Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 24, 1964 · Page 30
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 30

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1964
Page 30
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30 WED., JUNE 24, 1964, Lake Charles American Press LEGAL NOTICES U-REAL ESTATE L-3 Business Property COMME R'ci AL'TROPE RT Y~fo71ait" tv owner on Highway 171 between First National and Georqc Therlot Grocery Store. Address 100=) Highway 171 Call HE 3-5025 otter 4:30 p.m. Monday Ihrouqh Friday, anytime Saturday ond Sunday. L-5 Acreage ACREAGE « & 10 ACRES TRACTS — LcBleu Settlement, nbout <> mil's north. east of town, cleared, ready tor plrmlina or building. 5 ACRES SUBDIVISION PROPERTY — corner Sale Lane- ond Blucbonnet. NELSON ROAD — 10 acres subdivision orooerty, neor Welch School. Price $26,300.00 CORNER LINCOLN ROAD ond East Ward Line Road, 80 acres, tree bordered, fenced, cleared, d?ep well. NORTHEAST OF HOLLINGSWORTH 74 acres, partially wooded, small creek, and now has small lease Income. JO ACRES, BEAUTIFULLY WOODED, on old Sulphur Highway, a good location with neighboring brick homes. Price S13.500.00. MOSS BLUFF 1 square acre on blacktop, wooded, fruit trees. 3 small 3 room buildings, Price $5,000-00. MOSS BLUFF Lightlv wooded, v : to l'j arre lets. Natural drain across rear, Jree-lined Call THE COLEMAN AGENCY LEGAL NOTICES tr'rvision tironrnnn to persons In the C'lv e< LaVr Charles, Louisiana and to do oli tfnivis pr-cssnry In the operation of said business, and to construct towers, operate and maintain cables, wires ond pale? ond allied appliances upon, nlonrj and aver Ihe streets, alleys, bridges and public places in the City ot Loks Charles. Louisiana. *n Ordinance authorizing the Mayor of the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, to r",\f>r Into an aqrrcmcnt with La Cob'e TV. Inc ol La^e Charles, Lou- Itiana oothoriiina me construction ond onc'fition a! television transmit- H'a facilities oionq and over the streets, «ii r v'.. brd^rs nnd pubiir n'nccs in inC City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and fixing the terrns and conditions thereof . An Ordinance oulhorizlng of a lease onrccmenf with Nautex the execution Since 1010 Ji f. Peorce Rolnnd SUne AAoriorle Reynolds Office . 433-1015 SOUTH SULPHUR Forty acre tract 1 to 5 acre tracts NORTH SULPHUR 1 to 5 acre tracts PALERMO REAL ESTATE Office .. • •• Niqhts, Weekends JA 7-577 WEST OF VINTON- A-'Ooac en Hni. way M. New price, terms o^a'-'aole. 436-93.15, Lokc Charts Lcuivcnn Cornoroticn (Duncan Parking Meter Division) for the lease and Installation of Bo parking meters. An Ordinance amending portions of Ordinance Mo. 1161 providing for dl-' vidina 1he City of Lake Charles, Lou- ' Isiana, into zoning districts, particularly chanaiici th« zone classification of ' certain areas In the "A-1" Residential cincsificat.on fo "B" Apartment House < clo'.sillca'ion. June 2.1 .n ORDINANCE NO."" 1484 An Ordinance pertaining to the Insinuation; of s'oo signs at various Inter- Be it orrtolned by the City Council of the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, In ! reiuinr session convened, that: : Section l: Stop slqns shall be Installed I on the following streets at the desig- na'od Intersections. On West Sale Street at Its Intersection with Ryan Street. i On Sale Street at Its Intersection with '• Rvnn Street. Pass"d aid adopted ot Lake Charles, ! Louisiana, on