The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1932
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i Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND S^"^.^.!; ^ ^ ""-^ *» ^ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXIX—NO. 159 Blythevlllo Dally News. Blythevllle Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. Blytltevlllo Cmiricr.' Bl.Y'niKVlU.lC, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SKl'TKMHKU BERSTAKE SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Bonus Payment Now Unfair to Nation Declares Byrd Ktar Admiral Richard f., Hyrd, ncttd .aval cfBccr, explorer, aeronaut and now head of the National Eixncmy Ltaijue, Irlls in the follun- inft artlrU—xritk'ii exclusively for Courier News, ana NKA Service— why be and lii.s urguJiiz^lioj) oppose immediate cash paymfiit of trie Ixinus. By Rear Admiral RICHARD E. BYR1) (U. S. N.) Kellrrd In 1324. over a veto by the I'rcsi- c'cnt ol t:ic United States a Bill '.vas pas;cd known as ihe Adjusted Compensation Act, popularly called the boiii!!!, providing for the payment of certain additional comp3n- sation lo the men who wore the uniform of the United Stauv> during the World War. This legislation provided that a basic service credit ct SI a day for each day's service in the United States and $1.25 a day for each (lay's service overseas be set up. To veterans whcsc service credits exceeded $50. there was added 25 per cent and. this amount wns used as a premium lo purcJms? f«r •?ach such veteran a paid-up endowment policy maturing either upon Ihe death of the veteran or at the end of twenty years. Adding compound interest at 4 per cent,* — for twenty years, resulted In donb ling the value of the bonus plus the 25 per cent increase over the amount of the original credit. Certificates were issued lo Ihe veterans having a face value of the sum due in 1945. and therein lies muc>. of the confusion among veterans themselves about the so- called contract made by the government with them. Most of the veterans who are now advocating immediate payment of the face HESTERS LOSE NERVE, RETURN FE AND FLEE RICHARD E. BVRI) value"of' the certificates believe • T»?*j?t-such l«cc. value Is-the ampjjrit •-of the bonus granted by the Oov- • ernmsnt. They do not realize that ... such face value rcpres2nt<; the amount of the bonus granted, plus . 35 per C3nt, and that the total compounded annually at 4 per cent for twenty years in efleet more than clcubles tlie original credit, for service. - ' ' In 1930,- again over a Presidential veto. Congress enacted a tav.'pir.- mittiny holders of these certificates TIDOPS CULLED AS STRIKE MOB New York Police Move Quickly When Ransom' Is Demanded ol Broker. NEW YORK, Sept. -it) iUl>> -. f. iiuiio directed man-hunt over! ;iew York city foiled kidnapers! :! an eliiht-year-old boy in tln-ir] r!ot to collncv $'25.0C(J ran.som luui icsultcd in return of tlie child i*j his home unharmed. Join: Arthur Russell, rou of a "cch tr.'kcr. was in tlu. hands ii: the kidnapers 11 limns yes- l- iday b'.'fore the gan^ fn'i-,1 him. '!he kidnapers made two tele- phono calls to the- RussL-ll home U'tove intense police activity lightened them into tx-huMii^ tin. 1 buy. The boy suid lie entered an uuto- mobile and. was driien to an apartment where a woman Ireal- ej him kindly, giving him sandwiches and milk. Finally the woman placed him on a trolley ear, paid his .fare, and told the conductor where to let hitu off. Shortly after John was missed yesterday u. man telephoned the Russell home and demanded $25,000 for the chiluYs return. Police speedily traced the call 'to a pay station in a condy stoic. The police radio disp.atclH'd a dozen cars there immediately. Scores of detectives poured into the sur- rcimdlng area. Olher police forces were marshalled. j Negroes Await Sentence for Torch Kilting oi Five La., Sept. 