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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • 28

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

ABBE AIRS IT 26 E- Oakland Tribune, Thursday, KVRR KSANKOBY KRON Chinntl 4 KPIX Channel KOO. Chinn! 7 KG ED Cha nnel tcro KOCKJ ocxj trJV ivw -AppeaF Garden Show to Daylight Tim On KGOrlV Ton iqht All Timt Pacific Daylight rtiaduUt urvio and aupplled br local ttatlont. Th Trlbun cannot rtponibl tot rrorrcautd by laat-mlnuti'Wrpio ttiang. KSFO-Colvlg KSAN-I'hil Gordon; Meditation! KYA-l'ar Timet KHr-Radio Giornal KKOW-Stai-Tim KJHS-Muair KMHH-6 IS. Menlfo KOBV-Rolling Hum 6:30 P.M.

KLX-FfKleal Meal in Mune Kt; i Jm senaon KeHS-Amo n' Andr KFHC-Pinkley; Hae; Brown KSKO-Colvlg KSAN-Meauge; Or. Dan C'uler KYA-Rav Meadow KHOW- 45. Hosary KJHS-Twilite Tempo KHT-fUdio Glornale KWBH-Voice ol Mexico OB V-Rolling Horn 7:00 P.M. Kl.X-Mtl fr.s Germany KNHC-Beat In Music KGO-Jorsenson KCBS-Master of Melody KFHC-Hratter; Sport KSFO-Colvlg KSA.N-Gree American Hour KYA-Gaillght Revue KROW-ltalian American Uite Tempo Music Portugal KOBY-Juk Box Serenade 7:30 P.M. KLX-FeatlTal ef Mail KNBC-Murgtan Beatly, One Man Family KGi i-Jorgensnn KCBS Robert Q.

Lewi KFRC-Secreta of Scotiand Yard a KSFO-Colvlg KSAN-Helirnic America KY A-Revue KROW-China; Bible KJBS-Twllit Tempo KRE-Mujic of Master KWBR-Volc of Portugal KOBY-Serenade 8:00 P.M. KLJC-Symabony Ball KNBC-Bob Hop Show KGO-Jim Moore KCBS-News; BobGoer-ner KFHC-Theater Royal KSFO-Request Time KSAN-Phil Gordon KYA-San v. Vancom er KHOW-Hebrew Christian KJBS-Twllite Tempo of Master KWBR-Valley Church of The Air KOBY-Serenad 8:30 KLX-Hall KNBC-Convaraation KGO-Miore KFRC-Ne: State of Nation KCBS-WorM Tonight; KSFO-Requet Time KSAN-Greek American KYA-Beball KROW-Red Blanchard KRE-Mujic for Modem KWBR-Valley Church KOSY-Perenade 9:00 P.M. KLX-Hall KNBC-Polka Party KGO-Back to trie Bible 1:30 P.M. HIX-Tnli to f.palar NBC Haul Dhow KOO-John Harve KCBS-Women Ntwi: Munc in lh Air; Marine; Har' Antwtr Ksro-Dl Courtney Show KSAN-Jumnin Georg KYA-Car Tune KKOW-Ked Blanchard KJilS-Melodiea KRE-Open Hons XVMIR-Sepi Serenade piar KOBY-Top 40 4:00 P.M.

KNBC-Newj; Road Show KGO-John Harvey; IS, Martin Block KCBS-Protictive Leagu: Hw-k Ma'ket Nfi KFRC-Fulton Uwii KSKO-Del Courtney Show KSAN-lummn Georg KVA-Cir Tune KROW-Hum CoKHn KJBS-Msgical Melodic KRE-Open Hnuae KWBS-Sepla Serenade Music KOBY-Top 40 "4:30 P.M. Kl.X-Fopular KNBC-4 44. Alen relet KGO.ftmnn KCBS-Jane Todd; Newi KFRC-Teilo Test. Haye KSFO-Bob Colvlg Show KSAN-Jumpin' George KYA-Sporti, Car-Tune ROW-Rum Coglin KJBS-Melodies XWBR-Srpia Serenade KRE-Operi Home New KTIM-Bock 'n' Roll KOBY-Top 40 5:00 P.M. KlX-Newa: gaert KKBC-Nwt, Hal Woli KGC-Simon, Lawrenc Welk KCBS-Morrow' tiew KFRC-News.