tins I7ih day of lune, W64 (s) ARTHUR M. MORENO, President of the Council. '. FLORENCE N. MOORE, : Clerk at the Approved by the Mayor on this 17th; day of June. Iy6 < t | ALFRED E. ROBERTS. I • , ., Mayor. June ?4 .if O'RD [NANCE ~N 67! «s An Ordinance amending portions of Or: rimance No. 1161 providing lor divld- Ina the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana. In'o zonlna districts, particularly chona- '• ma the rone classification of certain i nrens in the ' &.v Residential classification to "C" Commercial closslflca- Be it ordained by ihe City Council of the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, In reoular session convened, that- Section l-. The following described property now located In the City of Lake i Charles, Louisiana, and In the "A-1" Residential classification Is hereby reclassified In the "C" Commerlcal classlfl- i cation. Property commencing 363' South of the Southwest corner of LaGrangc ond Patrick Streets, thence West 150', thence south w, thence East 30'. thence South 2-13-. thence East 120 1 to the West I Rlaht-of-Way line of Patrick Street, ; thence North along this Rlaht-of-Way line 301 fo the point ol commencement. D ~<-'d and adopted at Lake Charles, Louisiana, on this 17th day of June 196J (5) ARTHUR M. MORENO. President of the Council olona and over thr streets, alleys, brldaes, ond public places in the <~lty of Lake Chnrlps, Louisiana Public notice is further qlven thol the City Council of the m»ellho of July 15, 1?64, Intends to adopt another ordinance authorizing ihe execution of o contract with Louisiana Cable T.V./ Inc concernlna the construction and operation of television transmitting facilities In the City, all o» more specifically set forth In the copy of the proposed contract ond ordinance Introduced of. the meeting of the City Council on June 17, IM-i, ond on file for public Inspection in the office of the Clerk of the Council, City Hnll. The title of this ordinance Is as follows: An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor of the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, to enter Into on agreement with Louisiana Cable T.V., Inc. of Lake Charles, Louisiana authorizing the construction and operation of television transmit tmo. facilities along and over the streets, alleys, bridges ond public places In the City of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and fixing the terms ond conditions thereof. A hearing will be granted by the Council ot 9:00 a.m., July 15, 1W4, at the meeting ot the City Council In the Municipal Court Room of the Lake Charles City Hall, prior to the proposed odoollon of the solo ordinances, at which Interested parties may bs heard ALFRED E. ROBERTS, FLORENCE N. MOORE, M ° y ° r Clerk of the Council. Juno 3-f-July 1-8 .j(. 1-6 Colored Property HOUSE AND LOT: Buy like rent. 530 per month. No. dov/n paymer". no - closing cost. Lumberman's SupoV company, 306_Goss Stree'. _HE ?-442:. 929 NORTH DIVISON: Three bedrooms living room, dining room, kitchen, 'wo porches Corner lot. Owner wi'i finance. _GR 7-JW1 SEVERAL NICE all brie'' two and lirr-e bedroom houses 1 7 00 block of fth Avenue, 2200 block of 9th ond Lemon Si Small down payment, income ot S350 per month to qualify. Con J. N. FOGS, 433-9621. fo5~w. BELDEN" Two house? for the price nf one .. . Live in one and rent Lhe other . . Call KUSHNER LBR. CO HE 9-2481 r .