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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 29

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 29

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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MORE NEWS THAN ANY OTHER fArl IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA TOfS IN FIATUUS 'I I- 5 I. iiimiitii YiTriiVmVaiii.4..i Mlllll IHtUI it. HO. 13 VOL CLXVII OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1957 27 Gonfra Gosfa 4 Friday Followup This week, heard, emanating from the environs of Danville loud screami, whinnies, whimpers, eeeeeeki and odooooha, these being cMsed! By the arrival aboard chartered bui of the well- if Spotlight NewSludies Planned for South Spaii known songbird, lvi-Presley, en foute to a mysterious destination with 10 other troupers. Presley, elegantly attired in red shirt, white suede shoes and blue neckerchief this lad), dazzled his Danville constituents jhoek-iiandt.

with, avery and then.loDed into Rex'. 0 one it i Ate nam and eggs, as nis admirers ecstatically counted every gulp. Then he swung aboard the j) At Stale Fair Recognized as Show Near Close SACRAMENTO, Sept 6 Contra Costa County takes thi." spotlight today as the 1957 Call- -fornia Stats Fair heads into its final weekend. Th fair closes its 12-day run Sunday. The weather bureau has pre dieted fair weather with tern peratures lower than normal for the remainder of the fair.

Santa Clara County, Antiodv, San Jose and Sunnyvale sharev honors today with Contra Costa County. Fairgoers are expected to pay special attention to the Contra Costa exhibit The display has theme of "Hand in Hand, In bus and departed, leaving the Chamber of Commerce with a new and exciting slogan: "Elvis Presley Ate-Breakf ast Here." 0 6 Unwelcom Guest Could visualize the consternation which filled staffers at I. Magnin and its tony clientele when, during the subdued hushota-balmy afternoon as sleeky soigne ladies studied the high-style garments, a squirrel was discovered lazing in a showcase of handbags. Gad, sir, a squirrel in I. Magnin's! "There was no panic," an eye-witness reports.

No screaming. No ladies quietly moved for the street door, a very sensible move. Unfortunately the squirrel, no doubt frightened by the ladies, also headed for the door. But it all worked out welL The squirrel shot out into the street; the ladies stepped back into the store. All was again genteel quiet But there still an unanswered question: How DID that squirrel get into control on Laktshore Art against pole.

CRASH Oakland police credited a safety belt with soring driver Gale Bocks. 20, from ierioua Injury when his i it. is dustry and It points out Contra Costa's role as both an industrial and agricultural center. TAKES RDKBONS the Magnin showcase? 0 The No. 1 Man a trM that if Santa Rita Thousands Pour Into City Rehabilitation Center Chemical oil, steel and lum had a boxing promoter Jimmy Munro must ber sections of the display give a picture of what Contra Costa does in the continuing progress of the state.

For Admission Day be that No. 1 man. Munrorserving ik six-month sentence (fof lading to Air Force hand and marching LUCKY CRASH Seat Belt Of Driver A safety belt according to police, saved the life of an Oak land mechanic whose sports car jumped a curb, struck two trees and overturned last night Gale Rocks, SO. of 1909 walked away from his de- molished car uninjured. He told Life file income tax returns, dreamed up a seven-bout Labor Day rghtxaKir1nmateswhlchTn" eluded such high-powered talent as Eddie Machen, No.

1 heavyweight contender; fireball lightweight Bobby Scanlon (unde The exhibit has won more than-50-ribbons and -was alscr-- awarded a first place trophy in horticultural products. Arthur L. Seeley, agricultural commissioner for Contra Costa, and Jack Schneider of Lafayette are in charge of the display. The Sunnyvale. San Jose and Antioch High School Bands will parade and offer concerts throughout the day.