'Ji' (UP)—T«n notices, Phillip Mor- Eiin and January. nwniU'it' ^•:iu-!ic.! today on llielr eouvlc-j tlon ol ihe lou-h slayiitj of tin 1 ! l:olv.-r: Vlnti-m funiily n[ five. I The cotirLioiin was cinwdcd chir-1 iiic the uial but (litre: were in f-i-iiiciiotriiiiuns. The negroes weri- alleged, (u have liraten Vincent anu his wik- nnd llnvu' children i v.ilh an ircn bur i\t ii:clr farm j i un.i: nciii 1 Sulphur, I.a., nnd Ui have ;;cl fin 1 t-, ilu- IIUUM- lo con-1 l"::il till: i-iljlle. T ectives Flee Crowd An.-.. *- to borrow up to 50 per cent of the I ra face, value. Uniier this law up 'to' gere3 by Slaying of Year Old Boy. SOUTH RIVER, N. J., Sept. 20. t UP)—State troopers restored order today after a textile strike riot hi which an 11-year-old boy bystander w»s shot to death and four other iwrsons, including another boy, were wounded by bullets.' Several others wereVoiiiided less seriously by brickbats''. and other missiles. • . - - ' June 30, 1932. according lo figures issued by General of the Veterans'. Administration, there were .1.544.251 certificates outstanding hrivlns; a maturity value cl $3.514,284.141. and a present loan.vain? of S1.757.000.COO. Over 2.103,000 veterans had availed themselves of the privilege of borrowing on their up to | Tte'rlot- occurred as workers were leaving, the plant of a wash suit company late yesterday. The mill had been placed under guard of detectives, when it reopen:d yesterday alter a strike. - -There was a-flurry-of shots as a crowd' "of 'strike sympathizers descended on the plant. Walter Rozek tell, mortally wounded. Incens- tificatcs. and the amount loaned cd ' scveral hundred citizens joined was $1,429.000".000. '' ' '; the-strike sympathizers, .swelling Thus, though only 75 per cent i the C1 '°*' tl to an estimated strength of ihe veterans had borrowed " on their certificates up to June 20 of this year, tlie Government had at that lime already advanced $500.- increased overpow- GCfl.OOO more than the ordinal ad- i ered ' Tne guards fled eight blocks justed compensation act eontem- ," lrou i)' a rain of missiles to tlie of 3.000. It rapidly turned into a mob. Brickbats and clubs began to fly. The detective force, to forty, was hopelessly plated would b; available to th" veterans at this time. In spite ol these facts the American Ifjion and other veterans' cr£auiutions arc now demanding I from a Government nnd a nconle (hat can 111 a.'rcrd to pay it, (he full value of the certificates which is not line until 1945. * * • Thi.c K not a fair proposition present to the people, wlw are already being taxed nearly a third of 'heir Incom; for all governmental expenditures. The Government of Ihe United Plates onnit afford to O1 .v thi.* S2.300.000.0CO. It Is against th e principles mxin which this hall wtiere the mob circled tlic building. °f all This tioned. should prcfil al Ihe expense ^.' wople. isV^ a case in which the f ily 'jj. , the Government In to ve;*rans ran be qtie-5- Tho National Economy wague. of which f am National ^"airman, heartily endorses all !ej- *f " ,'!' ' Rri1 makes lust and liberal Provision for l]M dclKm lcnls of tnose who lost their lives in war ^eruee and for those who in fact have suffered disability. A certain of veterans, nwst of whom I ant certain do not ^nderstand the facts, are on the way to creating among Hie Am»r- Pwple a_ privilege class. This the print for the ., a time as thev Parrot rats Cash REVERE, M fl j«. <rj P) _ Mrs Minson recently lost M5 pet parrot chewed her lianrtb pieces whlie she lw ,,, £„ her vegetable man, Missing McFerrin Boy Returns Safe and Sound After Night in Woods. :vfnrders of a mysterious killing, xaseerated into a "trunk murder", at McFerrin plantation, west of Oseeola proved unfounded early Ccday. The rumors were centered about the disappearance of n five-year- old boy, who wondered away from home yesterday afternoon but was found safe and apparently as scund as ever chls morning, after night spent