Newaree! Ksro-Coivig KSAV-Jumpin George KYAANews; Car Tune K80W-RUM Cogllrr KRS-Top Twor New KJBS-Tunes KWBR-Echo of Italia KTTM-Lee Crosbv KOBY-Rolllng Bom 5:30 P.M. HlX-Newt KNBC-Open Road: New KGO-Wlnter; Anderson KCBS-Sports: News; Point of Law KFRC-News; Ben of Ail KSFO-Colvlg KSAN-Jumpin' George KYA-Sporta; Car Tune; News KJBS-Tune KROW-Rum Coglin KRE-Voice of the People KWBR-Itslla: Revival KTM-Cnamuer o( Commerce KOBY-Rolling Horn 6:00 P.M. KLX-FeiUTat Masi KN'BC-Ira Blue: Music KGO-E. Morgan; News; Mel Allen KCBS-Six O'clock Spot-lite; Lowell Thomas Behind th Story vlwew-' teacher who aaved the lives of her. pupils, marooned by a blia- zard.

Miss Davis gives the program high suspense. KGO-TV 10 p.m. Lux Video Theater A young nightclub musician, be lieving himself doomed by an incurable disease, makes an unusual sacrifice to hit family's financial security in "Stand-in for Murder." KRON, 10 p.m. Bold Journey Tonight'a adventure is into the wilds ot northern Mexico with the expe dition of Romaln Wilhemsen, young explorer, who will nar rate his film of the discovery oi the ancient city of Baroyeca. P.

6. and E. presents THE0. HENRY PLAYHOUSE starring THOMAS MITCHELL as O. HENRY with LOUIS HAYWARD in "Hearts and Hands" An O.

Henry story brings an end to two generations of larceny. KPIX-TV CHSAN 7: I INCUIOIS I TOM H0MI KIITH I nT I A TSM TISTIK I I I. Hta MOTHER'S DAY SALE ft II I By JAMES ABBE who finds that the war orphan his wife has brings back the horrors of his war years. 0 0 0 The following closing item sounds like another of Walt Disney's many, but always good, re-runs. Ray Law's Judo School young sters here in Oakland will be featured on the newsreel segment of the "Mickey Mouse Club" between 5 and 6 p.m.

tomorrow Among those you might identify are Robert Peter Van Sant, Kitty Lynch, Gordon Baranco, Eddie Mino- moto, Michael Meszaros and Douglas Kay. Happy landings to them. 0 0 0 Not "since this reporter noted Josephine Baker in the "Shuffle Along" dress rehearsal in the old 63rd St. Theater in New York of the arly 20s has any performer looked as promising, in her category, as Carmen De Lavallade (Madam Zajj) in last night's "A Drum is a Woman." The whole production was a crowning achievement for Duke Ellington, and superb in color TV. TV Key Previews Tonight's top shows as pre viewed by experts at preview showings in Hollywood and New York: Telephone Time Bette Davis will star in "Strandard," the true story of a rural school BETTE DAVIS stars in "STRANDED" A raging bliuord had isolatad th schoolhouM but resourceful tea char found tft en woy to av bar children.

A John Natbff True Story TONIGHT AT 10 7 CHANNEL nONE CALLS Workmanship and Pmrtt Guaranteed DAILY and EVENING SERVICE KE 3-5933 Duffer's Radio TV $rvic Sine 1946 rat c. Hit at. 7wN 250 -1 KOVR 13. War orphan, adopted by brings back hor- rorsbf war. 7 BoldJourney: City In Mexico, lost for two centuries.

9 American Government: Pursuit of Happiness 10 P.M. 4 Lux Video Theater (color): "Stand-in for Murder" 5 Playhouse 90 7 Telephone Time: "Stranded." Bette Davis as teacher who saves lives of snowbound children. 13 Star Performance 10:30 P.M. 4 Lux Video Theater 5 Playhouse 90 7 All Star Theater: Sylvia Sydney, John Howard. 13 Orient Express 11 P.M.

4 Owl Theater: "Case of the Black Cat" 5 Big Hit Movie: "You Can't Fool -YouiJJWifeJL Lucille Ball, James Ellison. Comedy of Married Life. 7 John Daly and the News; 11:15, Weatherama; 11:20, Baseball Scoreboard; 11:25, Action Theater 1311:15, News 11:30 PJW. 4 Owl Theater 5 Big Hit Movie 7 Action Theater: "Flaming Bullets." Tex Ritter. 12 MIDNIGHT 4 Tonight 5 12:30, Jubilee Movie: "The Golden Madonna Michael i Phyllis Calvert.

English girl inherits Italian villa. 9 PJW. 14 Joseph Cotton Show-On Trial. 5 The Lineup: Blackmail of Hollywood comedian 7 Treasure Hunt Quiz Show 9 Highlights of Opera History 13 Life With Father: Comedy series with Robert Young 9:30 PJW. 4- r-Big Story 5 Person to Person 7 The Vise Vise 10 PJW.

4 Major Movie: "Dillinger" 5 Our Miss Brooks: Eve Arden 7 Date With the Angels. Premiere of new domestic comedy series 13 Ray Anthony 10:30 PJW. 4Movie 5 Studio 57: "The Smuggler." Gilbert Roland. Police can't prove fisherman is smug- gler. 7 Frontier 13 To Be Announced 11 P.M.

