Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 27, 1964 · Page 12
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 12

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1964
Page 12
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12 SAT., JUNE 27, 1964, Loke Chorles Americon Press DENNIS THE MENACE LEGAL NOTICES opinion thai the Clly will hove two new units for llrefighllng and Mayor Roberts stated thot the two units fully equipped and valued at not less than $45,000 would L—REAL ESTATE L-2ToV~~ - -AL ESTATE L-2 Lots ATTEND THE OPENING of liic South City By-Pass Bridge this Kruliiy. then drive around the area and visit Chalklcy Estates Subdivision, just 2 miles south of the bridge. This is a restricted area for better homes. Surfaced streets, natural gas and electricity. All lots can be bought with .small down payment and terms In suil. Pricn Pine Bluffs Subdivision where all public utilitit-s. including water and sewerage are available. \Ve have a few lots left, in this lovety wooded area starting at $2900.00. Trrms to suit. Salesman on premises Friday and Saturday. THE WILKINSON AGENCY 1125 Pillion Street Red Wilkinson Office 439-2731 Res. 477-5380 cost the Clly a maximum of 115,000 only, additional cost, depending upon the number of firemen needed extra. Mr. Jackson continued that ttie City has nothing to lose. Mr. Abate osked what other act- vanlaqes the city would receive beyond obtaining the two new fire trucks, speak- inq of the possibility of certain areas romlnq Inlo tho city limits, fhe bond Issue, etc. Mr. LaRrur oonosed tho ordinance and referred lo former Mayor Price's handling ol fire protection, adding lhaf tho city cannol handle a (ire outside Ihe city without wafer. He nlso had letters ol reports on Ihe gasoline and cigarette tax money tho city receives, stating that ho has mado a special trip to the office of Pat Tuqwcll, Stole Treasurer. Reading of the Idler was ruled out of order by President Moreno, however. Mr. LaFlcur said that a 3 mill lax ta mninloln tho prolcct for ten years would come to approximately o half million dollars for a period of ten years. He continued thai he has contacted the taxpayers from the lowest to the highest and thai they arc not In fovor of It. Mr. Lo- Flcur also asked thnl the minutes show the lollowinq statement mode by him at the meeting. "When I returned from Texas, the cities there looked like a par- ndlso, unlll I crossed the Stale line, and when I pot bock fo Loke Chorles It looked like an old saw-mill town." Mr. Wnlson, speaking of his work In committee with Ihe Police Jury, staled thot he has studied the matter closely ond commended members of the Jury which have also, he stated. Ho thinks the agreement would brlnrj about a vast Improvement and ho agrees with Mr. La- Flr?ur thai wo cannol fight fire without wolcr. He thinks we should approve the plan and Icavr; it UD lo Ward Three residents as to wholhcr or not Ihoy want lire protection. President Moreno emphasized the Councils responsibility to Iho possible saving of lives and property oulslde the citv as well as Inside. Mr. Harless spoke of the Clly as a cultural center ol Ihe orea, saying that Us Influence, In his opinion, would be enhanced by favorable action of the Council on the ogreemcnt. Mayor Roberts spoke In favor of the plan, saying that the decision should rest with Ward Throe voters, who would be assisted most. Prior to this statement, the Mayor said that several Insurance companies have notified that they 1 mny not be able to write Insurance on Ihe unprotected areas. He said a study mode by National Firo-Undorwrllers 1 Board had resulted in their recommendation ol the plan, and then Movor Roberts pointed out the City's advantages which would result from the agreement. The vote on Mr. Watson's motion for adoption was as follows: Yeas: Mr. Abate, Mr. Jackson, Mr. I Watson, Mr. Moreno, Mr, Harless. I Nays: Mr. LaFlcur. Item No. 2 on the agenda—Public hearing on Ihe paving of the following streets: (1) Orchid Slreet from a point approximately 210 feet east of 5lh Avenue fo 7th Avenue. (2) Mill Street between Prater and Goos without sidewalks. There were no objections lo paving Orchid Street, and a motion was made bv Mr. Jackson, seconded by Mr. Lo- Fleur and unanimously carried to authorize a resolution ordering construction of paving Improvements on Orchid Street. The motion also authorized deletion of | the pavina, of Mill Slreet at this time ; due to some objection by the Cemetery Association because" of financial reasons. (The full resolution will be found below In these mlnulcs.) Hem No. A on the ooonda— Receive a petition lor Ihp regulating of parkinq : on Camollln Street. The petition was read i by Mr. Hood and a motion was made by Mr. Wcilson to refer it to Mayor Rob- 5 on the agenda—Prosenfa- i crts. Item No, i lion of ten (10) requests for re-zoning, . bv Mr. Strenk as follows: (I) Cose 12-64 Request to rezone from CYPRESS COVE opening SUNDAY-June 28 Beautiful private wooded waterfront 260' and larger in depth on BAYOU LIKE CHANNEL DOLAN Rea Estate 527-6369 (Salesmen on sue Sunday—noon 'til dark) _ j "C" commercial to "D" Industrial, properly commencing at NW comer of 10th : ond Common Streets, thence West 50', tnence North 100', thence East 50', thence South 100' 10 commencement (543-lOth St.) Mr. Strcnk presented a plat and stated that the plan was lor a machine shop to be located at the corner of 10th and Common Street. He also stated that since there Is ample space for Industrial businesses further out ol town, the Zoning Commission recommends denial of the request, Mr. Pierce, real estate salesman resenting Mr. King, owner of the property, spoke of odiacent businesses In tne some category os the one planned, stating that It Is for a mechanical repair shop. Mr. Watson spoke of Its being unfair to redossify from C to D such property in a residential orea. It was stated that LEGAL NOTICES A motion woj made by Mr. Jackson, seconded by Mr. Abate and unanimously carried to Introduce the ordinance. Consideration was (hen given to Case 17-44. Mrs. Marie L. Hebert, operator of the beauty shop a) the 1030 Pufo address urged the Council to permit her to continue, stating that several residents have said fhey do not object. Following a brief discussion, Mr. Harless asked 'that she be given the same privilege as others ond he made a motion seconded by Mr. Watson ond unanimously carried, to Introduce the ordinance. Hearing on all these zoning cases set (or June 3, 1964. (8) Case 16-64 Request to rezone from i A-l" Residential to "C" Commercial pro- LEGAL NOTICES ROM M-I Kcsioemiai 10 L, uommcrcia pro-: u.