The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1932
Page 2
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PAGI TWO BLYTHKVILLE^JAKK,)! COURIER NEWS Society Calendar Wednesday Delphian meeting at Hotel Noble at 9 a.m. Central Ward P. T. A, in Miss Swift's room at 3 p.m. Wednesday Bridge club with Miss 3 Grace. Webb at. 2:30 p.m. Junior high P. T. A. meeting at 3 p. in. Bible stady of Church of Christ with Mrs. Daniel Webster on Dlvl- !ign Lands" Mrs. E. F. Blomcycr; • tilk "The \Yaillng Mllliops" Mrs. W. M. Crow; vocal mi mitt 1 •Would Men Know That You {new Jesus?" Mrs. Paul L. Tlp- '.on; prayer, Mrs. T. H. Hayncs. Mrs. .1. W. Bishop, president, ed the business session 4 * • Scotl-Parrat. sion street. Friday Executive board meeting of Wo- fnen's club at 2 P. M., followed by meeting of civic department at 3 P. M. Saturday Benefit garden bridge party at riome of Mrs. B. A. Lynch at 2:30 p.m. for Central Ward P. T. A. Buslotss Wcmen II»v*. School Parly, School days, 'school days, dear the . the Business and Professional Women's chili last night at the parly given by. = Wrs. O, M. Margan and Miss H«JUe Smlddy at the "Morgan school". The 20 present went to school *U: day. There was Arithmetic and spelling lessons, then recess when games were played. Alter recess there were lessons in read- tog and OTltlnj and at "noon Bits oj Netis Mostly Personal | T. J. Mahaii and daughter, Mis. — ....... Uauics H. Hell, arc in at. Louis The marriage ol Miss Linda Par-' for ' wo days, rat and Oito Scolt. both of «ol-1 Tllc cciiclllioii of Mis. Florence and; Mo, took place here Salurday. '• B1 y>'K, who libs IKCII very III for Justice Oscar Alexander sakl the' ECVeral weeks, Is unchanged today, ceremony. Horaro T. Gulp, J. A. Waterman, • . . |R Cawiday-McCormlrk. A marriage license has been is- ""^ iv i,,ij I'm^m m sued to Miss Esther McCormlck of Co!olllnl Country club. old golden rule days" was song used by .members of lunches, v.t»prx!d were served. in newspapers, Besides the members Mrs. Ed IR. N. Ware. Jr., and W. T. Bar! ncti went w here to Memphis lilaycil no If Sunday al the Mqnila, and Blllie Bob Casslday of Osceola. Schult7-Bojett. A. S. Ucdgcrs, of Osceolu, al- i lendcd lo business litre yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. P. li. Cooloy mot' vi.>.u,it-4iujm. i .,ji. ,,LI,I .mo, i, ij. uuoiuy niol- MUs Doi«thy Bell Iioye.ll o! Doll '. ored to Marlin, Tt-mi., yester- and Claude Schnllz of t'hls\clly, dajr nccompanyliig Ihcir daughter, liavc secured a marriage Ilfejise. ' Ml55 Marian, who enrolled al llie • • • ' | University of Tennessee Junior Ihcr, Mrs. li. E. iiilem, of Everell, Wash. After a visit here for a momii or six weeks she will uo to points of Kentucky, where she formerly resided, before returning home. Misses Ade!e Langfcton and Sara Nunn have none lo Morchead, Miss., where (licy have enrolled at Sunflower Junior college. Mrs. A. WcrC underwent a minor o]:er,itlon al the niylhsville hospltul loday. Mrs. u. Levin and daughter Ruth left today after an extended visit with Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ilas- cnthol. Mrs. Roseiuhal accompanied her to HI. I,ouls where they will visit lor a few days before Mrs. Levin nurl -Bulh return „ (liclr home In Washington, D. c. Mikhell-Bfnkh. * "G college for her sophomore year. _ __ _ (ii j Bob Oillesple, of Uixorn, was In Benlch and Ernesl'Mi'tciiell. botl'i'of " 10 clly >'« l c«li'y on business. Armorel, occurred In (his clly Sal-' ° EC " r I '' CJ " |||C1 '. cf Manila, ac- iinlaj- wj(]| Justice E D Walker '' rom l wlllc ' 11 b > fi'aiilc liyde of "~' ' London, fnglantl, who has been his B'ti'St this summer, will leave lotn/JTow for Rrookllnc, \tass., where they attend