1 unit and the Women's Air Force drill team. Among Oakland area past grand presidents who are sched uled to ride in a special section are Edward TSchnarr, Richard McCarthy and Peter P. Conmy, all of Wal ter Camb, Berkeley; and Joseph feated in 25 bouts). Refereeing was skyrocketing heavyweight BobButcher (undefeated in 16 starts). So on Sunday Jimmy Munro Was told that he'd done his time ant rmilrl po on home.

"Aw. OK." The 4-H livestock Judging" Knowland, Piedmomv NativelDaughters grand president, will police that the throttle stuck, asu. ends today and some $20,000 in cash premiums will be awarded the prize Fresno sute College took top honors yesterday in 4-H sh6rthorn com petition. The school won awards said Munro, "but I'll be back tomorrow, to see the fight comes off OK." And he was. Not many citizensTretunr to S.

Rita voluntarily 1 CTflh'erfbrmers'birthe program waOJpaper-weight (yes, paperweight), named Hernandez Strane, who definitely unsettled the spectators. "This kid," for' the grand champion bull and- grand champion female. Fair officials announced to-; day that a 70-year-old Sister of Sons; and Mrs. Claire Lindsey, Oakland, and Mrs. Clarice E.

Knowland, Piedmont, Native Daughters. IF, LEADERS ALSO Fourteen San Francisco men and women who are past grand presidents also will ride in the section along with other grand presidents from other n-vij i i will have a number of pieces of fire equipment and civilian de- li iense units in me escon lecuun, In the main section of the parade will be -numerous Na tive Sons and Daughters drum and bugle corps and drill teams, rumbled -a cynical, unshaven, call-it-a-spadev sports scribe, "has more natural ability han all the rest of the Mercy doll owned by Mrs. Wil- letta Rosa of Oakland, has won first prize in the antique doll competition. HORSES AND" AUTOS The fair's Horse Race program winds up tomorrow, with the $5,000 Sacramento Stakes, and the big race of the meet, the $20,000 Governor's Handicap. vm first fame in its his- he was driving south on Lake- isnore-Ava, JUBl we JyBe Ave.

He missed a drove over the curb, struck two trees and finally came to rest against light pole. Fatroiman Jonn juacraerson, told Rocks that he would have been killed had it not. been for ine saieiy oeiu Josephine Baker Adopts SARLAT, France, Sept 6 Wl American-bom Negro singer eight children of different races. An adoption jdecreer was lished in the cal weekly L'essor Sarladais" Miss Baker, a naturalized French citizen is married to former band leader Jo Bouillon, white Frenchman. fighters on the card put together." (That juiciuaea Machen.) But the angle here is that Hernandez Strane is 12 years old 0 How to Tell Them Apart Thought about paperweights for a time, realized that ithniirk the pentler sex increasingly is enjoying tele- tory the exposition offers an- vision screenings ol the art of mairn of the beloveds know a flyweight from a wertenveigMT Traffic Financial Data Sought fo Up Legislativt Angles SACRAMENTO, Sept 6- First of a' series of new traffic and financial studies, required by changes in legislation invojv ing the proposed Army St southern crossing of the Bay, was announced today by "the State Department of Public Works.

Origin and destination studies will be made during the next two weeks on traffic using the Bay, San Mateo, and Dumbarton bridges. Postcards will be distributed to drivers of Bay Bndge ve nicies from Sept It through Sept 22, asking for information on the start and finish of each trip. Drivers are requested to fill out and mail the cards. Similar information will be obtained through interviews with users of the Hayward-San Mateo and Dumbarton bridges, from midnight Sept 11 to mid night Sept 15. PREVIOUS STUDIES Norman C.

Raab, chief of the Division of Bar Toll Crossings. nptfi? that ty ffiiiiar ftiyj Was made in 1947 and revised two years ago. "The new study-is necessary to provide information required for planning Bay crossings and their approaches under the revised program adopted by the Legislature," he said. Following completion of the traffic -survey, financial and revenue studies will be brought up to date. Cost estimates for proposed projects will also be reviewed.

