The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 4, 1944
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THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF UE COURIEt NEWS Mlf on »nrtt 4-v« tmnircrWA a*t\ «ti v A mro A n • »»»-« n«-iTTr*r.._ , __ . ... '.. . W^^^ VOL. XLI—NO. 13 ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOOW BlyUwvUle Efctljr Ken Blytheville Herald Blythevttie Courier Mlatlutppl Valley Leader BLYTHEV1LLB, ARKANSAS- TUESDAY, A1WL 4, 104-1 SINGLE COPIES^FIVE CENTS,' YANKS STAGE FIRST RAID ON BUCHAREST rican Task Force JapShipping East 0! Philippines WASHINGTON, April -1 (U.P.)—The American task force which raided the island approaches to the Philippines made a clean sweep. McCordMayBe Next Governor Of Tennessee New Candidate Backed By Cooper and Crump; Two Others Withdraw MEMPttlS, April 4 <U1') — The uncertain lines of Tennessee's poet ,. , ,,; ,. ,, , , , . litlcal pattern are taking definite bccrciary ot tlic Navy Knox says that tht;,'American form, and it appears that a» Uie warships and planes sank or damaged every single Jap' 0 **' are °» coneressmtxn Jim Mc- ship anchored nt the three islands we hit, Palau, only -160 Cortl of Lewisbl "'8 to bc lhc ^^ miles east of the Philippine;), at Woleai and at Yap. . Moredvei', says Knox, lhc task force sank three more enemy vessels near the island anchorages. But just 'how many Jnp ships*—— r —r———•—— : — were sunk in all is not revealed. It i will be recalled thai. Admiral Nhnitz; reported thai-- Jap warships fled 1 i tin ' ' from the islands when the attack began on' 'March 29. It was inferred from what, Secretary Knox said lliat came of the enemy warships were \innble to get away. ^ Rarfio Tokyo, Incidentally, lias ac) knowledged the American task force assault, nnd admits that its forces suffered some (Infringe. The Japanese claim that Ihclr planes sank or damaged two American battleships, an aircraft carrier, two cruisers mid other warships, and shot doivii 80 American planes. Our I/osses 27 rianes Secretary Knox, however, says She initial attack cost,us some 27 planes. And although Vic gives no details of the damage if any, done .{o the task force surface units, he indicate that the Jap version is ^ai out of hue Knov sflvs ? says a curious-'aspect .of the task, force assaultXwhtch lasted frorj Maich 29 to April 1—is tint Mania, in the Philippines, had a brief] air raid 'alert. He said, j that he docs not know j any American planes raid «d thejclh lokjo however, iudl cates tiat Manila has had another diriraid alarm since A Jap this moining announcers 111 1 all cleat signal lisi'i |/i rough out the dry J but il does-At gtA .j^deta^w^^- ' t)j S. Suhs Boost-Score Along'jWith the Knox statement c,. Use task force attack, the Navy announces that. American submarines have sunk another 14 Jap ships. This brings the total sunk by our submarines to 517 sir.ce Pearl Harbor. t . And another announcement re$ ports that the Navy and' Marine gunners have shot down more than '1300 Jnp planes In aerial combat, aj a cost of 921 of ours, a score of better than 4 to 1. And this figure dots not include any shot down by anti-aircraft fire, or those destroyed on the ground or aboard aircraft carriers. Allied planes also have gone into action against the Japanese forces invading; India, Today's New Delhi communique reports that pur warplanes hammered Japanese rear lines and supply columns over a wide area of Burma.. However, the Jap columns ap- 1 parently are continuing their push, and have cut an Allied supply road leading north of Iinplial, tlic capital of the Indian State of Mani- Mrs. Dora Nelson Dies Last Night Last Rites Will Be Held At Nashville For Local Resident Mrs. Dora ISibcll Ndsoii. mother of Mrs. W. M. Williams with whom she made lier home, died «i C o'clock last nlBht at the Blytheville Hospitoi where she *as admlUod March 29. Mrs. Nelson had neeri 111 of a heart, ailment, for two weeks. She was til.