4 Movie Premiere 5 Big Hit Movie: "Intermezzo." Ingrid Bergman, Leslie Howard. Story of tragic romance. 7 News; 11:15, Weatherama; Scoreboard; Actionl Theater 11:30 PJW. 4 Tonight 5 Big Hit Movie 12 MIDNIGHT 4 12:30 News 5 12:30 Jubilee Movie: "While the Patient Slept" Aline McMahon, Guy Kib-bee. Relatives rush to dying man to get share of estate.

KCCC-TV Channel 40 Sacramento 0 m. Mickey Moute Club 6:00 th. Hopalong Cassfdy 6:30 p.m. News 7:00 p.m. Duffy' Tavern 7:30 m.

Badge n4 (:00 p.m. Circus Tim p.m. Danny Thorn 9:30 m. Bold Journey 10:00 p.m. Telephone Tim' 10:30 m.

40 Feature TOMORROW 12:45 m. Theater Party p.m. Afternoon Film Festival KBET-TV Channel 10 Sacramento Ca bt reeetvei In parts i Centra t-est t-Biity p.m. Sgt. Preston 7 7 8 8 9 11 12 :00 p.m.

Whirlybird 30 p.m. Jack London stories 00 p.m. Ron Cummings :30 m. Climax 30 p.m. Playhouse 0 00 p.m.

Greal Movie 30 p.m.-Kes) TOMoaaow 8:55 a News a ra. Panorama Paclfie a m. Valiant Ladv; Love of Life 9:30 Search For Tomorrow; Guiding Light 10 0 a m. Gene Kon 10:30 a.m. As the World Turn 11:00 a.m.

Our Miss Brooks 1 1 3U a m. Ar. Linkletter 12 noon--My Little Margie 12:30 p.m. 8oh Crosby Show l-no m. Brighter Day: Secret Storm 1:30 p.m.

Teen Teteouiz a.m: K. Chapel; King KGOJMv-Txue Story Drake; Tello Test Cook Dan Custer Kash Box Jamond Ualnliu Budget A.M. All Timti Pacific Schedule are printed aa nubile aervtr Tribune cannot be reanonaible for error THURSDAY MAY 9 P.M. 4 Playhouse 5 Strike It Rich 1 Film Festival 4 P.M. 4 415, G.

Playhouse: "Satan Met a Lady" 5 Rock 'N' Rally 7 Film Festival 9 America Looks Abroad 4:30 P.M. A GG. 5 Big Movie Matinee with Del Courtney: "The Big Wheel." Mickey Rooney, Thomas Mitchell. Son follows father auto racing. 7 Life with Elizabeth: Drama 13 Tooney Town 5 PJVI.

4 G. Playhouse 5 Movie 9 5:15, Portrait in Music 7 Mickey Mouse Club 5:30 P.M. 4 Bugs Bunny 5 Movie 7 Mickey Mouse Club 9 5:45, Magic Doorways P.M. 4 6:20, Popeye 5 Tom Franklin; Edwards 7 Superman 't 9 Learning French Is Fun 13 Wild Bill Hickok i 6:30 PJVI. 4 Soldiers of Fortune 5 Sergeant Preston 7 Douglas Fairbank Theater 9 Discovery: "Bird Homes" 13 Early Show FRIDAY MAY 10 7 A.M.

4 Today in the West 5 a.m.: Invocation: Farm Flashes; Top of the Morning News, Panorama Pacific: Variety 8 AJVI. 4 Today in the West 5 This Morning 9 4 Tic Tac Dough; Quiz 5 Valiant Lady; Love of Life 9:30 AJvL 4 It Could Be You 5 Search for Tomorrow; Guiding Light; Drama 19AJW. 4 Home: Arlene Francis 5 Adventure School 10:30 A.M. 4 Home 5 As the World Turns 11 A.M. 4 Price Is Right; Quiz 5 Our Miss Brooks 7 Cartoons; Jack LaLannc 11:30 A.M.' 4 Tennessee Ernie 5 Art Linkletter 7 Jack LaLanne 12 NOON 4 Matinee Theater (Color), 5 Big Payoff 7 Noon Theater 12:30 P.M.

4 Matinee Theater 5 Bob Crosby 7 Noon Theater 1 pin. 4 Queen For a Day 5 Brighter Day; Secret Storm 7 My Little Margie 1:30 P.M. 4 1:45, Modern Romance! 5 1:30, Liberace 7 Douglas Fairbanks Presents 2 P.M. 4 Comedy Time 5 Garry Moore Show 7 Beulah 13 Pacific Profiles 2:30 PJW. 4 Truth or Consequences 5 Garry Moore Show 7 The Erwins 13 Marion Roen Show 3 PJVI.

