The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, 'APRIL <i, ' 1044 ILTTHEVILL1 (ARK.) COUBIBR WBW1 Of PX Benefit Patrons Service Men Spent $113,000 in February At BAAF Exchanges I <nm >1-V Cpl ' M ' ll l° u SleHicr 'Where does all this dough go?" is a question every Ql wonders about when Hie aftor-movie rush Wts the PX ill rsh'tlievillc. A ,my Air Field. The small .change seems lo clink endlessly Into the cash registers of the soda ami sandwich stand, the candy, newspapers, nnti smokes counter, the Leverage cortwjr. (.lie gin shelves. • fcomebody must be making a eood tiling out. of all that. And some- Body l.i: or joe. For every cent of profit, wnfeed pn ihc PX goes right ,?,i ,1 ,' ts somws - The PX' is strictly for pi benefit. iu object is to offer -enlisted men necessities, .comforts ami conveniences at a niniimim cost, but at a sufficient profit lo support, thc exchange and insure further benefits to the customers. Beverages, eignretics, and caudv are staple itc'ins, reports Lieut Ed- •u-im} si O'Hev, assistant PX officer. Other items av e greatly in demand, but because or government allocations enough can't-be had. When Blythcvillc's PX opened in July,' -12, (t was just a. converted four .room house, where pOQs non- are Us gross sales were $4,000 This February, with 5 PXs operating on Intflte* 50 ' SUS '° 00 *' as thc 11ro » Ul 's The profits on this .business nre spent in several • places. In Feb- 1 2! ary ' for "ample .besides the SI 000 for a refreshment area, $1 ?f> was set aside for baseball equipment, $950 for clilorinallon of Ihe new swimming pool. Slbfl for Ihc Chaplain's Ftmd $100 for the Library Fund, $5,000 as a reserve foi contingencies. $100 for Headquarters Fund. n,n<! 51400 to be clivlcl- fccil among de field's- organiza- •tions. •' IDSON IN WASHINGTON Here's Your 4-F Labor Army I BV I'ETER EHSON Courier News Washington Correspondent Congressional proposals for putting nil 4-F's in labor battalions, which will be taken up after the Easier recess, make it \yorlh while looking at these 4-F's to see what's thc matter wllli them, and what Wad of work forte (hey would make. Selective*Service headquarters reports that as pf Jan. I there were approximately 3.437,000 men bc- the age's of. 18 and 31 clas- cause, Selective Service presents Ihcso figures: Mental disease, 497,000, or 14.5 p«r cent; venereal disease, 328,900, or 9.6 per cent; musculoskeletal, 252,800, or 7.4; cardiovascular. 'M9- 200, or 6.4: heniln, 203JOO, or 5.'J; neurolosienl, 180,100, or 5.4; bad eyes. 182,000, or 5.3; bail ears, 131.700, or 3,8; tuberculosis, 1)9,100, or 2.6; under- or over-wel(jhl, 08,800, or 2,0; Jungs, 50,000, or 1.7; foet, 40,500, or 1.2; abdominal vls'wva, 39,300, or i.l, AH other causes, Including kM- uoulitc, InsuClicienl of, men—nearly 45 per cent of the 1 rcngtli. of the entire Army llsclt I •and considering tlmt the bottom I of that barrel has already been l exposed in the search for effective! manpower for armed services aiul essential Industries, this is a tempting reserve on which to draw. Also, It offers Congress a cOJU'en-- ienl substitute for the Austin-> Idsvcrth compulsory service law proposal. '•-,•••>••. Thus far Ihe armed services have successfully fought off nl) pressure for- lowering Iheir physical standards, and when you look, at the reasons for the rejection of -these 3,431,000 vw.n, it isn't hard to sec iy.. Broadly, there are three principal veasoixs fov a man's clRssifl- calion ns 4-F. .Physical and menial' defects ac- coiyit' for 2,555.400, or 74.7 per cent. . Educational or mental deficiency, .including only Ihose men who have tailed to meet minimum intelligence standards from June 1, 1943 on, account for 472,200, or 13.7 per cent. Manifestly disqualifying defects, such as having only one arm or one leg or being deformed, 361,200, or 10.5 per cent. Other non-medical defecls ac- comit for 3S,200,or t.l per cent HEKE ARE THE. FIGURES Further breaking t^wn the physical and mental deferments as 'to winding fo tnke these 4-F'6 into the Army or Nnvy, Quce these men