Status of the Army St-Bay Farm Island project is now com plicated. Jar series of new laws. FUNDS AUTHORIZED The Legislature4 has authorized reconstruction oi- the Bay Bridge to increase its capacity by 35 per cent, thereby reducing congestion and lessen ing the-probable usage ol a southern crossing. The new 120,000,000 Estuary tube, to link Oakland and Ala meda, ha ben removed from the southern crossing project and will be financed by Ala meda County gasoline taxes. pwer ST' Maintenance of the Bay Bridge, from gasoline taxes taareg have been- approved for widening the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge.

Traffic studies now available do not consider the potentially ncreased capacity of the Bay Bridge and expansion of the Hayward-San Mateo span. Also not considered is the possible effect of a Bay Area rapid transit system, now authorized by the These factors aliect tne rev enue anticipations of the Army St southern crossing which, coupled with rising construe tion costs, may change the pros pects for the project, Investment experts have al ready advised that financing of the southern crossing is doubt full at this time, even if all approaches are deferred. The Legislature provided that if financing cannot be arranged by July 1, 1958, without an in crease in trie present zs-cem toll, the Army St -Bay Farm Island route must be abandoned. 150 YEARS TOO Murder To City HONOLULU, Sepi 6-W George Leroy PageSouthCaro- lina fugitive, returns to Honolulu today after an unsuccessful flight to Hawaii's ancient City of Refuge, where he sought sanctuary. Page, 28, surrendered peace fully to an arrest last night but under protest on the advice of his attorney.

The two policemen who arrested him carried a warrant signed by Farrant L. Turner, who was acting governor of the territory until Wil liam F. Quinn's inaugration last Monday. Page, who escaped the South Carolina penitentiary in 1954 while serving a life term for murder, slippedqut of Honolulu yesterday for an ak and taxi trip tj the City of Refuge on the Island of Hawaii, His attorney, Bernard K. Trask.

insists a right of sanctuary still exists in the other type of racing. Top driv- throughout the natien- (Lovely ladies on iignt nignx: 'Now. that's Sugar HayTn the black pants, isn't, it? It isn't! Oh. 4 Then it FullmanT- you say ne has the white pants? Oh. Well, who's in the black pants? Sugar Ray Robertson? And Fullman's in the black pants? Well, who's in the white Hence, as a public service, offer weights in the various divisions: Flyweight, 112 pounds and underr bantamweight.

118 pounds and junior ccirors wuu on- I REPTILES foreign sports car went out of hit two trees cad overturned Tribute tonighCata-pm, with Native Sons and Native Daughters bowling tournament at Pacific Bowl, 7425 East 14th St The tournament will run through Sunday night A public dedication of the new Joaquin Miller Ranger Station and Information Center will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Mrs. Caton, Native present a Bear flag and LaJfeur, Native Sons grand president, will speak. A plaque will be presented by the Native Sons.

"A roadway through the Wood minster Amphitheater area will be named Sanborn Drive in honor of Edgar M. Sanborn, president of the Park Board in 1922 and retired manager Tof, Woodmirlster Amphitheater, The granger muun just xmuuc me entrance to Woodminster at Joa- quin Miller Road and Robinson Driver Native Sons 'aid Daughters parlors will hold luncheons and dinner meetings at various Oak land area and San Francisco restaurants during the three DINNER SPEAKER U.S. Atty. Lloyd J. Burke will speak at a civic Admission Day dinner and dance at the Hotel Leamington at 8 p.m.

tomorrow. Attendance will be by reserva tion. Other events are Native Sons golf tournament, 7 a.m. Sunday, Chabot Golf Course; Native Sons softball tournament 11 a.m. Sunday, Auditorium Field, across from Oakland Audito rium; a visit to Children's Fairy land, noon Sunday; Native Sons-Native Daughters annual state drum and bugle corps, drum corps and drill team 1:30 p.nv-Sunday, Audi torium Field; folk dancing program, 8 pjn.