in (he woods. A family of transients, whose names could not be obtained, had drilled into the section a couple of days ago to pick cotton. Late yesterday the Ilttic boy. member of the family, disappeared and cllre rumors began to spread, fed by tlte report that blood, which eventually turned out to be paint, had been discovered. Just how the report that a boy's body had been found In a trunk developed Is not known, but officers and J. A. Gwaltney, p!an!allon manager, finally traced down the source of the rumors, rn (he midst of the excitement attendant upon the reported nnd wire, trouble developed on the only telephone line between McFerrin and Osceola. Finally contact was re-established and definite denial of (he rumored mys- lery murder was obUlntd. JDET.Tfl HERE IS WEEK Will Address Party Rally Fellow i n s CommiUee Conference Friday. Brooks Hays, newly elected Democratic national committteiliaii foi Arkansas,, and-Senator Joseph T. Robinson in Blytheviilc Friday of'this week lor'a conference with the county central c6:uaiitlee that afternoon and n parti- rally at the courthouse Friday night. T. J. Maftan, chairman of th( county central eommittee.-lias nslc- ed all members of. the committee to attend the conference, which will be held ai 3 p.m. While the purpose of the meeting was nol announced it is understood to be for the discussion of plans for the general election in November. All Democrats of Mississippi county arc Invited to attend th< rally at 8 o'clock Friday n!»'r.t, at which Senator Robinson will be the principal speaker. His address in Blytheville will b-: the third of a series which will carry Senator Robinson into all of the principal cities of Arkansas tin; week and next. He will be accompanied bjj the "Original Arkansas Hillbillies." a rube band which use.- for musical instruments such thing; as washboards, handsaws, broomsticks, insect spray guns, :,nd various other articles. Massachusetts Farmer Gives Tourists Free Pears NEWBURY, Miws. (UP) — A philanthropic farmer, living on the West Newbnry road, keeps a bushel brisket filled with luscious pears on a (able in front of his home. Above the basket Is a sign which reads: "Free -Help Yourself." As motorists stops to eat thcl fill, the farmer adds more pears. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 20. (UP)- Cotl<yi clo£«l steady. Open High Low close Oct 687 691 677 GIB Dec 701 703 688 C93 Jan 708 118 695 699 Mar 118 718 704 708 May 730 730 716 72! July 740 740 723 131 Spots closed al 695. up 5, quiet. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. S« pt . 20. (UP)Cotton closed steady. Open High Low ctese Oct. DCC. Jan. Mar. May July 6S8 70* 706 718 727 732 704 707 718 728 7M 076 685 690 105 715 730 Spotn dosod at 6S1, up 681 b 605 701b 710 721 739b nllTI-SltS TIX 3. W. McCutchcii Elected | President ot County Association. The Anti-Sales.Tax association ol ItasUslppi counly was organized tst nielli at a iiiwdiit; attended by ibout twenty- Blytheville business len. O. w. McGuicheii was elected iresident. with Sam Flonimn, vlce- iresident, U. S. Branson, .secretary, ind Jeff Roland, treasurer. The' purpose of the organization 16 secure the defeat at the gen- :al elect Ion in November of the lOposed amendment to the stnte institution which would impose a ax ol one per cent on all tales. To this end the n.