Harvard Unlver- Pcrforming llie ceremony. WJUams-Harris Mrs. Willie B. Karri, and Edear i ^ ct W. Williams, both of Booths Point ! sR /; «nn., were married here Saturday'' Ugectt and daugh- Jiuitlce E. D. Walker read the s:r- • lcr ' M|S1 Mari ^ Mlss « Annie lounds. Mother und child are get- ing along well. Miss Jamie Gillcm entertained a Stanley, \lrs. Ira Gray, Mrs Harry Tajlor and Miss Pearl Wilkes wer e guests. Mosl of these were in kids clothes, some with their dolls, and Miss Smlddy, as Icacher. was drcs sed as "a lypical old maid". Annortt P. T. A. Pljns ProJ«U. iThe Ariiorel unlt'o^ the Parorit- Ttach«r' associations' has planned t»'b projects for (lie- year's activity: the-Anting of the class room walls • and • ndditional playground equipment. Both of thes; projects are to be started immediately. As a. way of making money the finance committee has announced several interesting entertainments, the _llrsl to be a Bingo party to be glve^i'. Thursday evening, 7!30 o'clock. - The admlwton will be 35 cents. In stressing a safety program thf program committee has planned several special activities along Hiis line w,-h,'ich will be given at llw monthly meetings. * " • • Frcsiyftrian H'onwn I'»ve Loyalty P^o-raitn. The. annual Icyslly program Cl the Woman's Auxiliary in Hie Firsl PrtEbylerian church was given ill the ctiurch Monday alteriiDon in. the Jform ol a pageant. Reports from the group conference at Ose^cla Thursday were'also heard In the business session Mrs. George W. Diilahunty was elected vice president, replacing MM J. E. Bell, resigned. "Healing Hands In Africa and China" was the theme of the pageant depicting two hospitals ir. these countries. Mrs. S. H. Swliv ney and Mrs. Leslie Hooper, c.' nurses, were characters with Mrs W. A. Dobyns in' charge. In the report of the conference questions were answered with Mrs Ross Stevens discussing the tlietin "Is the Conference Worthwhile Socially?" Mrs. C. M. Gray loo'b it up from the educational ang-lc and the spiritual phase was giver. b>- Mrs. Mafsli M. Callaway. Members cf Mrs. o. R: Babcock's circle served a fruit drink with cakes. Baptist Women Hare Program. "Enlrusled With tho Gospel' WES the theme of the progran presented at the meeting of the Woman's Jlissionary Society o the First Baptist church Mondaj afternoon at the church. Mis, Coidelia Wllhite ww leader for the 25 present. For the devotional the scrip lure was read from First John with the though', "What Manner Love s This" for Ihc Ihcmc Mrs. T. E. King otlered prayer. .These other numbers comprise.) the program: pcem "Let Us Wai! With the Men to'(ho Road" Mis, Martha Chambers; talk "A Sacre Trust" Mrs. A.-'S. Smith; tal "True .to the "Trusti Mrs. Alvi, TJuHman; prayer, Mrs. J. W. Bis hop; talk "Sharing the Gospe In" the .Home Lands and in For Cranre-Sheppard. A marriage license has been Issued (o Mrs. Maud Sheppard and Jerry Grange, both of l/:acliville. Hayti Couple Married at Camlhcrsvilic Saturday HAY'i'i, Mo.--Miss rtulh McCoy Hoyll, and Mr. Urorcr Gorge of Swctl Cream Butter 25i..L|>. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk lOc Qt. Delivered Pbone 74 Bulgarian Buttermilk •I5e'-Qt.- Go to Church Sunday . Lautle Evans ami Mary 'Stacy and J, o. Klnnlnghtim spent Sunday in Memphis having gone down became ol an automobile ncaidenl In which Tiny Leggett, fcur-ytnr-old nephew of Mi- Mrs. " Jurcd. Waller '»•• %^UI &\. Ul ^Hayll were united In marrlnge Caruihersville Salnrrfay by the ~ ...... B ,, ,,,;,„?; S f" 05 - Tt)c y w "e nc-JMrs. H, B. 1 Hnck. and and hi- DosontlKil nnd Herman Hess hnvc KOiic lo SI. Jx>nis lo piirclmsc winter gowls for llieir stores. Clmule l>tirln, cf Ostcoln, ni- tended to business ticrc today. . Mayor uncl Mrs. Ncili Uccd have guests today MT. nnri r i „ ' l t^LlyUy allfl Lucille Young and E. T. Mll- Kllcy C. Armstrong and daugh- ity. 