- v Bom iu Naslwille, M'k., Mra. Nelson was the wife of tlic late Dr. C. H. Nelson. Sl\c came here a year ago 4o make her .home with Mrs. 'Williams and family. > In addition to Mrs. Williams she leaves another Franklin Hortoti next chief executive. McCord, a freshman in Washing ton. snnounccd.last night in Nashville that he' would run for governor tills year, mid already lie has won tlie endorsement of Governor Prentice Cooper and E. H. Crump llie Memphis ; and Shelby Counts political boss. ' says hc-Js quite sure he irtll he in McCord's .comer -when the contest IK mi.>.T)in velerai ALs |»lltlcfil leader adds, "Mc- eunl is a straight' shooter.. Frpn what we know or him he will en- to the fight under ' lhc "Marquis o Huccnsberry ralml 'wliicMi providi »o hitting 'bolow the belt, nml he will undoubtedly -make" 'that ' kind of govcnior." -••.'-• . Crump also takes the : occasion to praise Cooper, for beieg, nf. hc.piiU It. an energetic, iht«lllge»]f and honest chief .executive. ; With tiie stdte'- adminis(rat)au gettiiig bcliind'-SfoCord, two Reported Missing Licul. Hcrschel Garter, on n Liberator, bomber, lias been reported missing in nello!'; Germany since Mnrch 8.' Lleliteimnl Carter, Ijuxonnrt. of the former Miss Jeanpc Harrison, was eradnalcd from the .Hondo, Texas. Navigation Schop) last July, and has been overseas ,ince 'November. daughter, of Hope; Mrs. four' sons, Joe 'Nelson of Texarkana, Bob Nelson of Park, Tex., Lieut, fj. g.) James Mack' Nelson of the Medical. Corps,' andrCapt.'C. M. Nelson Immediately withdrew: Toin Gore, warden of the state prison and State Labor Commis- sionor Bryant both announced they would nol run. And Gore pledged his support -to McCord. . McCorj is a former iissvo^ 'of ,Lc»'l';bitrg,n former member Jof' the ;MarshaB County" court ' aiijl now is a member of the .National;. House of Representatives'. He plans' to return lo Washington after tlic Easier recess bijt later he says be will .discuss the issues as' 'the! campaign cal Corps, andrCapt.'C. M. Nelson ide've!ops. e •' '•'••' •'•' of the Field' 'AniHevy,. stationed! SlcQoVd's'Opponent in the-' SputhwestV Pacific; two probably .'will include brothers. R. L. '''p'osnftll 'of; H6)jc and John Gosnell of Washington, i3 Cif -"!uid' ' one tei^ " Mrs, W.'W^ of Mena., r '" . . \ All of . Mrs. - Nelson's sons and daughters wcrer at her bedside at :Vie time of r her death except the two 'sons in tfie service. The bmly was taken lo Nashville this morning where funeral services mil be held a i, 10 o'clock lonion-ow 'morning at the First Baptist C.burch. Tlie Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor of the First Baptist Church here, will conduct the services. Burial will- bc made at Nashville Ccmettvy. . Holt Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. pur. On north central Burma front, American and Chinese forces arc reported continuing' their steady advance southward ihrougl Mogaung Valley. the : communique reports tlie column- is advancing so j-Tflp!dly against enemy, forces that •the Japs are abandoning their dead in the pillboxes...; ... i • • Only 31 ; l:Votes Cast At 1 P| M. In Gity Election Voting in Blytheville^ municipal election was fairly slo\y this inorn- in? as a tola) of 311 votes had been cast al,l o'clock at the city's Uirec polling plsces. Ward Two residents had cast tlie most votes with a'total of 148 balloting at the Smith building. With 113 voles cast. Ward One \vas second, and Ward Three, whose voters balloted at the Arkmo Lumber Company office. lagged with only SO votes cast by noon, according to election officials. Mils ror governor ude Holiarf Tay lor of Johnson City, W. B;. .Eael