Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 27, 1952 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1952
Page 10
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«s 10 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS CLASSIFIED I Mia: L Classified ads Must be in by 12:00 o'clock noon to Guarantee Publi cation the Same Day — Saturday up to 11:00 a. m. WANTED TJETTP^ANTED" WANTED—Hcnlal assistant. Room National Bank BMr. 207. 1st J 0-88 WANTED Expirli-nrml woman cook—Dsy shift. Applj m person. Parhmoro Orm. HOUSES MODERN 4-room cotlaire. oil heat, water hnater. Inquire (100 No. 8lh. ooon 'til nliht. 10-28 KURNrSHKD Cottnre, 4 rooms, 2 closots Newly decorated. Oil heat, a/lnlts. No pe(«. •fit, No. Olh. Phono 40)8. It BUICK CAR SOPP1.IED—Salrmnn: nearby ,„»•,„• name nlnto for houses: JIW-llo NATIONAL ENGIMVEHS. Boston. 10-27 Ol -n RELIABLE MANUFACTURER will flnanee completo stock of merchandise for you to mart In business of your own where you run be your own boss eeHIn*. to farm home- In Jeffewon County No wsll- Inc exp»TiM>nr nerensnry—wo show you how. Qooo «(i >ad.v Inrome rlijht from start In pleasant, profllable work For I^ull Information write. rilAS W. HEFNER. SB 18 Mt. Vernon. Illinois 10-27 formation rjolleee Ave WANTED—Car wnahcr Immediately. Apply at Aeo Parking Lot. ___ WANTED—Men, 2. operate farm tractors Bon 218 OWawvtlle, 111. Phono 161.. 10-27 WANTED—Male accountant. Experienced. Industrial firm, permanent position State a«e. qimllMriuinns and salary expected. Write Box 24". e/o lle»l»ter-Newa. X0-Z8 NOTICE FARMERS—Wanted, some Let- pedczn In eotnlilne on share* n-t once. Phono II87W L. I) Ornylea, Benton Road WANTED—Man able to drive car. etc: also woman for maid work and counter girl lei »bort order* Apply Hotel Hoffnar, Bluford. 10 -~ n BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR RENT OR LEASE—10x40 bulldlni. Warohoo** or other ooenpanei Call Walter Uyda 120D after « o-nj M MISCELLANEOUS WANTED—Old Aire Teoplo to room and board. Also baby elttln* In my home. Phono 4400-W. 10-80 PAINTING—Insldr and outside. No good. work. Erva llonwell. Phono 288II-W. B02 South 16th mrect. ll-l FOR RENT 1 —100 aero farm with B-roorn house. Would rent both or neparately. 4 miles norlheasl. Phone 381I-J2. 10-28 FOR RENT—Modern farm houso, and buddlnr on Honlon Road. Phone 2142-W. 10-28 3-room furnlihcd apartment, private bath and entrance, electric kitchen, hot water, ntl furnace heat, close In. Adults. Phone 4600. 10-.'I0 FOR RENT —fl-room home, modern except heat. 236 So. 17th. Phono H720-W. 10-27 FOR RENT—1014 Oakland about Nov. 1st. B room* and mald'n room, fully modern, nloker forced air heal, rood »araie. M. J tyyaer. 1004-J evening;*. 10-20 FOR RENT—Unfurnished 4-room duplex, modern. In-A-Door bed In dlnlnr room, raraire. Wept. Inquire 428 No. 10th. Phone 4200. 10-27 FOR RENT—In Marlon; 8-room modern two story house. 4 bedroom*, onfurnlsh ed, larr* yard, 1400 Olendale. Phone 116K-R Roberta. Marlon, 111. 10-28 FOR RENT — 4-room furnished duplex. Front screened In porch. Adults. No pets. Inquire B16 So. 20th 10-20 FOR RENT — li-room unfurnished modern house with basement at 417 No Oth Phone 1623 or 2628. tf FOR RENT—New 4-room homo. JS0.00 per month See Jamison Real Estate, tf FFAFF Bewlnt machines Without attach. ments. buttonholes, monorrams, embroiders sews on buttons Frs* demonstration. Phone 4068-J 11-3 FOR TOP SOIX or fill dirt Phone B822 W1 or 8021 P S Bullock. 