• t- r' «^n Council •••":-• ^-,^1 hv "•- Mayor on this 17th ~ v Cf J'jno 10^,4 Is) ALFRED E. ROBERTS, Mayor. L'"e :i .H. SH E RIF FS~SALE Fourtcemh Judicial District Court. Pari<i c' Caicasieu, State of Louisiana, Cnr-Tcrfoi Securities Company, Inc. ^ s Ho tl 947, Donald E. Mericle. B/ vftuc e< a w<* of Seizure and Sale •«<.i.-rd ond 'o n" directed by the Hono-fi: f C-"-' aiorcioid i hove seized end VM' offer tor sale at public auction to i>-» , Q it ana highest bidder with the benefit ot appraisement, ot the court h ojsc rtosr of this parish In the city cf Lake Charles, parish of Colcosleu, Wednesday, July 8, 1944, be'wfen logol hours, and starting ot lO'OO 0^1. . .ho following Described property, One I'<M Corva.r Chevrolet outomo- biie. Serial No i0527\v 158620 S.-lj--') under -scud writ Tci-ms Cosn cr Day ol Sale H A REiD. JR . ShoriM Caicasieu Parish, La Snr.r,H ; Ot'-CC. LOV.C Chones. La, r * Eclipse Of Moon Is Tonight MOUNT DESERT, Maine i (API—Moonwatehers expect an 1 excellent view of a reddish glow in the sky tonight. If will be the first of two total eclipses of the moon this year. Many parts of the world will view the phenomenon, but one of the finest vantage points is expected fo be on 1,530 - foot Cadillac Mountain on the island of Mount Desert off Maine. The eclipse begins at 4:48 p.m. CST when the moon enters the earth's penumbra — the almost invisible shadow of the earth. Totality will last from 6:16 p.m. to 7:57 p.m. The moon will leave the penumbra at 10:14 p.m. The next total lunar eclipse comes Dec. 18. CHARRED CIVIL RIGHTS CAR—The burned remains of the station wagon that three civil rights workers had is towed from a swamp area near Philadelphia, Miss., where it was found late Tues- day. Two white men and a Negro were arrested in this car Sunday in Philadelphia, fined and released. They have not been seen since. (AP Wire- photo). Rep. Passman !s Outvoted By Committee WASHINGTON (AP)-It has been Rep. Otto E. Passman's boast that his appropriations subcommittee has slashed more than $8 billion from foreign aid in the nine years he has been chairman. Tuesday, the Louisiana Democrat was beaten in his own subcommittee. It refused to go along with Passman's demand :for a $514 million cut in the $3.5-billion foreign aid bill. Passman stalked out of the closed meeting, telling reporters he would temporarily step down as chairman so he could oppose the bill on the floor. FOUL PLAY CLAIMED GOP Opposes f*» 8^ 1 A f I Six-Day Week Redistricting Bill Vote Set Thursday iTE-.'.;.PT i'';rncy« - BCKiD NEWLY REDECORATED two bedroom house on paved corner lot, with corn- plete bath. 5100 down, S-!5 mommy. 436-7S73.__ TWO BEDROOM house on two lots. Hurricane fenced. Shade trees. Si£00. 240? Woodard St. 4J6-7674. REDUCED To $39 monthly. Wl'l finance. Two bedrooms off Opelousas. Wood Realty, 43J-741S. L-7 Miscellaneous NOTICE J.OST: Mortgage Note, 57,618.80, dated l-^J-t-i, executed by Jessie Lee Marcone', psraoie to ' Ourselves" and by the okor enacted in blank, last held by P'an Investments. Inc. Anyone knowing nercaoou's of said note please contact r>a.ji E. Palmer, Attorney ot Law, 416 ' L " 6 Cnflrl "' L °" -2| June 24-July 27 PALERMO does have it LOTS — lio-. --3 cswn, 415 run' ACREAC-E — 1C "r cov<n HOWES — On Assumsvon NEW HOWES — V. ! cc"£!Cic-r yo nc^e cs t'cde- ^ c~3 fircnce aclsn PALERMO REAL ESTATE ONE FURNISHED air ccnii-io-.ed car on Weti f-l'* Over M5'X ,'r ; i i.r.arc 4j?-5?33 cr 4jj-i:2' Jornw Brown _ CAMP at Dun" i Perry, S7'5. OR7-06Ce. _ __ _____ CN CALCASIEU RIVER, '.'