The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1934
Page 4
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I'AGE FOUR fHK BLVTHEV1LLE COUR1KB NBW8 fHJf COURIEK NEWS OO, POB118H1BJ 0. R. BABCOCK. *!Jtor H w olf Manorial Art Kfin.'Hu Dailies Inc' Nv* Vork Ohlctgu .11 S 1 Loiiii Dallas in-.-io Ciu Ucnmliu J ubIl.sfH'0 Ever> Wternnoji Sunday Entered as second L'ISS matter at the post office at Biythevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, oc- J^ tobcr 9, 1911. Bervcd iw rnn TJr.ltrfl PreM SUBSCRIPTION SATK3 titii'i ill me O£i or SU'Un-vllle I6r pr' .* DII p.-i year in idvuv.c in until wiumi K ra1lu> jl 60 rotai 13.00 |»i ^•rtf. fl.Ou lui &u muiiulifc, y£K- fut 'i.ret mumii* >y mail in postal zones cwo to six, rnclujjlve, >ti.5ti pel year, in voiles seven yjir eighl, lIU.Wi i V?HI payable In advance. Scrip The federal government, (|iiite properly, demands of this mul other communities a measure of co-operation in its relief program. Where it .spend.; Ihoii.sand.s of dollars for the benefit of tho unemployed, it asks us to spend hundreds. II is riglit that we should, not only he- cause the responsibility iss ours and because we arc able to moot it, hut also because the knowledge thai our own money, in some small part at leabt, is being spent, will tend to make us critical of waste or misuse of relief iunds The scrip program of raising local relief funds is ideally devised to ob- tdjii (he co-operation of (lie entire community while placing an unfair burden upon none of ils members. All of us can well afford to do our part toward insuring its success, which in turn, through the, federal cspciuli- tuieb \\nicli will result, will contribute to the prosperity of the entire community as well as insuring adequate piovision for those without employment This has been a relatively good year, economically, for most of us. Cotton puces have been higher, large sums in government bcnclit payments have been distributed in this community, business generally 1ms shown marked improvement. Surely there are none ' bo uiifippici-iiilivc of the improved op- l)oi tunnies, that have come to them as to lefuse the very small .sacrifice which Vthole-heiU ted participation in the scrip program' imposes. The thing is simple. All that is needed is a will to help. Uuy scrip foi use in meeting payrolls and paying bills. Accept it cheerfully whc'never it ib olleied you in payment for goods and Minces. And play square with it. Make it a point of honor never to pass rt without first attaching « stamp. And insist that those who pas? it to jou lust attach their stamps. BLVTmVILLg. (A8K.) COURIER NEWS Quilling Business Kxcepl in the case of public utilities cnioying monopolies of certain essential services wo have not yet leached the point where we <iucstion the nght of ii corporation to do bnsi- T OI;K WAY ness or lo refuse to do busineus when and where it picflsew. 'I'liut docs hot muke it any Icea nil- rortiiiiale, liowevci 1 , wjieii, the e,xeiv tiso of that right results in serious injustice, as it has in Cleveland where the sudden closing of 300 Atlantic ami Pacific Tea company grocery stores IIHH thrown more than 2,000 persons out of employment. The company was involved in labor difficulties. It reached the decision to quit business in Cleveland because, or so it claimed, the authorities of that city failed to give it protection against strike pickets and hoodlums. H may have Imd ample justification, but that butters no bread for the 2,000 workcr.s, suddenly cut oft' from means of livelihood, most of whom, it appears, had nothing to do with the strike. As to where the rights and wrongs of the matter lie 'among Hie leaders of the strike, the city authorities, and the company it is foolish to attempt to say at this distance. It is clear, however, that some of them or perhaps