Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 23, 1952 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1952
Page 4
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I THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1952 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS (DA1LT CZCZn BUMDAT) MT rEBKOK NEWS ESTABLISHED 1*71 MT VERNON HEG1STEK ESTABLISHED IMS CONSOLIDATED BEPTBMBEB 88. IMO EPWIN (IACKAWAT a J raoMPsof —. OU-AP UDTCAXjr a L BHIHORfl fMlto? Baslnae* Mtnun »aw» COJIoi , riant 8uoerU)Uo<J«ni MXHBEB 07 rH» ASSOCIATED PIAKW— TXt AModtud *r— u atchia1»ai» ao- titled to tit OH lor lb* pqbtlcatioo o( all sew eradltad to 11 ot oat otb»rwla» credit id IB am paper and aleo U» local n«w» later*! M CU U matt.r »« trane- Donation Uarourb (he mallr »l the Poel 0M« at Moon. Vernon. Ullnole, under tb. Mt of March * 1B70. SUBSCUUTIOH ftATZS SobecrlpUoot moil M paid (o ad ran By mall tefiereop ooani; and ad- totnloi eonotlea pat feat 8 mo* S3 76 8 mm 83.26 I me. By mail onuid* leffereoa aaS ad- JolnlDi Mantle* erlthln ISO mllaai rear (8.00: fl mo* B6 00- I aea. 13.26 ptf elnrlr month . Onuld* 2S0 mllee raw 18.00: 8 mot 85.75: 8 <oos 88 78t one moot* ... ... DellTerttf by rerHer la dto par weak 80.00 1.00 12b UO M A Thought For Today Terror* shall make him afraid an ever; aide, and shall drive htm to bli feet.— Job 18:11. It Is from the level of calamities, not that of everyday life, that we learn Impressive and useful lessons.—Thackeray. • Editorial TRUMAN MAY FIND LOW LEVEL OF HIS ABUSE MAY BACKFIRE P OLITICAL oratory inevitably becomes sharper and more lurid as election day approaches. Resolves to conduct a "high level" campaign, to refrain from personalities, tend to melt, away In the heat of battle. Candidates find themselves driven more and more to extremes of argument. Americans, accustomed to this process, generally look upon it with • tolerant eye. They know most of what is said will be forgotten the day after the votes are counted. Nevertheless, there are still bounds of taste and good sense beyond which they do not like to see the candidates go. And here and there the 1952 presidential race Is being marred by such excursions into questionable territory. * • • * a 4S example was President Truman's recent declaration that General _ Eisenhower Is conducting^ "gutter campaign." Mr. Truman him self is, of course, not a candidate. But that does hot give~rllm license. The word "gutter" has no place in the lexicon of presidential campaigns. It represents a particularly severe lapse from good taste arid fairness when applied to Eisenhower. i Whether they are for the general or against him or riding the fence, Americans recognize in Eisenhower a man of basic decency, o( deep sincerity and conviction, of strong religious faith. Moreover, he is a genuine national hero deserving of the country's— and Mr. Truman's—respect. ; The President also overstepped the mark when he Imputed to Eisenhower the condoning of anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic immigration policies. He charged the GOP nominee with willingness Uf accept "the very practice that identified the so-called 'master race' (meaning the German Nazis)." 1 • • • • f |OR this shocking breach of decency, Mr. Truman was properly re- 1 buked by Rabbi Silver, American Zionist leader. Four years ago the President's fighting campaign tactics were widely credited with helping mightily to re-elect him. That being so, ht can't be blamed for trying to pour it on again in behalf of Governor Stevenson. But the President may learn to his chagrin that a county-level campaign can go too far. To heap abuse and acorn upon a respected public figure is often to engender tremendous sympathy for him. Every time he lets drop a word like "gutter," Mr. Truman may actually