«ocialiOit plans ' ' promote organization of active •oup's in every community in the county, and to cooperate with siml- ar associations throughout the late in opposition lo tlie proposed imendment. While organized opposition to th; ales-tai^so far has developed principally among nifrrcfiSnts. It • ' »lnted out at last night's meet- ng that should the proposed tax be made a lasv ILS burden would fall ipon the consumer rather limn up- in the seller. Merchants would suf- er through being placed at a handicap in competition with mall order houses and other out of state concerns, and through the necessl- y of-keeping the detailed tax rjc- >rd which -would be required, tut he actual tax ivould be passed on o.the consumer, the proposed lawmaking it a criminal offense for 'he merchant to absorb ft. Careful calculations indicate ihat he. one per cent pyramid lax von.ld add more than two arx! on-half per cent to the cost of fo^;i clothing and articles of general use. Another meeting has been called or Thursday nijht at which the operation of ihe proposed tax will M explained to the public. Appointments of committees to londie various phases of tin.' as- iccialicn's work were announced oday by President NfcCutchui as follows: Local Organization: R. 13. Stout, chairman. J. A. Waterman. Horace Walpolc. J. u Guard, L. n. Hubbard. O. C. Barnes, A. O Hu-l- .011. County Organization: Jelf Roland, chairman, c. J. Little U S. Urnnson. Finance: Ocorje Hiibbard, chairman, Marvin Niinn, Hurry Weisburd. J. A. Leech. Sam Florman • Jiedel. Jack Applebaum Publicity: c. R. Babcock. chair- nan, j. Men Brooks. Welch Foster. Executive: O. w. McCutctien Jeff Roland, u. s. Ijranson. Sam Herman. Ocr^c Jfnbb.ud, R B Stout, c. R. Uabcock Iwo Storms Mil Southern Co;isl, Causing D;im;i(;<> and Injuries. NKW OHI.UANS. Kept. 20. (UP) —A ircpkn! stoim Illal pass«l ln- tural ni'.ir ^.lan-nn C'lty. (.a., Jal:Monday, an:! a \va;.'r;,ptmt that n\<:pt over U:e .se.i wall ill Gulf- l»it. Miss., and hi'coni" u torna:[j as ii moved Inlniul. li-tl injury nirl -'5i ruction :ilo:ii; the null coast (o- 'I'he tropiral dislurUince, hlwl in a series n( .slorins tlnii linvr men- aci-il Uic gull In tin; jinsi month, caused only minor <l.imai;.:. I'islilni; shacks on (lie west LouUi- •'inii const irei'C'sftl nnii r.iin ilrenelicd ll-.i- unn wllh over six indies of water. 'Hie H-nlerspoitt uliich rlpiR'd a narrow pulli tli r ou K h ihe resiilcu- ilnl section of Kasl Gulfpart cll- ui»x«l a <laj- of calra and high tides. Half a do/cu liousrs were dc- mollrhed nnd tlu-ec negroo.s were rciwrtcd injured. Ellai Wells, ne- gro. was treated (or a wound caused when a nail, blown through the iir with tlie force of n bullet, pcne- trnted her ICE. Several persons r«- l»rl«| narrow escapes. Ofliclnls of Die U. S. weather bureau rcporlcd t!:at the storm, ich wus centered bi norliiwjsl ncfjce this monilng. had lost Its force. Heavy rains in the entire Mississippi valley region today rcsulc- ed from the disturbance. '.•".•s:'s Away Shorllv Afler Noon Will, Childron All THREE SMS Wisconsin Primary to Indicate Strength of Progressive Movement. By United Trers The last state primaries before the presidential clecllon »-cro* today in Wisconsin, New York and Massachusttts. National political Interest center ed on the Wisconsin contests which \vtll determine the strength ol the progressive organization in this year of upsets for many In office. In New York the prohibition issue played a part In many of the flgf.ts for seats in Ihe lf>i:e a nd state legislature. Gov. Joseph B. Ely, Democratic governor of Massachusetts, was unopposed for renoniinnlion. Four Republicans aspired lo be his opponent in Uw November elcclion. Ti'X . Hi-ill, -jn. rlll'l I --Mrs. (jaiah , Cia'-ii'i. al. nuitlier c:| .Jolin N. Clnriu-r. deiiu.- ! I'llltlc rilllllldllli! [ril- Vlci'-piv l:hlll. dlcil lh>ie luilay al 12iM pin. ultei j 'Hii- it-jrti woman, t'juiilc frail, lapsed Into a coma .-i-jvcm! i-.ur'? iH-foic li-.c end fame. Slu dltil, |x-.i«-[ul|y. All o[ her c:liUilnn v; TO ni (he bt'ilsklc. -Spi'aki-r. Curlier, hi.,- nrst lurn.! tat iH'sidc' tin; ( l)m - posliT b.'U .v;| biTullird her last. Jcs.v nnd J»lly Clnriivr. her olher (wo sons, i "Ml Mrs. Muuile iiliiir and Mrs. i n Wrluhl. her i!aunlilers. nil kept I Bll al ihc finally residence wh:n t was K-nincd tin- end wns "-[Waker Garner Inirrli'd here ii Wellington when he learned hist Friday of his mother's serious Illness. He arrived late Sun- lay. Mrs. Garner srcnl dL'clliiliiB vears In UK home which she and lier husband. John Nance Garner buill'morc than two score years Proposed Railway Wage Cut Under Discussion WASHINGTON. -S?