.odern on- bearoom home OP lot 500 /400'. Five r--,"j'es from R>cn. Has troiier tsot $!5, DO; 213! PTUerre:!»r Rood. 439-4035 L-8 Real Estate Wanted THRETT~&EDROGM BRiCK. 1 '•: or two batns In Oak PorK. Will Di;y equity ana assume noies. <tlfr-i"i54 L-9 Real Estate Service ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sea.ea oids will be received until 5:00 c m Cat, Tnursooy. July 9m, 1964 in tne o:a'd room of the Beouregard Baptist "emi'ioi Hospital. DeRiflder. Louisiana, ':,i t.- r.i t ~-e crd place the bids will -•: c:, -'.i ar-j r.-d c :t.d !: r. A New •-". ; c-vs '..o'.= c;.ent Horns tor Der "-•'' r LO.,,:- en-) C- ^ a tiorj tr?« sealed bid will be csri.jered at Bids received otter c.cslng w:il be returned unopened The Srawings, specifications and con"act documents for the proposed work '*'z I be on file end nay t>ft Inspected 11 tne Beauregord Baptist Memorial i- 1 :;oi'2l DeRIOder, Lojislana, ond the c't'-e of Lou Doiron, AIA, Architect. 1408- A P "look, Lafayette, Louisiana C'f-e-ni ccn'rocto-s. suo-contractors - r : '.jit ers '.ce^sea i.nse- ACI J33 of '•-*. r-'3, «c^e trom me offices of the ".:.<.' ir:r !»rt comciete se's 01 contract o- : .ry—t« .jr-n oc-pob t ot S50 Cd tor re'- S>"T CD'S '^3 ~"? i. 1 deposit cf $iO CO for one set : ' ^-:j^^"ts A':I: De refunded to eocn '•"-:"J c.3Mrar.'O r AHO SJtJrr;!!^ a bona ''-•: DC L'CCn return o* tne comple'e asi^r-er"; .•• good cora.tion within four- tce'. IU; r,o/5 of?' ca't of opcn-ng bids ro' i-.t 'F'^-r, r ; f corn oadi'consi set oo- t" ne^ s;3 D- f. ' r^ ^'L^aco ire sub- CiPTGC'^'S n-.-;, OD'-i^ a SCt ot plans n"1 »ecii.,:ot.c,ns LOOT aeoositinq fne ijm O t 5.50.00 c' \<n,cn VJO.OO is refuno- cb.e i 100 per cent contract bond will M required Tne OA'ner reserves in« ngnt fo reiect art and oil bids and 10 waive any in- fe-rmo'iiies incident thereto BOARD OP DIRECTORS, Ec-au-eierd Bcctist Memorial Hospital June 24- 30 }; l 1 .31. NOTICE OF IN'TENTION r-'cz'"-. t r j'--^: is nereo^ i";.-*ei !nat ot ire C-ty of Lake Cr.aries BATON ROUGE (AP) - Sen. Jules Mollere, Metairie, gave 1 notice to the Senate he will seek passaga Thursday of his bill to redistrict the Senate's present 39 seats. i Mollere warned that in view | of a recent Supreme Court rul- | ing and current litigation in j Louisiana the federal courts will I ram redistricting "down our j throats" unless the legislature j acts now. • "I have no desire to foul up any of the districts," Mollere said, and asked any senators who had suggestions to help equalize the districts according to population to offer them. The Metairie senator said the main thing he was interested in doing was to equalize population in the various districts. i He said his bill would effect ' four districts. j These are the Eighth and Ninth Wards in New Orleans, East Baton Rouge and Caddo parishes, and Mollere's district l made up of Jefferson, St. Charles and St. John the Baptist parishes. i He said it also would throw Sen. Olaf Fink, New Orleans, into an election with Sen. Charles Deichmann, New Or! leans, for one seat. Their two | districts would be combined into one. Orleans' Eighth and Ninth Wards would be split into separate Senate districts. A Senate committee m e a n- while has put off action on a bill to redistrict the Senate on a population basis. Sen. Howard Jones, St. Joseph, asked for the delay on the bill by Sen. Michael O'Keefe, New Orleans. | Several other solons, including ; Sens. J. D. DeBlieux, Baton ; Rouge, and Jules Mollere, Met- : airie, have bills to reapportion the Senate by population, i Jones asked for the delay "so that the other redistricting bills may be heard." Bids Received On Chennau!t Units lena 1V44 c r c, Wilkinson Agency Realtor 1125 Pithon St. V.'e have a l>i of line homes, residential and corr.nitrtial lots to choose from. Cc.l us »o- c-i yt>i/r Rtal Ev!