Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 28, 1952 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1952
Page 8
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1952 CLASSIFIED PAGE Classified ads Must be in by 12:00 o'clock noon to Guarantee Publication the Same Day — Saturday up to 11:00 a. m. WANTED T^rp "wANTicr WANTED—Woman for salnd work. Holi-I Emmcrson. Pen Mr. Watson. » WANTED — Switchboard operator. Hotel Kmmemon, hours n to 11 p.m. Sen Mr. Vfatsnn. " WANTED—Full time htiuscksi'Pi'r, to slay in. Middle age Hlftl'nvey. !"••'" VTANTKD— Vonntr man (or retail snlfs work eiperlellfo not. neremnry. sli-ady work with opportunity for advancement (or the rtslit nuin For Information and H ,lervlr» write Ho* 1R1 c/o tte.Blnter News. WANTED—Eiperlenwrt waltrrs*. Apply In person. Parkmnrn Orlll. |()..'I0 WANTED—Dental assistant. Iloom 207. lot Nallonnl Hank Bids'. 10-28 WANTED—M»le accountant. Expe.rlrneed. Inritisirlai firm permanent position Stnte ate ounllllenllnnn and salary eipeffM Write Bns 2411 e/o Retlnler News. 10 -» NOTICE FARMERS—Wanted. soma L«« pedera to eomhlno on »hare» al once. Phono 087 W t- D. Broyle*. Denton (load 10*28 FOR KENT—S'A or 3-room sfflciencr an- furnished" apartment Modern, automatic heat rjarJwood floor* Sic* clossts Built In cahlnata. private Phons S87 If FOR KENT—Ons. two and IbrM-room apartmenU Pbon. 00* It HOUSES KOP. llfiN'T—Nice four room housn at loin Prairie. Avenue. (Jail Si! 00. tf Koll KENT—Small, clean modem fum- Inhed rotlaire. suitable for couple. Part utilities furnished. Phone 2441-BX. 10 .11 FOR RENT—Nice 3-room furnished apartment, private sioker heat, utilities paid Adults Phone :il»?. 10-H1 FOR KENT—furnished 3-ronm house, hath Utility room. S4B.0(I month. Inquire 810 No. HU> 81 10-28 MODERN 4-roorn rottaire. oil heat, water heater. Inquire oOO No. 8th. noon 'til nleht. 10-28 FOR RENT—100 acre form with B-room houae Would rent holh or separately. 4 miles northeast. Phono 381J-J2. 10-28 WANTED—Man able to drive car, etc: also woman toi maid work nod counter itlr) fnt snort order* Apply Hotel Hoffnar. Bluford 10-20 "BUSfNESS OPPORTUNITIES FOK HAt.K—Slo-'k and fixture of irrocery nl 3fl? So. S-lth. A real bamnln. Phone 311X11 W. , 10-2(1 FOR RENT OR LEASE—»0x*0 btilldlnu. Warehouse oi other occupancy Call WaHei Hyde 1201) aftat « p.m tf MISCELLANEOUS FOR HA US—Used treadle aewlnn nisphlnos. as low if* SHOO. Trim Kit Hewlim Hhop, 1)111 .Ionian. Phono 205(1-W. ' 10-20 !»12.3n EXCHANOE buys 45p|at« 24 month buttery, all tax paid. Birypllnn nailery Bo Tooth. 11 - 7 WA SHED and Oiled Sinker Coal Jfi.26, and Lump Coal J8.B0. Call .'IR27. 11.-1 WTI'i—Ilnhy Blltlnr by hour, day or weelt, Uall 4208. 11-a WANTED—Old Ago 1'noplu to room and hoard. AI»o baby silting In my homo. Phone 44IW-W. 10-30 PAINTING—Inside and oulsldo. Do sond work. Ervn Iloawrll. Phono 28811-W B02 South lfilh. street. 11-1 KOR RENT—Modern farm house, and hulldlne on Ilenton Road. Phone 2142-W, 10-28 FOR RENT—1014 Oakland about Nov. lit. fi room* and tnald'e room, fully • modern, stoker forced air heat, soou" garage. II. i Myaer I004.J evening*. 10-20 FOR RENT—In Marlon: 8-room modern two story house 4 bedrooms, unfurnlsh ed, lame yard, 1400 Olenrtals. Phone llftOR Roberta. Marlon. III. 10-28 FOR IIEN'J — 4-rnom furnished duplex Fron' ncreened in porch. Adult*. No peti. Inquire MP, 8o. S!0l.h 10-20 FOR SALE—Cheap. <warler» of baby beef. alio young *U«rs Gilt Knox. Phone 8886 W4 «• ti PFAFF Sewing machinal Without attachment! buttonhole*, monorranxi. em brolderi u*i on button* !