Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 17, 1957 · 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 3

Oakland, California
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Wednesday, July 17, 1957
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..." ... .VV P ' 4. V . f"''X ..... ' "..v' J St . . V.' ' . . .- v.," -v ( f I ',Nr iW' -. ' ' ' 'VI ki' AC: ' ' 3 : " ' V I: . V MX St. -mJk V 4 4 1 SCn n--. ju 1' 4 t':. 0" CENE 0ILIBAGEiarThi8.j8..aq penal view of the pre- cipitous area in the Siena where David Scott. 3, was found dead yesterday. He had vanished Saturday and Tragedy of Lost Boy Told by Shot AP H'irephsU climbed from Mono Village 3,000 feet up the steep slope toward Eagle Peak in a rocky area 15 miles west of Bridgeport! Marines located the body at (1). . r -Enters Sheppard Case Erie Stanley Gardners 'Court' Of fers Lie Test for Robber Who. Confessed OaVljnd'tfiW.We(lncsdayyJiily,17J9S7tH.- B HOMErTOWN ; Gtorge Rosa is on vacation, turned upon 'his teturn. His column will be re- DELANO, Fla., July 17UW Mystfry wniir ' Kile Stanley Gnrdmr's "Court of La.st Re- tiort" today offered to conduct i lie d'U'ctor ti'.t for a newly confebd" but skeptically re tarded "uspect" in Jhe Shop-pard murder case. Authorities in .Cleveland, Ohio., where Marilyn Slieppard was bludgeoned to death in 1954, discov ered this "25th confessor" toJ turn up since Dr. Samuel Shep pard was convicted of murder ing ills wife. - Donald Joseph, 23, a convicted robber, signed a confession that he killed a Cleveland housewife ih a manner similar- to that of Mrs.-Sheppard's death on July 4, 1954. . . Sheriff Eidney B. Thursby said that if Wedler consents he will accept the offer of Gard ner s "Court or Last Kesort to investigate the purported Con fession. OFFER BY 'COURT Criminologists of the unoffi rial "court" wired Thursby an offer to fly Alex GregoryLpoly.- graph expert from Detroit, to give Welder a lie detector test The "court" already has given tests to relatives of Sheppard but has been refused permission to test the young osteopath him self. ... - , ' .. Welder told the sheriff he struck his victim several times with apiece of pipe as she lay asleep and in rushing from the rioTise, he strutk" "a jiian,who stood in his way. The Cleveland coroner, Sam uel B. licrbcr, sind. however, Marilyn Sheppard was slain with a minimum" of 1T savage blows - to lh! head - with J a weapon" that "could not have been pipe of any diameter." ' Gerber further doubted, that Sheppard, could Tiave been struck with, the pipe, which Wedler described as about nine inches long and an inch and one- half in diameter. BLACK EYE ONLY Sheppard "hud no injury but a slight black eye. and there was no evidence of injury though he complained of a sole neck," the coroner said. At Cleveland, Detective Chief Thomas Murphy and Cuyahoga County Sheriff Joseph M. Sweeney said they would ex amine l hursby s report care fully. But both officials indi cated they do not "put much credence" in Wedler's confes sion. ' . . They said they believed Wed ler might be attempting to trick his way. out of the Florida jail. "Weve hgard-a lot about sey eral similar cases since the time Marilyn Sheppard was mur dcred," Sweeney said. "Plenty of persons have con fessed to that crime because it was' given such wide publicity in the newspapers probably all over the world," he said. BUSHY-HAIRED MAN Qne of the factors appearing A pistol- shot-ehoed from the steep hills around Twin1 Lakes . . I r. . . n . . irnrariqir in JJl 1VAUI1U VUUIlljr JS-Hvi woj put an end to the search for a " little boy who Had strayed from the Mono Village campsite. Marine. Staff Sgt. Robert 0'Brfen-tired-1ntffthe"airTto announce - that David Allen -Scott-who would-have been 3 on - Monday, had been found dead. The bodv. clad only in a T- shirt, red, white and blue jocks 'and one red shoe, .was found by O'Brien among boulders on the stecD slope. ni,r;J fit" Mi jnif-Mrsr