The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1944
Page 2
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TUESDA-V, APH1L 4, Mi^ Promeroe Marrrei Lieut, Reginald Ati$usllne Mfes - Sariii Louise Prtthe&e daughter of Lieiil. and Mrs Chejtifr >'liijt Prothfedf, bewrae Ihe bh& of Ueut Rttfnild COopcr AUJust in A ceremony performed >est«rdaj at high noon at the post chapel at Blifheville Army Air Field The R«v IT-omas B Smythe Jr, rectol- of St Stephen i EpUccpjd Church performed the ctrwnony li,T Moore Jr. s ortinUt, foul Lieut Chart* W Bbfcf, ("oegllil presented a prccnm of prtnuptlal music. Tti« bride Soft * tt»-p»ce c8s turtle suit of pofdir Ws«. wilri a i\hfte lac* "straw hat, tad 6»m*d a shower bouquet of whit* nuts aad v.lilte sweelpea* r Mrs H P Hurtle? of Belmont Mais brtde.jirvtd^is matron of MonoJ 'She wore a dress of pink crepe with i mulching hdl and a cordage at bhie'tris Major Car] Oarr*r \S tlih^Thlrd Atr.Force, a boyMWi f flf ml of tr>e ail t ^-as g\v gustlne as Btt nwnj a*^r en M th£ C.> A »^> U w .., w ifrs AuguctMe friw jrfldusted from the, BeliTer 'Country Daj School, Brooldini, j^MS •, and Etud- icd.volcip Irt Bo»tem be for? moving with her parente' ^lo BlythevlUe nhere iJeutefianl Prfrjheroe tf 8n instructor and assktant.public rt- htgns officer at SlytbeTille Army Air Field , . , Lieutenant AuffeUnf is R gridil- atc of Northeastern Uniycftlty, Boston' and prior to iinttting tfi* &r- vice,»fts in a trunagerlU. rjoSltion with an American 21 preeeii} Uith Mrs J P Pilde, so- clal actlUUci cliairman in clini-ge S Aj ['?1*J' aw t! S ^^'uif Dietrich Mrs L D Chnin»!lh E A Rice and.Mr? S E Vail Items of nusi- ^ ness discussed was the Spring ward- iv, robe of the ward of tills organization, who is In llic Vefa Uoyu liome, Montlcello, Ark. Robert Lancashire's, name .was iflded to the Service Roll arid Mrs. H B Wilson of Anderson, JnrL, houseguest of Her aster, Mrs. E. n. Lancashire, was a T» deioliouM token fio.n Ihe book Practicing The P.eseucc rns presented by Mis Ocoige W of Mrs I . vinnei attendance contest and will on April 17 \vl(h n home of Mrs. W.S.C.S. For Weekly Session: Th» Women'* Booietj of Christian Service of rtlic Lnke Strcel Methpdlst Cliurch met jeslerday afternoon at the church, when Kirs Bales Sturdy |a\c llonal on Christian asslstiu b\ Mrs ih, the rtrj\o luncheon Charles Wyllc. Mrs. n. A. Lynch dismissed the croup »lth a urajer Coming, Ev/'nti WEDNESDAY Wednesday Contract Club meet- log with Mrs A Q, Hull .Mr* Tom Mabry wlertalning 400 Club'. Mrs. W. R Minyard entertalnLng W L Wednesday Bridged Club Towrt and Country Bridge Club meeting Rl(h Mrs Ficd Biitherfoid Initial club meeting with Mrs Ebb Reynolds ' Mrs j. Karris , McCallti enter talrilng AJ3C Club Budbury Parent Teacher As&ocln- tlon meeting a) school <J pm, pr«ceded by executive board meellng accompanied on the p!nno~by Mrs', women's Auxiliary of Mrst Pres c T Bhsmlln Ityterlan church Mil meet at thp te-STSJ- *&$*.*. "I £_.