>«• demonetra Hon Pbon* 4058-J tl-S FOR TOP SOD. or fill dirt Phona 8822-Wl or 8021 P B Bullock. 10-28 FOR DRINKING water Phona 3822-W1 or 8621 P R Bullock 10-20 FOR SALE—100 lb flout bill 20c each or 82 pet doxen Dawlilnt Bakery tf FOR SALE—Man'» anil alta 42—38 trou •era Oray-blue. a]' wool never been worn 8Zo Call 1183 aliet 6 p.m tf FIRE EXTINOmajJEtto— All typea and •Ilea of Randolph Fir* Cxtlnrulahera at Banolat Bro* Hardware tf PURINA DOO CHOW Build* Condition— ft'» a Squar* Meal a favorite, a real treat tor anr dot Riley Produce 218 So lltn tf ifOR SALE—ComplaU racUarant flxtnra* Phone 406 tf FOB BAUD—Tired of Ironing with yonr heavy weight trot) f rrade It In today on 1 new Steam Featherweight Iron at Fealb eratun'a Moat all brand* on dlepiay tf OPHOLSTEM1NO and Rllpcoreri «Jao cue torn mad* furniture Free eatlrnntee Free pick up and delivery within 70 mile eadltie Office Inure 0:00 • m —fl 00 p m Monday 4h rough Friday Salurdaj 0:00 a •.. 12 30 p m "Hatlefactlod Gliaranteod ' ArtUtlc Opholatcring, 1701 So lOtb Phone 1702 tf TO* fMyrrtCD tU, Mora lnataHatloea. Phene 1134, R Klamaa. Baoteti aVoad, ML Varnoa. m. Dealer for "U» OAS. tf RADIO & RADIO SERVICE FOR EXPERT radio repair, call Warren'* Bottle Oaa Phona 1844. tf RADIO tCffVICC — CALL 111 — FHIl PICKUP AND DKLIVCRV We rwpalr ana verree* ann ratfle failure In aeeartlenee with meelara engineering grtnelyhw. The reiull I* a guerenleee latltfaatary |ek Art FaattieratHn 1112 •reeeway. Twawe tee tee free ef •hargav tf ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES REFRIOEftATOB SERVICE on all make* refrlteralor* and alt condition eejulD- ment Fred Bkagga Phone 1487 tf USED RADIO — A r*w vary gaeX .en Ml. meiel* enel table meewl*. Prleew far auUk aele Featheretun'a 1111 Braaelway tf VACUUM CUCANEHB are otu only boat neee Maw and uaed Parte eervica any make W« rant cJeaneri Phone 1013 City Uall Bldg O B Buford tf WRINGER ROLL* fat any weiher Bring In ale rail* far wringer Featharatun't Nadle talaa. 1112 Sreaaway Fraa alekug ana delivery Phone 222. tf 000D USED appliance* Bafntaratara. Oa* Stovee. Electric I tore* nTarneec* Btovea Rudloe Televtelor Beta From 88.00 Boy on Eaay Term* Ooedy *a> terrtee Bton. Pbonee 1101 or 1008 U WASHERS BENDII automatic wuher repair eerrlce Alto parte Warren'* Bottl* Gaa. Phone 1844. tf MARKETS By Aaeeeleted Prete REAL ESTATE HOUSES AUTOMOTIVES FOR RENT — B-room unfnrnUhed modem houae with baaement at 417 No Oth Phone IK23 or 2828 tf FOR RENT—New 4-room home, 8B0 00 per month See Jnmleon Ileal Batata, tf FOR ItENT—B-room ranch-type houae with all built-in feature* and carpeted floor Hue on Central Air Port road In Molt War ron addition Alen 3 room* modern, turn lehed apartment Apply at 2124 Parkin* W II Andomon U EXPERIENCED tree trimming! topping tree*. *afa removal of treo* Tree* for aalo. Call 2II06-W after 1 p.m, 11-1 FOR UPHOI.STERV and furniture repairing. Phon* 0B8-W J. L. Wlnfreo 11-22 CALL E H A SONS. 3047 liluford. 111., for tree trimming and tree removal. Chain saw and caterpillar equipment Can deliver Icnt-tli hickory, oak barbecue and fireplace wood 11-20 MOST PLACES you may have to wait two week or longer for irlnH »c». Wo may moko vour glnaac* while you wait. Have your eye* axainlned once a year. Fifty different atylo* to »alect from Dr John W William*. Op- tomalritt. 110 North 10th SI, Mt. Vernon, 111. 12-20 FOR RENT — Furnlehed B-room modern hou*c. 618 So. 20lh Phone 1680-J. tf ROOMS NICE large eleeptnt room*, dottblt or aln- gle Stoker hoaL good parking apace. Phone 4018. 