10-20 FOR DRINKINO water Phone 8822 W1 or 3021 P R Bullock 10-20 FOR SALE—100 lb flour bate. 20c seen or J3 per doxen Hawkins Bakery tf FOR SALE—Man's stilt tile 42—88 trot). sers Gray-blue. »l* wool, never been worn 126 Call 1182 allei 6 p.m tf FIRE EXTINOrjIflHERo—All types and •lues of Randolph Fir* Bxttnrulshers at Osnolst Uros Hardware. If PURINA 000 CHOW Bolide Condition- It's a Square Meal a favorite, a real treat tor any doi Riley Produoe 216 So 11th tf FOR BALK— Complete restaurant ttstorc* Phone 40*. M FOR BALE—Tired of Inning with poor be«»» welrht Iron' frade ll to today on a new Steam Featberwelchi Iron at Feeth aretuo's tfoei all brand' on dirpiay tf OPIIOLSTEH1NQ and BUpoovere Also cue torn made furniture Free eetlmate* Free Dick up and delivery wltbln 70 mile radius Office hours OiOO a m.—6:00 p. to Monday through Friday Saturday 0:00 a •>, 12 30 p. m "Satisfaction Guaranteed " Artlstle Upholstering. 1701 So 10th Phone 1702 tf AUTOMOTIVES FOR SALE—OMC truck, Fruehauf Trailer, 2(1 foot lonir. irraln sides. Will soil together or separate 1000 So. Oth. Call 21(!tl-W. 10-28 FOB INSTALLATION and service of |M. appliances, home and commercial, Call Warren's Bottle Gas Phone 1844. tf OIL HEATER SERVICE —Carbureters sol entifloally cleaned and tested Warren's Bottle Gas 1300 Waltoovtlle road Phone 1844 tf FOR BOTTLED OAS. stove Installations ••hone 2134, PI Klnoian Benton Road, ML Vernon. Ill Dealer for PUR CAS, rf RADIO & RADIO SERVICE FOR EXPERT radio repair, call Warren's Bottle Gas. Phone 1844. tf RADIO SERVICE — CALL 322 — FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY Ws repair end eorrees any radio failure In eeeordanet with modern enalneerlna principles. Th* result It e (ueranteed satisfactory lob Art Featherstun. 1112 Breadwey. Tubes tested free of eharsje. *t ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1952 MARKETS By Associated Preas REFRIGERATOR SERVICE on al) makes refrigerators and air condition equip ment Frsd Skarira. Phone 1487 tf USED RADIO — A few very deed eonsals models and table medals. Priced tor quick sale. Feetherstun'e 1112 Broadway tf VACUUM CLEANERS are onr only bust neae New and used Parts, service, any make We rent cleaners Phone 1012. City Hall Bide O ft Buford It WRINGER ROLLS far any washer. Bring In old rolls far wringer Featherstun's Radle Sales. 1112 Broadway Free pickup and delivery Phone 322. H GOOD USED appliances Refrigerators. Gas Stoves, Electric Stoves. Kerosene Stoves, Radios Television Sate. From S6.00 Buy on Easy Tern* Goodyear Service Store. Phone* 1101 or 100S tf WASHERS BENDIX automatic washer repair service Also partB- Warren's Bottle Gas. Phone 1844. tf FOR RENT— 6-room ranoh-typs house with all built-in features and carpeted, floor See on Central Air Port road In Molt Warren addition Also ,') rooms modern, furnished apartment. Apply at 2124 Perkins W II Anderson. tf I FOR SALE—1018 ton Chevrolet Truck, Low mileage. Clean, with heator, radio, sun visor, olher accessories. Cheap, will finance Hill A. Mooro, Sossor, 111. Phono 78-118. 10-,'H FOR SALE—10,17 Ford Tudor, radio heat, er. 300 So. 18tb. 10-27 FOR RENT — Furnished 6-room modern bouse. 618 So. 20th Phone I080-J. tf ROOMS FOR SALE—11)40 114-ton Ford truck, 2. speed axlo; 1017 K. fl. 0 Internntlonal truck wlih (rraln bed ami trailer. Will soil separately. Phone 672-M or see Pcdnd Wells. 406R. North St. 10-20 WOMAN—Middle need, white, wants house work by day. Itahy sitting, Rellablo. Call 2000-J. 10-Z7 CORN PICKING —You are next. Call now. Also pond digglni and dirt moving. Ph. 887 -W L. D Broylcn, Bonton Road. 10-27 WANTED—Ironings (o do In my home. Phone 2430. 10-27 EXPERIENCED tree trimming;, topping trees, safe mmoval of treo*. Trees for sale. Call 200S-W after 1 p.m. 11-1 FOR UPHOLSTERY and furniture repairing. Phono 068-W J. L, Wlnfree. 