XdVlU, own Bobert Scott of San Diego, had climbed an incredible 3,000 feet ti d a boulder-strewn treeless area toward Eagle Peak, which -lowers 10.500 feet above sea level. A team of bloodhounds and 50 Marines from the nearby cold weather training station at Pickel Meadows were on the trail when O'Brien found the Doay near a uig i '. in the trail. Sherifl Cecil Thorington of was found, . Marine Chaplain Harry W. Holland informed the distraught parents that David was dead. The Scotts, who have two nthpr children, collapsed and were taken to the Hospital overnightr The father, a plastering con-J tractorr-had" not- rested -"-since Davitf vanished from-the middle of. the popular trailer camp at fp.m; Saturday; -T -- -r The bloodhounds were follow ing a scent up the trail after one of the Marine mountaineer located one of David's snoes. The boy's brown play trousers have not been found, Thorington said, x .. NO WATER ON ROUTE Thorington said the boy prob ably died on Sunday or Monday. There wasn t any water along the entire.-route, he added. "There was a stream nearby in the next gully but he didn't get to it." Thorington said the boy was too lightly clad to have with stood the night-time tempera TuTesT Which "slnlr to-about-40 iiriagepon sam ine uu, v. . . ..... fcjcMusfio-andexposurttnp ...u tribsv Jjas". been ordered. A half hour " 'after the body The Marines carried the body down "to" a ' semce-"ambulance at the campsite. El Sobrante Man Killed On Highway Basil J. Buzy, 64, of 4525 Dam Road, El Sobrante, was killed when struck by an automobile m.a . nrnccpn l iarn.rujiu. Jicai Appian Way in El Sobrante last night. - ' ' The driver of the car, Samuel Gardner, 49, of 350 Arroya Drive, Martinez, is held in the rnntra Costa County jail in Mnrtinpz for investigation of felonv drunk driving. Buzy was dead on arrival at Brookside Hospital in San Pablo. o o o James B. Deitz, 26, of Rose ville, died yesterday in Sacra- jnciiiu ui . j " - flaming truck and automobile acciaent near xiounus " vjovv.-day. ' - r - " ; ' -I.. Deitz' sister. .Carolyn, 15, and ville. were killed in the acci dent on the Loomis-Folsom Rflad- Still in critical condition in Sutter Hospital in Sacramento is Mary AniTRilje, J3, cf Rose- ville. She has tmra aegree burns. . A truck struck the rear of Miss Furnejrs automoDiie, rup- ,.'nir,a tVio oac.lanlt and.envelOD- jng the car m flames. OAKLAND'S TRAFFIC TOLL Al Thli DU Killed Injarei 1957 ......... 31 1,244 Last year ...... 21 1,641 .0 0 0 DANGER ZONE Foothill Blvd. from 14th to 21st Avi. WATCH for radar. ' Mrs. Doree Konkel, 39, owner . i T T : 1 ... AN lha Kne. I uie niliuil icauii u sian ,River, suffered a broken Tight leg and severe cuts of the "lace and body when ner auto mobile was hit by a slow moving ... Knrf hwestern Pacific passenger train in Santa Rosa yesterday. Investigators said Mrs. ft.cn' kels auto siauea on uie. as .the train was appion.in"6 and she tried to jump out. She - was caughranoTtfragged for 5p feet' as the locomotive hit the car. She was taken to Sonoma County hospital. -George B. Argall of San Fran risco was the engineer of tfte Bridgeport 15 Left in Finals for Miss U.S.A. LONG BEACH, July" 17 Wl Fifteen of. the prettiest girls in America still were in the run ning today in the contest to pick the United States' repre- srataiiyAJtaOlissruyerse. contest. ' The beautiful survivors of the ffrstThijscpmpetitionwUl parade their charms before'tne judges again tonight. The win ner will become Miss U.S.A., who will then take her place in a field of 33 of the fairest of this and many other lands. Chosen from among 44 Ameri can entrants alter appearing before the judges, first in evening gowns then in bathing suits, were: Miss Arkansas, Helen Eliza' TRAFFIC TOLt 50 Pet, Can Expect Death Or Injuries SACRAMENTO, July 17 An official of f the National Safety Council predicts "one of every two persons, in California will be. killed or hospitalized in a normal lifetime by- traffic ac- cidents."; This grim forecast was made yesterday by-John C. Hall of San FFan'cisco, National Safety Council regional representative, at a meeting of G-e-v-ernor Knight's Traffic Safety Commit tee. Hall, noting that California ranks high in -traffic accident prevention work, said: "There -is" neiieeato- worry about spending money on acci- dent prevention;-We-are already paying the bilL Accidents cost $456,480,000 last year in insur- nce payments, medical expenses and property damage.