42S No Oth. tf FOR RENT—Nice front room. 1% block. North of Square. Ladle* only. Phone 23U8-J U TO 0I5NTLEM AN—Comfortable modern bed room, clot* In on quiet afreet Ph 138-J u FOR SALE—OMC truck. Fruehauf Trallor. 20 foot long, grain «ldc». Will aell to gethnr or aeparate. 1(100 So. Oth. Call 2100-W. 10-28 FOR SALE—1048 ton Chevrolot Truck. Low mileage, ('lean, with heater, ra/llo, •un visor, other. acccaaarlo* Cheap, will finance Kill A. Moore, Se»«er, III. Phono 78-113. 10-31 FOR SALE—104(1 l"/4-tnn Ford truck. 2»peed axle: 1047 K, I). 0 International truck with grain hod and trailer Will eell eeparately Phone B72M or *ee Pedad Well*. 40BR. North St. 10-20 CLEAN USED oar* bought and .out Trade. Term* Moore Mntora. Waltonvtlle Boad al 12th Ph 20B3-W U BEAUTY SHOP MACHINE Permanent* »4.B0 Cold Wave fleleno Curtis, Rayotle, Rockctt $(1.B0. 87.B0, *10.00. Pliotie 1414. 11-1 COAL FOR RENT—Nice large sleeping room Imealr optional I Private entrance and bath ulock from Field and Innlor High School One or two ladiaa or couple Phone 1400 after 0 p.m. If MISCELLANEOUS « FOR RENT—Office apace, north aide of Square Cull 004 tf FLOOR SANDING, (loot tile. plaaUe wall 111* Free tatlmale Satisfaction guar anteed Phone Raymond Edmleon. 4fiB8-.II or Roy Haye 8837-J If WANTED — Cabinet and light carpenter work F L R.Olff. 610 Ho 24th St. Phone 8078J. U-l LAWN MOWER grinding, repairing KEYS made, lock* repaired. A S Hodge, 811 Bo IStb Street 10-30 DEAD STOCK WANTED—Phone collect Barry Smith, Knenaa (11 58 Woodlawn. Dal* E.tea. 831 Mt Vernon. • tf WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BUY—0 or 8 fl. meat box. Write Box fl c/o Heglater-New*. 10-20 ..RABBITS—Virgin Doea anil Buck*, weighing 4 to B lb*. Fair price, bring to 1012 Prairio alter 4 p.m. Phono 1142. 10-28 WANTED—From private party, beat Ford. Chevrolet or Plymouth $260 will buy, Phone 2442. tf WANTED TO BUY—8 or * ueed nig* from own.r: alao utility cabinet. Phone 000. 10-28 WANT TO BUY—Good quality 60 lb. plge. Clifford Cherry. Phone 3288-J. 10-28 DON'T OIVE your equity away. I buy or trade for equttl**. city or farm*. 4058-.!. ^ 11-13 FOR RENT APARTMENTS FOR BEST—3-room unfiirnlahr-il apartment on bun line, anuth 12th, J'JB.OU. Call 320-1 after 4 tun. 10-31 FOR KENT—l-room furnleliod nparlmeiit. atoker boat, ground floor. Phono 17H3-W * tf FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS SPECIAL—While thoy laat— Radio free with each ga» range. Several make* On* hoi water honier* $011.08. Boo our Dom- onatrulor Oil Heater without a fluo burn tng. Several used oil heatorn, Selglor, Quaker. $80 up, Coal elovc* $10 up. Uaed Ben- Ulx wn»)ier .fHII.BO: Hamilton dryer, oloc- trie $811.30. Uaed Perfection oil ranges. New radio tubes 2B% off. Shollane Bottle On* and Service. Wurron'a Iloltle Gas, 1300 Wnllcinvlllo llond. Phono 1844. tf FORj SALE—Coal, lump, egg, Blotter, rca- • onahlo prices Also buy scrap Iron. Thone 4324 or 4100-J. 11-8 CHICKS WOODLAWN PENNANT CHICKS—Final Cloan-up sale—Big Hu*ky Started Chicks, some alrendy well feathered. All at Day Old Price. "Dixie Better Food*" and Poultry Supplies. Woodlewn Hatchery, Phone 2271 tf FARM EQUIPMENT FOR SALE OR TRADE—1060 No. 02 Mc- Cormlck Combine with motor, Cropsuvcr Pickup reel, pickup attachment Combined 886 acre* $078 or trade for U Farm all. Car, Truck or what havo your LbO Rapn. Belle Hire, III. (Ph, Dahlgrcn, III., 68R14 10-28 MIDWEST HOMES—4 to 7 room*. Low in i'o»l, HlKh In Quality. All houses custom built to your apeclflcatlons and floor plan Ileal the winter weather with our ono day eliell erection. Write for free catalog or see our 8 model homes on display at Midwest Building Co.. Box 334-PA. Charleston, ni Open seven days por week. 10-20 BUSINESS BUILDING—Centrally located In business district, 0 .tore front, 70 font frontage. 