of Knoxyllle, aiid..I.arp'e5;A. Pinzltr of• Chattanooga,::'•% "" • '-• ':'• Arkansas Briefs IJTTLK KOCK, April-lEUD — It now uifipcnrs likely that Arkansas Negroes m.iy In; allowed' to vole in the ]>ehiocraltc pflmary eleclion^ihc one th;ii counts the most in lhc Snulh. After ;i aeries of cases, in wMr/i N'cgrocs SDUght to vote, Hie U. S. Supreme Court uplmld Iliclr right to vole in Texas UcinncraUc primary ckclions' Nuw Arknn^is election »ulhoriUcs ;vrc practically in agreement that the Kuprcmt Court deVision will enable qualified S'cgrocs to vote in nc\l suni- mer's primaries in Arkansas. '•• Miss Turner Inyited To Two Conferences . Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, city supervisor of elementary schools, has been invited to participute in two educational summer. The first, the Soutiiem sched- C/fyDec/cfes To Quit fight In Meter Case -A motion tp dismiss the appeal in the parking "meter case as lo the City or Blytheville was filed today iu the" Supreme Court of Arkansas by attorneys for the city, pursuant to;'instruction of the'city council and Mayor E. R. Jackson. "Officials;of ihe.BucKeyc Incubator company,' which installed the parking meters in Blytheville,, will not dismiss' tlie|r Supreme .Court appeal, W. Leon ,Smith, attorney for the corporation) said today. Following-the granting of a" pcr- I.tTTI.K KOCK, AjiclU. (UP) — Kailio Sl-.iliui! Kl.UA In Little Rock has been sultl. Tlic. Arkansas Gliiellc Publishing Company Is Uie new owner. The .Gaiettc announce.? lliat . the m.ijority^fof the slock, was purchased fTomt/V. I>: Chilian of, I>» 11.^ Texas, whn has railli>.!i{a{iqn hnldlngii' inciui^' inc KI.KA ;ui<l KdHI of Little' Hock and KSKY of Dallas. , Wage Controls Too Stringent, AF of L Charges Little Stool Formula Hurfs Working Man, WLB Officials Told WASHINGTON, .April \ (UP) — Tlie Auierlcfl'n Kederatlon of Labor has denounced In IKI nneci tnlu terms the Little Slecl formula which controls WUKCS. ' . ' The A. •'!?. of L. calls It "an eco- uouilc thumbscrew lo torment the working people," And the Fodeiu- lion /leiiiands ttmt. the formula be modified'lo meet wartime costs of llvlrte. The plea was made luilivy by AP of L. Secretary-Treasurer George Meany before a special' War Labor Board panel hearing tutor's inc'nls against (lie \vasc stablllai- llon formula. ; .Meaiiy says lliat while the Little Steel formula llmlls wage Increase!, to a maximum of 15 per cent, lhc cost of living is up 43 per cent. Excess I'rollts Charge!) Government officials also launched an attack today against tho egg drying industry, officials cJinrRC< hut certain sections of tho liuliiti- ry are profiteering to (lie extent of iiorc ihnn 'one million dollars a week In miles to ihe War Food Ad- nlnlstrnllon. And that f!|;urc, the ifficlals emphasize, represenls excess rather lhan fair profits. The War Pood Administration, .vliilc describing Uie figures as BIOSS- y exaggerated, has ni'dcicd" nil egg :lryhiB plant,': lo bring offering prlo- CK Into line with cosls elfccllve tomorrow. . t ' The Burciiu of internal Rovctinc unnmmccs today that It has been doing a heavy business In reverse-. Tax Refunds ij.mlcrway The bureau nlrcauy' ims refmiclrxt more than CO million dollars hi tux payments of nil types during the current IVsciit year. .Altogether,< the bureau figures, it owes' some- 400 million to people'v,'hu overpaid Ihelr. Income taxes, but only n quarter ol-ljiat amount -will be paid by June 30. 