*T 14 perty commencing 363' South of SW cor- KJ c ?J sfl " proved. Reading of the minutes was also dispensed with. Item Nol 1 on fh« ogondo — Final fiction on \m ordinance, title of which Is as followst An Ordlndnce amending tha budget of expenditures for the fiscal year W3- 1964 to reflect o transfer from the Contingency, Reserve Fund to the Per- sonnet Department! amending Ordinance Not 1427 accordingly. The ordinance was read (n full by Mr. Hood, aftdr which a motion was made by Mr. HaVless and seconded by Mr. Watson, to adopt It as r»od. In dlscdsslon Mr. Harless stated that to the ncr of LaGrange and Patrick Streets, thence West 150', thence South 60', thence East 30', thence South 223', thence East 120' ihcnco North 303' to commencement. A plat was presented by Mr. Strenk In which certain changes In tho area had been made since the last application, Mr. Strenk slated that the Zoning Commission now recommends that the request be granted. Ah Ordinance was reod In full by Mr. Hood. Title Is os follows: An Ordinance amending portions of Ordinance No. 1161 providing tor dividing the Clly of Lol 161 pi ke O :horles, 'Louisiana, Into zoning districts, particularly changing the zone classification of certain oreas in the "A-l" Residential, classification to "C" cation. Commercial class! fl> A motion was made by Mr. Watson, seconded by Mr. Jackson ta Introduce the ordinance. (9) Case 20-64 Request to rezone from "D" Industrial to "C-2" Commercial property commencing at SW corner of Four, net Street ond North Enterprise Boulevard, thence South 50', thence West 180', thence North 50' thence East 180' lo commencement. (229 Enterprise Boulevard) Mr. Strenk presented a plat and stated (hot no recommendation Is being made by the Zoning Commission. An ordinance was then reod by Mr. Hood at Ihe request of Mr. Watson. Title Is os follows: An Ordinance amending portions of Or- dlnonce No. 1161 providing for dividing the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Into zoning districts particularly changing the ions classification of certain areas In tha "D" Light Industrial classification to "C-2" Commercial classification. A motion was made by Mr. Watson to Introduce the ordinance and there was unanimous approval. (10) Case 21-64 Request to rezone from "A-l" Residential to "C" Commercial, property commencing 200' North of NW corner Common Slrect ond Prien Lake Road, Ihcnce West 300.68', thence North 80', Ihcnce East 300.68', thence South 80' to commencement. A slight change In Ihe footaqe was noted by Mr. Slrenk and he staled that by nlni the Zoning Commission recommends that the request be granted. Al the request of Mr. Jackson, an ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood. Title Is as follows: An Ordinance amending portions of Ordinance No. 1161 providing for dividing the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Into zoning districts, particularly changing the zone classification of certain areas In the "A-l" Residential classification to "C" classification. A motion was then made by Mr. Jackson to Introduce the ordinance and the motion was unanimously approved. (Hearing data on all the above zoning cases was set for June 3rd, 1964). Item No. 6 on the agenda — Introduction of ordinances. At this time Mayor Roberts endeavored to explain Ihe Intention ot nn ordinance pertaining to parking on Camellia Street. Mr. Allan Nichols was present ond also discussed the matter of parking around LaCrango School. Mrs. Slanely was also present for discussion. Following a general discussion, President Moreno suggested that Mayor Roberts work with residents ond school officials, and Mr. Harless suggested that a Iwo-hour parking system be used to begin with as an experiment then try something else If that is not satisfactory. The residents present also favored a speed limit of 15 miles ond were told by Mayor Roberts that the trend Is toward 25 miles per hour in cities. Ordinances were as follows: (1) An Ordinance adding Section 12-768 to Chapter 12 of the Code of the City of Lake Charles, 1956, pertaining to the designation of two hour parking limit zones between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood, after which Mr. Watson made a motion that the ordinance be introduced, at the same time he also stated that he doesn't want to act hurriedly In view of possible objections ond dissatisfaction. President Moreno asked "Will this ordinance please the ma|orlty of the people?" and Mr. Watson made a motion to waive procedural requirements of the Charter, declare on emergency and adopt 8 opponents" aWnded the™ Zonin!TCo™ « hfle hord JS? ne r n i? day - T J 1s ™\ SK ° n ^ mission's meeting and hearing. Ex-Moyor ! <S* Y ™J- i? F l^ r ^..