4 complclely modern apart- nients. now ntoam beating plant. Income $B00 a month. Prico $30,000, terms arranged. For further particulars contact Kagay Realty Company, Effingham. 1111 nols. 10-28 WALL STREET By Allocated Pretf NEW YORK — With very little enthusiasm, the stock market today held steady. A point either way covered the bulk of the price changes, and many leading issues remained unchanged or nearly so most of the day. Volume was unimportant — an estimated 1,100,000 shares. The total Monday was a million shares. A pre-election apathy seems to have settled on the stock market. Railroads were narrowly mixed. Steels held small gains doggedly. Utilities also showed small gains, and the coppers and oils displayed plus signs from time to time. Otherwise the market was fairly quiet. Higher were Bethlehem Steel, American Smelling, Sinclair Oil, Mclntyre-Porcupine and Lockheed. Lower were International Harvester, Du Pont, and Johns-Mans- villc. Corporate bonds were narrow.. U. S. governments in the over the counter market were quiet. CHICAGO PRODUCE By Associated Pre* CHICAGO. — Butter weak; re ceipts 276,151; wholesale buying prices V2 to 1 cent lower; 93 score AA 69.5; 92 A 69.5; 90 B 67; 89 C 65.25; cars: 90 B 67.75; 89 C 66. Eggs irregular; receipts 7,150; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1 cent lower; U. S. large whites 66; mixed 59; U. S. mediums 47; U. S. stadnards 45-48; current receipts 39; dirties 33; checks 30. Driver Accused Of Manslaughter By Associated Press FT. PIERCE, Fla.—Manslaughter charges were filed yesterday against John Henry Jones, 29, driver of an automobile which the Florida highway patrol said collided with another machine during a game of "chicken" at the St Lucie Airport The car driven by Jones collided head-on Sunday with one driven by Henry Hayward Peterson, 24, who was killed in the crash. Highway patrolmen said the two men, each with a young woman companion, were playing a game in which drivers race their cars toward each other to see which will be the first to turn aside. Jones and both young women were iniured. The cars were demolished. and utility to packers $12.00814.00; cull to goo dewes $4.00$5.50. FOR SALE—Modern 0-room home. Priced reasonable. 1012 Cherry. 10-28 SHOES AND HARNESS repaired at Fry'* Shoe Repair Shop, 10S No. 6th St. 11-7 FOR SALE—Owner leaving town Large 2-room house, 1203 So. 20tb St. Alao 4. room house. Wilford Dixon. 1304 Westcott. Phone 3306-W. 10-30 FOR SALE—6-room home, full baaement with partitioned gam* room Screened porch, automatic heat, hardwood floors, beautiful shrubbery. Large fenced back yard with Bar-BQ pit Frame garage, northwest location One block from Lincoln school. Owner leaving town. Ph 1086 10-20 FOR SALE—2 bedroom efficiency house 0.1 and F.H.A combination loan See .lane Oliver within one week. 2800 Cherry Phone 4284. 10-28 NEW AND OSED ALL MODERN HOUSE TRAILERS FOR SALE CENTRA! PONT1AO CO.. S21 W BUOADWAT CEN« TRALIA. ILL. U MISCELLANEOUS FURNITURE SEWING MACHINES—Singer Kloclrlc and Itriiille*. Repairing and parts. Liberal Iriitln In, terms. IflOB Harrison. Phono 1(181-J. Clnvmltfcr. 10-31 FOR HALE—LcccliNuavillo Generator, for 2-wuy radio. Remington .22 Pump rifle new. Glen Willis. 207 So. 10th. Phone 800B-W. lO.yi PREPARE FOR SPRING—Bulbs, Peet. Vlg- oro, Krlllitin We sell (he best for loas Plinno ID83-J Cmtis, Florist. 