTwlitci"""' F( «m"n i the technical advise?'' in '^rax naers forthcoming movie Porhaps Map West wili., lcxt bc Head Courier Nrivs wnn Is Now Agent For Atncrii-uii Airline's. Inc. Call 835 I-'or Information and Heservatlon., Phunc 777 At Night—Sunday—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Wed and Thursday .2:30— I Oc - KSt K1WAKI) liVK f O\ ;unl (JU 'I'OlilN i,V 'UNCERTAIN LADY' I'OX N'tcws COiMKDY Friday & Saturday SEE Blytheville Canning Co. FOR PRICES 'Thursday & Friday , Nile (i:.|5 . 10-25c Id-Sac ' cessor to "V<tdy for -. A D.XV" . •" Serial "The Wolf With l!in Tin Tin. .],, Cometh- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER' i. 103.) __ MBU.MRDRAMERt f?Te9T 'M.W OOP?) ' NEVERT I WONDER WHY MEN ,„ ,_ „ . ^ KINDA LONESOME f\t SOMETHING AROUND HERE, _"/wOULO HAPPEN WOOTIETQOTV MAY6E — "''''^*jj{ MICE WORK, MUGS/ DON'T ) •m\ LCT'SP 5CIUAWK./ .—' ' N LOO^AT OUR, \ PRISONER./ . (ALLEY OOP'S, I LITTLE OOOLA .' w\\m EA : Ecnvice.i»c.,T.<;.u.'s.WT. orr." Going to the Football Game Friday Ni^ht-You 11 Need a good TOPCOAT --and here they are Tweedy solid blues, greys and browns and nnvel- ly weaves shown in single and double breasted models . ... Rajjlnn ,'and regular- -sleeves ' --•'.• Full belted nnd half-belted .styles '•• : - -•« < - > >'--' You Must Look Into this Feature Showing of Timely and Merit o r /or Particular Men to You'll find the Bi-Swing and back models . . . Single and double breasted models ... The new rough fabrics or smooth finish worsteds - - . You'll also find the greatest titling qualities you've seen in many <i day. TRUIA', THIS IS YOUR HAT STORE 1 FAMOUS LINKS KIIOM WHICH TO SEI.KCT Dobhs Stetson ..Enierson Worth 16.50 |7 16 16.50 §3.50 $3.95 $5 RVKRY CONCK1VA1»,K SHAPE AND C01.0H 'Extni Wear and Comfort in lliesc NDNH-BHSH ,-ASi,, OXFORDS Attractive winter stylos now beiiv; shown.. or black. .I'.'mi.ii-.nabli* lasts thai -.-. ; ipppal lo yon. 1 9 Forltiiio Oxfords -S4 Kdgerlon $» to ARROW SHIRTS America's foremost shirt... Beautiful new patterns and solid colors. Three price groups from which to ssleri. $1.95 $2 $2.50 R. D. HUGHES & CO. DOORS WEST OF RiTZ THEATRE

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