be helping Eisenhower more than hurting him. In any event, he is not helping the dignity of the office he holda. MOSSADEGH'S BAD GAMBLE I N breaking off diplomatic relations with Great Britain. Premier Mossadegh of Iran has merely formalized a condition that already existed. From the moment, the Iranian oil crisis began, Mossadegh has shown absolutely no disposition to deal with the British except on his own terms. Since these were almost totally unacceptable to the British, there never was any real basis for effective negotiation of Britain's oil Interests In Iran. Mossadegh has gambled throughout this trying period on his belief that the West could not allow Iran to suffer too greatly, for fear it might fall prey to Russian communism. That Is the foundation of his stubborn stand. His severing of ties with Britain suggests he now understands that this strategy will not work as applied to the British. But it suggests also that henceforth he is putting his chief reliance upon the United States. In other words, the Iranian premier seems convinced that America will not stand by and watch Iran sink Into a financial abyss but will be compelled by the necessities of the world power struggle to rescue a tottering government. For us this poses a dilemma. We Indeed cannot blithely permit Iran to crumble and Russia to pick up the pieces. But neither can we move eagerly and positively to Mossadegh's aid, for in this eourse we could be sharply undercutting Britain's position. And Britain is a greater ally in the world power contest than Iran, for all its oil. Greek Touch Aniwor to Previous Puzxl* HORIZONTAL* ' 1 Last GiMk letter 6 First Gicek letter UTell 13 Bowling term <pl.) 14 Expunger 15 Flower parts 10 Fourth Arabian caliph 17 More recent 19 Golfer's devio* 30 Eat 22 Insane 23 Slight depression 24 Sea nymph 20 Genus of shrubs 27 Entangle 23 Ever (contr.) 20 Follower 30 Greek letter 31 Clamors 33 Flowers 36 Trlgonometic figure 37 Blackbird of cuckoo family 38 Appear •40 Light brown 41 Burn with hi liquid 43 Certified public < accountant (•b.) «4 Click beetle 46 Trying experience 48 Withdraw 49 Sewing implement 50 Dropsy 81 Attirt* VERTICAL 1 Mountain nymph J King Arthur's magician i "Lily maid of Astolat" 4 Aeriform fuel 5 Solar disk 6 Mimicker 7 Column 8 Prattles 9 Capital of Montana • I p y c A • M 1 N T • N o • * C O T f f N 1 r • K • 7 * e» m • • • M T • • • IS • O m. 'h m A • • e» A t k m m. N • T A U A c 9 m m K N • B u * r • T m 81 u A L. • a A V BT A f f 4 r • K m A o f o m ¥ A p * r A at 1 • • '£ r u N • T • R c o M • T m at • ft PR A H o •> ax A e> 1 a • 1 1 * A L. A * • • 35 Dines 36 Pause 38 Fifth Greek letter 10 Property item 31 Manipulated 12 Religious recluse 13 Raced 18 Soft mass 21 Type of fur 23 Flat-bottomed 35 Calyx boats divisions a radio 33 Native 33 Collection of sayings 34 Retrograde 36 Cubic meter 37 Measure of ; land j 39 Men 41 Wheys of milte 42: Scott case 45 Scrooge's friend, Tiny I 47 Derivative (tb.) I 1 I 1 H r- a t K> u BT 11 W lb I i r" p it P M u it .i if" 50 L M> 31 it w L M> I I »" IT 10 V I HI Hi W< hi W 15 % *» ii 50 TheyU Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo fT TOOK FUN60 SEVEM | YEARS TO WRITE THAT £ &X»< l AHO THE ONLY PART THE FREE-L04DEK5 READ IS THE W TO MY m." AUTOQ^AP^-OR SHOULD I SA/ /4UTO-i5RAFT ? H'/WM"-HE'LL HAFTA GIVE 'EM J AWAY"" ICAK in TELL, IF A BOOK& / ANY* GOOD, JUST " " FLIPPY' -"Je enn. i>», KINU tikiom SYWDICATT, IM, WOULD monTe rratuvip. T &TCHlrJG THE AUTHORiS PROFITS' <50 DOWM THE OFFICE Df ?Alr4»» TWANX AND A TIP OP THE HATLP HAT * ~Xo A LEX MS K AV, „ DREXEL H ILLS, '' PA, • i%l arlow The World Today KOREAN WAR LIKE A GREEK TRAGEDY By JAMK8 MARLOW WASHINGTON — The Korean War has assumed the full trappings of a Greek tragedy. It is beinn argued with fury on the