11-1 FOR SALE—14 In. 2-bottom tractor plov, on rubber, like new. 4•wheel farm trail er. Electric heater. Merrlman, 1210 So 12th. 10-28 FOR SALE—Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner with all attachment*, Two used rug* 0110 reversible Phone 771-J. 10-28 OIKLS 'St. Mary" Brushod Wool Royal Blue Coat mid Legging* set. Slxe 4, ex- collent condition $8,00. Call 3B7U-WX after 5:30 p, m. 10-30 FOR RENT"—l-room furnished apartment. Electric refrigerator, gne stove, oil heater. 7211 So. I8lh. Phono 3778-W. 10-21) 3-room furntBhed apartment, private bath and entrance, electric kitchen, hot walcr. oil furnace heat, close lu. Adults. Phono «B00. 10-30 FOR RENT—Lower 4-room unfurnished aparlmenl, 3 closet*, clean. Good heat. Aluci 2-room furnished cottage, private, electric refrlteralor. 120 No. Olh. Phono 24 73. j,., FOR RENT 3 Room and Bath Unfurnished Apartment- Private 714 So. 24th FOR SALK-^-1 Boy's and Girl'* coat, good condition. 418 K. Main Bt, 10-28 HOUSE TRAILERS BUV ROGERS MOBILE HOME On Easy Terms A complete itne of nationally known trailer home*, all lengths, stylos, and prices to tit your family and pockot book New end U«ed Ask to see the new Howard Mansion Open evenlnirs. Sunday SALES and SERVICE ROGERS TRAILER RANCH Rentoul. Illinois 4-room unfurnished apartment. Modern except heat. Front and back enlr.incn Venetian blinds, S block* ol Square. Phone 2835-J. 10-28 a , —.—. — FOR RENT—Decorated, all modern 3-room apartment, ra* Hove and refrigerator, $35.00. Phone 3005-W. - 10-28 FOR RENT—Modern, unfurnished pleasant 3 rooms, share utility room. Close In. Strictly prtvsie 221 So. 12th. Call IrtOIJ evenings. 10-31 FOR RENT 1206 Main, 4 room modern, furnished, first floor. 317 S. 9th, S room modem. 215 S. 12th. 3 rooms, modern. Phone 400 or 48 JULIA RUTHERFORD FOR RENT—Modern 2-room furnished apartmeut, electric refrigeration, (loiter heat, near High School. 404 So. 7th. 10-28 FOR RENT—B-room unfurnished apartment Piped for Gas beat, slo-re and wa- tcr heater. Prirate entrance. Inquire Price's Market. 1010 So. 12th. Call IS23-J. tf MODERN furnlehed 2-room apartment electric range and refrigerator. Oil heat 811 So. 21«t Phone 240-W. t , LADY'S all wool suit, like new; 4 Mouses, 3 dresses, sue •!'.', shorl. Phono 3207-.!. 10-28 HALLOWE'EN—Masks, wigs, hand*, feet, confetti, nnisrmakiTS, Jack-o'-lanterua. Comiiloio selection. Open eveniuga. Walker's 217 Mam. 10-30 DOG COLLAR TAGS—Brass plate* with your mime, address, phone number. 36c. Walker's, 217 Main. 10-30 FOR SALE—Metal doublo utility, kneeholo desk, piano bench. Morrlman, 12111 So. 12lh, Phono 2470. 10-28 NEW and USED furniture. We buy, sell and trade. West Side Furniture. 1812 Perkins. Phone 4-1-11. tf FRUITS AND VEGETABLES APPLES are plentiful at Wilkinson's. Rod Delicious. Bon Dnvls, Winesap and Golden Delicious. Nice lot of squash. Special Ibis week, H woo I cider nt 3Bo gallon, you furnish Jug. Prlcon always reasonable at Wllheraon's. 1600 So. 10th. 10-31 APPLES—Golden Delicious, Itomo Bonuty and Gano. Fred Hawking Fruit Farm, soulh edge of DIx on Rt. 37, 8 miles north of Mt. Vernon, 10-28 FOR SALE—The best In apples, Rod and Golden Delclous, Jonathan, Wine Sap. and Grimes Golden. J. 0, Riley, 1310 So. 12lli street. 11-7 ROBERT TEAL will not he responsible for any debts except those made by himself. 10-20 NOTICE—Allen'* Homo Made Ice Cream at 1003 Jordan is again open dally from 8:30 a.m. until 0 p.m., except Monday, 10-31 FOR FREE HOME demonstration of the Necclil Sewing Machine, Call 2058-W or write Trim Fit Sowing Shop, 010 Jordan. 