&* <*««* a* premier .crvlce 7U6 Mrs Albert J3|antori Mrs fee Krlcklarid, Mrs George Shnnlw ,d Mra ,O«orge Bii.well Urs Albert Stanton sang a solo, business meellng Alien the IBhiern- bers present voted to have a brief prayer service each night thh week Immediately preceding the revival services at the church The meellng was closed with a I Mra prayer by Mrs Iscrson Morris M » • . Baptist Meet Yesterday THURSDAY Mrs Sam Burns entcrlalrrfng Club Eight Mid Week Club meeting with BitsofNews Mostly Mis. 0. W. Aflllck nrid her daughter, Miss i'tjify Jean , Atj\lcX, fire spending seveiil .days In Me'tiiphia. , Mrs. Cornelius Modingcr 8f., and Mrs. Cornelius Modlnger Jr., spent yesterday IV} Memphl?.,, Mr. niifi Mrs. -Jake Huffman ipenl today in MelnphU, going ctoSra esjiei clally to be with Mrs. Frank HtuT- nian nnd her Infaiil son: tit »•* 11 MM I'vt jiiitniw -Jwii; r IUU& MI*, who are piUen'ts at thft Melhodiil Hospltn), . . ..-...L. K. Ash by has returned from Taft, Calif;, where he jspcnt thre.c weeks, wllh his brother, C.orp.-Frank H., Asliby'; Mid: fnVrtily.'While ^way Mr. Asliby^ Visited ijj Bev'e'rly-, Hills, Shnta Monica; Hollywood arid Ocean Piirki Callfi ,,.. .'•• ... • • , >-.-; .Mrs. -"John..Ben; Bomaj 1 / ancj son, Johliny; n cgornp(i;iied fay Mrs.'Jatties Hunt .of .Gahjttieriiylllc,: Mo.j'; jefi yesterday for New York', wh'ere Mrs. Bomar and ilphnny will Join Lieut, Col. ; Bohi'ar. who now is .s'tatlohcd there. The Bqmars have taieiV ?'h abartnicnl In Jnekk>n Heights, N. Y, Mrs. Hunt plcms .to spend several weeks in New York as 'Ihe guest of friends'. -.-•.;• '.Pfc. Payij " ATC . c Wnshlhglph, D., C.;, 'ahi'v^d, this ' Harry W Mrs Henry Humrhrojs entertaining Tnursday Contract Club i niornlng to spend a JS-day furlough ONE Club meeting with Mrs., W 1 " 1 her,mother, Mrs.'Hallle May Byron kail primes, and other rcJaUves._Ehrgu,te Ea-t Staflonw i has "*ert cd v w pdst^ —^—„... ^^_ v an* pTsonnel officer aiad squndrcih commander t • • Oft of-toVm Gu64u Preserit for Meeilhg The pretence of «*veril out-Sf- town guests sdd*i. lulwfel io l$ie meeting of the; MMiionir}' StudT Grpup of tfte.Woriens OOlinrJU ol First Chrlsfum CKUrca held y(3*ri day fiternoon at Ihi Russell Bar harji h"me when Mrs Birham r>trs R ^ Baird and Mrs VI 0 Ellis were hostesses \ > \rrs * D Cobb was, in^hftfgc of the program on tlie topic of' Tlie Christian Horrtc \ gtylrrt i discussion on the themfe . A, Gleam oJ Hop* 1 ' The l remalftd5r of iHe pro grarfi consisted of a one act play, Happy Birthday Mom , w\lh ife If A Moore Mrs Cofcb Mrs Baird arid Mrs Barham p"artlclpatmg The devotional qn 'Jesus The yron Nail urimcs.and other rclaUyes.JEnrpuj* —, Executive Boiird of the \Vorn Double Four Club meeting with Kome Pi Ivale GrlmeE Etppr^d 69 In e Heir en's Missionary Union,of First Bap- Mrs Victor fatllkell Memphis fov, ; ixbrief, visit 'with her He h* "" Church hiet yesterday kfter Mr > Ro«« Hughes entertaining slster . Pf c . Kuby arimes Burbage, iV-ftr ™»n al the church al 1 45 o clock Thursday Luncheon Club. nls o of (he 5VAG, cr 7lib is dolris re- 8KSlst - • ...,...-. chUtlng.wprk;in,Memphis. , Is Honored At Mis&6llah£ous Shower iLEACHVi.LLE, Ark., April 4.