Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1896
Page 1
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THE JOURNAL VOL. XXI. LOCrANSPOET, INDIANA, THURSDAY MQBNINfr, JUNE 25, 1896. NO. 152. Stamped Linens- We Open for Today our entire stock of plain and Stamped Linens. Each article is marked with a blue pencil at cost and below and you will at once acknowledge that we have many Bargains in this Department. In 15c and ....... HX- Linen luucli fluthes in nil the now dc- .<iLriis iiiul clTocts. $-1.00. ?3.00 .f2.00 ones tor aliout ouc- luili', $1.00 lunch dollies for ... .5Sc Tray cloths, fiJo- board scurfs, tliri>ws, stand covers, hmuilry b:ijrs, etc., very much below the ivjrular price. Our uailorwoiir sale lius been quite a suc- eotis this past wool;. The very mo'.loi'aleclOtS- tiiyr prices did It. We will continue »tiue ilui 1 the coining week. ™.j Empire KO\VU for OS coirts. Corset covers, drawers, skirts, gowns, made like only this .store handles them at a pleasing reduction. . 409-111 BKOADWAT. WASH GOODS ,".0c and »5c Or- gimrtles, Dimities and Dapctte efL'ect? for 15c 35c new design Or- qrandies for 23i: 20c Domestic Or- Kimdics for 10e All on:- fine UjU'iT*, \lS\vissos and i>m- broklery effects liave been much nj- dii'/ed, REMNANTS On our center counter will be displayed U\e seas shrdHi cuitwyp vbirkii.1 shrdl On our centre couivter will be displayed Hie season's remna,nf.< of every kind of wasli goods. These will be marked at very low prices to close a I once. Choice wash jroods for lialf, today. 306 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date . . Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one' hap a finer lino of woolens and worsteds to select from than ourp. Important'Features ... in ;the make-up of our clothes work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3" Market Street. We Have Others we Call Them Knights Wo also- have an assortment of second hand bicycles which must be sold. Call and make an offer. The queen of hearts in all these parts, If you can co by rumors' Is ona who ridci a wheel, and glide* About in dainty bloomers. ZINN & COMPANY. 202 Sixth Street Invitations. Are always appreciated and especially BO when they are tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department it, making a gpecliilty of ..NOTATIONS, PROGRAMS, LETTER HEADS, MOTE HEADS- BILL HEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC. ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. Ths well-known Specialists ot New York have appointed D. A. HAUK as agent ror tUelr celebrated Spectacles t nd Ij Glasses, every pair guaranteed, D. A, HAUK lias complete assortment and Invites all to satisfy themselves of the groat superiority ol these goods over any m&nnCactuied, at U» store of D. A. HAUK, Sola agent to) T OfiTftntTVlTf Tnrf. . -\ So Peddlers Supplied. . \ L°JMnJport Ind. mm CONVENTIONS Indiana, Ohio and New York Dam'•''.•!•' ocrat3 Meet. The First Two Solid for Silver—Ex,•' .citing Time in Indiana—Plat• •';-'' forms Adopted. • Indianapolis, 'hid., .'Itinu !M.—The dfclnoci'Utie stale convention" Wednesday has proven r.lui largest and one of the most oseiting the party, bus ever had in this stale. While it was well understood that the 'free silver people had tin overwhelming majority, the eoiiml' money men put up siuili a snr- I'l-iMii^ly -so'liil .front and • oojidiicted tlieir .-Mriiy^'le witli sueh persist en t en- era-V and skill iliat .they kept-the. sil- voritos {jUL'Ksiiij;' all (.he-time what the iii'Xt move would'he. A soine" htit bit- ti't- feeling had been developed by the' hoi. simple .Vor .siipi-enniey in ilarion county (Imliajinpolis) and'by t.he fact that the so 1 ' 1 uicn had Kiici-i-techi'd' by Bli'iiti-ffy in [-sipUM-iiif; 1 Hie ooiiimitU'ooii oi-L'-anixiition and tui-niny down .7. G. Shiinklii) and 1.!. 1'. Shivc'ly, whom the silver people had fixed upon for delegates at Iiirire mid reeoinmending- in tlioir stead (I. V. Me.u/.u-s. a yo'.d niun, nnd .lud-j-i; James McCain-, \vhosu enthusiasm for silver is not-vrry strong: Cuiivi-ntlon Hall J'nckuil. 'There was no lae'k of urowd, . and when Chairman Holt, of rhe state committee, rapped for .order, llv jrreat-hall wrts crowded lo the doors. It had been very simply but tastefully decorated with flag's, bunting 1 and lithographs of Guv, Matthews. >'o other democratic f-jcv appi-aved upon UK- wsilis, and President Cleveland's well-known lilJciiess vus .