4 G. 1 "He Walked By Night" 5-Garry Moore 7 Afternoon Film Festival: "Both Sides of the Law." Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan. Life of London policewoman. 13 Afternoon Film Festival 3:30 PJW. 4 G.G.

Playhouse 5 Strike It Rich 7 Afternoon Film Festival 4 P.M. ,4 G. Playhouse: "Golddig-gers of 1935." Dick Powell, Adolphe Menjou, Alice Brady, 1 a Farrell, Hugh Herbert. Musical. 5 Rock 'n Rally 7 Afternoon Film Festival fl Art Around, IT 4:30 PJW.

4 Playhouse 5 Big Movie Matinee with Claw The story of Frank Buck. 7 Life With Elizabeth 13 Toor.r ytown 5 P.M. 4 G.G. Playhouse 5 Movie T-Mlckey" Mouse" "Club -Portrait in- Music 5:30 PJW. 4 Bugs Bunny 5 Movie 7 Mickey Mouse Club 9 Portrait in Music; 8:15, Friendly Giant I 1 ne supplied by local nations.

Th caused by Ual-mimit studio change 7 P.M. "'4 Comedy 5 The O. Henw Playhouse: 'iHearts and Hands." Louis Hayward. 7 Success Story: California Spring Home and Garden Show, Oakland. 9 Portrait in Music; 7:15 Recreational Piano: Lessons for beginners.

7:30 P.M. 4 Dinah Shore; 7:45, News 5 1 Search for Adventure: tribe of Africa. "7 Lone Ranger 9 Home Handyman 13 Annie Oakley 8 P.M. 4 You Bet Your Life with Groucho quizmaster 5 Bob Cummings Show 7 Duffy's Tavern 9 Geography of Conflict 13 Ida Lupino Show 8:30 P.M. 4 Dragnet 5 Shower of Stars.

Jack Benny, Van Johnson, Geor gia Gibbs. 7 Circus Time 9 Illusion and Reality: Art discussions 13 Live Wrestling 9 P.M. 4 Washington Square (color): Ray Bolger with Jeannie Carson, George Gobel. 5 Shower of Stars 7 Danny Thomas 9 American Look's Abroad 9:30 P.M. 4 Washington Square 5 Playhouse 90: "Homeward Borne." Linda Darnell, Keith Andes, Richard Eyer.

6 PJW. 4 6:20, Popeye 5 Tom Franklin; Edwards 7 Mickey Rooney: "The Robot" 9 Children's Pottery Shop 13 Amos 'n Andy 6:30 PJVI. 4 Whirlybirds: Two daredevils run a helicopter service 5 Beat the Clock 7 David Niven Theater "Henry and the Psycho Horse" 9 Around and About Us: "Water" 13 Early Show 7 JP.M 4 Boxing 5 West Point 7 All-Star Theater: "Unbroken Promise." George Brent, Francis Dee 9 President Eisenhower's News Conference 7:30 P.M. 4 Adventure in Sports; News 5 Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater 7 Rin Tin Tm 9 Frontier of Space 13 Sherlock Holmes 8 PJW. 4 Blondie: Comedy series 5 Mr.

Adams and Eve 7 Adventures of Jim Bowie: "Bound Girl" 9 3rts Around Us 13 Charles Boyer Show: Drama 8:30 P.M.' 4 Jack ondon Stories: Capt. Grief Adventures 5 Playhouse of. Stars: "The Lady Was a Flop Mickey Rooney. Crippled former jockey has faith in a 2-year-old filly. 7 Crossroads: Boy, stealing, food, acci-dentally kills sheriff.

9 Griller String Quartet 13 N.O.P.D. KSAN-TV Channel 32 p.m. For Kid. Only VoO p.m. Movi 1:30 Movl 7:30 p.m.

Cinema Tim p.m. Movies KNTV-TV Channel 11 San-Jos 4:00 m. You and Your Teen-Ager 4:30 p.m. Heart of the CltJ 5:00 p.m. Daily Tthriller 5:30 p.m.

City Detective 6:00 p.m. Industry on Farad 6.15 p.m. News 30 p. Eddie Arnold Show 7:00 p.m. Combat Sergeant 7:30 p.m.

Lone Ranger S.oo p.m. W-estline '00 m. Man Behind the Badge I JO m. Command Performance KSBW-TV Channel 8 Salinas-Monterey 5 00 Mickey Mouse Club 00 m. Cartoons S.30 m.

News Digest 7 00 Last th Mohicans nd Hawlteye 7 30p.m O. Henry Playhous 8:00 p.m. You Bet Your Life (-30 p.m. Shower of Stars a-1nnM r'hritv PlavhOUS Lux Video Theater 11.05 p.m program rreviewa KCRA-TV Channel 2 Sacramento 5 30 m. N'ews.

fO Cap'ain Sacto BU! Jr. r-lm. 00 p.m. You Bet Your Lll 8 30 m. Dragnet ifv'! vi.