° , m ° t ' 0 JL w ?. ! ! ling ..... , _ _______ Price opposed It as spot zoning and said he represented 90% ot residents in the area. There was then a motion by Mr. Watson, seconded by Mr. Jackson, to accept the recommendation of the Zoning Commission ond deny the request Yeas: Mr. Abate, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Watson, Mr. LaFlcur, Mr. Harless, Mr. Moreno. Ncys: Mono. then made by Mr. Abate, seconded by Mr. Watson and unanimously carried to adopt the ordinance as read. (2) An Ordinance authorizing the Installation of an electric traffic signal device at the Intersection of Sale Road and Loke Street within the City of Lake Charles. The ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood alter which a motion was made to ,,. , introduce It — by Mr. Wotson. Following <«>» '«* Request to re-zone from | « ?^ f »]° n «'• * ats , 0 " c ,T° de ,° fo "C-2" Commercial, property commencing 1W South ol SW corner of Lake and Giovanni Streets, tnence West 170' ' L-3 Business Property COMMERCIAL PROPERTY for "sole bv o/>ner on Hlgnv,ay 171 between First National end George Theriot Grocer/ S!:Tf. Address 1009 Highway 171. Call ' H6 3-50Z5 after 430 p.m. Monday : trro-jqh Friday, cn,-time Saturday ana lunacy. L-5 Acreage FOR SALE one acre, two blocks eft US 171, near Mots B'uii bnage. Eii- 52') WEST OF VINTOtl: Acreaor on Hiqh-i wo,, 9j. HE* price, terms available. ' <34-y8iS, Loi.e Charles, Louisiana. ! " "SOUTH "SULPHUR" " Forty acre tract 1 to 5 acre tracts NORTH SULPHUR 1 to 5 acre tracts PALE RMO REAL ESTATE G't.ce JA 7«<3 Ni-;r,is, Wec-fcends JA 7-5577 L-7 Miscellaneous PALERMO does have it LOTS — Nothing down, <15 monthly ACREAGE — lO'r down HC.VES — On Assumption NE.V HOWES — Will consider vcur home as trco»-ln ond finance bolance. PALERMO REAL ESTATE rti:r e JA 74141 ;. r t 8. Sunday JA ;'-9577 ' A pint was presented by Mr. Strenk ond discussed briefly by the Council. Mr. Slrenk siatfd that no recommendation Is brmq made on Inis case, by the Ztninf] Commission. An ordinance was rcud by Mr. Hood. Title Is as follows: An Ordinance amending portions ol Ordinance No. 1141 providing for dividing the Cilv of Lake Charles. Louisiana. Into zoning districts particularly chang- i"q the zone classification of certain areas In the "C" classification to a •C-2" classification. A motion was made by Mr. Wotson, seconded by Mr. Jackson and unanimously carried to Introduce the ordinance, Hoarint] date was set for June 3rd. (3) Cose No. 14-64 Request to re-zone from '"A-i" Residential to "B" Apartment property ccmmencinq 400' East of NE corner ot Common and Gayle Streets, tnence North 300', thence East 200', thence South 300' thence West 200' to commencement (Boulevard Baptist Cnurch) . motion, seconded by Mr. LoFleur, to waive procedural requirements of the Charter, declare on emergency and adopt the ordinance as read. This was also un- 9" yield rlghl-of- ig to the replacement of certain stop slqns al various Intersections with way signs. A plat was presented by Mr. Strenk ond briefly, and he advised that discussed me , Commission recommends thot the request be granted, stating that it ii planned trial on uportmem unit will be piactd In the area for McNeese per' , sonnc'i. L-8 Real Estate Wanted THREE BEDROOM BRICK, V: or t/.o oct's in Cak Park Will buy equity and csiijfTie notes. 436-tSci. An ordinance was read in full by Mr. Hood. Tjrie is o& follows: , An Ordinance amending portions of Ordinance 116! proviaing for dividing (ne City cf Lake Charles, Louisiana Into zoning districts, particularly changing the zone classification of certain areas 11 the -A-l lr Residential classification to B ' apartment house classification. A motion was made by Mr. Jackson and seconded by Mr. Watsen to introduce the ordinance. There was unani- „ .,,„„„„ „„, ,,. c uu= mous approval, and the dole for hearing ' less and seconded by Mr. " e ,,!-_. ur !> , 3 . r3 A olio . . ; f'nol adoption. (Mr. Jacksot This ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood afler which a motion was made by Mr. Jackson to Introduce It, There was unanimous approval of introduction. (4) An Ordinance amending Section 12-74 of Chapter 12 of the Code of the Clly of Lake Charles, 1956, by repealing ond deleting therefrom the prohibition against parking on the South side of Gill Street from Front Street to Ryan Street. The ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood, after which a motion was made by Mr. Watson to Introduce II. There was unanimous approval ot Introduction, (5) An Ordinance ordering and calling an election to be held In the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, submlttlnc lo the auolllled electors within the Ci ty of Lake Charles, a proposition to repeal the Home Rule Charter and organizing the City under Part II ot Chapter 2 of Tine 33 of the Revised Statutes effective July 1, 19S6. The ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood alter which Mr. LaFleur made a motion for Its Introduction. (Mr. LaFleur later Insisted that he moved that the ordinance be adopted as read.) if was explained, however that Charter require' mcnts apply to this ordinance as to oth ers, and that the ordinance must first be Introduced. Mr. Watson asked "Is this for a 3-man form of government?" and the answer was "Yes." Mr. Harless then made a motion that procedural requirements be waived and the ordinance be placed on the agenda for action lo be taken. This motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson and there was unanimous approval of the motion to waive Ihe procedural requirements, etc. A motion was then mode by Mr. Harand seconded by Mr. Jackson for adoption. (Mr. Jackson Immediately ... c f ,' .L , iiiiui uuufjiiun. uim. juunsun iriuneuiuieiy • .i o y 4 Re£ l ue5t to re-zone from made this statement, howovc-r; and he r r/L.... ';' dcn '' 0 ' '° ,'JC/' Commercial explained that he would vote NO on the ed, that It Is provided for in the public work Charter. He feels that the voting wants a Personnel Director and his , with fhe Charter Commission recently, has made' him realize more than before, the Importance of such an appolnfmcnt. He later also stated thai If the money Is transferred" as provided for In fhe ordinance It con be