Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 31, 1952 · Page 16
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 16

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1952
Page 16
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16 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 V1952 Peter Edson Washington Column Elsenhower Sought Naming of Admiral to Succeed Him a* XATO Commander HWASHINGTON, (NEA) — The gtory didn't Ret out at the time, bat when the White House and the Pentagon were iooking over the possibilities for a successor to Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower as U. S. commander of the North Atlantic Treaty forces in Europe. Ike him- *e)f was pushing hard for the naming of Adm. Robert (Mick) Carney of the U. S. Navy. Admiral Carney was then and Is now commander-in-chief, Allied forces, Southern Europe. His headquarters in Naples arc known as HAFSE, as distinguished from SHAPE, the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers in Europe, which Ike set up. General Elsenhower had not known Admiral Carney until they started working together to build up Southern European and Mediterranean defenses. On that job, Ike came to have a high regard for Mick, and that's why the general thought the admiral would make him a good successor. Supporters of unification of the U. S. armed forces argue that this is an excellent example of how well unification is working in the top command, and in the field. Man of tlio Hour A lot of attention Is helng focused on Archibald Cox, young chairman of the Wage Stabilization Board, for his handling of the coal wage case. Though only 40, and not well or widely known, he hed been in and out of Washington on various jobs during the war. He was first in the solicitor general's office in Department of Justice, then as solicitor In Department of Labor. He practiced Jaw in Boston for a short time before the war. In 3945 he went back to Harvard Law School, from .which he was graduated, as n lecturer. The next year, at 34, he was made a full professor. He has served us chairman of the American Bar Association's committee on state labor Jaws, was a consultant on the drafting of the Massachusetts labor law, and Is the author of a case book on labor legislation. , Two years ago he came back to Washington as a member of the Construction Industry Panel of WSB. He was made chairman of the agency when it was reorganized by Congress last year. Born in Plalnfleld, N. J., Mr. Cox is married and the father of three children, He is tall, bespectacled and wears a crew cut. Lewi* Gains the Wage Lead John L. Lewis' gains for his United Mine Workers, in wages and fringe benefits, will be more than those In any other industry since the start of the Korean War, even if he Is forced to accept only the WSB-approved maximum of $1.50 a day, plus 10 cents a ton more in royalties for health and welfare. The miners' gains add up to 50 cents an hour in wages and 15 cents in fringe benefits. At the $l,90-a-day increase Lewis contracted for with the coal operators, the wage gain would be 56 cents an hour. By comparison, steel gains of 32 cents in wages, 514 cents In fringes total 37M cents. International Harvester's gains, 34 cents In wages, 16 cents in fringes, total 50 cents. General Motors, 30% cents in wages, 14 cents in fringes, total 44% cents. Tell the American Story U. S. International Information Administration in the State Department is now publishing 50 magazines throughout the world, to tell the American story. Total circulation of these magazines is now about 10 million copies. Latest addition to the chain is a Yugoslav edition of the four-color "Llfc"-like or "Look'MIke magazine, "Amerika," formerly published in Russian but now banned by the Soviet government. Name of the Yugoslav edition is "S.A.D.," which is the Serb-Croat abbreviation for U.S.A. The first Issue of this publication was 27,000 copies and they went like hotcakes, selling out In two days. In Manila, a V. S. Far East reproduction center publishes a "Free World" magazine in eight different languages for the Philippine Islands, Malaya, Burma, Thailand, Korea, F'onnosa. Two other editions arc published In Ceylon and Pakistan, "Harvest" magazine Is printed on Formosa and "World Today" In Hong Kong in Chinese. "American Reporter," a weekly, HARRY A. RICH GENERAL INSURANCE Ashley Rood — Phon* 195 I Insure Anything Against r.verythlnn DAINTY MAID PASTRY WEEK END SPECIAL APPLE SAUCE CAKE — Also —Danish Pastry Hard Rolls Cheese Cake Phone 728 — 1011 Brondway Open Saturdays Till 8 P, M. FINANCE YOUR HOME Through tn EQUITABLE ASSURED HOME OWNERSHIP PLAN which