|;!. 'JO. IUI 1 )— ltallrn.Kl exceinivrs nnd labor tr.s iisct t:.'te indny for inHlinl- nnry ilbviiulnu of » ac |vr cent wane ii'dueuon piop-ivd by ihe fiiiiii'is and .-.tii'iiiAmsly ujipuscd by tli'. - unions. 'I lie iiropnvil 2I> w , ,j» rl i c ,n won],] Kroini' I'llVuiivi. nrst F.'ij- I. 'I'rc (jii'si-ju |0 |;.-r'i'.-n: lion :l|:i,'cini'iil expires ,u lh;xl lltne. DlK-usslciiis Wfiv Mim-lc;! In ):.»| I Ullli^ in tl:i- way n [ «•,]„•,i-lc ,•••'lilts luwnrd sollti-iiK'iil ol HM- \vai,v oiid Four to Six n T ruck I oil S When Blasl Fails. Join Hen Presents Farmer With Thimble Size Egg S. D. Hoggard, a farmer residing on Hie John Roney farm on Iioulc 3, believes he lias the smallesl lien egg ever seen in lliis county. It was laid by a white leghorn hen of normal size, but lls diarceter the long way is less than an inch. Tlie midget egg lipped trc scales in a local c'riiK slorc al 30 grains. The egg could easily bo carried in an oidinary" sewing thimble. Ten Plcncl Guilty, Others Arc Convicted and Assessed $56.65 Each. Seventeen men, arrested in u raid Sunday on an outdoor gamb- .ing cciitej-, six miles below Le.tch- vllle. acre fluid SID each by Judge C. A. CiinninBliain in municipal t Monday nfterncon. A heavy deckel kept the court busy the entire alterncon. Ten uf the gamblers arrested by Sheriff Shaver and a squad of dcpu'.i-.-s elected to enter plea; :l sillily and escape the additional cost of S'J5 for prcsccul- mir altoiney's fee. The total fill 1 : and cost for each of the sever, who stood trial was S5G.G5 each 1'hcy '.vcre Iried jointly. Host ol the group succeeded in ni.iMi bond for appeal lo circuit court out county farm commitments were .ssiicd lor four Ibis mcnilng. One of the defendants who came here ior trial was picked up by polic- cn a drunkenness charge ami wil ov Irlid later. Warrants are oui .< r others. iTCCgnl/ed by ollicers .\ho cstApcd during the raid. ;\boi!l !t) successfully eluded the round- Scboul Dirciturs Finril G. C. Neely and It. c. Collins directors of Rocky schcol district near Uachville. were fined S100 -ach on charges ol violation slate school laws. All but S10 of tach fine was ordered suspendet if the sclicoi directors pay back to the district SI25 they had col- .ected for labor alft-gcd lo have been iwriormed for Ihe school. Neely was lr:ett a number o: weeks ago while Collins entered a plea of gulity yesterday. At firsl a charjo of forjjery wa, docketed against Neely but he was actually lined on n charge o violating st^tc school laws. The rarticulor oflcnso cf wlilcli thi i;air was convicted v:as letting n job fcr work en the schcol bulld- .ng of iho dislrlct without coni- IMlitlvc bids as required by law Incidentally the ]ob was glvei to Collins, will] Nccly assisting him. i Tliiirman Clemens, local man I was fined $100 on a charge r-f | driving while intoxicated and $10 j (Continued on pace Hire*) Improved Business in This .Territory Reflected Traffic Volume.' in The heavy early season colton movcincni and the general Improvement of buslr.ess In recent wesks have resulted in a freight movement thai lias caused railroads scrriiij; Nortlicast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri i o put many men back nl work. J. S. Mcllllland, Cajw Glrardeau, supeilnlendeul of the River division of the Frisco railroad, staled that ten additional freight cre«'s, averaging five men each, have been put (o work on the lines under his control tn tlie past wcsk, while roundhouse, maintenance and s'.n- tion forces have alsj beon increased.. II. T. Gulp, commercial agon', lo> the Cotton Belt, said thai nine crews, totaling atout 45 nicn. have been put to work by Ills railroad on the lines between Jonesboro and East St. Louis. Including the