—Mrs. Cy.eretl V. Keiiiiett, ti recent bride, <vas 'compllh'Vehtcd Friday dfierripon ;hen Mrs.. JoH'ri i3earden and Mrs. itahl.ey Hancock .enter(aincd at the, Jearden..home. The .affair, 'a, mts- jjllfliieblis slipjrer, was nlteiided by 5 gucjls, Including.-'several guests rbrri Jlaftlla., .Vases, of Picardy gladioli and va- legated larlispur • were arranged hro'ughquLthe entertaining rooms ?• Ihe hoine. An'Ice coyri* was served throiigh- ut the' aftenibon by the, liostcsses, assisted'by Mrs. Norman Kenhett and Miss.'Euth Lec.'a skier of the [UBBt of .honor. . • Out-of-town gxiiists included Miss Jlllan, Shaver, Mrs. Grover Sny- Ccirson afiij rVfrs. Edds are delegates _-— i^ ^.j^.-.i ""'-•'•.\ (1 ty Unl . preceding the general business meeting olul) i liiuAv Byrum entertaining 0 deril t Mre Rt>n D-rsmi """ ^_'"' I2 30 pm „ PjraVer-B were,offered by MM W J Chapter _ Rodgert nnd Mrs M O Outlaw noocl rtfetlrlg with Sits Hairy W THe gerleral^ buslncsA meeting wds HalneS, 4pm Pvt. San'forrJ 'niqiniirison, son of Mr. and Mft. B. B.'Thonilihsbii, has ---'••- :i ( -- : -''-~ - --"" wllh:.h.r ,....- . IVeS. Prl TiioniHrisoiij who i? staiiohed in of P E O Bister- areehsboro, N. O., expec\3 to be here ilrs. Charles Ray Nqucoiib vice H c , , '.-.•-,-.-•-,--:=-.-•--•.-•."-;-_ , . presldeni of the orgaiiUalilorl, ore I D O«HS ClniS First Biptkt nnlved liere for a visit .with., his Aided Iri IHe abseVic6 of the prcsl Chulth hmlng lunchcoxlat church l )ll [P>H?. and, other ^relittWeS. .Prl- vnle Tiibhilln two,weeks.,,, ,,., : , . , . Mrs., J;.-P.;\yhlle, .who fajtv been SATURDAY I- 1 ™ B u cst,,oiher alint; Mrs..Kendall „—, .„.„„,„„., lu ,,u» C u u , Junior QlHs Auxiliary of Bapllet B 9 rr y, ttn d. fa^y'fpfthe.past sev; prayer by Mrs Alvln Huffman Chapel having Easier egg hunt nt cr M wepK ,lett. yesterday.|or St. opiRed TlU» repetillon of the watch wortjS for ai the jear^followed by i. Mrs R6^ Head gave Ihe de\ottor\- nl oh '-fhe 8a\louVs List Prayer ....... * • (oUo7,cd'by a prajci bi Mrs J \V J31shbp. Reports Wcte filed, rccomwenda lion home of Mrfc John Tjrdne, 2 « m Army 'Super Market 1 PHILADELPHIA (UP)—This cllj , — has n lupei market whcio no m nl JVie c^ec\itKe board werb tl6n points are needed It la the Louis,, .where she ,\ylll njnfce .Mr lioiiie while Pflvhlc White L? ciatlPn- cd. at Spoil Field, lib . , t . , prieM upto, imd th» meellhg closed Philadelphia Quartermaster Army with urajer by Mrs L ~ ~ "' ' ..... + * • Baptist Girls Meet Metnbcr'B of the Jumur uirrs nkr -„,,,„. Auxiliary met yeslerday afternoon ^ lso shlp * Bnjther of Man," was presented by i with 11 members present Includ- Mrs L L Ward who used a t w6rld I \. 