Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 29, 1952 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1952
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1952 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS (PAIL. BXCEPl BUWDAf) MT »EKNO> tUBOISTM tSSTABUSHKD ISM 00 hSOUDATgC 8BPTBMBB1 »» 1»»0 EDWLP HACK A W A T 0. 4 raOMPSOK . A L 8HBB0BJI _ eaitoi „_. Bn-lne»« M-/>«*e. ... New Kdiun Plant taperuiu-i-ft-i ttKMBKB 01 rH* ASSOCIATED PK.ES*— The AMOdtlM free* » «rinrt»«J» «D HUM) to in. HH tm iht oublleeuoe M »U atmr -jodiuw i« n 01 MI -iMrwtte ar__lt m! u. <hl." "« U.0 U>. k>e»J M*» 9_bll«h«_ Ui«rm» Enter* ». Be-ooO Clw. m»tui 0?fl« M v » noB nUno "' aBd " act of March a. IB7B HATS! SuDncrlpHone taaei be paid m adTAn By oill la{ler*oi> ootinl) and ad lolnlni ooontla* MI r«ai S moi »JS 75 S IIM AU t tin Br mall mUldt leffr.r.or. and ad lotnlni noantlw irliblr 260 muni feu fH 00 8 nan* SA 00 « not •3.38' per «ori> month untold* KBO milt* rut »0 00 fl mo* 10 75 • 8 mot 9B 7A one month <i«ll»*r*e bj e»rrl»» I B ritj om »M» « so.oo L.OO 1Mb 1 JO M I Theyll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo .4 Thought For Today Therefore ..rein* we have thli ministry, a> we have received mercy, we faint not—II Corinthian* 4 :1. • » » » Remember Hint Ood la as near to our mouth when we speak nit that man I K who leans his ear to our whisper.—Young. • Editorial POLITICIANS, CALL OFF THI DOGS; STALIN WON'T SWAY OUR VOTES T HERE ARE PROBABLY MORE undecided voters In this campaign than In any presidential race in history. The. doubtful* are weighing "time for n change" vs. "you've never had It so good." Each of those phrases Is shorthand for a Jot of things which are of genuine concern to millions of Americans. The election will bo decided by the way in which these voters settle their mental tug of war. However they make up their minds, we all ought to hope that it is without any nudging from Joe Stalin. In the past dozen years, It has become fashionable to enlist the aid of foreign demons in V. S. campaigns. We're getting it again. » • » S OME POLILTICAL ORATORS arc saying: "Stalin wants a Republican victory, so vote for Stevenson." Others arc shouting: "Stalin wants Ike beaten, so don't let that happen." It used to be: "Hitler wants Willklc." Or: "The Commies want Roosevelt." Now this may not be as bad as some of the low-level personality attacks we've had in 1952, but it's not a great deal better. Isn't it pretty evident that the American voter picks a President on the basis of the factors which hit him strongest personally? Those factors arc things like the state of his pockctbook, his feelings at having a son drafted and sent to Korea, the mounting cost of his groceries. • • » T O TALK AS IF HE OARED A HOOT about who Stalin' wants or doesn't want, for President Is virtually to Insult him. He doesn't care, and he shouldn't. We will make our choice Nov. 4 on grounds we think important to us as Americans, We will hope that, whatever our selection, It will be palatable to our friends abroad. But we arc not going to be Influenced by our enemies' estimate on the question of who can do them the least harm. Every time a politician has the nerve lo suggest we should listen to Stalin, we ought to be conveniently deaf. COMMUNICATION TAX SQUEEZES SMALL BUSINESS HARDEST W HOEVER IS PRESIDENT next January and whichever party controls Congress, a new tax bill Is likely to come up for debate. And when it does, some of the nation's tax students think the lawmakers ought to worry about more than how much money a tax law Will pull In. A recent scholarly tax study reminds us that, besides bringing in revenue, taxes have broad economic efffects. They change the habits if business. They affect the growth prospects of Individual companies. They encourage or discourage incentive. Take just one t>f these—the growth of particular businesses. The tax experts agree that under our present federal revenue