The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1938
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 31, 1938 BIATHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS FIVB thickness from 2 Inches to 2-fcot, 1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per Itno for conscou- Uve insertions: Due time per line ............ lOc Two limes per line per day ...08o ftirec times per line per dny ..(We Kx times per line jicr day ____ 05o tonlli rate per Hue .......... GOa Hrds of Tltanks ...... 50o & T5c j Minimum charge 50c ' Arts ordered for lluce or six • Italics and stopped before cxptra- lioii will bo charged for Die iitini- * per of times the mlij appeared and /ljuslnicnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy lubmlltcd by persons residing out- tide of Hie city must be nccoin- panled by cash. Rates may be lastly computed from above Inble.fjmjy. '"" For Rent For Sale Furnished 5 room house. Phone Mi or 793 alter (J p.m. lil-pk-'l Corn and Alfalfa nncl Boybrun hay. IX If. Garner, Annorcl. 3 or -I room furnished aparlmeril. rent reasonable lo permanent party. 200 W. Kentucky Phone 4B5-W. 29-ck-2-29 I Modern 5 room house at 305 N. Broadway. Call 853-J. I'llce $25. •2D-pk-5 UOO room luriiished aparliiienl. llcarn. Mrs. C. 11. Wheeler. Living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture, stoves. Phone C12-J, Mis. IK'lvie Morris Jr, WestliiRhouse Electric Range, priced loc,-. Phono 629-J. Personal I'lan Hooks. We loaned someone a r.lpncr easi' conlalnliu,' ii bunch of plan IxxiM which we LUMBER need, 13. C. CO. ROBINSON 31-CK-3 Advertising ordered for Irregular ^.serllons takes the one time rule. No responsibility will be taken or more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory I'Uinlshcd apartment. Lights and) v:nter furnished. Private bath. $:i.SO a week. 1G01 W. Ash. 20-cklf 2 unfurnished rooms. Outside entrance. Adjoining bath. Couple b. Franklin, Call alter 5 28-ck-l I'Yir Knle—Nice S room stucco deiico located 513 North First liareatn, .small down payment. Can QUALITY SHOE SHOP 'occry r.lore. chenji. Mu;, Herb Thompson, 1611 \V. Rose. ll-ck-'Ml IcUl'TUHU V1CTIMB-I wish to hear nt once from tiny \»i'sons In Hlyllievlllo hot satlsllod with present treatment to consider an entirely new system. Box :M, Illy- tlievllk', for full liiforiitntlnn, 20-ph-U Lost One pair natural ''•::. Ucwill'll Coin-in: t'nuii ltci;islt M». IUP>--llli-ydr.v will In' licensed mill ivutslered here niiu-h llu- same us moior vc- !"'•!<•. an>. in mi I'Hort. tn stop ll'i'd.'i ill me iniu'lilnrc anil IIv violations by ricleit;. No I'hinT.e will be miitii- (or 11,,. ri'ijlsiruiLon in' I'.M. •1 room, bath, garage. Automatic heat, hot water. Dulll in conveniences in kitchen, living room and bath. Cull 326 during day and 85'.! at night. 28-ek-l IIAUHY JJAII.KVS CUISVE IN CAFE ftoud Tnod at Good Prices All Kinds Sen Foot! Fresh Crappic CijfurclU'ii 2 for 25c HARRY UAII.EY'S ' Holland, IM(>. Phonos 5-F-l & 878 '10 Acres land. Reijutrc slock, feed, tools, n. R. Ciarner. Anuorel. FOR HUNT — Modern Ihrcc room furnlslied apartment, call 280. Zfi-ck-tf Nicely luinishcd room entering into bath. Innerspriiig Will give 3 meals it day. Call G30 818 Chickasawba. 25-da-da Furnished bedroom. U22 W. Main Mrs. McMullins. 22-ck-'.f Comfortable bedroom In private home. 115 East Kentucky. 