The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE POUE aLYTEETILLE, (ARK-f COUEIEE NEWS EL¥TH*r\TU£ COURIER NEWS CTHS CSS2ES SEWS CO, FS2t2~H2S3 , , C. S. BAECOCZ, £ jar, JMiEEH. fjL-na fsfc JSalfocai Su ir.v fee, a«r Yctt SuTfrf. Kvamt Ctej, st saaarf «'.«;• .cstas a; fat pesS aJ KSsfc-'Qe, ^Saxsu, ctjeisr *r* <£ Oet-Ser S, I3£t £7 tta Csat Se, 13: per esrrSsr fs lie- CK. ef , or 83c P=r CSC^T. Br assE. wBifc a fs£u cf SO E2a, CUC- jar jear r fiS5 to *Ji DKTSJ, T3c fe !trse Eji'TiSa; ty jEOtt fc JZEOl SOM3 tTO tC JO, kClCCTf,, 5*3! pel rait: fc sxua «?e;: aid eghs, tt&» pa year, psjiiii a t&rxxt. Ample Warning FoSwiKjr the kst ttg Fferi&i harri- £&rp& varioas govefEaieni ggeftcifcs cars'; m lor severe critic: »m boeacse o? tfccir felhze to give residents of the affected srea adequate wanucg of the impending dis-oSer &ri tKaas-.- r.-o -sraj nutde for I'wr evs'.uz.- tfoa. 7cer c eu-s. was a tOf«gr4- investsg-tfoa. Nobody t&a say th&t oTkbiia been r*gfIgc;K :n 'vraniir.g the- of the Mississippi vattey of the jxail- <*f the present high water. First, carat C«L JEsgeae Reybo'd with his prediction <*I a "super Boxi" aad levee toj>- p;ag crests fram Cairo to the gulf. Then came the grtat program for evacuation of the cuiHoss living aionjr the river. It all swrnifcd more than a little absurd t'j informed mas on the ground and equipped to /orm some rea- ' sajabie estimate of what is and is not possible in a fiood. Bat if its purpose was to rer<>m_ the people of the valfey that they have a very Jarge river 21 their (low*, figuratively sf?efekiiig, r:o one can deny its eilective- ness. We have i.o complaint. There slMiild be a happy medium between no warning gt a!] and the kind we have rect*ed, bat we have had no reports of fright fstaiilk-i ar.d recover}- should be speedy in the relatively few :-evere cases o*" jitters that hp.\e developed. -Teat recovery should be hastened by today's developaienti. The war department isss decided that \ve may jsafejy occupy our homes yet "Tmhile ionger. ..And. from. Memphis comes an ufiiciai weather bureau forecast placing the lAg river's crest at a stage of 48 feet, just seven feet belcm- Colonel Efcybold'e scare prediction and some five feet below a subsequent estimate oi Gen, Howard SI. Markham", chief of army engineers. Now seven feet, at the present width of the Mississippi, is quite some little bit of Water. Where Colonel Reybold found it, or where the weather bureau lest it, is a matter we can't tell you about. What is worse we don't even know which one is right. But men who have Jived along the river all their lives and who know something about what a certain gauge reading at Cairo means in the way of water stage at Barfieii and on down the river, are putting their money on the weather bureau. They say the colonel was just away too high. . It doe-s seem safe to say two things: first,, the &reoar.i of vr_.i.r in pnw- | petrf''has .fceec to ^sree degree over- j estimated. • ' . i Swood, tfce pret.&k- effect of even sacs & vohini-: o." water has been Tfae?s haj fer; £- -Bering and Joss and tragedy er:-v.i_h ir, ;fci; Bood. Let's ixjt make it -worse- by unproStable worry. TMJRSUY, JANUARY 2S, is>o,'T SIDE GLANCES By George Qar (OCR BOARDKG H01SE With Msjor Hoopk Coming of Age Tr.e extrenve ini;»5*tanefc of making rttsl aviaaor; ialer is emphs- sfaed by the v._y m vhich aerial travel ktejw OE e£j:_jiding. AH records for ps^icger, mal! and erpreas traffic from the great airport at Newark, N. J^ were broken in 1935. During the year, 265,000 passengers arrived or departed by eJr—fully 60,000 ntore than ic 1&S-5. Travel by &sr ha? K'ten growsiig morfe ajid rcore pona!?.r every