all of them, in seeking to look sifter (heir own individual interests, forgot the larger responsibility that belongs lo all members of civilized society ami' particularly (, 0 those who, by virtue of political or economic power, arc in a position to influence tlic welfare of many oHtheir fellow citizens. This May Halt Abme One of the best suggestions as to ways of stopping the abuse of pardons and paroles' seems lo have buen the one proffered recently by Attorney General Homer Ciimmings—that the names of all politicians who ask clemency or lenient treatment for criminals be made public. It is very Imrri to think of any good reason why tin's policy should not be adopted—why, ;is a matter of fact, it should not be written into .state and federal laws. A man who asks a parole or a pardon for a criminal ought to be perfectly willing to have the fact pub, lishcd, if he has anything resembling a legitimate reason for making the request." If he hasn't, of course, 1m will shy away' from the publicity; and tlnit might well result in ;t vast shrinkage in ihe number of criminals improperly released from prison. It is iibsnrd, this tnle of rotiinncc. Only peo- I'lc with nmcli leisure Imvc lime for thoiiglil of love. —Francis Lwlcrcr, movie star. * * * The Christian udult crtncalion wo need Is such u radical tlicil il war- riuils the iwmc of conversion. —Dr. Lutliev A. \Velgle, dean of Ynie Divinity Scliool. * t * Tliore is a real, S roivln B need for ndcquulc systems of state forests adequately prelected, developed and nduitnislcrcrt. —p. A. Silcox, U. S. rorcstpr. Bv William- R i?/ \ n n n n VOUP. \ u u U m IOORR 1 / PULU.UP TH SEAT O [ VOUP. PPiMTS- " BRCK HERE'LL 1HIMK YOU AIN'T GOT NO RES PEC / PERTH' FLAG. / ''"' SIDE GLANCES By George Clark , THIS, CURIOUS WORLD .. .IT NOT FOR THE POWER. OF BIRDS TO MIGRATE., OUR TEMPERATE REGIONS WOULD &E ALMOST • SIRDL5SS. SCARCITY OF FOOD IN WINTER WOULD CAUSE IN F£6«OARV.iB9o THERE WAS -SLEIGHING''" FOR THREE DAVS NEAP. 'AONTGOMERV, ALABAMA AMD TWO INCHES OF ice AT NE ORLEANS. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER- The Clew of the UK KIM I II-: Ml* TODAY wiicn I:IIAUM;S JNWDK.V, „. liorllT for TM-. l)lii<l f , r« liiuiiii .l.-in) lll.HKKBII, • " . , trlmlualllflfl, to >ulir Ike murder. Jiuj-deil i bud bci'll lnvt.llitiMllIK tlic ullnlri <il I'UAMJ ii* CA. •Ill IV, ., r «ti|, r „,„! ,,r<,.,l n VM. tvllonluK ">i« arrrm of an lunjo.- lur L'liilmlni; ( Q lit C'dlhny nnd oc. mm';'us * * M taUtt >IAIIV 'III.; ilor Sloritn't dfillli Cnttay aim uf iitiljoiitnir, Grlir Irnrn, Ihni MorJe. *».! TUllcd in? D|iurliueDt or AMCI- 1 I.OIITOX wt,o h»» rrpumd In t'tillfe (lie UfoniiiirnrMiu-i- (J r h*r ""> ...... »"•• I:STHI;II mu>w.\v, «.rln iiffuiieN Allfr «f Itrlui; lu. volvi'd hi UurJcu'a tnurilrr liul tlotn uul nun-feu In brraklntc rfAiin USED BV THE CHINESE LOr4G BEFORE .THE CHRISTIAN ERA, VET ;THE. CROSSBOW IS STILL, A POF>ULAR WEAPON IN THAT COUNTRY. ... Inn-ocor. w ]i| t.nlnny uruke mi oiiKnct Hie iLlfilit crl «lif nrrf^i. Ilclri'llvcn relniri |o I:, AHcc r.nrrmi riuil ii'innn I u> in. Ki:.\.M.Tn IIOOM: ii|i:irliui'iil ahorlly uflcr cull llirrc. Illtekl-r l4ji-n(«'» l|i c rail whi, l«jok Jlunlfn ID AliiVa NOW (.'(I O.\ WITH TH1-: .STOUV CHAPTER XXV \V/111LK Uleeker was telephoning, *' Sidney Crlff paced restlessly up am! down tlie apartment, Ilis licad was thrust forward. His eyes were squinted In Ihouglit. Ho seemed utterly oblivious of Dan Dloekcr and ot (be telephoned instructions Ulceter mis giving to Ills newspaper. VYlien meeker bad IIUIIK up ihe tele|)lnmo and returned to Ilis clialr <;r!ft Biiddenly whirled on him. "How about putting (hem on Iliai Elite Apai'liuent lo stiadosv whoever came out? Did sou do it'i" lileeker looked crestfallen. "I did II,'; lie-said, "but. I'm afraid 1 did II too late." "So," said drift Eottly ami with n ominous calm, "yon let her set away from you. Is Unit right?" 