The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1932
Page 3
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TUESDA Y.SEPTEai BER 20, 1932 "Seven Men o f Preston" Founded Prohibtioii Move 100 Years Ago. BY SIH.TON BRONXKK turojifan Manager, NKA Service LONDON.—Did 5-011 ever hear c f "The Seven -Men of Preston." \\-\a lived a hundred years ago? The chances are tlmt few Americans ever did. bin the fact remains thai the movement they stalled in 1832 has loached across tlie span of a century to provide one of I he biggest issues in the united Elates' 1932 presidential race. For these "Seven Men of Preston" uerc the line founders ol the prohibition movement as it exists today. They drew up and .si«n;el <l'.e lirst pledge to abstain from • mtonicaliug drink. They were English. tlie-:c "Sevan Men ol Preston," anil soon prohibition delegations from all over tli; world uill gather in England to do honor lo their memory. There will he a pilgrimage to the little to™ ol Preston wncre they lived, and on-Oct. 22 the centenary celebration will come to a close with a (hanksgiving service In Westminster Abbey with the bishop of Norwich preaching. I'ledjte tu Abstain fnr World of Tomorrow Back in 1832 Britain was a drin!;- fodccii country, one Joseph Livesey—leathery faced, elderly carpon- ter of tlie lillle town of Preston— ixmdcred this. He came to the conclusion that the way to quit alcohol was to ntiit, so after much fumbling wiih his big carpenter 1 .* IKiieil he finally produced the following: "In order that I may be at rny best and give of my best in .bHilifirjL; tlie World of Tomorrow. I sign this pledge—to abstain from all liquors of intoxicating quality." Joseph Livesey signed tilts pledge and gol six of his fellow workmen to sign it, too. They were John Gratlx, Edward Dickinson. John Brc-adbclt, John Sinilh. David Anderton and John King. So far as is known this was thc first lime In history a [ o!a l abstinence pledge had been si»n-d and adhered to by any one group They got others to sign it and the f movement grew. '.Out of thc action of these seven • mrn arose the prohibition movo-' rr.eut which now has spread </.ru- out the world, meeting with varying success in various countries Britain Notts Decrease In Use of Intoxicants. -A unique feature of the centenary celebration, promoted by the National Temperance League is the Issuance of millions of small cards bearing a facsimile of the original pledge taken by the "Seven Men of i^-on. 11 Many men prominent in British public life will sign these first and then the public will be asked to cio so. ^Singularly enough absolute prohibition k not. a law of tlie land Hi England, where the movement started, or in any other European country, (houfrli it crossed the ocean to the United States and became implanted in the constitution there inousli many nations of Europe have enacted laws regulating and controlling sci !e O f intoxicants it is still possible to buy liquor legally Anywhere in Europe. Finland did have prohibition for .a period of yeais. but it abandoned this plan not long ago in favor of government control of (he industry .Bm. prohibition or no prohibition, the us? 01 intoxicants is decreasing m Britain. Consumption of Absolute alcohol fell 48 per cent [ f-jom 1513 to 1930. despite „, i,, V "case in me population. Striii-cnt sovcrnmct,; laws .have reduced by almost half the hours during which :quor ran be .soM. Thc price has wen more than trebled and (.he Eowiiimcm reaps thc benent thru "icrra.sed taxation. A survey ol Europe shows thai en though ahwltitc prohibiiion <'»rs not no -,v exist in any county on the continent, nevertheless ••<; n ,.,," mvement started bv the Men of ft,,:, '"'• m many cases. bornu any cases. Thrl , R " P Avenue ™«Sh ,. iquor Contro b ™' Gcrmauy. BM o >>"»'* the sale of •he him ' lcm Per»ncc cam- V - V t " Mi ° ;1 ° [ "* of " dri "- * 1 "* ^ many pr °" dry ™< <>< ?-^ I- fell M "«°»nl- aud « Soviet Russia forbids youths un Sale of Vodka is regulated " ' A Temperance Map of Europe "'••• r- """ POLAND :IU'SSIA I'artly dry mm RECEIPTS lle Leads Slalt- by 'Vi'lc iVlatgut in Coin- press Reporl. The !