TOMOKBOW 7 00 m. Todav In the Wt 9 no a.m.- Tic Tac Dough a m. It Couid You 10 (O a.m. Hom a.m. Home 11 30 a m.

Tennettee Imlt" noon Mitinee tcolorl p.m. Queen lor a Day 1 45 m. Modrn Romance CO Valiev Plavhouse 'fire'" 9 1,1 I guaranteed Mm 150 Oakland vt 9.nom SN LEANOKO Recondition TV's from $25 leteraatteaaJ TT (tit I. Ittk t. ii ijw ivv KCIH-Tune Table KFHC-New.

Fulton lii KSKO-Parad of Hit KSAN-Jumpin Urorg KHOW-Fiahlmder kYA-Baaenall KRE-Muaic for Modem KWUR-Air Fore Show, Bob Patker KOBY-Night Club 9:30 P.M. KI.X Hall KSBC-Uanc Time KGU-Newi, Jim Moor KCBS-I'hilo Vance KFKC-Duaty Record; Ahba Hillel Silver AddreM KSFO-Parade of Hit KSAN-Hardy Party KY A-Revue KRUW-Club Tim KRE-Noturne KWBR-Bob Parker Club 10:00 P.M. KLX-Hall KNBC-Keporterj Dane Time KCBS-Moiley: Don Klein KUO-lsewa; moor Cedric Foster KSFO-Parade of Hit KSAN-Hardv Party KYA-Country Muic KROW-Fuhfinder KJBS-Encore KRE-Organ KWBR-Don Barksdal KOBY-Night Club 10:30 P.M. KLX-10 Ntwa KNBCTDance Time KGO-Gateway to Mull KCBS-Starllt SaluM KFRC-Health Talk; Sweet Mujic KSFO-Parade of Hit KSAN-Hardy Party KYA-Drte Beck Hearing KROW-Pat Henry KJBS-Encore Tim KRE-New: Prelud KWBR-Barkadale KOBY-Night Club 11:00 P.M. HI X-New KNBC-Lucky Dance Time KGO-Gatewav to MUSIC KCBS-Leading guetlon KFRC-New Wheel KSFO-Parade of Hit KSAN-Chinese Hour KYA-Couirtry Muaie KROW-Pat Henry KJBS-Frank Fung KRE-Evening Concert KWBH-Barksdale KOBY-Night Club 11:30 P.M.

Kl.X-Xewj KNBC-Lucky Dance Time KGO-Gateway to Music KCBS-Music Till Dawn KFRC-Newt Wheel KSFO-Parade of Hit KSAN-Chinese Hour KYA-Countrv Musie KROW-Pat Henry KRE-Evening Concert KJBS-Frank Fung KOBY-Night Club 12 MIDNIGHT KNBC-Jimmy Lyon Jul Show KGO-Back to the Bible KCBS-Music Til Dawn KJBS-Owl Show mil 1) Summary KWBR-Night Hawk Show KbAiN-Goraon Friday, May 10 2:00 P.L KLX-News This Is Papal KNBC-News: Tru Confessions KGO-John Harvy Show KCBS-Godfrev KFRC-News: Nat Col; Science and Music. KSFO-Courtney KSAN-Jumpin George KYA-Hawthome KRE-Oper House turntabl riito w-wall jamona KJBS-Rhvthm Parade KWBR-Serenad KTIM-News KOBY-Cooper 2:30 P.M. KLX-Thls 1 Popalar KNBC-Woman in My House. Dr. Gentry KGO-John Harvey XCBS-Bill Weaver KFRC-News; Goodman; Malone: Road HiU Cook isher KSFO-Bob Coivig KSAN-Jumpin' Georg KYA-Pirade of HiU Ray Jamond KROW-Walt Jamond KJBS-RnyUim Parad KRE-Opn House: New KWBR-Sepia Serenade KTIM-Music KOBY-Top 40 3:00 P.M.

KLX-News; This I Popalar K.NBC-Fiv Star Matine KGO-John Harvev KCBS-Bill Weaver KFRC-News; What' New in San Francisco KSFO-Colvlg i KSAN-Jumpin' Georg McLaui ROW -Lawrence Wtik; Sammv Kaye KJBS-News Music: Melodies KRE-Open Houn KWBR-Serenade KTIM-Open Hou KOBY-Top 40 3:30 P.M. KLX-Tbl I Popular KNBC-Road Show KGO-Simon. KCBS-Women'! New; Muie KRFC-Gibbs: Newa; Here Answer KSFO-Courtney KSAN-Jumpin Georg KYA-Car Tunes KROW-Red Blanchard KRE-Open House; New KJBS Magical Melodle KWBR-Serenad KTIM-Music KOBY-Top 40 4:00 P.M. KLX-News: This la Popalar NBC-Newa: Road Show KGO-Simon KCBS-Houaewii-e League; Stock Market News KFRC-Lewis: 4:15 Frank Hemingway KSFO-Colvlg KSAN-Jumpin' Georg KYA-Car Tunes KROW-Russ. Coglin Houe KJBS-Magical Melodie.

