The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 3, 1944
Page 6
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ill BLYTEEVILLE (ARK,). COURIER NEWS llteonfoMeet Long In Prelim ;, Other Warm-up To Pit Pedigo and Parrell! In One-Fall Match ' TitE CARD Preliminaries .Single'Fall, 30-miuule Time Limit, "figer" Long (195) >s. Buck Lawson (2151 '^Blacksmith" Pediso (100) vs. "Hard Head" Farrelli (!9J) MAIN 'EVENT. . Tag; Match W-Mliiules, Two of Three Falls L9J1J and Parrelll \s. Fcdigo and Lawson. '^eats are expected lo be nl a urc- ujfinh tongiht nt the Amerlcnn Legion arena as Prompter Mike Me- n?j>ey presents his weekly wrestling program. - '.;'.'• 'Chief reason for the rush for ducats is the appearance of ."Tiger" Long, long-time fiuorltc, as one of the principals: on (he a!l-slnr card. The "Tiger" returns after many montlis of campaigning 'In the East snd Southeast to feature tlic main eyent fag mutch and participate In prie of the t\\o preliminary "single f?ll matches Long has been matched with another favorite, "Hard Head" Parrelli, the head bopping expert, as pile of the tag tennis and will cope *jih "Buck" Lawson and "Blacksmith" Pedigo. •This quattct of giants will grap- p)« over the 90-mlnuU: time limit; t^p best falls out of three' deciding the .winning team. f^s a buildup for Ihc feature Long ^Ul face Lawson, former Naval •commando Instructor, while the Texas liead buster, Furrclll, and Pedigo go at It hammer and long in .the preliminaries. Each will have a'30 minute time limit. . •'• (Combination Card Prospective ' A fine, interwoven combination of science and the modern :style of wrestling me Hie piobable products ot this caid, which should be exactly what the "doctor ordered" for the local fans who prefer their ring action In Ihc raw, but do not object to an occasional scientific Tile Long-Larson go Is due to explode with an extra loud report, if the boys live up lo Iheir past.per- formances'. •. Neither is a sissy-type; quite the contrary, in fact. They arc rough! and double-tough, though not exactly In the mcanie category, such as Red Roberts and Bill Can- riy. But they don't pull any punches; have plenty of ring lilcks and holds. .Since last appearing here' Long Jjas added considerable weight. According to the local matchmaker* lie has blossomed into a' full-fledged heavyweight, some five pounds under the 200-mnik He isalsO'saldto be an extta-rough customer with his extra poundage When he was last hcie the "Tiger" was n mere light-Heavyweight', who : went In for speed and skill to coix; with the larger bo\s Now lie is big" enough 1 to rough it with lliem without'(he former fear of being beaten down by the weight difference. Laivson Is Skilled The "Tigei" Is expected: to have p.tgnty of competition in Lawson. In the many n'mtches here, in -recent jnpnths Buck lias demonstrated rid'c'- quate skill, backed by his 215 pounds Though lie prefers the scientific style of grappling, Lawson has been forced lo revert to the rock and sock to meet the attacK pf the last few foes. And ho has dpne all right on the winning side Of the ledger. .Pedigo';-'n'nd Parrelli also, should haye an interesting "argument" that may develop Into a riot. They are about the same sl?e, approximately the same age, and many years of rjng experience under their bells. ' It likely nill be a scientific duel, t.,uilar to the one staged by Wlsbar and Pedigo a couple Of 'weeks ago and that proved unusually interesting and popular. '•'.'.' 'Both have "pets" among their v i'ast, expansive list of scientific; Holds.: Pedigo, who once held the Junior Middleweight Championship of the world and retired;undefeated because of inability to make Ihe wcjght, featuies the "crucifta," n deadly, dangerous weapon. He has u«d it only once in recent months, but it helped defeat Stocky Kncil- sen. ' Parrelli, one of the few remaining; barefoot wrestlers, uses his hard head to batter foes and soitcn them for the kill. He and Irish Malone •won last week. Starling time Is B:}5. Buffalo milk Is the source of the canned cheese for India's righting men. • Hard-Headed Mat Meanie 11 No, kiddles, this Isn't the bogey man- from Mara. It Is "Hard Head' Parrelli, who claims to have the hardest head In the world. He teams with "Tiger" Lone, a favorite here, against liuck Lawson and Blacksmith Pedigo, In nn all-star lag match feature of the weekly wrestling : .. show at the American Legion arena. By IIAURV QHAYSON NBA Sjmrts Eilllor NEW YORK.