'rs. J. ter. Shirley, of Houston. Texas, who will be here for ;i longer visit, will co Miss McCoy Is the daughter of, — •• -.. r. nnd Jtrs. Tim NfcCoy of this I Mr allrt ' Mre ' Tinckiicy • ' jto Memphis tonight. the son of Mr. nnd Miis Francil5 °- "oscnthnt of near here. Kiising Thief Comfortable Estate ^^iHE-^A'^ —. ---•"jnig nnvi, r inc Fataia, Turkey's most nolorl- is woman pilferer, has died with comfortable little eslale fo leave er heirs. In (he days of tlis veil, Flndlfc fnlmn n-oiiJri enter Istanbul shops nd Inlrlsiic the male owners by lalf-conccalcd armorous B ln,nces. Vhen they urged her lo reveal iiore of her features, she would «t the veil upon softly-shaped 1 ormlned lips and. If Iheiy seein- cd to be a good haul in view votilil offer them in no half-way ! '". . V I Hundreds of Istaiiful mcr . i ihants were vtctimi?ed by Fiudik i Fatma, and even afler Ihc veil wns I publicly abolislurt. she opcraled i villi great success. She always was I iltracdvely garbed, and kept her i beauty fresh. The police treated \ leniently each lime she was : irrcsled, and she was able lo build up a small in real I souc to St. - Louis on a btiyins I rip tor the -1. ftosenthal store. i Paul Kcsenthal. has rcturnw! • |'rom a buying trip In "St. Louis'• Mr. nnd Mrs. C. 1J. Klltingcr have moved to Stccle, Mo., where Mr. Klltlngcr Is n-lth (he Arkansas- Missouri Power company Miss VJj-glniii uiomeycr. \vluj has -„-, — —•-••II. j y>, iwiu iiit-i been 111 for a month, Is now convalescing. Mks Cora Lee Colcman attended a meeting of (ho Shawnec Home Demonstration chib yestcr- Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway have »s llieir Riiest Mrs. Conway's mo- ANNOUNCEMKNT I have moved my music studio from Parkhiirst Co., to 'The Blythevllle Music Shop", opjxKlto .the postoffice. We have all new popular radio bus., call and Jet me play them for you. Price; reduced. MRS. BKI.I.K M. WOOD I'linnc 78-i-J After G O'cluck BLYTHEVILLE Rl 9Q SAT A/1 SUN l)P SEPT4U SEPTLT SEPT^D FRISCO DEPOT Hayti Society—Personal Luxora Society--Personal Mrs. Herman Spice shopped in Osr,?ola Saturday Mlsies Charlie ami Evelyn Scott Braggadocio I Prepare Ci ; Goods Exhibit for Mid-South Fait- The County Council of Home IUESDAY, .SEPTEMBER 20, 1032 ; Miss Dorothy coppngc rcmriicd ' Sunday from a visit with relatives ] in Cape Glrardcau. ! Mrs. E. M. Couiuuu gavv- a din- I net Friday night In honor o! Mr. and family c °l>i»ge's birthday. Miss Luclll; lirannum of llor- visllecl Miss Nina lluck- veyn cot ss n of Memphis 5 |»m the week end' 01 " Wednesday afternoon. with t "" '"" ....... Hospital N om IwmonstratSon club:; met at the Wo' club h.cvce Saturday for their man' i nee tin);. Jlamlctl ,T h ° cci »>jl r .l»"try shelf exhibit with tliclr parents. Mr. mid Mrs ! •spent the week-end at their home BourlaiKl of BJylhevtlle attended ; Huckaba Mable lans the boat, dav.. Friday night. and Messrs. Raymond and Nina ^toYs" 115 ' PrIzCS railKC frc: " uce at caruthersville £=. /^^Su/Sto ,„"£ « °' *«. ^cnt, «rg* Oniinim,- «_ _ , ., ° .. a 'f tncss U'ho rin nm iiru.» .u_i_ • --" J " uvtiQ, VlllllUll lisillaher, Crcston Unire ant) Ed Mr. ami Mrs. Harry Worslcy and 5, „"„,,' , ," "'" ce aiul Ed illdrcn. Marearel. 11. P n.,,t P?I. ! „ " nl ?" "'tended services at the children, Margaret, H. P. and Ed uiday. „> Ulythevilfc Sat- J SundajSr church In Blvthoville ' Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Wood was in Blythevllle' on busin?ss Saturday. I.'.,. «<*» A MI^. duaiL-.