KWBR Serenade KTIM-News KBY-Too 40 4:30 P.M. KlX-Popular KNBC-4 45, Alx Dreler KGO-Simon KCBS-Jane Todd: New Test; Haves; News KSAN-Jumpin' Georg KYA-Sport. Car Tune KROW-Rass Cogun KJBS-teiodie KWBR-Seoia Serende KRE-Oren House News KTIM-M nic You Want KOBY-Top 40 5:00. P.M. Kl.X-Srwa: 9pert NBC-Hal WoJ.

Road Cbapek Farm New Here Joreenson Art Baker-, KCBS 5-mln. Final i --CaUt, Cdtk--' KFRCnW- Newrl KSFO-Music Box KSAN-Jumpm: Gedrg 1. KYA Ca Tune KROW-Russ TCoglin E-Top- JSew Kjns-Tune KWBR-Echo KTIM-Lee Crobe KOBY-Rolling Horn 5:30 P.M. KLX-fttate. Loral Newt KNBC-New; Ira Blue; Peter jon Gois; Point of Law KFRC-News: Bt of AD KSFO-MujIc Box KSAN-Jumpin' George KYA-Sporta, CarrTunes News i KROW-Rum Coglin KJBS-Muslc KPE-Voice of the Peopl KWBR-Itali: Revtvar KTJM-Chamber of COTrmerce 6b.w BandsUnd Girl Mar- Tonlght'i "Success Story" over KGO-TV at 7 o'clwk will undertake a ''live telecast of "The California Spring Home and Garden Show" at the Oak land Exposition Building.

A major part of the telecast will concentrate on the Shangii La setting with its replica of the Great Wall of China with the huge moon portal in its center. Whether you are. or are not. among the more than 100,000 spid to have attended this year's show already, you might like to see if "Success Story" can dramatize the nationally famous exhibit. We'll be taken behind the scenes at the Garden Show to meet the personalities respon sible for its success: A.

H. Mof- fitt president of the spon soring first Agricul tural Association; Howard Gil- key, designer of the and Johni." Hennessy, general manager. We'll also meet Goodwin B. Steinberg, de signer of Sunset House. 0 If tonight's "Shower of Stars" over KPIX (8:30 to 9:30) meas ures up1 to the last one this TV tipster will be glau he tipped you off.

Jack Benny will again star in and no doubt dominate tonight's presentation but he will be supported by some noteworthy performers. We are promised Van John son, Yvonne DeCarlo, Georgia Gibbs, Jean Durand and presumably those nameless but not shapeless dancers usually embellishing the production. Ray Bolger "Washington Square" program, which has had its good moments this sea son as a Sunday- afternoon offering, will switch to the night shift, tonight. KRON will carry it, in color, from 9 to 10, which means it will have to buck the last half of Benny's "Showers" and the first half of "Playhouse 90," both on KPIX. That could be tough going.

Bolger will have help from guests George Gobel and that sparkle of an English girl who affects the Scottish accent, Jeannie Carson. Also on the program will-be rock 'n' roll favorites Bill Haley and his "Cametsr' just back from Europe. "Playhouse' 90," over KPIX 9:30 to 11 p.m., stas Linda Darnell in "Homeward Borne." Playing opposite her will be Richard Kiley. The story is about an ex-GI MOVIES ON TV TODAY "11 p.m., Channel 5 BIO HIT MOVIE: You Can't Fool Your Wife" stars Lu cille Ball and James Ellison. Sudden entanglements of wine, women and song pun a married couple out ot a marital rut.

11 Channel OWL THEATER: "Case of the Black Cat" stars Ricardo Cortex and June Travis. A wealthy old man changes his will because he be lieves nis niece plans to marry the wrong man. 12:30 a.m.. Channel 5-JUBILEE MOVIE: "The Golden Madonna" etar Michael Rennle and Phyllis Calvert. A young English girl Inherit an Italian villa.

TOMORROW I n.m.. Channel 41 GOLHEN GATE PLAYHOUSE: "He Walked by Night- stars rlichard Basenari and Scott Hraav. A darfgerous killer is cornered in the giant sewers of Los Angeles. 3 p.m.. Channel 7 AFTERNOON FILM FESTIVAL: "Both Sides of the Law" atars Peggy Cummins and Terence Morgan.