- This does not include job time lost. Hall said, however, that de spite California s record 3,at)4 traffic deaths last- year, the State registered some solid gains in highway safety. He said the death rate for each million miltes of tiavel lait year A, general courtsmartial, on a charge of premediated ' murder, today was' ordered by Rear Adm. John ' R. Redman for Jimmy L. Henderson, 20, who shot. one. officer to death, and wounded another on May 28 aboard a Navy ship at Treasure Island. Redman, commander of the 12th Naval District, ordered the courtmartial at an unspecified date at Verba Buena Island. . If found guilty, Henderson, derson held a little Army of Trial Ordered m iNavy iviiimg action following 1iis review of an exhaustive investigation of the crimes aboard the ship. A -board of -medical officers has reported Henderson was legally sane at the time of the shooting, .. SHOOTING IN CABIN The bespectacled sailor shot the officer? in their, cabin after overpowering Verbeek and tak ing his guard pistol. For six hours afterwards, Hen whose home is at Marin City, faces the death penalty or life imprisonment Marines and sailors at bay" on the flying bridge while holding Lakey hostage and refusing to The-order-eharges Hendersonrjgi ve-ntrrthe-weaporr. disbursing clerk aboard the attack cargo ship Uvalde, with four violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. SPECIFIC CHARGES They are: Murder and premeditated murder in the shooting of Ens. Arthur L. Morris, 26, of Stow, 13th Ave.; and unlawful deten tion asti6stage of RoberfWv Lakey, 20, of Springfield, Ore. The. district comandant took beth Garrott, 19, of West Mern-fohio; assault in the near-fatal phis; Miss California, Peggy Jacobson, 18, Downey; Miss Illinois. Marianne Gaba, 18, Chi cago; Miss iowajuaun-Ann H9lLi;?Jt: Council ,fflu5L.Miss. Maryland, Leona Gage, 21, Glen Btrrn ie; Miss:MasMKhusetts, Sandra 'Ramsey, 19, Haverhill; Miss. Nebraska,, Carply n. jPdcGirr,1 18, Sidney. OTHER CANDIDATES Miss Nevada, Joan Adams, 23, Las.. Vegas; Miss. New -York, Samita Pelkey..21, New York City; Miss"Ohio, Kathrym Gabriel, 20, Cleveland; Miss South Carolina, Jean Spotts, 20, Newberry; Miss Texas, Gloria Hunt, 20, Corpus Christi; Miss Utah, Charlotte Sheffield, 20, Salt Lake City; ; Miss . Washington, Diana Schafer, 18, ; Bellevue; Miss West Virginiar Ruth Marie Parr, 18, Saint Albans. Their selection brought to an abrupt end the sense of fun and happy anticipation that marks the opening days of the interna- beauty contest There were tears and downcast faces among the 29 girls eliminated in the opening" round, and most of them made haste to leave the audijs&riuirt as crowds of photog raphers and well-wishers pressed close to the happy winners. ' Whoever convinces the judges that she is the, most beautiful of the American entrants will be up against some stiff c6m-petition when the international cf willrfFre Sheppard's claim that a bushy haired man broke into his home, murdered his wife and knocked him out. Wedler has thick, bushy blond hair. The slender convict also told the sheriff he had been us ing heroin, a narcotic, while he was in cieveiana.. aunng we first week of July, 1954. In Columbus, Lt. Gov. Paul H. Herbert, who handled Shep pard's unsuccessful appeal to the state supreme court, began search of his files for the name of a hitchhiker who claims he can identify a .man who might be- Marilyn's "real slayer." The hitchhiker was believed to be working as a merchant seaman on the West Coast He said he was picked up by a nervous driver who had blood- stains on his hands early in July, 1954 When Marilyn was Killed. !'