=-e rttoi. A -i ft •'; 7 "3 1 T -J J " - I •-» 1 LOCGTNOriCES C-o, fsr 't«; c* f -:- into adopt on oraitance on July 15, e-clcss.t^lng the following described tf. r.&M located In tne City of Cranes, from ''A-1" Residential ico'ion to "B" Apartment House ication. ert, commencing 400 feet East of «cr* r .east corner of Common and iveets, T-ence Ncrtrt 300 feet, £21- 200 feet, f.ence ioulh 300 «5 t-« fjo'tn Right-of-v/ay line , e l'-<.rf tnciPcc '/.'est a'ong tnls c'-.',o> . ,-f i53 Ice! to tne point " '- Fifteen sealed bids were received for nearly 600 acres and about 130 structures located on a portion of the former Chennault Air Force base, but no f- tto'ir.i Mill be granted b» the Coun' at 9 Oj a.m., Juiy 15, 1964, prior to °<: r r c;xsea adoption cf said ordinance. .' /.i-icn irttrtsted parties may be .CC'd ALFRED E. ROBERTS. V>a i or. FLORENCE n CC..-T-.I! tAW F-,as/ .^-. '.•-" C! 1ror,i'j--!.or, of &-'- -itn A'i rritrr.Dcrs Lrgtc 1'. ct- itnc. Viiitins Erirr.rtr: «,'C,s:i/ ^-,/i'tS. Rc-rtir.. 'nenrt A .1 tfe ifcr.fcG. ilLLY H.. Pk,t.'.!.> .'. It OEOR6E '•' BAt'K.Er', A i«_- SHERIFF'S SALE i*c..."e';- n 'n j.ja'.c QI D:«trict Courr. Por- r-er P"-.^n r e CC'p Vs. tiO. Bi ;••,<: cf ** /,• • cf St-Z'jre ond Sa.'t n'jjtc cr.d !o r'.e d;rec»td D^ tne c'-d M 'i ci'tr tor so'* ot punlic o-jc- ''." •-, ",'t io-,t or.d rngr.est bidder w m- c.i in.- otne'-t ot aoproist-ment, ct tie --.." ",,K doer c! TP.S In tne - •, c> Lone- Cnor'c;. parish of Col- vvedneidoy, July 8, \114 oe',-,tt'' ;e-/. '.'* ." ; i'e tc iO^tng de- O '•'"(. '•;'.. i t r .r r l,r;. t piiico ;._,,„„,,, ,', c ;'«' : Eronn Tap. Sofa; 1 l.'']- r.c"ce Tabu, 1 Bro/^ri Tap Easy chcir, 1 ps'tcrm, J end foolc-j. & S lo^T^ 1 .. ' 0"r i';jarc & r .coi.ionol Tco-t, " wO'r. ",cse L.fcd rt-^i complete; T O-et'jfrf. i /.;r.^! t>-a '.i-n corr.plttt; 1 C'f* of O'o;.v".. i >-.'*!! cf crCAers. it ;'.<: .• ; :e- -.'- c t,- • • •-• Q-. <.' •.". e r- /- PEiD, JR . i-.e-"« C'-.'.^ Pansn. La. '^•••A, -^f.t Cnariti. La.. WCHAl. E «. ST. ROVAIH. -.'r,e,'i (or pi'j '•! 'f. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE TO THE t-'JfcLK. J. r.ottr.ce t. y.!>c.'t. c. , c, dnfl c'.1t r .i* ot Uic C^j'-:.;, City Ot Lcr.* Cr.urie:. L'v,.'.itnc, .Ctrti!/ triOt tilt •,;, CfS Vvt.OiC M.« Captor t-ci'..«. «ffc r •tji :" Kit COvriOl • ', •„<-„; ^O-,cca or. tr,» 17tri GSr c' j.-r ,"'„ An CrO-r.anct \t,t\',-_- '~~ ...,•• tin O'l proptrt, ,-.!•'•'-: " i •.limit; oi If* C-',- i:< -.•-. i; • Cai; Fcf'ir, u,.._ •.•,. • to tCAOt on uoatr Ine Ci,r.-- v?.: lows of m« State ot l.&j -,a< i > yeor V/£*4 tor fne purpoife of o^ »t*fcrw* ic-r otnerG' L'J'.-VJ', «$. ifrf O'ritr p^rpfit: ojt b/ w« A/i Qrdinanf* graming c iraucti^t Cptsie TV Inc to maintain, orta carry an o Ouiln«» ol trorti NOTICE OF IHTENTIOM ^^o '. rf.^p )i nere^/ 5'*tn tno* tne '.'---' '-• "> dt( cf L..,, t C'icries. :-c. •.-,•••; .rttr.fli 15 ccop; on crdincnc* '.." J. • ' '••-<. v.'oriVr,-; c froncr..«.f: to : r . .;* -''Q Cor, ^ T J , i r :-i for fne optr- •_• '^' ',--0 '-,'.0-^' 01 C D-'-ln'rii Of "'j'-"- tr.'g <t:.