provide*— (1) Life Insurance to cancel mortgage If owner diei. (2) Interest at only 4%. (2) A Cash Fund for emergencies. Call: A. PAUL FELLINGER MM IN TODAY KM UK Bargain Combination CAR CHANOI-OVW SMCIAL Drain, inspect and refill Radiator; inspect Horn, Horn Connection* and Water Pumps; adjust Fan and Gen- eratorlBelta • Lubricate Chassis; drain, flush and refill Transmission and Rear Axle; change Engine Oil • Test Battery; inspect Battery Cables • Check Heater Connections, Controls and Blower • Inspect Door and Body Seals. GfNUINf FOftD WAX-TMATIO DUSTING CLOTtf Tea, with the aboye "change-oyer" inspection, you'll also receive a special Wax-Treated Dusting Cloth which removes and absorbs light surface dirt and applies wax, leaving a bright, clean, new-looking I This soft cloth may akw be used on furnttuce. $130 Both for Only s 1 Mfctsr ImkMfr, Amti-freem ami Lukriemntt art** HOLMAN MOTOR CO: Your Friendly Ford Dealer 215 N. 10th Sr. — Phone 266 is published In eight languages in India, plus an English edition called "Panorama." "The U.S.A. News Review" is published semi-weekly in English and Arabic from Beirut, Lebanon. In Europe four monthly magazines are being published. They are "Free World" in Greek, "America" in Finnish, "Education" In German for the Austrians and "Dor Monat" in German for the Germans. Five monthly • magazines are published in Latin-America, "In- formacioncs" in the Argentine, "Nuevo Mundo" in Chile, "Em Marcha" in Brazil, "Revista" in Mexico, and "Oiga" In Chile. A step-up of from 110 million to over 250 million American information "propaganda" posters, pamphlets and leaflets for worldwide distribution is being planned by International Information Administration for next year. These "one-shot" publications are designed to supplement the regular newspapers and magazines and "Voice of America" broadcasts to deliver specific American messages to certain areas with particular local problems. Over half of the pamphlets and leaflets are produced in New York. Others are produced in American "reproduction centers" In Europe, the Middle and Far East Some of this material is issued as of obvious American origin. Of a more secret nature are the "gray" and "black" propaganda which are of foreign origin. Aim of the whole program is to beat the Communist propaganda stuff which In much greater quantity now floods the Old World. Draftees Please the Marines Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr., commandant of the Marine Corps, came back from his Korean inspection highly pleased with the way drafted men had fitted Into the leatherneck organization. The Marines had never had to use drafted men before, and prided themselves on being volunteers. In Korea, General Shepherd said he couldn't tell one from the other. And the same percentage of both draftees and volunteers were indicating a desire to reenJist. One of the toughest decisions the Marine command has had to make In Korea was the distribution of the new "bullet-proof" vests. Only a limited number were available. Should they be given to the Republic of Korea marines fighting with the American Marines, or should they be given to U. S. Army troops first? It was finally decided to supply the Army' first. Korean marines had to wait. 1 FOR RENT BY WEEK, DAY OR HOUR F. & H. DIXCEL Service 1401 Broadway—Phon« 878 TERRIFIC PRICE CUTS OH HEW FURHITORE! BUY HOW! SAVE 20%-30%-50%! LOW DOWH PAYMEHTS! EASY TERMS! CHROME DINETTES! "NNERSPRIHG SAVE $20 SAVE $10-$15 3 DAYS ONLY! T BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT KITCHEN MASTER CHROME DINETTE Sparkling chrome and durable plastic table— 30x40x48. 4 sturdy chairs with heavy plastic cover. 112 Other Chrome Dinette t $49,95 Up $ 95 Pay Only $1.25 Weekly Odds and ends, one-of-a-kind, floor samples—all famous, quality mattresses that regularly sell up to $54.95., Out they go at wholesale prices. First come—take your choice I 50 SI DOWM LIVING ROOM SUITES! NEW BEDROOM SUITES JACQUARD FRIEZE SUITE AMERICAN WALNUT SUITE $ 95 EASY TERMS Smart, modern suite in season's popular colors. Heavy, A ||f)|f%£ AP ftfll ADC long wearing frieze cover promises years of service. UnUlUt Wi UUUUiiw $199.95 value! 98 Other Suites Priced as Low as $119.95 Kroehler, Rowe, Murray, National and Gay Suites Included in This Sale. 218 S. NINTH MT. VERNON PHONE 146 Popular double dresser suite with ^matching chest and bed. Finest genuine walnut cabinet veneers. $219.95 Value! 86 Other Suites Priced as Low as $89.95! Choose any style or finish from America's finest manufacturers. $ 95 EASY TERMS 218 S. NINTH MT. VERNON PHONE 146 ML

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