structure It • extremely difficult for a small corporation to grow. Basic corporation income taxea are high, but more severely handicapping is the txcess profits tax. . • t * * T HAT TAX 18 FOUNDED on the largely false assumption that every corporation which made more money after Korea than before is reaping "war profits" and should be penalized for this extra gain. Young businesses whoso period of expansion coincides with this (pan are carelessly lumped with older firms which really are bene­ fitting from the war. The growing outfits cannot pile up the funds they need for new plants, and then can't attract outside capital because of the damper put on their earning outlook. There are other more technical features of the tax law which help to restrict an expanding business. They assure that small business will stay small. Small business has many avowed friends in Congress. Mostly they profess to be concerned with preventing little corporations from being squeezed by the big ones. But the tax Jaw squeezes them harder than any ruthless Industrial giant. It assures, in the view of impartial tax experts that the big companies will be the only ones with the financial resources' needed to keep growing, Answer to Previous Puzxl* ILLINOIS CITIES WATER CO. 217 South Webster Street Robinson, Illinois Oct. 27, 1952 Mr. .1. Kdwin Rackawuy, Editor Ml. Vernon Register News Mt. Vernon, Illinois Dear Sir: We write to you with reference to the article appearing in your paper on Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1952, under the heading, "Turn on the Lights", reporting a secret or semi-secret meeting of the Mt. Vernon City Council at which was discussed the possible purchase by the City of Water property which supplies water to the City of Mt. Vernon. We do not question the good purpose behind the article or the sincerity of the Editor, but we do question Its accuracy insofar as it efers to Illinois Cities Water Company. The following Is quoted from the article: "The price mentioned was a million and a half dollars, or about twice what the outfit that now owns our well worn-out water system paid for it. "The promoters of the project are the aforesaid owners of the water works, who bought the property with the express purpose of unloading it on the citizens of Mt. Vernon at a big profit and the bond house boys who are always guni shoeing about the city hall seeking to float a new bond issue of some sort." The officials of Illinois Cities Water Company did not know that such a meeting was to be held or that it. had been held untii the article n|>cnrcd in the paper. No one representing the Company directly or Indirectly was present at this meeting. No member of the Company or representative of the Company has ijorformcd one act for the purpose of arranging a sale of the Mt. Vernon property to the City of Mt. Vernon. The officials of the Water Company over the years have been approached by dealers in investment securities and the cooperation of the Company was sought for the purpose of effecting a sale of the property to the City of Mt. Vernon, but in every instance and without exception these people have been informed that "The property is not for stile." There are no grounds of Nobility HORIZONTAL 1 French king 4 English nobleman 8 Former Russian ruler 12 Girl's name 13 Eye part 14 Mature 15 Possessive pronoun 16 Robin 18 Affair of chance 3 Teaches 4 Entices 5 Above 8 Colored again 7 Pat gently 8 Entertain 9 Thailand 10 Recess of a church 11 Soaks flax 17 Nasal 19 Male singing voice 23 Thick J o H tvl T o W Kl O T O • * R O a e O A * T a M A A T m « M B O A * T * A G f U f m T • -r A • A * l IM R E V m u. E O T B N 1 c e V B • B A C T W m * ft B M r • K u A • T o r A ft • A K. N A \- T A K ft T • • • A M c B « O U T B * S N B B ft T 1 U B K * T A> U 5 * ft 26 Destroy cells 42 Bridge by amino acid43 Story 20 Harness parts 24 Reputation 21 Legal matters 25 Wing-shaped 22 Revise 24 Rural deity 26 