American political stage as one of the main Issues in the presidential campaign. To this will be added the gloomy chorus of the diplomats dchnting Korea in the halls of the United Nations. But in this play the authors, the Communists, have refused to write an ending. The United States, bucked by France and Britain, pushed for immediate debate in the U. N. on Korea. So the debate begins. ... * Secretary of State Acheson is expected to lay down today the case for the U. S. and its allies In the Korean War against the Communists. Andrei Vishlnsky, Russia's foreign minister, is on hand to blast the U. S. for the Communists. The U. S. and other U. N. na- muni.Ms, who, operating on the theory that sticks and stones may break their bones but names can't bother them, will hardly be impressed. This is the position of the U. S. and the Communists before the debate begins: * . • • The Korean War. starting in slowed down when truce talks began more than 15 months ago. By last May the U. N. and the Communist truce teams had agreed on 62 points preliminary to a truce. Only one point remained: If there was a truce, how would the two sides exchange prisoners? It's still the only point of real disagreement. The U. N. said any Communist prisoners in its hands would not haovc to return to Communist territory If they didn't want to. The Communists Insisted that all prisoners be /returned. ...» It wouldn 't be a boost for their claims about the people under Communism loving Communism if many of the Red prisoners refused to go back. The U. N. said many of its prisoners didn't want to go back. The two sides deadlocked on this point. Two weeks ago the meetings were broken off by Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison Jr., head of the U. N. truce team. He told the Communists no more talks until they wore ready to tallfc turkey. So discussion bf Korea has moved from Panmunjom to New York. • Dr. Jordan The Doctor Says Worry About Sleeplessness Is Likely to Make It Worse The more one worries about sleeping poorly, the worse the situation is likely to become. One reader, who says he is 50 years old, asks If there is any remedy for chronic sleeplessness apart from taking pills. He says as a rule he does not find it difficult to fall asleep when he goes to bed, but after three or four hours he awakens, and then lies awake for several hours until shortly before it is time to get up, when he feels he would like to fall asleep again. This is a common form of sleeplessness. There is certainly reason to believe that worry is one of the principle causes of bad sleeping. Actually, there have been some experiments which indicate that any emotion, whether it is pleasurable or the opposite, interferes with normal sleep. Assuming that this explanation is often correct, one method of dealing with sleeplessness becomes at once apparent. This 'o to avoid anything of an exciting nature before going to bed: quarreling, thinking over business affairs, too-exciting movies, radio or television programs, or, in fact, anything which causes an emotional u^set. Many people who' complain of insomnia sleep better than they think they do. They may be wake- fu*. for short periods two or three times during the night, but really get all the sleep they need. Often they make things worse by worrying about not sleeping. This is unnecessary, as most peo pie can get nearly as much rest for the bodily functions by lying quietly and relaxing in bed as they would if they were actually aslep The choice of pre-bedtime oc cupatiui. should be made Individ ually on the basis of personal likes and complete removal from the mental activity which is the major source of worry. Warm Milk Relaxing A little warm milk just before going to bed is relaxing and be lieve helpful for a quiet sleep, There is