placed back Inlo the bud- gel If II Is not used for the specific lob lor which It will be transferred. Mr. Wdfson favored adoption of the ordinance, staling that the position re- requires b qualified person tamlllar with knowledge of |ob classification, etc., and that the city employees arc entitled to propoj- classifications. He also maintained that the sum designated In the ordinance cannot bo used for ony other purpose ond lhat such action would be an advahtage to Ihe Mayor In Interviewing; persons for the job. He slated thot he very much wonts to see o waoe scale arid |ob classification scheduled ond established during the term of the present administration. Mayor Roberts, going along with Mr. Watson's feelings, slated that the amount of $4,W4 ! .00 Is based on one-third of the total yearly amount, and ho recommended advertising for applications, pointing out some of the requirements he would ask for. He also emphasized that only qualified persons would be considered and that the Council would necessarily approve the appointment. The Mayor said he doubted that fhe sum of $4,000 would be needtd, since the earliest starting dale of payhtenf would be July 1st. President Moreno voiced opposition to tha appointment of a Personnel Director particularly at this time, staling that one would not havo sufficient time to set up schedules during the time left In tho fiscal year and that In his opinion, the Council would be voting on a full salary of over $13,000 Instead of $4,434.00. He reminded the members of previous salary increases which he felt were not In line and stated that he feels the budqet will be overspent In any case. He slated further that all businesses now hove access to wage scales, |ob classification information, etc., he thinks the City should bo able, with such resources ot hand, to work out Its own schedules without too much trouble. President Moreno referred to a former employee, Alex McDonald who had worked on the |ob eight months ond did not accomplish It. Mr. Jackson asked whether or not o qualified person could be chosen within three months lime, and Mr. Watson sold that the money could not be spent until )he Council fully approves the person to be chosen. Mr. taFleur Insisted that the City has never had a Personnel Director, and that even (hough tho Charter requires the appointment. Mayor Roberts has violated the Charier In other ways. He stated thdf with a salary of $12,000, the Mayor and Mr. Battagllnl, with a salary of $9,000 together, should be oble to work out a lob classification schedule. He also spoke of the absence from their offices of these two gentlemen and said they v/ere not In their offices over 50 per cent of the time. The vole on adoption of the ordinance was as follows: Yeas: Mr. Harless, Mr. Watson. Nayv. Mr. Abate, Mr. Jackson, Mr. LaFleur, President Moreno. Item No. 2 on the agenda — Final oc- tlon on an ordinance, t'itle of which is as follows: An Ordinance pertaining to the replacement of certain stop signs ot various street Intersections with yleld-of-rlght of way signs. The ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood, after which a motion was made by Mr. Jackson, seconded by Mr. Harless and unanimously carried to adopt It. Yeas: Mr. Abate, Mr. Jackson, Mr. LaFleur, Mr. Watson, Mr. Harless, Mr. Moreno, president Nays: None. Item No. 3 on the agenda — Final octlorl on an ordinance title of which Is as follows: An Ordinance amending Section 12-74 of Chapter 12 of the Code of the City of Lake Charles, 1956, by repealing and deleting therefrom the prohibiting against parking an fhe south side of Gill Street from Front Street to Ryan Slreet. Tho ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood, after which a motion was made by Mr. Watson and seconded by Mr. LaFleur, to adopt It os read. A letter from Oliver Stockwell to Mayor Roberts wos read by "he Mayor and Mr. Jackson osked If the Police Jury had been contacted on this deletion, stating that he would recommend holding the ordinance for lurther study and contact with the Jury. In the brief discussion, Mr. Jessen, City Engineer, slated that he knows that Ihe Jury Is con- cerncd with the width of the street, and then a motion wos made by Mr, Jackson and seconded by Mr. LaFleur to table the action for ths present. All were In favor of ttiis motion. Item No. 4 on the agenda — Final action on Paving Resolution No. 11-64, Project 1964-d/J. The resolution was read In full by Mr. Hood after which a motion was made by Mr. Jackson seconded by Mr. Abate and unanimously carried, to adopt It. (See full proceedings In these minutes below.) Referring to fhe paving of Orchid Street In ihe above project, Mr. Watson asked Mr. Jessen fhe status pertaining to cost, etc., of paving only one street ond was told that the sole ov/ncr prefers to pay the entire cost rather than wait further for other streets to be added LEGAL NOTICES The ordinance wos reod In full by Mr. Hood alter which there was o motion made by Mr. Jacfcjon, seconded by Mr. Harless and carried, to Introduce It. (3) An Ordinance to amend ond reor- doin Section 12-54 of Chapter 12 of fhe Loke Charles City Code of 1954 per- foinlns fo left turns at certain designated street Intersections within the Clly of Lake Charles. The ordinance was read In full by Mr. Hood, after which a discussion followed, pertaining to the left hand turns off Prlen Lake Road at Common, Klrkman and Louisiana Streets and Enterprise Boulevard. It wos considered by seveMl members as perhaps unwise In view rjf the alternate streets some of which ore dead- end and have other disadvantages. Mr. Abate stated that there are only two streets that could be turned Into. Mr. Watson agreed with Mr. Abate that more study Is necessary, Mayor Roberts volunteered to check more thoroughly ond the ordinance was Introduced with the understanding that final action would not be