Paradise 27 Salt 30 Louisa May 1 , novelist 32 That is to say 34 Married / woman 35 Slants 36 Bitter vetch 37 Created 39 Speed contest 40 Foundation 41 Morocco (ab.) 42 Ermine 45 Come forth 49 Policemen 51 Dickens* "Tiny " 52 Singing voice 53 Scream 54 High priest (Bib.) 55 Kind of light 56 Whirling current 57 Indian weight VERTICAL 1 Wading bird 2 Atop 26 Heating devices 27 Parts 28 Fish sauce 31 Salad fruit 33 Subnormal person 38 Considered 40 Member of House of Lords 41 Honorable 44 German king 46 Pinochle card combination 47 Baked clay 48 Arabian prince 50 Leached solution any kind whatsoever for linking the Company or its officials with any move looking to the sale of the Mt. Vernon property to the City. The Illinois Cities Water Company, an Illinois corporation, purchased the property in December, 1946. At that time the water facilities were in need of repair, extension, and improvement. We bought the property for the purpose of operating it. We have spent for such improvements in Mt. Vernon, from dale of purchase lo August 31, 1952, $1,082,163. Work in progress at this time will require an additional estimated expenditure of $158,140.55, making a total of $1,240,303.55. We would .not have spent nearly one and one-quarter million dollars on the Mt. Vernon property had it been our primary intention to sell this property to the City. Anyone with that in mind would have sought to turn the "old worn-out system" as it was. Wo have not delayed, and to the full extent of our ability we have earnestly tried to make the Mt. Vernon water property the best in Illinois. Today, we think we have accomplished this, taking into consideration cities of comparable size to Mt. Vernon. The people of Mt. Vernon and industry no longer need to worry about the quality or quantity of water. Funds to cover the cost of improvements have been obtained largely through the sale of bonds at various times. We estimate that the Mt. Vernon property, since we acquired it, has produced an earned surplus of approximately $165,000, or $.60 for each share of common stock outstanding per year. The stock holders of the Company have foregone dividends out of these earnings making them available for the needed improvements and additions. The people of our Company are businessmen no different from the people engaged in the various industries and businesses in Mt. Vernon. We have the same aspirations for a successful operation and a fair profit upon our investment as they do. Consequently, we have had the unpopular task of seeking to increase our prices (rates), as has been true for all other commodities and services sold in Mt. Vernon. We have made mistakes but earnestly tried to learn and profit by them. We are determined not to make the mistake of demonstrating by any action we may lake as officials of the Company bad faith to the people of Mt. Vernon. We are well aware of the fact that the City can compel us 1o sell the Mt. Vernon property to the City by law, if that should be its choice. We hope, however, that this procedure is never undertaken, and that if at any time in the future the people of Mt. Vernon should determine that it would be to their best interests to own the Mt. Vernon water property, and have determined to buy it. that we may be approached honestly and openly by responsible representatives of the people. With best personal, regards, we are, Very truly yours. ILLINOIS CITIES WATER CO. By: Clifford Fore, Manager • Iff arlow The World Today ASTONISHING UNCERTAINTY ON ELECTION OUTCOME By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON —(AP) — With election less than a weel: away, the most astonishing act of the campaign is the general uncertainty al&out ,the outcome. Outside professional political ranks it's almost an event to find a man willing to answer positively the question: Who's gonna win? * « • • You hear the same answer so often it seems to have become a national slogan: "You got me; I dunno." Quite a