year. ilvery major airport has recorded a Ete&cl* tEcrease. And it behooves both the siriliie irrar;agers and the federal government authorities to free that there is a correirionding rise in the standards of safety. C<ramerdai aviation has come of age. now. Dangerous Age In a midwestern city, & survey has beec mace of its first 1C traffie deaths in 1937, and gome «id facts were discovered. None of these victims was killed by a drunken driver; none died as a result of excessive spaed; and none was a child. However, • study of these eases uncovered the significant fact that 12 of the 16 wtforitinate.5 were pedestrians, and that (he average Ege of these 12 was 61. \ The survey, of course, covered bat a half month's fatalities; but the results emphasize that aged pedestrians are "marked for death"' unless they use extra caution in crossing streets. ^Tiether it is defective vision, inability to judge auto speeds,- or the inclination to 'save steps by jaywalking, that is responsible for this,high rnortsl- ity among the aged, is hard to^dets- mine. Whatever the cause, nieces, nephews, sons, and daughters may save some loved ones if they will assume the task of educating their elders to street dangers. = CCO/ C-Wpr-'F- A TX?2:= QSiJNVS AP£ llpffe IfSS^lSii e=oA£» A"FST,T-!S - ^S^; -•-•' I i- .TV~ - "• vfe." ^^-—» ;h^Ji.\. - :...'-... ,- - AWir-v i AiiinmU Transiiiit Several Diseases Af fee tiu "• \Vhen a man is depressed, he (ahes E drinfc- A soman goes out and buys a hat. —iily Dache, military designer. * » « Kes- York is restful; it's Uhe Holland. You have the same Kay of living here—so orderly. It's not like Part,' where everybody, cvEry- thing. gees back and forth and around. —Cornelius Van Dongen, femed Dutch painter ol women. » * * We're having the Tun of our lifetime, and"" lucre's no diCiculty at all in spending th" £200 sensibly. _c. c. Fleming of Chelan, Wash., aivcn fund to test Townsend plan. OUT OUR WAY "That's only twenty iHteri Haven't we some moref B*K« er Xci a Driver [man is drirtn^ & car Bro^n dJ5- : coarse claimed h* *->* Hal-lends we can make green vviih envy?" . | TORONTO. One. -r? —JUgU-1 misea a re-rife-s driving chares; arfT _. ,. T ~ "~ . ' P-asd Conns Kews "Wsm AJS r tsga}" er_i*ssE inr; cr. =t?n a - a*i?gsdij ciesrihias EH irregular i ' r ss off arsi ii? car -cusiES. i I CRIME FILE ON 30LITHO 8LANE Br DE.'MOEB15 FISHBEIX Ediicr. JtcniU n! the American Hetiitxl As&ociathui. and of g-stz, the lie-Hb MZ^SSIEC In :s= insiter oi infacfeE, maa <• Tr* f>3 dsic sc-^rces el cjes- iinicaals diseasss ^re ^-^ "^ For -. Swisses, tvpjaii .J^Sij.r meases, chicisrjpds: srjj irjsniil:- ? > slysfs. eeetrr in men. fa^t nn£ HI i as?£, as has been dour on EKT:'^^- . ul the diseases 03 no; occur sj.- j One iiad oj disease tisEsiEissed I lory type—ths cough aai tr-j^jj-il Spread of inrdi disBE3c5 is lacUi- { ?d br £iie conciTioTiv ol ni^irra ' SPECIAL RADIOGRAM R^^.tM^Ffe. ^ ^ _ ?u ? Q1 21R5 CZ SY GOLDEKSUU. «I AM) RADIO 12 5 2045 POLICE HEADQUARTERS^' BOLITKO BLANE-COMWITTED SUICIDE STOP RETURKllfS PORT UWEDUTELY STO?=.r t . : ROCKSAV.iSE, Once i; vas rscognijed Cns: -els- i ;is^ coald b; spread by sealer, sad, ! ilr. End {a^ and contto! o; ::;ts3 j Vf-A, TOO SOO,M Kas necessary to stop epVkalcs. Ond:>r modern conduioris, ire ccn- iro! tiles? en7ironmeri'.al ;?.:iors ta'.isfae'.orily. it. u esceedingrj- cil- ricul',, hoyerer, 10 coniro! hiz^in beings. As everj"oae HOT. tno^a, rr.