-'n!fral C'ulllplrs.: and WIIIT- ioii-i- vuiiiiiiiiiVs Illythrvilli- ]ihni 'cl/::;i:«| l;:..i v .iu-k |. li-ad <ill ifc.insjs vouijiu'W jiolnls in cot- IH.Iiiin baHs, 'i kly iviiorl ii '1'radc I'.s- prohibition has foiiml !!s greatest field in the Uniti-l Elates, a number of coiuuno., in fcutoiw—wii-ic the moveinnn be-an ICO years ago-hare ndop'.eti conliol or laws of a regulatory nature, as shown on t!:o above map. At left is Joseph l.uv.w Irader of "The Seven Men of I'.'c.ston," who circulated the first t.r.-'il abstinence pledge in 18:i2 and to vriiosi; birthplace ishown in ina->i a pilgrimage will be mnde by liurld prohibition leaders meahvr ni Englanil this year. 17 III RIO FOR CContlnucd from Hage onel nn a charge of reckless driving. The court also ordered his driving license revoked for six months, demons gave notice of np- al. Dr. H. D. Robinson of Leacli- ville was fined live dollars on charge of breach of thc peace. Shcp Bunch, county farm officer, was fined five dollars on a charge of disturbing the peace as was R. M. Thompson. Thc case against Bunch had no con- ncctlon with his official dm ICE. . iinderslandir." he would desist Irom R. M. Wocdham was lined ssoltln- i:r:ictii-i on n charge of disturbing p'.ibUc. , L -.. u [:l worship. Jack Womack was fined S10 for IK-tit larceny as was William Lee, List icasim. Arkunvt.s «i:n- tc:tiil<-d i'i8.u:i:i i MMI-OII'S lulal of >.:iini' ui'i'k liibl fn- i|ils vvciT ll.:mu li.ilts. far i':. l-lal elf 1-1.4-1:1. K',:i[:ts n; U'.ylhi'ville lasi Jii^ht ih» slcrk i>n hand lii:-.i| nnnj):T.iS lo 45.021 in !!:>• ::tiili'. lihlpiiUMits from Ihi- l!!yt!ii-ville coni|)!-M.s |;ist invk wi:. .> ','i't fcilc's-. Totul Mci-k on h"!' 1 in AikniLsas i.-oinpi-i'.ssi-s ua.s 3!>Si;d. r ) lj;ik-.s-. coiilpiu-cd In 8S.7-II loilirtvlni! nrc |-ccci]its last week spavin at. leaililii; >IVSS IKltlltSI Week Bi-ii.Kim 13.G«a 2-1 ,-135 5 B.924 M.lill Gigantic Whale Atlractin* c Huge Crowds Wherever Shown PACK THREE Zeda Gaines was cleared of n charge of illegal pDsscssion of intoxicating liquor. Enforce Truck Knle on cliarees nf (llslitrblng (he peace atHl caviyini; n concealed weapon, was continued until today. In Imlli thc county and police division cf municipal court seventeen defendants either filtered pleas of guilty to charges of pun sic driltll:i'liu?os ol failed ta ap- ll!rl f fJlMlll-villc , Wt: I Mem |Plni- lllnlf Texarkaua 3.3IK 3.7.15 Harry Lewis ar.d Paul Byriiin, j l«'ar nnd forfeited criFh dejiosits. produce p.nd fruit dealers aud [Ten dollnrs v,us .the lusual inu-. haulers, wui'e fineO five dollar; each for violation of police regulations nynlnsl parking trucks o! more than car length on Main; -Ncvfr, I.ulc to Work PINE BLUFF. All:. iUPl--i;;o d. Allen, recently retired telegraph . ~ '...HI, 11,-Ll.llLkJ ItLllill UR'TllliJU street. The anests were the feu company cashier lure was uevur in a drive against truck parkins i laic to"\™rk during hh 4J yo,r S in the business seci.on. A charge | on the same job. of obstructing the sidewalk against! . Bymm wns nolle pressed with lhe| Rear! Courier News -,vnn! Arts Ilclriu jFoi-i-fs: City Lililr Heck Murki-d Tree L'ntlp Loarhville Joticstaro Itiiclpts last soa 1 1.91)5 l.!H» 1,7-M 1,554 i!ns3 1.02!) 2M week and lor 2.7IB 6.2W 3 A 75 3,1; 1)7 i.Oti-1 a.mi thc fnct that the bomb allachcJ to the missle fnilcd io explode. For several hours the whale plunged nnd ran, forcing the crew lo maneuver their boat with thc utmost skill In ordir not to break the rope attached to Hie harpoon burled in (he whale's Md;. Ewntu- • ally the whale was within"' lanito a?a!n. This time (1)2 tomb • :'Xi>!o<lcd an:l Hie wlulfs career was ^ndcd • liistuntaivoiisiy. Hiiai-iu^ interest ivlth Die vv/inb mi the lour Is "Unmade Dili" Ij ar - nett. a ])lcturos[[ue jnlbr who divide s lii.