-, u\c ,u-jve iu y Mcftinmes O. E. Thompson ami [ <fonc.5boro Sunday !o visit Mr. an<l ci -' ' '-- "'-- ' M " '-—•-••"-' who are at- sc - and James Dye drove to Howard Gowcn shopped in Bly- j Mrs. Lony's daughters, wno are at- l1 ""'" 1 " c ' •'--- ] tending Jonestero A. and M. col- „„,„„ girl theville Saturday. Mrs. Alvin Wundcrlich and ; daughter Betty visited in Memphis Saturday. Miss Louise Turner or Lusora accompanied Miss Lucille Botir- Innd o( Blythovllle over radio sla- (ion KI.CN Sunday. Mrs. James Driver ol Osceola the guest, other molher, Mrs. Miss Pauline Crowe spent Sunday with Miss Mildred Lonx. eight P "' 5 ' nni icr home Friday evening." Mrs. J. M. Argo Is visiting Mr. nd Mrs. Den Thomas of near Ca- iithersvlllc this week. Mrs. Glen Sullivan was the guest of Miss Uora Sullivan of Pascolo. Mr. and Mrs. Pug Mooro of ucc- or "vlsitod here Sunday. Mrs. Louis Collins and son vis- ed Mr. ami Mrs. Bailey Campbell Sunday. •William Khourie of Sleele visiteil Sunday afternoon. Hiram Pedlt of Thebes. 111., was the guest of Woodroiv ami Louise Tinner Sunday. Little i boon visitlno the past two months * with her grandmother, Mrs. W. A. Biniitly, has gone lo McGchce, Ark., to spend a few days with her mother. Miss Florcsc Denton of Memphis spent tlv neck cut! with her sister, Mrs. John Cowan and family. its mother, Sunday. •Mrs. Wolf Kl:ourle, Adolph Hlnsraw, who has bsen ill for n fe^months, is not, improving, Workers I'.uil Silver Dullars School Boy Patrol Returns to Traffic Duty ST. lhau 3,000 members of the School Hoy Patrol, boys between 12 and 10, have returned to duty at street inlcr^jclions here to gv.idt (heir H-houlinatc-.t through trnltic before No. 8 and Vicinity • A large crowd attcmlin:; the singing in the home ol, Mr. ami Mrs. W. C. Chirk Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. J. L-. Hamilton at'.d children, wilma nnd Darrell. Mr. ana Mrs. Howard O'ttean? and children, Willie and Donald ... Dean, nurt MM. S. V. Wolverton were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Peel, who has Jenkins Sunday Luther G?orge Parham. who is sick -with typhoid fever, suffered a relapse Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd itainln spsnl Saturday night uith Mrs. Hamlet's parents at Brngi;,-,dceio. A revival h In progress at, the Baptist, church al Ccoter. in charge of the pastor, ihs liev. Mr. Stephenson. Mrs. Earl Evans hns been confined to her bed with fever for several days. Mrs. Andrew LawLonv of Cooler spent Saturdav night mid Sunday re visiting Mr. and .Mrs. George Lawhorn near Number Nine. A report has rc.tched friends of Jewel Riley. formerly of this ii:isli- ATHOb. Mass. (UP)—once a an<l aflcr school hours. i'car on tlic annis'ersnrv of the ' r ''° P a t r °l boys wear white Sam Bounding O f (lie n™, tt :c Ansin | Bl ' oln '° ^its ana silver badges. Slice Company pay.; its employes I Tnp >' stand ou curbs and escort iviti, ,<!..„.. -,-,,- Isroups of children across the street, | The patrol was organized five years ago by the Automobile Club ol Mis- with silver dollars. r ujju u Courier News w»nt Ads P»y. souri.' . .- borhood, of his di-j-.h in a v,'re:k. Mrs. Lee WooJav;! and dauglner. -Mrs. Lii.tlier Gccr.;: Parham, are sick with fever. Their casc-s havr. . not been diagnosed. 'Mr. and Mrs. Anhi ir Ucor havj . . moved to the home of Earl lludgin>. near Yarbro, ai:d will keep house for JitmiMr-'rUiidglns lost his Vlfe several months ago. DOES YOUR TELEPHONE do this for you N you musl getT'lisprsiloncquickly"; with least effort... make an appointment ,.. place an order ;.. find a job ; i i meet an wuergcncy... use your tclenliouol In countless ways your telephone saves you time and money. Brings convenience .. i pleasure . .. protection. Use ii.' Jim Xnnrtris pis a;W» Jim Senders li.ns lirrn looking f<ir a j ( ,li. \Vlirn tlicy Ml.I -\\VII lei you Viiuw" lie. left liu Icicpliodc nunibcr. And litre's ;i c.ill for JJin: "\\Vrr inittinp on some more men. He i.n H.itul fir«l thing in lite iiiuii.iii^." cy fnrcs an hotir tclrptiana tlircc Blnrc«, flints vvhcfft lo col liir lirar.iIj.stjIrs,culur', flic w.uila ... saves «nli<uir of IKCiilcM slfi>j and worry. Reduced Prices PACIFIC WHAUN6 Children . 