were- Inducted into (ho services, the government would be I'csuonslblb for Ilicin for lift, Hie same ,qs any other veterans. NoW, if the .services discover physical deficiency within n reasoimblc time after induction, a man mnv be discharged before he becomes n public responsibility. Maybe it Is the public's responsibility lo care (or Its physically handicapped, but Ls It the • Job ot of the Army ntitl Navy lo care (or tlwm? Undersecretary I'nllcrsoit rocom- mwcls leiilslullcm mnkliiK it clow llml' d-Ks tn inbor nulls should not be vll&lbte to; vclvrtms 1 Ijfnc- Hls. Unt why not? H n ninji Is itrultoil nml sliovcil nroMiu) rvom one Job 10 nnotliw In « Inlior bai- uillon, why Isn't lie 1>.\ mi uvmy, evi>n It lie yi'is olvllliut rates of p:i.v'? And I'ven (in: undni'.ircrolnvy ' nj>ivwi Mich iru'ii slinnlil IUUT aovmiuu'iit PAGE THREE limiralico 'In cuse of.disability In- ciuwd, on tlic"'Jol). ! AH IHCI\ Wing Dhystciill}' • o) 1 mentally hnndlciipju-ii to begin .wllli, such illsnljllltlcfi would unqueslloiinljly l>o Ircmend- ons. llns Truck, ,, NUWHUIIYPOHT, Muss, (UP) — Vfc. Andy OnKnllt, 20, oi Newbmy- porl lintl lo Ije wounded In Itnly lo get Ills boyhood wish. Prom his hospital Ix'd, he wrole Five Chicl I'miik Crccdcn asking lor "just one ride ou (vflro truck' when he gets home He'll liave Ills wish, In 1042, a patient v,a» to a hoipltul In the United states every two a»<l ona-!>all GIFTS AHD CARDS FOR EASTER . / Choose tropi Our Nculy Arrlud Sckctlon . ,' . S«<MtWni 8«ii- "> (iWo J'or (.very Member of the F.imlly, ' - ^c- v The Gift Shop '3 F. Mnln _. Xlncu it...;... «t. _.^r _-. 103 E. Main - Moss llryiin Feinberg's fa /I skin disease, hemorrhoids. had Wood or Infectious discuse, each of which iimounts to I per cent or less of Ihe total, account for 270 500, or 7,8 per cent. Now wlint khxl of mobile Inbor force would these men make? A'lolof them havo iilrcadv found essential jobs that they cnn and are doing. The number of -i-p's not IKW on essential jobs Is esllmated by War Alanjxiwcr. Commissioner V'A\\\ V, MeNutt at 850.000 and by undersecretary of Wur Robert I'.it- tcvson at 1.000,000. These ore nrob- nwy the worst cases—thu men who ore leusl. oniployable, throueh no Wilt of their own, but through their misfortune of unit health or physical disability. Tryliip to round up the other 2,500,000 4-F's to create a mobile \rar Inbor force would conceivably dislocate men who hnv c !3UOl!LI> GOVERNMENT SHOULDER UESlWSimUTV? . There Is a good reason for not REFRIGERATION SERVICE- Hejialrs On AH Makes , »>' i:\pert Workincn. T.F. WARREN I'lionc 331Q Scout Workers Plan Meetings Here This Week 1 Two important meetings have been scheduled for Boy Scout workers in Blyllievillc, according to announcement made today by • O. P. rtainey, dislrict Boy Scout chairman. The second meeting In the Leadership Training. Program of the Boy Scouts of America will be held tonight, 1:30 o'clock, nt First Methodist Criurch. This training program, conducted by Philip j. Deer, W. B. Nicholson. Freeman Robinson anuthe Hev. P. W. Nash,: Is for thc ipurpose of training adult leaders in the management of a Scout l.'pop or Cub pack, and consists . of j seven meetings,;,with the final meeting aif.'gtitdoojf^lpe^yheii the teaching of'camping "activities is carritd out. At the first meeting held'last week, 21 scoutmasters and leaders were present. A general meeting of all Scout, leaders in North Mississippi Coun- I ty District will be held at 1:30 o'clock. tomorrow night in the mu- faf.iclpal courtroom at. the city hall, ^flieii scoutmasters, ciibmostcrs, trocp cornmitteemeu, commissioners and chairmen and members of the various district committees will be Present. The purpose of this meeting is to obtain reports of thc work accomplish eel so far this year nnil'lb learn first hand from the scoutmasters, just how the district organization can further assist the individual packs, patrols, deiis and troops, Mr. Rainey said. SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered always. 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