5 one new member WloHs globe surmoUnted by a picture of Ginn Christ to carry out her tojjte Bh* Mary AHh Rolieson Ebb Cm soil and Mrs, C, Edds are spending the week hi tic IJack, ,\yhere,;Hi6y .are ajl^ti 'uuim-iiiiuuir nrmv "^ ^ nt " ^^i'W? m ?n's Mlssiop- with prajer by Mrs L O "Brown Center 'v-hlch "puichascs food foi nry Unlo!l "W'nE.peUi? held, there Penns>lvanln Dclawarb and some ttlro "K 1 ' Tliiirsdtiy of thb week. Mrs. New J6rsr)y military posts The Center Milch has branches bi Metnbcr'B of the Juiilor Girls M, itlg ,. l , t °! > „" J """ 0ov6n Do1 uxiliary met yesterday afternoon at tht home of Mrs John TVono was. asslsted^by Mrs J Cecil Lowe, mended over the meellng, ftnd * . i_read _ r Purple iris tfrtd UlicS were \ised ^torv "'A Bound Bird Shirley mroughout the entertaining rooms shepherd closed tlie meeting with The hostesses served a naiad plate prayer with iced drinks during the social Refreshments were served duf °^. . „ _ i. x . l"g the social hour Thirty pne menjbers and guests were, preso_nt r Including the follow- (I* >• U i ) Al r4 1 ing from Osceola Mr*.W T Ram- meeting Held At ChutCi! sex 1 Sn Mrs J C^,Sou.rIock, Mrs R _i ^ C Han Sen ice of First Methodist Church met yeslcrd,ay aflernoon at the church when Mrs B B qtout gave Hie Bible study from the book nmlftnil * T^ni- ill *"i> T \t~ -JliL _ M Fletcher? Mrs Bruce Ivy' Mrs H L Drivir Miss Fannie Wcnols Mrs J C Young and Mrs kary Dean Presbytefiari'Auxiliary Holds All-Day Reeling, Memtieri of WonttrT'i Auxiltory of First Pre«byt«rl«A fcuttrch »etjje»s terday tpr Ihe fir«t teSt'aA of tM chifrch year with U>e mornihg de^ \oted to the training of KuxiU«rT ot- flcera Mrs ZR! B -Harrtsofi, tit president preJSiaiM < < Following th8 aeYdtkmul given by Mrs G w DlUahunfy ^Seifol 1 - 1 -Ing gave talks Mrs C M Gray cussed Orgin and Prrwrnhi " tera' Mrs RV?y Waifeii .Co, tion.and By-Laws ,,1)1-!^ \era, 'Instruction In CRUs tants and Mrs I. " ' enlliled ^Por All "Of Life, ...... special emphasis plnceu uppn The Grace of Living nnd Working To- Relieve Misery of HEAD COLDS Put 3 purpoi* Vicks VT tro nol up e-ich nostril It (1) shniiks swollen rhembrahes, (i) soothes irritation, (}) helps clenr cold- m.. — k__ clogged nose Follow VICRS i d n r[0 !d 0 e n r s VA TRO NOL REOBIOOOJ BMtMomvWayii Tou girls >ha.«u fief, from «lmpl« tnt- mla pt who.l.ose ^o much ttiihug rhonth- }y; periods that ^6u*re t«le, Icel llrerl, wcafc, arag^ed DTaf'^^bccsluai yon i&'nc . precious Ijlobi-lroii — sUVt tadiy — in Lydla I'Irifcliam's' TABLKTSi , iVlibletaiaonbottbepMt- est .b)ood : lron .tonics jo\i cfin-buy to . help build up red.blooa tq.glve mor strength and energy—In s'licii ciscs JUst try them for 30 dass^-tfien Sec li you too, .ttoh't..rcrhar)iaWy.b«neflt,: Follow label directions, riniloam'a Tubteta ins well trorrh tryi-nyl • • Pinkham T s Stp- struction In or Lunch wii served at'noon to Ji luxuui m mu wnai- C^^iimiBBHIIHH tlou -Khrre & bland. mUd modvn. mu- sage medium In ikin luteteitlon it at- clrM Qno condlUon la which women ^?,^^~r« *««"** !'-"•> oi- more »n 70 yt«i» h»w met It U »n appllratlon ror m*«^B| tho bod r Acer, mziprcmtilcT ,.Uoelp*kMpUieAln se(t«nd tall»bl» ..thiSKdijEg un- '' i II Midwest Pints 2Qf} Qmirts40c Bny Your Gro<*H£»i-Tik« Home k 'Carton! the Most Expressive-Least Easter Gift! Grocery & Mdrket :.; w* b Pwk * li. Hwy. »1 Nothing iri the World even remotely approaches the perfection of natural beauty—tho curve of a rose petal, the graceful sweep of a lily blossom—what could better ekpress your feelings ori Easter? Make flowers your Easter gifts . . . fofr mother, the giH friend, for relatives > .. send a gift of beauty on Easter day. You can choose from a wide variety of cut flowers and plahJs now. . Corsages Our Specialty! Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 715!! WiVe Flowers Anywhere 491^-Nites 2747 oh. of First Baptist Church here. '.Staff Scrgt. Hnll C. Burbage of 31ythcvlllc Army Air Field, Is spend- rjf; hts fiirlp'iigh, in, Memphis with ils wife, Pfc. Ruby Burbaec of the i WAC, aiid in Marshall, Texas, where j Ve Is visiting his parents. A FURLOUGH bride •"• can look the part In a dress or suit that sW has, If she'll dress it Ujp with "super" ma'tching accessories/ lilie thes« hat ond neckwear twins. Pink jscaUopcci net atiS narrow black velvet ribbon Snake both the heart- shaped hat and the froufrou ricckband, designed by Helen e GarneUi \6 'dress liji a SFur-of-the-fnoment bride. der, Mrs. qeiiorne, Mr«.,Rbtet Mc- Klnnon and Mirk Och6 Fie'emttli all of Mnnttn. • Prloi- to libr marriage to Lleulcri- lint, Kennett Inijt,. 11)011511, Mrs, Ken- nbt t . wiis Miss Edhn Lee," ah'ughtcr ol Mr. nricl.Mrs. vPrcstbri li.-lie Walls -HrJspltaV '. . Miss Aiiivls - Smith,; PoflsgevilJe Mo. ss-- Mrt. J. c. 'Cr'fper, clbjr. : Mrs. .Glov'er Hatciiell, city.' Ma'rghfe.t G.fe'eh. fjUxora.' Blytri6?iUe Hokpilai AdmillccV- ; .. nl i . Mrs. J. B. Rlchnfdion, clly Mrs..w. M. McKerisle.'cfty ' pimHcs Hffei, city. . • T. .Ci. FOX, city.. Mrs. B. C. Hn'li, Jlty. Betty..Jean. Jones,^.city. : Mrs. Bui a Bcahl, Rt.. Ij-'city Memphis Baptist'. HospKai AdmHted— JMTSi Roy Bi-nhdley; 1 city. Hn6e Will Honor Guardsmen Home From Far North A public dunce honoring members of Blylheyllle'fi National Guard unit how home from almost three years .. service In the Far North will be given by mernbei's of Company K, Arkansas Guard, at tlie nnnory oh South Second stl'i*et Thvirsday njjjhl. Capt, Oliver W. Coppedgc./com- mahder ot Company K, today Issued an Invitation to all local guardsmen home from service in the Alcutlaiii | and Alaska, to be special quests at the dance. Music will be provided by an orchestra from the Blythevillc Army Air Field, The Inforiji'al glance will b'c cabaret style and wll} be open to Ihe public, .Captain jCoppe'dge said. H will begin at B o'clock.. • . Captain Coppcdge designated the following Company K members, to nave charge pfjl'ie dance arrangonients: A. 6.. Duclos, .sergeant .In charge; F. B. jpyner, Wnde Jeffries, W. J. W.uriderlicli, Samuel F. Nbr- Hs, Joluuiy N'olen, Harry VVcidrhnri, C. A. Hunton, Robert Wcldman, T. Goforth, Bill Jones. Roland Bishop, Max B..Log'rm, Percy.Wright, W. \V. Lowe, Cecil Lowe, Ebb Reynolds', Pred Boyette, Charles Brogdon, Jia'r- ry Lutes, Bud Lutes, • Jiurica ' !Vlc- Gaughey, Tliart Nlcol and tilll Young. .-',' Dell News ,Thc Women's Missionary Union of the Dell Baptist ciiurcli m'et yes- tcjrday aftcr'ritdori at lii'c home ,'pf Mis. Carl Pepple for a Royal Service program. Meeting opened with n song, f6i- Iqwed h'y prayer liy Mis. Ben Gill. 