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Express and News from San Antonio, Texas • Page 88

Express and News from San Antonio, Texas • Page 88

Express and Newsi
San Antonio, Texas
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Stage Ends Season With Comedy A A The Dallas Theater Center has announced the comedy, "The Marriage- Go-Hburid," as the last pro- duction.of the 1984-65 season. It will "play Aug. 20 through Sept." 18" in the Kalita Hum- phrtyS tteater of the center. Paul Baker, the center man- aging'director, has announced as guest artist for "Harriage- Miss Sigrid Thor, of Icelandic National Theater. She will play the rote of the Swedish siren in the Leslie Stevens adult comedy which played on Broadway in 1958-60. Miss Thor has played many leading roles In Iceland, which she represented at the Miss Universe contest in 195J. She studied acting for three years at Hollywood's Harmon Actor's Workshop and the Na- tionSl'SSfcadeiny Theater of as well as at the DaUgjgfheater Center. At the she twice the best actress Preacher Pat Boone Son Antonio EX PR -Sunday, Aug. 8, 1965 In Clean-Up Drive More Stars Take Political Stands on Political Issues Rv PRTVR It T--i as Theater Center, which a year ago was coveted Special Jury -Prize at the Theater of NatJblgiSi Paris, has also an- nounogy.h 1 perfor- manoes the two current on its two stages Mary," the mostxpSpular comedy of the decide, 1 is having a breaking summer nm'infffie Kalifa Humphreys theateif, is being extended to run-through Aug. 14. The off- musical, i r- which has sold out to date on the Intimate 70-seat Down Center a Stage, has been through August. of "Mary Mary 1 and "The Marriage- Go-Bo12uI" in the KaUta Theater are on Tues- Saturday eve- ningsv-aY 8:15 p.m. "Riverwind" plays on the Down Center Stage, in the lower level of the center, Thursday through-Saturday evenings at 8:15 p.m'. and on Sundays at The Sunday performances have been added due to the ticket demand. TlveTDallas Theater Center will be featured on a national TV program to be produced by the National Educational Television Network. The program, to be released this fall, will" highlight activities of America's outstanding repertory theaters. By EARL WILSON NEW YORK Pat allows that he is loos voice howling out against dantdne sex codes that one day recently be heard himself yening back at a TV show which aeemed to be approv- i school love affairs. "Why, you idiots!" he was screaming at a woman psychiatrist and an opera star on toe Mike Douglas program from Cleveland. "Shirley" Pat's wife fixing her hair," he said. "She said to me, 'will you shut up? They can't hear But Pat, the onetime Tennessee and Texas ministerial student who still hankers for the pulpit, says he's right. He was cheered and startled recently when a Vatican paper, without notice, applauded him, a member of the Church of Christ, for being "a gentleman." "It gave me a renewed Incentive for my campaign to try to get some clean and wholesome things on TV and Jn the movies," Pat remarked when I saw him In his hotel suite. He was lighting one of four pipes that were visible, and in the background was the soft singing of tha Righteous Brothers on a record player. Ha was interrupted by a phone call from a friend telling him about forthcoming church services. Going to Church "I might see you at that 10 o'clock service, I probably will a said, as he hung up. "I went to see, 'What's New Pat chuckles "Woody Allen was a writer ony my TV show one of his first jobs. You couldn't help but laugh and scream, but why couldn't that same creativity be used toward something ctean? "I've got a TV show I'd ICte to do called 'The Pat said. "It's about a young minister with a family who moves Into a crowded city and he tries to make reason practical. "He meets up with Junkies and prostitutes and he doesn't always win. Sometimes his wife says, 'Well, better luck Pat says he's already tried to get movie or TV series on Dr. Tom DooJey and on David Wilkerson's best-seller "The Cross and me Switch Blade," for which he's bought the movie rights. Producers have a way of eyeing him suspiciously when proposes almost any project and demanding, "Is it religious?" Producers Disappear "Well, a little bit, but you see he drawls and by that time the producer has gone to lunch. "They explain they're look- Ing for something more risque and gimmicky with musical coconuts or talking trees," ha groans. Pat, who's been doing "West Side