The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1934
Page 2
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»LVTHEV1LLE. (ARK.) COTFRTKR NFW8 3ociai Calendar lu>» m«t r le, Id a. m <l4<il«. pjbl« c)a^> of First Mcth- ojttst cijurch nieellng at home of M«, B. P, Martin, 7:30 P. M. Henry Humphrey >The Biniwood Cemetery tfon will meet, with Mrs. Earl Pot, t«vat pe)J,' 2:30 'p. fl], SATURUAX'S EVENTS -Mrs. J. A. Leech and Mrs, Q. W. Affl|ck having bridge hiiv cheon at country club, 1 P. M. until the v|sjlcd Uie |»rty »»ri told Iw ptoi7 o/ Maoboth. 'llirce mrm- bers ct His clul) lirnniatiicd (lip . 1 tccno from this jijay, A.I (iiorc was the blood act of touching parts'of dead Ijoc)/. Apples, [»p com mid hot, Jalc were served. Briery E.nterloiins for Mrs. James Quinn - Mrs, Jamts Wpdc Quinit of plythevllle, who before her recent fliarr'age wai. MUs Jean Fisher, WH-fiusi' of honor ol a vcccpllon a*»id ^hosier given by Mr*. Arthur Brtckfij' at her Osceola home Wednesday afternoon. There were ISO gufjib. "iho Briekey ho|i;o, Tfrracc,"- wab beautifully crtilri a sljver nnd pink motif iH^4 throughout the four rooms, pw,l$ 'radiance and Hrlar cllftc ips^B . were' In silver vases and the fejreshment . table- had a lace oioth over pink Pink topers in silver holders flanked the centerpiece and pink and green festoons nuns from the silver chandelier '; . 'Gifts of sll\cr, linep iihd lingerie (or the biido uerc displayed on separate table?. •- "The guests weio iccclvcd by Mrs. Briekey, the guest of honor, MfB. Bd L, Qulnn, Mrs. William J, Kello'i, [iiolhei o[ Mrs. Brlckey, and Mte Enne Fisher of Blyllie- yile,.. sister of the bride. Their corsages were Talisman and jpr anna Hill roses. Ethel Drlekej, Pouna prUor, Madeline El|en %i\o", Elizabeth Ermen and Lou Qnlnn tcncd Individ- Hal ices, decorated «lth valley »j- ifts, pink cakes and punch. His JUIIowc'en I'arlj Meinbprp of the eonyrpyollo)) of !ho First l'rctiljy|«rln|i church hnd a Hallowe'en pnrty 'niesdny evo- nliiB 111 the wclnl room of the church when 90 attended Autumn foliage decorated the Inrge room nnd cookies and punch were perm! from u Jnek b'Lnn- urn, Tlio Rev. Sliwri " It. Salmon' (wslor, assisted in (ho games and contests. Kccclvcs Honors n| Cullrgc lto Mnrfjarel Shaver, of Mr. n|Kl Mrs. «'. w. er, who was nn ovlstiuidliiK stii- toll In thii city high .school, is rc-CD|vi|)ij sfiverut honois nt ChrLs- linn College, Oolumblj, Mo., where she now 'attends tohool. She lias been elegted president P 1 ho junior cl^s and protein °f Hie ArkaneaB ujub. ' • The Happy Hour Kindergarten pupils had n Hallowe'en party jyedncsday moiling uhen cncft ch'ld invited ono guest '•JJrs Jos Craig led in sever?! games and chocolate rnilli and fookies wore served Amba wfloys Meet On>-jt Ambassadors -'of thb ot ' ^ "OhurcJt ,ne|, e\en,n,ig with a large nuiii- CQr present Group No ], n|th Mrs, Irene Davis jn charge, presented •' the fpllowlng program bon B ; Prayer, MJss Bernlce Ak[),, son B ! Bible Verec Testimony Senlgp. jvij^ Ad |, Davis, fpe m u oiimibi Be R°tlC|" Mies Mildred Cndd; Serin. lursl Talk, Miss Paulino Davis- Offeruig, Mrs Irene BiiiHIcy. ' Group No a is i,, charge of the program next Sunday Has Club Sf M S E ",°, n ^ Klrb5 w of Mrs Harrj Kuby when she jiad the Wednesday Bridge club this w? ek for lunch ind n brirfo "Yellow mi ct ^1,1^ daisies, yeiJ low tapers and Halloween lames i'fori (| 0 f | TO| TO for !h? two coitr^o menu. 'Ijl uio card game!, Mre. oi or , defk tile 0 ' 1 """' <U> " lhC wi ' K - '°' !tl ° lhcr Jack Btttterwcrtli, Sam P11(t j/>« ' Club Red Has a . i i , ' ' V'l^ ui n;c ,.' h!gl) fchopl mncie iilnns, In a meeting Wctlnestlay atlernoo n, tm sponsoring a pnrade Fjiday af- Lftriiooil prior to the fi)olbn.!| nnino iJL " C , 5l 'T 1 Wo™"!- «W- Ifflllons of the sphoo) will liRvc floats nnd Betty McOiilchen, 1'oliy' Ant) Bl|ch and Marv Virulnin Hutlw were pp^'*,,, J™^ .ho Red Pepper (lout. " • A pen meeting will Do held al tile iiwomWy pc j.(od rr|<f W ',„,,„_ DK In tho form of a play. Follow, mg the jirojriini there will te \ '••ike fiance tjirpiish the school •... -^ football Held where" yells iitcs 1)n "* lcc < 1 ror & f«v miii- Mostly Q/ JVeuis Persona: J. A. Padgett and Joe Pride, Jr., ni'c aUcnditiR to business In Memphis lodny. [Mr. and Mrs, Jnmes WUIJB Quimt were In Osceola Monday evening us dltinor guests of Mi 1 , ami Mrs. Thomas Florida. Ennnn Sue «t!Mi« ? Georgia Mosley and Abner Driver Wee At nn caiiy morning ctnmony performed by the Hev. Alfred 'Carpenter, pastor of the Flint Baptist church, nt his homo horc at 1'3( this inornhig, Miss Georgia' Mosl'ey 22, o( iMn clly, and Ab»er Drlvei 28, of Oscooln, were unHtxt l|j i, )a r rlage. I Deputy County clerk B.'M-'Mai- jthcwB'was routed from his bed after midnight to issue the license. The bridegroom is a member pt a promltmnt Mississippi county family, being the son ot Mrs. Abner Driver 6r., of Osceola, ana tn , grandion of the late Mr. Janics D (jlcwnrt rc- Driver. turned yesterday from Ulllo Ruck where sliu was guest o[ Mr. aiul Mrs. OKo Hartimg anil (lowaut IlnMlngs [or several days. Air. and Jlfrs. Jim Stewart, niul dnuglUcr, Virginia Ann, left y«- terdny for their home in Uulloiv, Fla., utter a visit with Mrs. Pearl Stewart. I Mines Fred Rutherford, Joel! Chandler. J. Nea] Ocscll, Ijlrain Wyllc nnd Chester Caldtrell will "•wild loinoiTQW lii Memphis. i Mrs. James I). Clark uiul Mrs. I'aill I/, Tlploii were In Cnruili- eisvlllc yeslcrdny. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Riitherforci and son, j'-ccd, ivlll go to si. Umls Sunday accompanying Dor^ey Hoark, brother of Mrs. Rnthei-- fortl, who is rdiimlng home nftor fpcndlng .wvcnil months here. Milloi) Allenberg, of Memphis, -""' ycstwxliiy licio todiiy. Ho Mrs. Allenburg's father, n H. Levy, left, today for Cham- lialgn, 111,, where tlicy will be guests of Den Levy jr., for the .Illinois-Army B»mo. Mrs. fi. [{. Allen had as hi;r gue-sls Tiicsday evcnlHF; her sister, Mrs. J. u. cillllnm. and tlauchter, Mnry, of Oreenvihe, Miss. nend Courier News Want Ads: EASES ACHES a »lraln. Bring* LIQUID or TAB LETS Rca<| Courier News Went Ads. 1HOHE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. tf class Has I'arly Wonder Sunflay 'school class jB l,akq Street MethorilH l] celebrated Hallowe'en «f I*!,!'' : °f' f inf ° nilal Pfoeram the Wwlr from- the, ^Neero- Pilgrim KBSI Baptist, church sang, p. B Jarrett spoko on "Christianity'' ami the Kcv. W. J. .LeRoy! pastor, was presented a watch chain ")' til? board of directors. T 5 c i u° Prcsollt wcr « 6Cn '«l tandwlches, coffeo and pie after tonics anci conics;s had been * tf c , Pcmocrattc Women To Sludy rroftosed Anienilmenlb Members of (he Blj'lhevllie Democratic Women's club will di 5 ^ a meeting ut Speedy Relief of Chills and Fever pon't let Malaria tear you apart with Its racking chills and burning [ever. Trust to itfl hqme-iuaiie or mcra mu)se,shllt remedies. Take the medicine prepared especially (or -Maluria — Drove's TasMe&s Ohlfl Tonic. Grove's Tasteless Ohill Tonic ives rcnl relief from, Malaria because it's, a scleiHIIlc combination ot lastelcH quinlms nnd tonic Iron. The ouhiine kll|s Ilia Mulnritt. Infection In the Wood. The iron bulttts up tho Bystem und helps Fortify against lurlhcr nttaok. .,11 the ilret sign of any attack cl Malaria tuke Drove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, Better'still take It i'egiilarl.v ! during the Malaria season to ware, oil th.a disease. Grove's Tasteless . _ j t TucEciuy, in Hotel Nublc, ' .The. "As You Like U' club of llifl SsBW-ncc wliool had « Hailo- part} » n the scout 'hut a(ter n oon The hut was Have U*Uowo'eii Pa^y Fix'd KiitJierforcj jr., hod 20 boy;, anil girls IQ aid him iu ccle.t>rtu- nig UaUowo'c-n lasV evening' nt ins new suburban l|pino on tins }Iot dpgs',' niiiralnnallQw 1 'alid ttio like were ca|e.n a^ t||c S ue 5W gathered around a S( v f6 e fire, und I'lcctrlc lights slning awofs tho yard ii,udc IL po.'.slblo lo haw outdoor games nnd contests. Dalvd Grov&'s Tneielcss Chill 'Italic now comes in two sizes, 50u ami si. Tho $1 size contains 3!4 times at much us the SOc sl'w ond givei you 25% luovu fov your money. Get « bottle today at any drug stove. —Adv. lii - THE DELMORE IROTHERS For RBAli Protection Phone 191 CLAKK,W1LSON AGENCY General Insurance 'We Pay All Loase^ With a Smile' James a. Clark - Baker' Wilsoc. &clV9tt)ely |RD RECORDS . .iktiHl^tp, , Uln'tChnni FRESH FISH DINNER All You Can Eat For Kyeryonc 1 Is TulKinj; ' A I) u u I These Dinnprs 25c SKHVE1) KVKUY FRIDAY NIGHT UlilNKS OF ALL KINDS, TOO! •TB'XACO or CONOCO GAS, Gal. 12-12 j|u HARRY BAILEl'S STATE LINE SERVICE STATION WINDS that freeze are like a sweet Slimmer breeze, when HANES is hugging your body! Get hold of a suit and shove your hand inside. The downy Huff feels as soft as a chamois . . . luxurious, pleasant, and warm I Imagine it curling comfortably up to your skin , . . when the snow start? to blow, and the elect to beat) Gentlemen, HANES is the Heavyweight Champion 1 Elagtic-knit . . , it's limber enough to co-operate with every move you make. 