-In a dcmocrallc boxing match 23 years ago, Georges Carpentlcr foiiElil Jack Dempscy before 80.000 people and the first million-dollar gate—$1,1B9,238 to be exact, eccntlv In Paris, Carpenlicr and Max SchmelltiB pill on an impromptu kissing exhibition, writes Tony corrtaro of The Stars and Strli>es. It all came about when (he Frenchman limped Into the ring lo explain his failure lo participate In an exhibition arranged for his benefit by friends. Previous to Carncntler's appearance, customers, who shelled out more than 2,000,000 francs to witness the exhibition, rioted, tearing up scats and sending them hurtling into the ring. The one-time Gorgeous Georges was rushed front and center when German police were 'inablc to' restore ordcri Then iffcr! Schmcllng hopped into .tlic ring and kissed Carpentlcr on both checks. Since the German occupation of Paris, Carpentlcr has been running a bar opposite the grave of tlic French Unknown Soldier. With the proprietor a collaborationist, the saloon hncl been popular with the Nazis, but lately business has fallen off. And it Is going lo get worse before it Improves. A few wk'ks ago II iviis reported that • Carpcntler was not on good terms with the .Underground uc- causc of bis close association with the Nazis. Who . would have thought thnt they would wind up giving a benefit, for Georges Carpcnller or that the Orchid Man would turn Inlo a cauliflower? ; And the ;gate for' the benefit gives you a rough Idcn-liou* loosely the frniio'is being tossed around these days. Count Fleet will not j>o lo the post more (hnn four or five times this year, if that often. John D, Hertz will confine the activities of Ihe hlgh-waisled' son of neigh counl lo welglil-foi-age events, which will keep him out of the resell uf liandlcappcrs wlio would burden him with weight. Count Fleet's left foreleg in which he bowed a tendon In his lasl oul- Read. Courier News 'Wiim Ads. MEXSMS Ortiz To Stake Title Tomorrow Clashes With-Oliyeru In 15-Round March; Angott Battles Perry NEW YORK. April 3 (UP)— Manuel Orllz puts Ills tlllc on the block for the second time within three weeks at IMS Angeles tomorrow nfglit. -lie's scheduled to meet Tony Ollvcra In a weight event. 15-round baiuam- rhe same night Sammy Angott, former NBA lightweight champ, collides with Aaron Perry at Washington. Angott was dethroned by Juan Zurlta, ' the Mexican fighter, who lost a .decision to Beau Jack Inst Friday, it's Angott's first figlit since he lost his title. He'll be up against real opposition. Because Perry has chalked up a record of 14 straight wins. Al Davis comes back Into the iboxlng picture this week. Tlic rug""' welterweight mccls Oscar Suggs in a 10-round bout at the Broadway arena In New York lo'>>°'''°v nigl't. | Irving lo 'fool w .«5' h** '»(« 1:P «l«fl goes Draft Of 4-Ps Seen As Threat -To U, S. Pastime By United Press Baseball men say the game will take a beating if the proposed plan'to draft 4-P's"Jii(o ; essential Industry becomes a reality. ' Most major league managers and executives think the measure would make baseball a war-time casually. National League President Ford Prick says the game will last out the 1044 .season. But he bases hts statement on draft regulations as they stand now. Tlie loss of players classed 4-P to war plants might force him lo shift his stand. • Four-F players form Hie backbone of most major league squads this season. If they go, the only material left will be under-age rookies and over-age veterans plus the Increasing trickle of men