The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHU BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS The Editor's Letter Box 'Asks.for Cliancc (To the editor:) How Is a man that lias Uo dependents to gel 'cmpjojment when our so called get eCeiy man a job or relief or- panipatton refuses to place one on , WPA rolls because he. wasn't on there beUcen May nnd Noicmbei or 1935 I liave learned through others that dunk was their cause foi not gelling cmplojinent Nnturnlly drink could to n hold :tnck for the actions of several other'.'.places I applied for a job, their nnsivei- is always, will see, uii<i that is final although others have gone behind me nml secured r Job If drink Is the cause of such actions I uondei how man> of 'oiii-.chief executives never did or touch drink now.. There Isn't a. living man ^who. hasn't felt the desire for'a'(1 rink. Some, will say, oh, he won't y.-ork. How do these magpies know, :s!nee they haven't given anyone a chance to prove it? I was:born and reared in Bly- tlieville' ami' wasn't ever out of n : Job, startlns when I was •11.: until hei'e of late. I have a widowed mother and a wife f|»d also have two brothers that'have jobs but I have none. They offer or ijlve no helpi In anyway, more than «hy don't jou set (V Job? .Yes, why don't I get n job? I ajn In destitute clcnimslances and 1 am not able to ml n job. I ' have tried plenty of places. As for drink, It Is a poor man that can't .eliminate that, especially if lie has someone to catch his hand and give him a pull. Another thing, a man cm? never tell •\vlint .Is hi another until he hns e\vm him a chance to prove himself. Tlicic's plenty of places where the lelief money has been placed, not being an absolute necessity, but •anyhow it is there. Then when one who ically Is in dire need, their nns\vei Is sorry, but llieic isn't an j Hi Ing we cnn do. I work when J work and play when I play and I uiomlsc any man to do an honest day's woik regardless 'of the task. Any .man that knows me will be fooled and one'that doesn't will be more Ulan pleased. I glad to consider mi} thing anywhere, so long as it will" keep my family out of destitution; X. y. z. Blytheville, Ark. New Rugs Interchangeable Among Most Rooms Applies Triple Squeeze With Seven-^CarcJ Suit in Tramps By W.M. E. McKKNNEY Ken-clary. American Hrldfc I.eaeue , Ccrialn lyjjes of bridge hands ure Interesting in themselves, and dou bly interesting because they ore ex tremely rare, One of tl'.e most unusual hands Is the one which presents a squeeze In three suits. This, means that a player wbo has apparent defense In three suits finds himself helpless when he Is compelled to part with one valuable card after another oil the run of a long the declarer. This was the situation that confronted William J. Eek. of Cleveland, when, as declarer sitting North, he played today's hand. The' bidding Is very unusual. South's opening bid of one diamond, was to make it easy for his part- A new vt'rsloii hi aflcnwion liats Is revealed in the intultl here, vvllh Ks vlsoi brim In black rltodoide hamhvnr!«?d ncl :it!;nlK-il (o u black fell liontifl. Can Hold Ilivcr , (To the editor-.) I have nothing but praise for the people of this , country who have uorked night and 'dny, removing those in the flowed area to higher ground anil giving shelter unit food to these distressed people.. TO the engineers and workers on the Little River levees we owe our' thanks' Bui, with Ihi.- moving, and Uie'sulTcrlng [hat has been o-lpart of it.lhas almost caiibc:! a panic of fear'in osir peopfe o'l what the Mississippi river fcr gains; to do ' t s\ '] ' . , : Our big fight is ahead of us and fear never won many bailies. Every available able-bodied man Is going to be needed it the liver reaches 55 feet at Memphis If our levees are at a hleght to stand « feet, as at West Memphis, it \\il mean that the levees would have to be raised by sacking, but v,Itl gravel roads touching the le\ce svery few mites and no water 01 this side of the levee to hlnde getting dirt, sacking and holdin this levee two or three feet is no impossible. South of the Arkansas river, be , fore (he Cypress creek gap wa closed, water «as generally two ti five feet deep on the land side o the levee and dirt, was an obje-( Even \\ith that condition water wa held back two to four feet nbovi the levee, and one break In IQV out of five-foot high \\aler, in tin >ears 1912, 1913, 1916, 1927. with om m 1922 that was rose thcie thai we will have here this jear. At thi time the crown of the levee «a about four feet wide as against 10 or 12 now and with a much wider base, giving us a better braced leice With an even break of weather conditions and our full cooperation • with the levee boards and en°i- neers \\c can hold old man river through this county. , P. O. Anders LUTOra, Ark. sion of wCighl. and bulk, too. Scatter rugs or bl£ ones which look rather fragile ai-c to be used u-ith Iglilcr furniture, such as maple. Most decorators agree that large •ugs are, generally spanking.