-',Jk I" r1- V ! Mi t r wa ,- ': j -1 y f i i i Hi J! J l ., V .... j ! -4 r i fT7 ! r i-'-- J :i I M.''L iwnrn .lii'oTY'Jif '' ' 4 . Awakened by the dog, a pink-dyed animal named "Francois," Smiley got up to investigate and found the home in flames. He haricr-MrSrnilcyr 40 owner routwd---hwwiferand they . fled He surrendered meekly after his-' mother and a Treasure Island chaplain begged him to give up. .- U.S. Ireland Envoy Offers Credentials DUBLIN, Ireland, July 17 UPi -ScoiLiMcLsod. new U.S. am bassador to Ireland, presented his credentials today to Irish shooting of Ens. Richard D. Har rison, 22, ' of Grand Rapids, Mich.; assault in using a ham- President Sean O'Kelly mer-to-feeat-MachinistisMeU-McI sense of- kinshrp that far tran- sceftded thenortnaiwtetjonships Wife Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter ; Mrs. Irene M i 1 1 e r i c k, 46, pleaded guilty yesterday in San Francisco Superior Court, to a charge of involuntary man slaughter in the slaying of her husband, PhiL 51, a U.S. customs inspector. Superior Judge Milton Sapiro set Aug. 6 as date to hear argu ments on a motion for probation made by Mrs. Millerick's attor neys. Millerick" died from loss of hinnH nftpr hp was stabbed in of the Pink Poodle restaurant at 60 Grand Ave., and his wife, Winifred, 40. Thef mrstaru-a -lrradin i ng room couchj according to Battalion Chief Robert Costa,"' destroyed t' front room, then counle's home at 1402 20th St., San Ffanckca. that were expected of two sover-l Maximum penalty would be a eign and ,fxiedIyv.ntionst ?. sentence .of10 yeais-in-prison. ?e-s&faReisco exmAMiWi, n ;n littll Vvn n i'ls iA R-r A 'i tr 4a irrtitl " - s was : half that of 10 years -ago. Said Hall: The rate for 1956 was 6 3 per hundred million miles of travel. This was slightly lower than the phase 4Lth& FORMIDABLE RIVALS The lovIy invaders from for eign lands walked off with the first two awards to be presented. Canada's Gloria Noakes winning the Miss Popularity title and Germany' Gerti Daub being judged Most Photogenic. - Miss Noakes, 18, of Toronto. won her award as a result of ballots cast by some of the 150,-000 spectators who watched the "6 contestants in the Miss Uni verse parade Sunday. Miss Ger many placed second in the popularity poll With Miss Italy, Valeria Fabrizzi, 21, of Bologna, third. Miss Daub, a lovely blonde was selected for her award by the photographers covering the event. Miss Italy was second in the -voting and Miss Brazil, Terezinha Goncalves Morango 20. tlurd. ; - The only American among the first five in either category was Miss North Dakota, Anne Marit Studness, 19, of Devils Lake, who placed fourth among the public favorites. r ? f ( v - i" h . i r fjf f( y, ''S ' '':')(: xV:: ) A'-i r' 0 i" y; ,' ' X Trlb rk( EARLY MORrfING FIRE Firo swept through a room h6m at 182 Orange St. this morning, routing tho owner and his wile, awakened by barking oi their dog. Dog Saves Couple From Home Fire The barking of a 10-months- old poodle roused an Oakland restaurant-owner-Jand his .wife early today as fire swept through ' their - home- at -1 82 Orange St. . ' : Routed by the flames were broke through the roof and the floor, damaging a vacnt apartment below. to safety out a rear door with Francois and a Siamese cat named "Chang Kong." Five pieces of equipment and io ii rein vn were aiApuicnea -iu the fire. Battalion Chief Costa estimated the damage at $5,000. Two Face Indictment In Holdups SCRAP FIRE SPREADS, PERILS LUMBER MILL . 