10-31 RUMMAGE SALE—Saturday, Nov. 1st. at City Hall from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. By Home Bureau 10-31 DR JOHN W WILLIAMS. Optometrist. 118 North 10th St.. Mt. Vernon. III. S-18-53 NEW HEARING Aid* a* low as $76.00 Batteries Williams Jswslry. lie No 10th. Mt Vernon 3-10-63 HERBERT'S—A name It will PAT to re member' "Herbert th* Jeweler" 313 South 10th Street. 11-10 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE—14 pigs, 10 weeks old. 11 miles cast of Kell. Clayton Rlankciihhlp, Kell, III. 10-20 NOTICE- Complete well drilling and watei system installation end services Haynes * Schell B a 1. Gaff 01 Phone «lflft Fairfield tf CAR WASHING ti 60 end Vacuum cleaned Ace Parking loL oft I B Cornei Square on Broadway If FOR SALE—Cheater White Sow with papers. Spotted Poland Sow with papers. J. E. Atkinson, Rt. 7. Phono 3018-J4. 10-3S FOR SALE—Baby boef, 4 month* old, weight around 415 lbs. Sam Reynolds. Wiiltonvllle Road. 8 miles out. 10-20 MILh COWS — Calves by side. Honvy Springers, all sites, heifers, 15 Feeder Steers Daniels. Bluford. 10-30 FOR SALE—Duroc boar*, gill* and wann­ ing pig* Phone 3008-WS after 4:30 Clarence Stroud, Tolle road. U MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS—Now and used Instrumeau. Rentals. Music. Accessories Open Evenings. Fenton's, 300 So. 4th. Phone 1603. 11 -7 PETS FOR SALE—Boxer telltale gentle, aulot disposition, 1 year old. Beautiful fawu, heap Mrs. Ruby Bartram, 202 West Main Salem. Phoiio 004 or 87(1. 10-30 MARION LODGE No 13 1.0.0.F meets every ruesday 7.30 p m 13] No 10th Visiting brother* welcome tf MOVING WALTER HUGHES—Local and *tate-wid» moving, experienced and equipped 114 No. Oth Street—Pbon* 3609. 11-18 LOST LOST—Cameo necklace, double faced etch, tng, Reward. Phone 1374 after 4 p.m 10-28 LOST—50c Piece with Booker T. Washing, ton picture. Reward. Phone 2330-R. 10-20 STRAYED—3 Hampshire hog*. $10.00 reward. Hosie Wilson, Bonnie, III. Phone 30B0-J4. 10-20 CARD OF THANKS FOR,SALE—Registered 4 year old English Setter Bird Dog. Trained, atso 17 months old English Setters. 0 mile* northwest of Keeues. Vi mile sotuhoast Garrison Temple Church. H. H. Flack. 11-1 GUNS—Winchester. Remington, Steven* Ithica. Moasberg, II. & R„ Beretta, Colt' Shotguns, Rifles, Revolvers. Walker's 217 Main. 10 . 30 HUNTERS—Coats, pants, caps. hats, boots eocke. vests, shell bells, shells, bags. Walkers 217 Main. 10-30 FOR SALE—4 Pointers and 3 Setter Bird Dogs from 2H to 5 years old. 2 young coon ilog». 1310 No. 12th St. Phone 4218-M. 11-1 DOGS BOARDED—Warm individual pans Ma* Callander Phons 000J ti DOGS BOAHDED — Groomed, sheared and bathed Will call for and deliver Happy's Pel Shop No 28tb and Ricbriew road Phone 4283 tf HUNTING SUPPLIES—Lights, compass. whistles, collars, chains, duck-goose calls hand warmers, cleaning rods, oil, knive* gun cases, traps, recoil pads, carbide tar' gets, life preservers. Walker's, 217 Main Open eveuinga. 10-30 FOR SALE—8-room house, mint be moved be.. Harold Vuichard, 2nd houso south of * iltuig icrminal. Benton Road. 10-29 SPECIAL BARGAINS in good quality clothing Hand made Xmas Gifts. Will also do alterations. Call 3375, 705 No. 18th. 10-31 FOR SALE—One chicken picker; 1 Sanl- tary Scale, both like new. Call 4220 10-20 FOR RENT — Dnfurnlahed apartment. 3 . .r °°5" *' nd ""th- Modern except heat 1017-B So. 10th St. Phone 607 or 994. . 