7 Republlcfl'JY "'• U. S.f Hers Directly Support Russian Invasion of Rumania; Red Army (loses Around Jassy WnHfd While American hombH fall on Rumniiin'i nrc cloaing cnpital cltv, Hiinainn forces ftroiind owtpf KB cltlon- the vllul tuuispoiv tation huh nf J«nsy, A nidio icpoit fioin Moscow snys the SoVhitK me figliting tiiolr wii.v into Jasiv'. --A'tepoU from Stockholm suys Geimnn and Uuinaiiinn troops tinnwl on cuch olhoi inside Jntsy after, the Hu- .niniiluii eoiiittiRndci' .hsd.'lold. ills » men to Jtcej) the NRzLs froin Ww' up public FronV dispatches reaching Moscow say dlsoidci I!, apicorllhi through the Axis roirtu At many points along the Pi.ut river, cniniy soldiers aic (tifuidlnR the vest bank with rllfliis nnd llglit ficjd weapons. Kcds Ncur To Uio botlllicnst,, Russian sol" UTTU; ROCK, April .1 (Ul'l — FBI authorities report that fwo escaped Italian pcistmeirs of war hare been captured and arc being lield in custody by- Monllcello, Ark., prisoner of war camp officials. ; '" ., . J i Tbe prisoners, 22-year-old Kr- mcs Righinl and 21-year-old Giovanni Dtjano were reported missing from work'detail at Wi!m;ir yesterday afternoon. Accused Woman Wants To Know Who Got Letter TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS Germans Fight 2 Big Battles Against Reds * By JAMB5 HARPER United FreM 'Stilt WtUtt iy IA virtually flailing dlcrs now nro close enpUKH' lo for 'U)e rumble ot Soviet icavy ailillmy to be heard Ineidu he Black Heft cmibtal city Ami .0 tho : nortlnvCJis o'her Uuillail two-front war In KouUvii' rorcM-.. hnvo iw^ed through, old' Nnzi fillllng back through "olnwl to within iirtllloiy innge Rumania have luM ml but. Ihe jf.tlic Ciiipn'ho-Ukriiliio, the foi most lolindaboilt contact with Na?l nior CMdioHlov'ak province nov. fprcca to lhc ncilli Soviet soldiers controlled by Hunogry (already have tut the main north- The I'olMi ao>erWn)B«U l«i exile BouHi trunk inllroiut from Lwow which silo Iu Lamlon punmn.stznd to Buehnreit Now tbe Germans tadny Mint ilu> polhli iiiKltrKroiiiicI (must use lines circling h\ back me iiixlci mtwik by By Untted Pnw • '' Amciicnn heavy bombers/' hundreds hnvc iftidccl Blich^rek" capital of RMtnan a. in direct aid to the Ruwlfm forces ' Which hnvo iiivftded thai Balkamcounlry,> Jl wns the fh,t alr.WMt ^ trie war on Ruclmiesl by American 'bombera and only .1 fow houti af% a double Allied WM utruck at Bucta>e>V J fiapital of , • • Hungary, ^hktuntao ii thr*»te»e« by a SovlcC l»nd,»my^ . The i Allied communique iisacd J> Naples »ys Plying" l^rirews and L)ber«tors hit Buduw »« ItBlit today tr '4n otrcugth", tndicaftnj ih»t- lundred hwVy bojpber? look part In , 0 W"ll, They wore escorted-by huntlcfboItiMid LlghtnlM fighter? Today's raid pn M^harest, an all- wiporUnt German 1 supply^ center wan the first ot the war tot the vest- cm Allle« Rujslan pt»nea are re- has hoop ordcrwl to cooperate willi Into flunifiirj Uio ItCii Anns' U, ndd.4 that hlv\» Lomttint iuunnt of .'A Imvo been takeirlo prevent v.h'ut It calls ."Incidents" between the null Bavletv'h'oop. 1 ;. .Tho Ttnllnn 'Hie Gerdwns lodactl In ,lli« Milleiil nrotlijd Odi'iisu are faced w>s that undei- \\ltll iinotlici pcill The tirlilBo nt ground fluliloii, liave diuhcct wltli Tiraspol in tlio oiiiv ciosilng of the thu llusjikia? 'In one 01 two lo- Dnltstoi il\oi Btit III add 1 , t(mt the hand 1 ; I^usshu forces :uc aboiil to were Liolalcd exceiitloiui gul, HIE lllie. which moves oscr this lilt PoiMi BHd|CT Ijitiigi) Inlo ihr ^allcj^ 'Below Tlrntpol, the only cro-suntj of llie '•-•"•• •' nre bv ship or fciry clashe* Allied plniu.s \\ti\o carr'«l l out other 'raids In squlhein Europe the Italian front Thirteen Allied loit In thew operations aufl stroycd. 26 enemy yilatieii de- hart of Cnllforiiiii sny.s lie 'irihy Introduce legislation snail to free t'nc government of obligation of paying six per'cent Interest on o:(c-V-pnld '' ,xes. He points out that taking advantage of this loophole would ncl a taxpayer more interest lhan government bonds. From tlie .While, lodiiy comes word that the President's vc- cent'. physical examination showb him to be 'In satisfactory shape. Vice Admiral Mclntyrc,' White House physician, says the President atill ImS itfiKC-Fjng Uucvfi Ul bl'Oll- chlal and sinus,Irritations, but,'J ? t lo n . Worce m "' rjerman i«h feeling Quite well loday. How-' ever, Mr. Roosevelt will hold his news conference Friday morning in- slcnd of today. besides Ahose on tho 1 uipltnls ol liiu">, It's liuM lo i,ee> Jiow Iho HungaryV and Rtitnnnla'.