'Xot Kstlicr Ordway," sail) Meeker. "JJlie'd gone already. There was no use watching the place after sbo'd Ml. except lo uet a line on someone who might coino there ami I couldn't sea bow >ve could llnd out just who was going to her apartment and who was Eoing to itio apartment ot some other tier- sou. At any rale, the apartment is s(!J[ there and tlie man'is watch- Ing. It's Alico Loiton who has left. My men report lliere's no oue in tlio apartment." "All." lio sn|d, "a,ypiiug woman \vlio Is out o( ivorli, mid j-ct she makes rather lame deposUs., A 'le. jiosJl of f500. 'Tljcu oun at 175(11 And liero'o ouo of S2000I" Jle picked u;i the checks one l>y one, suddenly 'Blared at pjie o! them. III c e k e r stioko ImpatlciHIy. 'That's Hie only one that counts/' ho said. "It'a a check payable lo Kenneth Uooue, for the eutlro bal. anco on hand. It cleans out (lie account." Clriff nodJcil slowly. "T||(, died;," fio said, "la dated on the day Charles Morden wus nuirdercd." meeker took it letter Iiochct. from his "Here," Ins said, "is a Idler from llio bank, stilling tluit In pursuance ot telephoned Instructions they are xendliifi her her canceled cliecte anil statement showing that Ilic account lidd uceu cleaned out." Priff loc-'f tlio letter. "And," lileeker poinlcil out, "the laic of Hie teleplione conversation is tlio diiy lollawtiitj Mordeu's murder." CirKf studied Hie letlei 1 , with forehcail in furrows concentration. "If," Uleokcr said, "we only had soiuo way of lovalini- this Kcmietli Uoonc wo could ..." "If," Griff inlcrrupted inipa- "Tliere Is no need," he ijald. ..,, 'as a red herrlus drawn- a'cros- Ciir trail, but It arrived"too'iirc* Hoiwror, ono tiling (s certain. An allcnint will Uo made uii ilie ji a -, of Alice Lortoii to gci tiie Ula 'n from t!|o apartment some lime tbh morniug. She will either, rciiirii to^ ibo apartmeui or send so'nm young man ilterc wltli a Itey lo ihe mifl! box. Stie will tic anxious • set this letter with tlio checks: "You mean Esther asked Dleeker. "No," said the crlminologist, "t mean Alico f.orion. .Mlliouelj Esther Ordway is probably'her real name." "They're one auil Ilic asked meeker. "They're, one and the same," Shi- uey Griff told him. "lieyond ;mv doubt." ilt why should Alice I.orton 0j "IP <llsa ri>earanee of Esther "gKCAUSK." Orllt said slowlv, 'ilwiis impcratii'e Hint 13sth I Ordway should Sidney Griff made a snorlins, H?'!' ,.! ,-lllncii-n on 1 UUUCIt - tiently, "you had followed my in stiuciions liy placing your mou on duly at Iho Ulito Apartmcul yon would havo known all about Ken- ueth Boone by this time." * • • TJLEBKEU took a letter from hjj pocket. "Tlicro'u IL letlcr," ho said, "sent lo Ksther Ordway. Apparently It's something in the naturo of a love letter. It's signed Hobcvt Chelton. It's sent from Siimmerville. n was sent out Sunday—that's yesterday —aud arrived on the early mail Ihis morning. H's'rather'ardent lu its terms ot affection." The criminologist turned lile let- ler over slowly in his fingers. "You have, of course, taken steps to find out about Ihe writer oE this letter?" he asked. taken (tie stops, yes." said. "It's too curly, as yet, to get a report." ' "JVIieu yon yet a report." Grirr said slowly, "you will lind that explosive sound. "Welt," he said, "we'll lei it pass. 