=r-y ay ice lower snlmals—EorTirtimts secauss thssc _is5^s?a a3ec; \^ lower anima'is exactly £5 Uisy a:'- ect human beings: in other rii:;e.r:- ;si. bscau^e ire loser Rr.iTr'ii or i aissct !5 a carrier of the c^-iss.! Everj- ortc taoin thai it is px- ! Jb!e to ge; hydrophobia alicr be- | Jig bitten by a mad _:>;. it h=5 ! been widely publicized iha: -su! carry plague, and that hoi ran may be infected vi'-h trirnL-.; Thich then infects the }>er^on »h eats the meat. Anthrax u a disuse or :a::.i- ] MaJla or uaduiant jcvtr wa.- f_<;! transmitted by the ecat. MUt :sav I be injected with tuberculosis grrrr.s 1 froa cattle, and all sorts of *:nr.:- i *'hich infest the loner anim^ tr.iv | bj transmittoq to human bdnj;. j Among diseases u-hirh are kn^v.^ • to afiect lower animals and »--jrh.! in recent years, have caused •:;-- [ siacrabJe distress among hurnar. I-- ' ings, arc tuhremU. which is sprird by eating o r dressing th; from ar, infected rabbi;; p;uti::.- sis. which 1ms been carried br -r--. rots ar.d canaries, ss *el! V.-"tv lovebirds irom the CaiiScrrja cr»:-t"; jaundine and rat bile lever c^—••«•* b>- rats. It is known also that rmjsxm may be transmitted frcni ;h? b»- ei animals and that a aea-iri:es;ed dog may transmit some ol l-.Li fleas to a human being. All this knowledge has aicirci in deviling means ol sapprcssinj these canditlons as they atlc-c; human brings, and in the inveit^a- tion of diseases o! unirKra-n or.jir. or of conditions of which th« m'cih- or ol transmission Is not yet understood. POLICE HE.^DQUARTERS, MIAMI. FLA. 9t20 p^a, 7.1.37 MEMO. To D3t-3CtiT« Officer Fettering i fediogrsa hare-Kith passsd to you for attsEtion. Bolitho Elans is a. BritiEh financier. Jha yEcrrfc Golden Gull left 1'iEjd. Beaoh at 7 o'clock this eveniag, AB ehe TSB an hour tn_ three quartsr* out -jrhsn radio T.-SE das- patohsd she should be in about 10:30'D Ifeat j'H.obt end tuKJertate im-eB- tigatioa. in an appearance before dinner. I introduced; Stodart to Mrs. Joct?I%"n rtnd ihs count, then offered him a drink which he nc- ci-pied. After a few mrvments Stodrjt asked me if the typo sheets on the notice board in the lounge contained the c3o?ing prices on the New York stock market and, on my telling him i thst that \vas so. he said ths^ Atr, JBiarte was nnxious to have the S latest intormation. He took douii I some of the prices in his notebook, ] tore the leaf out and, as he had i rot finished his drink, ssked the j i lounge steward to take the list i down to Blane's cabin. j The steward came tip again and j CHAPTER i said that the drRtving room o* j REPORT OF DETECTIVE OFTI- iSor:-:;;.-.-.-:-;.;. The passengers -vvcre JBUne's F-ite was locked and that j CER KrTT r 3IN'C OF ^ HE Lro.v v; e iiar, the Honorable Regi-She could get no answer. j 'r,?ld .'arclyn r.nd Mrs. Joeelyn,! •- ~ « ! v.-ho ;rc Lady Welter's dsughtei [rpHEN I noticed that i; vis EI- | -ri'J Eon-in-Jaw, the Bishop of \ ^ ready ten after eight, so realiz- i Lieutenant Florida Police By Dennis \Tteitky €> UiT. XEIA Sfrr-^; 1-.- - mil-scs S!orro«- £ Ci. board through it. At 8:45 I ordered tiia ship hsck to port. * * » HH. CARLTOX ROCKSAVAGE'S STATEMENT, had just come down irom New York for a few days' pleasure cruising off the islands, and I had arranged to pick \ip two more of raj- guests who could not .make the yacht at Kew York. from Miami. Mr. Inojuke Hsysshi came on during the aiiemoon sad had tea .rita us, iliai Mr. Bolitha Blane arrived.wiih his.secretary, Nicholas Siodaii, jusi before 7 o'clwk. Thej.vrent straight down to the arivsie suite \vhich I had allotted to them, snd we sailed at once, I didnt see them-asJI'vras on iae bridge x«ih ray papism when' we left Miami at V:05!