- bel- .cr thnn .small olies. Llttla rugs. II JscU exclusively, tend to break-up a room, making 'It look choppy. They are used, of course, but a? accessories rather than out nn:l out iloor coverings. Put one very nne, but very little ruj iiiic-'ijr- ncsilh your coffee table tn front of Hie dlvnn and see what a nice effect you get. Or find one .which natclies the color In the painting above Hie manlei and put it right in front of the flrepliicc. * * V 5 .« K J 4 3 *AQJ 10854 4 K Q .1 8 VKQ43 4 Q 109 *K7 ' . .'• Rubber— N, & S. vul. South 1 * 2 N. T. 3 N.T. 5 * . Pass Opening lead—A K. Fast Pass Pass Pass Double 28 tier to show four of cither major suit, when he failed to do, so. South decided to suppress both suits and try tor game in no trump. North, with his long and .practically solid suit, and very fine support for his partner's diamonds, decided (hat there was n much safer game in the minor and refuses to permit the hand to play at no trump. ... •'' _ ;•. • ' It is hard,to bjaine East for doubling, as he .had a very strong ham and from the bidding L figured "on a sure trump trick;v . ; '.': Today's Contract 1'roljlem •South is playing liic contract at seven spades. His only chance to make the-grand slam, even with the favorable opening, requires careful handling of Iho club suit, «s well, as'favorable location of the club honors. How should he plan Iho play? A KS5 V32 • AKfJII (lllimt) S Dealer A AQ.I 1087 VK98 «Q *J84 N & S. vul. Opener—* 2. Solution in next issue. / Opening lead of the king of spades was won in dummy with .he ace. A club finesse was taken, and was won by East. East returned nother spade, which North won with a trump. Declarer then proceeded to iRnd Big'lH Bottle For Only a 4* c -Within Jl ;>ft*r iaklna; old IChliJ Hub Medl- !c[n» you will j<i! [Illtfl a new person. ! It Hill dm. put. • DM J.-om your system you nt-f.i even knew we IB there. Every person •hould thoroUEhly iCEeapie Ihelr &;s- r tem each year. . -,T)i!5 m»kej you lew liable to appendlcUIj .raeuoiKtliia; ncmjtb Rnd other illmeatj Old cfaiet Is » protea IteiSment for neurltlj •mi. tiecic. bact. hips and legi Even otia Cos* win hetp a ilfk jtomacli la. d iSiiy2B_»nl_bJoatlnB. Sold it Borum's : THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 193?l five more rounds of Iruinp. liist /o.u.nd Hie matter of discardino- \ n . creaslngly- difficult, On 'the last trump lead he held the jack • of spades, the king and queen of I'earls and his original diamond holding. Any discard would bs fatal and thus North fulfilled Ills doubled slam contract In n uioit imu.sunl way. chant, created a sensation at I dance, here by eating $59 W orti| of special flowers. n e (j c( .] al j| that flowers are good eating looked well and plump ills strange diet. Hrillsh I'ostoffice Froflls LONDON (UP> — The British Po.stofflcc made a' profit of $71 000,000 In 1935, compared with S59.725.000 in 1934, an annual report . reveals.. The total value of the postoffice's transactions with the public during I935-3G exceeded $4,505,000,000-5200,000,000 more than the previous year. Kits $50' Flowers' MELBOURNE (UPr — Harold Williams, Melbourne coal inei'- Girl Cancels Sand Grui ls HONOLULU (UP) — Sana,' fol most people who come to Hawaii I is just something to lie in, but foj Miss Winifred Arnold of Dcrkcl ley, Cal., it Is the object of jl collection. She collects sand, ill tiny glass lite, from as man^l dllfcrent regions as passible in tlilf islands. TRRRY ABSTRACT ft RRAr,TY- CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loans E. I\r. Terry, 1'res. anil Mgr. riionelin lllj-lhevllle, ArX. IF WE CAN BE OF SERVICE Phone 32 Memhers of our organization'are'reach' at nil times to ni(! in any emergency. If'we can he of service to any of our friends and fuslomers at (his lime we invite you to call tis. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. For wear under a fur coat, this springlike tircss of lightweight black wour-''rn:iic/ is^suggcsted."; Thu-I'tlging, anil handkerchief are. of. nmlti coloml crciw d« cliiiie, underlined with' n. ilcllnitc vjiltu • bias. Tin : iilack fell lial i.s li-iimni'il \vilir a \vhite orchid. S *«rV" By NK,\ Service i NEW, .YORK:—So versatile arc 1931's rugs ih'at. the mid-winter furniture sales shopper can buy a rug which will look equally nicj In Hying room, bedroom or dining room, in which case, if she fc;ls llke r clianging it- around now and then, she Can do so. . Borderless, classic' types, In soft muted shades that go well with any and all types of furniture and color schemes, are linporlant'again. One especially nice model, in a conservative leaf motif, reveals tlscp reds, soft blues—even a sprinkle of orange—although the complete effect Is a lively brown. It blends equally well with p;riod. modern and "just plain comfortable" decors. Another, in