token until a thorough check Is made. Item No. 9 on the agenda — Committee reports. Mr. Jessen reported for Mr. LaFleur that he hopes lo have something on plons for Ihe overpass In 30 days or so. Mr. Abolo asked the Mayor about the traffic signal light authorized for the Intersection of Sale ond Lake Streets. He replied that the Installment will probably be completed In two weeks. Mr. Harless, Chairman of the Charter Committee, announced that the Charter Committee will hold an Informal meeting or hearing Thursday, the 28th ol May of 7:30 In the Council room. He stated that the (Committee Invites Ideas and those present will be welcome to give their views at that time. Mr. Watson stated fhof he wishes fo offer some suggestions and will arrange lo meet with the Committee at that time. President Moreno reviewed the various cards denoting the committees on which Councllmcn have been serving and eliminated the name of A. J. Lyons who resigned as of May 1st, 1964. Mr. Lyons was replaced on the Bus committee by Mr. Watson. Mr. Abate ond Mr. LoFleur were left the two committee members on the Commercial Garbage Committee. Mr. Abate stated that a report on this would be presented later. Mr. Lyons' name wos olso removed from the Housing Committee. Fred Selby, representing the bui company, asked that the committee meet per- sonolly with Mr. Stanly McNulty, President of the company In the near future, ond this wos agreed upon. He said he would personally make arrangements. Item No. 10 on the agenda — Mayor's reports ond messages to the Council. Mayor Roberts gave his report by reading a statement on Bill No. 312 Introduced by Representative Lyons ond Hogan to the legislature last week. He pointed out that the recommendations In the bill for Fire department employees as compared with other city employees, as to holidays, etc., and the 2% salary ncrease which Is received annually for longevity, which no other city employee receives. Mayor Roberts Insisted that o Personnel Director, If hired when he first asked tor one, would no doubt have averted the present situation, and he says the city does not have funds to meet the provisions of Bill No. 312 If passed. He referred to the molter os vicious legislation, ond fo the fact that Mr. Lyons, former Councilman, opposed Ihe safes tax ond Sanitation service fee. Mr. LoFleur then addressed Moyor Roberts saying "When you ore speaking of Tubby Lyons and fhe Sales fax you are walking on my toes. Wo hod 25,000 voters ond you hod less tnon 4,000 on your side and the reason was that you refused to ear-mark the money." The Council then adjourned. (s) ARTHUR M, MORENO, Klansman Doubts Disappearance Altest: FLORENCE N. MOORE, Clerk of the Council. Juno 27 President. -It. PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (AP) —The Imperial Wizard of the United Knights of the Ku KIux Klan said Friday the disappearance of three civil rights workers in Neshoba County, was a "hoax intended to raise more money for the civil rights movement." Robert Shelton Jr., of Tuscaloosa, Ala., who arrived at this tense scene Thursday night, said his purpose in visiting Philadelphia was not to add to the violence or tension, but merely to make a quiet investigation of his own. "These things follow a pattern," Shelton, a thin, 35-year- old salesman, said. "This is the same story that we had in Birmingham and in Albany, Ga. "These people (integration- ists) like to dramatize situations in order to milk the public of more money for their causes. They hope to raise $250,000 for their campaign in Mississippi and I understand that these funds are slow coming in. "So they create a hoax like this, put weeping mothers and wives on national television and try to touch the hearts of the nation. Their whole purpose is just to get more money." Shelton said he planned no KKK demonstrations or acts during his current 24-hour visit, but would confer with members of the Klan in this area, "They will continue the investigation," he said. "We are convinced that these three young men who are missing, will turn up somewhere else and the whole plot will be exposed." Three civil rights workers- Mickey Schwerner and Andy Goodman, both of New York City, and James Chaney, a Meridian, Miss., Negro, disappeared here Sunday shortly after being arrested on a speeding LBJ Opens Foray Info Two States charge. Their burned station wagon was found in a swamp 13 miles northeast of this county seat but no trace of the young men themselves has been uncovered. The government ordered 100 sailors into the area to beat the snake-infested swamps foot by foot. The government's action drew a sharp blast from the Klan's Imperial Wizard. "The civil rights people and President Johnson are castigating the good people of Philadelphia," he said. "If they wanted to do something decent for America, why don't they go after the Communists who are known to be infiltrating the civil rights movement. "Also, why don't they send sailors and Marines or federal troops into New York where white people are being killed on the streets and intimidated on subways by knife-wielding Negroes." Shelton said he had no concrete evidence at the moment that the civil rights trio was still alive. But, he said everything pointed in that direction.. "If anyone was so clever that he could hide the bodies of three men, why would he leave an automobile where it could be easily spotted?" he asked. The Imperial Wizard said he plans to return to Tuscaloosa tonight where a giant KKK rally is scheduled in the Fair Grounds Saturday. to 1he prolect. Item prol No. 5 on the agenda — Notice of L-6 Colored Property ~""MOSS~BLUFF Lots — 50x150' $600-$800 Terms LAKE CHARLES LUMBER CO. HO'JiE AND LOT: Bjy i;V-t rent. 530 pc-r montri lio. oo<,-n payment, no cosing cost. Lumberman's Supply cotn;,ai/, 306 Goss Strttt. HE 5-4422. ; *:-9 NORTH Di'/lSOM: Three bedrooms, iiv.r.g room, dining room, kitchen, t«o porches Corner 1st. Owner will finance. OR 1-tU.I. SE/ERAL NICE oli brick TWO and tnrte bedroom riti-jses !