* Medium 1 QQnnniw,ciui sttfcly vUtlidmvv from bumbcrs jvnvo Mlrurk nl ft rallioivd brltlgn'nofth of Pxmie. And iwarins ot' fighter bombers hnyo maUilne As ft nvallcr of fuel, they may gunned" enemy lroo|is up and down lw 'o holtf llie port to llie lost " •' "" ' ' " to deny Us use to Rvisila's Black. Fighting on all Ihe Itall^i battlefront,^ Is confined lo a of violent oHlilcry iluels. But '• nil Allied Bpokciman reveal* Hint Itnllan Faielst paratrooper!, htivo moved Into the An?lo beAohhead Jen fleet.^CXlewa fell, on ..October fi, 5041, niter a costly campaign n vifhlch . 30,000 Rumanians fell. When aovostopol on the Crimea >v captured the following sum- Slates Work Conference on School Administrative Problems, a ' meeting sponsored bv tlie General Educational Board, will bc held May 23 through June 9 at Daytona Beach, Fla. Two representatives trom of the 13 Southern slates have been Inviled to participate In this conference where plans for post-war education will bc discussed. Miss Turner an^ Carl Bird, superintendent of the Wilson schools, have been Invited to represent this state. Tlie second, a curriculum confer- of Blytheville ;• Jan. 27 by Chancellor Francis Cherry-which prevented them from operating parking meters in the city, both. the City of Blytheville, represented by city. Attorney Percy: .Wright and Holland aiid Taylor,, and';the Buckeye Company appealed -io the high court. The permanent'.restraining order was granted in: Chancery Court after Judge Zal B. Harrison.issued a temporary . restraining order in Circuit Court against, the opcraliln of.the meters in the ctty. The order was sought by a group of Bly- ence to bc held at George Peabody _„. College, Nashville, Tcnn., July 25 and 26, will bc a panel discussion of curricula changes after the war. thcvllle merchants and other clll- Negro Accused Of Wife's Death Goes On Trial open high low close May . 129'/,-131 129!! 130',!, 12fl»i July 128>i 130: 128',i 129T!, 128% Caruthersville Farmer Dies At Vets Hospital :Hollis M Baird, farmer of Ca- lulhetsviiie. Mo., died at 4:05 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the Veterans Hospital, where he became a patient March 1. He was .53. • f Services and burial will be held tomorrow at Little Prairie Cemetery, Caruthersville. ,\fr. Baird was a private for one month during World War I. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Ger Uncle S. Baird; two brothers, C. T. Baird and Frank Baird. and a sts- ler, Mrs. Essie Gettlngs. First case to bc heard in Criminal Division of Circuit, Court, which convened here this morning with Judge Walter Killough presiding, was that of Will Cooper, charged with firsl degree murder in the drowning of his wife, Matlie, March 18, on a farm near Promised I^nd. Tlie jury, adjourned this morning while the docket was arranged, reconvened at 1 o'clock to hear the Cooper trial, which Is one of three murder cases lo be heard'during this term of court. Chicago Wheat open high low close May . 173?; 173% 173% July , noii m i7ou mi* New York Stocks AT&T 157 5-8 Amer Tobacco .. 613-8 Anaconda Copper 75 3-4 Beth Steel 58 7-8 Chrysler . 