soft, rich brown with beige and tan stripes In ovcrplnld effect. Is used, on the living room floor of an interesting New York apartment. .The: fireplace and bnok shelves at both ends are panelled in pine, and the fireplace Itself is studded 'wtth bright stars. A huge chair, placed beneath hearth and a window,. Is upholstered in pappcr- inint candy, striped fabric, For the strictly modern room, rugs' which look like the popular tweedy, rough woolens for sports suits arc headlined. In plaid designs and diagonal weaves, they are recommended for both town and country houses. As always, the astute shopper will remember that, the rug makts or breaks a room. Onco she has the right one, she ought to bulll color scheme and furnishings mound It! Let draperies repeat one color shown In the rug. A big chair can pick Op another, and so on If furniture is massive, the rn? under it should give the impres- W A NT E D Government Loan Cotton Phone 1G7 APPLKBAUjM BROS. COTTON CO. Bcrtlg Bldg. BIylhevIlle, Ark. \' CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP OFFERS A GENUINE 14 KT. GOLD PLATE BIRTHSTOliE Money and Safety" Pins Used as Book Markers UPPER . SANDUSKY, O. (DP)— Book lovers of Upper Sandtisky have improvised some odd book marks. Miss Corn Kcenan, librarian of the public library, hns discovered. In returned books Miss Kccnan has found these articles used as markers: handkerchiefs, pencils snapshots, love letters, scissors' safety phis, hand mirrors, powder puffs and money. " Chicken Vaccination Tested BERKELEY, Ca]....(OP>—Vaccination of chickens at an early age can develop them into better egg layers, experiments still under way at the University of California indicate. To date, 30,69} day- old chicks have been vaccinated. Announcements The Courier news nas Been au- thprlzcd to announce the following candidates for Blytheville municipal offices, to be elected on April 6: For Mayor MAKION WILLIAMS W. W, HOLLIPETTER ' Duo-Therm Oil Burning Special Trade-In Allowance Convenient Monthly Terms or Half Down with Balance in the Fall. ASK ABOUT OUH KAI.I, PAYMENT PI,\N ON RADIOS AND KBKKIGBRATOKS »w>' \ FOR 20 WRAPPERS FROM CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP For a limited time only Special offer to acquaint more women with this big bar of white laundry soap that cuts soap Jb///s in half! 7, / T HINK of it! This exquisite ring of 14 carat gold plale with filigree mounting and YOUR OWN niRTIISTONE —FKEKl It's just the ring you've always wanted! The imported colored stone (and there's n (iillerciU one for every month) set in a beautiful mounting, mnkes a ring you will be proud to wear—-and remember, a ring with your own birthstone is said to bring good luck and happiness. It's so easy to get too! Just take off the wrappers from 20 bars of Crystal While Soup, and then follow the easy instructions at the right, lint you'd better hurry! This offer Is open for a limited time only. Crystal White will actually CUT YOUR SOAP RILLS IN TWO. For Crystal White costs only HALF as much as soap in fancy packages. You get TWICE THE SUDS AT HALF .THE COST! And, this ginnt, pure white bar will LAST AND LAST. This creamy-white giant bar is made with the same costly tropical oil used in fine shampoos and toilet soaps. That is why it gives such thick, rich, long-lasting suds ... the "billion-bubble" suds that actually DISSOLVE out grime and grease . . . make clotheii gleaming^vhite in fa^r less washing time . . . dishes sparkling clean!' 1 )' - • Go to your dealer today—get n supply of Crystal White Soap. Scud 20 wrappers for your FREE Uirthstone Ring! li 4" four HOW TO GET YOUR BIRTHSTONE RING! Just mail 1 20 wrappers from Crystal White Soap, with your numcaml address, your ring size, and ilie iinmc oE the month of your birth, to Crystal White, Knns:isCity, Knns. Use the handy coupon below ... or get n special blank from your tickler. Your Birthstone King will -he sent at once, postage prepaid. HANDY COUPON i,,'HOW TO MEASURE FOR A RING A SIZE 0123451711 IOII Illl , Measure with strip of ]K> per exact schedule above, one end on "A." distance around linger on which The number nearest the other you Intcml to >vc:ir your birth- end is the correct sire ol your stone ring. Place (hfestriprmring rin|>. Do not send strip ol piipcx. HERE ARE THE COLORED B1RTHSTONES Select Votir <:olor! January—Garnet (deep red) February—Amethyst fviolet) March—Aquamarine (sea blue) April—White Sapphire May—Green Spinellc June— Aleinrulrilc (lavcnitcr) July—Ruby (crimson) August—Peridot (pale green) September-Sapphire (dcepbhie) October—Rose y.ircon Novc m her—(,'oldc n Sa pph ire December—/.ircoti (deep green) THIS OFFER EXPIRES APRIL 30,1937 Crystal While Soap, Kansas City, Kansas. Enclosed find 10 wrapper* from Crystal \Vlilte Soap. Kindly send my rlnS, sire with colored nltthstonc for tlie month ol . Name- City _Sl(tte_ I

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