holding medical discharges from the armed forces. Branch Rickey of Brooklyn thinks the too-young-and-too-old group plus the service veterans can keep baseball going. Bui manager Joe McCarthy of the Yankees — along with oilier big league pilots— can't sec It that way. McCarthy says: "There' MONDAY, APKIL 'A, 1944 the boxing limelight when he stop- . ing-the Bclniont Slakes June—Is not loo strong Count Fleet will be retired to finished." K no use If that through, we're • - _~ . -w.SSKW^ New Pro Leap Being Planned Representatives Meet To Discuss Plans For ' ' Postwar Grid Loop PITTSBURGH, April 3, (U.P.- Ancw professional baseball league is planned to operate after. the war.' The organization still Is in,Ihe blueprint stage. But It has elected an acting-president In Roland Paynes—a Plllsburgh industrialist. The league, still, plans lo operate In 1045 If the war ends. And 'if .conditions are feasible .-.Representatives from New York. Washington. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sl| Louis, Cincinnati and Seattle met at Pittsburgh yesterday. They were given certificates which assure them of league franchises. The league plans u> have' 12 teams to be divided liHo two tcp-. lions of six clubs each. They'will Iravcl by air, since "coast-to-coast play is planned. The season will :stretch from Labor Day through December 1 And will feature two'games'a week in September and early October stud as quickly as he demonstrates his greatness as a •f-ycar-old, which he should do without delay provided he doesn't hurt himself again. They're not ' The league constitution will be :As if.'Republicans and Democrats don't have enough 1944- election ': vvorrieV .comes news •that-Rev, Leo Charles Donnelly, above, pastor of -.Detroit's '..Westminster Community church, will •ccept fell nomination by'i the Greenback Party tor president of the United States. He'U campaign on platform of monetary v . reform. of last pcd 'the New Vork ..„.. champion, nob Montgomery I — .-..=,.... w«u V ti,L.iiuii win uc is the son of-the former ndojj »? "' the " m •'noting. And ^ 1WI11*W n|) n fflntnl ,.n,.; n ...111 1 .If . • money' in the Knoxvlllc War Bond gplf.'.touruamcht. > "" •.. na » 1 e will be discussed. New England bantam and featherweight champion, Clilck Suggs. I —-:— M.W'ur 8 ™^^ 11 jffl Neison T °P S G °" f/ew • •- trailed ."Jug" AfcSpaden ... the Friday and Saturday rounds, bu( he nosed out the Philadelphia pro yesterday 'to win wllh a 72- holc total'of 270. .ration ',of the ,1s 40 .cups a Cooper. They meet at Baltimore. say he's Ihc slickest Man o 1 Wur And nl Detroit, on Thursday. Os- behind lo carry off the $1300. priw --- — - — - — — . _ ~ ....... J " 5 " la ^"> •wwuu. -•"""••""••^^ llllllimillllllllllllllll " llullllllilll " lllllllllllll "'»'"i'"i CHICK US AW Went M»ln Near 21»t St. Bat. liarti 12:45; Son. iturti 1:4» Nliht thowi 5:15 Except MoncUr, optta 6:f5 Coollnaooj shfwi S»t. «n4 Son. Due lo nc«' Federal tax, effective April'1.''price of tickcls'will advance to 15c for children and 30o for adults. Last Time Today "SONG OF THE ISLAND" In Technicolor with Betty Graulc & Vlclor Mulurc Universal News .Comedy Tuesday 2 Tickcls For Ihc Price of 1 "CANAL ZONE" \viih John Hubtartl * Chc-slcr Morris All SUr Comedy WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, April 3, 8:15 p. m. twesl Admission o( »ny Wrestlln* Aren» In America. Adults, 3Gc, Tax Oc— Total, 4Sc. Kcscn'cd Seals, lie, Tax 3c— To- .Jal, 15c. Children's Seals 12c, Tax 3c, Total, 15c.' Reserved Seats On Sale at^the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. ». on. TAG MATCH LONG & PARELLI PEDIGO 2 30-Min. Preliminaries TIGER LONG BUCK LAWSON HARD HEAD PARELLI - ;- -' BLACKSMITH PEDIGO^ The South IJooks Up* vfo the Future i § = = E = = = ii QINCE Pearl Harbor, the aviation industry haa "dis- O covered" tho South—discovered here a jand where ideal flying weather prevails—where'great distances.