/OC t-.ocK of <5th Averse f i~{J) k;o-K o* vrr, arid Legion It. Srr.-j.'i dovtn pa t -mer.f. income of liSO per month to CQ'- J N Fo33, 433-M2' l.'E.VLf REDECORATED tmo btoroom noui.e on po.t-d corner lot, witn com- pitie batn. S1CO OCrtn, t45 rnor.'tii/. I 4V., 7872. _^ REDUCED To «* montnly. Will drionce. ' Tvo ttdrooms off Optlousas. Wood I ReaMy, 423-7415. j L-7 Miscellaneous i OME FURNISHED cir conditioned earns on v.t-it For* Oitr J6500 V;.il finance <i?-i9S3 or 4231:21. Johnny Brown. ONLY IJ'jliu per f;>jni )t,ol for homes ttiii rtor HE 42/&V FUPNISKED CAMP al Dorms "Ferry. W/S GS7-OK/*. ON CALCASIEU RIVER:""Modern' or,e bedro&m r.omt on M IGO'xW. Fi«e n-.,nute» from Kvun. Has trailt-r toot. »li,(XX!. 2)fl FlUtnrc-lttr Road. 439-4039 or I om applying tor ci'.'rnc-nc/. ROOER. JONES June 22^- Jul/ 2 -2t. I om cppl/ir.-j for Ht-nency. JOHNtilE. MAHINO. June 23-27, Jul/ 2. -31 LAKE CHARLES CITY COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS MT/ 6. 1%4 Tne Ci!/ Coori'it met v,i'n Oil /i-'C-rn- Ij'-ri present (/.'.r. A J. Lyons resigned tfftciwe Ma/ 1, T/64) invocation wai Si/en by Mo/or Rooerb, aiic-r whir.n previous minuic-s were approved en tnt ; motion ot //r. Hariess, seconded b/ 1 Mr Watson. Rcodinf; of thc- [ .e rr.inuti.-s was also dispensed v.-liri tn me motion. Item f.'c I en (he agenda—ftecu/c bids on tne leasing of ten (10) police C'JfS E.ds were ope'-c-d and reod by Mr Hood, Cit/ Attorne/, ot tne request of President Moreno. The-/ were as follows: (!) Cugle Chevrolet, Inc Leasing ten (10) car-, per momn, J1.U7.W; total per veer. 5:5.770.00. itcte loiei to* 1'--., at- li/tr/ in Ki a-j/s. (^) Ed TG'J^?/ : C!, \n r (Fcrd> teasing ten (10) r,an ptr month. sl.MOGG; to- lol p'-r y.-cr. '.r/oetif/.; yatt so!c-i tax, 1381.60; deii.ery in 30 do/^. (J) Hooper-Doacie: ten (10) cars per rnwrfh, S1.5J4.10; total ptr yior. J1V,I».M; wles \at, $457.80; delivery 20 to i5 du/i. Foliortiny the readir^ cf b'ds, a motion wos mode by Mr. Jocivon end st-c- orided b/ Mr Horieis to receive the bids arta reft-r them to a committee composed of Msyor Roberts, Mr. Jeisen ana Mr. Batlasllnl for study orid acctolance 'lot was presented by Mr. Strenk, and he sola the Zoning Commission rec- i ornmcnds mat the request be granted. Trere was a brief discussion after which Mr. Hood read on ordinance In full. Title ot the ordinance !•» as follows: An Ordinance amending portions of Or- td that this docs not flive a choice of government cither the present type or o 'j-man government, and lhat he must vote against the ordinance. Mr. Abate stated that he thinks the ordinance is premature. President Moreno staled he would vole against the ordinance. Mr. Harless spoke of the effect such air.or.ce No. 1161 providing lor dividing the City of Loke Charles, Louisiana, in-. , „. , v « » H ^« „, ,„. ..,^, ,,„>.„ 0 districts, portiruiarly chariq. action would have upon fhe itudy which nr?n. •„ . e .flossificotion of certain tr.e newly appolnled Charter Commission 1 -nii'r,n J .. r » r ' "'' al clQ5 '-'-iis making on the present charter ond i,, onnn , r , r Commercial clasufi- | possible amendments and felt that It ,5 . "w woj mode b, Mr. Abate, sec- i cil to 1aKe such octlon ^H L i J , ackio " ond unanimously ; On Mr. Horless's motl i would not be considerate of the Coun- motion the vote was it, r ° w'r? 4 ^ 6 thc ordinance. las follows: (;) Law^ 16-64 Request to re-ione from! Yeas: Mr. LaFleur. - rial to C-/" Commercial pro- , Nays; Mr. Abate, Mr. Jackson, • n • i pert/ commencing liO' Soutn of SE cor- j Watson! /, if-f- «e Street ond Goos Blvd., thence (5) An Or !",c, E ?'' tj lnc ,? ce ,, 5( L, Sc ' uth ' thence >"' expenditi 11 n •/ mcnce North 50' fo commencement 1764 lo i Mr. im /" e ."V na l' J °r Souln ,. 0 ! s ? cor-1 V/atson! Mr.' Harless, A/f. Moreno! i Ordinance amending the budget ot mditures for th« fiscal year 1963- lo reflect a transfer from the Contingency Reserve Fund to the Personnel (llU'/j) A plat was presented by Mr. Strenk ond he explained (not the Zoning Commission is making no recommendation in tiiis cose. He stated tnat there had Been no opposition and a motion wos I?Acp''SSanS'lsrdr?,^ ' W! ^~ OPBreV °' Department; amending Ordinance No. 1472 accordingly. The ordinance was read in full by Mr. Hood, after which a motion wos made b/ Mr. Harless and seconded by Mr. Abate, to introduce It. There was un- Introductlon. to zoning districts, particularly chano mg me lone classification of certain areas in the "D ' industrial clav.iflca- chang- views of the present Council ond olherj , well. Mr. Hariosi also reported on Ihe ' r .*« /-««,—! , i i -•-•-"••-•«- mr. nur itai giro reporieu on me ftians commercial classification, on the beach reaardina fhe confamlna- (t) Case 17-M Re-quest to rezone from t Ion of water He sold Ihe old tlans are B ' AparJmt-ni to "C" Commercial pro- ! being replaced wl" new ones and ex" ° ' WE A CAMP, itufl< on lot M>202'. ice fxix ond slove furnished. By Wilp catial. Constance Satoi vision, Hackbtrry. 434 BUI!JJ1.N-(JS J-'OK SM.K fc • ,0 '•<: -fc/j* t rcorr.-t; Ifirt* Ht< Ittm •>• '• '.-'•>• utio ruL.rrf-tfc. Three tjuthi * - .^ -'iL'-e -j'.d v.-rfed /df-ai tar carnp or .-'-.Clft-'.r.- V- ; A l.fO'ly r.i;^ tin UwiifllOG, !••• t ic ^t iM. < .MA. GRAJIAM unar.irrioui approval of thi'. motion, with Mr /-witc- rtcu'-irig hirr>-,elf. Yeos Mr. Jackson, Iff. LaF.i-ur, Mr Wotion. Mr Harli-ss. tlr Morii.o IJ'J/i' None,, IJr At,o|r.- O-.'t to l/r J'-'.v.n i C'. .'13 I'jlc- gt tr.r- rntt-tirig. Item r.c, '/ trid 1.'