10-30 4-ROOM efficiency, modern, unfqmiihed, .basement, garage, Borth aid* on bus line •46. Phone 17. u FOR SALE 5 Room House Modern, good barn, 5 lots, on contract. Close In. P. O. BOX 383 Permanent Antifreeze, $3.60 per gallon, nrT? 11 *-,!,' '*„•*• k* 1 " Carr, Redidance on WaltoDTiU* Road. tf STOVES FOR SALE—2 Coleman oil heater*, good condition. 110 No. 14th St. ti FOR SALE—Warm Morning Healer, srood as now. Usod two years. $46.00. Phone 32D6-W, XO-28 FOR SALE—6-room oil heater, Kalamazoo. heatar and tanks ready to go. $30. 1007 Lamar. 10-30 We wish to express our sincere thanks to Rev. Bird Green. Myer* Funeral Service, Mrs. Ralph Estea, and to, all our friends, neighbors and relatives who assisted in any ww during the illness and death of our mother Mr*. Barbara Sherley Groves. GOLD1E ARNETT, VIOLET WAGGLE, MARY SBIMNER. IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of my dear son, LeRoy P. Giles, who pawed away two years ago Oct. 28lh, 1060. Sadly missed by: HIS MOTHER, MRS. NELLIE R. ORR1CK. HEAT WITH GAS. The Mrvant that never •leep*. Enloy fully automatic hoat with a ga* heater or a gas floor furnace. See our complete line of gas heating equipment. Hamper Skelga*. 105 No. Bth. Phone 018. 11.20 111 memory oi Clifford Ventres*, who passed away, three long years ago today, Oct. 28, 1048, but whose memory is al ways with us and will never be forgotten. Cliff's life woe trite and faithful. And his heart was filled with love; Trusting Jesus as his Saviour Till he joined Him up above. Some day we shall go to meet him. When there will b« no more goodbyes: 1 can think of nothing sweeter Than our meeting in the skiss. Sadly missed by: WIFE, DAUGHTER. FOR SALE: Magic Chef gas stove, 45-ln. cedar chest, 3 cushion, inner spring studio lounge with slip covers, Frederics professional hair dryer excellent condition, used less than 10 hrs. 209 S. 12th St—Phone 2835-J OIL H EAT CR SERVICE— Carburetors sol- enUfically cleaned and tested Warren's Boills Gae. 1300,.Waltonvtlle road. Phone —SwS, eg In loving memory of my dear wife, Effio S. Rtslay, who passed away two years ago today. Oct. 28, 1850, Sadly missed by: HER HUSBAND. IRL RISLET ANTJ ALL WHO KNEW HER. To Grow Strong Health* Chicks And Save Mono* Use- Red Comb Chick Starter - (Available) with MajpnaO , See Your Local Dealer FAIR FEED CO. Di*. . Mt raraeaa, DL LIVESTOCK By Associated Press NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (USDA). — Hogs 10,500; several hundred head choices Nos. 1 and 2 tos hippers and butchers $17.85; heavier weights scarce; 150-180 lbs. $15.50-$17.25; 120-140 lbs. $12.50-$14.75; sows 400 lbs. down $16.50-$17.25; few $17.50; heavier sows $14.50-$16.29; boars $11.50$15.00. Cattle 6,000, calves 1.800; few low commercials $20.00-$22.75; medium to good quality replacement steers $21.50; heifers and mixed yearlings opener! about steady; good and choice $25.00$30.00; good to prime vealers $26.00-$34.00; odd head of prime to $36.00; utility and commercial vealers $16.00-$25.00; heavy slaughter calves in liberal supply; little done early. Sheep 1.800: choice and prime lambs $23.50-S24.5(); 100 head high choice and nrime $25.00; good and choice $2n.OO-$23.00; few native feeding lambs $15.00-$16.00; cull ST. LOUIS PRODUCE By Associated Press ST.. LOUIS — Produce and live poultry: , Eggs: A A large 59-60; A large 55, A mediums 44-46; A small 2933, B large 43-46. Butter; 92 score 69%-70V 2 , 90 score 66 M.-67. 