Life of a London police woman. 4:15 D.m.. Channel 4 GOLDEN GATE PLAYHOUSE: "Gold Diggers" start Dick Powell and Gloria Stuart. Love threatens th aspirations of a wealthy socialite. 4:30 p.m.

Channel BIG MOVIE MATINEE: "Fang and Claw" Is the story of Frank Buck. RALPH'S TV HOUSE 50 CALLS includtt 1 kour labor carry tab sal tartabla test qalpracnt that attablc a t. repair ia acts la th ham SERVING ENTIRE EAST IAY KE 2-3952 EL 7-1222 I a.m. to 9 p.m. All Work Gaaraatttt MO! CAIT Uth STIKET Sales Sarvlca Bantala Oaklnd-AImd LO 2-5077 Na.

Oakland-Berk. OL 8-5183 San Leandro LO 2-4565 Brln rar sat In aa 8t Maaeyl Tabca teste la yaar ham. V' ate ta reeemateaa RCA tnbe. v-UAT PARTS WAKRANT1 OPEN 9 A.M. 9 P.M.

DAILY 1S- F1l)tll taSTihtttsra at rhooi. phon or mail In coupon 'below SCHOOLS, Inc. ti Hooi oa mows saaa'aa 4 and eompleta Information Mil rn nT a f. 4 Whisoenng Streets WW ON AIR TOMORROW 6:00 A.M. KLX-New: New Cycl KNBC-News: Schacht KGO-Emie Sirron KCBS-Waitin' for Wevr KFRC-Rise and Shin KSFO-Don Sherwood KSAN-Spirltual Hour KROW-Ray Yeager KYA-George Ruge KJBS-Alarm Klub KRE-Koffee Klub KWBR-Injpirational Hour Portuguese Voice KOBY-Musical Clock 6:30 A.M.

prt wlt Frank Walsh Dour Pledger KCBS-Waitln' for Weaver KGO-Simon KFRC-Rise and Shin KSFO-Don Sherwood KSAN-Spiritual Hour KYA-George Ruge KROW-Ray Yeager KJBS-Alarm Klok Klub New KWBR-Portugue Hour KOBY-Clock 7:00 A.M. KLX-Newi; Morning Skow; Uateb.ok KNBC-Pledger. New KGO-Ncws. S.mon KCBS-Kew; Bay Are News; This la S.F. KFRC-News; 7.15 Ganf KSFO-Don Sherwood KSAN-Jumpin' Georg KYA-George Ruge KJBS-Klub; Hed- UfM KRE-Koffee Klub; New KWBR-Radio Revival KROW-Ray Yeager KTLM-Portugues Program KOBY-Clock 7:30 A.M.

KLX-Jehn K. Chapel; Sport rata NBC-New; Doug Pledger KCWl-fcimon- KCBS-Gou; Babbitt KFRC-Gang; 7:45 New KSFO-Don Sherwood KSAN-Jumpin' Georg KYA-George Rug KROW-Ray Yeager KJBS-Frank Cope KRE-Adventlt Hour KWBR-Sepia Serenad KTIM-Lee Croby KOBY-Clock .8:00 A.M. KLX.BII1 Derate: FU nanelal New KNBC-Doug Pledger KGO-News; Simon CBS-Guy Cherney; New New; Sportorama; New K.SFO-Don Sherwood KLX-Jeba Anne Trsax KNBC-Marjori KCBS-Nora Ma Perkins KFRC-New; KSFO-Dick KSAN-Dr. KYA-News; KROW-Walt 1 lt)C KRE-News; Twirling KWBR-Food KTIM-Clementino KOBY-Rodger 10:30 KLX-Mnmlng NBC-NBC KGO-When net: KCBS-Dr. of Life KFRC-Show KSFO-Dick KSAN-Wally KYA-Hawthorne KROW-Walt KJBS-Melodie KRE-Twirling: KWBR-Food KOBY-Rodger 11:0 KLX-Joh Thlt la KNBC-NBC.

KGO-Jack Jorgenson KCBS-Newtl Happineis; KFRC-New; for a Day KSFO-Dick KSAN-Wally KYA-Hawthorne KROW-Walt KJBS-Melodie KRE-Castle KWBR-Woman'a KTIM-Kitty Oppenheimer KOBY-Jim 11:30 KLX-Thls KNBC-Truth Cnseqnence KGO-Fred KCBS-Stnke Pat Buttram KFRC-Queen KSFO-Dick KSAN-Wally KYA-Hawthorne KROW-Walt KJBS-Champioo KRE-Castle KWBR-Woman' KTIM-Swap KOBY-Wayn 12 ELECTRONICS NEEDS yVTJUg" PMVWSVjY3M 1 ri Ambitious young men, 18 to 39, to train for positions in America's fastest growing industry. This it an accredited training program on New Budget Music A.M. Chpl; Popular Bandstand Paar; Fred Right to Mrt. Burton Hits; Queen Cook Ray Jamond of Romance World Wayn A.M. la Pepalar or Jorgensen It for Day Cook Ray Jamond Melodle of Romance World Shop; Tune NOON a tull-time or spare-time Also shorter training for positions, approved for ixorean Tererani.