22-ck-t Coal My C.ial Is TUarli lint I Treat Von While. LOCAL I1AU1.INO .liilin Kurliaiiiui Illyllicville, ,Mk. I'lione 107 3 room furnished apartment, ifll 108 W. Kentucky. Plione 083. 13-ck-t Modern 3 room furnished apar. menl. 120 Dugan Ave. Mrs. Bell Wood, phone 785-J aflcr 6 p.m. 17-ek-c 'J room turn. apt. with bath. Ne\\ !y (leeorated. Call 294, 1117 W Ash. 8-ek-2- Aiinounccinent EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1011 Ch!el(i!i»wha I'lione 673 2 or 3 room turn, apis. One 2 room apt. upstairs. OH llcarn. 12-pk-2- Fitrnished comfort;! bJe bedrooi 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck- Batteries BATTKRTf SERVICE J. Ben Clune Vhone 8 rvt Tom .Tac&son' Radio Service Modern furnished room, heat with Gas. Private bathroom ai Karaje. Phone 410. G-ck-2 One comfortable bedroom. Ca Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg, 98-1, 12 Molly. i a8-ck-2- 2 comfortable bedrooms, prlvn bath. Oenilcmen preterrc<l. pho. 704-W or 101. 7-ck-tf. jinplcle 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books wllli loose af binder. Call 230 or 7tK. 15-fa-fa MULES FOR SALE ELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Ghi b A V t, The Top Of Your furniture With Cilm.K All designs fill ,V, llnkliril. C.'l.I, US lyllicvlllc Paint & Wall|i;i|H'r Cn hone 880 1)1 K. Hud Kirhy's TnslcTess CHILL TONIC tnlnj More Quinine—More Iron he Hc«mm«ndca Tt«atuent for Criri.LS ami FFVfCft 6WAMP FKVElt —AGUE At All Kiiby HIUK HtQTi» Found Leather folder wltli 2 keys. Owner ean have same by paying cost of tills lid. For Trade Addlni! machine for typewriter. C. E. 1'nrkfi. OH.') Cherry, phone '.'83. 20-]*-;) Poultry For Sale or Rout room Iioit^p. 151(1 W. Re- cenllv remodeled from front lo iick. Will sell on cusy terms or case to responsible party. Louis ip|>lcl>aiim. phone 1U7. 107 S. 2nd. it. '2B-ck-4 Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe I.emliiiit All Coal — llraiirii at Hetv Wlnr, (Jinn And (lurdhds I1KAMUI IN Muy — \- — <irah III) (MS TAX PAID '1 I'U. Wr nr $1,15 pi'i Caliim 24 Hour Service 11. W. Ill, 11(11.1.ANO, Alt). J, C, EVANS . BOX t<H Blyllievlile, Ark, OUttlct Manager HAMILTON TRU8f FUND Sponsored By Hamilton Depositors Corp. The Vt ArkaniM and MUiout l«w«>t ratts— lowest eipenM Abo cltjr propertiet DON H. KASSfcRMAN Tiiotim land co. ortic* P. 0. Box 470, Phorte 647. Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGKltY & GUARANTEED 8»f«, nre and with less discomfort. All alWMM »nd conditions at ricrvom origin, foot •llmrnts end iktn cnrimi IrtatdJ »nd cured •( oar clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES >U Main Thoat nijllmvflle, Ark. Top [(uulity. Vamutiji Illue (ir Jjloodlcsted, purebred Rods, Ilin 1 - rnl Hocks. While Jiwk.s. Wliiti-' Leiihorns also other briH'tl.s. II1U — JC.75. Heavy Aborted $(>.'ii. Prepaid line Delivery. Columbia Hatchery, Columbia, 'fcini. Hatchery Baby Chicks 'UIJLIC HATCHING. Marilyn (alchery, lilydicvllle, Arl:., H.W. il North, Phone 742. FARM POWER UNITS Light Plant 110 Volt — 80UO Wall POWER UI1> SAW Second Hand Safes BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200 Nu. Sccund si. Special Prices Arc Now lit'inn (Hl'i'i't'il (in All \V in lev \isil our nuitli'ni purls & acci'ssdi'ii's store. Here you will find every (liinij; on display (o etmlile yon I" mala' t'.'isy selections ol yinir |)<irllcii)iir Call 033 VUKK INS'I'UIICTIONS In Uilesl Htylca KnltllnH ••HKKNAT" UNl'll'ING VAKNM nit'H. l.cntic Hooper 1IUU L'hlchiiMHbi Phono 703 TRUCKS GARS AM, TRUCKS (HIAHAN- 'I'KKD r l'O 1'ASS STATH INSI'KCTION Phone 802 OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NKW MANA(IKMKNT) NEW DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT SOUTH C1TV 1.IMITK ON HICillWAV (Jl Ulnlim rtomn Mur.lo p r i viilc ji oa u, a Home Cooklim Speehil Club Jlraifefnsl | !