^ 3 v.cre iritc-r f rionyed in order to prt-^e'it tr.e c,jv- lr,g prOitcf. hern fjo 3 on me a'jcnau—fustic t,'cr- ir.j ond (mat action on an ord.ri'jn«, ti- tie ot whicn Is oi loiiowi. An Ordinance quthori/ir.'j tne execution ot a ioini iirvicts o^reer^ent U-t*ten trie City of Lake Cfiarlei and V.aro Tnrte Fire Protection Oi'.triM, CoiTj- litu Pornh, within Word Tr.rbe M Coi- r.o-.itu Parish. Trie ordinar.r.e was n,-od In 1-jit by If.r to 1r.e t,rdirior,'.(.. ; v,9.s then considered.) ' ••$ ^ifri 1 *"^ R . tqu 5?! ,'S f ^ on S from ln written form "ng"v'«"bwn given lo e /.portmtnt 10 "A-J" Rw.deniiat, Council mtmbers befor« Ihe mcellna. The Mayor Roberts reported that ilalemtrrli (-• o tun g.n i Eat?. ^u^^^Va 0 "^? COlH1Cli ^~°*™™i Vriei on thc v;est and the "6" lone L-outiflar/ on the- South, X0' south of Ins -'reel lOid Garden Di'.lrict) /. plot wos pr.>M*ttfcd by Mr, Slrtne *r.o Haled ttiol It.e Zoning Cotnrniiiion Intention to Pave, as follows: The construction ol Portland cement pavement to a width of 25 feet, together with Integral curb and gutter and without sidewalks on West LoGronge Street, to a point 660 feet west of Late Street. The resolution was read In full by Mr, Hoftd, ofler which o motion was made by Mr. Jackson and seconded by Mr. Abflte to adopt the resolution. There was unanimous approval of the motion as tollows: Yeas: Mr. Abate, Mr. Jackson, Mr. LaFleur, Mr. Watson, Mr. Harless, Mr. Moreno. Mays: None (The resolution In full will be found below In these minutes.) Hem No. 6 on the agenda — Resolution filling the vacancy on the Board of Commissioners of the First Sewerage District. The following resolution was read In full by Mr. Hood. RESOLUTION NO. 13-64 A" Resolution appointing J. C. Barman fo fhe Board of Commissioners of the First Sewerage District. V/hereas, a vacancy exists on the Board of Sewerage Commissioners for thf First Sewerage District ot the City of Lake Charles, due to the resignation of Walter Goos from the Board, and Whereas, Mr. Goos had been oppolnt- eq for a term of four years commencing January 1, 1963, ond until his successor should be appointed: Now, therefore, be if resolved by the City Council of the City ol Lake Charles, tnrina thp Louisiana, In reaular session convened, ° that: Section 1. J. C. Barman I] hereby op- pqintcd as a Commissioner to serve on (tie Board of Sewerage Commissioners for the First Sewerage District ol the City of Lake Charles, for the unexplred lerm trj office of Waller Goos. Passed and Adopted at Lake Charles, Louisiana, on this 20th day of May, 1964. (s) ARTHUR M. MORENO. President of the Council. Attest: FLORENCE N. MOORE, Clerk of the Council. There was a brief discussion in which President Moreno stated that Ihe vacancy followed the election ol Waller Goo: fo tne Police Jury and that Billy ffrimm has secured regular employment. A motion wos then made by Mr. Wot- spn and seconded by Mr. Jackson to <|dopt the resolution as read. There was ijnanimous approval of the motion. Hem No. 7 on the agenda — Discussion tyf the replacement of parking meters. Mayor Roberts read and discussed B statement of Ihe parking meter sltuo- 'lon, beginning May 1962 and said the uty owns approximately 700 meters al he present time. He also staled that there s to be o price Increase of 10% on June 5th, ond that he, Mr. Burch, Director of Finance and Roy Guillory, meter repair- mon are recommending the replacement of 200 to 22i meters on a monthly leoie basis which would be covered by revenue produced. The cost, he said. would be S5/.50 per unit less 49.00 trade. in. a total ef »l 1,000.00. The Mayor sold that on the basis ol past experience, they unqualifiedly recommend purchaw of Ihs Duncan Park- Ing meters. A brief discussion followed In which Mr. Harless suggested a possible change ,of the parking meter system, however he was advised by Mayor Roberts that the present system brings In an estimated Income of 139,000 and President Moreno reminded him that there are com- mittments already made on whatever revenues ore colic-clod from the meters I ' no«. Mr. Jackson then made o motion, ser ended by Mr. LaFleur that the Council outhorl/e the Mayor to Issue o purchase order for 225 parking meters, to Duncon Parking Meter Company. There woi unanimous approval ot this motion. Item No. 8 on the agenda — Introduction of ordinances. (1) An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor ol the Clt/ ----a contract DETROIT (AP) - President Johnson combined the roles of money-raiser and money-saver Friday as he flew to Detroit to begin a three-day foray into Michigan and Minnesota. Johnson, who is addressing two Democratic fund-raising dinners during the trip, saved the party money, too, by taking an economy flight from Washington. The President flew to Metropolitan Airport in a 10-passenger Air Force Jetstar transport instead of his regular Boeing 707. The Democrats, who are paying the freight for the political trip, will be billed considerably less for the smaller plane than would have been the case had Johnson used the 45-passenger 707. The President's major mission in Detroit was an appearance at a Democratic ?100-a- plate dinner in a big convention center, Cobo Hall. In his text prepared for the dinner, Johnson jibed at the noisy struggle for the Republican presidential nomination. "It is, perhaps, typical of some others that their major issue in this year of change and and crisis, of great hazard and emerging hope, is who is going to stop what," he said. This was an obvious reference to the efforts of some Republicans to stop Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona from cap- "I have no opinion about the outcome of that battle," Johnson said. He added that he could . ARTHUR M. MORENO. President. FLORENCE N MOOPF Clirk of Iht Council. .. permU Ralph Ward lo operate a concession ttand on the North Booed areg ol Lake Charles, Louisiana, through December 31. IMS. The ordinance WQJ read In full by Mr. < Hood, utter which a motion was made OH' 0,31 S1< ii\f it.y ir.t O! , t'.t O'd-n-jli'V. P/t-'.*a. rit Mv.•.'