5 BOL1NAS (Marin County), July 17 A fire smoldering in a scrap wood pile spread into " dry brush on the Pala Marin Ranch near-h-last night and- will be asked Monday to indict two extconvicts-for the spectac ular but abortiveholdup of San taurant Sunday and the $2;700 holdup of the Olympic Country Club at Lakeside June 9. ' The suspects, Walter E. Bige low, 27, of 574 24th Ave., San Francisco, and Robert Mobray Jameson, 25, of Los Angeles, were identified by witnesses at a police lineup last night They were also linked 4o ah apartment house robbery July 1 when SY4 was tanen, Asst. Dtst Atty. Cecil Poole said he-will confer with police today, and that the indictments "most certainly" will be sought. Louis J. Lalanne, proprietor of the Poodle Dog, 65Post SW tentatively picked the pair as being among four men who barged into hisk establishment at lOMSlr.jfi. Simday, herded guestV apdL workers into storage cabipets - and fled through a skylight after 30 armed goljce surrounded the building.- ' The suspects, jailed since early Monday, have-'been gen erally uncommunicative, police sav. and maintain they were "bar hopping on-Sunday. 2'But when w"e get down to the crjtieal'hour ofhe Poodle Dog job they simply say they are not going to talk any more," Insp. George Heeg, head of the robbery detail, said, last night A pillow case, in which was nearly $1,000, left behind at the Poodle Dog, several, rolls of ad hesive tape and two hats left in the restaurant are bejng sent to the State Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Sacramento in the Jiope they will provide new ciuesrHeTg said, before it was brought under corftrW:'---: .-Ten firemen from theMarin County i ireUepaMmennrnd ' 40 volunteers f o u g h t the f lames more than three hours. ' The fire burned through five acres of brush on the ranch, Vk miles west of here, which is owned by the Church of the Golden Rule. -No buildings were damaged. FffJALISTS These 15 girls face the judges totight in the Miss U JJV. finals, a prelimi nary phase of the .Miss Universe contest They are (from left front row): Helen Garrett Peggy Jacobien. Marianne Gaba, Judith HalL Sandra Ramsey. Second raw: IfOnd Gage. Carolyn McGirr. Joan Adams, Sanita Pelkey; rathrym Gabriel: Back rowf loan Spotts. Gloria Hunt. Charlorle Sheffield, Diana Shale? and Ruth Pan.' gifi&k. Under fire because the bandits were permitted-to escapefrom the Poodle Dog. Chief of Inspectors Dan McKlem told Chief Frank Ahern yesterday that in nocent bystanders might have been hurt had police shot it out with the robbers. .. A . . . . . ,. He said -that ..GiIrHodK.es, a waiTtr" who, fled the building to- alert police to ihe-TTOtaupT aid that the bandits could leave either through the front door orj by the freight elevator. Policej covered these exits, but the masked men chose instead toj climb through a skylight. Girlf16Kept From Suicide Off Gate Span "If God wanted me to live he would have stopped this," a 16- year-old San Francisco girl wrote her "parents. I Tucking the note, into the pocket of her blue jeans, she went onto the Golden Gate Bridge. Near the south side, she stopped to stare moodily at the water. - ft was thefe that Highway Patrolman Allyn Bragg found hef late yesterday and balked -wiat 'appeared ' to ' be" -saicide: try'.' Hysterical and. struggling as he grabbed her, she was taken to Park Emergency Hospital." There she refused to give her name but told attendants she had attempted 'suicide some months ago by cutting her wrists and that she swallowed- iseyeral "white, JiiUs." biiott-go.,. injg on the .bridge yesterday. : She was- taken Jatet to. San ; Francisco Hospital for observation. Police say she has been a wardTxf the juvenile court since her parents were divorced several years ago. ' r "Please understand, mother and father," she began her note. "Don't grieve... I'm just trouble, it should never have come about thaTI was conceived just. call it fate, Dr. (here a name had evidently been torn out) will talk to you. . ." She continued: "If God wanted me to live, he would have stopped this I hope He will help you to be happy now. "I am sorry to do this to you." southbound train, . . , 6.8 rate in 1953."

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