Story" in West Coast theaters this summer, his first stage effort, to record-breaking audiences, says he's become conscious of boy meets girl all because his daughter, who's 11, has been engaged three times and has three bubble gum rings to prove it while daughter Debby came home and said: "Do you know what Tommy and Teni did at recess--they kissed!" Pat says, "I liked old days when the boys said, 'Girls I Who needs them? Love? That's got over it eventually but it seems to me they get over it a lot quicker nowadays!" Peck-Loren Film LONDON (AP) Gregory Peck has arrived in London to star with Sophia Loren in "Arabesque," an adventure comedy movie which will be produced a directed by Stanley Donen. Donen's last movie was the highly successful "Charade." By PETER BART 1C) HEW YORK TIMES NEWS 3ERVIC8 HOLLYWOOD, Calif. The mounting tensions of the cold war seem to be inducing more and more Hollywood stars to take a stand on political issues. In so doing the stars are rejecting Hollywood's longstanding unwritten rule that performers should maintain strict political neutrality for fear of antagonizing sponsors or pressure groups. Raymond Burr, star of the Perry Mason television show, has visited Viet Nam four times recently and Is now embarking oa a heavy speaking schedule to marshal public support for an intensified war against the Viet Cong. Bob Hope, traditionally a fence-sitter, is so upset over the Viet Nairi situation that he has fired off telegrams to Secretary of State Dean Rusk and angrily harangues friends about the importance of taking a TOOTS militant posture toward world communism. One loag-standing Hollywood celebrity, Ronald Reagan, now is considered a leading candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in California. George Murphy, another veteran Republican, was elected to the senate last fall. Young Stars, Too Several younger TV stars, among them Dan Blocker of "Bonanza" and Robert Vaughn of "The Man from UNCLE," are active campaigners for the Democrats and are even considering running for public office. Vaughn, a liberal Democrat already has had several I Air condiKo For Malun Adalli Onlyl "VILLA VENNELY, HOME OP COKEMHAaEN CALL GIRLS" Tft4n-fK KotnMf "IHE SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN Ntxl! "THE UNSATISFIED" I "THE NAUOHTY SHUTTER" TODAYI LAST DAYI -I. MARIA FELIX In tor roKl Six tat iMn-mcn WUOALBdAH. ALL COLOR PROGRAM --SOUTH SCREEN-- Mill vnrv --SOUTH SC LOVE KISSES RICK and 12:03 -ALSO- "IMITATIOH OP landTM DM, John Gavin MISSION TWIN. VARSITY CIRCLE 81 COMEDY: JKXIBWOI HiU9 PJCTURES: SEB THBMi I FREE PARKING AFTER IrM P.M. WACK, WAY OUT FUN LPREVIEW 'SUNDAY 7:30 STH WEEK DiCK, "iDYKe ELK6 of love In Technicolor --NORTH SCREEN-HELD OVER 1RD BIO WEEK "SHENANDOAH" i Slnro'rt "JENO ME r'a FLOWERS" Rodt Hodun, Dtrti Tuy Randall Cerltad Prim "AMOROUI Evii PnoiMr ADVENTURES OP MOLL FLANDERS" Khn Nayefc "ROUSTABOUT" Ahvayi Cortaerf "A SUMMER PLACE" Rlchord EKW Colir--Ii07 "WALK OH THE WILD Harvty "THE NIOHT OP THE Richard Burton 5 WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE ta San Antonio i tht lit to uel JACK KELLY-KRISTIN NELSON JERRY VAN DYKE-PERTKELTON mm W-MW wau STARTS THURS. AT THESE THEATERS CINEMA 1 ALAMO MISSION TWIN TOWNE TWIN LACKLAND GET YOUR FREE 50' Discount Ticket at Handy-Andy to Seo THE ROBERT COX THEATER of Puerto Rico Prcsenti brushes with John Birch Society in California. BJocker, also a liberal, not long ago committed the ultimate heresy by engaging in a bitter political argument with Hedda Hopper, a GoUwater Republican, at a banquet financed by Blotter's sponsor, General Motors. Richard Widmark has devoted well over a year to copro- dudng and starring in a film "The Bedford Incident," which he describes as a vivid delineation of "the reactionary militaristic Barry Goldwater- type mind." The central character in the film is a naval captain who, in his zeal to humiliate Uia Soviets, preclpl- tales a nuclear accident. The heightened political activity is apparent on many levels in Hollywood. Wendell Corey, for example, recently won a seat In the Santa Monica dty council and has vastly stepped up his partidpaUon in local affairs. Such stan as Marlon Brando and Steve Allen sre very active in civil rights causes. Goodwin Envoys Kirk Douglas and Chartton Heston have spent considerable time recently as goodwill ambassadors for government agencies overseas. Burt Lancaster and his wife have been principal backers of a privately