. then ri-j-J ihe tit.t ol thc orOiMuri'.i' ut.d Mr h'jvS <tod Kit <jS'tfr<trir in (oil I? v.v. t-.ttoi-sr.Ld mat tntiu- «ho will t,v wo_i3 o*- oni, p«-ry>rii living inside Inc f-.-rf ft:.:, i.ofi Dilfrict (it Ward Tnri, lit- ju i->o'i poimtd BUI trial it u in-. ,-" oiui'ianoc- was read In lull L/ Mr. ivvd niit ij oi follow. Qi'i'jrK.t' Uo. Hit providing lor dividing K>t City of Lur.e Charles, LoulMatio into zoning diitna;, pcrticulariy changiog tin- .'one (.laiMticui.on of certain crcas I" Ire ' B" Apgrtment zone lo "A-l" ' ' classification. t./ Mr. Harlets and seconded by Mr. Jack 50. 1VM son lo introduce It. (A motion to waive i Tne Citv Council tnel in regular si-s . procedural requirements by Mr, Jackson •. anv the this date with all members prev wui Immediately withdrawn). i .' '' , State Solons Vote Against Excise Bill WASHINGTON (AP) - The 48-38 roll call vote by which the Senate Thursday adopted an amendment to the excise tax extension bill to repeal the ten per cent retail tax on furs, jewelry, luggage and cosmetics included: Democrats for the amendment: Mississippi— Stennis. Democrats against the amendment: Louisiana— EUender and Long. Bid to Increase Beauty License Fees Is Approved BATON ROUGE (AP) - The Senate by a 22-14 vote has passed a bill which will raise license fees for beauty operators from $2 to $5. The bill also provides an increase in salaries of the contro- u.,.,,.,4 OUdfd fh, \mi- enl, Mr. Hood. City Attorney and Mr t-nt* Invocation was given b/ Mayor Roberta, cfter which o motion was made by Mr Harte-,!. seconded by Mr. Wotion cii.d unanlrnoutl/ r.grrl»4 whereby minutes, ol a mfecllng held on Muy iu\ were ap! of heaw vu Jn-avy An Ordinance an expendilurfts for the to reflect transfers from ihe Contingency Reserve Fund to the Public Works Department Administrative Cc porlmwit and Sanitation Department, and amending Ordinance No. 1427 accordingly. . i , the budo't ct ifism for its excessive expense accounts in recent yews. The measure would bike the salaries from $3,600 a year to $4,800. say that "no one is going to stop the great forward march we began four years ago"—the year the Democrats recaptured the presidency. "You are not going to let them," he said, "the American people are not going to let them, And, as long as I am President of the United States, so help me God, I am not going to let them." The chief executive devoted much of his text to outlining what he termed "our policy for prosperity." Saying "we have barely begun our drive towards prosperity," Johnson added, "Men of little vision and small vitality have always underestimated the American potential for progress." He said if Americans work together "in a policy of prosperity, \ve can build an America where every man can meet his desires for decent life, where no man lacks the dignity of labor." Johnson was spending the night in Detroit and will fly to Minneapolis on Saturday to address another party dinner there. Then, on Sunday, he will make an appearance at Swedish Day festivities in Minneapolis' Minnehaha Park before returning to Washington. Depletion Tax Plank Sough! By Governors BILLINGS, Mont. (AP)-The Democratic and Republican parties have been asked by the governors of five oil states to adopt national platforms that would include at least indirect endorsement of the petroleum industry's controversial 27V4 per cent depletion tax allowance. A resolution signed by the governors asked that current federal tax provisions be continued and that party platforms recognize a need for sound national policies to encourage full defelopment of the nation's petroleum resources. Gov. Jack M. Campbell, D- N.M., said the governors of 28 other states which are members of the Interstate Oil Compact Commission also will be asked to sign the resolution. The document was not part of the official proceedings of the 33-state commission's mid-year meeting but it was drafted and signed during the final session of the three-day meeting. Signing ihe resolution with Campbell, the compact chairman, were Govs. Matthew E. Welsh, D-Ini, Clifford P. Hansen, B-Wyo., Tira Babcock, R- Mont., and Henry L. Bellman, R-Okla. Vice President Richard Nixon endorsed oil's 27% per cent allowance in the 1960 presidential campaign. The late President John F. Kennedy called for an over-all study ol depletion allowances. Pef Puppy Is 'Moiled' \ By Actress HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Gale Gilmore isn't sure how it happened. She walked up lo a Sunset Strip mailbox recently with a package to mail in one hand and her black and white mongrel puppy, Snipper, in the other. "I got confused," she said. And she mailed the dog. Gale, 21, blonde, and an actress, called the dog and cried. Someone else called the newspapers. A passerby called the post office. "The postal authorities came" Miss Gilmore explained later. "A man in a uniform with a key. He opened the box, and there was Snipper, right down in the bottom. Some lady had dropped a letter on his head." Snipper emerged without so much as a postmark, and Miss Gilmore got nothing more than a hard look from the postal authorities. "If this was a Hollywood publicity stunt," said one, "it's the first time in Hollywood history that anyone has mailed a dog." Classified Advertising "The People's Market Place" It's So Easy to Place Your • American Press Want Ad Just Phone HE 9-2781 Our experienced ad writers will be at your service. QUICK ACTION LOW COST Here is how you can uso AMERICAN PRESS ; WANT ADS THIS AD CONTAINS the minimum 1$ words. Ads fhlj site or* opproxlmot*. ly three agate lines. Minimum 15 words Be sure to order your ad on the economical seven-day rate with cancellation privileges. In case of error — advertiser must make corrections before second insertion. Our publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any advertising. 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