-/ii,iC.n p-ogromi to ptr- •S-' i '. ''i- C-', ^1 Lor.t C r .Q^,e^. end '„'•-<" f; .'g fr.t figrf TO coiiitr^ct ond P :0',ct; c.ons aid tr,t itrettj in ' r fc Ci!/ o -per. ;r r cor.dit.oni ond ;' '<•,'• L'G:n'j',r.e irTodj-urd at the rr.ttt- ir-.a t< tne Ci'c Cc-ur.C'l on June I/, Iit4, f.t <jt v* CJt/ Courtr.ll, : ol me proooifcQ or- "-••o'.'.'-f '.-'jn>ir.g c trQncr: ( « 1o Inc. to mom ••. t-t'-.-.-ri m ir.t Cil/ of L a v t C'<'.^ t:-, uoua-Qno, o r .fl 10 Go ail -aid t»jurieit, or.0 10 conitrucl to«er!. t*ptru;i: qna niOiniairi cuDit*. wire* <i',o POK.S o'.a o;iifcd oppiloricta i/pon I Special Money Requests Aired By Committee ; BATON ROUGE (AP) - The House Appropriations Committee continued hearings on special appropriations today after taking under advisement one never-say-die bill to repay five parishes for voting machine purchases years ago. After getting the administra- t i o n's general appropriations bill over to the senate, the House committee is taking a hard look at special money requests. Few are expected to survive. So far, 12 bills with appropri- a 11 o n s to meet judgments agajnst the state have been approved. The committee twk under study the bill to reimburse the jive parishes a total $408,736. When former Gov. Robert Kennon brought in voting machines on a statewide basis, the five parishes had purchased i their own. For years, they at• tempted to persuade each new I governor and the Legislature to ', reimburse them half the origm- i al cost, since the state had pur- i chased the machines for all other parishes. , Under the bill, Orleans Parish would receive $188,8&0, East ; Baton Rouge $51,785, Jefferson ; $52,132, Caddo $58,680 and Cali casieu $47,247. successful bidders have been announced. The bids, opened at 1 p.m. Tuesday in the real property division of General Services Administration, Dallas, Tex., were three tracts of land, including the duplex housing project on East Broad Street near the main gate entrance j and buildings on the tracts. ; Five buildings, offered for sale and removal, failed to attract i any bids. They were the former i headquarters building; a former mess hall; a former serv- .ice club and a former office ; building. Bidding on the three property j areas were as follows: Housing area: Bell Housing, Inc., Dallas, Tex.. $201,589; Broad-90 Properties Inc.. Charley Bunker, Crowley, $291,000; N. M. Kleinman Lake Charles. $250.645: 0. L. Nelms, Dallas, ••¥204.000: D. N. Penton, DeQuin- <.,. $151,000; and Jiarland A. Hodges and Ray C, Liecsay Lubbock, Tex, $311,000. : Forty-three acre tract including kennel area; Cypress Valley Investments Inc., Lake Charles, ^14,355; 0. L. Nelms, Dallas, $4,:010; John R. Bird, Sherman, Tex.. $4,400; and Joseph N. Natali and Raymond Natali, Lake Charles, $4.400. Ordinance Area: Open A-1 Ranch. Lake Charles $107.197; 0. L, Nelms, $25,050; D. N. Penton. $43.000: and Joseph N. and Raymond Natali, $86,400. The housing area project includes 67 duplex homes and 76 14 acres of land. Charles Hudson of Opelousas entered a bid on two of the duplex units but no price was listed ! Like many other lizards, Ko- |modo monitors sleep the night I in dens dug out of stone piles •or among tree roots. WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson's call to Congress to go on a six-day work week until next month's Republican national Convention brought angry protests today from GOP House leaders. "It just isn't fair play," said