11-22 FOR TIN CAN and rubbish removal. Also light hauling. Call John Shores, 8843-12 or 1B51-W. 10-27 READY to better serve you with new modern machines, with super, wringers Bring them tn—Wo do them or you can do them yourself Opal Llneon, operator. Upcliurch. owner, Thrifty Self Service Laundry, 1711 Conger Ave. 10-27 CALL B. 11. RUFF A SONS, 3047 Bluford, III., for troo trimming and tree removsl, Chain SHW and caterpillar equipment. Can deliver longth hickory, oak barbecjuo and fireplace wood. 11-20 MOST PLACES you may have to wail two weeks or longer for glasses, We matte your rlasses while yotl wall. Have your eyes examined once a year. Wily different styles to select' from Dr John W. Williams, Optometrist. 110 North loth St., Mt. Vernon, 111. 12-20 SLEEPINO rooms, $4.00 and up. Furnace heat. 2 blocks from Square. 704 Main, 10-27 NICE large sleeping rooms, double or single Stoker heat, good parking space. Phone 4018, 426 No. Oth. tf I CLEAN USED ear* bought and sold Trade, « Term* Moore Motor*. Waltonvlll* Road at 12th Ph 2063-W If BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT—Nice front room, 1 % blocks North of Square. Ladles only. Phono I 2308-J. tf | TO GENTLEMAN—Comfortable modern | bad room, close In on qulst street. Ph 138-J tf I MACHINE Pormanonto 84.60. Cold Wave Helena Curtis, Rayotto, Rockott $11.60, $7.60. $10.00. Phone 1414. 11-1 COAL FOR HALE—Conl. lump, egg, stoker, reasonable prices. Also buy scrap Iron, Phiinn 4824 or 41IKI-.I. 11-8 FOR RENT—Nles large sleeping room I (meals optional I Private entrance and bath Block from Field and Junior High School One or two ladle* or eouple Phone 1400 after 8 p.m, tf I WASH 151) ami Oiled Slokor Coal and Lump Coal. Call .1627. II-l REAL ESTATE HOUSES MIDWEST HOMES—41 to 7 rooms. Low In cost. Ill>rb tn Quality. All houses CUH I OIII built to your specifications and floor plan Ileal the winter weallior with our one day shell erection. Write lor free catalog or Hee our H modol homos on display at. Midwest Tlulldlng Co., Box 334-PA. Charleston. 111. Open »ovon days per week. 10-20 DUSfNESS BUILDING—Centrally located In business district, 3 Htoro front, 70 toot frontline, 4 completely modern apartments, new ateam heating plant. Income $600 n month. Prlcn $,'10.0(10. terms arranged. For further particulars contact Kanay Realty Company, Effingham, 11 li - nols. 10-28 FOR HALE—Modern 6-room homo. Priced reasonable. 11)18 Ohcrry. 10-28 SHOES AND HARNESS repaired at Fry's Shoo Repair Shop. 108 No. 6th St. 11-7 CHICKS MISCELLANEOUS. WOODLAWN PENNANT tHIOKe^—Final Cloan-up sale—Big Husky Started Chicks. FOR RENT—Office .pace, north side of ^ "'.^f "J 1 ' ( "" tl l? r "?'., A11 « On* Old Sauare Call 004 tf CARNAHAN FLOOR SERVICE — Floe. sanding, rental Sanders, linoleum, asphalt and rubber floor tiles Phone 4066 1812 H Parklna, across from alio* factory, 10-27 I Price. "Dixie Bettor Feeds" and Poultry Supplies. Woodlawn Ualcliery, Phone 2271 tf WANTED — Cabinet and light carpenter work F L RatllH, 010 So. 24tb St. Phone 3073-J. 11-1 LAWN MOWER grlndinr. repairing. KEYS made, locks repaired. A. B. Bodge, 811 So 18th Street 10-80 DEAD STOCK WANTED—Phone collect. Harry Smith. Keenea. 111. 66 Woodlawn Dale Hate*. 831 Mt. Vernon, U WANTED TO BUY FLOOR SANDING, floor til*, plaatl* wail til* Free eetlmate Satisfaction guar anteed Pbone Raymond Edmleon. 4668 -JX or Boy It ay a S «a7 -J , tf FOR SALE FARM EQUIPMENT FOR SALE OR TRADE—1060 No. 02 Mo- Cormlck Comblno with motor, Cropaavcr Pickup reel, pickup attachment. Combined 386 acres $076 or trado for H Formal], Car, Trunk or what have your Loo iiapp, Bella lllvo. 