-is conspicuous by its absence from the decorations as wns id- name by its absence from Ihe plrrtform. The'deco- riitions had been put up. ujidi-i: the di- rei'tion of Tim Griffin; an appointee of Gov. Mutt.hcws in the-sfat-e'-honse, and tin- platform wns prepared,by a committee ••with Matthews, n't .its .head. The :-eport_of the orpanixatipn com-: tnittee developed the fact that Vhe silver people" Kad Difldc a new move to down the Mn.-ion county jfolcl crowd by not rcwifrnmnp the district meeting-of the nifr-ht before, and requiritif* the Seventh 'district to hold another meeting with the silver contestants seated. ' , Much discussion followed, which was .'cut short by Chairman Holt taking a T-lva.'TOce veto.on the adoption of the •whole report, nnd declared it carried, -though the noes were in the majority; This;carrled wit.h it the throwing 1 onto* 'ihe. Seventh district selections.' :',', .Speed) of Permanent Chairman. ''Mr,''Holt at once introduced the per- 'manent chairman. Senator R. C, Bell, of ,Fort Wayne, who spoke ns follows: -'.- "Follo-sv democrats of Indiana: You will '.make history—Important history—hsre tq- 'dfly;.''.'Act accordingly. In my humblP Jiidjr'm'cnt the welfare of our beloved state 'and-natlon islnrBelydepondent upon you. "'i "Fellow democrats, we are in tUn midst or a great crisis. You wil! be expected to t'lve'exprnssion to you?: views'on the flnan- clal'-qucutlon. You will help to determine, whether adhering to the. tlmo-hunorert principles and to the rnpeatt-cl declarations 'of- tTie-.democratic party, -wo-shall Insist upon a nnoncla! system which favors the uae'Of both silver and .gpld as stundarrt money at the long established ™tlo of Blxi.een to one: -whether we 'nre Brunt and proud and powerful enouph to'dlrect to dl- rect-onr own affairs as a free and Independent nation, or whether we must submit to • the 'llctatlon of some foreign power, .."I conjure you to speak In no uncertain tt-rms.. This Issue overshadows all others. .J,nt,.\is sink all personal .consklej-atlonr. ,and preferences In deference 'to the common g'ood." Tho Platforn). .••The committee oii' 1 resolutions reported at this point. "THe main pounts in the platform are us follows:" "We 'reafllrrn our adherence to and fal'th In the democratic doctrine of bimetallism and therefore -we demand, the immediate restoration of bimetallism, Ijy the free and unrestricted coinage of both silver and gold as primary money'at the ratio 'or sixteen to one, without waiting the cooperation of Great Britain or any other foreign power, all such colnase to be full H'gal tender In the payment of all debts public and private. "Resolved. That we believe the exlstinfr tariff laws will be fully equal to all de- inands for needed revenue for the expenses of government economically administered under tbo conditions which will arise Irom the restoration of bimetallism." Earnest sympathy with the people of .the laland of Cuba Is expressed; election of tTnlted States senators by direct vote Is favored. Course and action of Senators Voorhees and Turpie. am. Indorsed, as is also the administration of Gov. Matthews. "And the delegates from Indiana to ths national convention are 'hereby Instructed to cast their votes In -his favor for president, first, last and all the time, and to line all honorable efforts to secure his nomination;' "The 30 delegates selected to' represent the democracy of Indiana 1 In the Chicago national convention are Instructed to vote as a unit upon all questions Involving platform or candidates In that convention. rtutforin Declared ABoptoU. The platform was started on its way by a motion for the previous question, when W. D. Bynum, arose and.a wild scene ensued. .He, was intending to offer a minority report. .'The,convention endeavored to howl'him down,'but he stood his ground. •-Chairman Bell'de- clared him out of order, and declnred the platform adoptcd;'b'tit Bynuiri wildly gesticulated nnd ...d.eclnivd that he was" acting tinder the-rules-. Each side tried to out-yell the other nnd the police were ordered to .clear,, the .aisles, but By mini-still stood'untmicj'icd. Senator Turpic was brought forward and started to speak, but it.was.five,niinut*E be-, fore he could be heard.. He was finally glven attention while.he made.a silver ^speech .Of some length. -. J AUHTJie time the senator talked By-, pn'm'stood In the.'aisle,,and when his, ;';•, o." (V) ?