89 score 64V2-65V2. Other prices unchanged. CHICAGO POULTRY By Associated-'Press CHICAGO — (USDA) — Live poultry: firm; receipts 1,675 coops; f. o. b. paying orices unchanged; heavy hens 22-25; light hens 17.520; roasters 19-31; fryers or broilers 34-35.5; old roosters 18-20; ducklings 32; young torn turkeys 31.5-32.6; hen turkeys 38-38.5. HAS MODEL PLAN— Model June King has thrown her shapely frame behind efforts of a New York state assemblyman to equip all models with special identification cards. June is tired of hearing how some shady ladies try to pass themselves off as models. Says she: "I think the profession deserves to be considered as dignified as selling insurance." CASH GRAIN By Associated Press CHICAGO — Cash wheat: None; Corn: New: No. 1 yellow 1.57%; No. 2 yellow 1.57%-58%; No. 3 yellow 1.50%-57; No. 4 yellow 1.44%-51%; No. 5 yellow 1.41% ; Old: No. C yellow 1.58; No. 3 yellow 1.59%-60%; No. 4 yellow 1.52% -58%; No. 5 yellow 1.58%; sample grade yellow 1.46-56%; Oats: No. 1 heavy white 91-9^%; No. 1 extra heavy white 94%; sample grade heavy white 84% soybeans: No. 2 yellow Illinois origin, track Chicago: 2.87; No. 2 yellow Indiana, track Chicago: 2.87%. Barley nominal: malting 1.35-81; feed 1.28-32. Field seed per hundredweight nominal: sweet clover white 9.00-10.00, yellow 9.00-9.75; redtop 38.50-39.00; alsike 31.5032.50; timothy 13.50-14.00; rod clover 31.50-32.50. Soybeans: none. Grass Fire on Truman Farm KANSAS CITY.—A grass fire damage the farm of President Truman Monday. Two of the President's nephews, Gilbert and Harry Truman, who live on the property, put out the fire before it reached the Truman house. ATTENTION COMMERCIAL TRUCK OWNERS See SEARS for SPECIAL PRICES And SPECIAL COMMERCIAL CREDIT TERMS On ALLSTATE TRUCK TIRES SEARS 10th St. Phone 3000 Bulldozing, Land Clearing Excavating, Ponds Lshss BsssmsnU Rosd Building Griding Winch Cits SEE PHONI WRITE JOHN J. OSI.AGER TRANSPORl CO. Wiltonvllls Ross) Mt Virnon. III. Phons fit* Your DRI- GAS Dealer Riggs Maytag Sales Co. Phone 1210 Mt. Vernon. 1U SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! BUY YOUR PRECISION ALLSTATE REBUILT ENGINE TODAY! 1. GUARANTEED same, as new car 2. GUARANTEED new car economy ^ 3. GUARANTEED new car performance 4. PURCHASE on our easy pay plan FORD — CHEVROLET PLYMOUTH 1933- 1951 $20 DOWN $13 A MONTH Installed — Exchanged DRIVE AS YOU PAY See Mr. MAX LINK SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Ill North Tenth Street Phone 3000 Newest! Nimblest! Power Racked Beauty Come Rit It Through Its Races! Thrill to Its Surging V-Eight Power! NEW 140-H.P. RED RAM V-EIGHT Nudge the accelerator, and feel the eager response of the most efficient engine design in any American car! This new 140-h.p. Red Ram V-Eight is alive with power. It makes y6u the master of hill and highway with a magnificent reserve of acceleration at your command whenever you need it! Right now, at your Dodge dealer's, there's a sleek Power Packed Beauty that is just waiting for you to get behind the wheel and take a "Road Test" ride. Gome drive it today! You'll discover a new kind of car, built for action and tailored to the needs of active, on-the-go Americans. It will open your eyes. Specifications and Equipment lubjed to chaw without notice. All NEW!.. .BRAND NEW! '53 Dodge NEW Cargo-Carrier Rear Deck ... up to 11 cu. ff. more room NEW Travel-Lounge Interiors ... with seats that combat fatigue s NEW Jet Air-Flow Hood ... feeds air to engine, boosts performanesj NEW Pilot-View Curved Windshield ... and wrap-aroundrear window ROAD TEST 7$e '?4ctfb/? for/fertile /4/v &7c&/?$ VISIT YOUR gODGE DEALER TODAY De WITT-MAXEY MOTOR CO.. Inc. 318-320 South 10th St. Mt. Vernon, Illinois Phone 715

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