111. (Ph. Dahlgren, 111., 08RU * 10-28 ON THE FIRST Airport Road: New.4-room house, Mi acre ground, built-in cabinets. Sink In kitchen, basement, oil furnaco Now garage, chicken house, all under fence. This honeo is not liBted now with any agent and can be bought from owner Cash or terms. For Sale sign on house Inquire first houso west or owner at Puck- ett'e grocery on Waltonville Road. Ncal Barnflold, Owner. 10-27 FOR SALE—Owner leaving town. Large 2-room house. 1203 So. 20th St. Also 4- room house. Wilford Dixon, 1304 Westcott. Phono 3306-W. 10-30 FOR SALE—6-room home, full basement with partitioned game room Screened porch automatic heat, hardwood floors, beautiful shrubbery. Large fenced back yard with Bar-B-Q pit Frame garago. northwest location One block from Lincoln school. Owner leaving town. Ph. 1080 10-20 WALL stfnzipr •iy Wsocinted NEW YORK—With a great deal of difficulty, the stock market today held to a small margin of gain. Prices spread out over a frac tional range either way with the plus signs holding the edge. Volume dwindled as the day wore on and came to less than an estimated million shares. Friday's total was 1,060,000 shares. Railroads early in the session started ahead and encouraged the rest of the market in a comfortable forward movement. That early good feeling about the railroads was attributed to a spate of extremely good earnings reports released over the weekend. In the latter part of the session today the railroads started losing their headway, and the rest of the market followed that trend. Steels were one of the early followers of the railroads and held pretty tightly to their gains. Higher stocks included Santa Fe, Paramount Pictures, American Cyanamid, Youngstown Sheet & Tube, Goodyear and Distillers Corp. Corporate bonds were fairly active and mixed U. S. governments' in the over the counter market held steady. LIVESTOCK By Associated Press NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (USDA). ~ Hogs: 15,500; bulk choice 190-260 lb. barrows and gilts unsorted for grade $17.75$17.90; largely $17.85 down; few' 260-310 lbs. $17.50-$17.75; 150-180 lbs. mostly $15.75-$16.25; 120-140 lbs. $12.75-514.75; sows 400 lbs. down $16.50-$17.50; mostly $16.75 up; heavier sows $14.50-$16.25. Cattle 9,000, calves 2,000 few good to choice steers and mixed yearlings $26.00-$31.75; higher choice $33.00 utility and commercial cows $13.50-$17.00; canners and cutter $10.50-$13.50; utility and commercial bulls $16.00$19.75; good to prime vealers $26.00-$34.00; few individual $36.00; utility and commercial vealers $16.00-$25.00. Sheep 3,500; few lots choice and prime wooled lambs to city butchers about steady at $23.50-$24.00. ST. LOUIS PRODUCE By Associated Pron ST. LOUIS — Produce and live poultry: Eggs, wholesale grades, extras 59-60, standards 47-49, unclassified nearby 42-44, no grades 27-30, small 28-31; consumer grades, AA MARION LODGE No 18. f.0.0 F meets every Tuesday, 7:30 p m.. 121 No 10th Visiting brothers welcome. tf large' 58-80, A large 54-55, A medium 42-46, A small 28-33, B large 42-46. Butter 92 score 70-71. 90 score 67»/4-68, 89 score 65^-66%. Butterfat, Missouri and Arkansas points, No. 1 66. No, 2 63; Illinois points three cents less. Fowl, heavy breeds 20-20%, young pullets 23, leghorn 16%-17; iommeriial fryers and broilers, crosses and whites 33-34, reds 31 33, nearby miscellaneous farm whites 28-30, reds 26-28, red roasters 21-23, leghorns 22, No. 2s 1215; ducks, young white 24. dark or small 16; geese, young 20; capons, 7 lbs. up 38, small 34, slips,30; turkeys, young hens 36-38, young toms 32-33%, old 28; roosters, old cocks and leghorn stags 16%, stag- gy-young 20; guineas 20; guineas, young 26% lbs up 40, small 34, old 25. MOVING WALTER HUGHES—Local and stato-wide moving experienced and equipped 114 No. Oth Street^—Phono 2600. 