Republican Leader Charles A. Halleck of Indiana. "This looks like an attempt by the President of the United States to sabotage the Republican convention," commented Rep. Melvin R. Laird of Wisconsin, chairman of the GOP Platform Committee. The committee starts its sessions in San Francisco July 6, one week before the convention opens. Many members of Congress are on the committee. Many others want to air their views before it. Republicans had counted on the House being in recess the entire week starting July 6, with the Senate holding only token sessions. The recess outlook has dimmed because of Johnson's reported insistence that Congress enact the civil rights bill and start action on his antipoverty program before the convention. The President said at a news conference Tuesday he wants Congress to work longer and act on about 30 "desirable" proposals before adjournment. He prodded the legislators to give his proposals their "full attention six days a week until the Republican convention" and then return to work after the convention. Leaders had planned to seek final adjournment before the Democratic convention opens in Atlantic City Aug. 24. Johnson listed these matters as among those he wants Congress to act on: -Mass transportation, wilderness preservation area redevelopment, education assistance, Securities Act amendments, water pollution control, foreign aid, federal aid for hospital construction, extension of the food stamp program, pay increases for government officials and employes; Extension of the debt limit and emergency excise taxes, the international coffee agreement, aid for highway construction, interest equalization taxes on foreign investments, the antipoverty program, medical assistance for the elderly, rehabil- Five Local Men Will Complete LSU Program , BATON ROUGE (Spl.) - Five ; Lake Charles men are among ; 25 business executives who are 1 scheduled to complete a three- i year curriculum of Louisiana State University's Mid - South Executive Development P r o- gram this week. : D. L. Duncan of Pittsburgh 'Plate Glass Co., Alfred Thomson of Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp., and John A. Judke, W. E. McFatter and James M. E. 1 Stewart Jr., all of Cities Service Oil Co., will be graduated. The graduates will be honored with commencement exercises to be held at 7 p.m. Friday in the LSU Union Colonnade with a reception and so- jcial to follow. i Dr. Martin D. Woodin, executive vice president of LSU, will be the commencement speaker with Dr. Leon C. Megginson, : LSU professor of management and director of the Mid-S o u I h program, presiding, The program is designed to , sharpen the participants' man| agerial skills. It consists of three j consecutive two-week summer sessions on the LSU campus and I hwne study assignments. itation of the Appalachian region, housing, nurse training assistance, immigration law revisions, land conservation, juvenile delinquency, sales of surplus food abroad and water resources research. Wrong-Way Trip Results i DWI Ticket Traffic Death ! The Caicasieu Parish Grand Jury returned a no-true bill Tuesday against a 17-year-old Mississippi driver involved in a fatal accident in Starks on June 7. Henry E. Moudy of Jackson, Miss., was the driver of a truck which was struck by an American compact car driven by Charles N. Carter, 31, of Jonesville. Carter was killed in the collision and his wife, son and sister-in-law were injured, according to the