change from 1948 when everyone, except President Truman and a few like-minded and hardy people, thought Governor Dewey was a cinch. The 1948 mistake may have made everyone cautious now. Even the experts who have traveled with both candidates are pussy-footing on this one. Adding to the confusion is not only the size but the noise of the crowds which have been turning out foi Gen. Eisenhower and Gov. Adlai Stevenson alike. In other years, when the politicians and the experts peered across the countryside before election, they saw an electoral landscape that looked unusually simple when compared to this one. If you search your memory, without doing the same with the files, the issues of the three past campaigns which come to mind seem to be these: * * • * Keeping us out of war and a third term in 1940: running the war and a fourth term in 1944. Come to think of it, can you remember what the issues were in 1948? This year men, events, situations, and hopes have all been spinning around in the political washing machine: inflation, taxes, prices, Trumanism, Taftism, old 'jjuardism, leftism, Communism, Korea. Acheson, civil rights, prosperity, corruption,, McCarthyism, foreign affairs in general. Politics on the Radio Tonight By Associated Prass Politics on the air: Tonight — Radio and TV: MBS and CBS-TV 8:30 Sen. Richard Nixon from Los Angeles. CBS and CBS-TV 9 Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and panel of govern- nors. ABC and ABC-TV 9:15 Gov. Adlai Stevenson and Tallulah Bankhead, recorded. NBC and NBC-TV 9:30 President Truman from Chicago. POLICE COURT Kenneth Dennis was fined S6.40 before Magistrate Allan Dulaney on a charge of failure to have a driver's license. MUSTER01E t ;lv«» speedy ••ting relief from RHEUMATISM ACHES « NO PAINS MAURICE E. ESTES INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds o/ Insurance 601 South 10th on Virginia Offlco Ph 35(12— Residence «450 Open All Day RESTORE PEP, POWER PERFORMANCE! REBUILT ENGINE Any Make^—Any Type LINKON'S s t £pLY S08 South 1 0th Street Mount Vernon, III. GRANADA "What Price Glory" 3:25 - 6:00 - 9:35 "Lady Says No" 4:15 - 7:55 MOVIE TIME TABLE PLAZA STADIUM MONKEY BUSINESS" 2:35 - 4:45 1:00 - 9:15 "Red Planet Mars" 3:20 - 6:24 - 9:25 "Gay Ranchcro" 2:05 - 5:05 - 8:05 i:iu - i.>'•> » •— ^ STARTS flr-m^A-* Two Biq TODAY VJ'cinaua Features! fume*. 0vUtme V** CAGNEY-CALVET- DAILEY The Screen's Biggest Parade of lusty, loving, laughing Entertainment! with WILLIAM DEMAREST JAMES GLEASON Plus This Cdmedy Hit A Sollicking, Frolicking BATTLE OF THE SEXES! 3% says NO i .t i +'yif *»CAUIFIE10-«NIVEN IflMltO IHtU UMItIS Atllltf STARTS TODAY -Plaza- 2 Thrilling Hits! PETER GRAVES - ANDREA KING • llll-KD IHtU — Added — Color Cartoon 1 I 3 1 V r- 7 10 ii a ti 15 It 17 « 19 i Zl % » a n is % i 27 2. it 30 i\ 1 iZ 3. M i 3b i W i 10 to < HZ W 1* St a W 1 5S 5b 47 n — WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY — Not even a bullet could tear his heart more than the secret he hid from the girl he loved! SAMUEL GOLDWYN who brought yoo America't most popular picture, 'Our Very Own; presents ttarring DANA ANDREWS • FARLEY GRANGER • JOAN EVANS ** ROBERT KEITH . PAUL STEWART. MALA POWERS . A0OE JERGENS Dlr*c<.d b> Mark RebtM . tenm n_» ky Ptty Yentaa hm H t* fm\ t| 1 M Ira*. ttom* if Ml Mi Mm, to. Free theatre passes good only Monday through Thursday. After next Thursday fret passes will not be accepted. SHOW EVERY NIGHT RAIN OR CLEAR MUSICAL! •He is a singing star drafted into the Army I M-G-M presents the hilarious singing-romance! LANZA'S TOUGH TOP-SERGEANT LOVES MUSIC! (JAMES WHITMORE'S A RIOT I) (BEAUTIFUL DQRETTA MORROW OF FAMED HIT "THE KING AND I") . _ DORETTA MORROW. MS mm HtAK HIM SING I "Becouse You're Mine".. ."Gronpdo".. ."All Th« Things You Are".. ."The Song The Angels Sing" and many other thrilling songs! ENDS TODAY Cary Grant • Ginger Rogers in "MONKEY BUSINESS'

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