11-18 LOST MISCELLANEOUS FURNITURE PREPARE FOR SPUINQ—Bulbs, Peet, Vlg- oro. Krlllum. Wo sell the best lor less. Phone 1D83-J. Curtis. Florist. ll-l FOR SALE—Metal double utility, kneehole desk, piano bench. Merrinion, 1211) So. 12lh, Phone 21711. 10-28 FOR SALE—14 In. 2-bottom tractor plow on rubber, like now. 4-whrol farm trailer. Electric hoator. Merrlman, 1211) Ho, 12th. . 10-28 FOR SALE—Wesllnghouso electric range, like now: Hollywood bed complete: Stnrkllno high chair; Kantwet crib mattress; living room suite, mahogany coffee tablo; matching end tables. Phono 3127-W 10-27 FOR SALE—Electrolux Vauuuni Cleaner with all attachuienta. Two used rugs, ono reversible. Phone 771.-J. 10-28 1 —RABBITS—Virgin Does and Bucks^ weighing 4 to 6 lbs. Fair prico. bring to 1018 Pralrlo aftpr 4 p.m. Phono 042. 10-28 WANT TO BUY—Hay, W. J. Musrraves Phono 2078-W, 10-26 WANTED—From prlvalo party, beat Ford, Chevrolet or Plymouth $250 will buy Phono 2442. tt WANTED TO BUY—3 or 4 u»od rug* from owner; also utility cabinet. Phone 900, 10-28 WANT TO BUY—Good quality 60 lb. pig*. Clifford Cherry, l'hons 3283-J. 10-28 DON'T GIVE your equity away, I buy or trade for equities, city or farms. 4068-J. 11-13 WANTED TO. RENT WANTED TO RENT—Room euitabl* for car repairing in or near Mt. Vernon. Call 8170 or 2480-J after 4 p.m. 10-26 FOR RENT APARTMENTS FOR RENT—Lower 4-room unfurtilahod apartment. 3 closets, clean. Good heat. Alsu 2-room furnished cottaue, private, electric refrigerator. 120 No. Oth. Phone 2473 - 11-1 4-room unfurnished apartment. Modern except heat. Front and back entrance vo- netiiui blinds, 2 blocks of Square. Phone 3836-J. 1 0 .3 8 FOR KENT—Dcoiiitwl, all modern 3-rooni apartment, gas stove and rofrtgeralor. $,16.00. Phone 3UII5-W. 10-28 I OR lit,NT—1-rooni lurnlshod apartmont. Llcctrlc refrigerator, gas utovc, oil boater. 720 So. 18lh. Phono 2778-W 10-27 FOR RENT—Modern, unfurnished ploasant 3 rooms, share utility room. Close in. Strictly private 221 So. 12th. Call 1004-J evenings. 10 . 31 FOR RLJVT —Modern 2-room furnished apartmont. electric refrigeration, stoker heat, near High School. 404 Bo. 7th. 10-28 FOR RtNT— 6-room unfurnished apartment. Piped for Qnt heat, atovo and water heater. Private entrance. Inquire Prlce'o Market, 1010 So. 12th. Call 1823-J. (/ FOR RENT—Nice 2-room furnished apart- 1Jm ^ nl •„? ^ ' va, *• 8t0k0r heat - Utilities paid. Adults. Phone 3107. 10.27 MODERN furnished 2-room apartment, ? „ c „ ran,re and "frlgerator. Oil heat Sll So. 21»t, Phone 210-W. tf LARGE and small. All modern furnished. t,Jl ri, ii , ,' , M b ? t « h ;- rrl ^0alrea. automatic heat. Ill N. 16tb. 1177. 10.27 FOR RENT—All modern furnished apart. roenl with g-arago. furnace beat Ail utilities paid AduJts only Phon* 877 -J 2418 Perkins. ^ BBN1HX AUTOMATIC washer, like new. Liidlea gray fur-trimmed coat, site II. Phono 44 26. 10-28 I NEW. and USED furniture We buy, sell and trade. WoBt Sid* Furniture. 1812 Perkins. Phone 4-141. , tf FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ,,„, „ „ APPLES—Golden Delicious, Rome Boauty ar . I }, L S „ 8t ' Mar ? nrushod Wool Royal ami (lano. Fred Hawltlns Fruit Farm. WHO Conl and Leggings «n(. Slzo 4, ox-, smith oilgo of Dlx on lit. 07. 8 miles north collont condition. $8.00. Call 35711-WX of Mt. Vernon after 6:30 p. in. 10-U0 10-28 , „ , . „ , F0H SALE— The best In apples, Red and ,1, .Boy s and Girl's coat, gooil I Oolilon Deldouo, Jonathan, Wine Sap, FOR SALE condition. 