reason to believe that too-heavy evening meals lead to restless sleeping. Some people T. B. RUSSELL AUCTIONEER' Lantl, Furnltnr*. Farm. Phone Mt, V. 127, 170 Hoyleton Satisfaction guaranteed. All sales broadcast' over WMK. M t.VERt.0N DRIVE IN THEATRI sA^A J ^AA^AA/VNA^»\A^AAAAAA < AA^\»>e^»^AAA»\^r^ > ^A^A^A» LAST TIMES TONIGHT I SCREAMING REDSKIN FORT! * ROD CAMERON • m MGH CINICOLOK a*^rWVVW»VWr^M**A*A^»A*MaA>a«A«Aaaa^ — FRIDAY and SATURDAY — BEN JOHNSON —EDGAR BUCHANAN "WILD STALLION" -PLUS SECOND FEATURE- MARGARET FIELD—REED HADLEY "A MODERN MARRIAGE" — MIDNIGHT SHOW — Saturday Niqht Only FREE TO ALL ATTENDING EARLY SHOW "GYPSY FURY" SHOW EVERY NIGHT—RAIN OR CLEAR can help by training themselves to relax their muscles. Unfortunately, a great number of people who complain of sleeplessness try various drugs. This tendency to use drugs as an aid in getting to sleep is unwise. The sleep-producing drugs have their place, but most of them are habit forminf, if taken over long periods of time, and after a while they do not even produce-the sleep which is desired. Drugs are a poor substitute for healthy living. Your Manners You meet for the first time the wife of a man who is a business associate of yours. WRONG: Start immediately to call her by her first name. RIGHT: Call her "Mrs. Smith" unless she says: "Please do call me Mary." U.N. May Stay as Long as Chinese By Aliocinted Priss SEOUL, Korea—Gen. James A. Van Fleet said tonight he thought United Nations troops would have to remain in Korea "as long as there are Chinamen hero." The Eighth Army commander, asked for comment on a news report quoting him as saying South Korean troops would never be strong enough to hold the present battleline, said "I didn't say that." Van Fleet asserted, he said only that the present Republic of Korea Army was not strong enough to hold the battleline. Princess' Former Boy Friend Weds American Heiress By AssoeUttd Preis LONDON — The 19-year-old American heiress, Virginia Fortune Ryan, married Lord Ogirvy, a former boy friend of Princess Margaret, today ' in Britain's plushest wedding of the year. Princess Margaret and i the queen mother led the list of 1,000 guests who packed fashionable St. Margaret's church in a glittering a a; of some of the bluest blood in Britain. U. ?. Ambassador and Mrs. Walter Gifford and a score of other wealthy Americans lent an Anglo-American touch to the affair. Outside the church in Parliament Square, 10,000 Londoners packed dozens deep against- police barriers to cheer and wave. It was society's fanciest show since Queen Elizabeth married the Duke of Edinburg in nearby Westminster Abbey nearly five years ago. The queen and the duke" were invited but couldn't come. They were busy dedicating a dam in Wales. The slim, pretty American bride was accompanied by her father, John Barry Ryan of New York. He is a grandson of the American financie., Thomas Fortune Ryan. The wedding crossed another "eligible" off Princess Margaret's list. Eton-educated Ogilvy, 26, squired the 22-year-old princess around a couple of years ago. Rumors even had them engaged. But Ogilvy, heir to Scotland's wealth" 11th Earl of Airlie, chose Miss Ryan after a whirlwind engagement announced unofficially July 4. They first met nearly three yi-ars ago at London's swank Savoy Hotel. The bride was born in London's ultra-smart Mayfair District and has hopped back anl forth between America and England for several years. Things Better for TV Set Shooter By Asiselated Prttt HEMPSTEAD, N. Y. — Thirlgs were looking up today for Frank P. Walsh, the man fired his television set. Walsh, who fired a bullet into his receiver Sunday night because it was disturbing his sleep, has received two offers of new sets. One offer came from the sponsor of the Abbott and Costello show on the