Sunday, Jack London Square, and presentation of parade awards and a dance, 2:30 p.m. Monday, Moose Club, 14th and Alice Streets. An Admission Day informa tion center is in operation at the Hotel Leamington. Cross Burnc Near 'Pioneqr' Negro's Home LEVTTTOWN, Pa, Sept 6- UFiA cross was burned "today on the lawn of a home next to that recently occupied by the first Negro family in this planned community of 60,000. The five-foot cross made of tree branches- was discovered burning in the yard of Lewis Wechsler on Deepgreen Lane in the Dogwood Hollow section of Levittown.

Wechsler lives next door to Mr. and 'Mrs. William Myers, Jr. who moved to Levittown in mid-August, touching off eight straight nights of noisy demon stration by other residents. Wechsler said hejwas not OP' posed to Myers as a neighbor and helped the Negro family get settled in their new home.

Wechsler said he had no idea who put the cross on his lawn but added he believed it was the work of children or pranksters. He discovered the blazing outside to get his morning newspaper. The branches had been bound together with gasoline-soaked The vanguard of thousands of i visitors arrived in Oakland to day for the three -day celebration of Admission Day which will feature a parade with nearly 5,000 in the line of march, athletic programs and civic ob servances. Admission Day is being cele brated in Oakland by the Na tive Daughters and Native Sons of the Golden West, which pre sent the observance in differ ent city each year. Native Daughters and Native Sons headquarters at tha Hotel Leamington said "that up to 10,000 members of the order and their families and friends are expected to arrive Irom through out the state.

One of the high points of the celebration will be a Citizenship Day program Sunday afternoon at the bandstand in Lakeside Park in which Sen. William F. Knowland and Atty. Gen. Ed mund G.

Brown will be speak ers." Top event of Admission Day Monday will be a two-hour wntown Oakiam which an estimated lou.oou or more persona-iiUl watch, HEAD ESCORT UNIT The grand presidents of the Native Sons and Native Daugh ters, Larry Lafleur of Hayward and Mrs. Irma M. Caton of Oakland, will head the escort sec tion of the parade along with Sen. William F. Knowland, Atty, Gen.

Edmund Brown, Rep. John J. Allen and Rep. George P. Miller, city mayors.

Board of Supervisors members, and numerous other, officials and dig nitaries. Also In the escort section will be the 6th Army Color Guard and Marching Unit, the 12th Naval District Band and the Alameda Carrier float, the Ma rine Corps Department of the Pacific Band, maching unit and float; Marine-Corps' crack drum and bugle team of the Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, which will be flown here from Honolulu; the Coast Guard drum and bugle corps, th 573rd LATE Fugitive's of Refuge days of the monarchy when Queen Kaahumanu escaped the wrath of King Kamehameha there in 1781). Pace's sanctuary lasted iust four hours inline City-of Ref-j uge at Honanau, which was made a part of the U.S. National Park system by Congress in 1955. Trask, an authority en 'Ha waiian history, saia ne wouia fight "every inch of the way" in court to resist extradition.

He also said he would challenge the Government's right to arrest Page and remove him from "the sanctity and immunity which the City of Refuge offers alL" Even the great Kamehameha did not dare violate the sanc tuary, TTaskJecUrejdjcalling Page's arrest "a desecration'' of the City of Refuge. Governor Qiiinn said he did not believe Page had any case at all in his bid for sanctuary, and police legal specialists agreed. will compete Sunday in the 100-mile Grand National stock car race. The shows start at 8:15 p.m. 4 daily in front of the grand- stand.

HAVE HIPS? tinder; featherweight, 126 pounds and under; lightweight, 135 pounds and under; welterweight, 147 pounds and under; middleweight, 160 pounds and under; heavyweights, 175 poundssand under; heavyweights, over 175. Lovers of fisticuffing, paste this to your TV set 0 9 6 Repel the Invaders! Was alarmed when studying a map in the London Daily Mail which purported to show distances, between Russian rocket sites and major American cities. The map shows that the Bay Area is 2,300 miles from mrh site. And claims thatJLoiJgelesJsQrJy2pO- miles distant. We are in grave danger.