418 E. Main St FOR RENT—Furnished 3-room houso, bath Utility room, $46,00 month. Inquirn 810 No. Otu 8t. 10-28 10-28 and Grimes Ooldon. J. O. Rlloy, 1310 So. 12lh street. n-7 LIVESTOCK LADY'S all wool suit, like now; 4 blouses, * 0R SALE —Cheater While Sow with pa- 8 drosses, alto 42, short. Phone 3207-J. , »Pottod Poland Sow with papers, 10-28 J- t " All 'l'!"on, Rt. 7. Phono 3018-J4. HALLOWE'EN—Masks, wigs, hands, foot, , „ m , t . confotti, nolsetnakors, Jack-o'-lanterns. I yuK SAlj K— ""by beef, Complete selection. Open evenings. Walker's 217 Main. 10-28 . 4 month* old, weight around. 416 lbs. Sam Reynolds. 10-30 w " lu '" vl 'le Road, 8 mllos out. 10-28 DOG COLLAR TAGS—Brass plates with F0U SALE—20 bond extra good *hoop. 60 your name, address, phono number, 3Bc . wllil< ' Leghorn pullets. Also three reg- Walker'*. 217 Main. lO-.'lt) '"'"rod boaglo hounds. Elmer Irvlu. Dahl__1" gron. Phone 61-R-4. 10-25 FOR SALE—2 bedroom efficiency houso. G.I. and F.H.A combination loan See Jano Oliver within one week. 2806 Cherry. Phono 4284. 10-28 NEW AND USED AL1 MODERN BOUSE TRAILERS FOR SALE CENTRAL PONT1A0 CO- 821 W BROADWAY. CEN TRALIA. ILL. tf MISCELLANEOUS DR. .TOnN W WILLIAMS. 116 North 10th St.. Mt. Optometrist. Vornon. Ill 3-16-63 NEW HEARING Aid* a* low as $75.00 Batteries WUIiam* Jewelry. 116 No 10th. Mt. Vernon 3-18.53 HERBERT'S—A nam* It will PAT to remember i "Herbert th* Jeweler." 313 South 101b Street. 11-10 NOTICE—Complete well drilling and ratei system Installation and services Haynes A Schell. B R. 1. Geff. Dl Phon* 8106 Fairfield tf OAR WASHING SI .SO,and Vacuum cleaned Ace Parking lot off S B Corner Square, on Broadway. tf GUNS—Winchester. Remington. Stevens. ,, ,„ Ithlca, Mossborg. H. & R„ Borelta Colt I MII ' K COWS — Calvos by side Shotguns. Rifles, Revolvers. Walker's 217 Main. 10-30 .... Heavy Springers, all slues, heifers, 16 Feeder Stoors. Daniels, Blulord. 10-30 HUNTERS—Coals, pants, caps, hats, boots F0 , a S A f -B—Duroe boar*, gilts and wean—••- - •-- log plga Pbone 3008-W3 after 4.-30 Clarenco Stroud. Tolle road. tf MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS eocks, vests, shell bells Walker'a 217 Main. shells, bags. 10-30 HUNTING SUPPLIES—Lights, compass, whistles, collars, chains, duck-goose calls hand warmers, cleaning rods, oil, knlvos, gun cases, traps, recoil pads, carbide tar- gel*, life vroaotvun. Walker's, 217 Main Open evenings, 10-30 I PIANOS—New and used Instrument*. Rentals, Music, Accessories Open Evening*. Fen ton's, ,100 So. 4th. Phon* 1663, H-7 PETS FOR SALE—Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners, _________________________ good condition. Also lata model Klrby, mn „.,.-, „„_„ fomaln *«ntla oulet used only a few times, with attachments ^L^oTl^ fawn and polisher, a good buy. Ono upright ° n i. 11hv *n* rrt „,„ 1 » 0 2 W«t Main Hoover with attachment.. Many other good • "~ 0i Wo6t buys In used cleaners; also new Silver King 1 •'<"•<> »»* " r 870. i.u du Vacuum Cleaner., all metal, 2 year guaran. Qn sALE -Roglolorcd 4 year old English WANTED: To Make and Serve the New Holsum Donuts We need several women with pleasing personalities and appearance; sales experience helpful'; we can assure reasonable hours and adequate pay. Apply to Mrs. Stonesypher at office 3f Master Baking Company between hours of 9:00 and 10:00 a. m., and between 4:00 and 5:00 p. m. LOST—Cameo necklace, double faced etching. Reward. Phone 1374 after 4 p.m. 10-28 CARD OF THANKS We wish lo express our appreciation to our relatives and friends for their kindness during the Illness and death of our loved one. Allen Easley: also lo Rev. Beal: tho singers, Mr. and Mrs. "Shorty" Smith- the staff of .IcffcrBon Memorial Hospital: and tho Imnutirul floral offerings ?x^ E W,. F ; VI '''' YN EASLEY, SISTERS AND FATHER. We •wish lo express our sincere thanks to Reverend