'Hie ctevotlonnl, taken from Chronicles, was given by Mrs. C. A: Smltrij and Mis. O. D. Magee led In prayer. Topic of tho afternoon's program was "The Everlasting Kingdom In the Land of Its Beginning." Discussions'were eivcn by Mrs. Allen Hiirdin, who spoke on "The Near East," Mrs. Dave Keltrier, who* topic was "Palestine," Mrs. E. if. Hnrrcl, who discussed "Baptists lii Hie Near East," Mrs. M. W. Lewis .whose chose as her topic "Facing the Future Iii Palestine," and Mrs. carl Pepple, 'wlio spoke oh "A Dream for Palestine." The h members present were dls- jnlsscd with prayer by Miss Bobby Prjest; ... riiircshmeiils were served during the social hour. The next meeting will be at the hpme of Mrs. G. D. Magee. Happy Relief When You're Sluggfsh.Upset Cmm«i Sf "•^r^-f^L Open cold-clogged nose, 1 ntifinJ'SStt £&-sc bre:Ll)tni£ r 'give /PP3>Ml- h tt lti told flii.v&'W uac only as dirccted.Get 1'enetro,, yo«e .Urop'B Honoring Company M Home From Alaska ... Cbmjpony K Armory, iS; -2hd St. Sght, April 6tK. \A 1 1 f \P MUM i I IUJIV 9 till one p. m* -•,..,' ' s ^'tii PIECE: A&iBAsi . ORCHESTRA . /:.•'• Admission §1.11) Per Couple Cabaret- Styles The BIG EARS Skilled enemy ag'ehts can coordinate even . se'erningly. harrnless iri- forhiafioH into a pattern that may orovida 'the'rh'Witkt]he cottiplete story 'of vital iriforrnai tion. Thinki before you speak. To Our Patrons: We Will Be CLOSED Fbr A Few Days This Wedk* WHM CONSTjpivTION mokis you feel ( pDn* is the dickens, brings on stomach opitt.Miir.taste, jassy discomtort, take pi\C*ldwelTs famous medicino (o (juicldy BuDithe trigg" on lazy "innards", and help you feel brighl ajid chipp'er again. "?; C^-D^ELi'S is llie wonderful senna Ulltmt eoatUned in good old Syrup Pip- nn to tulte it so easy to take. •Mir.DOCTORS iise 'pepsin preparalitna in Jre»triptions tomake the medicine more 'pilatible.tndiEtee.abJetotake. So be sure yow liiative is contained in Syrup Pepsin. INSrSTOH DR.CALDWELL'S~iaefavprite of millipiis for 50 years, and fcelthalwholi- some relief from constipatioii. Eve D finicky childica love it. CAUTION: fee oni? as directed. DR.CAM1LTS CONTAINED IN MARGARET'S BEAUTY SPOP id 8. First Phone 2532 Bring Us Your ; Beauty Problems i CoHtiiiuous Show*' Every Day Box Office Opuns 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN *•!» M.A ' 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p *». We're giving our place a thorough Spring cleaning—and, like most good cooks, we heed a lot of quiet and solitude in tfhich to do the job. Unless something unforeseen occurs, Wll be open Friday (certainly Saturday). Come see us then! TIC INN "Home 6f Gootf Things fb fat" Tuesday & WerJnesday HnpjyloHs!Hdppy Romance! Heppy Tunes! TED LEWIS and his Ojcheslri A COLUMBIA fmmi Selected ;Short Subject Mallntes Sal. * Sun. Onl} Optna e«ih niilit 6:3(1; .Starts G:4! Opens Sonda.V 1:00; Starts 1:15 Contlnnmis Shows Stit. »nrl Sais. HUIHER ANGH HERR1CK • RAIPH BYRO A 20l)i Ccnlun-.foK Selected Short Subjects

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