• • .' •' ' Sjwech was thTOUjjti again ciaunen attention and tlie cbirf usiou wu* resumed. Over an hour- : of confusion \vns s trying 1 to g'ct'a'heiiTing: for Bynum. $hlv«I»y A'oihlDiitcd for.Govoriior. • The. convention then proceeded to nominate 'a -goyernor, and on the lirat ballot B. F,".Bhively i i of South Bend, was nominated, Georgi; W. Cooper, who was put np'-Tiy the sound money men, getting- less' than 100 votes. This was not a test, however, for 1 Lake, Tippe- canoo and other sound jnouey counties voted .for Shively. TllB-'TIOlfKT. MINI Illliiold DeiilounitK Hiivc CJioneu for Their L.eittliTrt. . Governor—John P. Ali^eld. Lieutenant Governor—Monroe C. Crawford. Secretary of State—Finis C. Downir.s. Auditor-of State— W. F. EecK. Slate Treasurer—Edward C. l-'ace. Atlorney-General—Georg-o A. Trude, Peoria, 111., June ^-1.—With t.he nom- v inntion ot the state ticket ami adoption of a platform, the democratic sKitc convention adjourned al 7:30. Following are the principal points in the platform: ••V'a f»vor Die soundest und safost money known to man, and as experience has shown that this consists of both gold and silver, with equal rights of colr.aife anil .'nil k-Kftl tcinjer i>o\v*r, we demand thu repeal of thnt republican and plutocratic Irsislatlon which demonetized silver and ruUiceiS. It to the basis ot" token money, destroying by'.onc-lialJ the stock of real mf.ney,' ai-.d by doubline the worl: to be, linrif by KC*:,1 doubled Its purchasing power; HO thai thu farmers'and producers luid . to tfive twice .is much work to get a dol-.{ !ar ns they formerly nad, and found It . hard to meet the debts, interest, (axes, and n:;cd chanres. which were not lowered. "\V« tell'-'ve In .the greatness and patriotism of the'American people, In their 'iMiftvsy. industry and thrift, tine! that S'JCh I, people, with the unlimited resources of our land,' nre. strong enough to sustain a mon>n>i:-y system without the aid of foreign j;ovornmonts. "\\'e believe that rhe bimetallism which has done the.work of tlie world since the dawn of civilization and which was made the basis of. monetary system by Hamilton and Jefferson Is absolutely necessary «t present to the prosperity of mankind, and ihat. IN reestablishmcr.t will check thu present business paralysis, will Kivs to the country, a safe and. honest currency of adequate volume, will restore IjrlL'es of agricultural commodities,' will encourage enterprise and give our people Kteady and profitable employment. Hav- inc learned through bitter experience that Wall street has cor.trolled the (lnanci.nl legislation of. Washington, 'ard knowing that every effort wlll.'.be made to defeat the •will of the'p'eoplii, Wdfwm it proper to be explicit In our do'elurations. "Actuated by 'the foregoing principles and desiring the "prosperity of the people, wt demand the; immediate restoration of the free and unlimited coinage of both gold and silver as{ standard money at the rate ot sixteen ounces of silver to one of wold of equal fineness;., with full legal tender power to each metal, without waiting for or depending on' 1 any other nation on earth: and tho delegates '.from this convtntlon to .the national democratic convention are instructed to use all honorable mentis to secure a similar .declaration by said national convention/and to support only such men for the presidency as are in full and pronounco'd. sympathy with these principles." . -' Tho plaform opposes contraction of the currency by tho retirement of treasury notes: favors a' tariff for revenue only; opposes revival ' of tho JIcKInley law, which It declares produced a deileit in the treasury for t^e Ilscul year ending June SO, 189-1, of. 570,000,000, under which wages were greatly lowered, and which gave proprietors a monopoly while It permitted them to 1111 their shops with tho cheapest kind of labor brought from all parts of tlu- earth. The resolutions demand the abolition of government by injunction, whereby a federal judge at once became^ legiHliitor, •Judge and executor, 'and denounces this "new form of oppression" as ucctruetlvc of republican Institutions, robbing the citizen of tho rlplit of trial by Jury and of all protection by the constitution: it declares that arbitrary Interference on the part of the federal government In local affairs by Ignoring lawful 'authorities Is not only a violation of the constitution of the United : States, luit a crime against free government. Tlie platform favors a constitutional amendment permitting the levying 'and collection of an Income tax. Delegates to" the national convention- are instructed to 'support only sxich men for the presidency as are In full and pronounced sympathy with the declarations of this platform to vote upon all matters. Includlr.R nominations, for candidates, to vote us a The platform Indorses the administration of Gov, Altgeld, criticises the rec«nt republican national' convention ns having jlelded to the. Iron hand of the borons of ; monopoly and nominated as president the author ot tho' most Iniquitous tariff bill ever enacted, and, 'bowing down to th« money power, declared In favor of a single gold standard'. 1 "" It demands such loglsla- t'on as will require all property not exempt and all men to pay their fair share of ta-\es and favors a. constitutional amendment which .wfll. allow local taxation for local purposes,, -.It-upholds the industrial arbitration Jaw,, and demands legislation that will put an -end to child labor; denounces .tlie'flaglla'w as unconstitutional. unpatriotic", an'd 'unwise, and demands Its repeal; deolbu-6's-asalnst prison labor being 'brought Into .opposition with Iree labor; favors leglslatlori^foi- the protection cf miners, and rt'nacessary a constitutional iimtmiiment 'such' ae will Inuure such protection: reijue'styUie'n'ext general assembly of the. state.: to legislate In behalf of tood and substantial' .roads. ; FEME SILVER. Stand Taken, by; thu Ohio Uemoeratlo - :,';'' "'/Convention. Columbiis.'^'O'.'.LyJuJHi 24.— Delay in reaching .an nirreehjent in the resolu- tions committee delayed the opening of the democratic state convention till 30:30 Wednesday morning 1 . Chairman XI. A. Smallcy, in calling the convention to order, made no speech, simply reading the list of temporary ollieers selected, by .the slate committee. W. A. Taylor was made temporary chairman. At the, conclusion of Col. Taylor's speech a delegate secured ihe lloorand expressed his gr:ititic:it.jon at the disapproval expressed by the convention of G rover Cleveland, whom he characterized as the "Benedict Arnold" of Hie democratic party. He was hissed down at that point, and the committee on rules was culled for and read by Alien Sinalley. of \Yyandoit, t.he chiiirman of t.he commit tee. Qvn. Warner --Ma<lc Pfirmnncnt Cliiilrmivn. The committee on permanent organization prespnU'\its report, which waa adopted without \amendmeut, and a committee seni; to escort the chairman. Gen. A. .1. \Va.rner, to the hall. In 1ali'ni!j thu chair as permanent chairman. (Ji'ii. Warner made a short speech. His only criticism of the present' nnwnal ad'i!iin;su:ttion was in that jt had created an enormous debt in a lime 01' peace. Jle snid he In-Moved Ma}..McJvinley WB'F hone-st in his money (.henry, but, ho'could no more bring prospt'H'-y 10 thftvpntion thai way than he i-ould lift liim;«e'lf by his hoof straps. The report of'''the credentials com- iTiil'lce. 3e:i1in.gth<i,si!ver faction delegates in Stark county, the only place "•here there was a contest, was odopt- •,pd without, opposition. riiitfurin of Ohio Democrats. The platfonn as rewrted by the m.i- jo.i>ii,y of the committee wns adopted hj'-Jhe following vote: Yes, 5-I2; no, J2S\ ^.Jt is as follows: . '^Vi;!,the democrats of Ohio, in convention assembled, hold that the monov question Is the Vila! and paramount issue now before Ihe people of this country, and that its early and. correct settlement is neces- s.iry to the revival of business and the return of prospfVlty; therefor* "Rosolve'd, That.Ve are unalt'orably op- posofl to the single gold standnrd, nnd de- m.'inel an Immediate return to the constitutional money of gold and silver )>y the restoration by this government, independ- enl of other nations, of the unrestricted coinage o£ both silver i\nd solil into slar.d- nrd money at the ratio of sixteen to one, and upon I he "terms of exact equality existing prinr to 1S73: such silver coin to be a full legal ior,der,/equa!)y with gold coin, for all debts and dues, public ar,d private. "Resolved, That^tlK- delegates at large this day chosen? 