() | nn. c , llt „„ ,, 18 rltt . c I'll ItarliKiic llarbeciied Hllw Saiidwichoa Wled Clileken BI/1-.llnK ateakd nm'.nn Spaghetti Dinners l.iincheii Drinks Sl'KClAI, 1'AUTIKX INVlTUD-l'llONli 815 _ I'l.KN'I'V or TANKING I'llvnlu Now Ixxiitcd ut 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWARUK, Propriety B makrt, ol JlcMIl n iV a\,tntn, Atiatitf Mnehlrwi »o( Onlcnlnlors—Ueiialrlns—l'«ri»—Ulhbon.i FOR RENT—Modern 5-rooni house at MOO Chickasawlin. $20 per ! month. Call Marshall Fcild, 250. SKUVICE 31-k-a Cuinplelc Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TKRtlSS Hardawiiy Ajipliancc Co. 11KNKY WKHNKR Main & 5lb I'liouc ~ Room and Board Stcnm heated room with bo.irrt 603 W. Ash. I'lionc 151. I ll-ck-2-11 „ Common Reptile HOKIZONTAL 1 Canunon reptile picfuiccl here r, it. is • 12 One in cards. 13 Common *laborer. IS Fioof edge. 10 Heron. ISA dandy. 'JO Profound. 22 Narrative poem. 23 To slraiBhlcn .up. 25 Slir. 2G Bone. 28 Thin inner sole. 30 Turn- B. , r ll To bow. 34 licncfidal. 30 Mel i y. 37 Broaci- Ans\vcr lo Vrevious •IS Stream. •HiKxclamalion. •Hi Ponders. CCH B ils prey whole. VERTICAL 2 To scold. 14 Ar.cJ. 1C 11 lias an body. 17 Musical rtolc.' 10 Pai Is broken off. 21 A few varieties of Ihis reptile.! are, . 24 Door handle.' 'i~i To fly. 20 Humlct. 32 One who dye?.' 33 Book at ; 35 Klk. naOlive slmib. 3!) .Shower. •Hrrcfi* signifying four u SI Drone 1 be;?. . SGSrmriy Iract by the sen. .'iT Portico, brimmed h;il. r>9 Chain, •inform of "be." (il Mud. 1 41 licer. M De.strnclinn, •12 Heraldic fur. G-tll belongs to the ucnus faslini; —-- 3 Umd measure. •!? FinKer ring. •) To rcUiin. '19 Vcrbiil 5 Spain. terminal ion.' CFold ot siring. 50H;ilf. 7 To'^dcriucc. f>t Cetacean. STo'cxisl. S2 Spirit. 9 Boy. SS Hurrah! 10 llcrl> SRTo be sick.' containing fiffl Note ipecac. t>2 Klcctric unit. 11 Ovules. (H Nay rf Delta Implements, Inc. COBB FUNERAL HOME rmierul Insurance 6Y 6UM, EEMV- YOUVE GOT PUITIM^H'GRAMD WIIER'5 HAT OM VOUR HEAD.' /VEe V BI6MOUTH p \ WA5-WHATD SHEERER DO ( IT'S ALL VOUR ' 'CEPT STAKID ACDUWDAN 1 \ FAL/L7/ VWEI.L, HECK.' SUfPOSIW'lT ANYVVAY,WHO ELSE HAVE V6OT PIT FOR TH' JOB? TH'KID WALKED OUT ON VUH, . DIDN'T SHE- m SO BUT LE-T 5 SEE YOU DO IT// WELL, Y60TTA HAVE A GtJAWD OOOLA WALKED AUD I DON'T BLAME HEB N!) HBIl 15UBDJ1JS WASH TUBUS MCE OUT OF TOE C\STERN, TO BEVERLY AND AMD THE OANd'S I GLAZES^ EVEN ,Y THEte FOOD'S 60NE:; HOWKE VW l SaWETHING y MERE, HELP FRECKI-KS AND HIS FRIKNDS NT'ITY I'KtIS H PSCPEPTTr' V/AS MIWET LETASE THE BABY Bur THERE: WAS AW OPTOW, MR. SCUTTLE: ! vbu DIDN'T TELL ).'£ THAT TKU DAYS PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATIOKJ OF THE LEASERS COULD HAVE REWEWED THE V/-ELL,! HOPE VOU'RE S/1-riSPlEO TAkiUa FOOD AWAY A BABY.' IT V/AS YOMP BUSfWESS TO EXERCISE THE OPTK3W ' 1 DIDM'T •. KWOW VJE HAD j IT UkTTIL 1 WEWT C7VER THOSE PAPERS AGAfW YESTERDAY '

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