587-8 Chrysler . .; 82 3-4 Gen Electric 35 3-1 Gen Motors 57 1-2 Montgomery Ward 44 NY Central 18 5-8 Int Harvester 11 North Am Aviation 85-8 Republic Steel 16 7-8 Standard of N J 53 Texas Corp 47 3-4 Packard 4 U S SUcl 51 1-2 Chicago Rye fLittle Himmler' JAs Interior Minister in the new jHitler-named Hungarian cabi- TieA, Afidor Jflros, above, will be;the '^Little Himmler" responsible for suppressing anti-Nazi 'opposilitnirL his country. He is a '^ aoi ir5jF Hungary's Nazi- principTe!TT}ejm'enalion Party, which ffdt'Ocates lull co-opera' ' NEW YORK, April 4 IU.P.1— Postmaster. General. Wnlkcr has been asked how n loller mailed l>y one 'person to nnotlier, winds up In the hands. of n third person. Vivien Kcllems, the Connecticut War plant owner, wants Walker lo explain how Rcprcficnlalive Coffee of Washington, got possession of a . letter he says she mailed to Count Frederick Karl Von ZcdliU. Coffee has accused Miss Kcllems of being the .sweetheart of Von ZctUlU whom he calls a Hitler fifth column spy in Argentina. She also wants to know how Drew Pearson, the news pommcn- lalor. obtained cxcerpU of the letter he read on the radio. Says Miss Kellems: Hnuth I'rotcsls ncclslon In the South, angry political leaders and slalc officials declare that a "white" primary will be preserved despite the Supreme Court .decision handed down yesterday. The historic decision gnvc the Southern Negro the right to vole in parly primaries, fjomc southern legislators predicted that methods would lie found lo circumvent the high court's ruling. They mentioned past barriers raised. against the Negro such as poll taxes nnd educational tests. Wendell Wlllkic today faces his first major popularity lest as Wisconsin holds a preferential primary. In Grand Island, Ncbr., last night, he denounced what he termed party combinations anif manipulations In the sclcclion of platforms and candidates. In Chicago, the Republican party agriculture committee was told lo"If Ihe letters which Ihey claim day Hint any legislation weakening were sent by me lo Count Zedlltz the cooperative system should l>c nrc authentic, the last I saw of, outlawed as detrimental to national them '«a.s when I entrusted them lo the United States mail." She asked the postmaster gen- welfarc. Chairman P. O. Wilson of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives made tlie statement as cral where the letters arc at the : tllc committee prepared to draft present time. She also wanls to. lllc Party's agriculture policy, know how Coffee and Pearson had Hcre ' R " " otc on slloc ™ltoning. acquired letter.'! which tlioy clnim ( Thc °f fl <* of Price Administration Count Zcdlllis wrote lo her. Says ; says thai present shoe i-allons will she; "f have never seen the let- n°l 1« «'t as a result of reduced ters from Count Zcdlllz referred h )rotllicl ™;- ^ l w ^"l- ralionlviB lo by these men." | ratc .£ " xnit °' 1C llilir cvcry slx Miss Kellcm lias been accused I monuv ',by Rcpre.scntatlvc Coffee of being j "a menace to the American war effort" and of "playing Hitler's game by refusing to pay her income lax." Army. Uerman Vfs«l.t BUstM Elsewhere In southern fiurope plaiii 1 , Mtitrilc-Eaht based Allied have destroyed one German •• ship and damaged' another In -the Aegean Sea. HowoVer, •• the Qor- mans thcmsejvcfj clnlm • a-:; victory at sea. A Nazi hlglK'-coinmniid coim»im!<)iic .says . U-boxitB . have Mink 14 Allied destroyers and corvotios In a recent battle IU Uie Arctic Ocean. Tlic communique also says six prilish carrlcribased planes ,were"shot riown'rln tiife «f- inck on the giant German bailie- ship Tjipllz off Jiortlicru NorWily 'Hie communlmic says the ;aUack had, ns the Nazis phrased It, "no full effect.' 