1 by. this convention, and ihe delegates to the national convention from the several congressional districts b?, and they are hereby instructed to use all honorable means to secure the adoption of the principles contained in the foregoing resolution by the national democratic con- \ontion, to be held at Chicago July 1. and to vote only for candidates for president and vice president who are known to be In full accord therewith: and to accomplish tlitsc ends td»cast the votes from the state of Ohio :is a unit, as a nmjorlvy may determine." Dulccutci »t Lnrne. The following were selected for delegates at large; Allen \V. Thurmiin, E. B. Finley.L. E. Holden and John Ti. McLean. For alternntes at, large,: W. E. Decker, of Pnulding; Gasper.T. V. ITopple, of Cincinnati; P. H, Regner, of Toledo, and .lolm \V. Conwell, of Cadiz, were chosen. 1 \ NK>T VOftK DEMOCRACV. Holds In IStiito Cohvcntlun nl. ,SHnitO(fU— .Sltopard Delegation Shut Out. Saratoga, X. Y., June 24.—The democratic convention to select delegates at large and name district delegates to the national convention at Chicago met in this city Wednesday. At l^'o'elb'ck the convention had only a sprinkling 1 of'-people in t.he spectators' seat.s and no^ a 'down delegates' scats were occupied. Shortly after 12 o'clock delegates filed in :ind took their places. The band struck up at 12:05 and a moment Inter there was a henrty handclap- ping- as Senator II'11 appeared: and too 1 '. a seat. At ]-':10 Mr..Whitney arrived and was vigorously applauded. E.\-C!ov. Flower received the next demonstration. Chairman Jnmes W. Hiiickley called the convention, to order at 12:20 p. m. lie 'presented t.he name of John Boyd 'Timelier, of Albany, for temporary chairman. Mi;. Thncher was elected without opposition. Speech of-John Boyrt Timelier. Albany's mayor was received with applause, "lie fepoko in part as follows: "If we are to accomplish our mission at Chicago, .we must g-o there to persuade erring- brothers and not to quarrel with enemies. The people who hold those stranRC views are honest but mistaken. We must ma,ke them see that we are as honest as they are and that our views are right. At thlrlate day the task seems gigantic, but it Is'fit to employ the talents and discretion olfVHlll and o£ a Whitney.. At 12:47 CliamnlHi Thacher finished his speech, and \Secretary De Freest called the roll. The r.amesof. Whitney, Hill, Flower, Stan'chfield and other prominent delegates were greeted with applause. The Shepard delegation from Kings county occupied scats in the rear of the hall. 'Charles .T. Patterson, who sat be- sideEdwardM.Shepard, presented their claim for admission to 1he convention. After the appointment of committees on credentials, resolutions and permanent organization the convention took a recess until throe o'clock. The Shepardites were refused recognition by the committee on credentials by a unanimous vote. Patrick- J. Gieoson and the contesting delegation from Qneen.\county were thrown out by a vote of 2\to 7. I'HKIB iflLVBB l'LA.NK, rifttform Adopted '1>r the ISllver Dcmo- orntlc fconvcriclon ot Texas. Austin. Tex.i'HTune 24.—The large silver democratic^convention after some discussion Wednesday momiug 1 by Judge Keagn : n, on one side, aud Gov. Hoirir. on the other, adopted Judire Kcaga-ii's money plank into Ihe platform, as follows: "We favor the free and unlimited eolnapo of xold and silver Into standard money without discrimination against either and at Die ratio of sixteen to onu. Independent of the action of any nation; which standard money shall be legal tender for all di-bts public and private: and we further demand that the money of the country ^hall consist of ROld and silver thus coined, iind of paper convertible into these coin* on demand of holder, and in this connection we demand that the practice of the Lri-usury department of fffusliiK tcf pay coin noies in silver the same as in gold shall be discontinued because th<- same 1» an unwarranted use of power will?. 1 , results In making the fedora] treasury but a. broker's olllce for speculation in KO!CJ." There was a (igii: over u jnotion to elect eight instead of four delcpnes to Chicago, but it carried and the following wc.ro elected: Cov. Culborson, John H. Ke.-igan, Horace CiiiHon, John M. Duncan, Congressman M.