rreiimmary either tX basis. INSTITUTE, Box P111910, LA, A specific i .11 I 3 write training1 need not- interfere with present occupation. For information and interview, CENTRAL TECHNICAL JUNE IN EARLY MFTERNQMS: ov is Courtney Ray Yeager Melodies Homemaictr Barksdale Luncheon Wayn TRIBUNE, Oakland, Calif. 3:00 P.M. GINGER ROGERS ORNEL- WILDE 3:00 to 50 P.M.

GOLDEN GATE PLAYHOUSE "It Had To Be You" 'kjBS-Newseast: Melodies KIX-jka K. Itporta KNBC-N'ew: KCBS-Newa; Weaver KGO-Newi; KSAN-Sacred Sona; Voice of China KYA-George Ruge KROW-Ray Yeaser KRB-Morning Watch KWBR-Sepia Serenad KTIM-Lee Crosby XOBY-Clock 8:30 A.M. SLXek K. Chapel: epeiia with BIU Law KNBC-Doug Pledger Orvai Anderson KCBS-Guy Cherney; 45 Miller KFRC-Bible Hour KJBS-Melodie KRE-Dr Hooper: Calit Auto Aasn. KSFO-Don Sherwood KSAN-Meditation; Message KYA-lnvettment New; George Ruge KROW-Ray Yeager King KTIM-S-45, New KOBY-Clock 9:00 A.M.

KLX-News; Bell- Alter Breakfaat Marion King KGO-Brnkfaat Club KCBS-Wendv Warren; -Wife XFRC-Hauvr; New; Preotf Robir.aon KSFO-Dick Cook KYA-George Ruge SaCred" Songs --K ROW-Walt Jamond KJBS-Melodie KRE-Louls Sherman: 9 15. Meditations BR-Viewpoint; Gienn Kim KFRC-Newt: KSFO-Del KSAN-Wally KYA-Hawthorne KROW-Ray KJBB-Champlon KRIMtalian KWBR-Don KTIM-New: KOBY-Jim I 12:30 KLX-Bay Are State New KNBC-Carouael KGO-Newsi Ceri Brown KCBS-House KRFC-Obtervatlon; Headlines: KSFO-Courtney KSAN-Milady KYA-Hawthom KROW-Ray KJBS-New Melodie KRE-ltalian KWBR-Don KTIM-Man in KOBY-Wayne 1:00 KfX-Ta-piriar KNBC-News; KGO-News; KfBS-Arthur KFRC-Bing KYA-Hawthorne KROW-Rav KJBS-Matinee KRE-Cloister KWBR-Don KTIM-Music P.M. New, Agriculture: Party News Tim Yeager and Music; Homemaker Barksdaiel the Street P.M. fMElTWANTiiy mm -mm mm Carousel John Harvey Godtrev Crosby; Weik To Train for Electronics TV Servicing In Uur Modern, Completely equipped OAKLAND LABS No envious rraJnlnier Jtplme neressarji Remain fully ampltryad during training BETTE DAVIS WARRl-FT WILLIAM 4:15 P. M.

Tht Is not a Conespondene Course -KTIM-Mnttr KOBY-Ted Rode-r 9:30 A.M. XLX -B'H After Breakfaat World' Largest Reaident Electronic Training Organization Yeager Echoes Barksdai KOB Y-Ted Cooper 1:30 P.M. KtX-Pplar K.NBC-Hiiltop Pepper Young KGO-Harvev KCBS-Qixtfrev Tommy Dorsev KSFO-Courtney KSAN-Jumpin' George KYA-Hawthorne KROW-Ray Yeager KJBS-Matinee KRE-Guest Star; Opm Houe KWBRrDm Barksdai) KTIV Sl'jic XOEY-Cuurer "Satan Met a lady" RADIO ELECTRONIC TELEVISION mail coi ton visn 31- 20th St. nt rXECTIONIC BOOKLET a Minm KkHt 1 AODRIlt CITt KNBC-Marjorwa Klr.g KGO-Breakfast Xlub KCBS-Heien Trent; 45. Our Gil Sundav KFRC-Bem Bye; Barton KSFO-Dick Cook KSAV-Re liglou Hour KROW-Walt Jamond YA-Kash Box KJBS-Melody Tim; songtim KRE-Dr.

C. J. Lowry KWBR-Glenn King KTIM-Muuc KOBY-Bowman KOBY-Rolling Horn a a-A. a.a k.AA2i a a a a t. ft a.

ia1 a av, a. 4.4LA,'mi,'tk A.

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