St. Francis basin lines. In addition 32 station employes and n mnnter of maintenance men have been put on the payroll. Mr. McMillan said the freight car loadings on the Frisco's river division so fur In September have been twice as great as In the cor- restwnding |>crlocl i ns t year, ar.t one and oi:c-l»|[ limes those of last month. The increase in railroad freight traffic, Mr. Culp said, reflects no; only the heavy cotton and cotton wed movement, which this year Is going largely by rail, but car-lot flnpnienis of stoves, furniture air olher merchandise which has nol moved into Ibis torrliory In such volume in a immecr of years. EOT 1173,0080 F LUTTEm PROFITS Pvoscculbr Traces Checks lo Accounts of Pennsylvania Senator. NEW YORK, Sept. JO (UP) — Ilnniisomc, .routliftil Ijiuls Menc'r I'reiidwcll. Iryhm his nrst bin cuse Assistant U. S. Atlomey, ifilit to prove today Ills chniBc thui Senator James J, Davis of I'ennsyhanla prollled by $11S.- MO from lollcrlc.'i in ivlileh lie nnr- ilclpniid. Crcss-esaminallon cf Donald P. SU-nnil. trllloi- of .n in.U'Mlne published by the Loyal Order ol Moose o[ which Dnvls Ls director general, wns lo be rosumed Ly Charles J, Margloltl of defense counsel. It v.«s lnlerriipt,ed by adjournment yfstcrdny. Tin: sovernment will show, Tieadwell lold th c "ji[ry. Uial part uf the 'lottery pruoetili was <llvi;rl- ed, -for Hie persons! btiiolW- of Senalor Davis, as follows: Three checks totaling (IM.pDO wer e drawn lo the crder of 1-Yjd W. Joncj, described as UavlV II- nanclal agcnl with power of al- tcriicy. Tlicsc checks were deposited in n Pittsburgh bank and use;, lo pay oil 11 personal r-.ote in Ihe dclcndanl's name. The sum of 515,300 wns dc]>oslt- ed in Davis' personal check nc- count fruii which houseliold expenses were paid. Tlie sum of 040,000 wns deposited In the organization's department account on which Davis drew money as lie needed it. and n cluck for sn.QDO was alleccdlj turned ever Id a corporation I which Dails had (be controlling interest. Slcwarl. editor of the Moose magazine, dented Ural Davis dominated ihe alTnirs of the Loyal Order of A!sow or held rlgk control over all of Its activities. Charge Against Giencoe Proprietor Is Dismissed A chan;e of operating; a disorderly liousi'. placed nidlnMF.W.Whll- ner, manner of the Olcnerc hotel. Ash nnd Second streets, by l»licj was dismissed by Municipal Judse C. A. Cunningham yes- lerdav afternoon at Ihe request of Ci!y Attorney Sam Mmialt. The dcekel entry of "nolle pros- et|ui" fnl'oaed admission by police that they had Insufllclcnt evidence to supixirt the charge. The charge wns preferred Snt- isrday- nlRht a week ago by Officer Cscsr Elliott. Lancaster Will Marry Jessie Keith-Miller MIAMI. Fia., Sept. 20. (UP)— Cap'.atn William Lancaster. British flyer recently acquitted on a murder charge in t'r.e death of Haydcn Clarke, has filed a sworn statement with federal Immigration authorities that lu Intends to marry Mrs. Jesse Kclth-MUIcr. Lancaster and Mrs. Keith-Miller i were flying partners for five y;ars 'during which they made the nrst airplane (light from London lo Australia, STMTS TnSTTODLfflf BOMBAY, India, Sept. 30 lUP —The Mahatma Cianclhl. piltlni his frnll body against Die powc cf Grcal in n lasl unii death, ^reclaimed today his creei of lifting up the down-lrcddc: mlllicus of Indie.. Gaurlhl. tcglntilng ihc first do; of his fast which he intends ti keep on until lie starves lo dealt- or forces Ihc British to suiTende received Che United Press corrc: iwiulcnt in the Jail At I'jona an said his fust Is nol political. H is xlnrtni!; il in prole>.t again;., the Mltloment civin? separate po- litlral status to the low ca.Mr. Hindus. "I have pone to the very rcot of the matter of iintoi:cliabi]lty." he salil. "Tlte Issue is of transcendental importance, far surpassing home rule," Mah.itin.1 Gandhi's starvation campaign Is in protest agalns! Great nritain's sctllcnicnl of itic voting problem In Indfo under which npiwr caste Hindus and lower castes or "untoncli- nblfs" vote ns separate communities and have separate legislative representation. O.radhi. Imbued nith (lie ldc:i of universal brotherhood, ctiitends such a system would lend lo perpetuate Vi c demise between tlie classes and keep Hltklu India r,;- vided. filfAVl'VlTK. Ark.. Sept. 20 (UP) A D-s-r was .'