-iiley. E. G.. Scnlcr, \V. A. lilake and i-x-Cov. Uogg. Thirteen presidcnLial clt-etoi's were named and convention adjourned sino die. InstruftiHl f*»r IJIiind. The riiivapo delegation was 1 instructed to voti- 'for I'land, if. in their judgment at Chic.-igo. he ])roves the most available free silver democrat. He was declared 1o be i he choice of the democ- •acy of Texas. WITHIN OUR BORDERS. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. State Norniiil University. Tern- H.-uUe. I ml.. .Tune £4.—£-lat» Superi'itendei',1 of Public Instruction Goo; in has made n ruling that county siipi'i-i-ntendenis shall issue to graduates or vhe State Normal university n license to teach in the public schools without passing the i-'ji;:ity examination. This is gratifying, not only to the 100 wiio wil? rccc'ive certifie-ifes ol graduation next week, but to normal sTU-U-nts general! v, beeausrd it is believed it will aid Ihcni in securing tin', pass-age of a law bv the legislature by which normal <>-'riiduiites nny receive their diplomas mi grnduation'. Undor the present law they must teach two years before being grunted n diploma, which exempts them from =• unty examinations. How » Hunk Wa» Itohbcil. Union City, Ind., June 24.—The first of the series ol steals hn.< just eome to liglil in the defunct Citizens' bank. On September S. JS'.K;. Charles If. Cadwallader issued a draft. No. C,2,COS. on the Importers' and Traders' bank, of Xew York, for two dollars, as shown by the smb. The draft wns returned to the Citixens' bank. On the reverse side waa stamped: "Tho Importers' and Traders' bank, Xew York, paid." On looking at the face it calls for the sum of SS.C/OO, a difference of Sl^OOS. The draft is ' in the handwriting of ' Charles H. •' Cadwalladpr. cashier. IJoliovr-IVare Tl»nt Soil. Jcffersonville. Ind., June 24.—Judg« Gibson has ratified the sale of the plant of the Patton Ho!lo\v-\Vare company of the prison south by the receiver to the .Tones Manufacturing 1 company of Baltimore. The price paid was $30,680. The new firm will at once put 200 con- . victs to work. Col. A. G. Patton. the former owner of the plant, recently made an assignment and the state got judgment against him for $23,000. ChnrRMi Mlmnanmscmcnt. Indianapolis. Ind.. Juno 2-1.—A de- x cided flurry has been created in financial circles here by the publication of n circular letter from S. C. Igoc to the stockholders 'of the Citizens' Street I!ailwny company, charging mismanagement and asked them to join with him in compelling an accounting from UiePittsburg-hcapitnlists.Mwry Vernon nnd H. S. McKec, who control the lines. Contented Bin Crime. Terre Haute, Ind.; June 24.—Harrison Green (colored) was arrested here on information that he was wanted in Owensboro, Ky., for the murder of John Mont- ffomerv" He confessed thnt. meeting Montgomery one day he was accused of being intimate with Mrs. Montgomery. A fight ensued nnd Green used a knife with an effect that subsequently proved fatal for Montgomery. A YOUHB Home Thief. La Porte, Ind.. June 24.—This city claims the youngest horse thief on record in Benjamin Harrison Thompson, aged eight. Last week he wns captured at Kingsbury with the horse and carriagi? of: ex-Senator Weir, and the little fellow also stole the horse and buggy of Ilnrt, L. Weaver, a prominent banker. The youth will be sent to th« reform schocJ. I'rcfcru Dcnth to ArrrRt, Columbus, Ind., June 24.—David Dreading is dying here from the effects of n dose of rough on rats, taken with the intention of ending his life in order to escape arrest. Monday u warrant was sworn out against him for having fired four slioi.s at Jesse Eevis and Miss Mary Snydcr, while they were riding-, ten d:iys ago. Notre Pame, Hid., June 24.—Lawrence Parnfili, of Ireland, a member of the faculty of Notre Dame university nnd a relative of Charles Stewart Par- ni-11, the Irish patriot, was stricken by heart disease while bathing in ihe lake near the university Tuesday morning 1 ond died instantly. , Cal., June 24.—Considerable excitouierjt wa.s created on the const of Meudocino county by the .ij/pearanco : of an immense tidal wave. . The swell wns seven feet higher than ordinarily Bud rushed up liig river with great force, but no damage wns done. The wnll of water'is n|fribiitcd to * Japanese earthquake. ^ i*— rr « . 'VSTT" ^' 41 ,'A;/»',t

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