Louisiana State Police. i The accident occurred on Lou- jisiana 12, 700 feet east of the Louisiana 109 intersection in Starks. j Investigating troopers said the i small car slammed into t h e i trailer-truck as it pulled onto i the highway from a truck stop. t Monday, the Grand Jury indicted 20-year old Jane Grigsby Perkins for negligent homi- 1 cide in the April 1 traffic death 1 of Mrs. William R. Walker. Today, the jury will probe a case involving arson with intent ; to defraud. Delrna Lafayett Thomas, 43, and his wife, Mary L. Thomas. 55, of Sulphur are charged with setting fire to their home in Sulphur on March 28. Senate Vote Set on News Immunity Bill BATON ROUGE (AP) - A House-passed bill to give reporters limited immunity from be- jing forced to name informants j moved today to the Senate to (await floor action. i The Senate Judiciary B Comi mittee returned a favorable re- i port on the bill Tuesday after ; a brief explanation by Sen. Jes- j se Knowles, Lake Charles. j The Senate Judiciary B Committee also returned favorable reports on bills to name the 'Baton Rouge Charity Hospital, under construction, the Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital, and to , authorize a trade school for Sli! dell. LIBS Charges of drunken driving have been filed by the Louisiana State Police against a driver involved in an accident while traveling the wrong way on Interstate 10. Edison J. Chapman was charged by troopers after he was involved in an accident 2.4 miles west of Lake Charles at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday. Chapman, 47, of Route 5, Box 199, Lake Charles, was traveling east in the west-bound traffic lane when the accident occurred 256 feet west of the Columbia Southern Road overpass, troopers said. James E. Greenwood Sr., of 224 Cities Service Drive in Map 1 e w o o d, told investigating troopers he was going west in the west-bound lane and had to cut sharply to his left to avoid a headon collision. Troopers said the left side of Greenwood's car and the right front of Chapman's car was damaged in the collision. Texan Sells ion's First Cotton Bale HARLINGEN (AP) - The nation's first bale of cotton sold Tuesday for $709,50, or $1.50 a pound for the 473-pound bale. Tuesday's price was the lowest since the chamber started j its contest. i The bale was bought at auc- jtion by Walter Cummings of i Harlingen, representing a ferti- i lizer company (Best). 1 It was produced by Oscar I Mayfield and Son on the 77 7 i Ranch northeast of Rio Hondo. I The land belongs to George Gibbons of Corpus Christi. The growers actually will get $2,000 for the bale. The Harlingen Chamber of Commerce in ' addition to giving a $1,000 prize, ! guarantees a $1,000 auction price for the Rio Grande Vali ley's first bale. 41 Rifles, Ammo Reported Stolen In Mississippi COLLINS, Miss. (AP) ~ Law authorities have been alerted to the theft of 41 rifles and 1,000 rounds of ammunition from a National Guard armory here. The armory, in Covington County in the southeast portion of Mississippi, was broken into late Saturday. Guardsmen reported the theft to the sheriff's office. Federal agents were also informed since the theft involved federal properly. by Larry Hurb Th ere is a TIME and PLACE or Everything *'Seeais to me it'd ix: a lot easier to have TV majtt put up our roof NOW is th TIME to Buy or Se through FAST action WANT AD Call HE 9-2781

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