1 'All-of'this,'of" course, is unconfirmed. So far. tlie British have aude no further report on the Tirpltz attack. However, Prime Minister Churchill had another report for the British people today. In a written statement to tlie House of Commons, he said British Empire forces had suffered illghUy over G67.000 casualties in killed, wounded, missing - and captured .In the first four years of war. This Included losses in the war agalivst Japan. Candidate For Senate Calls on Voters Here D. D. Terry of Little Rock, cun- rildale for the United Stales Senate, was In Blylhevllle today in behalf of fiis campaign. The second announced stale office 'sector to visit in this section, Mr. Terry was nrecceded by Will Steel, gubernatorial' candidate from Tcxarkana, who made the Initial political visit of candidates In the slate Democratic primary to bc hctd in August. Mr. T^rry, former eonB'essman, has been a political figure in Arkansas lor many years. A will known Little Rock attorney, he Is the father of two sons In service, both of whom aro stationed over- scan. Fire Destroys Brooder And SO Chickens Here Fifty chicks, n chicken brooder and a garage were destroyed In a fire at 325 East Davis street at 11:30 o'clock this morning. A car belonging to John Durham, owner of the properly, was also damaged by Ihe •flames. Fire Chief Uoy Head said thai an oil stove in the brooder was believed lo have caused the tire, which quickly spread lo the adjoining garage. N. 0. Cotton Mar. . 19G3 May . 2037 July . 20fi3 Oct. Dec. 1994 1979 1079 2104 2072 2011 1994 I960 2094 2059 1991 10-6 1917 1963 21S?, 209S 20G3 109G 1980 2071 2010 19fl3 At tlic time of Pearl Harbor, there were 4,811,000. Rites Tomorrow For Mrs, freer ••.'.*.';. " '' • : Tailor Shop Employe Was Reiidenr of City More Than 30,Yeors • Mr.?. Mae Sevler Grecr died, at 11 o'clock last night, at Wftlis Hospital after a short Illness. She was 51. ;,;,-. ..... Mrs. Grccr, 'an employee of the Hudson Tailor Shop for 24- years had been a resident of Blytheville for more than 30 years. .She was born in Nashville, Tcrin. ' ... She leaves on son, Clayton Grcer; a daughter, Mrs. Cecil Priest; a brother, Rulus Sevier, and n sister, Mrs. Seppie McOaughey, olfof here. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow flt the lioine In Pride Subdivision with the Rev, O. W. Arclier, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, .officiating Burial will be made ftt Hmwood Cemetery. Cohb Funeral Home is In charge of In Leaders Tralie Balden ,_ The BUcliurest"' rsld. following «w Iftl) after a, nfghl BssttUtt on Buda|H,il, drew,,conifrfiUUXtlons" both fio«i the /Silled commander In the Mo*teirancaii, Oen Sir* Henry MnWnnrt Wlisqri; tuVd from the commander of th() United statw 4tj-«te- - e'e ah forces over Europe,' Lieut Gen Call Spa at* Salil Qoneral Wltwn »' " 'Congi auctions to the Ah Poico Well done.' 1 > And General ^paak jsd.d "I am vm-y muoij gratmud with tlio v,mis of .the; ,150)' Ad F»rce to \ho \>n$l,tyo '<!»<«, Keep up Uie good woik," ' j r i ^ liritLsh WoUlngtpm (earned mi with Llbciftloi bomtjers In Uie «t- tuck on I}ud«|>«Jrt last nfght, They hlttn itecl yorks nnd an nrrriVmcrit factory, starting i\t leakt-flve great* flics The ^udapest walo »lso re- Doited ilKucks 'on^rivo other Hungarian towns And !|, warped of, the danger from miiibij In lite Danube river,!, evidently /so»ed-by Allied planes «, - i i i ' Nail Plane* graaahwl Allicd'/urtlcluls that' 1000 ton 1 ; of ojfploilvc'j have fallen on In' less tlirtn 24 hours, Tlicv ul*, reveal that Amer^an .,,-.„ j...n . „„ _. i planes 26 jack lo lhc Ci iirlved of its \IK llliis Once Odessa topples to 'the nusslfviva, the fleet can biipporl Soviet landing's behind tho German ilhcii in RUninnln Tiius, the bnttlo of southern Btu- iv actually Li too battles Tlie battle' for (he Balkans and the riiivrch .'through poliind. Tlic two EOO-mlle-lon'g' separated ' Cnrpathlnii by the Mountain chain Although th,c Bilknn push is-important, llie Soviets aro likely to place the greatest cm- plmils on the Polish fronlr-tho mast direct, road to Berlin. lii this nrtn, thoy are qnly tiround 215 ' r a'i. Cleimany proper Dc- Jore them !!e: only broad