'I'll lell yon more about lhat after 11 while. What else have you gotV" "Tlie mail," IJIceker said. "I can't nudarslaiuT il." "What 1 about H2" "Wo got Esther Qriiway's bank- Ins stalement with iho canceled .chocks. '{It had beeti'mailcd lo her by her liaufc, apparently in response to a request she had telephoned in." * • m T>LEEKEIl [lulled a long envelope JJ from his pocket, took from it tlie stiff yellow : paper statement of :i bank balance, with machine stamped figures on tlio margin. Grfff rctielicd forward, root; l!ic cliccka and tho folded statement Ironi Blceker'a hands. Chelton registered at a bole! In Suiuruerville; lliat Ilic address which lio gave was eitlier so general it is ot no assistance or maincd lomr enough 10 write and mail this letter and that he then checked out of the hotel MI) no oun know; where he \v,enl." "You've already checked him?" •asked decker. way to give up her aparimoi flee. Tbei-eforc, she" slniplv took i Ibo mime of n mysterious Alica '- Lortoii and told ns Ilic story about j the disappearance ol her ficlilioiis ' "But surely," meeker snlil, "she couldn't havo expected to havo Eucli a slory siiimj iip." "Don't be loo certain about llial " Gritr aaft. "There undoubtedly was an Allre Norton. Alico f.orton merged her identity into thai ot Eslber Ordway for certain purposes. Tbeji, when it hecame apparent that Ilic Ordway ideutitv wns going to cot her Into trouble" she switched back to tlio -Identify' of Alice Lortoii." "Bui Ihe police couli) liave confronted her with fbc people in (lie apartment ami ..." "And would have got no plan)" Grid interrupted. "The police wr'-' 1 have found that persona in ._"[ .know who ' apartment hail seen her coming and solus. They would have liuown Shot she was living in ilie apjri, - meiil. They wouldn't have known wlicllier"she.was Hsthor Ordway pr Alice I.orton. The only . persons who might havo given tcstimoiiy tbat would clinch her identity wero Itio persons in Ilic bank. For thai reason she wanled lo get-hcr bank . aceonut closed :and sent lo her be- : fore there was ntiy possibility of;i liolice iulerferetice. The fact "thatl'' mail is not delivered on Saturday jj affernoou nor. on Sunday brought ; about tlm downfall of Ilic scheme." \ "Then tliis Ordtvny woman', or f I Alico I.orton as slio calls herself, f , . ._ . ho r,-ns and why -'tjic.Tctler was writlen = letter, I am williug to wjig'cr "tbere is some reference hi It to her roommate, Alico Iiorton." "Tlicrc Is," Clceker said. Oriff nodded slowly. "But aren'l you going to read the Idler?" asked Ulceker. Griff shook lib head and tossed tlio letter to tbc desk. is probnbly the woman i "You forget,"; Griff - . the case." out, ^ -.— ,„„-. ..u.j jui, iuiovi, ivutu uoiiiceu out, f nnd, without reading ihe "Ulat we have, as ycl, lo riccoak I""•"'"'"•"' for tlio • inyetcrioua Mrs. Blanche-; Malouc who is being eagerly sought :' by.tiie bereaved widow." .' , : (To lie Continued) , jj~ ' - . inccn JMnry (irl(T fn IJic nr»l Inilall' jicnl, "in KOliB lo be .1tr«. lllanrlir SlnlonB If nc ran Oil »er wiile • he l« ml]] alivr." • Canadian Plans Stroll | here Jjcfort^ Reliving Jor England, |j cct is ti-asibic ;,,„, „,.,. convi ,, c ,,i Across English ' "'" •''""""'" " l " " &JL Ilic misratlon of birds lo n southern countiy Ls rtuc mostly to the problem of securing food, and not to tl, c cold. Several species o; olrdB-survive the cold winters of our temperate clinics, but all of th-sc birds are especially well fitted for securing foot! unrta- tryln tf conditions. NEXT: Of what cxll.ul binl is llicru nu tomplclc spwlmcn? Scientists Have Developed Many New Values in Milk This is the second ot a scries of Ihrco arliclw by Dr. 1 isdlicin on milk, the Rrcat advance made safeguarding il for lu;dl)i, its condensation, modilicalion, nnil ood value. BY I)K, MORRIS Kditor, Journal of U Medical Assoclntion ami of Hy- ccui, Ihr. Ilcallh JIagniinc The knowledee that null: con- laincd valuable faclors In addition lo lls protein and -fat. such as mineral suits and certain vitamins, brought about nc\v stndic.