10c Adults . . 15c M Mr*. Milltr io^cci (i prdilrtn ^lut a silu.iticui! 1'rrrfticj rncly In )n up. anil not a COT nililior in t| K \mt,K. Mr Miller tdrptionn tin: procrr.., iix] |bc Lv, briogs them in A f«w minutes. -ifm. tliirtiliti nirris nil Vini-T&ncy Vatlir, rails by L.n- ,lisl.lnr<:: "Dnrottir, ra,,Ilirr ,5 ,mt v,U. ein't >< HI come limuc foe a [evi'il.ij.3" , raill . Ihr bird;- t,,,,c inr.,,.1, nl Ihc uflnc. 'IVI.y,y ,,, rfj} . ,,. rcl» .-.,! engagement, h lu leave ill 30 miumc*. IK you haven't a lH,-|.|,nne. u c Bii^-est von 1 onlrr one loday. \Vill.iu ;l „,,.; ynl] '-j| „.„,',„ li'iw you .nnn;.go,l n-iil,.,, lt it . . ; > ., ) ,,-|| nMn . lu.w many nmlloss MCI,, you've 'l.ccu takin- ...lioiv Hindi worry .iml inconvenience a telephone saves. Just call the Bt«' ; ,« Office. SOUTHWESTKRN BEul VSLEPHONE f^\ COMPANY . 1 A *•*.««, uig^o those who did nol bring iheir iiiiblts Saturdcy to leave them at 'e Home Demonslrat!on Aj^iu's flcs before Friday of (his week Afler lunch, Miss Cora Lee Cole»». l)0!iie demcnslration a^ent " r e a ricmonsti'ation in judging prcducls, using the official :orc card: Container (Appropriate package •ncl. neatness), 15; appearance :««, nealucjs). 25: pack (ar- ingciHcnt In jars). 15; uniformity 'penes, appropriate size). 15- texture, 10; flavor, 20. Total 100 Courier News Want Ads P»v. Patients admitted to the Blylhc- vil!e hospital today: Mrs. D. L. Boyd. city; Mrs. A. Wert, city. Mrs. Joe. Shanks, city, was dismUsid. Most for Your Money In a Good Laxative Thcuford's BLACK-DRAUGHT has bccm highly regarded for a long, Ions time, but it is bettor anpro- tlaicd now Uian ever l«(ore. Peo- |ilc aro ljuyint; evcrj'thini,' nioro carefully to.i.iy. In buying lUack-DrauBln, tln:y K<l the most for ihoir money. ilj n K-xnl. (.iffvllvo l:ixnllve, depciwl- :il»lu fur llie tolU-f of ordltury totlMl- lutluii troubled. 25 or more doses of Thedford's Black-Draught in a 25-eent packige /••or OMMrcx. yet pleataxt-laillilll ' BYItUl' a/ ' , Black-Drauykl. See Weisburd And See Better EVES TESTED FREE And Classes Fitted Read Courier News Want Ads. TRAVEL BY BUS Lowest. Rales - Fastest Time - Best Service From Hlylheville To Memphis - New Orleans - Dallas St. Louis - Kansas City - Chicago Tickets Sold Everywhere TWO SCHEDULES EACH WAY DAILY Bus Leaves—North Bound—1:05 A. AI. and 1:25 P. M. Soiilh Bound—4:40 A. M. and 5:45 P. M. Large Modern 1'arlor Coaches Look for (he Name "Egyptian" FOR TICKETS AM) INFOKMATION Gnff lintel. Phone 13G Dent Service Staticn, Phone 555 Egyptian Motor Lines, Inc. We're getting the public is getting VALUES... The people were here this morning- taking advantage of this Special Selling of Electrical Appliances Here are a few of the values: Vacuum Cleaners, $10 up Allmlin Floor Lamps, $2.50 up Leonard fee finxes, $12.50 up A rmstroitff Table Stoves, S5 Weslinyhousc Toasters, $3 Itoiuioir Lamps, $1.25 up Kleclric Washing Machines, $'15 up Wcstinyhousc Kanyes, $60 up iAaht Fixtures, $2 up Electric Percolators, $3 up Electric Mixers, $5 up Curling Irons, $1 Many of these items are brand new but have been scratched in handling, .some of them are items that have been used by our salesmen for demonstration purposes any of them will give long, .sal is factory service. Arkansas-Missouri i Power Co. }• \

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