llallnnds marked by fqw', mountains and rivers. h'upplfcs At Stake But Uie Soviet, drive Into the Balkans Is Important nonetheless. Aside from the poH'IcaJ standpoint, n successful campaign there would yield valuable dividends. Germany gels one-third "its oil from the Balkans as well as' considerable duanlltles of wheat, doubly valuable to Killer, now that ho has lost the grfllnlnnrls of the Russian Ukraine. On top of that, Hitler t'Cts virtually all lib chroine cithci from the Balkns or. through them, from Turkey. Chrome is a ferro- alloy used lo make steel, and Hitler already lias lost one rich source in the manganese mines of Nik- opol. The Russians stand on the threshold of two gateways into the Balkans. They may strike along the Tartar pass which channels through the Carpathian Mountains. Or they mny bl-pass tlie Chain lo tho south along the broad plain between the mountains and the sea. Should they strike through the Tartar pass, the Soviets would bc troddlng over historic gfound. Ninety-five years ago, the Imperial Russian Ariiiy used 11 as a gateway to Hungary, fn tfllG, the Russians tried to fight their way through again, but failed. However, the pass has Its disadvantages. It.s roads are poor and the surrounding montalns tower 5,000 feet, Ideal terrain for Germany's crack mountain troops, itcrc likely, the Russians will bi-pass the Carpathians both \vays. In' the north • through Poland and In the south across the Danube rrtaln deep into Rumania. Already, Rumanian soldiers arc llleis shot dowiwih the Sunday raid on Slejr, Ailslrfa The chief pVUptfsc of the Allied ralck profrfbly ,1^ to, c'ut the rail lines fcedfng the' German armie,! which art falling Ijacfc In southern Russia, Poland and Rumania Jugo Slav Partisans also )mvc cp.ntilbu.tlc] by blowing up^ bridges and tracks "lo 'tefcli gf the vital Belgradc-to-"Zagreb,railrpad These attacks on gcrmanj 'a, Balkan trarapojta^on come" t ns a 1 report from Ixjndon ^tells of desperate Nazi attempt* tg jstrlp Rumaria of oil and food, find ship it baoc to Ocrmany ^Ss Ufrlflc looting Job h wld to h*ve tqxed all water and rail lines In tha Balkans deserting by the thousands. Thus, Hitler's own newspaper proved a poor prophet, when It said exactly one year ago this month: • -"The Rumanian people will wage Major Wright,Returns From Samce Oversea; MaJ TUdeti p Wright has ,ir' rlvcd in the Unllec! States after serving for 19'months ln\he ad- mlnb|rRtlre 5 branch.' of the Army Air Corps stationed In England. IVfaJor Wrlgrjt »iU'be In a rc- classlflcallon jMntfr; In Atlantic City, N ,?t for HVeral dajs, sftcr which he will join his famtlyxhero Mrs Wright and their small son have been malting their hornedIth her mc|her7Mrs* Cecil Shane .while Major Wright» has been serving overseas. 1T ' ' l Livestock ST LOUIS April 4 (UP)—Hoss 19000, all salable, top $1375, 200250 pounds' $ 13.10 $13.75; ; UO- ae» pounds J1100 to 1215, sous $1275 lo $1285 Cattle 4,500, all salable, calvc-s 1,800, all salable;'^slaughter, steers J102o to S1G50, slaughter heifers ?0 75 to $15 00, VniMd yearlings and heifers-$12.60 to'*15.00;-stockor and feeder steers $975'to $1400; canneri and cutlers $700 to $«1o, cos's $0,25 to $11.25. war sld» by sidc N v,ilh the peoples Of the Axis Powers uilttl filial victory \VltVi this historic contribution toKarih freeing Euro)?e they will . firmly secure ( the future of the Rumanian.' nation." Two days later, on April 1941, the same paper said: 16, "The winter offensive in the south of the Russian front wtll couktle« go down in history",as (nc of the* most brilliant opertt- ' ions of ~thc Oerniati armv H turuod & dangerous crisis lato complete Victory." ^ K ' ,>" f Now the tozl arm> is laced Wth a crisis again, but no victory U Ju sight.

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