-. Thus it wns found thai milk is d'-licient In vitamin C and iltamin D. therefore, supplemented by the use of orange Juice or tomalo Juice, which provides vitamin C, and of cod liver oil and similar products, which provide vH;>miu D. Hy this time, however, the experts in nutrition Imd so Iniiy developed the Idea lhat 'milk is till! most nearly perfect food and llmt every healthful individual ou^hi, to have trom one pint to a quart of niilk dally, that more and. more means were developed for production of milk nnd lor its wider utili- sation. Means were developed for condensing milk by removing from 11 walcr which conslUulcs a targe pan of fresh milk, and p,,t(in ff it into, cans for tnimpoilalion 13c- rorc use, writer can be added, tlviis rcstorliiB the condensed milk 'lo its uriginal liuiu .suite. Means wore fovind lo;- gelling •.nit the wlid constituents of milk uy drying and evaporation visliv a number of different pv W c* "0 'tl:al dried milk, powdered mill;, and MONTREAL (UP)-An ullcmpt, lo walk across the English ciran- licl, from Calais to Dover, is to bi: dc tliorlly by Emil Wiilthicr, of Windsor, Ont. WiUtlilcr has invented an apparatus which, lie c.nims, makes walking on water as easy as walking en mna. it COM^ - s nf r.wo (Ulcer contrivances, closely rc«?mh- lin? small boats, which he tics to his feet. They fccei) him from sinking. He balances himself with two poles at the bottom of which arc contrivances resembling two-gallon cans. Wtillhier gave a demonstration water in the harbor. of Canadian Fliers Plan Air j Service to London WINNIPEG, Man. (UP)— A regular '18-hoiir nlr service, between Winnipeg mid London Ls being planned by n group of prominent, Canadian fliers, it is learned here. The sponsors of the .plan are Roy Brown, Ted Stull, Milton Ashtoii and Jack Moar. all well-known northern Canada fliers. They believe hat such n pro- • operation within two ycnrs. They believe llml such a pro- isicicnilion id's on aunosl n tilrccl. . wt'^i. to cast, line from WiiniiiJCE,'-- |acro.s.s Hiitison Kay, Baffin Land, 1 Greenland ;nid Iceland, lo Ite. J r :iroc lslaii(J:% and llicn 'sonlli lu Ilic norllicrn-iuosl tip of Scol--- Isnd-n ilistnncc' of 2,790 miles.; Tlic longest night ncrora water' would be 493 miles. KALISPELL, Mont. (UP). —'.? Charle.s Ortli.^h recently killc<l lii.s 3ai!tul mountain lion with i\ 3:1 ciiiibcr pi.slol, niaiutnining his place!;] as Montnnn'.s forcinosl 'cut bar:ll 80r, ;1 cvaiwnitcd milk arc now available In ndciition to fresh milk and condensed milk of various kinds. To persuade children, some ol whom become averse lu milk, to lake move of till:- substance, milk modifications were dcvclo^d by the addition of chocolate and other flnvorini! material!. Moreover, the use ol ccrc.ils to iriilcli milk is regularly added nidi the development of milk and cream soups help lo tprcad more widely llic lisa of Ilils most nearly prrfeci, food MiljsUmcc. Most recent development in lluj way of making milk a more nearly perfect food than il alrearly IK has' been the production of milk which is given tlic rnialllips of vitamin I) by ii mnnucr of <li(fcrcnt process. invcttigalors at the University of Wisconsin found that food substances could he irradiated directly by ultraviolet rays produced cither by tlie carbon me or the mercury vapor quartz light, A great deal of new machinery had lo Ire invented for Ihls pur- IKISC, since il is necessary lo carry I away, .such gases as may nc d^- vdopod in the because iniik ha.s a way of nbsorbmu odors anil other malcrlnls from its ot- jmosphcrc. | In addition to llic. iiroducllon of viliimln D In milk by irradiation. Hicrc is (he |io»ii)lliiy of adding , vitamin U directly to the milk in Ihe form of vlottcrol or. Irrndlnicii OUK BOARDING HOUSE 13 v Ahercj NK\T: .Milk much more compli- mbiiniirr loilay: careful if inly iiLTcrsiivy fur proper Use. S A "BACK TH/sV,, y> H(IY\ OUT/ t: lh! mTlAH STUFF m •'> IN W.LEVS HAVE I THESE MY -Business, "FACES HE "RUN THIS N ,HE COfY\E IN 'BOUT

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