Harrison Knight. Pullev Funeral Homo, and to all our friends, neighbors and re atiyes who assisted in any manner dur- Ing tho Illness and death of our mother and grandmother, Mrs. Ella Willis FAMI 3 LfES° ARR0LI ' AND WILI ' 1S Small Fleet Operators! HERE'S YOUR DEAL Allstore, Rib-tread Commercial Tires 40% deeper tread for 40% more mileage. Bonded Rayon Cord body runs cooler, safer. Tough, durable carcass suited for recapping. SEARS HI N. 10th St Phone 3000 Tractor Tire TROUBLE? Setter Bird Dog, Trained, also 17 months FOR SALE—Good work hnr»e. Work any 0,11 English Setters. 0 mllos northwest of where. Mangruu Pump gun. cheap. 232 Keenea, 14 mllo southeast Garrison Temple So. Oth. 10-27 Church. 11, H. Flack, 11-1 PIK SUPPER at Pleasant Grove School, * ,QH SALE—4 Pointers and 3 Setter Bird i T ^Tl' ly ' 0cl - 38 ' 7:30 Sponsored' «».-.-- oy I '.i . A. 10*27 lP0 ^ SALE—B »" Jn «««. Stroller, cor soat, 2bab.v gates, olectric Move. Phone 4500 10-27 Dogs from a 1,4 to 6 year* old. 2 young coon dogs. 1310 No. 12th St. Phone 4218-M. in FOR SALE—8-room house, must be moved „. w ?i , Har 2, ld Vulcl >»"l. 2nd houso south of \ iking Terminal, Benton Road. 10-20 SPECIAL BARGAINS In good quality clothing Band made Xmas Glfts.MVill also do alterations. Call 3376, 705 No. 18th. 10-31 FOR SALE—One chicken picker; 1 Sanitary Seal*, both llko new. Call 4220. 1 0-21) FOR RENT — Unfurnished apartment 3 -inw 0D3, c and ,„ bath Modern except o*»t. 1017-B So. 10th St. Phon* 607 or 004 10-30 4 -ROOM efficiency, modern, unfurnUhed, _> a "S ment ' *"a™~ North side on bus line 546 Pbone 17. y FOR SALE 5 Room House Modern, good barn, 8 lota, on contract. Closo In, P. O. BOX 383 FOR SALE—Lemon and white Pointer Bird Dog, male. Hunted two seasons, a "'* — * 10-27 good one, $200.00. Phone 3385. DOGS BOARDED— Warm individual nana Ma* Callander. Phons 800-J. If DOGS BOARDED — Groomed, sheared and bathed Will call for and deliver Happy's Pet Shop No. Sfitb and Olchview road Phone 42*8. U STOVES DISSTON and Lombard Chain Saws. Price S209.B0 and up. Fiedler Refrigerator Sale*—Service. Okawville, 111. 10-27 ™£JFJ2!— 2 * m 3 - nam •ttletenc an. t,..t l'**? Wfrtp-t. Modern, automatic heat Hardwood floors. Nice cloeeta. Built- tncablnets. private. Phon™887 tf rOB, RENT—One. two and three-room apartments, Pbone 004. g _ h ^f w '» deo ? ra <« d : ? bedroom.. B*at turn iMto, elOM in, A.dulte. B88-J. It M y »t Too should opt hav. them this au<w^ra••(%* t i r, no , w 80 ' ou ' C0LD SHOT TABLETS, B week* supply. 11 17 Dougla* Drug Co. 10-27 Permanent Antlfreea*. $2.50 per gallon, Waltonrllle Road. u FOE SALE —Cheap, quarter* of baby beef. FOR SALE—2 Coleman oil heater*, good condition. 111! No. 14lh St. tf FOR SALE—Warm Morning Heater, good as new. Used two years. $45.00. Phone 3205-W, 10-28 FOR SALE—5-room oil heater, Kalainaioo. heater and tanks ready to go, $30. 1007 Lamar. i 0 .., 0 HEAT WITH GAS. The *ervant that never sleeps. Enjoy fully automatic heat with a gas heater or a gas floor furnace. See our coniplete lino of gas heating equipment. Hamper Skelgaa, 105 No. 8th. Phone 018. tl.2o FOR SALE: Magic Chef gas stove, 45-ln. cedar chest, S cushion, inner spring studio lounge with slip covers, Frederics professional hair dryer excellent condition, used less than'10 hrs. 200 8. 