-i diillps b.'inwji clrap^ron- ll:i> bl:; aiilnm] Irom town to town and telling s|K-c:ators cxcll- Ing talcs of hh own cxiK':lenc=s as whaler half a c?ntury ago. Vet Says He Is A Waiter—For Bonus 2,392 307 IllC" Good News .. . for men and young men Keller-Heuman & Thompson | Finely Tailored SUITS • 1932 Styles Offered at Only 21 New Of course Uicy'ro new . . . just tiiTiv- cd from tlie factory . . . new in style— in fabric tnul \villi the same hijjli (iu:il- ily workman s li j ;> that for years lias made these suits rank with America's best. Other Kcllcr-Heuman & Thompson Suits $24.75 Nunn-Ilush Ankle Fashioned OXFORDS $ At A New Low Price Some Styles $7 and ,S,9 5 R. D. HUGHES &CO. Complete Outfitters for Men and Jloys at Southeast Missouri com- r»'s follow: CanuheiM-illc a.OCII 11.710 Haul 2,38fl 4050 Maiden CoiHiuciui iifii-r inir of l'.:u 11 ilivlllln:; battli's In lln- hlsloiy wliiilinir. the lamnu.s' ul s-.ui Cli-mi-nU 1 will arrive In Ulilh.vill.- ( . . . ^H and i ixhlbitkin ivl Krisco d:-ii:it lui tin. duv.s, l-'ridny, Hahinl.iy nnj S'.m (lay, S-'pl. 23, 2-1 n:nl.25. The Hu«e iMeatnr^. ol a . k . \ habils mid oii-^iu juc iaL-^.-- ly ii rlnM-d l:o:ik to .si-lcnllsl.s, WHS captund srvt'i-iil wei-ks nj.o near Sun cl'-'inenl. ..". .".. _ of Simliii'in Califmnlii. 11 Is llfty- flvc fi'i-t In Irni'lii mill va-lulis 1;! loiiF. When Hie lu'iirt Wiis r;'im It was (omul 10 wol-.:h nearly pounds, v.lillc (he toii^uc llp;x:d si-ales at (jOO ptninils. Ti:e u-liale Is of the finback variety and il.s IHIIJC carcass lias bo-.'ii IK-rfw-lly jjre^eri'ed by tlie rm- bnlmhin process. luclcleiunlly. 11 if-1 T , . ' . . . r^r«r\^r^:-^«.F- „,. ,. , , ce.wary to construct a spci-lnl cav \\leii Ihe KlsaiiUc creature was \ {t( . f]i , mi[ ,„ ,„,„,. llu , itKmm .j. M , lined from tlu- sea at Lxing Beach »-cl s lii of HIP »»:l HIP h.-nvy nflej- a lull I? of wveial htiin.s. U I ,,,,„„ ,, bss „, whlch „ ls 3nc i nsl , :l '|'I:L> rallvoads have Used a laro equal to that »f j-luliteen nml a h.-ilf IICIEUIJS for trans]mrllni,' the whale. Details of thr- whale's capture In- rtlonto that hs WHS not 5iiu:lucd 1111- til hf h;id given Sis captors one ifKinvoon crrv, cai. IUPJ _ iillfd 111 Jurj' duly. Arclilc WoaJ- ains was asked his occupation. •'Wiilicr. 11 IR. rcpli?:!. "Oil, j-L's," s ai<| in ;. prosecutor. At what cat-?" "Nn calf, 11 lepll^l Wo'jdliams. "I'm Jusi iiii -i-x-s-jMIci- nailing for Hi-- bonus." Hea<l Courier i\c,vs Want Ads. MEMPHIS 1.108 1,717 craihires. was found lo be Mich u perfect- lypc thnt. plans were decided upon lo take it on a transcontinental tour. Reports received here (roiu pslnl.s where the whale hns Jims fur brpn shown stale that the miliiue siiei;- lacle has attracted thronxs of \'^- llori, n-lth children slimvlne .1 |inr- tlcular intcrcsl. In UK opiiorlnnity (o actually .SEC one of Ihe immense ivinj; lares to practically every city in America. Rood ever/ rtay. with full 60-i!.iy return piivi- ' lci;cs. frcinicnt. conveniently-timed" ' d.iily trips—lur.iv.ioiis buses—most'" liL-nmifiil lilf;hvv.iy routes. • ' ' Low Round-Trip Fa ret SI. l.iiuis $ 9.<;n -larksun, Miss .'- N'nv Orleans II1.KO ' '''.' Challaniiii«a U.M' ^hlc.ijjii J3.6Q UNION HUS DEPOT 2nd & Ash I'linnp Con of Ihe hardest rights In llielr whaling careers. The first, harpoon firc:l ftl the whole struck I nine anl he would Imve dlwl nt oner, but for DIXIE GREYHOUND -£inr±. THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE "'Nature in the Raiv"~aspar traycd byT/ioimis by the sai-agcslaughter of 5000 Christian clt/eiKf'crs— at tJic hands oj the vengeful, barbaric [ionic of 250,000 mct» nnticr thc ruthless Mohammed ll—14531 — " '* — ^ - -. * — ,_ and raw tobaccos have no place in cigarettes They arc not present in Luckies ... the mildest cigarette you ever smoked W li buy thc finest, thc very finest tobaccos in all the world—but that docs not explain why folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as thc nii/c!cst cigarette. 7'he fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in thc Raw is Seldom Mild"—so these fine tohaccos, after proper aging and mellowing, are then given thc benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by thc words—"It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that Luckies arc such mild cigarettes. "It's toasted" That package of mild Luchics 'If a man unit a tttrtr but, fttarb a teller terms, or matt a bttltr menu-trap than ha reietttr, tin In twldhit 6tuti fa tfx wocds, llx u M u-ill mah ,t Ixalcn path to 1m dear. "-RALPH \VAtDO EMERSON. Dnes not ^is explain the \vorld-widc accepiancc and approval of lucky Strike? ' .

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