night Walsh opened fire. Walsh also appeared Wednesday night o. the "Strike It Rich" quiz program and won $280 in cash. The set he shot and ruined cost $258. GOP to Speak For Stevenson By Auoclated Prut PORTLAND, Ore. — The first speech Republican Sen. Wayne L, Morse of Oregon makes in behalf of the Democratic presidential nominee will be a recording to be released here Friday night. Morse sent word here from Washington, D. C, that he had made a 17-minute explanation of his jump from Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower to Gov. Adlai Steven son of Illinois. CYARLAHP DRIVE-• IIN THEATRE THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY MYSTERY SHIP'. % •% Six man's *V/*if I • wanna'! , |1 MONO*... ,' testers' 9"ttarrlait MMSWim CHAPMAN JOHN ARCHER •PLUS SECOND FEATURE- ^^^»^^»»^r^»^»«^^r^^^a^^»»^^r^^r^r>Ar\^r>»^»a)r>r^^»*^rW NOTICE The Starland Drive-In Theatre will cloit for this season after next Saturday night. The theatre wishes to thank all its patrons and friends who have made our opening year such a success. We invite you to attend the Mt. Vernon Drive-In Theatre on the Waltonville Road which "will remain open all winter with Electric In Car Heaters which will keep your car comfortably warm. PASS AND PUNT —Two of the top specialists in college football continue to bedazzle the opposition. Quarterback Charlie Maloy makes Holy Cross a constant threat via the skies. Tailback Zack Jordan kicks high and far for Colorado, staying up with the nation's top pointers. (NEA) Twenty Men to Be Sealed Up in Sub for Weeks By Associated Pross GROTON, Conn.—The Navy is planning to seal 20 men in a submarine for a period of several weeks in an experiment to determine what percentage of carbon dioxide the human body can tolerate in the atmosphere over a long period of time. Plans for the experiment to be conducted during the winter, were made public in "The Dolphin," a publication of the Navy's submarine base here. A recent nine day test, in which men were confined in a special r'.amber, was the first step in the project. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE Nagging backache, loss of pepandenergy, headaches and dizziness may b« due to alow- down of kidney function. Doctors say good kidney function is very important to good health. When some everyday condition, such as stress and strain, causes this important function to slow down,many folks suffernasr- ging backache—feel miserable. Minor bladder irritationa due to cold or wrong diet may cause getting up nights orfrequentpaasages. ' Don t neglect your kidneys if these cohdi- tlons bother you. Try Doa:.'s Pills-a mild diuretic. Used successfully by milliona for! over SO years. It's amazing how many time* poan n give happy relief f r_m these discomforts-help the 15 milesof kidney tubes and fll- (er* flush out waste. Get Doan'a Fills today! WHO'S HOLDING WHO?— A largemouth bass proves quite a problem for little Susan Ser- imons Oneto. Of course, it wasn't 'Susan who hooked the hefty 'catch, one of many taken from >the Fresh Ponds- of Nags Head, IN. C, hard by the Atlantic; [ Ocean. (NEA) | GRANADA "SON OF ALI BABA" 3:30 - 6:15 - 9:05 "BUSHWHACKERS" 2:00-4:45-7:30-10:20 MOVIE TIME TABLE- STADIUM MONKEY BUSINESS" 2:35 - 4:45 6:50 - 9:00 "HELL TOWN" 2:10-4:25-6:35-8:45 "BUFFALO STAMPEDE" 3:10-5:20-7:30-9:40 STARTS fl-^n^A-* Two Big today wranaaa Hits! TONY CURTIS PIPER LAURIE « UMVHUAMNTEHNAtlOmi HCIUM -PLUS THRILLING WESTERN CO-FEATURE- Revenge, Frightening in its naked fury! ^^^n e ,«. 0 o r n r d , in "THE BUSHWHACKERS Stadium STARTS TODAY MONKEY BUSINESS IS SOME), em GRANT lOfk C*rirufy-I*» fteturf «> CHARLES COBURN Now Showing -Plaza- Two Western Hits! aaa* WAYNE RAMOLPN SCOTT m ZAMK GRFYS BUFFALO STAMPEDE

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