-~'Th5n'-l | went down to the lounge for a drink and, fiimins Pamela JoeelyiV and Count Posodini there, I taised with them for & while. I At 7:25 Mr. Sto-iarJ arrived and ] introduced himself as Boliiho j Blaue'-s secretary. He said that [ Blane ft-ished to get some cables orl before changing and aske^ that 1 would excuse him irom putting CftRLTON ROCKSAVAS m^ss RETAKE . S Porii'on c/ (fe note cddYciso? 10 Nicholas SloJart cud w'lTK'J r.j as /ouni? o/fer Blont's watching Artnta Suds go down ss the bears slammed into them. I had "hoped to pull my companies' tlirough hut things have gor-.e tw far for Koeksavage to join me ;n n decent deal, so 1 am jvist car- 1 ing what happens to ihera EO\V. This pariy \vi\s a forlorn hope and 1 never \w.nUxi in join it. There's .1 taugh (-ro\\-ri behind Rocfcsavagc, anS I wouldn't pxit it past them ta try and do me in \vhiie I'm on this yacht. Thr.t would send the Argus shares down to zero without r,nj- iurthrr arsument. Anj'noiv. I'm no.t • going to wait and chance it. The struggle has proved tM much lor m?. I have alvyays loathed quitting rather than face the nightmsre of a bankruptcy examinatian I'm going out. Boliiho Blane." After 1 hr.d read thr.t letter I've just given you. Stodart handed rtis a slip of paper \vhich, he ssid. the cabin steward tad found on Blane's table. I saw at once that it was the page that Stodart had torn out oi his pocketixKiK after lie had taken down the quotations of the closing prices. Here it is; __ r ii-OSiDA POLICE. on instructions received 1 bos.-ded S. Y. Golden Gull from police launch X2! at' .= Bude and Count Luigi PosDdir.i. ii n r tj., H t j would have to hurry, if I Captain DtrringhErn received me with Ihc owner Mr Csrltou I -^' L 5:3- Eocfcsavaje. ^ocksavaje. i proceeded to thei° ou " r '- 'o dipjisr in my cabin, I uptain's cabin to take siatEments, t v *" as fcnt ior by the owacr to Selective OSrer Keame acting as comc dc<wn 'o the. suite which had Arrived oft Miami at 2:S5 |j vere not to be lats ior dinner,, ~^l went down to change. j At a little after 8:30 I got back 1 to th? lounge to find all my giKsts j Kftsmbled for dinner, except Bo- j litho Blane and Stod&rt. Just E: i t wns contemplating sending down j message to Elane. the cabin I sau Bar.;-.rr.a?. just after 1 had sat ,. SYDNEY (UP) — Australia $_| convinced it has the world's long- ! distance roller-skating records (ill ; cottled up unless some one can i prove the contraiy. w. Webb 21 I anrt L. Daniels, to, did 118 miles en roller skates in 25", hours '' Pete' stenographer. - t 2 CAPTAIN DERRINGIIAM'S STATEMENT. ^,rE rsiled irc.m Kcw York at 12:SO p. m. on the 5th carrying five passengers in addition to She owner, Mr. CarJlon Kocksavage. steward came up with an urgent j 1 for the captain a( oniv. request that 1 should go down to '• Sold him what had occurred and ... _ - .Blane's cabin right away. |he put back to port, \vhile I sent been allotted to Mr, Bolitho Biane. I On arriving there I found Stod- j a message up to my daughter thst I found the ovcncr there with Mr. jsrt standing ta the drawing room ishe was to take the guests in to Blane's secretary. They explainer j looking very pale ana shaken. He (dinner, then went up to the wire- to me thai Mr. Blsno was missing j raid So me. "Mr. Rocfaavage. I'm j less, room and sent a r^dia to the and had left a note which gave } afraid I've go: bad news for you." reason to suppose that he had l Then he handed rne this note: committed suicide. The window j Dear Stodart, of the crav.ins room cabin 'was i '•; ' Yon fenov.- how worried I've wide open and it looked as if Mr. ] daughter, ,Miss Jerri Blane had thrown himself over-) been all through the trip over. Day after day I've been police. (To Be Continued) Save this imUHmfiU as cvl- dcnce to help you solve tlie crime.

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