.•(•m-lilns. U:o hill niiinlry this afteinwjn 'for at kusl fair bandit;; who -. stole a Joi.r 1) six (on K!fc Irdin thrf. !• 113l. Nallonal bank here and escaped, s Tin' iDbluryi which occurred early lixlay, nctlcd lli-j roblws bc- Iwd-ii S5.0CO ami. 5C.CW l Jamon ttinks. nislilrr, Ir.lil tin.' United PlV.Vi. The men tied .Irhii Mltchman, nli:lil waicliniaj). robtc.'l u Iwnl- M-nrc slow r.f lools, and then cnl- trc:l Hi; bunk. "Tliey Irlrd (.-> blast (he safe in Ihe bunk." Dunks said, "but Ihcy [ailed to o|ieii it. Then Iliey tore down a pailillon .ind part of I'm; door anil ciutcd Ihe four lo six Ion safe away." No report hnd been received laic this ufternncn i»[ the mid- inn of Ihe saf e or lite capture ft the men. No truck or vehicle capable or currying a safe r.r, large as the nne rcporlcd stolen wns reprrted 'taken from this virhill). Allhoituh some residents heard Ihc blasl no i nUcnllcui was p.ilri It. The men wero. supposed to . l-avc heailcd toward Slloam EliiliiES airl the hill country. "Even Iho hills." Banks said,. "will IK a hard place to hide a rate that Inrge." •; Paris Cop's Km Hahs o""" PARIS (UP)— A kiss that nara-' Uv.ed traffic in the heart of .the dgwnlown seel Ion of Purls whs administered by a palll? Parlsi- ennc 'to n very stern lookina "cop" directing vehicles nnd' pedestrians In the smjare in front of the Opera. v Tlie channlnr! lady, in a pretty frcck and a iv-rky hat, starled out as If to fay-walk, licadlni; directly for Hip nilniuu of the law. When she reached her destination, she rose en tiptoe, smiled ami puckered her pink lips. Traffic hulled, the copper sldoiied and ki.'sed Iho lady on both cheeks. after which she beamed broadly anil proceeded diagonally to the oppose curb. The heio of the episode blew a loud blast on his Irnffio whistle, drcv; his face into slern lines and yc]!/;d out. "Get a move tin. there; hurry up!" Bored Theatergoer's Dream !s Fulfilled CARMEL. Col. (UP)—Many, an agoalz?;! ll:ca!i»rgo:r. wriiaing • in the bst threes ol boredom, 'has wished for Innglbl? mMn.5 fDr politely putting a sfon'to a performance not to his likiniT. • Gunners fnmori "li.'tlc theater"— The Theater of the Gairlcn Bow- has solved the problem for those too police to boo. or Ihroiv decayed vegetables. It hns inslnll«l wicker arm chairs, which either .'permit '.he spectator to sleep in comfort, or uy wizzltoft throw the aclor into confuiion by a wave cf srjiipikliii; .111} nistlln?. Ftorl- Prices Communists Win Place on Connecticut Ticket HARTFORD, Conn.. Sept. 20 (U P)—The communist parly was virtually assured cf a place on,, thp November ballot when petitions carrying 6.S88 names weie' Hied wilh Ihe secretary of sialc. Only 0,000 were reciuircd. A. T. and T Aincondii Copp;r Aubuvn Calcrnlllar Tractor Chrysler Cities Setvice Coca Cola Continental Baking .. General Electric General Motors Middiewesl Ulililies .. Mcnt^otncrv \Vard ... No?.- York cenlral r.ickurd Radio Simmons Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S.- Sleol 1-4 5-8 1-4 3-4 3-4 1-2 5-8 3-4 1-2 3-8 5-8 1-2 5-8 1-2 3-4 5-8 WEATHER ••n?ri\N?AS—Parirv clo-.idy to- "'•"t niH We:'ncsd.iy. Accrrdintr lo the officiji! weather els error. Charles Philiips. Jr_ It mined 2.70 Inches l-.ere from Sun(!«•• nl7ht until thl.5 morning. The maximum temperature yesterday IVM 88 degrees ar.d Ihe minimum, CO. degrees. Tcday a year aeo the maximtJiii temperature was 94 degrees and the minimum, 75 degrees, cloudy.

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