12th St—Phone 2833-J Phone 1101-1003 FLATS FIXED rigfit on the spot CUTS and BRUISES repaired. LIQUID FILLING drained and replaced. TUBE VALVES replaced. GOODYEAR ^ COOD.tfYEAR TIRIS O. B. 10th (DUTCH) REED, Mgr. , — Phone 1101 CHICAGO PRODUCE By Associated Press CHICAGO. — Butter unsettled; receipts (two days) 510,832; wholesale buying prices unchanged to % cent lower; 93 score AA 70.5; 92 A 70.25; 90 B 67.5; 89 C 66; cars: 90 B 68%;, 89 C 66%. Eggs steady; receiptsttwo days) 10,763; wholesale buying prices unchanged to one cent lower; U. S. large whites 66, mixed '60: U. S. mediums 47: V. S. standards 45-48; current receipts 38; dirties 33; checks 30. CmCAGO POULTRY * By Associated Press CHICAGO - - (USDA) — Live poultry; steady to firm; receipts 2,054 coops; f. o. b. paying prices heavy hens 22.00-25.00; light hens 17.50-20.00; roasters 29-31; fryers or broilers 34-35.50; old roosters 18-20; ducklings 32; young torn turkeys 31.50-32.50; hen turkeys 38-38.50. Bulgarians Fire Across Frontier By Associated Preit BELGRADE,' Yugoslavia — Belgrade radi- says Bulgarian troops fired across the border at a Yugoslav pillbox Sunday and Bulgarian Dlanes made three illegal flights over Yugoslav territory. The border violations were reported around Dimitrovgrad — a 1.53-54»/i; No. 2 yellow 1.52-54%; No. 3 yellow 1.46-52; No. 4 yellow 1.37%-45%; > No. 5 yellow 1.2537^; Old Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.53%; No. 2 yellow 1.53%-55; No. 3 yellow 1.55; No. 4 yellow 1.4953; No. 5 -yellow 1.48; sample grade yellow 1.35-44. Oats: No. 3 white heavy 92%; Soybeans track Chicago: No. 1 and 2 yellow (111.) 2.85%; No. 2 yellow (Ind.) 2.85%; No. 3 yellow (Ind.) 2.85%. Barley nominal: baiting.1.35- 81; feed 1.28-3? Field seed per hundredweight nominal: sweet clover white 9.00-10.00, yellow 9:00-9.75; red top 38.50-39.00; alsike 31.5032.50; timothy 13.50-14.00; red clover 31.50-32.50. Soybeans: none. strategic area which could be a major invasion route for Yugoslavia's unfriendly, Soviet-dominated neighbors on the east. HOUSE TRAILERS See The Newest tn MOBILE HOMES Now en Display Unbelieveable convenience. 2 bedroom models, tub or shower bath*, heat, refrigeration. TV. snack bar. The world's mo«t lire- able homes on wheel*. Easy terms See them Open evening and Sunday SALES and SERVICE ROGERS TRAILER RANCH Rantoul, Illinois CASH GRAIN By Associated Press CHICAGO — Cash wheat: None; Corn: ....ew: No. 1 yellow Reduced—Must Sell Owner transferred. 5 rooms, modern, hardwood floors, full basement," stoker. Corner lot. $8850.00. Will G. I. 1100 S. 24th — Phone 2750-W Buy Now on GOODYEAR'S XMAS LAY-A-WAY PLAN BE FIRST AND SAVE Vote for DEMETRI HASSAKIS for STATE'S ATTORNEY Bulldozing, Land Clearing Excavating, Pond*. Lakes, Basements, Road Buildina Grading Winch Cat* SEE PHONE ei WRITE JOHN J. OSLAGER TRANSPORl CO. Waltonville Roes) Mt V.rnon. III. Phone tltN FOR RENT 25x120 Foot STORE ROOM 121 North 9th Next to Security Bank Glassman's former location in Mitchell Building, south % of <tore room. Phone 612, Mt. Vernon. Glenn Taylor, Glassman's Dept. Store. AUSTAtc REBUILT ENGINES Guaranteed 4 - WAYS to fit following cars: FORD - CHEVROLET MERCURY - BUICK DODGE - DE SOTO CHRYSLER - PONTIAC HENRY J • STUDEBAKER FORD — CHEVROLET PLYMOUTH • 1933-1951 $20 DOWN $13 A MONTH Installed — Exchanged DRIVE AS YOU PAY See Mr. MAX LINK SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Ill North Tenth Street Phone 3000 Vacuum Cleaners ARE OUR ONLY BUSINESS IF WE DON'T HAVE IT, YOU DON'T NEED IT. WHY? Vacuum Cleaners ARE OUR ONLY BUSINESS O. II. BUFORD BRACY'S 2 Big Stores—-15th and Broadway and 234-236 South Ninth St. BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU NOT TOO BIG TO KNOW YOU LIMIT 8 CANS Hunt's Fine Quality PEACH HALVES - - <- • 25' Hart Brand HOT TOMATO CATSUP 12 oz. Bottle Del Monte FRUIT JUICES ORANGE BLENDED GRAPEFRUIT Lgc. 46 oz. Cans Fresh All Meat GROUND BEEF Red Triumph POTATOES . $435 I Kraut "SS? L I CABBAGE ^ $169 APPROX. I WT. • •

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