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Can !6c CHILI SAUCE, Finest. 12-oz'. Bottle 15c CHILI CON CARNE, Can COFFEE Sunny Brook Pound Can 29c SUGAR 1'ure Cane. J'apcr Bag 10 Pounds 49c CANOVA COFFEE Lb. Can "IT SURE IS GOOD COFl^BE" 29c SALMON Chum Toll Can APPLES Delicious. Extra Fancy. Large Size. Each 4c nn/in FRESH, Loose. Dozen 2!c LjIiEUTY,. In qarion. Doz;cn - - - \, 27t PFT rifcl SrnaU Can T 3p Gc Spring- Valley Can POBKSffiAK^—••Ss.ITic Pride of Memphis 2-Lb. Box CELERY BEECHNUT SPECIALS California. Jumbo Shilks Each IBc 7c CATSUP Spaghetti, Can T • , , 'jc Chili Sauce, Bottle - - Z'2c Catsup, Large Bottle •> T lilc Spag, or Macaroni. Lb. 12 i/ z p Ruby 14.0?. Bottle DRESSING Table Garden i/ t pt. 8 C! Pt, Vic; Qt. 24c __ SALT MEAT" Best S Pound Pount) BOLOfiNA 17 c Pound PICNIC HAMS Pound 16c EW BEEF" Or NECK BONES Pound Fresh and Meaty Pound CA'ISLP ISc MOPS OCTA60M Stokeiy's lancet « «^ j _ _j.arge 14-Oz. Itottle JL &% C 1^ Ounce PJACHES Rosedalc Large 2|/j Can 16c Ked. Sour Pitted No, 2 Can Sliced Pound HAM !ALCHCPS_r3 2a:t _l2ic I A1UR Genuine Sprint'. Shoulder ^^ U1> Pound Maxwell House Coffee VITA FRESH "GOOD TO THE LAST PROP" iMinnesota Cobblers Pound CCCCANUTS Blat'k Hawk. Sliced Pognd 25c Fresh Each PCTATCESr2 l! (APPLES Sc Vorts Lb. MACKEREL Pound Tic Salmon Style 3 Cans 21 c t thoc p«c« r«r«nxcnJ thii t CANOVA SPECIALS Mustard, Marco. Qt. Jar - 9c Black Pepper, '/I Lb. C«n • (lc Boston Cocoa, y 2 L\), Can - 9e Mayonnaise, Pint r - - - - 23c I-ady Alice Coffee, Lb. - - 23 ( : Lady Alice Coffeo, y t Lb. - i3c Kamer Lanc.jrhe Lonet 01 me dfiiaun. Lo. L;III Snowdrift XSc'Huc Citlumet Lh. 23c ORANGES W«r-Jnicc nozcn SKININERS ^3i&*?$£ 7c CABBAGE ^^ W d lie BANANAS i\Icl-0-Kii>c Dozun ISc Daisy Creum Pound 16c Mil If 1TI1MV Cottage or Vim Camp • or c ^mall Cans IJBBYS SPECIALS Pineapple, No. 2 Can J7c Pinciipplc, 2Vi Citn - I9c Peaches, 2!4 '.Can -. ISc UA Cherries 2'/i Can 25c Fruil Salad, 2i/ 2 can 2Gc 'Apricots, 2 1 /* Can - 2,')c Tomato Jiiice, No, 1 Can '-.,'T. ----- 7c Pickles^ Sweet Plain ur Mixcd,"22-oz. Jar • 23c COFFtf Dean's High Grade Pound Can PANCAKEFLOUR Tffi? SOc BEEF ROAST 14 - c - Th '1..B 12ic PICKLES t'ound Chase & Siirtborn. I)ated Pound (,'an C. & W. Sour or bill Quart Jar PORK CHOPS SOAP Lean Cii(s Pound ' "I Cf* Palmoh've 'or Camuy ' ' 13c DEL MONTE SPECIALS Sweet Pickle Peaches, No. 2% Can .. 27c Fruit Cocktail, No. 2% Can ........ 33c Prunes, Prepared. No. 2% Can I8c Pineapple, Crushed. No. 2y 2 Can .. 19c •1,

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