- encourngo air traffic and travel. What Does This Mean?' That the magnificent fields where both the Army nnd the Navy air crews have developed their convincing superiority, will serve, after the war, as springboards for air transport service for our good neighbors in Latin America. Over 20 companies have already applied to the Civil Aeronautics Bc*rd for such routes, and flying schedules promise to be faster, fares lower and pay-loads II I = = 5 larger—thanks' to the new types of planes which higher octane gasolines have made possible. Yes, the South can confidently look for "manna from the heavens'? through its active participation in a great postwar industry—Commercial Aviation—which' will serve the expanding transportation needs of the South itself, spread the fame of Southern products the world over::. and which today serves as further proof that— A Greater South Is In the Making Through constant research and eiperimentatkai, the Lion Oil Refining Company has succeeded in develop; ; . ing and is now producing from Southern crude'oil, several components of 100 octane gasoline ;; . ; :yast|y '. r . improved lubricants;.:: Butadiene, the basis of Buna^S 1 •'« « synthetic rubber ;:: ingredients for explosives .f;. and other vital materials required for war. • ' Fromjtheselactivities have come increased employment and expanded payrolls! From them will also come post- Victory products destined to contribute materially to the greater industrial and economic advancement of the South! II II Cardinals Score 5-4 Win Over 4th Ferry Command CAIRO, III,, April 3 ((jpi _ T j le St. Louis Cardinals knocked out a 5 to 4 victory over the Fourth Ferry command team yesterday. •Ihe score was tied at 4 to'4 as the game went into the 10th Inning. But the command team missed a golden opportunity Am! the Cards tallied the win nine un in the last half of (he lotl,. Here are other exhibition scorrA tlo?ials 01 2 Amci ' lralls 5 ' Chicago Na- Plttsburgh Nationals 3, Cliicaao Americans 2. ' Toledo (American Association) i, St. Louis Americans 4 Cincinnati Nationals 5, 'Cleveland Americans 4. Washington Americans 8 Camp Lee 4. ' PtESIDCHT Absorption po(ymeri>aHon unfl o| rha lion Oil Refinery wlv'ch Ft now producing component of JOO octane gosofme Vied ty Allied fighting pfonei and bembert— assuring greatly improved gatol'm for cfvilian we offer Vi'clory, LION OIL REFINING COMPANY Et DORADO • ARKANSAS TUNE IN ;?SUNDAY DOWN SOUTH!'; cafe in ft. $** efn namr . *„*, to „ „* Wo, Bl MO. p. „, ' cm *x lk».KMwotk. 5e« y«,r lion D«l,r fef NahirsVfc MD^ OS «KJ <xh,t I I! iiiHiiimiiiiiniiiiii'iiiiiininiiimiiiiHKitiiiimiiHiHimiiiiiikiiHiiiiiiiwiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHmiBiWWilHi 12. WORRY,woRHY,WORRY _„.. „ worry, ....--.. B ^,fering Irom head- «h», loo. Take C.j,u<!ino to relieve (he pain'an! BOotha .'esupJctbythcMln.Cnp-/ 10 I* Itiiaid — no unit;, ,,,< --. It to dissolve befo alter fakins. Use only , rcclBi. 10c. 30c. COc. CAPUDINE BETTER than CORN or OATS Purina OMOLENE is a mule feed mcrrfe cs/jcciui/y /or milled. With good hay, 4f. 3 bags \vill |>o as far in feeding rnulcs as 8 bu^'corn or 15 bu. oats. Figure your saving. We can furnish. enough to make your crop. Come in and see us TODAY for price, sample and date arrival next car. LK.AshcraffCo, !/2 Block S. Frisco Depot Phone 493 THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 ft MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at 1 Last Time Today 'BEST FOOT FORWARD" with Lucille Bull Fox News & Short N Tuesday —American Legion Night— All proceeds, less ;iclu;il cost of pic- urc ami (a. v go lo | Icrm;JI , ,,, lvis lost American Legion for Coinplc- lion of Hut. FOX PRESENTS "PARIS AFTER DARK" with George Sanders ami BrcixUt Marshall ALSO SEHIAI, m Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:30 Adm. Time 'So This Is Washington' with I.inn ami Abncr MARCH OK TMIE > Sliorl ! Tuesday PAL N1TE 2 Tickcls for Me 'Desert Victory' The actual slory of Rommel's rout by Ihc British Short

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