If Smogtown is expanding at that rate, it'll be sitting in our laps any day now 0 6 For Luck Mismatched Socks Thought it unlikely that producer-director John Falls should be wearing mismatched socks. Removed glassej for better vision and stared. Sure enough, misrnatched socks. Asked: "Absent-minded this morning? No, 1 l- XI 1 4 ifonua representing various-par lors. The Alameda -County floatl- will consist of the American and Bear flags; depicted through a complete floral arrangement Other floats will show the theme of the Admission Day celebrations, "The Romance and History of California," and will MMver various periods, including the Indian, Spanish, Mexican and mission periods and on up to present time.

The parade starts at 10:30 a.m. Monday from 14th and Harrison Streets, with the route along 14th to Franklin, up Franklin to 20th over to. Broadway and down Broadway to 13th and Webster Streets, The Police Department noted that Monday would not be a "meter holiday" for parking. CLOSED TO TRAFFIC- The entire parade section will be closed to traffic during the parade except for buses, taxis and emergency vehicles. Thfe weakend-irograinopena Flight Fails Bishop Museum here said Page's flight to the Cityi came almost 150 yars too late, that its pro tection ended when the Ha waiian "tabu" system was abol ished in 1810.

Trask maintains that while the right of sanctuary hasn't been invoked in 168 years, it has never been revoked. Page was sentenced to the penintentiary in 1946 for the murder of a Cameron, S.C. cab driver. The prisoner was 17 then and contends his convic tion was based on a confession he signed without reading. After his escape, he changed his name and began a 'new life at Port Huron, Mich.

He married there but left his bride in San Mateo, Calif, on una iiuais lima uu vugiiuuv DO SNAKES replied Falls, "You will that when The Desert onened-on Broadway -its recall Song com poser, Frank Mandel, was accidentally wearing mismatched socks. He attributed the musical's great success to this fact, and therefore wore mismatched socks for the remainder of his life." Said, "Oh, And you?" "I wear mismatched socks," Falls replied, "because The New Moon ooens next Friday at A shifty halfback on a football team, is often called, a "snakehipped" runner. However, mct snakes have no hips, because they have no legs. And a few species that have rudimentary legs do not use them. Most, male members of the boa constrictor, and python families have two small spur-like hind legs which are only partially developed.

Zoologists say this indicates the ancestors of these snakes and probably of all others had legs at one time. They explain the present body form probably developed because snakes lived among dense vegetation where legs were not of much Snakes crawl or swim swiftly because thefr backbones contain as many as 300 small bones, or vertebrae, and bends easily. It progresses by moving its body and pushing against the ground or water with each curve. 0 0 0 0 FOfi YOU TO DO: There are about 2,400 kinds of snakes in the world, but only a-few of them are By studying pictures, learn to identify any poisonous one found in this country. 0.0 -Baddy Dennis of West Milton, Ohio, won $10 for this question.

If you have one, send it to Junior Editors, eo The Tribune, P.O. Box SOS, Oakland i. Woodminster, and ynu have no idea how glad I am thst you asked. If you had not asked, I should have volunteered." Thought this very crafty of Mr. Falls; but noticed that the bewitching young girls of the chorus wore look-alike stockings.

Asked why. "Luck or no luck," one of them snapped, "WE'RE keeping our legs p-re-t-t-y." a Wee Jest one of those really small midget European cars making deliveries for a drug store. On its sides: Wee THE KNAVE. their hoheymcwnand. came tolcrossed branches when he went the islands.

Here he admitted everything to a priest No date has yet been set for a courf hearing in the extradition rags. Dr. Kenneth Emory of the "City" and that it dates back to V-.

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