supported plan to bus Negro children to the STARTS TOMORROW Trvt Htm Wlfh ttw SAVAGE IMPACT fit a 45 Callbtr blaill QJM AfMftJM WNXEM CARDIN THIATM tot fct 5230 tmi J1J1 Urn. Bat Offlo CA7-3241 Pin YOUR FAVORITE VIRUTA CAPULINA ATTENnON KIDSI ALL DAY MONDAY! FREE ADMISSION TO ALL CHILDREN UNDER 111 HURftYl FREE! MAJESTIC FEATURBJ AT: IMf, 1:41, 7.x, r.a PRICE! AdBlN AII Movlo Dlu. ConH 73 Ctuldnn (All Tlrmi) so EVEN TEXAS COULDN'T TAME 'EM! JMMlMlVNE four tfujyearat, thofour thtlriytt making ind TECKHICOLOR PWAVISIIffl A HEID OVER Sth. WEEK FealureB At: 11:30, 1:35, 3:40, 5:45, 7:50, 10:00 MCOMMEHDBD TOR MATURI AUDIENCE. AcXjItl Hi ChlHVWi Tlckttl Sold. lM.feteil.te. TEOMOOUXr WhatsNew Pussucat? BROADWAY 6th AND FINAL WEEK FEAUTKEJ ATi 1:10, 5:10, 7:10, RECOMMENDED FDR MATURI AUDIENCE! AAnlulM Prtot SIJt, MOC 7K. that them hunger for moral BLEABETH TflrTjOR-RKHAfiD BURTON EMMWARESMNT affluent Bel-Air section of Lot) Angeles to attend schools there. Tba Increased activity has put some of the stars in difficult positions. Raymond Burr recently spoke before the Loa Angeles World Affairs Council and white his prepared remarks were well received ha plainly was not prepared to cope with some of the complex questions put to him. "The government has its best minds working on this problem and we must trust their Judgment," he replied to some doubting questioners. Burr advocated a toughened stand in Viet Nam and urged tha government to "throw a shield" around ail the free nations of Southeast Asia. Co A Ball Northporls 313 TA4-6361 Bob Hope, whose most recent telegram to Secretary Rusk urged an Immediate end to United States aid to any nation supplying arms or otherwise dealing with the Viet Cong or its allies and supporters, concedes his concern over his increased activity. "When the public knows what your polities are it makes it harder to make jokes at the expense of both sides," he says. "Suddenly your Jokes are colored." "Besides," he adds, "the sponsors don't like it." WCKt PENINSULA PLAYHOUSE Lcmda Park, Braunfoli GAIA OPENING FRIDAY ttw 13lh KimvoJ SHU $1.50 O.n«rol Admlulon $1.30 Children undw VI Vi prlo Coll Dl 4-7573 At present, however, acknowledges a he's "charged up" about the criticism of the Viet Nam war and of U.S. Intervention In the Dominican Republic. "People seem to forget we're at war," he states. Final Performance a love I story cmoiuit rtcnuta I WILUAM WYLffi'S the collect or TERCNCtl IXMAft WOODLAWN PE 5-5213 Exclusive Engagement FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ATi Adull. 75. 1920 FREDERICKSBUBft-RD. A Picture That Has Everything for Everybody! JOHN WAYNE NRKDOUQUS PHWOAHEAL TJJMTKTDM FMIIAFRBOISS moiroc MNA ANDREWS tifENinr FONDA LAUREL 3-1482 IEB IT FIOM IEOINNINO Deon Optn JJiJO 13,10, 3:00, 5:50, 1,45 Ajyht. Child 10, (,,, 23TO SAN ft OlOOlE I -Now Yert Hwalil Tnbum JOSEPHINE PE 3-7374 Kxclusive Showing! AT, Adult 1.50 Child 5fc 339 W. JOSEPHINE BANDtRARD. Rtf at Lcp Hi. ALL COLOR PROGRAM "THB FAMILY JEWSLS" Ltwti, Dtnno Bttttorvrtrtlt "THB WORLD Or WON9" Wllllm HoMon, Nancy XWM 19: CAPITAN 4 Plcturoi--Ccrlwd Prtcw AmtnOtrtt SrcnM 9 KnM Mxuftr "CAPTAIN IINBAD" Color "DAY THB EARTH FROZE" jury Lwiv--crier "WHO'S MINDINB STORI- "CURSK OF LIVING) CORPS!" FltSTA W. Commerce St CE Carited Prtctl Tin Ton. Tttn Tool "PILOTOJ Dl LA MUIRTE" Lull Ajrtfor, lutw BaftM "OA1.LO OIRO EN Otrry and "PERRY ACROII THB MER1IY" FRED. RD. HUd Cvof ly Poittlw I Lail Day Acodtmy Aorvrrf Plchir. ttw YMT "MARY POPPINS" Julio Ananin, Dldc VM TATTOOID POLIO HOR5H" Odlf lonh, ctrnlot Mtl Cdor 'nil) UJl-ullann, (It Pall Ult 9 SAN PEDRO CARPBTMMIRS" (1:17, nun PtwaroX Alan LaM, Carroll Boktf -ALSO- ONLY) AnlMay Pi mini, Vira Ml Hi. Ulffc JKw TOWNE TWIN NORTH lOlSlH---- prnf ShMrfnf lo CM Ik Rick NXMO, 4rck Kodv "THRILL Of IT ALL- 7 Qimtf, Doy I'M Cartxa Itorti I SOUTH ICREBN -HILD OVERI HILD OVIRI lit Rim "MARY POPPIN1" (l.tMlttt) Amlriwi, Dick VM "TATTOOID POLICC HOUIB" Mol AonJttloHlt Atfutfl 11.35 Cluldroni (Ml Yxn) Poll Uil tnpn4M IIlT HBU OVIR-IND BIO Ftnl Dick Van Jili AiKrm In Walt Dltmy'i, WMMtrM "MARY POPPINS" "TATTOOED POLIOS HORU" Admlitlon: AtfuIN tl SI CMMnn in Pan Lilt Sutpiniitd NOW SHOWING I ICI PIDR06 18th WEEK 'Julie SH6VV CINEMA I (MON. thru Frt.) Ptrfirmencil Wttkly (Win. BUM Frl.) tl.SO Sahinfay Suva. anrf II All Moti 5hew Ninti, Mmt. Evil, Sun. SNEAK! TODAY 3:45 2ND WEEK! FOft MATURE AUtMENCl --OfSN 11:15 AM

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